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Company Website
Corporate Address
1200 Pike Ave
N Little Rock, AR
Company Contact
Leon Clay
Plant Mgr
Phone Number
(501) 978-5000
Fax Number
(501) 978-5921
Yearly Revenue
Employee Count
Sic Directory Code

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3 Reviews and Complaints for Ben E Keith Co Headquarters

  1. My name is Felix Hernandez, on December 24 I bought three cases of cod fish. I’m a first time buyer and had a really bad experience. When I opened one of the 50 lbs case and processed to open one of the 5 lbs boxes. I had to tear the box apart because the carton was pasted to the bars of fish inside. The bars were so glued together that I could not break them apart. In fact the product was one solid block of ice. All the cases are the same, obviously this boxes at one time were defrosted and frozen again. I immediately called the salesman Mr. Henry Cantu and he asked me if the driver was still there but the driver had gone. Since Mr. Cantu was out of town he told me to called the supervisor Mr. Jaime Casares. Mr. Casares never answered nevertheless I left a voice mail an one text message. Sometime later he texted me back saying Mr. Cantu was coming back after the weekend. On Tuesday December 28 both men came to my place and saw how the boxes were and agreed to exchange them in two days. Many days passed and Mr. Casares gave me a different answer. He said they were going to exchange only one case because the fish was not spoiled. I insisted that wasn’t the issue, that the issue was that the fish thaw and dehydrated and the water lost was frozen again and glued everything into one block of ice. They concluded that instead of product I was going to be reimbursed the money for two cases. I was told they were not going to sale me anymore because I’m one problematic person. I don’t understand then I suppose to keep quiet and not say anything when there’s something wrong. I wonder if people higher up are aware of what’s going on down here, chasing customers away and not assuming responsibility for somebody’s negligence inside the company. What kind of arbitration is this ,hope someone investigates this matter .

  2. I have tried to contact you though the corporate office email address, but to no avail. So I am writing here. I need a customer representative to reach out to my as soon as possible. My phone number is 6543899xxxx.

  3. As an employee, I would like to say that it is generally a good company to work for. I wish there would be an easy way to see my opcoming schedule online though or a way to contact Human Resources through an app for example out of hours.

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