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QVC, Inc. Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

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Corporate Address
1200 Wilson Dr.
West Chester, PA
Phone Number
(484) 701-1000
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5 thoughts on “QVC, Inc. Headquarters

  1. I cannot get your closed caption on my television. I can get other channels with close caption except yours (QVC) Why is that? I live in Naples, Florida. My E-mail address is [email protected]. please answer me.

  2. Tried to order Dec.11,refused to return preauthorization hold of 122 dollars.Still calling.It is 18th and they just brush me off to another team member.

  3. Hello I had a acct with you and they permanently shut me down because of bankruptcy which I didn’t file against u so I would like this resolved so I can shop with you and plus I have a q card I was approved for they keep missing with me and I don’t think it is right

  4. QVC is now discrimating against those of us who are retired and use our bank debit cards for value pay purchases. How they know where our money comesfrom I don’t know, but my Social Security that I worked hard for all my life is my income. QVC is now saying that my bank debit card is a prepaid card and will only allow a certain amount to be purschased through value pay and caps it off. It took me six weeks to find this out and was treated very rudely by several in the customer service department including one supervisor. I think this is grossley unfair to senior citizens, especially disabled ones like me. QVC will no longer get a penny of my money. It’s their loss, not mine. I have been a loyal shopper for years, but not anymore! There are many other companies that will be glad to get my money!

  5. They need to put some more resources in to their customer service department. My problem was easy to fix but its too hard and takes too long to get though on the customer support phone number.

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