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Corporate Address
500 Staples Dr.
Framingham, MA
Company Contact
Ronald Sargent
Chairman and CEO
Phone Number
(508) 253-5000
Fax Number
(508) 253-8989
Employee Count
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22 thoughts on “Staples Headquarters

  1. My complaint is that it is too difficult to get through to customer support department. I tried several ways, email, phone and finally got through on the customer hotline.

  2. My review: I have nothing to complain about. I had a problem but customer support was really helpful and sorted it out for me pretty quickly.

  3. I Went into the staples Originally to buy a charger cord for my Old tablet. I was told that the particular one wasn’t. I was persuaded to buy a a fire hd10 that i do not like at all SI thought it would operate as a normal tablet. On further research on line; I found out that my original charger cord could have been ordered to the store location or to my home. No one in the store not even the manager who was helping me not ever informed me of this. Now i go to return the tablet (that is virtually useless to me) now im told they won’t except the return. Im Little really stuck with a useless item and out Of the funds that purchased it.

  4. The location on gauchere boulevard in Baltimore is really lackingon providing informative decisions to help customers with purchasing the right product it seems that all they care about is selling ANYTHING and instead of helping you purchase the right thing.

  5. Staples in Largo Maryland have a young Oriental girl working there she is always rude and unprofessional to seniors that come there for help.

  6. On Tuesday the 16th I was outside Cherry Hills Medical Plaza waiting for my wife who was having Cataract Surgery here in Englewood Colorado at about 3:30. When one of your delivery trucks pulled in and crossed the only two Handicapped parking spots and blocked both. I have photos. The trucks license plate numbers are OLY 833 Colorado plates. This was impolite and against the law and this lazy driver should be reprimanded. There was several deliveries during my wait and all the trucks parked along the curb in front of the building and NOT across the only handicapped parking spots on the lot. And the curb outside was empty. NO EXCUSE except for laziness.

  7. My wife and i made an online purchase of Bday invitations at They not only were printed incorrectly but also are the wrong size. The people at customer service refuse to make it right. They refuse to make a return or a refund. They admitted that they messed up and also admitted to copyright infringement due to printing Mickey mouse on the invitations. We cannot use these cards not only are they incorrect but they are illegal. At this point we just want a refund of $38.28 which is what we paid. Money is tight and we need it. I will provide any and all info needed. Here is the online confirmation #9722703
    Invoice #211499094.
    I want to hear from somebody ASAP!! This is not how business is done.
    We were not provided the services we PAID FOR!

  8. I’ve been a little customer for Staples for many years. but I was treated so rudely that I had to make this complaint about a young lady that treated me like a child the way she was snapping at me anything different in it need of some retraining she said she’s the manager but I don’t see how that is the correct position for her. She was ridiculous. My name is Paul my email address is veteran contracxxxx the young lady’s name is Ashley I’m at the store located in Savannah on victory drive please address her attitude problem.

  9. Oh my gosh please review your camera footage on your managers Ashley behavior for the store located at 1915 East victory drive in Savannah Georgia. You will see the way she’s swinging her arms and acting like a child when I was trying to interject with her apologize for the misunderstanding a few moments ago. This young lady should not be a manager and probably should not be dealing with the general public at all prior to remedial training. Please address this young lady. The time is 5:30 p.m. Eastern standard Time thank you. Paul

  10. A van driver in Titusville, FL (van # 1007) almost ran my car, with myself and my son in it, of the road on I-95 North bound at approximately 3:00PM today( 5/27/21).
    The driver did put on his turn signal indicating a lane change from the far left hand lane into the middle lane, which I was in, but he did not check his mirrors to confirm he had space to move. I was currently in his way and when I saw him begin to change lanes regardless, I honked my horn twice to no avail. He forced me out of the lane and into the far right lane, which thankfully was clear.
    This is unacceptable. My son could have been severely injured by this driver’s careless actions.

  11. I will like to tell you that my husband work very hard and gave you all the best. During covid he never stop working. For your company to treat him the way you did is a real shame. You let him go and you keep the lazy ones. The once who don’t care for their employees or customers. I will not recommend anyone to work for your company. My husband doesn’t know I will be writing this but it does need to be said. Good luck with the lazy management.

  12. Don’t recommend anyone to work for staples, unless you are lazy and only want to collect a pay check like the manager. The store in Waldorf Maryland is one of them. My husband work for them and during covid never stop working. They let him go last week. Shame on you.

  13. We bought a laptop and purchased a 4 year protection plan. Our laptop stopped working after 2 years, the tech said that
    the error pointed to a bad hard disk. The rep for the protection plan said they will give us back the amount we paid for the laptop. We bought a four year plan and now we are losing 2 years of protection? The laptop is going to be our last purchase from staples!

  14. I purchased a product through Staples, have an extended warrentee which you are not standing behind.
    I was told by manager that you have switched warrentee companies because you have had so many complaints.
    Could you please contact me via phone to discuss this matter?
    Thank you,
    Shaw Leasing
    Terri Shaw

  15. My company purchased a product through Staples with an extended warrentee.
    The warrentee company is horrible and will not work with me.
    I contacted the manager of the store that I deal with, and they have told me that they have a new warrentee company that you work with.
    They said next time you purchase something you can work with them. Meanwhile they advised to just cut my loss and purchase new.
    My product in still under the extended warrentee that I purchased.
    Can I please have someone call me so we call work this out?
    Shaw Leasing
    Terri Shaw (614)668-xxxx.

    Thank you.

  16. Staples Lake Forest Ca. Store employee name: Santiago.
    By far the worst customer service attitude I’ve ever heard or been spoken to like this.
    Very condensending, rude, belittling and misgendered me over and over after I corrected him.
    And these are the type of people you condone and hire? Unbelievable!

  17. Today when I went to your store to purchase a laptop, the guy that assisted me was very rude and caused me to be seriously aggravated and embarrassed. This young man was looking up at the ceiling when he was explaining things about the different laptops that I didn’t ask about or even understand. When I asked s question he said to me, “maybe you should do a little research”. I am not stupid by any means, but I am 49 yrs. old and I do not possess the technology skills that come so easily to this generation of people. Your sales associate was very unpleasant and super loud! It’s no exaggeration to say the entire store could hear him condescending me and trying to make me look stupid! I am also living with cancer and am very ill and his approach and interaction with me caused me to “overheat” and for my circulation to slow down to where my hands and face were turning bright red! That guy was seriously out of hand and I believe he should be reprimanded for his disrespect of complete strangers . Idk his name but this happened in BUTTE, MONTANA on HARRISON AVE.

  18. The quality control people say “a defect is a treasure.” An identified defect is a treasure because it gives you a chance to improve your system.
    Yesterday I signed up for Staple’s Rewards, and also purchased an ink cartridge online for shipment. The ink cartridge was listed for $29.99 on the Staples website, which also said “30% back in rewards on all ink and toner.” It said the same thing, in green lettering, on the receipt that was emailed to me, and the amount subtracted for “coupons and rewards,” also in green lettering, was one cent.
    I called your help center. The person answering said that I would get the reward later. That is a sort of resolution if true, but the defect I am offering is not whether or not I get the reward, it is the silliness of stating 30% back and then subtracting one cent. That is not good for customer relations.

  19. Has anyone been offered the “Protection & Tech Help” Insurance Plan” (powered by Asurion)????
    Please let me know what information you were told about this plan and if you signed up for it. Thanks.

  20. Staples refused bottle refund. That is illegal. The manager of the store Allan at 641 6th avenue Kiked is out of the store. It is illegal by state law to keep the deposit And not return it to the customer. I am a longtime customer and have to reconsider doing any further business with staples . I’m also going to inform the State Authorities about this scameAnd ask them to fine you and not allow you to sell these products



  21. I am the Director of New Britain Baptist Church food pantry. We serve underserved children in the central bucks and new Hope Solebury school system. I would like to buy school supplies for our children, and didn’t know if you offered any kind of discount or help with such things?

  22. IPostal1 Complaint once again with same individual charging wrong charges upon pick up, and sometimes charges many days after I need someone else to deal with at store, Riverside CT shouldn’t have this type of attitude

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