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Corporate Address
1000 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN
Contact Person – CEO
Brian Cornell
Phone Number
(612) 304-6073
Fax Number
(612) 761-5555
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What is Target’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Target’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-612-304-6073.


What is Target’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Target’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-800-440-0680.


How do I Contact Target Customer Support?

Call the contact numbers listed here or via:

Contact Target on their Email Address: [email protected] to ask a question.

Target’s Contact Us page can be found here.


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Target Twitter Help: @AskTarget

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Target Headquarters Executive Team.

Target’s management team consists of:

  • Brian Cornell – CEO, President and Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Timothy Baer – Executive Vice President
  • Anthony Fisher – Target Canada President
  • John Griffith – Executive Vice President
  • Jeffrey Jones III – Executive Vice President
  • Jodeen Kozlak – Executive Vice President
  • John Mulligan – Executive Vice President and CFO
  • Tina Schiel – Executive Vice President
  • Kathryn Tesija – Executive Vice President
  • Laysha Ward – Community Relations President

Target Corporation Board of Directors.

  • Roxanne Austin
  • Douglas Baker Jr.
  • Calvin Darden
  • Henrique De Castro
  • James Johnson
  • Mary Minnick
  • Anne Mulcahy
  • Derica Rice
  • Kenneth Salazar
  • Brian Cornell
  • John Stumpf
  • Solomon Trujillo

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9 thoughts to “Target Headquarters”

  1. Date: 8/16/2018

    Subjection: Business fraud (Target email order #102016595xxxx)

    To whom it may concern:

    I would like to draw your attention. On Aug 9, 2018, I ordered Shark Ion Robort 720 Vacuum from Target. On Aug 13, I received a package (The sizes of box are H 13.5 in., 29 in. and W 12 in. It is ten times bigger than an inside box. They intentionally want to give me a very big surprise), which enclosed 1 Shark Ion Robot box of 1 used Hoover vacuum, 1 Hoover docking station and 1 Hoover remote control. Inside the package I did not found any Shark Ion Robot 720 vacuum and any attached accessories (docking station, 9-foot BotBoundary strip, and 2 BotBoundary connectors, scheduling remote control, cleaning tool, 2 extra side brushes and 1 extra filter).

    Sorry, I would like to show you those pictures which I took for me. The 1st picture shows the model of that used Hoover Vacuum. The 2nd picture shows the view of the bottom part with series number. The 3rd picture shows hair and wood chip, which attached on the old brush. The 4th picture shows items inside the package. Please tell me how to send pictures for your review.

    This is a serious problem in your managements. Also it is a violation of public trust.

  2. Hi,
    i have worked for this company for 19 yrs and the new changes seem to be trying to push high pay TMS out by giving them low hours, you say you are raising the pay for people, but in doing so you only schedule them low hours so you don’t #1 have to pay benefits and insurance, they can’t get insurance because they won’t be scheduled the REQUIRED hours . I use to like this company but it is slowly going down hill with the mistreatment of the senior TM. i was scheduled only 8 hours for the total week, the next week i’m not even on it. Are you hoping that i will quit because of my years so you can pay 2 persons salary? i have worked on the POG team all these years and i’m very good at it. i am not the only one in my store with many years, and they are being done the same way. God don’t like ugly, when you are more concerned about your pockets than your workers it’s way passed sad, you are not concerned about the little people being able to pay their bills or eat, it’s all about How to work people to death for less hours and pretending that you are raising the pay, when in fact, if 1 person is doing the job of 4, you are saving money. You are all on the news about how you are raising the pay, well you are not being honest about it, you are screwing over great workers in the process. In my store alone so many great workers have quit, no one can live on 15hrs a week are you serious? But again why should you care, Your bills are paid, Your kids have clothes, You have somewhere to live, You don’t have to catch a bus to work, you don’t live paycheck to paycheck.

    Am i upset, you bet, when i see how this company totally disregards the welfare of their committed workers it saddens me. Sometimes i help my team out by loaning them funds just to eat, that’s not right, but as a christian God expects me to help where i can, even if i don’t have much my self. I don’t expect you to do anything or change, but God expects me to tell you about your wrongs, and i’m sure this is not the first time you have heard this, but you won’t change, Big Business. I have endured a lot in these 19yrs i do my job inspite of it all. You need to know what you are doing.

    God Bless

  3. I dont usually complain but here is my review: Decent company in general until there is a problem. I had a problem with payment, credit card expired and it took ages to get it sorted out. The people in the customer service department are nice though.

  4. Hi. I had called your headquarters on Tuesday, June 7th concerning your Winona, MN store. I was dismayed that I could not shop there from 8-9 AM that morning. My husband is at an increased risk for this virus and that is why I wanted to shop early. I was told by an employee that I had to return at 9 AM. I want to apologize for calling to complain. My daughter made me realize there are high risk individuals that must shop for themselves. Please accept my apology. Tell the Winona store as well. Thank you.

  5. I have been a customer since 2013. In fact, as an elementary school teacher I felt like I practically lived at my local Target during the school year. I have paid my statements on time and spent a TON of money at my local Target.
    I just tried to make an online purchase and it would not go thru. Turns out my account was closed due to inactivity. I was not notified of this action. I have been in lockdown along with the rest of California since March 2020. Prior to that I was tending to a dying family member for 18 months who ended up passing in Dec.2019. Needless to say, my life has not been one where I have had time to shop at my local Target. I am surprised to find out that Target has such an anti consumer policy. I would have appreciated having my card activated again. But apparently that’s not possible. I was told I could go to my local Target and reapply for a card, but again, the pandemic…
    I had a similar experience 6 years ago with Sears. Their unfriendly consumer policies seem to have caught up with them.
    I will be sure to share this sad policy with my friends/family who are still teaching or not, (I’m retired).
    -Disappointed Former Target Customer

  6. I was hacked with 8 target gift cards that equal to 4000.00 I need the ceo help to get my money back. I’m a disabled veteran that makes 1300.00 amonth an that money was being saved for my burial. So would you please replace that money for me. They was all target gift cards. They had the numbers but they didn’t have to have the card. Email at lewislawhoxxxx Thank you for your time I really need this money back so please find it in your heart an help me

  7. I am a senior that shopping is my therapy I til in shack by the prejudiced, disrespectful and insult manner in which I who’s treated in the target in Encinitas el Camino real I call walk in to target at 8:40 pm on 3 3 2021
    I did my return customer who’s very nice , I walk around the store shopping I would see some target employees following me has I shop I who’s going to let it be my focus every where I went they made so noticeable I could to pick my purchase and each time I sow a employees I give some to take to 5he front desk for me the last customer services whos a young lady that touch care of her customer and who’s help by ck prices put her radio keep call her I who’s not really focus on her like Ali sayed shopping is my therapy I who’s so happy to fine some good deal on things that I need that was the two of us are 2alking I could hear the person on the radio give her instruction to get me Yo the front ASAP I told her u manager do not know they is a law that is illegal to put a customer out of the store I walk to return and all the purchase I want to the front whos being put back someone I think is guard who’s being helpful and the manager very rude young man name Jared give the the nasty look and start very rudely tell me that do I know want time is so I close. ,,one hour I proceed to ask him do he know is illegal to put a customer out the store and follow me all try the store who’s not necessary he stating on the side of me and I could he is mouth going looking at. The cashier has we try to give me the nasty look and I told I who’s I know want who’s going on and is unprofessional and see every xxxxxx I told. Him look respect is do to all customers and the cashier machine. Can only scam one item at a time , and ask why are raising your voice at me and being so nasty I told I am #hack that he going these far I told I not ok with his. Matter with he who’s going about the situation and I change my mind I we’ll not be maken any purchase at target he 5old me to get the. Hell out of his store and. Do not make the mistake. And. Come back to his store I proceed to him that who’s unncessary I had my phone in my pocket and has I reach for it he who’s getting Lourd he. Told me not to come back to his store I who’s in shack up to the minute I til cannot believe want happen has he continue saying I insulting things to me he got to the door lock the door a little he who’s. Very lourd telling am transposing and to get off private property I guess she was going to call the police but I looked outside and there was a guard a white and blue card and I walked over to the guard card I said am I doing anything illegal and he said no I don’t see you doing anything illegal but I will just pull out of the store and the guy is trying to call the police saying that I’m trespassing so he turn off all the lights in front of the target and was still in the store while I study and waiting for my cab next to you know something told me to get away from the door I said because this is it out at the walk away from the door I was somebody from this is from your complaint department give me a call because it was very prejudice unnecessary and degrading and he do not have no reason to treat anyone in that matter this is a serious problem and I want to take care of it today so please have someone call me a soon as well I have could not sleep and I keep replaying it all in my mind I we’ll be contacting a attorney to help me with. These prejudice situation was so uncalled for my telephone number is 619-634-7lxxxx and my name is Ron Dixon please have someone a supervisor or a seal I’ll give me a call I who’s mistreated it who’s a prejudice act on his part he these should be investigated and for him to tell to never come back to his store again tha again has I walk out the door and the alarm did not go off he see shack and the security in white car black letter told me he who’s call by the store manager that they had someone stealing on the property I have never stolen and.we’ll never need to I had a target credit from my return and over 2000 with me in my pocket and I should never being treating for mistreat for am going to let anyone pass a judgement. Like that with out proof I am very upset and need someone from u coop office to call me and look into these matter today I who’s kick out with out my gloves and he had no right to do want he did to me I am trying to get someone from the news.

  8. I am a disabled 67 year old woman who understands your hours. In Denver, Co at your Edgewater Store I feel like I have been discriminated against because shopping can be hard for me. Before the Pandemic I shopped at Targets in theWashington DC area including DC, Md and Va. I moved to Hermosa Beach, CA and shopped there as well. I lived in Denver from Feb 2014 through Dec 2016 at which time I moved back to Georgetown in DC. Moving to Hermosa in 2019 shortly after my husband passed away. Due to health problems of my own I have a hard time getting moving until early afternoon’s. And once I,m moving I have a lot to do at home and exercises so I can move. I’m lucky if I can leave the house to run errands before the sun starts setting. I not once have ever been asked to leave my cart full of a shop that literally took up to 4 hours to complete. Last night I was quicker than usual and it took me roughly 1 1/2 hours. I didn’t hear the announcements, but I saw many people with red vests on still there. Whom I assume were Target Employees. And others who had no vests on and looked like shoppers. I checked the time and headed to check out. I needed something for my son who was sick that I spent a few minutes looking for as I was at CVS. Several people passed me, employees who worked there. A few minutes later a different group of Targets employees said the store had closed and I had to leave. I said okay. I need to check out. I checked my phone and it was 10:04. I have waited a good hour in lines before and never seen anyone come to a line at 10 sharp and say sorry. We are closed leave your baskets and come back tomorrow. And then add. We will be paying our employees to unpack all your items. So come prepared to do it all again. The stores I know lock the doors at 10. As long as you are in they want your money. They took my item as they insisted they had shut off the cash registers awhile ago and it had been a good ten + minutes. I explained that I wouldn’t be able to do that, and I meant physically. There were a good number of people surrounding me saying rude things. Instead of making money for you. Most likely a $800.00 + sale. This is discrimination against a disabled, elderly, woman. They were not friendly, nor helpful. Since one of the woman said to me that she knew me then they should have known I was still in the store. You have cameras throughout. If your young staff wants to get out of the store by 10. Close your stores at 9 PM. And teach them to solve problems for customers not for their needs or wants to get out of there. ThT indicates lazy employees. I will be doing all I can to get the word out about your treatment of the elderly and disabled. And I want a explanation from the top. Your CEO,Brian Cornell. This is NOT the only time I have seen this attitude towards my sector of the population. You need to look into this. I will be relentless in my pursuit of justice for everyone. I want to know your rule. Anyone NOT checked out by 10 has to leave there shop behind. Why would we choose to continue shopping at Target

  9. My name is Allison Ferrell and I am trying to help others before they have the same thing happen to them. I had someone access either my cashapp or my target account and replicate my card and go into target and make purchases using my card number. You would think with security measures in the US we have for everything that it would have been a bit suspicious that someone bought 3 prepaid Visa cards using 5 different card numbers. The first charge that hit my card was for nonchalant items such as lotion, body wash, condoms, juices, and laundry detergent. The purchases were made from my cashapp card on 7/28/2021 at 5:46pm and 5:48pm in the store. I physically have my card in my hand.

    These transactions were made at Target in Farmingdale, NY (100 Willow Street Farmingdale, NY 11735.) I am located in Greenville, SC and when this was done I was in Starr, SC helping my grandma purchase concert tickets.

    I spoke with the dispatch in NY and was told to report this to my local athorities and it would need to be teletyped to them in Suffolk, NY police department. When I reported it and spoke to the Officer in charge of my case he said he hasn’t used teletype since the 60’s. He also said there is nothing they can do except submit a report, because it did not happen in Greenville. I have tried to call back to report it in NY and they will not answer the phone.
    The purchases that were made are as followed.
    $409.82 was 1 purchase that hit my card. The total was amount was $618.00 and it was paid for with 5 different debit cards.
    The purchase was for 3 prepaid visa debit cards. Each card was $200.00 a piece with $6.00 tax on each card. How this can happen is beyond me. I have never been able to buy gift cards with a debit/credit card.

    $41.43 was the second purchase. This was for drinks, condoms, soap, lotion, and washing detergent.

    I’m able to see these purchases through my target account, because my card was saved on the target app from previous transactions I have made online for store pick up. It puts any charge that has been submitted in store or online with that card number. Every target order I have made was in Greenville, SC and 1 purchase in Greer, SC.

    I spoke to the store in Farmingdale, NY and they stated that they have received at least 5 phone calls this week with the same information. All the fraud charges were made from cashapp cards. They also said that there is nothing at the store that can be done. That I need to call The Suffolk County Police Department.

    I contacted cashapp through the app, because the number you find on google to call them they say no one is available to speak. It has an automated message saying contact us through the help center in the app. When I spoke to someone through the app they said there is nothing they can do until the charges are completed and that I have to contact the merchant. I told them the merchant can’t do anything except for file a report. Target customer service told me that I have to wait and dispute it with cashapp. I’m not sure what it’s going to take to get my money back, but I sure don’t want anyone else to go through what I am going through. These people took every penny I had.

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