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Netflix, Inc. is an American streiming and media services provider. Netflix was Founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in Scotts Valley, California. The Netflix Headquarters is in Los Gatos, California.

Netflix Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

Company Website
Corporate Address
100 Winchester Circle
Los Gatos, CA
Company Contact
Reed Hastings
Chairman, President and CEO
Phone Number
(408) 540-3700
Fax Number
(408) 540-3737
Employee Count
Twitter IDs
@netflix, @netflixHelps, @netflixUK

What is Netflix’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Netflix’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-408-540-3700.


What is Netflix’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Netflix’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-888-638-3549 or 1-866-579-7172.

If you are a Netflix member, sign in and use the supplied code for faster service.

Other Toll-Free Netflix Customer Service phone numbers:

Netflix Customer Service: 1-800-585-8131

New Netflix Customers: 1-866-579-7172

Netflix Member Services: 1-888-357-1516

Netflix UK customer service phone number: 0800 096 6379.

What is Netflix’s Headquarters Address?

Netflix’s Corporate Office Mail Address is:

  • Netflix Headquarters
  • 100 Winchester Cir.
  • Los Gatos, CA 95032
  • USA

Netflix also has a new corporate office on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, home to 800 employees:

Netflix Hollywood Address:

  • 5808 Sunset Blvd,
  • Los Angeles, CA 90028
  • Phone Number: +1 877-742-1335


How do I Contact Netflix Customer Support?

Call the numbers listed above or contact Netflix via:

Netflix Live Chat: Go here and find the Live Chat link at the right hand side of the page.

Via the Netflix App. Download the app and contact the Netflix customer service throught the app.

Netflix’s Email Address: Netflix does not have a customer service email address. For media and press relations, contact Netflix on: [email protected]

Netflix’s Contact Us page can be found here.


Contact Netflix on Social Media:

Netflix help on Twitter: @netflixhelps

Netflix on Facebook (Contact Nexflix on Messenger):

Netflix Headquarters Executive Team.

Netflix’s management team consists of:

Reed Hastings , Founder and CEO

Kelly Bennett , Chief Marketing Officer

Jonathan Friedland , Chief Communications Officer

David Hyman , General Counsel

Jessica Neal ,​ Chief​ ​Talent​ ​Officer

Greg Peters , Chief Product Officer

Ted Sarandos ,Chief Content Officer

David Wells ,Chief Financial Officer

Netflix Board of Directors.

Richard Barton , Executive Chairman of the Board of Zillow Group, Inc.

A. George (Skip) Battle , Investor

Rodolphe Belmer , CEO of Eutelsat

Timothy Haley , Managing Director, Redpoint Ventures

Reed Hastings , Chief Executive Officer, President, Chairman of the Board

Jay Hoag , General Partner, Technology Crossover Ventures
Lead Director

Leslie Kilgore

Ann Mather

Ambassador Susan Rice

Brad Smith , President and Chief Legal Officer, Microsoft Corp

Anne Sweeney

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45 thoughts to “Netflix Headquarters”

  1. I have been a Netflix customer, stockholder… almost since your beginning. I also have both Streaming and DVD.
    Tonight I experienced TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE with one of your Managers. I first talked to an agent but she did not have a clue about my issue as the problem was more technical and “over her head as it was mostly about a server problem.
    I know this from over 55 years in Computers, Data Processing, Programming Management, , Systems Programming….as I am a retiree from IBM….
    I finally asked for a Manger. I explained the problem and he would not listen and kept “talking down” to me with ridiculous excuses and misinformation.
    I got upset so he hung up on me.
    In my many years as a customer, stockholder,… I don’t like to be hung up on since I used NO profanity, etc.

  2. Is the customer service phone number the same as the corporate office phone number? I want to contact the customer support department.

  3. My complaint: I had an issue with my last order, and they make it really difficult to get through to a real live person on their customer service phone number.

  4. Hello, I spoke with a customer service rep today regarding a idea that I have and probably should patent that will be something awesome for Netflix to consider. My concern is having separate log-in information for additional profiles on an account. Please consider this idea, now that I have shared it with one of your reps and your company. Hope this will become a option very soon : ).

  5. Hello it would be great if i can speak to a responsible member of the cooperate headquarters that can explain how if i cancelled my service in August (I accidently opened two accounts and when i realized that i did canceled the one that had the djirves71
    @icloud address) that Netflix charged that cancelled account for three months and not refuses to refund me for being charged on an account that i requested to have cancelled? I spoke with two supervisors that were not able to explain to me how my account was charged for a service that i requested to be cancelled and they were not able to explain who requested that the account be reestablished? I want a full refund for the $51.81 that i was charged for an account that i requested to be closed. The customer service supervisor were not knowledgeable enough to explain to me who reactivated an account i verified had been closed at the time of my request. Assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  6. Dear NETFLIX Management: We are Most satisfied with programs on Netflix. However, we need to speak out about Tiger King. Please do not ever promote a show with Tigers or any exotic animals in this kind of captivity. Cubs were taken from their moms. It’s horrible. These animals belong in the Wild. The worst thing our Countries can do is allow exotic pet ownership; much less your company promoting these shows. Thank you for listening.

  7. I have finished Bridgerton and I absolutely Loved it. I am a fan of Regency Period books and this was a Excellent Production. Bravo to All who were involved with bring this piece for our viewing!! Thank-you

  8. To the Chief content Officers:
    Consider bringing the LORE series by Pittacus Lore to Netflix. Also, as a setting options to eliminate films with subtitles.

  9. I don’t want HUNTERxHUNTER to be removed from netflix. It is such a good show and its like all that I watch on netflix these days. I am not even on season 2 yet and I would like to finish the series.

  10. I am attempting to verify employment for one of your employees. We are required to verbally verify prior to closing on their mortgage loan. The work number information is not updating and reflect as of 01/22/2021. Please advise whom I may contact so we can close on this loan. Thank you.

  11. Why can’t we get any old war movies any longer is this part of the New World Order where you are turning us into communist I want to know or I want my money back

  12. I’ve lived in Burbank for 30 years and I heard Netflix will be opening an Animation Studio here. I was wondering if the Facilities or Logistics will be hiring and how do I get in contact with someone regarding this. Thank You

  13. I had canceled my account about 5 months a john who was not the supervisor was blaming me that my account was hacked. they stated that there was no cancellation of my count on their system but I remember that there was. all content was in jappaness and one rep said he could not see the content and that other said he could it make no sense. I am a first responder working during the whole pandemic and have been very busy at this point I going to take this matter to an attorney for review and the authorities look to have them look into the Netflix system to make sure this is not happening to anyone else. I would like at least the 5 months reimbursed and that is 5 months less the total when I remember canceling the account. also would like my self completely deleted for this company servers too.

  14. I am referring to 100 days my prince a Korean series. My issue here is you need to stop displaying the face of the crown princess because she is not the leading actress.
    It should be the faces of the crown Prince and Hong-sima because they are the main leading actors.
    It is so depressing to open the Netflix account anxious to watch again the image of both but what pop in to my eye is the supporting actress who is not the leading actress but only a supporting character. Do remove her face…thank you

  15. I currently pay my monthly bill via my Citi Visa account number ending 5586. How do I change the mode of payment to an auto draft from my checking account?

  16. Just finished watching the Firefly Lane series. I am getting tired of watching these made for Netflix series in which every other word is the f word. The word loses its power and the repetition becomes tedious when it is used so frequently and loosely, and it shows that the writers are very lazy and uncreative in writing the dialog. Are you doing this to earn a specific maturity rating for these shows? Surely, someone at Netflix owns a thesaurus, the use of which will yield a bounty of other more creative words and expressions to indicate displeasure with a current plot situation that could be included as part of the dialog of these shows. Using a variety of words to express displeasure with a current situation would be more engaging for the audience and be much more entertaining. It would also be more comfortable for viewers who are attempting to watch these made for Netflix series with their older teens/adult children.

  17. Hello Netflix Corporate,
    I’ve been reading about you cracking down on password sharing and although I understand your reasoning, I want you to consider this. I had a friend who surprised me with a Netflix account as a gift, he set up the account in his name and used his credit card because he was going to pay the monthly fee on my behalf. When he set up the account he was the primary user but added my name on the account as another user but the only thing is that we don’t live in the same household and he had to give me the password in order for me to use the account. So I want you to keep this in mind as you figure out a way to protect accounts and make your profit.

  18. I was wondering if I can get a quote about your Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives? I am a Public Relations major at Temple University. I wanted to highlight Netflix and their great work in CSR initiatives for the public and for employees.

  19. I am a Netflix customer about 10 months ago. The main reason I joined was to access a Turkish series, WINTER SUN! I just discovered you discontinue the series in Netflix. How can we have it reinstated? I was informed at the time I signed up for the service that a two weeks noticed will be given. This was not the case here.


  21. I’ve had no problems with Netflix until recently. I paid my reoccurring bill the 31st of last month then come 15 days later they want me to pay again??? Call customer service wait on hold for 20 minutes just to be told “you upgraded your plan so it changed your billing date” when trying to explain that I was never notified my billing date would be changed they didn’t seem to feel the need to try to assist the issue and kept repeating I’m sorry that you weren’t notified would you like to cancel your account! If I wanted to cancel why would I have called when I can do it online???? Asked to speak to the supervisor and waited on hold for another 10 minutes before being told they can’t reach someone then when I asked for them to call me back when available they weren’t able to do that, magically the supervisor was able to speak to me at this point. While talking to her she I remained in a silent call for 5 minutes before hanging up and trying to contact corporate with no actual phone number… customer service more like people who don’t want to assist their customers and only care they are getting paid…

  22. Someone fraudulently used my debit card to make 2 purchases from was not me. I don’t have an acct, nor did I purchase one. Didn’t use my name, but my card number

  23. I’m an investor and want to speak with someone in investor relations. I am finding it impossible to reach anyone at Netflix, other than customer service, who deal with Netflix service issues. I can be reached at 631-724-xxxx.

  24. Not that my displeasure of Netflix starting to become political will make a difference, but where there is one there will be more. Companies relying on consumers should not become political nor their their high profile Officers. I will be canceling my subscription on Netflix choice of becoming political.

  25. Madam/Sir, I am getting the runaround from your company and Cox communication regarding securing refund. My services was and is covered by TMobile. I pay them faithfully. I acknowledge it was my error, however, that’s no excuse to keep double payment. I am requesting you please return to me the funds you received (6/2020 to the present 5/26/21) from Cox Communications. They sent me back to you to get the refund.

  26. The Upshaws!!!! Please film more seasons! This show is awesome absolutely fun to watch and the storyline is realistic. The just makes everything fun to watch.

  27. Please bring back Manifest and Away season 2. I spend a lot of time at home due to my sickness and trying to avoid covid. I fell in love with these shows. Please bring them back!

  28. Hello!!

    I wanted to say that I’m a huge fan of your company.

    I’ve been a long time and loyal fan and just adore you guys! I know a lot of people probably email to nag and complain and it can be tough responding to those, so I thought I’d add a little sunshine. ☺️

    You’re doing great work, it’s ever so appreciate, and I wanted to say thanks.

    I don’t know if you have any stickers, samples, or coupons you could send my way but I’d be most appreciative to try more of your products. If you happen to my address 56 Greenwood Rd, New Providence NJ 07974 is 🙂

    Thank you and have a great day!

  29. U have been taking money from my baNk acckunt for ths paSt 4 month now .all payment were taken from my bank

  30. I am writing to complain about your connection to Prince Harry and his wife, why would you bow down to these two psychotic fame chasers and just because of the Royal connection, they are fraud and fakes and i assume your aware of their Oprah lie fest, its a disgrace for your company to risk your reputation by catering to the biggest scam of the decade, therefore I will be ending my subscription to NETFLIX I can do without it my life and will never support your business because of your lack of morals and chasing the almighty dollar!!!

  31. 2 days in a row I have been kicked out of my account. Unable to recover I changed email login to different email. This happened again are you aware of this security issues. It is very frustrating, I have been a customer for years. I need to know my billing cycle is getting charged over and over because some one is changing all my info. My name is Louis frank email lnf5xxxx number

  32. My Netflix plays only in Spanish, not English. I have tried adjusting all controls with the help of your Customer Service 3 times. Please help!!!!!

  33. I have made a hindi thrill movie about 1 hour 45 minutes.
    I release this movie on Netflix Ott platform. Please tell me your rules and regulations.

  34. This was completely NOT helpful.

    I know how “MY LIST” works to add movies or series –or– delete movies or series that I do –or– do not want to watch to the “row/list.” A 10-year old can figure it out.

    Ever since I first signed up for Netflix streaming service,the row entitled “MY LIST” was the first row at the top of the Netflix Home Page. “MY LIST” row always stayed in the same position from the first time I used Netflix until 2 days ago, “My List” has always been the first top row on the Home Page. Two days ago it was moved all the way to the bottom of the Home Page, meaning I had to scroll down 45 to 47 rows to the bottom of the Home Page to get to “MY LIST.”

    I called the Help Center 2 days ago and the male representative told me to close the Netflix app, give him about 10 minutes and he would have it fixed. I did as he asked and it was fixed with “MY LIST” back at the top of the Home Page.

    I opened my Netflix app today and “MY LIST” was back down at the bottom of the home page having to scroll 46-47 rows again to get to it.

    All I ask to to stop moving my row of “MY LIST” series and movies to the bottom of the Home page. Move it back to where it was originally found and has always been till 2 days ago — the first row at the top of the Home Page.

    Thank you.

    Rochelle Match @ pattiexxxxx

  35. I keep having the same trouble every week. I want to get this taken care of by talking to someone W/o an accent. I know that they r calling from home because I hear children in the background. I want this taken care of ASAP . I’m really tired of this. There has to be an answer. This has gone on for months

  36. I’m interested in contacting the legal department due to copyright infringement and stolen property (audio tapes) by Mike Maths Productions.

  37. Cannot access any movies the last 2 evennings.Movie starts then it goes off and back to home on my roku tv and my lg tv

  38. Hello, I have had a video account for a long time and I’m extremely frustrated with the DVD side of your business. Why can’t I rent Stranger Things??? It’s been out for years and why do you still make it unavailable. When I call the number provided, they tell me it’s a corporate decision. Can you explain this to me? Thanks.

  39. You have double charged me after requiring me to open a new account. Te last supervisor said he couldn’t find the second account and yelled over me each time I tried to speak. his name was ELJay. H also refused to transfer me to another supervisor and told me he could not hang up first so I could complete a survey. He must have said loudly over me for two minutes “You need to contact your bank. Everyone else could acknowledge the double charges. The final person I spoke to issued a request for the amount overbilled. He had no trouble finding my records and asking for a return of my money, but could not figure out which acct to cancel for several minutes and asked me to verify a card # which he later told me he didn’t need.

    Your customer service is horrible. As a nurse, I would never speak to a patient the way your man ELJay spoke to me. I would have taken the concern and handled it. I would not have made a very long-term subscriber speak to more than 7 people about one problem. I would happily teach your people a class in how to behave, but you need to teach them how to work your system.

  40. This is a complaint: On 8/6/22 on turned on my Netflix to watch a movie, as I always do. I have been with Netflix for many years. When I went to Netflix; I did not have my regular format with my account as an avatar. What I had was a completely different format where they wanted me to sign in with my email and password. When I did that; it stated to me that my password was incorrect. I had to receive an email from Netflix to change my password which I did. I return back to this new format and log in with my email and password. The process then proceeded to a point where it wanted me to set up an account with a financial institution to pay for Netflix services. I call the Help Desk and explained that I already have an account and did not need to set up an account again. They along with Tech Support insisted that I was not doing the process correctly and I followed their instructions for over an hour with the same results. This new login method treated my account like I was a brand new account signing on for the first time. But the Help Desk and Tech Support could not understand that. They insisted I was not following the process. It was frustrating that the Help Desk and especially Tech Support don’t know how their own application works on the TV. They keep me on the phone repeating the same steps over and over for over an hour. I canceled my account with the Help Desk because Tech Support treated me like it was my ignorance that prevented me from accessing Netflix. When the real issue was my account was behaving like it was brand new and not an established user. Why was that so difficult for these individuals to understand? Also, why was this done to my account? I have been with Netflix for years. I do hope to hear from you soon on this matter.

  41. This is a complaint, why does Netflix feel they have the right to force customers to watch movies with LGBTQ contents. Movies of this nature should be under that category, so the customer has a CHOICE to watch those movies if that is what they like to watch! I prefer NOT too!! Put those movies with that content in their own group!! Also your foreign films need to be in their own group, so if we want to watch Chinese, etc we can choice that group!!! PLEASE, PLEASE do something about this? NO excuses. Thank you

  42. I was eligible for a free year of Netflix+ because of my Verizon plan. Although there was no expiration date on the offer, Verizon claimed that they didn’t have to provide one. There was also additional confusion when i contacted Netflix about the promotion, and they also never advised there was an expiration date to take advantage of the offerv. I am a disabled veteran. I am new to this area, and the weathers here are harsh so a lot of time is spent indoors. I rely heavily on streaming services, and I am so upset by losing out on this promotion. No one at your company seems to want to help me. I am on limited funds because of Mt VA smdissbility, and I just can’t afford $19.99 a month. I am really feeling cheated. I had your service for years, bit I had to cancel because I could no longer afford it. please help!!

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