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Capital One Financial Corporation Headquarters Phone Number and Address.

Company Website
Corporate Address
1680 Capital One Dr.
Mclean, VA
Company Contact
Richard Fairbank
Phone Number
(703) 720-1000
Employee Count

What is Capital One’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Capital One’s corporate office phone number is:  1-703-720-1000.

What is Capital One’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Capital One’s Main Customer Support phone number is:  1-877-383-4802.

What is Capital One’s Corporate Office Address?

The Capital One Financial Corporation
1680 Capital One Drive
McLean, Virginia 22102, USA

What is Capital One’s Email Address?

The company lists to email addresses: [email protected] for loan applications and [email protected] for fraud detection and lost/stolen cards.

You can also contact Capital One via their Twitter handle is @AskCapitalOne. The company’s agents are available on Twitter from Mon-Sat 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. & Sun 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.


Capital One Executive Team.

Management team contacts:

Chief Executive
Richard D. Fairbank
1680 Capital One Dr
McLean, VA 22102-3491
(703) 720-1000
[email protected]

Corey Lee
VP Customer Management & Marketing
1680 Capital One Dr
McLean, VA 22102-3491
[email protected]

Sanjiv Yajnik
President, Financial Services
1680 Capital One Dr
McLean, VA 22102-3491
[email protected]


Full Capital One Executive Team.

Richard D. Fairbank Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer

Richard Scott Blackley Chief Financial Officer

Christopher T Newkirk President-International & Small Business

Michael J. Wassmer President-Card Business

Frank G. LaPrade Deputy General Counsel

Michael C. Slocum President-Commercial Banking

Timothy P. Golden Chief Accounting Officer, Senior VP & Controller

Sie Soheili Media Relations Contact

Jeff Norris Senior Vice President-Global Finance

Jory A. Berson Chief Human Resources Officer

John G. Finneran Secretary & Chief Risk Officer

Matthew Cooper General Counsel

Aparna Chennapragada Independent Director

Peter Thomas Killalea Independent Director

Pierre E. Leroy Independent Director

Catherine G. West Independent Director


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352 Reviews and Complaints for Capital One Headquarters

  1. I have tried many times to get support. My case # is 10000117838140 I have already paid a deposit of $250 .Why do I get a letter regarding a $99 deposit. This is wasting my time. My telephone # 80 332 2136. I expect a phone call today to resolve this situation immediately.

  2. I wont you to pay me 5. Billions for open. A capotalone without I’m approver and your capital one credit card and your capital one stop me from getting me a places to livei wont you to pay me 5billions dollars for stop me from getting a palace to live because they a are put capital one on me credit card on my crditrepor

  3. I had money taken out of my account almost $14000. I’ve been told that the money was sent back to the SBA but I have been yet to see proof of that despite all my calls and all my inquiries. Please call me at 646-821-xxxx. I need to have a record and or receipt for where my money went.

  4. I am writing about our business credit card. Unfortunately, we ran into financial difficulty and as a result missed a few payments.
    Our interest rate soared to 29.4% which is ludicrous. Paying 500 or more in interest results in a $6,000 interest payment for one year. That should be illegal.
    Your company and policies are hurting small businesses and individuals. I tried to contact your company on numerous occasions to no avail. No one was able to reduce my interest rate to a reasonable percentage.
    This is so discouraging to have $500 or more added to our balance every month.
    My son worked 12 to 16 hours a day to get his trucking business profitable. Because of the rates, competitiveness, and downturn of the economy we lost our trucks.
    It is extremely sad when a company becomes heartless and uncaring toward someone’s misfortune; and punishes them by charging an orbitant interest rate.
    I’m sorry I had to write this note; but it seems like your company just doesn’t care about people.
    I pray that others don’t fall into your company trap; and wind up deep in debt because of an unfair, and immoral rate.
    Lou (Gospel of John, 1:9-14_the place where love and truth prevails)

  5. Capital one 360 has my funds on hold for almost a month. I have no access to my money. I have bills to pay.

  6. My account is frozen because I received a PPP loan according to the representative, they refuse to tell me how to resolve the issue!

  7. When being assist through the phone. Is very terrible long waiting, bad connection, awful audio and can’t hear clearly with the representatives. Is there a location in the North Side Of Chicago to be help with Auto financing?
    Thank You;

  8. Capital One agents & supervisors handle very poorly my Dispute of Charges against a Company called Premier Health Solutions. credit card #41470989599xxxxxx

  9. Reporting a disturbing and humiliating experience with Capital One this week. Called to pay credit card bill by phone as I’ve done in the past. Inquired afterwards about redeeming my rewards as I’ve also done several times, was transferred to a different rep who advised he couldn’t comply with my request since I didn’t own a cell phone to receive a text code to authenticate my identity, when I asked if verification could be done via email or by phone, he said no, and proceeded to transfer me to the Fraud Division without just cause. They requested I transmit copies of my Driver’s License to confirm my identity which I did. was advised to send in copies of my Driver’s License to confirm my identity which I had to do twice. I’ve been a customer for 34 years, originally with Union Plus MasterCard until Capital One took over. I’ve maintained an excellent credit score for years, and my credibility or character has never been questioned. Worst case scenario is that this incident could negatively affect my excellent credit score. I would hope Capital One HQ will take steps to resolve this issue ASAP and provide an explanation. This is no way to treat a long-term loyal customer with a history of paying off charges in full each and every month.

  10. You guys continue to scam my card and send my personal accounts into the negative status. I am very very displeased with your services and the way you guys conduct business, it’s unethical and unprofessional. I need someone to contact me to straighten this situation out as soon as possible. We are in a pandemic and you guys are finding ways to sham people out of money.

  11. I cannot transfer my money between my Capital One accounts for one month.
    I have contacted Customer service multiple times, but nothing is done. Looks like nobody care. I am going to close my account (115K) if my issue not solved shortly.

  12. I would like someone to call me from corporate headquarters regarding a very high fraudulent charge on my credit card. Capitol one has not reversed the charges and allowed this to happen knowingly a scammer has my information prior to the charge going through.

    Thank you
    Ms. Harris.

  13. I am about to the point I am going to claim yall are holding my money because I am being told not to leave my home due to spreading risks. I have been waiting over a week. The check has been cleared my and Mt girl friend. Have both called with my info and been turned down head

  14. Hello,
    On 1/22/2021 we did a balance transfer from a Capital One acct ending in 6598 to a Wells Fargo cc. Capital one put the money in an account that has been closed since 2013 ending in 6618. After spending hours on the phone with Capital One they finally discovered their mistake and moved the money from the closed account (6618) to the account where it was supposed to have gone (6598). I received a confirmation email from capital one on 2/21/2021.
    On 4/16/2021 I received an email from capital one stating I have an overdue balance of over $5400 on the account that had been closed in 2013 ending in (6618). When I called capital One a woman named Ashley license MYR513 stated that despite me being an authorized user on the old closed account where this mistake was made (6618) she would still need to speak with my husband before correcting your mistake. She did acknowledge it was a mistake on Capital One’s part, she did acknowledge that it’s inaccurately reported on our credit reports (both mine and my husbands), she did acknowledge that my husband and I called them together in February to correct their original mistake. Despite all of this she will not correct the mistake on their end and mentioned that it was accruing interest every day (on a balance that was a credit not a debt) and that’s why the balance went from a little over $4700, which should have been a credit due to balance transfer, to a debt of over $5400.
    Problem is, which I explain to her, my husband has been working out of town and won’t be back until May 18. He’s in a part of the desert with no reception. He has a satellite text feature but no phone service. When I explain that this was dragging our credit rating into the sewer she said there’s nothing she can do. I asked to speak with a supervisor and she said she was the highest person available by phone at all of capital one.
    My complaint is that my, and my husbands, credit is impacted by Capital One’s mistake, again, and according to Ashley you are not willing to correct it for another month.

    Susan Thompson

  15. your credit card from Menards did a bate and switch. Purchased item on a 24 month promo and sent check for payment of monthly bill with min. on promo they paid off promo charged me interest on balance of regular monthly purchases . Called and was told nothing the could . will no long er buy from Menards or use any capital one creit card or banking products.

  16. I am very upset about this issue I have with capital one I use my card as my primary card and I pay it back when I use it When I take out the cash I pay my fees and the money back .So that why i make so many payments within the month ,Now they are holding my payments when the bank already pay it .I have bills to pay and when I cant get the funds available it will give me late fee which you are not going to pay for me .I call before and explain the rep was nasty on the phone and she put a note do not release the fund on the card .I do customer service so i know about those thing .But i pay the card and I use it as my primary card so that is why I use and pay it so many time . I had to do the verifying of my banks a few time to this is not now am getting late fee on my bills due to the fact it was not paid when i was suppose to pay it

  17. I have sent my title into Capital One back September 2020, and I still have not received the updat led title. I need this resolved immediately. I keep calling and I get the same response that they are working on it.

  18. I was charged for service that I did not authorized. I was charged by Hertz Car Rental for a no show on 10/5/2020. I disputed the charge but I was denied. I closed my account after 9 years because your zero liability on fraudulent credit card activity is a joke. I writing because Tony Fraud Supervisor was not helpful and he was more than happy to close my account. When I asked for executive phone no or address he refused to give it to me.

  19. Hi there!
    This is Rev. George Aburdeineh. I owe Capital One some money. And I was wondering if I can for it in exchange for work that I can do for Capital One.

    I am a Super Wizard computer consultant by profession and can do many other things to help Capital One.

    Please let me know.

  20. I keep receiving emails with Capital One logo pretending to be your bank. They keep trying to get my information stating I have been approved for an $8000 loan. Even signed a fake CEO name.

  21. Please help me get my account reactivated. It says that the account is being closed due to fraudulent activity but I am unaware of any activity that was fraudulent. I am trying to build my credit to purchase my first home. My payments have always been made on time and the returned payment was an oversight on my behalf. Please let me know what I can do to correct this problem.

  22. I attempted to process a balance transfer with Capital One. They harassed me and denied my request because I have a new phone number. They want me to mail them a copy of a driver’s license. I have never experienced this level of harassment from any bank. I have done many balance transfers in the past, with no problem.

  23. I was scammed by a seller on Ebay. I alerted Capital One and Ebay of my suspicions and Ebay’s security team confirmed the sale was not legit and threw it out. They issued me a refund but Capital One refuses to give me my money claiming they are “investigating” even though Ebay already figured it out.

    I have sent proof of all of this to the Capital One dispute team but it’s as if they just ignore me. Customer service has been deliberately and consistently misleading telling me that Ebay won’t answer them. Ebay has no idea what they are talking about. They sent the money back and Capital One is holding it. Meanwhile, Capital One claims they don’t see anything,.

    I then learn that despite providing evidence that I was the victim of a scammer overseas, they never took that into account and reached out to the scammer anyway and can’t get the scammer to cooperate. If they had read the details of my complaint and examined the documentation provided, they’re was no need to contact the criminal and ask if he wants to give me my money back. It’s just unbelievable how they have sleepwalked through this whole process. Although a customer service rep saw the light on what they had done and shouldn’t have done, I still do not have a refund.

    Capital One sent me a message recently ignoring the evidence and details I have provided and said I should contact the scammer and ask for my money back because they are not answering them and then pointed out they gave me provisional credit. Great, but that’s still not MY money and I was refunded over a month ago! There’s no excuse to be holding my money at this point but since they seem completely uninterested in the official documentation I have, things remain at a standstill.

    I have reached out on the executive level and have been ignored. I have complained repeatedly via customer service only to have my information and concerns brushed aside as if they don’t matter. I have been continuously ignored by the card investigations team. The best I can do is get a canned answer that they are allegedly investigating. They do not acknowledge the documentation from Ebay that proves the sale was not legit.

    I have now filed reports with the BBB, the BY attorney General and CFPB. I have even reached out to the local media that does segments on the news for people in situations like mine.

    This evasiveness and seemingly indifferent approach is highly concerning and tells me all I need to know about this horrible company. Do not open a checking and savings account with this company. Just don’t no matter how good the rates and terms may be. Once things go sideways and you run into trouble, they will not help you. They will ignore you, dismiss pertinent info to resolve your case more quickly and slow walk everything as much as they can looking for a way out of doing the right thing. This company is not worthy of your hard earned money with behavior like this. It’s shameful.

  24. My recent experience regarding a call to Capital One customer service has guaranteed that I will not remain a Capital One customer once my auto loan is paid, nor will I do business with Capital One again. Some of the statements made by your customer service reps were simply bizarre, and convinced me that you are not about customer service.

  25. I have been with Capital one for years. My bank account was in a fraudulent situation. I thought TDBank had taken care of the problem. I sent you (Capital one) payments it keep coming back. I went to TD bank to rectify the situation again. Capital one close my accounts and it wasn’t fair. Even the customer service said it wasn’t my fault.

  26. Your bank froze my account over a month ago supposedly on a fraud claim. My social security deposit and disabled veteran pension is being deposited and I need my money. As a former FDIC official there’s no fraud on my part here. There has to be a lie. A check bounced that I had no idea was bogus it was written by a California petroleum company and required me to do something. Being retired it looked like a good way to make money part time. Part of the reason I need my funds is I must have insulin to live. No money no life. PLEASE RELEASE THE FREEZE ON MY AÇCOUNT 3607405xxxx.

  27. I went to the Glen cove branch on Forest avenue to deposit a check and an account that I’ve had for almost 30 years my account has been in that building since it was prior of two other Banks but because I don’t go into the on a regular basis I was profiled my wife signed a check over to me and put her name and put into the pay to the order to my name but because the teller didn’t recognize me and didn’t feel that I was trustworthy enough and wouldn’t take the time to look up my wife’s signature who is a account holder as well in that bank my wife is disabled it’s difficult for her to make it to the bank the teller next to her knew me but because this particular teller didn’t know me my wife now needs to go to the bank to prove she is who she is when I question her to speak to a manager there is no manager in the bank what type of customer service is it that the bank doesn’t even have a manager to deal with its customers it’s appalling and a shame the customer service is come down to a teller typing on a computer talking to an individual who’s not even there who doesn’t even know who you are who has no care about what you feel or don’t feel about the way their bank is operating I doubt I’ll get any response back from anybody regarding any of this but I figured I’d send my complaint anyway

  28. To whom this may concern. I want to talk to the person in charge of this company preferably. But I have an issue with my 360 personal checking account. Need someone with rank to call me please. I live in Louisiana. My number is 337247xxxx

  29. Good morning I would like to talk with the CEO because I would like to get a car but I can’t do Capital One holding on my concern a car we got through y’all. I co- sign a car for her to get around to college and work at that time she got into a hardship included myself my financial and got difficult so at that time she got behind on her car note and I begin to help her with it until something came up very urgent and then everything began to happen in my life I began to lose my family members back to back it was to much on me. I am so sorry about what happened in my life. So I ask can they do a settlement with me and they did but now I really need me a car to get around in even my daughter she have 2 small kids and she really need a car including myself but this holding us both up because when they see Capital One on my credit really can’t get a car because I co-signed a car to help my daughter. Can y’all please help us both like last night I try to get a pre-approve credit card through y’all in this show up about the car. I don’t owe nothing I paid the settlement off. Please get back with me please thank you 🙏🏾

  30. cap- one 360 banking – had a levy applied on 3/18 levy removed 3/21. They acknowledge receipt of the levy removal. they have released 50.00 of the 19,000.00 in that account. They can’t tell me why not they entire amount. The levy department doesn’t have a direct line for INTERNAL communications. this means the people trying to “help” me can only communicate with them through interoffice email. No one can tell me when I will have access to my funds. I’m done though. I am pulling my money as soon as I have access. worst customer service ever. Possibly criminal.

  31. i have an i dea i would like to voice about earning points to pay for rent on one’s rental property such as but not limited to one’s apartment

  32. How hard is it to transfer funds. I hand simple checking account which was closed. a 360 account opened up. Then the bank put a -275. Back on the simple account. My stimulus went into the account witch left a balance of $1200.00 . which i said put in the 360 account they have not done that. Now the 275 is back in the account. Really. This is ridiculous

  33. Yes I know that I did a three-party deposits because of the covid my uncle and my brothers cannot deposit their employment and they couldn’t get into the driver’s license office to get there like driver’s license renewed so they can get into an account or open an account so I deposit their checks into accountwell since September the account has been closed we have went into the branches their self as well as talk to them on the phone numerous times we all verified who we are and even went into the bank and verified who we are we are we had our checks cut off in September we already got them back went through twc’s workforce they’re verification to make sure it wasn’t fraud so we could get our our checks back and we’ve already been through that done with that since December well Capital One is still now holding our money still won’t release the money investigation is to their discretion of when they decide to send it well we’re getting a lawyer now because if she says it’s not to their discretion because if they were even investigating it they went to the source of where the money come from and if they would have done that they would have seen that we’ve already been cleared through the Texas workforce commission and they did not even even went and checked with them yet but they’re holding all of our money and it’s and we went our money released and they still won’t release it after 7 months and I know several people among several people who’s down the same thing as my half and their money has been released well I want to know why it’s not being released why ain’t they went to the workforce and seen that it’s been released and and shut my account down I’ve already asked to have my account shut down about 10 times and they refuse to shut it down or they refuse to refuse to investigate it and now I got to go spend $1,100 to get my $10,000 out of the damn Bank so I would like something done my number is 936-283-9649 they’re very rude they won’t work with me I’m tired of talking to him for 7 months now and the same bull I want my account shut and they won’t do it my social security is 454-81-xxxx my name is Marjorie Fulcher I live at xxxxx Southern Crossing Drive splendora Texas 77372 I have two chickens and two savings and then they will not close my accounts down I even have power over attorney over one that is my brother who’s in jail so please something needs to be done about this or we’re going to I’m going to sue for everything I can if I have to go spend the $100 to get a lawyer I know several server people

  34. I have a complaint against your Bank. Some dumbass thinks I tried to defraud capital one. I have a 360 checking account. Made a $4,900 deposit which was quickly found out to be worthless. I am 83 yo and cashing this check and delivering payments part time seemed like a good way to get extra cash. Now my account is showing I am overdrawn by approximately $4,900. I never got cash or credit so how can this be? I talked with a lady in consumer protection resolution and she was intimated by the Investigator. I will advise you that if this so-called Investigator says I am defrauding the bank One more time, I will be suing capital one bank for deflamation of character. I was a real FDIC investigator putting ,55 people in federal prison and collecting $88 million dollars. Stupid move on my part, but certainly not fraud. I was never enriched.

  35. I have been a very satisfied Capital One customer for 25 years.
    On Friday, I called customer service because I had tried many times on line to view my statements from January to June 2020, which apparently are not on line. I was told that I could only receive the information by snail mail or fax and not by email. No one could explain the rationale behind this, and it certainly makes no sense whatsoever. I need that info for preparing my taxes and now have to wait 5 to 7 business days to get it. In 2021 it seems utterly ridiculous to offer snail mail or fax as the only option. To the credit of the customer service person they were pleasant and helpful.

  36. Hi, I am a music teacher, teaching on Skype, as well as a retired Ph.d. mechanical engineer. Parents of my students as well as adult students would like to send me their fees for lessons using Zelle, but the way Capital One Bank has Zelle set up I can only register for Zelle using a smartphone, which I do not have, nor do I plan to get one any time soon. Not everyone has a smartphone. In fact, I know many people who do not have one and get along fine. I would like Mr. Fairbank, Capital One’s CEO to know that and ask him to have Capital One’s online banking set up so that people like me who have a checking account at Capital One can register for Zelle online. I don’t think it should be difficult to get that done.

    Thank yom.

  37. We were defrauded by a merchant and Capitol One’s dispute department was of no help at all. Insulted me and refused to give me name of supervisor. Guy said he was highest authority I could talk to. Is Stonewalling a corporate policy of Capitol One?


    I don’t know how to approach this situation as it will be long winded no matter how I relay that message to you. So, I am going to shorten my story to save you a long email.

    I went to Kia of Boardman (Ohio) and spoke to Pat Buckley. I purchased a 2017 Nissan Rogue and it was financed through Capital One. Due to my credit score he placed Nichole Mathews as the borrower and myself as the co-borrower. Well, he did not send the contract through with the correct loan terms and for months it was a tug and pull between Kia and Capital One to get it straightened out. I got a third party involved and it was corrected.

    A new application was filed and a new contract is in the process of being finalized. However, Capital One will NOT delete the old (delinquent) account until the new one is processed which makes sense. The old account ONLY became delinquent because of miscommunication and not being able to get ALL parties involved communicating and on the same page.

    With ALL that being said Nichole Mathews credit score is dropping EVERY 4 days. Her credit score went from an 850 to 649 (I think it may be lower). She is EXTREMELY devastated. She is being told that once the old contract is deleted, her credit score will jump up. She is not inclined to believe that because of how bad it is being DESTROYED in this process.

    Can you please stop the negative reporting on her credit. We signed a new contract to correct the terms of the loan. We have been actively working with Kia and Capital One to get this matter resolved. It is taking some time to do this. It does not make any logical sense to continue dropping her credit score when we are in the process of finalizing an APPROVED auto loan.

    Please take IMMEDIATE ACTION in this matter. Nichole Mathews 937-672-xxxx and Myself Sarah Dugan 234-830-xxxx. Kia – Pat Buckley 330-576-xxxx.

    Can you please call Nichole in this matter? I am without my phone until 5:10 pm. I work in a prison and I cannot have my cell phone on me M-Th 7am-5 pm. Please give this you undivded attention.

    Ms. Mathews was working on the front lines (traveling STNA) during this Pandemic away from her family in Ohio and went to work in Texas. She completely restored her credit in the process and brought her credit score up to 850 with hard work. Again, it is now somewhere around 649 through THIS process. Check her credit score if you don’t believe me. Her credit rating was excellent, every account is in good standing except for THIS account. Acct. #6206271808266. EVERY one of her accounts on her credit report are in excellent standing. THIS acct. with Capital One is the only delinquent account.

    Sarah Dugan

  39. My name is Lacy Wilfong. I paid my card of in full. Now your customer service rooms are telling me I have to wait 8 days. I desperately need my money NOW. Please help me

  40. I’m having issues with capital One for over a year now, I’ve made two cash advances that worked perfectly in mid year of 2019. I was able to pay of my cash advances simply by paying the minimum balance due for the month and the remainder amount of money I payed went towards my cash advance balance… My issues started when that process stopped working. I’ve spoke to multiple representative and they explained me the process of cash advance and after my 3rd time of using cash advance everything changed…. It’s been over 1 year now and I only have a $250 cash advance limit that I’ve tried over and over again to pay off and it’s not going thru. I’ve paid $800 one month, $1,000 dollars another month $600 , 350. For a while year now my cash advance haven’t been paid off. No matter what I do… Multiple representative have told me that wasn’t fair. And when I speak to manager they give me the run around and changed the whole cash advance policy that the representative have told me… In sick and tired of paying cash advance fees for over a year now. CAPITAL ONE HAVE BEEN FRAUDULENT / DECEITFUL ABOUT THEIR CASH ADVANCE POLICY… I need this to be resolved. I need all my fees return. This is unjustified for.

  41. I recently had dealings with capital one and the prevailing problem was the return address on the envelope was frequently unrelated to the correspondence or the address on the correspondence

  42. Capital One opened an account for my husband about two months ago. He realized a couple weeks ago that he can not access any of his money, over $6,000. They wanted some documents from him which he sent. It has been over 10 days since they received the documents and he still can not access his money! His accounts should not have been opened in the first place without all the proper documentation! My husband got here from Iran in August. He wanted to get a credit card to get a credit score. He opened a checking and savings account with them and now he can not take Any money out. We are still waiting!!! This is beyond absurd. Imagine if this happened to someone and this was all they had or they desperately needed to access Their money and they could not. My husband owes them Nothing. This company is awful!!!!!

  43. I have a Capitalone credit card and I can’t believe their policies and the fact that you can’t get a hold of anyone in corporate. I have been a long time customer and my current rate is 12.99%. I called today to find out about lowering my rate only to be told by 2 people that Capitalone doesn’t do it. With rates being as low as they are, you would think your company would jump on the band wagon to help customers out. The CEO is unreachable even though he lists a phone # to be contacted at which is a 3rd party company, I was told. So all I see as a benefit from your company is not having to pay fees when going out of the country. Very disappointed. I thought Capitalone was a top notch company. I don’t think so anymore. I had a car loan, it is paid off, I plan on paying off my card and will look for another card that doesn’t charge fees outside the country. Very sad day for me and Capitalone. Now I will see if you even read this and contact me.

  44. To Whom It May Concern:
    I am a 70 yr old, IT-challenged, loyal Cap One cardholder for 7+ yrs, have an impeccable payment history, had my SS# compromised in the 2019 Cap One data breach & more recently, rec’d my Nov/Dec’20 & Dec/Jan’21 monthly statements extremely late. The Nov/Dec’20 statement, I rec’d on 1/20/21, 12 DAYS AFTER ITS 1/8/21 DUE DATE, & the Dec/Jan’21 bill I rec’d on 1/25/21, 7 days later than the “normal” 18th of the month. Both times, in good faith, I mailed checks w/ the total monthly balances, w/o receiving the statements, tipped off by Cap One email notifications explaining that the holiday mail increase, exacerbated by the USPS increased CD19 package intake, & decreased staff due to CD19 sickness has affected mail delivery. I m/ from Pa to NC the 1st check for $573.63 on 1/3/21, 5 days before the 1/8/21 due date, & the 2nd check for $1582.03, on 1/21/21, 18 days before the 2/8/21 due date. Consequently, in light of my cooperation of the “early payments,” w/o receipt of the 2 monthly statements in question, not only am I incredulous, but believe Cap One to be engaging in fraud when I discovered that I was charged $50.00 in Past Due Fees & $30.99 in Interest Charges, even tho I mailed out the 2 checks, w/ total balances, in good faith, before I even rec’d the monthly statements, with full expectations that the USPS would deliver those checks in their usual timely fashion. The $573.63 check you rec’d on 1/11/21, 4 days past the due date, took 8 days to get from Pa to NC. The $1,582.03 check you rec’d on 1/25/21, 13 days before its 2/8/21 due date, took 4 days for mail delivery, from Pa to NC. My phone calls to Cap One customer service, requesting all late & interest charges to be waived, due to zero negligence on my part, was not fulfilled. Computer use is not important to me. I live in a rural area where the internet is undependable, disconnecting almost each time I connect. I use it almost exclusively for email transmission.
    I am on this site because I wished to speak to a Cap One executive officer w/ which to explain the extra charges/fees, thru no fault of my own. I’ve NEVER had a cell phone, IPad, IPod, Fitbit, etc. I never go on to my acct. I lead a simple life & prefer doing business thru the mail. This past Xmas was an anomaly w/ CD19 and the USPS being overwhelmed. The slower USPS delivery has affected CapOne & me. Capone does not have a right to punish me financially for something I had not control over, and went the extra mile w/ good faith efforts to overcome CapOne’s inability, due to the USPS, to get my monthly statements to me, w/ enough turnaround time to avoid being in arrears. Your branding me w/ bogus late charges and frivolous interest payments has a long-term, adverse effect on my credit score, which angers me, because my sterling payment history has been unjustly soiled by CapOne. You’re supposed to be on my side! I proved that I was on your side, and understood your problem when in good faith, I sent in full payment before I rec’d my monthly statements! Where is your loyalty? I showed you mine! From my research of the above 2 monthly statements, & the one, Jan 15/Feb.11/21, I rec’d yesterday, I have an outstanding $23.15 interest charge, & possibly a $25 Past Due Fee, both baseless. It is difficult for me to discern what late fee was waived, or not, during my multitude of phone calls about this issue to CapOne. So, my question to you is, would you please expunge IMMEDIATELY, all late fees & interest charges which were applied to my account from 11/4/20 to today, 2/19/20, & would you please inform the credit agencies the those fees/charges were applied to my CapOne in error? Should you decline to waive all of the fees/int. charges I’ve requested, I will cancel my CapOne card asap. Please confirm receipt of this email, inform me of you ID, & when I can expect a timely answer from you. If you need to speak to me, please include your phone number. This typing(please excuse any typos) took 2+ hrs of my time, added to another 2-3 hrs in phone calls CapOne, trying to rectify this issue. I trust that you are a reasonable person w/ a sense of fairness, and can make me whole again. Loyalty is a 2-way street, of which I have shown mine to CapOneover the years, thru a security data breach, compromising my SS#. I need to see a tangible expression of CapOne’s loyalty returned to me, expunging these fraudulent charges applied to me, by CapOne. If you choose otherwise, after making arrangements, I will be forced to become an ex-CapOne customer forever. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Thank-you, Mr. Andy Yablonsky

  45. I am extremely dissatisfied with the service that Capital One credit cards has provided me. I have been a customer for over 20 years and your dispute department refuses to help me! I bought some tickets for an event that has been postponed until April 2022. That is 2 years after the original date and that is not a reasonable timeframe. I have request a refund from the merchant and they refuse. Capital One refuses to credit me account as well. It is really sad that this is how you treat a customer of 20+ years.

  46. I have been trying to get a copy of a check that was fraudulently cashed in June for over a month. Every month I have a reoccurring payment to my church. When you telephone the customer service department they say it was an ACH payment and it was cashed on the 24th. The customer service department also says a 3rd party handles the issuing of checks. My bank gets a check monthly from me. They said is was cashed on June 24th. Therefore, which is it. Someone is lying. When you review online the money is removed from my acct immediately. I have been asking for the copies of said check. I am on hold currently requesting a supervisor because the c/s rep told me I would have to wait another 24 hours for the copies of the checks. We have verified my email address multiple times. My claim number is 210201CL0513.

  47. My account closed so they said they would expedite my money in my account$3082 on 2-12-21 i called to get fedx tracking number now manager that clearly dont understand whats going on tells me 10days. I been getting runarounds put on hold hours at a timej just to get hang up on. I need my money. I cant wait another 10days. I been waiting for about 1month for myfunds. Please contact me fordetails

  48. I am a customer who is strongly thinking about, not only leaving as a customer but also taking matters to court.

  49. I closed my grandsons custodial account a year ago. The first check they sent me expired and I requested a new replacement. It has never come. Your customer service just gives me a runaround. I get referred to another agent again and again then usually get disconnected and have to start all over again. This is how I’ve been treated for the last year. Meanwhile, you have $11,004.21 of my grandsons money on which you are not paying him interest. I have made between 15-20 calls trying to get his money. The last call told me that the check had been sent out on January 27th. It has still not arrived. No surprise. The original account # was 830214xxxx under the name of Nicholas Larosa. Is there anyone in your corporation that can help?

  50. I have a checking account and normally. I will make a payment and then I’ll go put money into the bank and then my payment will come out for my credit cards well I go into my bank account and all the sudden I have 9 rejection charges of $35 a piece which I’ve never had before if I overdraw my bank account then I pay the $35 fee but there is no way in hell that I am going to pay your company 9 rejection fees if the money wasn’t there then don’t put the payment through don’t even let it go in but you shouldn’t be charging people nine rejection fees. Not to mention the fact when I call there was only six and you can’t help because we already helped in October you help in October because it was your fault because the ATM was down what did usually is at the Capital One Bank in Dundalk.

  51. I am sure you are all quite busy, as am I. However, I have an issue with my capital one 360 checking account that I would like resolved. However, you have a very poor website where you cannot contact anyone via email, and when you call customer service, you can guarantee being placed on ana extended hold. After 1 hour on hold, I finally was finally speaking with someone in security and fraud about my issue, and then the line went dead. You think doing a call back would be the right avenue to take, NOPE doesn’t happen. I had to call back, and I am currently 50 minutes on hold with the second call, when the representative said she would connect me and stay with me on the line. I guess what she was really doing is “feeding me a line”, because, again, I AM CURRENTLY ON HOLD AT 1:06:30 and counting. 20 minutes into call #2, I made a third call from another line, and I am now at 47 minutes on hold with that call. I have had nothing but good things to say about capital one since I got my account, but if this is the modus operandi for your business, I guess all I can do is close my accounts and bad mouth you to anyone I can. Apparently, your customers have nothing better to do than sit on hold, I guess our lives and our jobs are just unimportant. I would LOVE an email back hopefully explaining how you might change your customer service so that your customers don’t aimlessly wait on hold. RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next step is to give a negative review on the BBB website and anywhere else I can find. YOUR COMPANY screwed up, and now I am missing $250.00, and cannot get a person to figure this out.

  52. hay I had a really hard time getting a straight answer tonight from Ricky. 6:47pm until 7:47pm I know how payment’s work My question was an amazon purchase did confirm the package would arrive on march 3 but my capital did not record the purchase. but before I checked my capital one account I made a payment to my capital one account with my bank knowing it would not be processed for 3-5 business days but I asked Ricky will I have the payment I made today added to the balance that was available? please if you can go and read the transcripts of that conversation I would really appreciate it.
    I just wanted to know if my new balance would be 443. when you processed the payment I made of 143.

  53. Received an email on Jan 24th that my acct was frozen, that someone was available M-F 8am to 5pm EST to discuss the issue. Phone number given. Have called and left a message everyday 2-3x a day with no return call. Tried to set up an appt with branch manager. No answer at the branch. Rerouted to customer service. Spoke to Tyler, CS manager, who said he was going to help, put me on hold, after 40 minutes I was sent to the regular CS and got disconnected. Called back and got manager Jeremy who was plainly rude. Told me my acct is now closed, no explanation will be given and none was needed to be given per bank regulations. I was told I spoke to someone regarding my acct 2 days prior. I informed him I had not. I wanted to discuss the fraudulent transactions and was told the only ones who could discuss my acct was from the number I kept getting a voice mail and was leaving all the messages at with no return call. He basically told me there wasn’t anything that could be done, that I just needed to wait for a return call. So no access to my acct, no way to pay rent orher bills or get groceries for my son. I’m disabled, no way to get to a branch. No help from customer service. Horrible bank.

  54. I went into Key Bank to charge my Safety Deposit box rent with my Capital One card. When the credit card bill arrived there was a $10 charge for “Cash Advance Fee” appended to the transaction. No cash changed hands. When I went back to the Key Bank branch I was told that they always code transactions as Cash Advances, even though no cash changed hands. They couldn’t explain why and said I must apply to Capital One for a refund, since the branch did not receive the money. Numerous complaints to Capital One have been fruitless, as this was a cash advance fee and thus non-refundable. What’s in your wallet?

  55. I paid 1000 dollars on my Visa account and your company is holding my money until next week Wednesday. So if an emergency comes up.Which I have my 1000 is in your hands for no reason. During COVID this ishows your company has NO COMPASSION for your customers. I will be closing my account as soon as possible.

  56. My daughter Angela Delaney called Capital One and closed her account in March 2020, due to the high interest rate. After reviewing her credit she saw that this account is still open and has a balance on it and a late payment. We both have been on the phone with customer rep #RMG708, Andiea and a manager Quay #GIH496 whom was not helpful at all. We requested that this fraud investigation be expedited. Neither reps could give us a reference number and stated that it would take 3 months to have this resolved. We tried to explain that this is not acceptable because she is trying to refi and we requested to speak to a manager because its not her fault that the people working for capital one did not do their job. Interest rates are low and she can not wait 3 months to have this resolved. please have a manager call me 254-291-xxxx

  57. Good morning I’ve been waiting for over twenty minutes to be connected to your department that has my money to be transferred to a new account is there only one person that works in that department?

  58. I contacted Richard Fairbanks CEO directly via email today. We will see if I hear back. Customer service was the perfect example of corporate greed and the corporate elite, we (customers) simply don’t matter. My questions and concerns were met with a script that was read over and over with no room for any dialogue. What a disgrace

  59. Your company ruined my credit. And has not upheld the promise I was given on Dec 8th phone call I believe. If not the 8th the 12th yet I’m almost sure it was the 8ths call. I was told I had just made a payment and had no minimum payment due as yet and once I do have a min bal due it would 1 time be covered for me and then I would have a 45 day deferred payment yet right after your company started making negative reports on my credit which is far from right. You guys also closed my oldest credit account without warning due to returned payments without notification yet 1 company I payed you thru that was delaying paying was your own company. Capital one. The issue only happened with that card and my cash app card because 1 I didn’t know that your two sides wasn’t connected and being that my cash app card info was changed I wasn’t aware there was a issue with connection and also im on a exact budget so sometimes when I made a payment what would happen is if I took a lyft and they put a hold for the same amount and I had to wait several “business days” for it to re enter my account. That’s it . once I would notice I would correct. I have never missed a payment or ever been late and early December called and asked a super to 1 place a disaster relief code I believe it was ( I had the sight in front of me then reading the exact title yet it’s in the call which im requesting be reviewed and for your company to remove those negative marks and replace them with positive. You guys killed my life closing my oldest account. You never even notified me of any danger which is wrong. I would think you would notify a perfect user that hey theirs been some suspicious activity on your account and to avoid further issues etc etc etc. That would have been the decent thing to do. Im requesting a review of these matters by a qualified supervisor that has the ability to make the proper corrections and reinstatement etc. Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope to continue to do business with you. I’m no longer able to say continue a great relationship because you ruined that due to the horrors you caused my life,home and business . thanks a lot. P.s I had to send the kids back because I couldn’t manage due to losing a major contract due to the major credit drop and my financers deciding to no longer pay for the final equipment I need for my 10 yr old daughter and self company.smh.

  60. I was refused taking off a late fee and service charge on a Dec. bill(we are(were) very good customers with a stellar payment record. When I told the rep I wanted to cancel my card,he told me my husband was the primary card holder and he had to cancel. My husband has dementia and is unable to answer a bunch of questions. I was given an insane list of things I had to do including giving Capital one a copy of my husband’s power of attorney(I have his power of attorney),statement of income,letter from doctor. I called my lawyer who said never to send a power of attorney to a credit card. I know of no other credit card that would not take off fee charges for good customers. This is a disgrace.

  61. My CapitalOne MasterCard account is being closed for non use. I requested it remain open but nothing came of that request. No one had the courtesy to response to my request though I was told I would receive a response by mail. Now I have another letter reminding me that I have 10,582 miles in the account to be closed on Feb. 1. Can those miles be transferred over to another Capital One Visa account that I have.

  62. I agree bad customer service bunch of liars and they cash your check and keep your money and will not refund your money back that owed me 2600 I was supposed to receive my money by January 1, still nothing has happened

  63. Have been on the 2.5 hours just today alone. This is the 4th day over two months trying to get an admitted fraud charge removed from a closed account. The two cards (mine and my husband’s) 4147099079284238 & the secondary card ending in 5324 was closed in February 2020. A charge of $381.94 was made on that card in Tx on 10/09/20 in Texas. We live in California. We have not been in Texas this entire year. This is the list of agents I have talked to so far…Sunny, Fabrina, Brook, Alya then Asia (supervisor) who seemed to have it fixed but it wasn’t, then to Bobby in Delaware, then Kylie CEI841 (absolutely horrible – difficult to understand and could not comprehend what I was telling her and then totally confused the entire thing. I finally gave up, then to Helen, Kelvin HKB804 (said he saw what was wrong that the system was not letting the other agents do what was needed and he was going to try and fix it, put me on hold and call dropped…I called back desperately trying to talk to the same agent but was told that was not possible, Ben NDA722, Trisha IDT366. As I’m writing this, I am holding while Trisha and her colleague work on it (56 minutes and still counting). My husband and I have excellent credit. We pay off our credit cards every month. My fear is that this may have already affected our credit rating. I’m incredibly frustrated!!! I could NEVER will NEVER recommend Capital One as a good credit card to have simply because of the bad customer service! If you are in the middle of a lengthy conversation trying to fix a fraud problem and the call gets dropped, the customer should have SOME WAY of calling the SAME PERSON BACK!!! I have been on the phone for two hours and am still holding. Terrible, terrible customer service!

  64. COMPLAINT – I have been trying to set myself up as Power of Attorney on my mother’s account since December 2!!! I sent in all the requested info, but was told one page was not signed by me. I signed and re-sent the info on December 8. I have been advised everything has been received but every time I call I am told it is still in review. This needs to be handled immediately as my mother is recovering in a rehab facility for both a broken hip and COVID. She will be 91 in a week and your delays have prevented me from helping her. When I call you, all I am told is it is being processed. This is unacceptable. I need it processed NOW so I can handle her affairs. PLEASE TAKE CARE OF THIS IMMEDIATELY AND NOTIFY MY BY EMAIL as your mail takes 8-10 days to arrive.

  65. If, a neighbor’s car was repossessed 12/21/20, and they call CapOne but was told they must pay the amount due within 15 days, Can that time frame be extended for them for 30 days? He only owes $2000 including CapOne charges. His forthcoming stimulus check& unemployment check will cover most of it. I’ll give him my stimulus check to help, if need be. But, he needs more than 15 days. The person he spoke to said call back in a week, and” maybe she could give him 5 more day” He needs 30 days to deal with this financial hardship. Please help. Let me know what to tell him.

  66. If, a neighbor’s car was repossessed 12/21/20, and they call CapOne but was told they must pay the amount due within 15 days, Can that time frame be extended for them for 30 days? He only owes $2000 including CapOne charges. His forthcoming stimulus check& unemployment check will cover most of it. I’ll give him my stimulus check to help, if need be. But, he needs more than 15 days. The person he spoke to said call back in a week, and” maybe she could give him 5 more day” He needs 30 days to deal with this financial hardship. Please help. Let me know what to tell him.

  67. Yesterday I received my monthly email informing me how much I will owe in January. I logged into my account and was GOBSMACKED to find that I owed almost three thousand dollars! I’m retired and on a fixed income. My bills are calculated to the day so I can get through the month on my pension. I called Customer Service and was told by the agent that my end date had changed. I asked why the change. She told me that buried in the October statement was a document that stated end dates “may change”. I pay off my charges every month and have never checked the statement and compared one month to the other looking for any changes in policy. I don’t think there are many people that do. I asked to have my end date statement amount to be reinstated to reflect the 15th. I spent 8 days in the hospital a few months ago and had emergency surgery. I am now paying my hospital bill with an affordable amount every month. I also had two months of buying oil for my home. The agent could offer no help. I asked for her supervisor who was of no help either telling me that I should expect interest charges that they would not waive. I asked her to provide the date of the letter I was told CapitalOne allegedly mailed all of their customers. She could not. I asked for a link to a copy of this letter. She could not provide me with one.

    We are all stressed with COVID and I do not need any nonsense like this from a credit card company AT CHRISTMAS TIME! Did anyone else receive a letter informing them their end dates “may change”? If you did, please post a reply. Thanks!

  68. Please cease emailing me from addresses that do not accept responses! My time is just as important, as yours!

  69. I just closed my credit card account with you for charging me a late fee after my payment posted ON TIME. After calling about this, I was told I did not make a minimum payment. I owed them $3.00. So they charged me an additional $25.00. This is ridiculous as I have never paid late payment before. I made the same payment I always make and on time. Some political organizations were drafting on my card. But even then the regular $22 was paid. That is what I owed! This kind of scam is nothing but a scam. I am very disappointed as I have long been a good customer. So I paid off what I owed and closed my Capital one credit card account. The rep would not even send me an email that my account was closed. Bad service = lost customer (and a good one too).

  70. My husband & I have 3 joint accounts at Cap One. My retirement monies go directly into the checking acct. David suffered a massive stroke & died 3 weeks ago. Although joint accounts all my accounts are frozen! I can’t see them. I can’t pay bills. I have no resources. I’m desperate. The accounts are all joint. I have all forms of documentation & identification. Please let me have my funds. I’m 80. My headband was 82.

  71. My husband & I have 3 joint accounts at Cap One. My retirement monies go directly into the checking acct. David suffered a massive stroke & died 3 weeks ago. Although joint accounts all my accounts are frozen! I can’t see them. I can’t pay bills. I have no resources. I’m desperate. The accounts are all joint. I have all forms of documentation & identification. Please let me have my funds. I’m 80. My husband was 82.

    1. Dear Kythleen:
      How are you?
      I ‘m also dealing with the same problem as you. After my husband passed away, the capital one bank also froze our joint account. I also an old lady, I also no enough money to pay the bills. I have emailed the bank twice, but no response until today. Has your trouble been resolved? How did you do it? Please let me know.
      Thank you very much! Take care.

  72. I paid .y credit card of in full last month using a bank other then capital one. It went through that day and I had instant credit on my card. I paid it of in full using capital one account and it takes a week to clear even when it’s say you received the money and you put a hold on my credit. This is not fair. A representative told I I would have just paid the minimum there wouldn’t be a problem but to pay it off place a hold. This is truly a set up to put people in debt. I paid you people you got my money so release my credit or I’m gonna a champane to show how you guys are out to cheat people.

  73. As a long term customer I have tried on 2 occasions to get my card replaced. I do not have smart phones. Can I get my card done without hours of run around? 400344970835xxxx. Check history.

  74. HIGH IMPACT 35% OF YOUR SCORE 1 Neg Mark
    CAPITAL ONE Credit Card Past due: $0
    The offers presented are from our partners.

    I am writing today to ask kindly if someone in corporate will adjust this on my file. This one notation from 2015 is affecting my credit score by 35 points and I am trying to buy a home with my wife. We have been with Capital One and a very good Customer since 2015 and every month paid on time and well above average min due. We only got the card to increase credit score and would never do anything to jeopardize our score. Back In 2015 capital one sent me another card with no notification and no statements and never even an email and I thought it was the same account different card. Clearly you can see I was paying on time the other account number and over the min die as well. Caring for my illness and the death of a parent overcome me in finding out later there had been two accounts. I never received any notification and was never late. Please take into consideration my continuous years of on time payment and remove early please. It comes off my file 2021 but I need it now to increase my score for this mortgage loan.
    Please forward to Richard Fairbank CEO in Mclean Va.
    Mr. Jason Naylor
    3922 St. Ives Road Unit 724
    Myrtle Beach SC 29588

  75. Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2020
    This morning while shopping at Costco on 117th street in Manhattan I found a Capital One Quick Silver card belonging to Michele Yankson. When I returned home at 246 East 46 Street, 2S, New York, N.Y.10017 I went to 845 Third Avenue to turn in the card. There was no officer in the bank so I spoke to a teller who had dark hair and wore glasses. She said I could turn the card over to her but would not give me her name and asked why I wanted to know it. I told her I would gladly give my name to her for assurance. At that point she said the card would be safer with her. She was totally unresponsive. I did tell her in so many words that she was not smart. I look forward to your reply.

  76. The Capital One App will only send a temporary code via sms. I do not accept texts on my phone. I want to receive a code by phone call, just like the website. Your App is of no use to me otherwise. This is not a technical challenge. Other Apps, such as Ameriprise, have no problem with this.

  77. This morning, November 14, 2020, I opened a Capital One 360 Checking Account with the $400.00 bonus for direct deposit of two $1,000 deposits within 60 days. My direct deposits would be my monthly Social Security benefits. But, when I went to set up the direct deposit I found that Social Security cannot make the change fast enough for my December 3, check. The first direct deposit to Capital One would be January 3. The second February 3. February 3, would be longer than 60 days. Therefore, I would not get the $400 bonus. I spoke with someone from your customer service who claimed there was nothing he could do so I closed the account. I have 3 credit cards with Capital One and was going to open a savings account with the money from the sale of my home in December. Your bonus does not give seniors like myself on social security the time needed to take advantage of offers. Very disappointing and borders on discrimination in my point of view.

  78. My mother passed away in December. I attempted to get a renewal tag in April. I was told the registration would have to be changed. I have been requesting all the proper documentation for over 6 months. The car is still in the driveway un_drivable… and payments are still being made… I have driven to the DMV where this information was suppose to be sent… but it wasn’t there.. after calling Capital One again..and being on hold for 30 minutes I was told that an e-mail was sent to the DMV….What is an email going to accomplish… between the dogs in the background I was informed that there were not any managers available. ….I guess I will be left with No other choice but to stop making payments on this vehicle since I can’t drive it and go get one that I can drive

  79. I am a world elite Venture One card holder and a loyal customer of Capital One. Tonight, I am deeply troubled about Capital One. I need to verify that someone from Capital One is serving on Biden’s transition Committee. If this is true, then we will be canceling our account. You do not represent me with someone who has not been officially elected as the President. Second, it is not acceptable for Capital One to support someone who was only elected by 50% of the country – this is a bad business decision and not fair to those who voted for President Trump. Third, as a valued customer of Capital One, you are not entitled to speak for me on some sham task force that is not legitimate. I suspect that I will not be the only valued customer to raise this concern about Capital One’s support of Biden. I expect a response to my question within 24 hours – no response from you is the answer for me to drop my account. I am sure I can find another credit card company that does not take political sides for my valued and loyal business.

    1. Biden won by “a landslide” (306 EC votes). The SCOTUS said there was no fraud. Get over it. Your guy is a big fat loser. FYI – EVERY corporation takes political sides. Just check the FEC records of candidates. Wall Street LOVES everyone – Democrat and republicans and they donate MILLIONS to both sides.

  80. Set up on line usage without my social security number only checking account numbers

  81. I opened 2 savings accounts early this year. Then in May you ran a promotion that offered a$450 bonus if $50,000 or more was added to a savings acccount in May and left there through August. We did that onMay 29, 2020 and left it there through August. It’s still there. I called in early Sept and the rep indicated it could take til the end of October to get the bonus. It’s now November and still no bonus. When I called this month, I talked to a supervisor who gave me the run around saying she needed to investigate further. Still no bonus. My savings account clearly shows the addition of $51.000 on May 29 and it’s still there. What’s to investigate? Why the stalling? Call me (801)739-4779 Maybe you should contact Richard Fairbank and ask him if that is the kind of bank he represents.

  82. I’m writing this to let them know money was taking from my account they saying I’m responsible for paying it back I’m supposed to have protection on my account and yet I’m stuck with negative on my account and money I have for bills being remove I’ve never dealt with this before i want have any family arE friends deal with this bank with all this I’m going through

  83. My card was stolen 3 weeks ago. Charges were made of 504.94 and 8.38 at our local Walmart and Chevron by this thief. Your fraud department feels that it is not fraud and I am being charged. My Card Was Stolen and I reported it immediately! I am a long time customer. I have a credit score of 830. Card # 41470986189xxxxx. I used this card for all my purchases. I want my money back. I was under the impression that your company backed it’s customers. I need Richard Fairbank to make this right. I am an upstanding citizen and customer and I need my money back. 760-224-xxxx

  84. My card was stolen 3 weeks ago. Charges were made of 504.94 and 8.38 at our local Walmart and Chevron by this thief. Your fraud department feels that it is not fraud and I am being charged. My Card Was Stolen and I reported it immediately! I am a long time customer. I have a credit score of 830. Card # 41470986189xxxxx. I used this card for all my purchases. I want my money back. I was under the impression that your company backed it’s customers. I need Richard Fairbank to make this right. I am an upstanding citizen and customer and I need my money back. 760-224-xxxx

  85. I am a frequent user of my caption one credit card, my card ends in 7068 my name is Gabrielle Beauchamp. I payed an amount of 397 on 10/28 to my account and was told that I have a 26 day hold on my account. The payment already came out of my Pnc account. You have people who work at your office who are not educated. I spoke to one supervisor and was told it could be up to a 26 day hold but with in that time frame if it clears you should be able to see your balance I clearly asked him if I don’t see my balance and it already came out of my account what happens then the supervisor said I don’t see why it would but if it does call back . I then spoke to two more supervisors one being Karen and I remember her name because she was extremely rude. She did not provide the answer to me when I was asking under what guidelines is my payment being withheld are , she said to give the bank enough time to process the payment …. hello I’m telling you my bank already processed the payment. She said we will not negotiate the hold neither did she tell us why my available account balance was on hold. We then proceeded to ask her for corporates email or phone number and she told us NO ! isn’t it the customers right to be able to get in contact with corporate if needed or at least tell us where we can find it not just NO !! You can listen to all those recorded calls to each single person I have spoke to since 10/29 to today 10/30 last conversation with the supervisor KAREN. I am completely displeased with how un educated your staff was not only was I jumping from person to person one saying a different thing , but then ending it where KAREN a SUPERVISOR should know the rights of the customer !!! I would like a call or an email with a number so I can speak to someone higher up then rude ass KAREN. Don’t you guys know that people are depending on every penny they have during this Covid time ? Don’t you know people rely on their money and cards to live !?

  86. I have been a customer of Capital One for many years and have used this card as my primary card until now. I was charged over $128.00 interest fro a payment made for over $6,000 which was posted by your bank two days over the due date. I pay through my bank and the amount was poseted to go out before the third of this past month. It is not my fault that there was a problem in getting the monies posted on the due date. I have spoken to two supervisors, both of which said they could not reverse the charge and in addition stated that the interest charge was not on the balance, but based on the past two months, which means the interest charge is more than the balance which, through no fault of mine, hit the account two days late. Since no one is able to deduct this interest charge, I want a final bill and then I will close out my account. Also, this is the third card I have gotten in two weeks because of fraudulent charges and have never had these problems with any other company. Sincerely Deane Rudofker. Last 4 digits of the card is xxxx

  87. September 26, 2020

    Capital One

    It is highly unfortunate that I have to reach out to you at your executive level simply because lower tier employees were not exercising sound customer service practices. On September 18, 2020 I logged into my account to make a payment on my account and decided to utilize my rewards points. The minimum balance due was $28.00 and my rewards points balance was $37.27.

    On September 20, 2020 I began to receive emails and text messages stating that my account was past due. My initial reaction was this must be a scam attempt of some sort, but after researching, reviewing my account and making contact with one of your representatives I discovered that it was actually from Capital One.

    On today September 26, 2020 at approximately 11:30am I spoke with one of your reprsentatives whom I had a very difficult time understanding and therefore requested a more fluid English speaking person. I was then transferred to representative by the name of Kevin.

    I explained to Kevin that I had applied my rewards points to my most recent statement and I was not sure as to why I was receiving a past due notification. He proceeded to tell me that rewards points are not payments but are applied to reduce my balance. I offered him a couple of scenarios wherein I have applied points with other cards and I was not required to make any additional payments. He gave me a scenario wherein under your system the only time it was applicable was when the rewards points exceed the account balance.

    He then told me I had to now pay for both September and October 2020 payments in order to bring my account current. So my question was “Do I have to apply my rewards points and now pay for both September and October 2020?” and his reply was yes.

    I told him that the process was improper and unfair especially considering my payment history (please review to verify my long standing consistency). At this point it appeared that Kevin could not resolve this issue so I asked for him to escalate the call and he refused several times, so I had to end the call and contact you instead.

    While I am not sure as to what can be done, I do know that something should be done so that we can avoid these types of encounters going forward. I hold to the belief that good customers should never be met with disrespect by poor customer service agents as it is I am sure an unwanted reflection on and you as well as your entire corporation.

    I am confident you will give this matter the prompt attention it deserves. Please contact me with any questions, comments or recommendations for remedy at your very early opportunity.

    Lester Wright xxxx Grassmoor Loop
    Apopka, FL 32712
    Account No. 6032…..xxxx

  88. Hello, I recently had an issue with my payment being returned on Sept. 19 because the check I deposited was on hold longer than expected. I am able to pay the payment in full but customer service said she can’t waive the interest charge when i’m only 5 days behind on payment. Other banks like Chase offer a grace period. I’ve never been late on payment and always pay in full. I’m not even a week behind on payment and I can pay payment in full. Can someone help get this interest charge waived? I also asked about getting the annual membership fee waived too since it was only charged on 9/22 or I can close the account. Again other banks will waive the annual fee but the customer service rep said she doesn’t have the option to waive that or the interest charge. Terrible customer service today. Compared to other banks like Chase the customer service at Capital One is far less superior. I always pay my payments on time and in full and I’m a good customer.

  89. I received an email today saying that my credit limit was being reduced on my card ending in 6440 according to my usage? My credit score is in the Excellent range so I was shocked to receive this email to say the least! I have been using credit cards for 30 years at least and in all those years have never received this kind of email about a “decrease”. Normally my credit card companies want to “increase” my limit!! I have two Capital One cards- I choose to use the one I pay an annual fee for with miles rewards. Therefore, my other 6440 Capital One card is not being used. Why would a company like Capital One that toots it’s horn about being the “bank of the future” lower someone’s credit limit without my request or any good reason? With an EXCELLENT CREDIT SCORE!! It certainly doesn’t hurt the bank to keep a higher limit! However it has the potential to hurt the Clients Debt to credit ratio and therefore credit score! In fact, one tip to increase your credit score is to “increase your credit limit”!! This is very bad customer treatment and causes me to rethink my banking in the future. I even called customer support to reverse credit limit decrease and was told even by senior advisor they could not do it – I would have to go through the entire “increase request process”- really? REALLY??? This is not the way a company like Capital One should treat their loyal customers!!

  90. Manny Parra
    12:59 PM (1 minute ago)
    to [email protected]

    Mr Fairbanks,

    My initial curiosity is whether or not you will actually read this email or if it is just a pacifier and one of your executive assistants will simply reply with a generic apologetic mumble.

    I have been an account holder since 2012, my standings should be high. Though a bit unorthodox in my credit usage, I have never missed a payment, always pay above minimum payment and though I sometimes run my credit up high, I regularly pay off large chunks and on a regular occurrence pay off my balance completely.

    I was remodeling my kitchen recently and wanted to upgrade appliances so I requested a small credit limit increase. I received a letter informing me that I was declined.

    Reason One: “Your average monthly payment has been to low”.

    As Stated, since my account opening, I have always made higher than minimum payments and quite often make large payments as in 1,000’s of dollars. Even full pay offs.

    Is your team not looking at a users profile to recognize my usage patterns to determine that the rejection reasoning, is not applicable in my case?

    Reason Two: “Recent use of this account’s existing credit line has been to high”.

    Once again, if someone has bothered to look at my usage, they should be able to recognize my pattern of high usage but also of substantial payments and periodic pay off to zero balance.

    I would think that a customer like myself would be appreciated, rather than offended. It was a small

    3K increase that was requested, the reasons for rejection should have not even been applicable, if someone had taken the time to review my long term history.

    In closing, I simply wanted to let you know that you are losing a long term customer, I will take my business to someone who will appreciate my usage pattern and responsible nature. Obviously, I will not be closing the account but simply be paying it down to nearly nothing and making minimum payments. In that way I will not lose the credit history.

    You will lose a good consumer and the interest which would have been earned for many years to come.

    Best Regards, Manny Parra


  91. I need to file a complaint. I have had this account for years in good standing the limits are low and my credit score is in the 700s. Every time I ask for a increase I am denied I have been using my card a lot more but the limit is too low. I keep all of my card under 20% to help me maintain excellent credit and you guys have told me because I don’t use my card to the max you won’t give me any more credit. Lets see even if I allowed my card to get to 30% I could not go over a $120 purchase. I am not willing to keep doing that. It is very unfair to ask. here has been plenty of times that I am forced to use another card because the limit will not allow me to purchase. I AM VERY UPSET. THIS IS RIDICULOUS

  92. Please call me back at 281 546 xxxx or email me BHTPOxxxx if I don’t get a response I will call every news channel in Texas. People are standing in long lines all day trying to get service the close at 4pm they start turning people away at 3:25 that is not acceptable

  93. My name is Madisyn Wilson and i have been waiting 14 days for a my check that never arrived. And i was lied to by several call agent supervisors about the process of my check being over nighted…they have sent many emails to escalation and i havent heard any thing from them. Its been 15 days and now my lights are off due to not being able to pay my bills because of this issue. I need some one to help me and tell me whats going on please! 

  94. Approxametly a week ago my credit card, number 4147098773933262 was blocked. I called to find out why and was told there was a suspicious charge of $40.00 and some cents at a bowling alley. I verified that I did indeed make that charge in Piere, SD at sa bowling alley, Actually ther is a bar in the bowling alley and I met my two daughters there for some drinks, I was told that my card ccould not be reinstated nless I sent gave you my drivers licenas numbe. I intiallyrefused as I believe Capital one has sufficient infomation to verify my I.D. I was then told I had to send a copy of my drivers license or personal indentification, front and back. I Then faxed said copy to1 800-211-3169. I subsenquently receive a call stating that the fax I sent was not readable to your personell and that I had to send in another copy through a secure link. I have notice that Capital one is having no problem acceting payment on my account despite all the supposed concern over my Identification. I have been a customer of Capital One since 2015. I have not missed any paymenta and generally pay my bill in full at the end of each month. In other words, I have been a good a resposible customer.I have 380,000 plus points earned over time. I,of course, would like to use those points. I am beginnign to think there si more to this than what meets the eye. I would like some one to explaine to meet why my verification of mi I.D. is such an issue considering all the personal information Capital oe has of me. Ihave been told it is not personal, but rather, a computer has flagedded that charge and there is nothing acutual customer reps can do about it. I would Greatly appreciate a reply.

  95. Seriously! You denied just a credit card request and are offering to refinance my car loan for 9.19%!! Don’t want to check into this and continue to ruin my score that I have worked hard to improve. All I wanted was a good credit card without an annual fee. Thank you.

  96. my name is joszett Whitford I actually have an online account with a 360 Capital One apparently they have put up a hold on my account 3 and 1/2 weeks ago cuz they said some fraudulent stuff they haven’t found anything and they’re still holding my account now I’ve had more money attitude account and I cannot get to it I have been on hold now for 3 and 1/2 weeks I want my money back or I want to know what the hell’s going on with my account this is b******* and then I my name is joszett Whitford I actually have an online account with a 360 Capital One apparently they have put up a hold on my account 3 and 1/2 weeks ago cuz they said some fraudulent stuff they haven’t found anything and they’re still holding my account now I’ve had more money attitude account and I cannot get to it I have been on hold now for 3 and 1/2 weeks I don’t know what you guys intend to do but I wish that you would do something so I can have my money I just had a small loan sent there now I can’t even get the money but I got I don’t know what you guys intend to do but I I have bills to pay and family to feed I am not working right now this is the only money I have they said the coronavirus and hear you guys are keeping me from money that I absolutely have to have to take care of my family I wonder if everybody would like to know how you’re treating your customers during this panoramic

  97. CC Visa 4115 xxxx xxxx xxxx
    12:22 PM
    to Capital

    I have closed this account and want to notify you that I am extremely dissatisfied.
    I opened the account in 2005 and have always enjoyed using your services.
    I accidentally missed a payment in November 2019, called and paid the full balance due.
    I was unaware however that I was hit with a 29.4% penalty interest!!!
    Seriously, after 15 years of being a loyal customer,so I called today and asked whether I could get my previous interest
    I was told that I could not. Wow! Not a very understanding customer representative.
    I would have to be incredibly stupid to use a card with such a high interest rate.
    So I have closed the account.
    Just thought you should know that loyal customers are not treated very well.
    Pavel Joza

  98. We are very disappointed with how capital one had given us the run around and not helped with a overcharge by a merchant. They keep sending form letters and we have spent hours on the phone. We have all the documents but they don’t explain what they want. Shame for not helping

  99. Why has my 0% balance transfer offers stopped coincidentally with the start of the covid-19 pandemic? Right when people need help the most you close the door in their face. I’ve been a loyal, good cardholder for almost 20 years and I find this disappointing as well as outright outrageous. What a crap thing to do.

  100. Not one Notification what so ever on this s 7 day hold for payment to clear bank. Having NO knowledge that the card had a 7 day hold. I used it today. I was so embarrassed I ran it twice Declined. This new world is trying to control all of us. Now Capital One is controlling me. This is not how CSR should conduct business with there customers please responded to this Email
    Sandra Schmidt

  101. We just purchased a car and because covid 19 has affected my job we are trying to see if anything what Capital One is doing for loyal customers. We set up an account and can’t get into the account and there is no one to help this is day 5 one day we were on hold for 4hrs and 30min

  102. I had a credit card with Walmart when they apparently let Capital One purchase/or manage their credit. I always paid my bills in full and monthly. I had never had a Capital One credit card until you sent one to replace the Walmart card. I did not want a Capital One card and I did not activate the card. In the meantime, the last bill I received in a Walmart envelope had a closing date of 10/2/19. If I received additional bills after that date, they must have been in Capital One envelopes. Because of your constant barrage of junk mail from you and over which I have no control, I immediately trash it without reading it. Since I didn’t have a credit card from you, I had no reason to read the same thing you send out two or three times a month. Sometime in early January, I received a notice stating that my account was overdue and in default. As a result I talked with three different Sr. Account Managers, explained my problem and got very little satisfaction. I did not believe You should charge me late fees and interest because Walmart had changed its billing practice and you were apparently sending your bills in an envelop having the Capital One logo. One of your Sr. Account Mgrs. agreed to waive one late fee, but all stated they did not have the authority to make further concessioons. All refused to transfer me to a higher authority. Having become totally frustrated with your people, I finally requested the total amount to satisfy payment of this account in full by 1/28/20. She gave me a figure of $473.45, On 1/23/20 I mailed you a check for $473.45 by certified mail. The post office has verified delivery of this mail to you on 1/20/20; therefore I contend that you have been paid in full and should actually owe me a refund. This has been a very unpleasant experience and I would greatly appreciate your eliminating me from your junk mailing list. My ending account number is 3338.

  103. Your website is terrible. I’ve been trying to bring up my monthly credit card statement, that I have done every month the same way. Now it won’t let me do that. After several phone calls to customer service, & being transferred 4 times, no one could help me. I thought maybe if I made some changes on my account, it would help – but there is no place on your website that will allow me to do that. I’m so frustrated with Capital One, that I am looking elsewhere for credit cards that will give better customer service.

  104. Issue with my cap one credit card unable to talk to any one that can help me,I am also a stock holder and can not believe how one can not connect with any one in your Corp office…do I have to attend your stockholder meeting?

  105. Hello.
    I am a Capital One credit card holder. I have been directed to contact the corporate office by the customer service supervisor in regards to the following issue:
    I have set payment for my account as an automatic withdrawal. Every month, the payment is automatically withdrawn. I’m never late nor have I ever missed a payment and up until September had been making payments greater than the minimum.
    When my bank made my Sept. payment, it was $1 short. The bank paid $60 instead of $61. This set off a whole chain of events that I was not aware of until yesterday, when I received a letter stating that I have missed a payment and now owe a $162 payment by 1-1-2020.
    Alarmed, I called my bank to see why my card payment had not been made and was informed that on 12-2-19 my payment had in fact been made.
    I then called the customer service number at Capitol One and spoke with several agents and a supervisor who explained the $1 difficulty. This resulted in the supervisor only being able to remove one $38 late fee. That however did not help with the majority of this mess and having done all she could, and totally agreeing with and understanding my point, she referred me to the corporate office stating that I could find that contact info on page 223 of the website. Because this was the one of only a few contacts provided, I’m contacting you.
    Here’s what I’m asking for.
    Because all of my payments were made automatically, I was not aware of any problems with my account until I received a non payment letter yesterday. All of the agents and Supervisors I spoke with understood and agreed with my position that the monetary penalty imposed by Capital One far outweighed the missing $1 on my part.
    I have adjusted my method of payment to make sure this never happens again and ask that my account be re-set, without the non payment fines and penalties because in fact, I have always made my payments on time.
    I cannot make $162 payments each month. It is beyond my means.
    I know that when accepting this card, I also accepted the terms of payment. In this instance however, the punishment doesn’t fit the $1 crime.
    I know that profit is always the goal of any business, but I also know this isn’t the way anybody wants to make money. In this case, these fees are exploitative and unfair.
    So, in closing, I ask that you consider the circumstances of this situation and remember that a human woman is having difficulty with this and not just a number on a credit card. I thank you for your time and consideration.
    Vicki Rose
    xxxx Cuerna Verde
    Rye, Co. 8xxxx

  106. I filed a formal complaint and mailed it registered mail on 11/20/2019 and Capital One lost the registered mail according to the post office. I need an email address to send 100 pages of proof that we were in the right on a disputed charge.

  107. Talk about deceptive business practice; check this one out.
    Capital One reduced its rate (either unannounced or clandestinely announced) on 360 Money Market accounts from 1.8% to 1.5%. At the same time, Capital One was introducing 360 Performance Savings ( a money market type account) featuring 1.8% interest. Perfectly legal?
    I don’t know what C Suite genius is responsible for this flim-flam, but I do know that I am withdrawing ALL my deposits from Capital One.

  108. Hi, I have had a BASS Pro shops and Cabelas card for years. With the merge I cancelled my Cabelas card and wanted to raise my credit limit on my BASS Pro shops card. I can’t believe the trouble I have had with this. Does Johnny Morris know about all the credit limit complaints. I’m really close to cancelling my BASS Pro shops credit card. My wife and I bring in $240,000 a year combined. All I want is a $25,000 credit limit. Please let me know what kind of resolution we can come up with.

  109. Capital One Auto Finance
    Corporate Complaint
    I have been made a “ Very Dissatisfied Customer” & I did nothing wrong. NO ONE WILL HEAR ME OUT! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to correct this error which I followed strict protocol to be that customer who has paid 18 months of $625.58 a month direct pay on time without skipping a beat. Now I’m being bear down. Credit score plummeting as we speak. Please help me resolve this NIGHTMARE.
    I am respectfully,

    Vicki Brown

  110. I have been a customer with Capitol One since the early 2000’s. I am struggling financially right now and asked them to lower my payments and interest for six months. Apparently, my hardship doesn’t “qualify”, nor does my being a customer with them for so long matter. Trying to do the right thing and continue to make payments. Called Discover, who I also have a card with and have not been a customer with them as long. Not a problem at all! They cut my payments in half and lowered my interest. Capitol One suggested I go to an outside debt consolation company instead of helping their own customer. WOW!!!

  111. i signed up for your deposit $50,000 in your 360 money market account on June 4, 2019 and spent well over the $500 minimum required. My $50K is still in your bank and I have not received the 50k points bonus on my credit card as of December 3, 2019.

  112. They should hire some more employees for their customer support team. Good company overall, I just found it hard to get through on their customer help phone number.

  113. I want to sent a complaint to the appropiate HQ department. Is the corporate office mail address listed here the correct masil address to post my complaint to? Thank you.

  114. I need to talk to a ceo or someone who cares ive had a card for a week they turned it off and now are saying im fraud so i had to cancel

  115. Worst service ever. If I could relate a -0 I would!! Try to get a name off a title and have them send to the DMV is a joke they have no clue what they are doing and put you on hold for hours and the instructions are on the paperwork from the DMV very clear. 4 months now, I mean really!!! I will be taking my business elsewhere and never again do business with false promises.

  116. Good afternoon,

    I’m reaching out to you due to the incredibly AWFUL service I have received from Capital One. I have been with this bank since I was 14 years old and am sad to say that I’ve never felt so disgusted with the lack of communication and customer service. I haven’t felt heard or understood and truly would never recommend this bank to anyone.

    I had someone break into my vehicle on Thursday 9/26/19 and steal my wallet. I blocked my cards as soon as I realized and contacted Capital One once I finished completing a police report. I spoke to 4 representatives on Thursday 9/26/19 and none of them thought of locking my account even after I reported the situation. I also noticed an attempt to use my cards and a transaction completed after the criminals broke into my vehicle which was also reported and Capital One didn’t even dispute it for me. On Friday 9/27/19 I happened to be checking my email and I got a notification letting me know checks had been cashed (it wasn’t me because I went to the DMV and went to work after that). I immediately called the bank and they said they would get a status update. I’ve gotten one call since the investigation started (which I requested) otherwise I’d be extremely lost. My credit card replacement was never sent because I called days letter and the representative I spoke with Thursday when I reported my missing wallet never did his job. I was being proactive and opened a completely new account because nobody else offered solutions.

    I got a call from Detective Fitzgerald today who attempted to reach out to Capital One so that he could retrieve the evidence the bank has, however, nobody was proactive once again. It’s truly sad that the customer service is this awful. He knows he has to send a supine but can’t write one if he doesn’t even know what details the bank has. The representatives I’ve spoken with all lies to me saying they would help and that’s clearly not the case. Obviously Capital One doesn’t want to cooperate because it will fall back on the bank due to the incompetent staff at not one but TWO branches not to mention the over the phone representatives.

    I hope to hear back soon because this is gotten way too out of hand. If you need to reach me give me a call at (832) 602-xxxx. Thanks!

    Lesly Esquivel

  117. why I can not switch my account to checking I have been trying for over a month my bank close my savings account what is the problem I have to pay my credit cards my bank has sent a letter saying my checking account number is good and my routing number is good what else can I do I am getting very up set with this please help me

  118. anthony sanders says

    October 1, 2019 at 2:44 am

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    To whom it may concern,
    There are three major issues I’ve been dealing with in the past month. Upon applying for my first Capital One credit card, I was quoted being signed up for a six month trial period of secured credit, then would be unsecured if all payments were made on time and the account remain in good standing. I definitely fulfilled my end of the deal by keeping an impeccable record and consistently on time, account with Capital One, so after the six month period, I was expecting my account to be switched to an unsecured one. That was when I found out that a representative gave me false information regarding your policies. When I called in to check on my status, I was told that the deposit was only $150 when it was supposed to be $300 to start with. Even after dealing with numerous hardships with that account, I still remained an outstanding customer, by paying my bills in full and on time consistently, regardless if I had the” extra “money to pay in full or not because I thought by being diligent in keeping my account in good standing, Capital One would follow through on the agreement and upgrade my account. Later that month I FINALLY got the limit changed to $300 that I was initially promised. Now it has been over a year and even after my account has been excellent the entire time, it isn’t unsecured! I even opened up a Capital One bank account online, thinking that would help after the last representative told me I just needed to apply for another card, and she would notate in the computer of my request to get my account “unsecured”. That was when I was issued the quicksilver, but still NOT unsecured. Today, I unsuccessfully tried contacting the banking department numerous times, even talking to managers along the way, I also gave photos of my license, and answered 20 questions about my personal information, only to receive the run around because they didn’t know how to verify me even though I have accounts with BOTH sides of Capital One, who I thought was a corporation (which apparently doesn’t communicate with each other). So that would probably explain some of the issues I’ve been having, because companies that communicate (internally) with each other, generally have better customer service BY FAR, AS A RULE. I was on the phone for a few hours today, just trying to get verification, even after all attempts were exhausted, I gave them more than enough information, still to no avail. I even started offering suggestions to contact the credit card side/ banking side, and vice versa. I cannot afford to spend 5 hours on the phone (on a work day) just to get something done that should’ve only taken 20 minutes max! I’m not sure about you, but there are only 24 hours in my days and I MUST get at least a few hours of sleep so that I am productive at work or all of this will have been done for me just to pass my time. I work TOO hard for my money and I just cannot afford all of that extra time being spent on the phone. Can you please take the time to look into my situation,
    also I want to thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.
    Still respectfully,
    Your outstanding customer, Anthony Dion Sanders
    [email protected]

  119. I have been with Capital One bank since 2013, had car financing prior to joining their “bank” suddenly in the last week their customer service has gone completely out the window. After speaking to a member of management in the Richmon,VA office by the name of Matt (ID#551562) who was a completely condescending, rude, smart ass child I am seriously considering moving all of my accounts away from capital one and their seriously substandard practices. Everyone should run away from capital one asap. Hurry before it’s too late….they are costing me a fortune because of this new issue…such a disappointment and disgrace.

  120. In order to change my phone # & email address there hoops to jump thru with apparent inaccurate information. I was then required to send in a photo of my social security card, both sides of my driver’s license and other personal information. I feel like I have been assaulted and raped. I am terrified that capital one will be hacked again or the secure email address will be compromised.
    But in order to be able to continue to use my card, this was required.
    I am very fearful that I did this. I believe it was a huge mistake that I will eventually pay for in years to come.
    I am very upset with Capitol one. I am not sure I trust them any longer.

  121. Hello my name is Lisa Chong I’m trying to reach you from Toronto ontario Canada. I am also trying to reach jennifer r Jackson I believe I found a contact for her but you should be aware of something please call me at the phone number you have on file. It’s important and I am trying to give you a chance to rectify thos situation on your own before I escalate it. Thank you.

  122. So today I thought I saw everything but I guess I was dead wrong. I needed to order merchandise from a web sight and I was told by the representative that Capital One had declined both my cards with them because my address did not match. So I ended up paying with my Chase card, I called Capital One and found out that the way my address was listed on my account was . The representative saw this and fixed the problem right away then here comes the problem, before she hung up she said “Oh by the way your authorizations will fall off in 3-5 business days” I said what? Then I jumped on line and confirmed it they sure did put (3) Authorizations on my cards. She then said there was nothing they could do so I asked to speak to a Supervisor, one got on the line Rashaw, Sr Account Manager in VA, this was a piece of work argumentative and when I asked to speak to the next level of management because I didn’t feel like I should have to wait since I wasn’t the one who keyed in my address in their system, she told me there was no one. I’m like really you do not have boss that you answer to and she told me NO. Ok so I went online to find a phone # to their corporate offices I found one 703-720-1000, so I thought I got ahold of another Sr Account Manager, Lindsey, FL who got on the phone spouting out apologies and about that’s not the way Capital One wants their customers to feel, that didn’t last long she also started having a attitude into the call then had then had the nerve to tell me no one else ever had any problems with their address format, really then went through my transactions and started telling that I have used my card online before with no problems, yes I have Netflix and Prime they don’t ask for Addr’s to verify your credit account, then said I see you bought gas yeah really they ask for zip codes not full addresses, needless to say I’m extremely frustrated because now we are dodging why I asked to speak to her in the first place so in plain F@!$ing English fix those authorizations this was Capital One’s ignorance on how they input my address in the their system. I should not have to wait 3-5 business days for this to fix it self. I think I will pay off these cards and I just won’t use them. Oh well if they close them fine with me, I don’t feel I can trust them to have my back. Be very weary of them. They DO NOT put customers first!

  123. I get my social security check on the 4th Wednesday of the month. My credit card late date is around the 20th of the month. When I got my card about 5 months ago I requested a change of the due date. I was told the change would be in 2 billing cycles. It never happened and I made 5 calls to get the change done. Capital One
    CS said Cap1 policy prevented them form acting because my bill was past due. Their suggested solution was to pay my bill on the due date which is about a week before I get paid. Now I get a late charge every month. CS says they cannot help me because of company policy. CS promises to change my due date but they ignore my request and blow smoke at me. Capital One corporate officers refuse to release their phone numbers. Their polices discriminate against elderly fixed income people. Capital 1 is an arrogant company with no concern for their customers. I am going to cancel my card asap.

  124. The worst company I have ever dealt with. They posted $535.00 to my account and I had to go through abuse, harassment,from their agents who ask d me to pay it even though I had nothing to do with that charge. I went through long hours on the phone trying to explain and prove that it is not my charge. Every agent & manager I spoke with had a different explanation and sang his or her own tune. They are not on the same page. After 5 months of back & forth, they finally realized that it is a mistake on their part..”Agent miscommunication”…Horrible experience !!!

  125. I can not believe that you can not talk to a manager to get a problem resolved with there on line payment process. I guess I will contact the better business. It seems that this is a way for capital one to make more money off there clients by not processing the payments correctly, so then you are charged a late fee and then they refuse to wave it, even when you have a track record of consistent payments.

  126. SIMPLE…. My wife owed a little over 10,000.00. I make payment the first of this month of 10,000.00 dollars. Get statement, new balance around 240.00.
    Minimum Amount due 148.00. Does anyone there have a calculator there? Or are you trying to rip my wife off.

  127. I am more than unsatisfied with Capital One. With the March 2019 exposure of millions of accounts and we are
    Just now being told. I find that really unacceptable.
    A reputable company would not leave the person hanging
    Out in the wind for that length of time without some kind of acknowledgment of the situation. I’m beyond frustrated and my anxiety is overwhelming . I want some kind of compensation for this nightmare you have put me thru. I’ve had a husband in hospital and now this. I want something done now.

  128. I reveive a capital one solicitation twice a week it needs to Stop I dont CARE to have any business WITH this company. Im also tired of returning your junk mail every week. Remove address 4303 Harvard Detroit MI 48224 2345 asap We have the Dns option on our mail and No solicitation letters have been mailed.

  129. Good evening, my name is Amy White and I am a GM Capital One Card holder. I was recently contacted by your fraud department and was advised that there were some small concerns regarding my Personal GM Capital One Card account. I was asked to send in my ID/DL and SS Card as well as the 5 individuals on my account as authorized users. I provided that information and received another call stating the information was received however, they were not going to restore my account. In fact they decided that they wanted me to provide every individual who’s ever been on my account in the past. I am being told to send the back of my license and each of my current and past authorized user’s cards. My question on that is why and how can you tell who the back of multiple people’s license belong to if they look the same and how does that prove any identity?

    I requested to speak with another Supervisor other than Davone who was being quite arrogant and basically telling me he didn’t care what I asked, how I felt or my concerns didn’t matter and either I provide the information or he will terminate all of my Capital One Accounts. When I asked the representative who claimed to be an Account Manager by the name of Davone why was I being targeted and what were the fraud concerns, he stated he was not going to tell me what they were and he would not be giving me the answer I was looking for. I simply want to know what are the alleged fraud concerns or why am I being targeted since I did not report any fraud or unauthorized transactions on my account. I also want to know how/why my Business account was targeted when the concern was supposed to be with my personal account? Also, want to know why I’m being addressed in a threatening manner and all of my accounts are threatened to be closed when I have not done anything wrong?

  130. Capital One customer service is a JOKE! Opened a new 360 account #5221 which you have refused to transfer funds to complete. Got email from “Anthony” claiming to need more information. I called the provided number but have been on hold for 30 minutes trying to resolve this matter. Clearly Capital One is not SERIOUS about doing competent banking business and has bitten off more than it can chew!! If you cannot contact me with your questions to open this account then just FORGET IT! Lot of other places will gladly and proficiently take my $50,000!
    Raye Lindsey

  131. Adaijah is a supposed manager that does nothing but reads off the screen. Says she has power to release checks but will not do it because she can’t at that time. WTH unprofessional and worse than Wells Fargo or Bank of America

  132. Capital One sent me an email saying I had a credit line increase and I declined. What I called customer service to verify and see I decline the increase, I was told that it will negatively affect my credit score. The customer service agent told me I would have to contact the credit bureaus to talk about my concerns. When I told him I shouldn’t have to jump through hoops and talk to a credit bureau he told me there’s nothing he can do. He was very very unprofessional and unwilling to help in any way shape or form. I told him to cancel my account, and I just cut up my card. If you have any brains in your heads do not I repeat do not get a Capital One card they are scam artists they are con artists stay away from Capital One at all costs like your life depends on it!!!

  133. Ex-Capital One member.
    In May my credit union checking account was hacked and I had to close it. In previous two weeks I had sent 5 payments to Capital one. I pay my balance immediately. All of them were posted on my account. These payments were denied by the credit union. So, Capital One then puts all five payments in my statement as if they all showed up on May 29. When the new account was open, I linked it (June 1) to my Capital One account. I sent money to cover the denied payments plus the balance on the account. I had a $15,000 line of credit, 68,850 miles, all gone when they cancelled my card. I talked with three supervisors and explained what happened. I sent copies of the non-authorized debit ACH statements I filed with my credit union. They would not reopen the account. Took a hit on my credit numbers, dropping 40 points. They said the account was closed because of the denied payments. I pointed out to them that they had violated the terms of service by not contacting me per the Security alerts agreement when the first denial occurred. A service rep (Julia NV035) confirmed there was NO record of any fax, text, or email alerting me to a problem. My profile states that “automatic calls and texts are allowed and provides both my phone number and email address. Had they done what they are contracted to do and notified me, I could have quickly resolved the matter. Had they contacted me the second time it happened, we could have fixed the problem. They didn’t. I’m sending a letter to the CEO, but doubt I’ll get any response. Also sending a copy to the LA Times consumer reporter. As another ex card member said, they do not care about your history with them. Really disappointing no one there could look at the account and see what happened.


  135. My son, Steven Sutcliffe, (111 E. Astor, Colville, WA 99114) who is handicapped, has been trying to close his account for over a year. For some reason, your company has not got their act together to do so until now. Of course, they have now charged him with another annual fee. HE DOES NOT OWE THIS!
    Calls to the 800 numbers are just useless. Runaround after runaround. He is on Social Security Disability. $50 is a lot of money for him especially since he DOES NOT OW IT! Please direct us to someone who can actually do something immediately.

    He has some learning issues and frequently does not understand verbal communications.

  136. Why can’t your Capital One Branch in Mattituck have a driveup since you closed the branches in Southold and most recently the one in Greenport which both had driveups. You can apply to the town to put one in. That Mattituck branch is very busy now that both of the other branches have closed. It is very difficult for the elderly to bank at Capital One Bank now!

  137. When I worked for a bank we had a dress code but when I go into Capital One Branches on Long Island they are dressed in jeans and sloppy clothes and look very unprofessional. What ever happened to looking professional and presentable. Have our standards come down this low?

  138. Capital One’s association with President Trump in today’s press cheapens the relationship the company has with it’s account holders. Surely the company didn’t realize his ilk back on day 1.

    The corporate leaders should apologize and quietly back away. Soon.

  139. Bank card credit building keep paying not able to use the card anymore over $200 limit. I would like to have my money cash send for what, I put in this card not able to spend use for anything. Thanks

  140. My account was hacked. I’m going out of town Monday. How do I get my account credited back the 1800 that’s been taken out immediately?

  141. Company is the second worst credit card company. As they will close your account in the middle of the night with excellent credit scores and no delinquencies without any explanation. They have no long-term loyalty or concept. I never was late or over limit and its been over 13 years with this awful company

  142. I have account with Capitol which I pay off and now they charging 3.49 which they won’t credit..really is pay off never had problem until today and I’m great customer..

  143. Capitol one has closed my account down 4 months ago because I deposited a bad check that I received in a scam but none of the money was touched , I waited to see if it cleared and supposedly it didn’t and it was bad so capitol one closed my account down but to this day I get a monthly statement saying my account is drawing interest off of this supposedly bad check I deposited and capitol one hasn’t refunded or sent me my money I had in the account previous to this bad check and I’ve made calls after calls , kept records of who I’ve spoke to and when and still capitol one says the account is terminated and there isn’t anything they can do for me now even though I question them about my money I had in the account before this so called bad check that 4 months later is still drawing interest in a so called closed down inactive account . I feel like capitol one is doing something illegal here and if they are not they still owe me my money I had besides that bad check that was never touched by anyone , where is my money capitol one ? Why can’t I get a straight answer or speak to anyone from the security team ? I will not rest until I find out why I haven’t got my money before they closed my account down and how is a bad check drawing interest every month in a closed down account but I can’t get my money that is legally mine and I’m starting to think the check was never bad and I’ve been screwed out of every penny I had in my bank account , I will call the bbb and the Virginia dept of justice or who ever I need to speak to in Virginia, the attorney general and I will sue capitol one for wrong doing , for the hard ships they have put me an my family through by illegally keeping my money , I have been directed to people and places just to avoid my questions and to keep my money , it’s like a free cd for capitol one, they are definitely benefiting from the 2400 bucks they have sealed up an unable for me to touch or do anything with

  144. I’ve been a loyal customer for over 10 years and Capital One is my main bank. On February 1st I decided to put down an $2,000 security deposit using an international wire transfer for a destination wedding vacation home. This was my first experience with a wire transfer internationally so I was relying on the bank to take care of it. The bank manager failed to put the account number on the transfer and told me I wouldn’t be able to request any changes until after 8 business days to see if it goes through. On the 9th day February 14th I told them to recall and get my money back, once again it was going to take another 10 business days for them to track it so I couldn’t get the property for my wedding. I’ve been back to the bank several times with the runaround and now they’re saying they need to recall it another time to track it again. Meanwhile I had to find another location for my wedding and this has been a terrible experience. I just want my money back as soon as possible, when a customer goes to the bank they should be able to put trust in the employees to correctly submit paperwork. This is the banks fault but I’m still getting punished and now the branch is saying I might not get my money back at all. If there’s any way for someone to help please do, I’m overly frustrated and ready to take away all my accounts with Capital One.

  145. Capital One withdrew $724.92 from our checking account that I can only assume was for someone’s credit card balance and I have a negative checking acct over $522 now. Apparently it’s going to take up to 10 days to fix the issue… My phone number is 352-470-xxxx and I have no way to pay my mortgage or other bills that are due around the first of March.

  146. I had a car loan I allowed it to get repo because I had co-signed for someone else and took over the car when he stopped paying it I took over made payment arrangements and when I did Capital one knew the problems and allowed for co-signer to move around our plan arrangements and not only did they do the changes causing me financial problems CAPITAL ONE disclosed my bank information to the co-signer digit by digit he showed me the recording. As that was not enough the car was sold and my credit has been damaged and I get a 1099c after I was told that they would not go further charging me because of Capital one mistake they waited statue of limitations to submit a law suit. Now there’s false information in my credit report and causing to damage me over 84 points I don’t want to have to submit a civil matter but I will if I have to for recent damage by Capital one.

  147. My husband has a capital One card .He got a new phone nomber and had it changed and now he can not use it.He sent his drivers license card to identify him and via email. like they told him to do and they still will not take off the restrictions. What the hell is he suppose to do. I would like your help .Please My email is [email protected] Please help

    1. Glad I haven’t, as they demand, sent them a copy of my license to confirm my identity! I know all they need to access my account! They do not need proof of being able to drive

  148. Stop sending junk mail to my deceased husband it is very upsetting me that I had to let my lawyer keep all those junk mails..I call customers service and they supposed to remove his name and address off the mailing lists.Please let my husband rest in peace and let me have peaceful life without seeing his name on the junk mail

  149. I have a small amount of credit $600.00 with you Capital One Card). I have spoke with your customer service about a credit increase many times now. I have been a great customer and have paid everything I owe before time. I have 4 other cards and the smallest limited on them is $3000.00. If you want me to continue to use your card to buy penny candy then by all means refuse me an increase but please tell you employees to quit telling me I am eligible for a damn increase and after I ask you turn me down. I keep your card in hopes of it being worth something but as it goes it seems as though I will be looking into other cards that will love me!!!!!

  150. my account and i have made a payment with a m/o mailed and yet no one can asst me in this matter . I HAVE SPOKE WITH 3 SUPV YET THEY ALL HAVE DIFFERENT ANSWERS NO THING BEING RESOLVED .

  151. My name is Douglas Short I have two Capital one Credit cards. One is a authorized user with my wife and the other is my personal card I use for business. we experienced fraud over six months ago. We contacted capital one they were great they identified the fraud and credited both of my accounts, they also sent a letter saying it was verified fraud and that they will stop any more charges from coming through. Fast forward to yesterday 01/28/2019 and we have another charge on the number five reissued card number. I have gotten no where with the customer service department or the fraud departments speaking with so many managers and customer service agents for hours. Now the last one told me she was going to cancel the authorized user card shared with my wife. Explaining this was the only way to stop this action. She then proceeded to tell me that I could reapply in 6 to 8 months? This is unacceptable! Now after this action she tells me I have to contact master card to tell them to stop pushing the charge through on my credit cards and that this is master cards fault. I told her I have a capital one card which has a master card backing? How is this my responsibility to contact them? After the same result after six months and hours and hours of talking on the phone and having to change my auto pay charges on the cards we use and running around to the storage facilities that store our boats and campers to change the credit card information with them each time they issue a new card to us. now canceling the card all together and telling me I can reapply in six to eight months? Just this morning I went online and explore the option of a class action law suit against Capital one to sue for my time and pain and suffering for the last six months of dealing with the problem. Even though the charges were reversed and I was not responsible for paying those charges. This is my time every month for six months and now a larger inconvenience o both my wife and I by having the card I use canceled. I called Master Card and explained the situation they told me this is a Capital One issued card I would have to deal with them! What would you do!! Feel free to contact me!! I have been a good customer who pay my bills on time. NOT fair Capital ONE I pay you on time and this is the treatment we get.

    1. Douglas, I just read your complaint about Capital One. I have been dealing with a similar situation for the past 3 months and I’m at wits end trying to resolve it. Did you ever get any positive result?
      Peter Johns

  152. On 1-20-19 @ about 1:15 I called to inquiry about the interest that has been charged on my account I spoke with a Michael #M1P802 and Roy#DIT8 both refused to give me the number to Corp saying that they don’t have it which it hard for me to believe that is true. I didn’t like the way I was being treated as a customer. Matter of fact I am a good paying customer and feel like my situations could of been handle more professional that what it was. They both seem to display a nonchalant attitude. I did appreciate the way in which it was handle or the where they conducted themselves

  153. I have problem with your office in Salt Lake City UT. I have a dispute w/Naylor Kitchen. They did awful job. your co. gave us the money twice and took it back.
    I sent all the information that they requested and they said, they didn’t receive it. I sent it again on 12/11/18 cert. and reg mail. cost me $27.45 It arrived 12/12/18 @9:27 a J.Montille signed for it. I spoke to Lakehha ID#IQN496 on 1/7/19 she said, they never received it. They don’t deliver large envelopes I told her who signed for it and she said, someone must of signed it at the Post office and set it aside. This $1767.63. I have talked to many of your managers this time and the last, they won’t accept the fact that this was signed for and it could be sitting in their mail room. I put the same address on that was with the letter they sent us.

  154. The usury level interest rates which they have been charging our company account are extraordinary. Higher than 30 % as a “penalty rate’ as we had a business down turn in late 2017 which slowed our payments to them. They promised multiple times to drop the rate once we were back on track, which we accomplished by march 2018. The corrections have not happened and we cannot get them to make the corrections, costing us hundreds of dollars per month. Their Call Center people pay us lip service and say ” they cannot do anything”. So, consumer beware of “what’s in your wallet, their hands”.

  155. My name is Gregg Foster. I don’t usually write this kind of letter, but I had to have my say about your possible decision to rescind your advertising with Carlton Tucker’s show. I, for the life of me cannot understand why people and company’s like yours would consider such a move. What is wrong with telling the truth? If people don’t think the immigrants are not detrimental to a country, any country, just ask Tijuana, Mexico! They(the immigrants) are absolutely trashing that city!!!! The government in Tijuana wants them gone! If the immigrants want to enter the US, fine and welcome, but when they enter illegally they are committing a felony. What part of that isn’t getting through to people and companies who want EVERYBODY to just , “come on in”. We have laws, and anyone in their right mind knows, a country without borders is not a country. In closing, I urge you to continue advertising on the Tucker Carlson Show. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

  156. I called to “dispute” a charge and get some information. Instead my card was sent to the fraud department and deactivated. I have numerous bills paid automatically by my card. As this happened at the end of November I received notices of cancellation from companies requiring to spend hours on the line correcting this. No one at your company seems to give a damn. All they do is apologize. i want to make sure this NEVER happens again! I want a notification EVERY TIME a charge is submitted on my account. I want you to train you representatives better. I want something to make up for my wasted time!

  157. Dianne from capital one sent to instead of complaint at corporate headquarters. says:

    it took 2 hrs first call and 45 minutes second call and still no one who knew how to do their jog. 678-828-9801. just talked to vrj163 trying to get complaint dept just now she refused

  158. Dianne from capital one sent to instead of complaint at corporate headquarters. says:

    it took 2 hrs first call and 45 minutes second call and still no one who knew how to do their jog. 678-828-9801

  159. I have had such a horrible experience with Capital one . I have several fradulent activitys put on my credit card and everytime i deal t with the fraud department the fraud department never real fixed the issue at hand but always sent out a replacement card that took 7-10 business days . I have a total of 7 cards and the last card capital one gave me the card was already pre-activated and ready for use I thought no credit card company was supposed to do that . And too they capital one has my credit score to become horrible I had to shutdown capital one I have had to many issues and un resolve problems with capital one . And third I never called ask for my credit limit to be increased 3,500 or anything. I wish I never got capital one in the first place I would not recommend this to anyone

  160. The bank is terrible, call centers biggest farce ever, SLEAZY employees and what you call a bank

  161. Capital one notified me re a purchase I did not make.after discussing it with CS was told I must receive the item,and send it back to get a refund.Why?

  162. Today I closed my bank and credit card accounts with your bank. Nobody cared why ?? What a way to not run a business.

  163. I have an issue that needs to be resolved it’s a serious matter and I have a complaint as well

  164. I have been unable to reach some one @ the executive level, 1 hour in w/over a dozen calls.

  165. Mr Fairbank. I have a 750 credit score, I have been a customer of yours for many many years, I have never been late with my payments, and you have raised all of my apr rates for my 3 accounts with you to ridiculous proportions. 25%? When I requested those to be lowered do you know what your “customer service professional” said? “Then close your account”. Really? Im disgusted by your “customer service”. Is this the way you run your business? I own and run a small business. I carry inventory so my credit cards vary depending on the time of year. Right now I have less than 2,000 on my capital one accounts, but that is besides the point. I work very hard to make sure my customer comes first. A lost art in corporate America, and definitely at Capital One. I shouldnt have to pay a 25% apr. Your company offers payment plans, reduced interest rates for people who are late or in default, but for those of us who pay our bills on time, have been long standing customers for over 10 years, you cant even reduce an interest rate to a decent level? Shame on you. I used to enjoy Capital One service when they cared many years ago. Not so much anymore.
    You are the chief executive and this is what is happening under your watch. Good job. Sylvia Davis

  166. Waiting to open an account has taken far too long due to the response to everyone is trying to snatch chairs from a homeless lady that I understand the situation but you’re more concerned about the chairs then getting your customers in and out as well as trying to open accounts there’s already been a few people to walk out this location is on Rankin Road horrible location I will never ever come back to this location again for anything

  167. I need your assistance please. I’m having a extremely difficult time getting a response from Capital One Customer Fraud department. I’ve been a reliable and happy customer of Capital One for decades. Please help me. Thanks

  168. To: Management

    Capital One Bank – Rutherford Branch

    74 Park Ave.

    Rutherford, NJ

    Subject: Complaint about services denies and improper prejudiced behavior.

    RE: Ramon Solis


    Dear Customer Service,

    I was trying to open a new bank account with your bank because I saw only good reviews about

    your Capital One Bank, but I am very disappointed to inform you that my encounter with an individual that represents your branch, who goes by the name of Jeffrey Marsch, was very rude, unwillingness to help and was overall a chaotic experience.

    On Saturday, October 27, 2018, around 12:45 pm, My wife and I walked into the bank to open a Joint 360 Savings account, because of technical issues we were unable to complete the online application and wanted your staff to assist us in finalizing the application.

    We had an argument about using my “residential address vs my Mailing address”, so between phone support and Mr. Jeffrey Marsch we spent over an hour trying to resolve the issue. Then later he suggests filling another application on the iPad with the “residential address”‘

    at that moment I made some comments on how Bank customer services should have direct line support to prioritize and expedite staff member, I also said, quote “That the TD Bank won’t give such a hard time to open a simple saving account” that phrase may have triggered his composure because in a very rude tone he replies that “you are welcome to stop the application and go to any other bank”, that shocked me to hear that from a staff member of your bank and he proceeds to stand up and again in a very rude manner, pulls the IPad from my hands, and ask me to leave from the bank, that was a horrifying impression.

    I am pretty sure that such actions perpetrated by Mr. Marsch do not represent our entity, his rhetoric for being frustrated should be handled differently, I felt discriminated, maybe my ethnic for been Latino, Who Knows?, I have good intention to become one of your royalty customers, but now how we do it?.

    Relationship with Bank is very valuable, costumer deserves attention and gets the sense that a banking experience, must feel a pleasure,

    I will recommend to re-train or PD (Professional Development) for Mr. Marsch, since is obvious the lacking of customer services, consequently he can cost business for you.

    Feel free to contact me at any time.


    Ramon Solis

    Ramon Solis
    Paterson Public Schools
    Department of Technology
    90 Delaware Avenue Paterson, NJ
    Office. (973) 321-xxxx
    Internal Ext. 10964
    Cell. (973) 390-xxxx
    Email: [email protected]

    CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: The contents of this email message and any attachments are intended solely for the addressee(s) and may contain confidential and/or privileged information and may be legally protected from disclosure. If you are not the intended recipient of this message or their agent, or if this message has been addressed to you in error, please immediately alert the sender by reply email and then delete this message and any attachments. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any use, dissemination, copying, or storage of this message or its attachments is strictly prohibited.

  169. I just found out this morning that Cap One closed my account due to two returned payments from my checking account……..which was hacked!!! My checking account got infiltrated about 3 weeks ago so I’m having to catch things as they come in. I have been with Capital One a long time and have never been late, never even been over my credit limit either. I get paid every week so I normally schedule payments every two weeks whether they were due or not. When I called them this morning, I was told that I violated the “rules” of Capital One and thats why they closed my account! I explained to them that I had been a good customer and always paid extra early and she politely told me that it didn’t matter about the payment history!!! Didn’t matter about the payment history????? I thought that was everything to a creditor. So now I am having to send them documented statements from my bank detailing the fraudulent activity and that is the reason my payment was returned. Why would I be worried about a $35 payment to a credit card company when my mortgage and truck note were much bigger and more important??? I totally just did not think about it and now this is where I am. This is going to impact my credit score as an “account closed by grantor.” I actually love my Capital One card and would like to get this matter resolved so I can keep it. Any ideas other than emailing the CEO??

  170. Last month I accidentally made my payment 2 hours late and when I called about having a fee waived they would not help me in any way and even went as far as having a patronizing attitude to me in the process. I pay on time every month and to be 2 hours late one night and have them unable to help me out with the fee is horrific customer service and I am appalled at this behavior. After reading all the other comments here I now understand why. This company is the absolute worst and I want everyone to know.


  172. I paid my account off in Jan. 2018, but they put it on another card number. Know they are saying I owe $946.40 on that card which I never have used, also there was fraud active on a card I never had in the first place.The card was used in Michigan and Missouri at the same time as the one they say I have.So I feel I don’t owe a thing to Capital One at all,

  173. I am a long standing customer of Capital One and now I see that the customer service level is dropping below Bank Of America’s. I have a new credit card that I’m trying to link to my existing accounts for over a week now and Capital One is unable to do that! I cannot believe that they have issued my credit card and now I don’t have online access to it. I’ve been calling and asking for help every day and they cannot resolve the problem. This is breaching their terms and conditions and possibly the consumer’s rights!
    I will try to walk away, close all my cards with them

  174. Recently opened checking, debit, credit card accounts with CapitalOne. Of course, as with all these call centers, incorrect information or NO information is given by your representatives or not provided, very DELIBERATE and DECEPTIVE practices by your representatives, either instructed by your bank or done for their own personal gain. Your bank has already been reported to banking, financial federal agencies in Washington, DC. I would suggest you address these issues or your bank as others I have closed accounts with will loose customers and your huge banking business will go right down the TOILET! As with other banks I have closed accounts with, you are now on a 1-3 month test trial period, if there are any forthcoming issues, glitches, bumps or bruises I will close my accounts and once again report your bank to Federal Agencies in Washington, DC.

  175. I paid off my card balance on Aug 18 when the bill was due Aug 28. A statement come for Sept saying $27 is owed. I called to understand the balance and was told it from my cycle dates and I should have called to get a pay off balance. Pissed doesn’t begin to describe how I feel about this company I’ll have this card for over 10 years and paid it off before and this has never happened why now. I will never use this card again.

    1. I am dealing with the same exact thing right now. Ridiculous. If the CURRENT BALANCE is not the full balance owed they should have somewhere that states to ask for a PAYOFF BALANCE!

  176. I’ve had Capitalone before it Ever was Capitalone . When it was Northfork Bank. I’ve obviously been a loyal client for decades. I’ve been hacked since it became Capitalone but then I just moved to Florida and I’ve been dealing with continuous daily hacking on my 2 credit cards. I’ve spent numerous days, hours, and weeks on the phone with your PATHETIC CUSTOMER SERVICE. I am a very conscious person who checks her balance at least 2-3 times a day. We are now talking $1,000’s of fraud.
    I’ve been left with no choice to try reaching out to Corporate . I am ready to hire an attorney to handle this situation . Never Never will I Ever Recommend this Institution .

  177. Capital One has the worst credit card approval process. I have been waiting for weeks and have gotten no answer about the status of my application. The outsource their approvals to the Philippines. When I spoke to a representative in the Philippines she complained that the system is not working.

  178. Capital One needs to start training their customer service representatives. I spoke with Linda customer ID # JSE203 ( who knows if she even gave me the correct ID since she refused to give it to me to begin with) and she could not answer my question. My question was simple as to why I am I not due for an upgrade on my card when I have been a loyal customer for 4 years? The answer she kept repeating was because her computer said I’m not up for one at this time. After 4 years being a loyal customer I make all my payments on time and all she can tell me is that its because her computer screen says I am not up for one at this time. I deserve a better answer then that. I asked as to why I am not eligible at this time and she did not have an answer? She did not know and didn’t go out of her way to find out as to why. Instead she kept repeating the same thing. I call to get answers and their representatives don’t even have answers because they don’t know? What kind of company hires people that cant help the customer? Isn’t that the whole purpose of “customer service”. And then when I ask for her name and ID number to place a complaint, because after a while she was getting rude and wanted to get rid of me without resolving the problem, she lied about not having an ID Number . Then I made it clear since our conversation is being recorded that I know every representative has an ID number and she cant lie. She then said she did have and ID number. I will place a complain to every site and the credit bureau for Capital One not being on top of the upgrades. (I have an American Express and Citi card and I do not have any problems like I do with Capital one)

  179. Two people behind the counter at 11:30 am on a Saturday morning. AND, now these two must do a scan of all driver’s licenses even for the simplest of transactions. Took 20 minutes to service six people. The height of ridiculous. No respect for the time of any customer.

    And, of course, the website won’t recognize the username and password again. Must verify and reset same to the original which takes another wasted five minutes.

    Finally, this bank will hold a sizable check from today (7/14) until the following Monday (7/24) despite the fact that the check will clear overnight in most cases. Apparently, they think the customer is stupid enough to accept this behavior.

    I’m done with this bank. Mr. Fairbank and Company can keep the $20 accounts. I will go to a bank that respects the account(s) and respects my time.


  181. I am waiting for Capital One to refund the money that was stolen from me when someone took my check out of the mailbox. First they said 24 to 48 hours. That was on 6/18. On the 21st they told me tomorrow, which would have been 6/22. As of today, 6/24 I have not gotten my money back. On top of that, the manager told me she cannot help me anymore because she has to manage two other branches. So, each time I go to the bank I have to deal with someone else and explain my problem from the beginning. I have been a customer for many years, and do not deserve to be treated this way. I am seriously thinking of taking my business elsewhere!

    1. I am so angry with Capitol one auto finance. They set me up with auto pay without my asking for it and so I sent them a check for my payment just like I have been doing for 2years. Then when I looked at my bank account online I saw that they took out 2 payments instead of just the one they were supposed to have done
      So I called them and spoke with a young woman who could barely speak English and barely understand what I was saying. So I called my bank and filed a claim for unauthorized withdrawal from my bank account. My bank credited my account with the funds. Then a week later I was going back to the start of April in my bank account and saw that Capital one auto finance had actually taken out 3 payments. They cashed the check I sent them 2 times ! How could they even do such a thing is BEYOND me! So again I had to call my bank and filed another claim against Capital one auto finance. I have been paying them with a check every month for 2 years and suddenly this crap happens. I would like to know what gives ! I tried to call them and was put on ignore for way too long, so that is why I hung up and called my bank. Too many foreigners who don’t speak good english and barely understand it handling their customers. Why can’t I ever get a person who speaks clear English!

  182. Rep claimed my new Dr/ATM card with the same number was lost via FedEx (which is serious) last week, so they had to issue another card with a new number. Meanwhile, I received the first one after a week. I couldn’t even keep my old number, which would’ve been so much easier for me. So I had to wait additional days to receive the new one but the problem is they froze my current card and I had to take money from the ATM to have with help from Cap One rep which is so inconvenient. So, I was left with no card to use. I was told that I’d definitely receive the card on June 20, 2018 (will update this if I don’t) it seems like many of the reps doesn’t know how to read a FedEx tracking link and I continuously been misinformed about everything concerned with this transaction. Just awful!

  183. I had a problem with using the ATM in May The security was not nice and wouldn’t give her name

  184. Absolutely lousy, inaccurate and deceitful customer service for the last two weeks. My 360 accounts stopped working with Quicken. Cap one said not our job to help. Denied they were migrating from 360, I was the ONLY one with that problem and it was all Quicken’s fault. Today I was told I should never have been on 360 and no, Capital One, was not going to tell customers that they were migrating from 360 and had no responsibility to do do.

    Capital One works great as long as you have no problems. But they will be singularly unhelpful if a customer has problems. Not very customer oriented. Maybe they should try having informed and honest CS reps.

    I don’t have problems like this with USAA, which is totally online like Cap One.

      1. I agree bad customer service bunch of liars and they cash your check and keep your money and will not refund your money back that owed me 2600 I was supposed to receive my money by January 1, still nothing has happened

  185. Pissed off waiting for check to be released held 5 days been with cap1 13 yrs and cashed a checked from same co 1 month ago

  186. I have a serious complaint. I had paid on one of my credit card accounts which is due on the 25th of every month. I had made a payment on the 23rd. I have contacted Capital One over and over all this week to be told that my payment is on hold …why?? The keep telling me that my bank has not release the funds yet. I have called my bank to make sure they have the correct account and routing number and they have verified that they do. I should not take all this time to withdraw the money from my account. Also when I made an extra payment today I was sent an email that if my payments are late again in June they are going to start withdrawing $38. Why did I receive this email I have made my payments on time. Even before they are due. This is ridiculous and no one is giving a good answer on why this is happening.

    1. This company does not care about their customers. I paid 3 accounts in full. They continued to tack on interest on a paid in full account. I called customer service and they claim it was interest from the previous month and were very uncordial. Can’t win. Closing my accounts.

    2. I have been trying and trying to resolve an issue where I got hacked and all that they do is passed me over to the next department. Each department says they can take care of the situation, although I get past to about 6 to 7 different departments. Someone hacked into my account and now it is on restriction. All I want to do is get new cards and have the restriction taken off so I can continue paying my bill and to use my card if needed. They told me that they would give me a call that was yesterday March 13th 2022 today is March 14th 2022 and no phone call. I am terribly upset with the experience I have had with Capital One. They have done nothing but make me feel like I did something wrong when I was the one being hacked and I am the victim of being hacked. This is a terrible company with terrible Representatives and customer service.

    3. The answer is greed !
      The big fish eating up the little fish !
      It’s survival of the fittest!
      But most of all faith in God that help’s you become stronger because faith in God is the only one that matters ok holla

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