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Corporate Address
5500 Wayzata Blvd. Ste. 1600
Minneapolis, MN
Company Contact
Sally Smith
President CEO and Director
Phone Number
(952) 593-9943
Fax Number
(952) 593-9787
Employee Count
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13 Reviews and Complaints for Buffalo Wild Wings Headquarters

  1. I went to BWW in Savoy, Illinois yesterday. Our food was over cooked and I was unable to even chew it. Our waitress was outstanding, as we left I told the manager our waitress was great but our food was awful. He laughed. Very unprofessional and I will not be going back

  2. My wife and I are big fans of Buffalo Wild Wings and always make a point of trying to find a restaurant when visiting USA ( We reside in UK) My wife and I recently visited your Seattle restaurant recently and frankly we were extremely disappointed with the whole experience. Your front of restaurant staff members appeared disinterested, when we asked for a table we were told pick your food off the board (which was on the opposite wall) we asked for a beer with our order and were told there was not a bar staff member working. When we sat at our table waiting for our table buzzer to activate we saw another customer at the bar area being served alcohol. Whilst we fully appreciate the Covid situation surely it would be easy to have paper menus at the tables which could be disposed of after each customer. ( This is now common practice in a lot of UK restaurants. In summing up we felt that the staff at this location did nothing to enhance your reputation.

  3. I am currently at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Duluth, MN. We are the only people in the restaurant. As we entered the hostess helped us and was very kind in sitting about 23 of us. The waitress was extremely rude to us and attempted to sit us 3 to a booth on each side. As adults it was impossible to fit in that area. The waitress was not allowing us to sit in an extra booth even though there is not anyone else her and it is empty. The manager did come out and attempt to smooth it over and take the blame. I have never experienced someone so rude as a person in service. She did not have a name tag so I cannot let you know her name. I can guarantee if she treated us to that degree of disrespect that is not he first time. We were the first customers of the day and there was no reason to have this situation happen. I have never written a bad review in my life so that should tell you how upsetting this situation was. We were about to leave the other 23 people who will probably spend 500+ dollars.

  4. In January 2022 five of us went to BWW, Clermont, Fl. and had a great time with good wings (size & bogo night). I’ve never had an major issues enough to write in 10yrs. Early February 2022 a friend and I had a BOGO (50%) night and wings where normal service good but the expedited food was backwards by 15 min. We recieved wings first appetizers second. Asst. mgr stated short staffed. Last week, again BOGO night, another 5 of us went and were displeased of the size of the wings. They shrunk 50% in the fryer. Not happy. So, you pay 50% on the bogo and get 50% of the normal size, I’ve had in past 10yrs. 3 times you’re out BWW. Let’s see how you do as a large corporation on this. Oh, I forgot to mention I’ve worked 50 yrs in customer service industry including 20 in restaurants bars clubs. Like that means anything these days.

  5. When will the BOGO Free Traditional Tuesday’s Wing Special come back? I understand that wing prices have increased but you could do it for dine-in only and make up the difference with the beverage/alcohol sales that are associated with with wing eating. I use to patronize BWW’s every Tuesday, with friends, where we would also have a few adult beverages and appetizers. Since doing away with the BOGO free traditional wings my friends and I have refused to to go back and have been going to another local sports bar for wings. Please consider bringing the BOGO Traditional Tuesday’s back at least for dine-in only. Thanks, James Lee

  6. Big problems in Hobbs! New Mexico!! I need a Customer Service Rep to call me or email! ASAP! Complete dissatisfied!! Never in 13 years have I had a experience a failure like this. This location should close even if just for a short season due to COVID or ignorance possibly both! Not the standard of this awesome establishment in no way, shape or form! Not acceptable.

  7. The Buffalo Wild Wings in Lake Worth is Petty as $?&@. I ordered a Large Fries and 20 wings to go and when I got home my fries were like rocks. Literally like I could smash them with a hammer and they would go into a million pieces or I could have possibly chipped a tooth that’s how hard they were. I called the store and spoke to a Lady manager, I’m pretty sure was general manager, and she basically said I would have to go back to the store to get a new order of fries. I explained to her that I live 15 miles away and I wasn’t gonna drive $5 in gas to get a new fries and that also fries makes my meal complete when eating wings and these rock solid fries ruined my whole meal for me that day. I even asked her to just put a credit on my phone number for the fries and she wouldn’t do it. She showed no interest in trying to remedy the situation that they clearly created. THEN!!!! I went today and mentioned that last time I ordered they told me I could get a new fries and I ordered them and they STILL CHARGED ME. Since I’m not one of those crazy customers who makes a scene, I just politely paid and left and well, now this is how I’m handling it, with an email cuz this is crazy. The worst part is I never come to this location anymore because I moved to Fort Worth and there is a location right next to my house. BUT GUESS WHAT?!!! I’ve been eating there every other day for four weeks and was just told they shut down the location because of an infestation of RATS!!!! Which makes sense because the customer service at that location (HULEN) is one of the worst in human history so if tenet don’t take care of their customers, I’m sure they don’t take care of their home location as well. You can’t even call many times to place a to go order cuz they don’t answer the phone there. Needless to say, I eat buffalos three times a week but I may very well stop indefinitely cuz of these constant situations. OH, And I own a Valet Company so I think I know a little bit about how customer service should be. I’m just saying.

  8. My food was delivered to the wrong address and the manager at the Schererville store eva told me that was a problem with doordash, postmates or uber eats and offered me no solution. When I said I was calling corporate she hung up on me. This is unacceptable. I will never visit your stores and I am going to social media and will make sure no one I know will visit your locations, p.s my son coaches a baseball team and they will also never visit as well

  9. Ito whom it may consern my name is freddi I was at one of your restaurants on Monday June 28 2021 approximately 5pm around 5:50 I came out to the front to pick up my meds on my way in I was stoped by ur manager noemi and at the point she ask the security to pull me out. I wanted to complain about wat I order and her best option to take care of the problem was kicking me n my family out of the restaurant I would like someone to investigate the problem as soon as possible ur management wasn’t very professional thank you

  10. Buffalo wild wings preaches on how they respect and make sure they do everything they can for there employees and if there is anything they don’t feel comfortable with or dosnt feel right to them that they should speak up. We’ll that’s exactly what I did and I was terminated for it. The respect that train you on is crap and they don’t care. They say this to make you feel safe and secure. Then when something happens they defend there general manager no matter how in the wrong they are. Stop telling employees that there opinions, feeling, and voices matter when they don’t and only thing it will get them is a foot out the door for speaking up on how they feel about something.

  11. My wife and grand son was in the st clair shores michigan restaurant and they ask them to stand back for a minute and made them wait 10 minutes and seated 2 other couples that came in after them they finally seated them and never came back for 40 minutes. They ended up leaving they were the only white people in the restaurant. Including the workers. That is racism and we will let everyone know what Buffalo wild wings is about . Thank you for opening my eyes

  12. Is the customer service phone number the same as the corporate office phone number? I want to contact the customer support department.

  13. Its a problem for me that the company is not open all days in calender year. I know that everyone are entitled to their holidays, but you could atleast have a skeleton customer service phone number that is open on weekends and at all public holidays.

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