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Family Dollar is an American value store chain with more than 8,000 locations in the United States. Family Dollar is owned by Dollar Tree Stores, Inc.

Family Dollar Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

Company Website
Corporate Address
10401 Monroe Rd.
Matthews, NC
Company Contact
Gary M. Philbin
CEO of Family Dollar and Dollar Tree, Inc
Phone Number
(704) 847-6961
Employee Count


What is Family Dollar’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Family Dollar’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-704-847-6961.


What is Family Dollar’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Family Dollar’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-866-377-6420.

What is Family Dollar’s Headquarters Address?

Family Dollar’s Corporate Office Mail Address is:

  • Family Dollar Corporate Office
  • 5448 10301, Monroe Rd, Matthews, NC 28105
  • United States

Family Dollar’s Executive Address is:

  • Executive Offices
  • Post Office Box 1017
  • Charlotte, North Carolina 28201-1017


How do I Contact Family Dollar Customer Support?

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Family Dollar’s Contact Us page can be found here.


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Family Dollar on Twitter: @FamilyDollar

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Family Dollar Headquarters Executive Team.

Family Dollar’s management team consists of:

Gary M. Philbin
President and Chief Operating Officer

Leon Levine
Founder and Chairman Emeritus

Kevin M. Boyanowski
Senior Vice President of Enterprise Strategy and Analytics

Tammy L. DeBoer
Senior Vice President of Merchandising Food

Colin P. McGinnis
Senior Vice President of Store Operations Support

Robert L. Rogers
Senior Vice President of Real Estate

Holly L. Shaskey-Platek
Senior Vice President of Merchandising

James C. Snyder Jr.
Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Barry W. Sullivan
Executive Vice President of Store Operations

R. Jeffrey Thomas
Senior Vice President of Merchandise Operations


Family Dollar Board of Directors.

Leon Levine
Founder and Chairman Emeritus

James Martin Ph.D.

Glenn Eisenberg
Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings

Dale Pond

George Mahoney Jr.

Sharon Decker
SCANA Corporation

Edward Dolby
Family Dollar Stores Inc.

Harvey Morgan
CryoLife, Inc.

Edward Garden
Trian Fund Management, L.P.

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  1. I had another rude experience at family dollar in larose ive lived here all my life never been treated so bad by the work staff this is the 3rd time it happens the manger was right there he was to busy gossiping on his phone to bother but ive learned my lesson i will never go shopping at the larose la. Family dollar again ill go out my wat first its a shame they have good sales but its not worth how they trat u if you have a question about a merchinedise i wont be going back !!!!

  2. was at store# 06691 at 8:00 pm. was waiting in line for the cashier to go out side to get the manger to cancel a transaction of another customer in front of me who changed there mind about some items the manger walked in and rolled her eyes at me like I did something wrong. so I asked her y she was looked at me. it not my stuff. it was another customer. she said in a nasty way I was looking at her. she has a nasty attitude all the time. if she doesn’t want to do her job u all need to find somebody else. I told her I will cuss her xxx out

  3. They are taking money off your net spend card everyone we go up there and put it on it we have our receipts they being doing it for over a year we reload our card by the time we get ready to use our card the money is gone and just put it on it family dollar is the only place we reload but by the time we ready to use it the money is gone the family dollar address is 2045 D L Hollowell PKWY Alt Ga please do somthing stop them or close it down we need our money back you work too hard for your money for them to taking it my number is 678 637 9858 please get back with me or Anthony Moore or Joanne Evans thank you

  4. This complaint is against three of your store managers who work at Store# 07933. On November 19,2018 I shopped in that store. When I entered the store the Manager whose name is Zinna was sitting at the kiosk. When she saw me, she immediately got up and began following me around the store. When she is there she always follow me and tell the employees to follow me. I have heard her tell some of the customers that I must be a thief and they will repeat what she said to them. If I can dress the way I do, I should not be shopping there. She has told other Managers to watch me as I shop. I have been shopping in the store when she and one other Manager have had some of the employees to stand next to me. Zinna has been harassing me for the past approximately 3-4 years. I have gone in that store to shop, and have seen the other Managers and employees following me from the next isle over as I leave the isle in which I was shopping. She has called the Security Guards that were patrolling the neighborhood to the store to watch me as I leave the store. She has had other authority people to watch me if they were in the store. On November19, 2018, I had enough of her and the employees disrespect. I paid for my items and I left the store. After I arrived home I thought of what I should do. The following day I called the store and spoke to the Assistant Manager. She defended Zinna. She told me that Zinna had not worked at that store for a few years. She told me that I was mistaking about Zinna’s behavior. I was getting upset and began to fuss. She hung up on me. A few minutes later I went into the store. I apologized for getting upset with her. She still defended Zinnna. I told her that I wanted to meet with Zinna, a District Manager, and someone from Corporate. I want Zinna to tell me why she does not want me to shop in that store. The Assistant Manager told me to come back around three o’ clock that afternoon, Zinna would be there. The three of us would talk then. She told me that Zinna listens to her. I did not tell her that I would come back. I did not come back. She began telling me about how the store was about to close and that store attracted thieves. I have never stolen or tried to steal any items from the stores. I have previously made complaints to a District Manager. The harassment continues. The same Assistant Manager that I spoke to on November 20, was a Sales Associate and she was aware when Zinna began harassing me. I have shopped at other Family Dollar Stores to avoid having any confrontation with Zinna and the other employees. Zinna and I do not know each other and we do not talk to each other. I would like to know what the solution is to this problem. My money is not appreciated at that store. I am going to continue to shop there when I want to.

  5. Your store in Wausaukee, Wisconsin is a beautiful layout since the remodeling but as the same as the old store it is FREEZING, the temperature in the store is less than desirable and I hate going there because its so cold, it’s hard to look around to see new items because I want to get out as fast as I can. Many people I have spoken to say the very same thing. You need to bring the thermostat down to ground level because hot air rises! This is common sense! Hope to “feel” the changes in the very near future! This also keeps people from wanting to work there as well, this is a fact. Thank you for fixing the problem with the heating and cooling in summer same problem because heat rises and the A/C never stops running! Wasted money fir your company and your customers

  6. i live right around the corner from family doller went to by half gallon of milk no price tag and freezer items sunday morning 9/12/2020

  7. i live right around the corner from family doller went to by half gallon of milk no price tag and freezer items sunday morning 9/12/2020 2901 griffin rd fl

  8. Why can you not carry Cherry Coke Zero in the store in Denmark WI??? I know for a fact if you carried it it would sell….I would buy it every week I hate having to go to Green Bay to purchase it all the time. And the manager there…needs a lil adjustment. You don’t sit at the computer and eat chips when someone is waiting to be checked out. She also talks very loud about other employees and that is very unprofessional. Please carry (12 pack cans) Cherry Coke Zero Please!!!! Thanks (I spend a lot of money in the Denmark store)

  9. hello I am writing due to not yet receiving my w-2 and have contacted management of the store I worked at and never got a response from her. I worked at the silver lake Indiana store my associate id is 2652xxxx I no longer work there but need my w-2 sent or email to me asap I moved from the address I have on fill my address is 800 e 550 n Rochester Indiana 4xxxx or phone number 574-835-xxxx or email [email protected] please cotact me soon or get this sent to the right hands thanks a lot Alicia Norman-Crumley my ss# 3060xxxxx and birthdate 02-06-19xx

  10. On May 17 2020, I went to Family Dollar store and asked them to load 270.00 on my vanilla card. The clerk proceeded to do so, took my money and attempted to load my card. She stated she was having problems with the computer, and asked me to wait while she turned the computer off and then back on. She attempted again and said it loaded. She told me to keep the receipt in case it didnt. I came home and checked it and it was not on there. I went back to family dollar and told them that it did not load. They scanned the receipt to get my money back and it would not let them. They told me to notify my cardholder. I did and was told that it was attempting to load but stopped and went back to store. I went back to family dollar and told them what they said. Family dollar clerk called manager, and she told me she wouldnt be in until the next day. I went back to family dollar the next day and the manager told me she could not give me my money back and I would have to call cooperate office. I tried and was unable to get anyone to answer phone. Even my sister called. We attempted several times and spent a long time on the phone. I have done everything I know to do. I have tried to work with the card company. All I get is the run around from everybody. I am disabled and am on SSI. I have limited income and am very anxious about this. Please help me resolve this. The store number in Okemah, Ok is #7542. My receipt number is 99075420244110183993. Thank you. Bobby

  11. (Store #7107) I had always been treated with the upmost respect at this store. Until recently a new mgr arrived and has ruined my opinion of this stores friendly attitude. I am sad to have to go back to Walmart for ALL my shopping needs after 7 yrs of enjoying this store.

  12. Apparently you do not really care about customers as you make it near impossible to speak to a human; and when that happens, calls are dropped.
    Anyway, are you aware that your stor manager at the mason avenue, daytona beach store has a no mask no entry/service on door? this is certainly illegal and discriminatory in the state of florida. one hopes to get some response after a week of trying email, facebook, twitter, and useless phone calls.

  13. i went to the local Family Dollar to return an item. It had been over a month and I had no receipt. The manager would not take the return. The Family Dollar was # 6060 State Rd 200. I visit this family dollar every week. Without a refund I will never visit this store again. I guess I am not a valued customer. Very disappointed!

  14. I just read family dollars protocol on this cona19 . I live in Gulfport Mississippi and am amazed at the disregard of public care demonstrated by the family dollar on three rivers road in Gulfport Mississippi. The manager had mask down past beard and ther employee had none at all. Customers without mask etc. Am im safe there ?

  15. when are you going to give our pop bottle deposit back? I have 7 bags of bottles. At 10 cents a bottle you must be making some money. Remember yours isn’t the only dollar store.

  16. Your staff in the Dubois, WY store are NOT wearing masks, nor are they enforcing customer masks. We have a mask mandate in Wyoming and you’ve already had a very public Covid outbreak at that Family Dollar. I’m FED UP with your irresponsibility. This is my second complaint in as many months.

  17. I will never go back to Family Dollar Store in Selma Alabama.Cashier let us in store.Victor didn’t have mask on was staying clear of everybody.Crushed sinuses.Waited for us to leave informed us she couldn’t check us out.He didn’t have a mask on.I had a mask on.Never had this problem before.When you get smart with customers.Yiu lose business.By constitutional law you can’t force somebody to wear mask..
    Christine Day

  18. I conducted a fire and life safety inspection at Family Dollar #981, Hawthorne, Fl. I need the follow info in order to email a copy of the inspection report.
    I need a contact name, phone number, email address, and the billing address for this location.

  19. I live in Questa New Mexico..the Family Dollar store here is shameful..fithy sheves floors product all over, no facing boxes always in isles not on shelves today i counted 5 employees at around 4 pm and nothing getting done..who is in charge…i have beem in retail for 20yrs and never seen such a thing..yvonnexxxx

  20. I am writing to complain about the snow removal at the family dollar store at 225 west main westfield pa 16950 sidewalks are never cleaned and that puts older people in danger as they have to walk in the street. I am told Andrew Hummel is responsible for snow removal but refuses to do the sidewalk.

  21. I was asked for my birth date when I bought a small tube of super glue. I am 68.
    I was asked for my birth date and when I said “no” THEN the cashier said I can’t sell you the glue w/o your birth date. I gave in. Because she was so curt I didn’t ask anything else.
    Why the need for birth date when buying such small amount of glue???
    This store is located in Sun City, AZ
    99th Ave & Thunderbird.

  22. There is an older woman in her late sixties with short gray hair t hff st works at the Woods Cross Store in Utah that doesnt wear a mask at all! There is a mandate to wear them in this state. I find it ironic that I heard her tell the woman in front of me that she had a doctors note saying she doesnt have to wear one yet right after she checked me out she hollered at another employee that she was going outside to smoke…
    If she can smoke she can wear a mask!!!!

  23. Store # 12487, located in Camp Spring, MD. I have a complaint about the line was long and only one register was open and the manager ( I think) was outside talking to someone outside. The person on the register had to ask the customer to step outside to get the manager for help and she went back outside to talk with the same person. There where no carts except two. We had to carry the items in our hands. I dont know if this is your rules and regulations to your store but please show your customers with respectable service. Thank you

  24. I was at the following store at 11:45 am on 2/22/2021. Store # 08552, 7277 Turfway Road, Florence , Ky. 41042. The cashier was not wearing a mask and was not behind the cashier “plastic shield” when I first approached the sales counter. Even with a shield, droplets can escape and hover infecting your patrons! The other store empolyee was close by, in the store stocking items while NOT wearing a mask. This tells me that: Family Dollar does NOT follow guidelines and does not care about the health of it’s customers. There IS STILL a deadly pandemic. WAKE UP Family Dollar!

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