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Company Website
Corporate Address
122 5th Avenue #2
New York, NY
Company Contact
William Lynch
Phone Number
(212) 633-3300
Fax Number
(212) 675-0413
Employee Count
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4 Reviews and Complaints for Barnes & Noble Headquarters

  1. How to contact the company head office If I don’t have a cell phone? I will like to submit a complaint online by my email address, or an online form if possible. thank you.

  2. As an employee, I would like to say that it is generally a good company to work for. I wish there would be an easy way to see my opcoming schedule online though or a way to contact Human Resources through an app for example out of hours.

  3. I visited Barnes and Noble on Hazard Ave. in Enfield CT today. As an able bodied person, I had GREAT difficulty opening the front door. When I complained at checkout, I was told many people complain, the employees complain and nothing is done. I am surprised that with laws and rules governing equal access that this continues.

  4. Visited your store at Cherry Vale Mall in Rockford, Illinois. No help available to ask any questions. Found what we needed on our own. Finally found customer service desk-husband wanted to pay for book with cash-oh, no, had to use credit card. Check out lane clear at the front of the store. Only one clerk available. My husband has COPD and not able to walk long distances without difficulty breathing. This whole experience was disgusting. Why was no help available to assist us and then no help to check us out. We will not be doing business with you anymore. No wonder the reviews of your service/store are so bad!

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