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Corporate Address
1455 Market St #400,
San Francisco, CA 94103,
Company Contact
Dara Khosrowshahi
CEO of Uber
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What is Uber’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Uber’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-415-986-2104 or 1-866-576-1039.


What is Uber’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Uber’s Customer Tech Support phone number is: 1-866-576-1039.

There is no official Uber customer service phone number. Customers must handle issues and problems at help.uber.com or through the Uber app. There is a ‘critical safety response line’ phone number buried inside the Uber app, for emergencies only. The number for emergencies is: 1-800-353-8237 or 800-353-UBER.

How do I Contact Uber Customer Support?

Call the numbers above or contact Uber via:

The @Uber_support Twitter handle can be reached for Uber Support.

Uber’s Contact Us Help page can be found here.

Uber’s customer service Email Address is: [email protected]

Contact Uber on Social Media:

Uber support on Twitter: @uber_support

Uber on Facebook: www.facebook.com/uber

Uber Headquarters Executive Team.

Uber’s Leadership Team consists of:

Dara Khosrowshahi
Chief Executive Officer

Barney Harford
Chief Operating Officer

Tony West
Chief Legal Officer

Liane Hornsey
Chief Human Resources Officer

Jason Droege
Vice President UberEverything

Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty
Vice President & Regional General Manager of Europe, Middle East and Africa

Prabir Adarkar
Vice President Finance

Rachel Holt
Vice President & Regional General Manager of US & Canada

Andrew Macdonald
Vice President & Regional General Manager of Asia Pacific, India, and Latin America

Thuan Pham
Chief Technology Officer

Jill Hazelbaker
Senior Vice President, Communications and Public Policy

Eric Meyhofer
Head of Advanced Technologies Group

Manik Gupta
Head of Product

Uber Board of Directors.

John Thain – Former Chairman and CEO CIT Group

Ursula Burns – Chairman VEON

Dara Khosrowshahi – CEO of Uber

Wan Ling Martello – Executive Vice President at Nestle

Yasir Al Rumayyan – Managing DirectorSaudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund

Matt Cohler – General PartnerBenchmark Capital

David Trujillo – Partner TPG Capital

Ryan Graves – Former SVP Global Operations of Uber

Arianna Huffington – Founder and CEOof Thrive Global

Travis Kalanick – Founder and Former CEO of Uber

Garrett Camp –  Co-founder and Chairman of Uber

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  1. Yes hi my name is Joel Alvarado and I have been waiting for almost 2 hours a Uber driver to get here and I lost my job for waiting who can speak to about this matter and would like a refund

  2. Hello I have contacted Uber 22 times since September 10, 2019 today I was left with no choice except to contact the BBB. I have submitted copies of my bank statements I have talked to numerous representatives with no resolution September 10 I cashed out instant pay $58.11 September 15 $59.33 both payments are missing I have not gotten any answers except for there is system issuesAnd they have contacted their IT team in reference to this no one has reached out to me all representatives are giving me the same answers I call every single day sometimes twice a day my money is very important to me because I am a single mother drive for Lyft as well whom has paid me with no issues. Before I drive for your company I take note to how my vehicle looks inside and outside meaning I get car washes and interior cleaning done I make sure that my gas tank is full I also go with so far is to make sure there is bottled water and snacks for the customers. I have unlimited carwashes and unlimited interiors which I pay for every month out of my bank account which totals to about $60 a month. Those particular days that I drove for you guys I was really expecting that money because funds were low for me this month I need answers as to where my money is I completed my job as the driver and made sure all of the clients made it home safely September 10 was a big day in Buffalo it was the Chris Brown concert which means that people were intoxicated and I got everyone home as promised safe and with the best customer service.

  3. I want to sent a complaint to the appropiate HQ department. Is the corporate office mail address listed here the correct masil address to post my complaint to? Thank you.

  4. I got 3 different charges on my credit card from something call
    Uber Trip help.uber.com ca
    There is no uber in Canada. I cannot reach a customer service to dispute these charges. How do I contact Uber to dispute these charges?
    Please advise.
    Thank you.

  5. Hello,I was permanently blocked as a uber driver over two years ago due to high cancellation,please up to now av learned my lesson and I just humbly request you to help me atleast to come online as a driver and I won’t do again the same coz even I was amongst those drivers who joined uber in kenya especially those days there was resistance from the regular taxis and we went difficult times coz I loved to work with uber

  6. Hello my name is Jason LaPuma. I have been driving for Ubereats for about 8 months. Up to now I felt you guys were the best driver app out there. Three weeks ago I stopped getting paid for my surges. I have 6 times over the last 3 weeks. Each time the person on the phone tells some different reason why my last trip didn’t qualify for surge pay. So then I called the next time I got a surge and had the lady verify this trip was qualified and then verify that I didn’t get my surge pay. She couldn’t tell me why said he supervisor would call me the next day. Of course they didn’t call. So I waited a few days and called again. This lady also said her supervisor would call me the next day/ Again I got no call. So I wait a few more days and I call again. This time I refuse to let the lady tell me her supervisor would call. She promises he will. Again no call. So I call 3 times today. Each person giving me the same story. Surprisingly a supervisor does call me back to tell surges aren’t getting paid all over due to an issue on Uber’s end, but can’t tell me if I’ll get the money owed to me or not or even when the problem may be fixed. So I ask for her supervisor’s information but she refused to give it to me and hung up. Who can I talk to to make sure I get paid what Uber said they were going to pay me?

  7. I’m not getting paid for surges. Took 3 weeks to hear from a supervisor, only for her to tell me that it’s happening to lots of driver’s but had no idea if we will get paid what we are owed or when the problem will be fixed. I need to make sure Uber is paying what they promise when i accept the order. Who can I talk to about this that actually knows something helpful?

  8. Hi,my name’s Ahmed Ahmed,my phone # 347400xxxx.
    I’m driving for Uber for 3 years in NYC, lately I’ve been 3 weeks didn’t cash out. I contacted uber support on the phone for several hours and through messages but always same phrases no change “ someone is gonna contact with you within two business days!! Nobody could solve my issue. Please take this as a complaint against uber support team who did nothing to solve my issue. Please make sure I get paid especially I’ve followed all steps they asked me to do.

  9. Hello my name is Michael Smith 8599626xxx is old number new number is 8599623xxx, 1 issue / 2 issue three months now I’ve been trying to get approved by your app for delivery driver for uber eats. I’ve emailed bought a new id and still can’t get approved. Customer service is horrible. Please fix these issues. Call me asap

  10. On October 25th in Washington DC our friends got an Uber and give us a ride to Courtyard Marriott Foggy bottom hotel. My husband left his cell phone in the car and the Chinese Uber driver who didn’t know very much English brought it back but we didn’t give him a tip. And we want to give him a big tip. How can we do it. And also on October 26th my husband Ken Keener got an Uber driver and we did not give him a tip. And we want to give him a tip. It was a very nice car and he wore a suit and picked us up at Courtyard Marriott Foggy bottom. How can we give him a tip? Please call or text me 77049 0 xxxx

  11. Dear Barney Harford my daughter is battling breast cancer. I have been sending lunch at least five days per week as they live two hours from me. Feeding them has not been easy as I often forego groceries I could use but I worry more about her and my grandsons. Today I maxed out my credit card and I will not get my retirement check until December 3rd. Can you please help with a credit donation to help them? Any and all help will be appreciated. Thank you Desperate mother/grandma

  12. Almost a month I am keep taking with customer service representative for referral issue I have. Looks like no one care. I referred a friend. He signed up with my referral link. But for unfortunate reasons I don’t see him under my referral.

  13. Dear sir,

    I decided to reach out to you for help as Uber support is not allowing me to explain my story.

    I woke up today to see an email that am suspended from Uber eat delivery. Reason given was that my last deliveries were late.
    I made only 3 deliveries yesterday and the 3 deliveries were delivered to customers’ homes with no house number. So, when I got there, I will move to houses around to figure out the exact house number in the addresses. In some, I called the customers and wait for the customers to come out. In other, I sent text messages to ensure I deliver to the right person. My efforts were to ensure I deliver to the right customers. Delivering to wrong customers would have more punitive effect on me. You can cross check my calls and text messages to the customers yesterday. All these add to time delay and put me in bad light. There are also traffics and red light stops during busy time.

    Therefore, I passionately make a plea of request to review the penalty on me and allow me to continue doing Uber eat deliveries . I promise to keep working diligently and professionally to ensure fast deliveries to the customers.

    Thank you.
    Evaristus Ezema

  14. Sr:
    Me voy a dirigir a Ud en Español porque aunque hablo medianamente bien en Inglés y también entiendo, no domino la gramática.
    Me dirijo a Ud porque ya no tengo manera de resolver el problema con los sitios de ayuda de Uber.He hablado por teléfono con 3 agentes diferentes,he mandado varios mensaje a través de la aplicación pero parece que no hay manera que me entiendan, creo que leen mi inquietud y la respuesta me la da un robot que tiene el mismo libreto para todo tipo de pregunta.
    El problema es que el 30 de Oct fui a abrir mi aplicación y no me lo permitieron hasta que no diera mi consentimiento para un Background Check.Di mi consentimiento,pasaron los dias y al continuar desactivada mi aplicación, llamé, un agente de la Compañía me dijo que efectivamente,que mi consentimiento lo tenían y que todo estaba bien,que esperara de 3 a 5 días para recibir la autorización.Siguieron pasando los días y volví a llamar, la misma historia, todo está esta bien, espere de 3 a 5 días que voy a hacer el “escalation”.Pasan los días,reviso la aplicación y entonces me envían otro consentimiento para que yo lo autorice.Doy mi autorización otra vez.Pasan los días, mando mensajes preguntando qué está pasando que esto ya es demasiado…..respuesta.”Nuestra política de seguridad requiere un consentimiento para un Background Check”.
    Siempre la misma respuesta a más de 3 diferentes correos míos explicándole esta misma situación explicándole lo mismo que le estoy narrando a Ud. Incluso les decia”denle respuesta lógicas a mis preguntas,díganme, Sr. nos equvocamos, no lo recibimos, etc, etc.
    Ahora el problema es que aunque quiera dar mi consentimiento por tercera vez la aplicación no me lo
    permite…..entonces me pregunto.¿Que hago?..Mi aplicación está hace más de un mes desactivada y aunque fui ayer miercoles a la Oficina de Uber en el Condado Miami Dade en Miami Florida, tampoco pude resolver nada porque estaba cerrada.
    He trabajado con UBER desde el 15 de Agosto de 2015 hasta el 25 de Marzo del 2020 todos los días, ininterrumpidamente.Paré en esa fecha por motivos de la Pandemia debido a mi edad,pero ya la vacuna está por llegar y yo necesito estar listo para comenzar.
    Para su conocimiento, tengo más de 7,000 viajes y tengo un rating de 4.98,además de cientos de comentarios positivos de los clientes.He hecho bien mi trabajado y creo que merezco que se me atienda como corresponde.
    Agradeciendo su atención y esperando su respuesta.
    Queda de Ud.
    Gervasio González.

  15. Please, please change your commercials in the D.C. area. They start with a doorbell and it makes my dogs go nuts. I can’t tell you how upsets commercials with door bells are to family homes with dogs. The dogs bark, the babies wake, the elderly or woken, there’s yelling. It’s not fun. The only impact your commercials make are, I mute them or I cuss them. Neither makes me want to use your service and leaves a bad taste in my mouth (pun intended). We can’t be the only household. The doorbell is just not needed.

  16. I see you advertising only supporting the black small business community. We all, as Americans, and small business owners, could use support in such a time of need. Especially, when it was the BLM community and supporters burning such buisnesses down and crippling many communities. I will not support a company who believes in supporting racism and segregation of AMERICANS! I will no longer utilize any of your services, and will vocalize my opinion on this matter thru my social media.

  17. I referred my son too do ubereats. Their are so many drivers for ubereats that don’t carry a hotbag too keep the customers food at least warm. I have been doing deliveries since 1990. I’m an Army Veteran and I have noticed alot of the delivery drivers don’t pay attention too detail. My son is a good young man. 20 years old and wants so much too delivery with Ubereats and has 2 hotbags and he does pay attention too detail. Sincerely, Danny Harrison

  18. December 18, 2020

    Hello Dara Khosrowshahi,

    My UberBlack account was deactivated in 2012 by David and Joshua one of the managers located at Vermont location in San Francisco (of course office closed long time ago). The reason I went to the office that day was the discrepancy in some of the toll fees that needed the adjustments and reimbursement. One of the agents could not help me and told me she will ask her manager to help. From a first moment David was rude and told me that it is not a big deal for me to lose few dollars, he has no time for this. I told David that this is unacceptable and asked his name and title and asked for his superior. Then David immediately accused me making threats and insulting him, which is not true! I was escorted out from the office by confused security guard (he was confused as I was, because there was nothing for me to be escorted out for). Joshua another manager went outside with me and told me that David is mad at me (so this is how I know that manager’s name) and does not want to talk to me and I just have to wait for few weeks for him to cool off. So same day my account was deactivated and my name and SSN banned and red flagged! I went to Corp office on Market Street and talked to a representative Daniel (don’t know if he still there or not). He activated my account, adjusted reimbursement, but later my vehicle was removed for being too old (which it was not) from the platform and I could not replace it with a new one, because when I came to the office same manager and his coworkers just saw me and immediately deactivated my UberBlack account and banned me from new office in Daly City! I tried to locate Daniel again, but was banned from Corp office as well (messaged from Daly City office about me as I life threat)! Ridiculous! Worst years of my life 2012-2013! Despite the fact that David made up stories that I threatened him, I lost my business, income and became depressed. Few years later I tried to activate UberBlack again, but UberSF stopped accepting UberBlack accounts. Luckily, I activated UberX/Select account and found my second old UberBlack account and tried to activate it at San Jose office with Rey on December 17, 2020. However, I am having problems managing my profile/account. There is error on the page (WebRpcAtreyu seed failed: Cannot read property ‘territoryUuid’ of null) and I cannot “go” on the phone app although my UberBlack account active and all documents submitted and vehicle ready to go. I believe that this is a remaining issue that somehow that manager (his real name David or not) ruined everything, because of his bad mood that day, years ago, which keep causing me problems today!
    I am asking you, please, fix this. Let me use my Uberblack account and manage it (add drivers, vehicles, etc.) run my business, make money and enjoy my life. I believe it is NOT fair and that I am suffering for nothing and for too long, for many years already! Please help me.


    Alex Vayner
    (415) 846-xxxx
    alvalixxxxx @gmail.com
    xxx Arballo Drive 7H
    San Francisco, CA 94132

  19. I renewed my license and I uploaded my temporary license copy with the old license. My document was rejected because of missing information on the temporary license copy which is supported by the old license copy with my picture. The temporary license copy is not an ID, it’s a renewal receipt to keep along with the old license to validate the renewal. All missing information about the driver is provided by the old license copy. Please I want this issue be solved ASAP to be able to receive trips. Clidner Joseph- 347876xxxx. Thank you

  20. Hello, I drive in Upstate NY, have been active most of the pandemic mostly driving essential workers. I am over 60 and am curious where we fall in line as far as vaccine for Covid?

  21. Yes my name is Joanna I ordered food last Friday my original bill was $51. Until Saturday morning I noticed they took out a Subtotal Charge extra on me for 19.05. I’ve been emailing them Every day and I get a lame excuse all the time. Now I want my entire money back and I’ve called every number out there for corporate on Uber and of course nothing! I’m pissed and I’m calling my local news channel reporting this

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