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Uber Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

Company Website
Corporate Address
1455 Market St #400,
San Francisco, CA 94103,
Company Contact
Dara Khosrowshahi
CEO of Uber
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What is Uber’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Uber’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-415-986-2104 or 1-866-576-1039.


What is Uber’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Uber’s Customer Tech Support phone number is: 1-866-576-1039.

There is no official Uber customer service phone number. Customers must handle issues and problems at help.uber.com or through the Uber app. There is a ‘critical safety response line’ phone number buried inside the Uber app, for emergencies only. The number for emergencies is: 1-800-353-8237 or 800-353-UBER.

How do I Contact Uber Customer Support?

Call the numbers above or contact Uber via:

The @Uber_support Twitter handle can be reached for Uber Support.

Uber’s Contact Us Help page can be found here.

Uber’s customer service Email Address is: [email protected]

Contact Uber on Social Media:

Uber support on Twitter: @uber_support

Uber on Facebook: www.facebook.com/uber

Uber Headquarters Executive Team.

Uber’s Leadership Team consists of:

Dara Khosrowshahi
Chief Executive Officer

Barney Harford
Chief Operating Officer

Tony West
Chief Legal Officer

Liane Hornsey
Chief Human Resources Officer

Jason Droege
Vice President UberEverything

Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty
Vice President & Regional General Manager of Europe, Middle East and Africa

Prabir Adarkar
Vice President Finance

Rachel Holt
Vice President & Regional General Manager of US & Canada

Andrew Macdonald
Vice President & Regional General Manager of Asia Pacific, India, and Latin America

Thuan Pham
Chief Technology Officer

Jill Hazelbaker
Senior Vice President, Communications and Public Policy

Eric Meyhofer
Head of Advanced Technologies Group

Manik Gupta
Head of Product

Uber Board of Directors.

John Thain – Former Chairman and CEO CIT Group

Ursula Burns – Chairman VEON

Dara Khosrowshahi – CEO of Uber

Wan Ling Martello – Executive Vice President at Nestle

Yasir Al Rumayyan – Managing DirectorSaudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund

Matt Cohler – General PartnerBenchmark Capital

David Trujillo – Partner TPG Capital

Ryan Graves – Former SVP Global Operations of Uber

Arianna Huffington – Founder and CEOof Thrive Global

Travis Kalanick – Founder and Former CEO of Uber

Garrett Camp –  Co-founder and Chairman of Uber

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  1. Yes hi my name is Joel Alvarado and I have been waiting for almost 2 hours a Uber driver to get here and I lost my job for waiting who can speak to about this matter and would like a refund

    1. Don’t hold your breath, Uber does not care and will probably never get back to you or anyone else who has issues with Uber. They are only interested in billing riders and mistreating drivers…shame on Uber!!!!They should be banned from the USA…they are not an American company!!!

      Awful customer service, non-existent help or service….the worst company in the country!

        1. Yes they are. I sent some paperwork to them August 27, 2027 California. I just got it back saying it’s the Wrong Address.. on Oct.1, 2021. They over charged me for a ride. Put an different address on the bill so it can charge more money. I have all my paperwork. But they definitely don’t care. I won’t ride again with this Company.

      1. I 100% agree. UBER is officially the worst company to work for hence all the lawsuits that are out on UBER!!!
        Im looking into getting my law suit in and so should you.

      2. Its been 3 weeks and uber owes me 1600 dollars and nobody has been able to help me . I agree with you.

        1. They owe me $725 for promotion they had and they’re telling me because I didn’t complete the whole hundred trips that I don’t get any of the money which is BS if you read the promotion and they keep hanging up on me every time I call

          1. totally agree uber is a terrible company i have been charged twice and they say its a hold i called the bank it went threw it is not a hold. yesterday i missed my flight because no driver showed up and i gave them 3 days notice to take me tothe airport.

      3. Totally agree
        We should buy them together and just totally stop using them all they’re doing is charging us money whether or not we’re taking rides or not or even if the driver is misleading you

      4. We were All making a great living at $2 a mile, uber took over the world,we were happy,they were happy & our customers loved us…Then they got billionaire greedy & forced us to drive for .75 cents a mile!!🙄🙈🤯🤮 WTF i guarantee if these were uber vehicles that would NEVER happen!! So many people lost their livelihood, their lives, i am homeless living in the expensive car i HAD to buy to work for these cheap ass s!!!🙄🙈🤯🤮😢😪thanks uber…🤮

      5. You are right Uber doesn’t give about the driver. I had been denied even thought the checkr background is clear and they don’t care if this is your only job. My father of my kid’s just die and only got Uber to bring food to my kids., UBER DONT GIVE ABOUT DRIVERS

      6. I had Uber pass and I didn’t order it they have been getting me for 4 months and changed me $13.42 ,9.99 ,9.99 ,9.99 -43.39 and I want it back or I will be talking to a lawyer and put it out to all I can send it to my number is 623-418-xxxx

      7. I agree, I live in Arizona and have been locked out of my account because they are requiring me to take a California safety course…huh? no help, trying for weeks, today over 10 hrs, nothing. I think after 5 years Im switching to lift

      8. Bravo!! They couldn’t care less about drivers. Their navigation is crap. And their response was, you can use Ways or Google maps. Also how about having people in the US to answer calls? I’m sick and tired of those in the Philippines, Columbia and India All they do is talk in company speak. They can’t answer a question directly. Oh and “this call is being recorded for quality and training purposes”. Right. Ever hear back from anyone? No way.

      9. Uber has deactivating my account for fraud when they messed up by duplicating my car now they wont delete my account with all of my personal legal info on it. And get this. They changed my password to make it look like they deleted it. They are with holding all of my legal documents for no reason. Might have get legal matters involved.

  2. Hello I have contacted Uber 22 times since September 10, 2019 today I was left with no choice except to contact the BBB. I have submitted copies of my bank statements I have talked to numerous representatives with no resolution September 10 I cashed out instant pay $58.11 September 15 $59.33 both payments are missing I have not gotten any answers except for there is system issuesAnd they have contacted their IT team in reference to this no one has reached out to me all representatives are giving me the same answers I call every single day sometimes twice a day my money is very important to me because I am a single mother drive for Lyft as well whom has paid me with no issues. Before I drive for your company I take note to how my vehicle looks inside and outside meaning I get car washes and interior cleaning done I make sure that my gas tank is full I also go with so far is to make sure there is bottled water and snacks for the customers. I have unlimited carwashes and unlimited interiors which I pay for every month out of my bank account which totals to about $60 a month. Those particular days that I drove for you guys I was really expecting that money because funds were low for me this month I need answers as to where my money is I completed my job as the driver and made sure all of the clients made it home safely September 10 was a big day in Buffalo it was the Chris Brown concert which means that people were intoxicated and I got everyone home as promised safe and with the best customer service.

  3. I want to sent a complaint to the appropiate HQ department. Is the corporate office mail address listed here the correct masil address to post my complaint to? Thank you.

  4. I got 3 different charges on my credit card from something call
    Uber Trip help.uber.com ca
    There is no uber in Canada. I cannot reach a customer service to dispute these charges. How do I contact Uber to dispute these charges?
    Please advise.
    Thank you.

    1. Dispute on your credit card, I couldn’t reach anyone in uber, but I stop pymt on my credit card.

  5. Hello,I was permanently blocked as a uber driver over two years ago due to high cancellation,please up to now av learned my lesson and I just humbly request you to help me atleast to come online as a driver and I won’t do again the same coz even I was amongst those drivers who joined uber in kenya especially those days there was resistance from the regular taxis and we went difficult times coz I loved to work with uber

  6. Hello my name is Jason LaPuma. I have been driving for Ubereats for about 8 months. Up to now I felt you guys were the best driver app out there. Three weeks ago I stopped getting paid for my surges. I have 6 times over the last 3 weeks. Each time the person on the phone tells some different reason why my last trip didn’t qualify for surge pay. So then I called the next time I got a surge and had the lady verify this trip was qualified and then verify that I didn’t get my surge pay. She couldn’t tell me why said he supervisor would call me the next day. Of course they didn’t call. So I waited a few days and called again. This lady also said her supervisor would call me the next day/ Again I got no call. So I wait a few more days and I call again. This time I refuse to let the lady tell me her supervisor would call. She promises he will. Again no call. So I call 3 times today. Each person giving me the same story. Surprisingly a supervisor does call me back to tell surges aren’t getting paid all over due to an issue on Uber’s end, but can’t tell me if I’ll get the money owed to me or not or even when the problem may be fixed. So I ask for her supervisor’s information but she refused to give it to me and hung up. Who can I talk to to make sure I get paid what Uber said they were going to pay me?

    1. They ALWAYS tell you that! There is NO supervisor!!!! I caught one girl snickering when I asked for one! They steal, and think it’s funny!

  7. I’m not getting paid for surges. Took 3 weeks to hear from a supervisor, only for her to tell me that it’s happening to lots of driver’s but had no idea if we will get paid what we are owed or when the problem will be fixed. I need to make sure Uber is paying what they promise when i accept the order. Who can I talk to about this that actually knows something helpful?

  8. Hi,my name’s Ahmed Ahmed,my phone # 347400xxxx.
    I’m driving for Uber for 3 years in NYC, lately I’ve been 3 weeks didn’t cash out. I contacted uber support on the phone for several hours and through messages but always same phrases no change “ someone is gonna contact with you within two business days!! Nobody could solve my issue. Please take this as a complaint against uber support team who did nothing to solve my issue. Please make sure I get paid especially I’ve followed all steps they asked me to do.

  9. Hello my name is Michael Smith 8599626xxx is old number new number is 8599623xxx, 1 issue / 2 issue three months now I’ve been trying to get approved by your app for delivery driver for uber eats. I’ve emailed bought a new id and still can’t get approved. Customer service is horrible. Please fix these issues. Call me asap

  10. On October 25th in Washington DC our friends got an Uber and give us a ride to Courtyard Marriott Foggy bottom hotel. My husband left his cell phone in the car and the Chinese Uber driver who didn’t know very much English brought it back but we didn’t give him a tip. And we want to give him a big tip. How can we do it. And also on October 26th my husband Ken Keener got an Uber driver and we did not give him a tip. And we want to give him a tip. It was a very nice car and he wore a suit and picked us up at Courtyard Marriott Foggy bottom. How can we give him a tip? Please call or text me 77049 0 xxxx

  11. Dear Barney Harford my daughter is battling breast cancer. I have been sending lunch at least five days per week as they live two hours from me. Feeding them has not been easy as I often forego groceries I could use but I worry more about her and my grandsons. Today I maxed out my credit card and I will not get my retirement check until December 3rd. Can you please help with a credit donation to help them? Any and all help will be appreciated. Thank you Desperate mother/grandma

  12. Almost a month I am keep taking with customer service representative for referral issue I have. Looks like no one care. I referred a friend. He signed up with my referral link. But for unfortunate reasons I don’t see him under my referral.

  13. Dear sir,

    I decided to reach out to you for help as Uber support is not allowing me to explain my story.

    I woke up today to see an email that am suspended from Uber eat delivery. Reason given was that my last deliveries were late.
    I made only 3 deliveries yesterday and the 3 deliveries were delivered to customers’ homes with no house number. So, when I got there, I will move to houses around to figure out the exact house number in the addresses. In some, I called the customers and wait for the customers to come out. In other, I sent text messages to ensure I deliver to the right person. My efforts were to ensure I deliver to the right customers. Delivering to wrong customers would have more punitive effect on me. You can cross check my calls and text messages to the customers yesterday. All these add to time delay and put me in bad light. There are also traffics and red light stops during busy time.

    Therefore, I passionately make a plea of request to review the penalty on me and allow me to continue doing Uber eat deliveries . I promise to keep working diligently and professionally to ensure fast deliveries to the customers.

    Thank you.
    Evaristus Ezema

  14. Sr:
    Me voy a dirigir a Ud en Español porque aunque hablo medianamente bien en Inglés y también entiendo, no domino la gramática.
    Me dirijo a Ud porque ya no tengo manera de resolver el problema con los sitios de ayuda de Uber.He hablado por teléfono con 3 agentes diferentes,he mandado varios mensaje a través de la aplicación pero parece que no hay manera que me entiendan, creo que leen mi inquietud y la respuesta me la da un robot que tiene el mismo libreto para todo tipo de pregunta.
    El problema es que el 30 de Oct fui a abrir mi aplicación y no me lo permitieron hasta que no diera mi consentimiento para un Background Check.Di mi consentimiento,pasaron los dias y al continuar desactivada mi aplicación, llamé, un agente de la Compañía me dijo que efectivamente,que mi consentimiento lo tenían y que todo estaba bien,que esperara de 3 a 5 días para recibir la autorización.Siguieron pasando los días y volví a llamar, la misma historia, todo está esta bien, espere de 3 a 5 días que voy a hacer el “escalation”.Pasan los días,reviso la aplicación y entonces me envían otro consentimiento para que yo lo autorice.Doy mi autorización otra vez.Pasan los días, mando mensajes preguntando qué está pasando que esto ya es demasiado…..respuesta.”Nuestra política de seguridad requiere un consentimiento para un Background Check”.
    Siempre la misma respuesta a más de 3 diferentes correos míos explicándole esta misma situación explicándole lo mismo que le estoy narrando a Ud. Incluso les decia”denle respuesta lógicas a mis preguntas,díganme, Sr. nos equvocamos, no lo recibimos, etc, etc.
    Ahora el problema es que aunque quiera dar mi consentimiento por tercera vez la aplicación no me lo
    permite…..entonces me pregunto.¿Que hago?..Mi aplicación está hace más de un mes desactivada y aunque fui ayer miercoles a la Oficina de Uber en el Condado Miami Dade en Miami Florida, tampoco pude resolver nada porque estaba cerrada.
    He trabajado con UBER desde el 15 de Agosto de 2015 hasta el 25 de Marzo del 2020 todos los días, ininterrumpidamente.Paré en esa fecha por motivos de la Pandemia debido a mi edad,pero ya la vacuna está por llegar y yo necesito estar listo para comenzar.
    Para su conocimiento, tengo más de 7,000 viajes y tengo un rating de 4.98,además de cientos de comentarios positivos de los clientes.He hecho bien mi trabajado y creo que merezco que se me atienda como corresponde.
    Agradeciendo su atención y esperando su respuesta.
    Queda de Ud.
    Gervasio González.

  15. Please, please change your commercials in the D.C. area. They start with a doorbell and it makes my dogs go nuts. I can’t tell you how upsets commercials with door bells are to family homes with dogs. The dogs bark, the babies wake, the elderly or woken, there’s yelling. It’s not fun. The only impact your commercials make are, I mute them or I cuss them. Neither makes me want to use your service and leaves a bad taste in my mouth (pun intended). We can’t be the only household. The doorbell is just not needed.

  16. I see you advertising only supporting the black small business community. We all, as Americans, and small business owners, could use support in such a time of need. Especially, when it was the BLM community and supporters burning such buisnesses down and crippling many communities. I will not support a company who believes in supporting racism and segregation of AMERICANS! I will no longer utilize any of your services, and will vocalize my opinion on this matter thru my social media.

  17. I referred my son too do ubereats. Their are so many drivers for ubereats that don’t carry a hotbag too keep the customers food at least warm. I have been doing deliveries since 1990. I’m an Army Veteran and I have noticed alot of the delivery drivers don’t pay attention too detail. My son is a good young man. 20 years old and wants so much too delivery with Ubereats and has 2 hotbags and he does pay attention too detail. Sincerely, Danny Harrison

  18. December 18, 2020

    Hello Dara Khosrowshahi,

    My UberBlack account was deactivated in 2012 by David and Joshua one of the managers located at Vermont location in San Francisco (of course office closed long time ago). The reason I went to the office that day was the discrepancy in some of the toll fees that needed the adjustments and reimbursement. One of the agents could not help me and told me she will ask her manager to help. From a first moment David was rude and told me that it is not a big deal for me to lose few dollars, he has no time for this. I told David that this is unacceptable and asked his name and title and asked for his superior. Then David immediately accused me making threats and insulting him, which is not true! I was escorted out from the office by confused security guard (he was confused as I was, because there was nothing for me to be escorted out for). Joshua another manager went outside with me and told me that David is mad at me (so this is how I know that manager’s name) and does not want to talk to me and I just have to wait for few weeks for him to cool off. So same day my account was deactivated and my name and SSN banned and red flagged! I went to Corp office on Market Street and talked to a representative Daniel (don’t know if he still there or not). He activated my account, adjusted reimbursement, but later my vehicle was removed for being too old (which it was not) from the platform and I could not replace it with a new one, because when I came to the office same manager and his coworkers just saw me and immediately deactivated my UberBlack account and banned me from new office in Daly City! I tried to locate Daniel again, but was banned from Corp office as well (messaged from Daly City office about me as I life threat)! Ridiculous! Worst years of my life 2012-2013! Despite the fact that David made up stories that I threatened him, I lost my business, income and became depressed. Few years later I tried to activate UberBlack again, but UberSF stopped accepting UberBlack accounts. Luckily, I activated UberX/Select account and found my second old UberBlack account and tried to activate it at San Jose office with Rey on December 17, 2020. However, I am having problems managing my profile/account. There is error on the page (WebRpcAtreyu seed failed: Cannot read property ‘territoryUuid’ of null) and I cannot “go” on the phone app although my UberBlack account active and all documents submitted and vehicle ready to go. I believe that this is a remaining issue that somehow that manager (his real name David or not) ruined everything, because of his bad mood that day, years ago, which keep causing me problems today!
    I am asking you, please, fix this. Let me use my Uberblack account and manage it (add drivers, vehicles, etc.) run my business, make money and enjoy my life. I believe it is NOT fair and that I am suffering for nothing and for too long, for many years already! Please help me.


    Alex Vayner
    (415) 846-xxxx
    alvalixxxxx @gmail.com
    xxx Arballo Drive 7H
    San Francisco, CA 94132

  19. I renewed my license and I uploaded my temporary license copy with the old license. My document was rejected because of missing information on the temporary license copy which is supported by the old license copy with my picture. The temporary license copy is not an ID, it’s a renewal receipt to keep along with the old license to validate the renewal. All missing information about the driver is provided by the old license copy. Please I want this issue be solved ASAP to be able to receive trips. Clidner Joseph- 347876xxxx. Thank you

  20. Hello, I drive in Upstate NY, have been active most of the pandemic mostly driving essential workers. I am over 60 and am curious where we fall in line as far as vaccine for Covid?

  21. Yes my name is Joanna I ordered food last Friday my original bill was $51. Until Saturday morning I noticed they took out a Subtotal Charge extra on me for 19.05. I’ve been emailing them Every day and I get a lame excuse all the time. Now I want my entire money back and I’ve called every number out there for corporate on Uber and of course nothing! I’m pissed and I’m calling my local news channel reporting this

  22. On 1/19/21; i went to Uber to pull records for my drivers license and i found out Janette Leiss stole my identity as well as a family friend of mine Norma Hodson. We both were at Uber handing over our police reports from Metro. Under Normas case for the fake driver earned $28,000 for a false 1099 although theirs proof from Uber. Although, Uber will not give us the FAKE DRIVERS Account details to help further our investigation, its probably for liability reasons. And Janette leiss i found out on 1/19 from Uber she also pretended to be me Melanie Leiss as another FAKE Driver Account. This woman Janette Leiss used my social and ID she earned $12000 under my identification. Uber should really consider not accepting electronic documents via your application. In terms of accepting ID’s and socials theirs no particular person verifying that the applicant before you applying for work matches the identification provided online. The same person stole two different peoples drivers licenses and social securities and she drove a combined 9 months without Uber Las Vegas knowing she wasn’t the actual person on the two different drivers licenses .. Uber Las Vegas didn’t know until we both SPOKE UP about Janette Leiss and btw this fake driver picked up around 2,116 riders all over Las Vegas, NV and she got into a variety assaults and reckless driving accidents all over Las Vegas. I have a commercial drivers license. And Uber Las Vegas deactivated Janette leiss’ TWO different accounts under Norma H and Melanie leiss’ names only because of Janette leiss’ bad driver reviews. Also, Uber Las Vegas said they do not have any procedures in place for fraudulently activity such as FAKE DRIVERS.. TO PROTECT peoples identities and to PROTECT each passenger lives. This was their responsibility to ensure the credentials they chose to accept in Las Vegas matched the real persons thats applied for work. I did not give Uber permission to run a background check on me back on 9/24/2019, and neither did Norma H. back in April of 2019. Uber Las Vegas told me their Fraud Team might call us in a week or two. And Uber Las Vegas refuses to give Norma and myself our FAKE records PRINTED as proof of these CRIMES. And i was told unless the real person finds the 1099 and reports it to UBER the FAKE Account will remain active. Also, UBER Las Vegas said they have no way of knowing about FAKE Accounts and because its self employment its really not their problem to better ensure these things do not occur. BUT i did not give UBER my permission to run a background check on me! Everyone is at risk; so my question is how do we know WHOSE really picking us up in those UBER vehicles?? What if the drivers true identity/ background is a dangerous felon with a ton of felonies but the criminal is posing as someone with a clean background?? This is so wrong of UBER in Las Vegas HELP. The criminal Janette Leiss needs to be held responsible and no one is helping us shes free right now. And I’ve reported this to the police department Metro and Channel 13 and Channel Fox 5 and the rant, DOT, and i’m going to post this complaint on all social platforms. I will also be sending a letter to every single executive of Uber on Monday. I am seriously ambitious. I want Justice. I will not go quietly into the night.

    1. Uber is ripping off drivers for there service of work this is why nobody is able to call and speak to anyone. People like this deserve to be taking in a dark alley and shot in the head. Dumping the body in hydrochloride acid eats everything

  23. My name is taquana love my complaint is this I need for you to email me the information on my urber driver the last recite of my ride on Jan 10th of this year I need it I have been patient with you and I ask you for this information if you don’t mind my email is love taquxxxx @gmail.com

  24. Check r background check company isn’t friendly for uber drivers..been waiting since October 2020 for approval and not able to make much needed income..there needs to be a resolution to this issue..customer service continues to give repetitive excuses and blames courthouse yet I sent a background check that was requested by another company in dec and received back from same courthouse in no time at all..they just ignored this..I just deliver food!!

  25. Hello my name is El’za Watson inquiring about the logistical side of Uber, I have late model unit I would like to contact with Uber Corp.

  26. Commuter benefits work wage caught

    Trip details: I have a commuter benefit card in my job provide for me to take cabs back in for either during the day or during the night or the weekend I don’t understand why I cannot access it and why do I need to use it for carpool. This is my means of transportation did they put money on its card it is a Visa card work wage it shouldn’t be no restrictions on this card

    Share additional details: Please change your policy as soon as possible I do need the work wage commuter benefit card to get back-and-forth to work as a first responder

    Your name : Kim Mitchell

    Get Help

  27. I’m an exceptional driver with great service and ratings I caught covid and did as I was sup to let Uber know had my account disabled and I make about 1000$ a week …. it’s my main in come and tent about to be due again and I’m a single dad with two daughters I still need to feed… I only got approved for 7.5% of my earnings 300$ I got all the policy’s I read said the take the last 3 months in to consideration I literally done over 2000 rides in the last 3 months prob more .. 300 was a slap in the face …. I feel like I should of never told Uber that I tested positive cause now I’m paying for it hard

  28. You are currently running a TV ad with a gay man and Simon Biles. I am a proud gay man and so is my husband. We highly resent the “flaming queen” you use to representative of the male gay community. Those that act like that are only a very very small portion of the gay male community of many many hard working gay men. Please remove that ad and remake it with a more positive image of gay men.

  29. The driver never showed up a punch the same thing address in that I had the last two times no problem he didn’t show up and put the money back on my account calling someone else going to do Commerce

  30. To Whom It May Concern:
    I am writing this letter as a former Uber driver independent contractor to plea reactivation of my Uber driver account. I was never given a reason or given a chance to defend my side of the story. My assumption is that I was deactivated due to a minor incident that occurred a day before I was deactivated.
    The “incident” occurred when I braked in order to avoid a car that had unsafely swerved into my lane. I understand that the sudden stop may have frightened my passenger but it was necessary in order for me to avoid colliding with the person at fault. I am truly sorry that this happened but I was trying to stay safe. I do not believe the incident merits the deactivation of my account because I am an extremely safe driver.
    I have been licensed for eighteen years and have had no prior car accidents. I am also a person of good character with prior service in the Air Force Security Forces military police and I was honorably discharged after five years. I am currently working for Lyft, have completed over 6,000 rides, and received over 3,000 five star ratings. As a disabled veteran, being a driver for Uber helps me live the lifestyle that I need to sustain myself and be able to attend all my medical appointments. Since I was deactivated from Uber, I have purchased a new vehicle Tesla Model X which has allowed me to cater to people that want a luxurious ride. Passengers constantly compliment the falcon doors and they love that it benefits the environment. Additionally, if corporate felt that an online safety training course is necessary prior to re-activation, I would be happy to complete it.
    It would mean the world to me if I could have a second chance with Uber because I have really learned a lot about driving in the city of Las Vegas that I had not known when I moved here two years ago. I know that my experiences in Las Vegas and my new Tesla would make me a great asset to the company and I hope you can consider my request. Thank you in advance for your time.


    Victor Baranishyn
    xxxx Orions Belt Peak Street
    North Las Vegas, NV 89031

  31. I am a Diamond driver for the Uber for over 3 years now. On Friday , January 22 my account was suspended for a complaint made and supposedly being investigated by the safety team.. As of today have still not heard from anyone with regards to this and unable to work. Please advise as to when this will be rectified..

  32. Your staff is my asking with my ratings. I’ve been 4000 rides since I’ve started the job. Now my rates went from rides at almost a high than they placed my deliveries high when I’ve got adults acting like children rating me. Listen I’m aware of my political stays and I’m listening to what your doing. You need to keep those illegal people out of the office. Now, please make sure you also get the guy that steals money from me thinking he can collect off of my insurance and off of my political situation. Thank you !

  33. I am reporting fraud! My card has been charged by Uber 105.51 and 55.88 on 1/29/3021. I am NOT an Uber customer. My bank told me to try and contact Uber.

  34. Having ongoing issues with my driver account and. Annoy get resolution for over five days. I’m a top tier driver with a rating of 4.97. I have completed over 2000 plus rides for Uber. When I call support all I get is the run around. No supervisors or managers are ever available. When I ask for an additional number or an alternative way to contact corporate none is provided. I’ve been working with Uber for almost a year now and have had no issues until this one. I am dedicated and a very good employee and do good to provide a positive image for the company. I can’t understand why a driver and a professional as my self cannot get the proper support needed when there is an issue. To say I am frustrated and disappointed is an understatement.To say I’m disappointed and frustrated is an understatement.

  35. I was deactivated by Uber Eats, they stated that my SSN number document I submitted was false. I also provided a copy of my passport. I requested a appeal which was also denied. I am willing to submit any form of documents that you may require to reconsider the deactivation of my account. I had done about 1483 deliveries and held a 99% customer service score. If I can just get anyone from the corporate office to review my file and assist in any form to reconsider to activate my account I would greatly appreciate it. I have enjoyed working for Uber and would like to continue to Support Uber and the great customers we deliver to. Thank you and look forward to a favorable reply.

  36. On 1/21 someone Hacked into my UBER Account , Changed my Bank Account information, my phone number, Withdraw $2331.00 from Go Bank transferred, Cashed Out my Uber earnings until 1/21 I have also filed a police report, gave the report number to Uber and Go Bank. Neither of them has done anything yet. I filed the Dispute with Go Bank and they Denied it. I need help

  37. I have been waiting on my background check for Uber now for 29 days and counting as of today feb 6 2021 I keep getting the run around I am a Pro diamond driver that has been driving for Uber for four years I have almost 8000 rides in that time I am also a single parent and have been unable to work since 9 January 2021 is there any way that I could either get a phone call or an email and we can get this situation resolved I know I am not the only driver that is dealing with the situation like this in Indiana where I drive I’m a singleParent I need to be able to work is there anyway you can help me the site that you guys via checkered has been stalled in the same place for almost 3 weeks

  38. I believe that your company finance records have been compromised. There have various charges unauthorized from my account. My issue has been resolved however it seems after account shut down, someone still Attempting. Contact me for further information

  39. My account was deactivated after driving for uber for 8 years for “FRAUD”??? I’m driving for LYFT for 7 years now & make over $1000 every week! Please reexamine my account & reactivate me. No tickets, accidents or bio of any kind. Just check my LYFT records
    Activate my uber account now. You’ll never regret it. Joseph penna 305546xxxc jpxxxx @my.lonestar.edu. Thanks 305546xxxx

  40. I want to be activated again Jpenna01 @gmail.com Joe penna 305546xxxx. I was unfairly deactivated. LYFT loves me. I’ve made over a 1000 a week for 7 years now

  41. Hello Mr. Dara Khosrowshahi
    My name is Earl Bonner I emailed you about a week ago, about a incident that happened between me and a passenger on January 16, 2021. I have been trying to talk to a manager since January 18, 2021 each representative that I have spoke with has told me that someone will call me back within 24 to 48 hours and it hasn’t happen yet. My account was wrongly deactivated due to a passenger trying to attack me all because he was upset because I told him that he couldn’t get into my vehicle with a open cup of alcohol as I explained in my email that I sent to you on 02/02/2021. As I told you this is my first offense with any passenger to where someone who tried to attack me to where I had to defend myself. I have been driving for your company for almost 5 years with a 4.98 rating and excellent comments to go with it and I feel that it is very unfair for my app to be deactivated when no one hasn’t even explained to me exactly the reason why my app was deactivated. As I also stated to you in my email that I’m the one who called in to you all on January 16, 2021 the night that it happened but unfortunately I couldn’t reach no one because your customer service line was closed. So I called on January 18, 2021 and reported it on what happened and then my account gets deactivated when I’m the one who got verbally abused and attacked. I feel like that I have been penalized for me calling in doing the right thing and now no one manager will even call me back. This is totally unprofessional. So could you please have some one to contact me and reconsidered reactivating me drivers and riders app as well because I can’t even order a uber to go anywhere. If I don’t hear for you are no one then I will send in a certified letter to you. My email address is martinbonnxxxx @gmail.com

  42. I have a fraudulent charge on my account, I need some human being at Uber to get in touch with me as soon as possible

  43. I Placed a grocery order 28DEC20, the driver never delivered my order and canceled it. I was still charged. Here it is February and I still have yet to be refunded. I have wrote you all and the corner store almost daily. I’ve been lied to nonstop as to when I would get my money back, 10 days, 30 days, just the other day I was told 3 days…. enough is enough. I had to hire a lawyer just to get what was mine back. You all kept saying I’m getting it and there’s been nothing at all returned to me. This isn’t customer service, nor how you treat people. I should have never been charged and I damn sure shouldn’t haven’t to wait 2 months to get refunded!!!

  44. I work for a Non-Profit 501c3 Company – Pennsylvania Recovery Organization Alliance (PRO-A). We are working with people that have Substance Use Disorders and are new in Recovery that are unemployed or underemployed, we help find them gainful employment with Drug Free Workplaces. One of the issues that we have sometimes is that they need transportation. Do you have any programs where you would fund someone with an Uber ride – maybe even the first 2 weeks of employment until they receive a paycheck and can pay after that?

    Thank you for your time and consideration, I look forward to hearing from you.

  45. hi, my is Randall Guillen Macias I been a driver uber a year with no problem .. now this a situation I have my account it been disabled for just miss understand and I know and understand the regulation for the company .. I been renting a vehicle from AVIS RENTAL CAR for 2 month a ready driving the car, now when people come and renting a car for uber driver the people front AVIS RANTAL they setting on the app uber phone the information until the cellphone the car people driving the people can see what vehicle it on the road with driver uber this what happen some how the information when off from my app uber and I not cutting figure out how sure I putting back to my app uber the can the riders see what type of vehicle I’m and I was driving without no recognize the vehicle, now I did come AVIS location and they explain to me how I can setting and case it happen again and everything it was normal until I sold my account it was disable front my app , if that considered a violation from me I don’t believes that to disabled my account for the if looking on your system very clearing I been driving I never !!! I have a problem with any riders or any body my record it clean with you guys and just for the reason disabled my account it not making any sense at all, I do respecting regulation if I knew eventually I will never done and I will running to ask for help immediately I will taking action not to get infect in the account ..I hope I get assistant with matter on my account and taking a action on my account please I will be appreciate please if can please give me a call at 571354xxxx or my email ..guillen.raxxxx @yahoo.com this email its on the account , I hope I get fixed help and fix this matter thank you…

  46. My name is Wiltrey sanders I live in Tuscaloosa Alabama. I car was rejected so many time about my insurance more than 7 times and I do not understand. I call the Uber hub in Atlanta GA talk to customer service. He found out that why my suv was rejected because. The reason is because my Merceds Benz GLE 350 do not show up in system like it says. Merceds Benz GLE 350 it do show up in system as Merceds Benz GLE Class or Coupe. He try to put fix the problem but still it would not take. He said to me I will send a link to show you what car can be use in Tuscaloosa AL. I look at like and saw Merceds Benz GLE class and not Merceds Benz GLE 350 something is not right about this the make and model of my car is right does this mean all Merceds Benz GLE 350 to drive for Uber is wrong because it do not say class or coup something wrong with this. I been driving for Uber for a year with no problem until this. I have had some small problem and big problem with ride and my money taken away from me within Uber but this take the cake I can’t drive a Merceds Benz GLE 350 one of the safe cars on roads I help build here in Vance AL. I would like to know why I can’t drive my car anymore I bought for this reason for safe and comfort for my customer. This have cost me money to be made and my pro rating I lost at end of January I thing. I drove for Uber for a year until this and got my other car register and have not drove it because I have no choice and I just did that 2 days ago. I have not use this car and feel this not what I need for this service. Please help fix this problem this is not right for me and anyone who drive a Merceds Benz 350 or better. Here my phone number if anyone need to talk to me (205) 826-xxxx

  47. I have been a driver with Uber in Orlando FL for almost as long as they’ve been here. Approximately 2.5 weeks ago they started my “annual” background check, which I am all for as I’m a retired Law Enforcement Officer. However because of COVID19 the amount of time it is taking for backgrounds to be completed is way too long and costing me a lot of money. To my estimate I’ve lost out on over $1000.00 in earnings opportunity and would like some kind of reimbursement.

  48. Why is there no Uber drivers available in Gainesville Florida to pick up at the airport you need to be run out of town

  49. I had a horrific experience with a Uber driver on Friday February 12. The driver refused to give me a ride home and threatened to call the police before dropping me off back at the ferry building in Vallejo. I had to wait in the cold until I finally got a ride home by City cab. I was charged $15 by Uber after this abusive treatment by the Uber driver Martin. I need a refund from this charge. I hope this driver will not be allowed to abuse other customers.

  50. have you guys ever had a permotion quest that paid someone $5.00 for 10 trips as long as you guys been in business

  51. To whom it may concern, my name is Chris lockridge, I’ve driven for uber in the past stopped and now wish to return, I signed back up over a month ago and is still waiting on background to return it’s really aggravating to be waiting this long can I get some help?

  52. First, let me say it was EXTREMELY difficult to reach a real person. On 2/13, I cancelled an order, #1D849 just a minute or two after I realized the voucher I was trying to use was only valid on 2/14. LESS THAN TWO MINUTES BEFORE CANCELLING. I have been trying for several days to reach someone who could help without success. Finally, I got to the page to “cancel order” which said to fill out the “form below”. There was NO FORM. IF this charge is not reversed, I will report it as fraud to my bank since it was not authorized by me.

    Secondly, when I was finally able to navigate for an order #74BD4, the $25 voucher I was using appears to have been ADDED, NOT SUBTRACTED from my bill.

    Thirdly, it took your company THREE DAYS to send me a link to re-set my password! So the timeliness of my contact to you has been delayed by the inability to connect with anyone to try to resolve these issues.

    Finally, having to search out your corporate office to try to get problems resolved is NOT good customer service.

    Sandra Givens

  53. Hello,
    My problem is my earning is missing daily. I am starting taking the screenshot saving all of them for my proof. Looks like to be taking some of my earnings and they use Prop 22 to make us think Prop 22 is guaranteed. Yes taking it from my earnings every day. I can not take it anymore very upsetting. I need to pay my bills. If this is not resolved I need to take different measures. Thank you

  54. I had one of your drivers pick me up n then not even 5 min he brought me back home … Which doesnt make since at all

  55. I’m just so disappointed that I’ve spent more time trying to get my issue resolved!!! I come here to actually call corporate and speak to a person. The phone number isn’t even real!!!! So very disappointed in company and it total lack of caring about it’s drivers

  56. Hi I’m in Wisconsin, city of Milwaukee. I stay in a residential area of 76th and bluemound. Everytime my daughter who is 18yrs or son who is 21yrs try to get a uber while BLACK every Caucasian driver denies their pick up. They literally have to find a black driver to pick them up which causes lateness and anger, frustration. I would like to know something will be done about this racism or direct me to where i can get results. I’m pretty sure my children are not the only victims of this treatment from your white drivers please don’t make me take things further do what’s right. Any evidence needed we have thank you.

  57. Absent a car, we were regular Uber users until the pandemic a year-ago March. Since then, no rides. Today was our first. It is plain to see that your fee structure has changed by 2x. But tell me this, how did we begin with a $12.26 quote and end up at $20 for the ride today? Have things changed that much?

  58. On 2/16/2021 I placed an order with Ceasar’s Pizza on 6th Ave Nashville,TN the total came to $40.00 including tax, they send a text saying food on the way,debited my card I never heard or saw anyone about my food and they didn’t answer the phone.

  59. I used uber eats for the 1st time today & was not satisfied. I was having lunch delivered to someone for their birthday & the app never gave me the option to input their address. I had to text the driver the correct address & upon completion of his his delivery, he text me to say, that I should not change the address like that. That was totally unacceptable, seeing as I was not given the option to begin with. My

  60. I have been driving for Uber for over a year. I have not been able to log on to Uber to drive since January 23,2021 due to issues with your app and it not going through to approve a back ground check. I have lost wages and ratings due to an issue on your end. I have called several times and the support team keeps telling me to wait 3-5 days. This issue has caused me some hardship and lost wages. I would like to start driving as soon as possible.

  61. I have a new phone and j want too transfer my funds over too my new account and it won’t let me I’m very angry 3it

  62. You charge me with pay pal $9.99
    On February 12th and I did not use your services please let me know why this charge and call me back (404) 702-5lxxxx thank You

  63. www. wisn.com/article/video-suspected-drunken-driver-veers-off-marquette-interchange/35553707

    This should be a Uber commercial.
    Is it 0230? Call us and don’t go off a bridge.

  64. It is appalling how Ubereats treats their drivers. I was deactivated w/I any complaints or warnings for ” delaying” my trips with extra time consuming routes. I took jobs that were ridiculously far away from my starting point, in the middle of the night, sometimes the orders were picked up on me; even when the app wasn’t working. Never being reimbursed for tolls, getting chiseled out of bonuses, and surges. Just terrible. And, there is no one to complain to on an upper level for people working hard and being unfairly
    verbally abused and labeled.

  65. Why booking fees are differently charged for same route? 1st. trip was booked from 9650992923 & 2nd. trip on the same day was booked from 9958140802.

  66. I am getting billed for the Uber Monthly pass and do not want at all. I want charges removed and terminated from that service.

  67. I’m very disappointed about your driver NKL5246 ( Sergio) he took my money and did not did the service
    He came late to pick me up
    I have the video and pictures he was getting gas at my job
    U ask him if he was the driver to pick me up he talks to me bad I’m getting gas if I have to take him to court I will

  68. How do I contact a living human being at Uber. I have a specific question that is not addressed on the Uber.com website or at help.Uber.com. I know that this organization operates on a minimal human contact model, however, I really need direct human contact with a problem solving human being

  69. Please don’t take anymore money out of my account. Please cancel my service. I know longer want or need Uber because Uber is constantly going into my bank account. Not supposed to happen 3 times. No no no

  70. I requested a ride and the driver couldn’t not find me, this ride was scheduled ahead of time to save money in fees being charged. I was wondering if I could be credited the difference since I shared my live location with the driver and he still couldn’t find me thus leaving me the only option to cancel and schedule another ride.

  71. ** !! My account “STILL” hasn’t been updated yet. And Uber has caused me about $60 in trips I’ve could have made. So, now,.. I am extremely upset AGAIN. And will file a Formal Complaint against Uber Technologies, Inc. in Corporate of office in San Francisco, CA.

    I find it inexcusable, that you guys are quick to Deactivate my account, but I called in to Customer support …. about 14 hours ago. And still my account doesn’t and hasn’t been updated, especially after uploading/attachments to verify my vehicle repaired invoice. “This IS a no brainer to Satisfy my incompetence in Uber’s TOS for us Pro Platinum Drivers.

    No excuses.!!!
    And some in corporate office, WILL hear about my situation.!!!

  72. I left my phone in the car and the driver called my daughter Friday. Haidar said he was going to take it to the Uber office in Rancho Cordova/Sacramento. I don’t know the address or phone number of the office to be able to contact them to see where to pick up the phone. Can you help me?

  73. I just received a charge from Uber on my credit card, I have never used uber and I need this charge reversed . I am at police dept. Now

  74. I have a complaint. I have been attempting to get a refund from an order that I placed Oct. 2020 for a free item. I have contacted customer service dozens of times and nobody has been able to help me. I am contacting you so that I can hopefully get in touch with a manager who can actually address my issue.

  75. Your customer service people send me the exact same message no matter what I say. I am inquiring about my refund and they just send me a generic message that has no mention of my order or a refund. The whole process is ridiculous. I’ve spent hours and weeks of my time attempted to speak to a manager and get my refund. It’s simply stupidity at this point…I cannot figure out any other possibility as to why dozens of different people offer the same response back that never addresses my problem. I want to speak to a person who can actually have a conversation with me and say different things so I can get my refund and resolve my issue from 4 months ago.

  76. I really need to speak with someone. I don’t want a generic response. I want to get my problem resolved. Who can I speak to about getting a refund?

  77. Please look at the dozens of messages that I’ve sent to your customer service line and review them. I need a refund. I hope that if I continue to send dozens of messages that someone will finally get tired of it and actually help me. I don’t know of any other way to get anyone’s help or attention

  78. Please help me get my refund. Your customer service dept has been ignoring my requests for help to get a refund. They send me a generic message that has no actual meaning. I want to speak with someone who can actually help me.

  79. My card was overcharged for a ride that was 10.09 switched to 13.67 plus an added tip of 3.76 that I didn’t authorize or was aware of until viewing my card statement. The uber driver was extremely because he didn’t know how to follow GPS instructions with my location sharing on. I need to be reimbursed my funds back to my card immediately as they were falsely taken once again at no inconvenience of my own.

  80. I have been trying for awhile to get my husbands 1099 from Uber for 2020 he passed away 8/30/2020 they have no contact for me to get this

  81. I applied to work for delivering Uber eats and I’ve delivered for all the competitor companies just fine, yet you guys discriminated against my felonies and you have other people working for you with far worse aggressive felony backgrounds? So how do you dictate which felonies are OK??

  82. I have an invalid gift card and want to return it Your useless HELP site is requiring I open an account which i do not want or need. I want to get my money back on this junk card and the store where I bought it says I have to get that from you.

  83. I MUST SPEAK TO SOMEONE AT THE UBER COMPANY, Now! I have tried the app and selected “help” and the contact number does not show up. My phone was stolen and I had the Uber app. I had charges that weren’t mine and there is a police detective asking me for information that I can only get on my Uber account. When your app says a code has been sent, I don’t receive it because o don’t have my phone. PLEASE
    CALL 502-751-xxxx. That is my husbands cell phone he has his own app and it doesn’t
    Have the information I need from you The number to reach me is 502-751-xxxx.

  84. I dont know why i bother with you people anymore. I can never get a driver anymore. I just waited over 1 hour only to have a driver cancel on me!

  85. I am trying to get a resolution on a fraud case with you guys as someone is using my personal information to be one of your drivers. It’s been more than 2 weeks with no progress in the case. Is there someone that can take this seriously and help resolve this very sensitive issue?

  86. I would like to be able to talk to a leader regarding my Uber Driver account. I have called customer service and they are unable to answer my questions. My account was deactivated and I do not understand why. The generic response is that Community Guidelines were not followed, but I don’t know what I did wrong. I was respectful to all customers, delivered my orders, and respected social distancing. Please help. I can be reached by phone at 469.226.xxxx or by email at Janetxxxx @yahoo.com. My account info is with the phone number 972.672.xxxx (Haywing Ma). Thank you.

  87. Hello I have been an Uber driver for a number of years. I would greatly appreciate speaking with someone in management as I have requested multiple times through customer service to speak with a supervisor and each time they state someone will call back in 24-48

  88. My cellphone was drop in your uber driving car and I kept call the cellphone until the driver answered it and the driver said he can’t bring it to me until the morning and this happen around about 8:00pm 2/24/2021

  89. Hi. Been trying to contact customer service since last night. I even sent a picture of my wrong order. I know I have been refunded in the past but that is not my fault. Last night we didn’t eat the food. I would like a refund please.

  90. My Uber driver today said I had a 3.4 rating and to call Uber to fix that? I don’t know why I have that? Can you fix..

  91. I downloaded a 25$ gift card on my Uber App. Im showing Uber cash balance of 25$ but i dont have my pin number or card. Please advise! Im retired and disabled really need to be able to use this!!!! 706-614-xxxx

  92. I took ride from dayanand vihar to indirapuram. I agrred on Rs. 155 but at my drop it showed Rs 260.I have paid extra cash and want refund.

  93. Postmates refusing to email W2 after deactivated account.. asking for W2 or the like for the year 2020 after making over $3,000 on the Postmates Platform. Unable to download Postmates app.

  94. I am a Uber driver since 2015. I have been unable to drive since January 20, 2021 due to my long delayed background check. I wish your support team would find another company to complete it. This is taking way too long and my patience is coming to an end. I’ve been in a financial state due to this problem. I went to another company to find another job. My background check was clear and back under 7 days. Checkr has been lying and wasting time by not completing my background check. I’ve been a good driver for Uber for several years now. I would have hoped for better support with my concerns. I hope Dara the CEO can receive a copy of my email. Maybe he will help me since no one else in support will..
    Barbara O’Harra-Mead

  95. Receiving charges that I didn’t make and you guys keep on charging I wanted to stop I tried contacting you guys by phone but nobody takes up and I want you to pay stop payment I went to the bank to do a stop payment because this is too much unnecessary.

  96. Cost of ride shown when booked is not same as billed! 2 rides one hour apart is $12.86 difference. Not acceptable!

  97. There is absolutely no support anywhere on Ubereats, excepting to write a letter to corporate offices which I have done. Email does not work, phone numbers do not work, emails get returned because websites are unmonitored, and phone calls consist of voice mail telling you to to somewhere else, which also does not work, another words get lost. One dead end after another. I needed help at the time of ordering, neither facebook nor twitter don’t work, and I don’t use social media at all. I just think I shall never order from Ubereats ever again.

  98. I cannot access my driver’s account nor can I call the support help I tried to call phone numbers on the website and what a waste of time. I live in the Truro NS area and the sickness I get from this

  99. I write this email holding back tears! I have had the worst experience as a customer on Uber eats! On Saturday I ordered my children food. We were at home waiting for the order and they cancelled it supposedly because they say we were not there but we were!! So I assumed like all other orders that Uber eats cancels they will refund my money. So when I didn’t receive a refund I texted support. I was treated very poorly. I have been a customer for a very long time and have spent a lot of money with Uber eats during the pandemic! I am a single mother and that $30 was the difference between me having gas to work this week. I had to spend another $30 to reorder the food! I don’t think I should have to pay for an order I did not receive regardless of the 48 hour unspoken rule! I don’t have money to donate! I just wanted to feed my kids! Needless to say I will never order from Uber eats again because of the way I was treated via text. I wish there was a number I could call to voice my concerns better because this will more than likely fall on more deaf ears! I was so angry by the way I was treated I wanted to go to the media for my voice to be heard because you guys definitely do not care about customer service! The order was placed via my daughter’s Uber eats app which I will be deleting jonesmaddxxxx @gmail.com. I would however like correspondence via my email because she is a minor. I don’t know if this will get read and if I receive no response I will try again!

  100. I did NOT authorize Uber Pass. I’ve been charged for this today. There is NO customer service phone number under my App in “Help”.

  101. Have unauthorized charge from uber technologies of 9.99 for past 3 months. I have been in hospital for past 3 months. Never authorized. Paula Adams 7706348lxxxx. xxxx bagley dr, Chamblee, ga 30341

  102. I am a uber customer have been for 4 years…I have slot of money on my uber app and it won’t let me request a ride..I have been trying for 3 days..

  103. This is my second attempt to hear from someone at UBER corporate office. My husband worked for Uber as a driver for a few months last year. He passed away last year in March 2020. I have no way of getting a copy of his Earnings/Expenses report for filing taxes. Could someone be so kind and professional to respond on how to go about getting the report. Thank you.

  104. I need my 1099 miscellaneous I’ve been calling who booked for weeks I talk to somebody eventually and they told me they were going to email it and mail it to me I have not received it as been weeks please give me a call at 352-502-xxxx I need my 1099 miscellaneous I did not receive anyone and I am entitled to one

  105. It is impossible to reach anyone if a mistake is made making a reservation for a car for a destination. Your customer service or lack of it is not acceptable. I think I will not use Uber in the future.

  106. Hi I was a Uber driver and my account is deactivated. All I want is just forgiveness. Please allow me a chance again to drive with Uber

  107. I was fired from Uber eats illegitimately because I did nothing wrong nor did I receive any prior warnings

  108. I want a refund!! I am furious and so mad to the point i want to sue uber!! i have multiple charges made on my account by uber of rides i did not request!! I have been putting in complaints everyday since i uber to work every day. Should be two charges which is to and from work but every day i get four!!

  109. I have been trying to 6 weeks to reactivate my driver’s account. Every time I call the driver support line, I get a different excuse on why if is taking so long. “your docs are correct, I will escalate this to a supervisor and they will be reviewed in 15 minutes.” This is the response I have gotten for the past week. Then when I called yesterday they tell me. “oh, your account has been rejected since July due to lack of activity.”, I will escalate this to a supervisor”, and yet nothing. In my Market of Omaha Nebraska, there are very few Uber driver and more and more Lyft drivers. I would think Uber would want to increase there market share where they can.

  110. It’s is so sad 😞. Uber is International and is one of a big name in business but still I couldn’t find one office where I can go get help. It’s a shame Uber let me get into a rental from hurtz to pick up passengers and after two days for what I don’t know but locked me out and sent a massage saying you account is active know and your background needs attention. When I called Uber Support they said your background is perfect but why Uber put you on hold we don’t know. This is my fifth day trying to get back to work but not even one person in Uber team can help me get back on the road. I spoke to over 16 agents but not one cloud help . So shameful I am paying for rental for nothing . Why don’t you guys have local helo even if it’s over the phone ☎️. I hope and my prayers one day Uber gets better or goes right out of business for not caring for its drivers . No answer at all.

  111. For employment verification, do I have whoever needs it, contact Main Headquarters at
    Uber/Uber Eats
    1455 Market St #400
    San Francisco, CA 94103
    Phone: 415-986-2104
    Fax #: 1-877-223-8023
    To verify self-employment?
    I always forget which email I use with who. If it’s not the shaunalynettexxxxxx @gmail.com, please respond to shaunelmhamxxxxx @yahoo.com. I’m sorry for any convenience.

  112. My name is Joseph Bowles I order a Uber today, and I stranded our side the business the entire time, no Uber came to the business parking lot I was in. Then a message came on my phone saying my ride was cancel. Then it stated they waited on me. They the text stated I can call another Uber, and I did this Uber went into the business parking lot next to this business. You can not drive from one business to the other, you would have to come out to the road they are different parking a border separate them, I am write this letter because Uber charge my account, why I am been charge if the Uber driver never come to my location and they go to the wrong location, the second Uber came to the business next but he called my name from the business next door. The gps will sound off your location before you reach your location, but the driver need to check the number on the building I gave the correct address. You can’t go to the wrong location then charge. This is a complain, if You can get the Vedic from those business you will see what when down. Take is a unfair practice the driver is doing.

  113. I have been subjected to a SECOND background check after being approved and driving for just a week. I have repeatedly asked WHY and get canned responses. The number listed does NOT WORK. WHAT IS THE WORKING NUMBER FOR UBER CORP IN SAN FRANCISCO?

  114. I used you Uber on the 6th of March they drop me off at my address 3909 packet Avenue and I forgot my keys in the car I called Uber driver right back he was still inside he said he found the keys but he has another call to make and I did not get my keys back since I tried to reach the driver several times I’ll be contacting an attorney about this matter

  115. Three drivers falsely accused me of not wearing a face mask. I’m sick of it and two were very hostile. It is bad enough you impose an unlawful act but then to have three falsely accuse me and you take their claim at face value and making it nearly impossible for one to complain. I’m still owed a reimbursement!

  116. You guys are fraudulently charging me and my wife’s cards for the last 2 1/2 years we are filing federal charges against you guys

  117. I ordered some food from Jack In The Box to Uber eats they brought me the wrong order and I need to get refunded for my order I tried to do it to my bank they didn’t do it because they need to and I called Jack in the Box they said they’re not responsible that you are South El Monte to get my money back I called a small claims court they said I could sue for $2,500 for this by needed to contact you contacts you first to see if you willing to resolve it please contact me back so I can get the amount that I had spent with 4232

  118. I am having trouble getting my refund for over charges. According to the email below they just are not going to give me my money back. They complained that I have requested too many refunds but if you look at my spending with Uber you will see I use the rides and the food delivery system.
    I spent over $300 for food in one evening. I ordered a slice of cheese cake from Red Lobster but it was not in my bag. I called for a ride on Friday 3/5/2021 and 3/8/2021. I call an hour ahead of time to assure I make my appointment in a timely manner. However, on each of these rides the car never showed up, the minutes kept going up on Friday 3/5 so when I saw it went from 7 minutes to a half hour I canceled it and ordered another ride. Yesterday I had a doctors appointment so I called Uber at 9:00 am. The car started out with 13 minutes and had not shown up by 9:30 am so I canceled that ride and ordered another ride. I am here in Florida staying with my daughter for a while. I live in Chicago Illinois. I am 69 years old, I am on a fixed income, and I have a very large family. So, if I wanted to give away money I could give it to my grandchildren. I am calculating that Uber owes me around $30 for the overcharges and the missing cheesecake which was $8.99. I don’t know how much they overcharged me but I am sure you can locate both my accounts.
    I look forward to hearing from you soon about my refund.

  119. I am having trouble getting my refund for over charges. According to the email below they just are not going to give me my money back. They complained that I have requested too many refunds but if you look at my spending with Uber you will see I use the rides and the food delivery system.
    I spent over $300 for food in one evening. I ordered a slice of cheese cake from Red Lobster but it was not in my bag. I called for a ride on Friday 3/5/2021 and 3/8/2021. I call an hour ahead of time to assure I make my appointment in a timely manner. However, on each of these rides the car never showed up, the minutes kept going up on Friday 3/5 so when I saw it went from 7 minutes to a half hour I canceled it and ordered another ride. Yesterday I had a doctors appointment so I called Uber at 9:00 am. The car started out with 13 minutes and had not shown up by 9:30 am so I canceled that ride and ordered another ride. I am here in Florida staying with my daughter for a while. I live in Chicago Illinois. I am 69 years old, I am on a fixed income, and I have a very large family. So, if I wanted to give away money I could give it to my grandchildren. I am calculating that Uber owes me around $30 for the overcharges and the missing cheesecake which was $8.99. I don’t know how much they overcharged me but I am sure you can locate both my accounts.
    I look forward to hearing from you soon about my refund.
    Bennie J Gant 312-296-xxxx
    This information was cut and pasted from a returned Uber Help email. There was no help received.

  120. I have been driving for Uber for over 4 years and have been wrongfully inactivated. I was told that I have been told multiple times that was not wearing a mask. I have never not worn a mask since the pandemic. I am a diabetic and can’t take the chance of not wearing a mask. I can’t even find the multiple complaints about this in my archives. I don’t know why I am being targeted. Please reactivate my account

  121. Whats happenning? The driver working for you is assulted and pepper sprayed and just suspending the rider helps? You guys are equally culprit as those three ladies. We need you to take proper action and compensation for the driver! PLEASE! $120 is not a proper compensation and support. We need you to give him JUSTICE.

  122. And we need a ride up to San Antonio Texas. However every time a check there are no Uber drivers in our area where we are at. Is there anyway to get an Uber driver from Laredo Texas to meet us where were at then take us to San Antonio? Thanks an says:

    I am 10 miles north of Laredo TX And we need a ride up to San Antonio Texas. However every time a check there are no Uber drivers in our area where we are at. Is there anyway to get an Uber driver from Laredo Texas to meet us where were at then take us to San Antonio? Thanks and I look forward to hearing back from you as soon as possible

  123. This message is for Dara Khosrowshahi. I am a very dissatisfied driver for the Uber Ride Share portion of your business. I have tried for over a week to resolve my car type opportunities by trying to get my Volvo XC90 classified as UberX, UberXL, etc. I have been told it does not qualify because it has to seat 6 people plus the driver. My car has three rows of seats and seats 7 people. It is also a 2018 Black Volvo XC90 and I am being put thru the ringer to get it classified as Uber Black. My account information is as follows:

    Name: Larry York
    Phone 603-657-xxxx
    email accounts:
    LLYOxxxx @YAHOO.COM (Uber X and XL account).
    LLYOxxxx @COMCAST.NET (Uber Black account)

    Please call me with updates as I have asked three times for a supervisor from the call center to call me and I have still not gotten a call.

  124. I need to speak tort to someone about a change that was made to my Debit card with out my permission

  125. No problem or complaint. Instead, I am wondering if Uber donates anything such as used laptops or tablets to charities such as an orphanage my husband & I work with just south of the border in Mexico? We are in need of thrm for the children’s online schooling. We recently raised enough $ to build a wifi tower but now need the electronics. It is a 5013C Organization so everything is a tax write off. Please let me know if Uber ever gets involved with this sort of thing. Our son is currently a coder for Uber which is why I thought of you. Thank you for your time.

  126. I’m a driver and I can’t get anyone to call me. I’ve been deactivated unjustly. I did what was asked of me and they came up with another reason for the deactivation. I also get conflicting emails or repetitive emails. All I want is to talk to a human in the security dept (that’s responsible for doing this). I’ve been asking for weeks and no call has come. Until today, 2/11/2012, I was told my documents were fraud or altered. Today it was multiple safety violations, which I don’t have. I have a copy of everything Uber has ever sent to me

  127. Hi good morning my name is Judy last night I called a Uber to pick my husband and I at Popeyes on Lefferts and 119 St upon the Uber arrival of the Uber T679437C Grey Toyota Camry the driver said to me and my husband that he is only allowed to pick up one passenger so I’m writing this complain to make sure that my credit card was not used and to report him.

  128. We have been trying to obtain the 1099k and 1099 NEC for our taxes and have not been successful in obtaining it. We need a hard copy and not a QR code that we were told

  129. No cars available? in Las Vegas? Waiting on a ride unemployment is where all your drivers are? U n Lyft took work from the taxis company capable of working your paying them for unemployment? Get it together!

  130. i need help and i can’t get any im a driver in las vegas nv in america and can’t get by the mask stuff to get rides wth is wrong?????????? noone will help

  131. I was in Florida, USA and had an uber driver who spoke absolutely no english. He had a phone mounted on the dashboard that translated everything i said into English. .

  132. I registered as a new driver last month. Apparently there has been an ongoing technical issue with getting new accounts in the Tampa Bay, Florida area activated and working properly. I’ve spoken to at least 10 different representatives, three times the representatives have said that the problem was being escalated to a supervisor and that I would be contacted by a supervisor by email, phone, or text to help get my issue resolved, and all three times I never received any future contact from Uber staff. Hardly any of the representatives I’ve spoken to speak English as a first language, which makes communicating with any of the extremely difficult. This is truly affecting my ability to earn. I have tried all the common troubleshooting methods that Representatives have sent me, and none of them work. I’m getting ready to contact a lawyer to assist me in resolving the issue because I feel there’s no other recourse. Uber is a tech company and hasn’t fixed this technical issue and it’s been almost, if not over an entire month.

  133. Was charged for 43.20 on uber eats on March 16 2021 . The credit card used was in fact deleted weeks ago. I wNt a full refund or it will be reported and disputed.

  134. My order A67CA totaled 75.66 Uber eats gave me a credit if 13.66 that was never applied even my receipt says no Uber cash or credit was applied and my bank account statement remains the same. They are ignoring me. Where’s the 13.66 credit gone?

  135. Im.trying get appoint at xxx Fells Street to help with an app issue
    Phillip pridgen 443 286 xxxx
    2 cedar tree ct Cockeysville md 21030

  136. I dont understand why these sudden ridiculous prices are being charged or why you think that it’s ok to put someone’s hard earned money on hold…I never had an issue…please get back to me because I’m livid that a normal $14 dollar ride to work popped up as $57…caught me by surprise and was very late to work because of this …somebody please send me an answer…I’ve waited all day and still no response

  137. Look know one has helped me. People in India have no good English. I was Uber driver and have driven 17000 trips and now they say my acct is locked and cannot get a real answer!!!!!

  138. I’ve had too many drivers cancel on me when nothing is wrong. Then the replacements are TOO far for me to wait for and it’s become an inconvenience


  140. Received a gift card. Went to scratch off codes and whole strip came off. Can’t make out the numbers.

  141. I want to know why my card was charged 9.99. I didn’t request a ride and I didn’t even get a notification of any sort explaining the 9.99 charge

  142. Hi my name is shavohndaneke Dillon I ordered there uber eats this since today is my only day off I ordered from a mcdonald’s near me this morning i paid 30 dollars for my food for the uber driver to keep half of my paid food that I paid for Ive been the the app site to ask for full refund of my money back which hasn’t been refund to me uber driver who delivered half my order was named Charles. You can give me a call at 678 629 xxxx

  143. I have been requesting a refund for over 30 hours. I placed an order through UberEats at 2:47pm on 3/19/21. The latest arrival time was 3:55pm. There were no drivers available from the time the order was placed at 2:47 until 4:07 when I cancelled the order. I am being charged for the order because the restaurant prepared the order. Why would UberEats even submit the order knowing there were no drivers available. I called the restaurant and was told my order was complete and had sitting for over an hour. I want a full refund.

  144. Hello Uber Support. I am trying to get my Uber Driver account reactivated. I have sent about 15+ emails and they just reply with the same generic response. Same with when I message in the help section on the driver app. I have been driving with Uber since 2017, and have completed over 1,100 deliveries. I’d like my account reactivated. I went to the Uber greenlight hub location & they said they couldn’t do anything either. I drive for DoorDash, GrubHub. Postmates, Instacart, etc. & have great ratings on all those apps. So if you could please reactivate my Uber Driver profile I’d appreciate it. Thank you!

  145. Hi
    I’m driving BMW X1 M SPORT 2016
    Insurance was due according to Uber (I think was error)because due July 2021.i don’t know why they keep saying my insurance was due.
    Anyway I sent all documents (same as last year.same insurance company)they don’t except.i don’t know what to do.i can’t contact them they are hopeless and useless.i m happy driving with Uber.i sent all pages by one by still not excepting.REGO NUMBER IS
    AKD 304 .may be you can help me
    Thanks have a wonderful day

  146. My uber driver has two different identities, one from Bolivia, one from Mexico. I have been held like a prisoner here. Do not call the local deputies. Sheriff or Police. They are tied to the operation. I need federal officers. I have proof l cannot escape and fear for my life. He is in the same business as my ex when he picked me up. I just did not know it at the time. I think you are all awful…because these things happen and lives are at stake…

  147. Was not paid $475.00 for completing 60 rides in the first 30 days. Not, the weekly adjustment for guaranteed wages. Your immediate attention is needed to remedy this situation without further ado or a complaint be made for assistance from various govt agencies to conduct multiple investigations for cybersecurity crimes and about 15 other crimes that is suspected of being committed by Door dash.

  148. My name is Frances KLEINSASSER I have just joined Uber eats and have been enjoying the app until now I was sent a 30 dollar coupon to use the only thing is my # 850 866 7387 I added to my registration is no longer working I dropped my phone and the screen is no longer working and am told I can’t use the coupon now about 30 or more of my friends will stop using Uber eats if not fixed

  149. I am not a happy customer, I was over charge yesterday for Uber ride yesterday first ride over $36, second $24, third $5, and fourth over charge $14. Price gauging as well as being over charge. This has to stop immediately, and my money need to be refunded ASAP!! Frustrated

  150. On 3/13/21 signed up for a Uber ride in Chicago. I stated this would be my only ride and did not want an account. Paid $23.30 with MasterCard. Was know charged a Uber Pass 800592xxxx Ca in the amount of $24.99. Please advise when the $24.99 will be refunded and that there will be no additional charges. Thank You, Richard Dwyer

  151. Hello, Up until about 2 weeks I have experienced great service. I would appreciate a response to the following issues so that I know what to expect as a (regular) rider:
    1. i am a regular Uber rider, almost every day, as i am a teacher here in Atlanta. I recently relocated from New York City and still learning the area. How can I get a discount rate?
    2. The drivers, for the most part, are fantastic. However, I was recently late to work because even though I scheduled the ride THE NIGHT BEFORE I discovered the booking was cancelled; I therefore had to get another driver. Please advise of any actions I can take to avoid further lateness. 3. Recently for the past several weeks, there has been an inconsistent ride, pricing, and overall app navigation of the Uber app, as a rider, and with drivers. Please advise.

  152. I need my 1090 tax reform tax return from 2020 I can’t get a hold of any body and nobody’s calling me back

  153. I have Uber rides and Uber eats charges that were not authorized by me. My bank’s investigated and determine and verified fraud. We need to identify the person so charges can be filed. You may contact me at 859-907-xxxx or 859-835-xxxx. Thank you! Dallas Cutting

  154. You guys just got in my bank account today and taking money out of it for a ride that I didn’t have

  155. I Oder an Uber today as I do every day I get off work the app says 15 mins when it was about 3 mins it went back to 20 mins the pick up time so I called the driver his name is Ishamel he said traffic. When I was still tracking it went to 20 mins again so I called him again but he did not answer soon after he send a text and say he is coming. About 10 mins later he canceled the ride after wait for 30 mins. That’s not professional and I am highly disappointed. He should have said he is not coming I could have taken another Uber or Lyft.

  156. I have been resubmitting documents for 4 weeks! Yesterday and today I was told all documents were complete and waiting for a background check. This morning I submit my license for the 7 -10th time and is complete. Now the background check is back to pending and wants me to resubmit my inspection. My insurance, registration is complete. I cannot get my background check started because it keeps asking for documents that have already said complete with green checkmark. I just had my car inspected and registered last week. My registration is complete and now my inspection document was complete and now is pending again. The background check green checkmark is gone and pending again. If Uber does not want to hire me, please inform me, so I can apply for Lyft. I have waited an entire month. The Uber site said to send all documents. I have and started a background check today and changed status and now wants my inspection complete for a week now and back to pending. Each day I wake up and another document that has been accepted needs resubmitted. How am I ever going to receive a background check and each day I know the check will take 3-5 business days. Why are they requesting my inspection again when my registration is accepted and complete with green checkmark? This is just to stall the background check. Please, contact me and let me know this company does not want to hire me. Sincerly, Tina Nelson Thank you

  157. Bought zan UBER gift card on Tues pm at TA Truck stop in cola sc and put ,_30 on card for a ride home that eve; when code was entered message underneath said gift code is invalid; was very carefully and store employee Tiny got same negative results, so couldn’t use card that I still have and out $30 that I can’t afford right now

  158. I need someone to call me back I have 2 issues with Uber I need to discuss why don’t you have a customer service contact # I need to speak to someone now

  159. I paid 68.59$ for a uber driver and after they took my money out of my. account tbey said no drivers a aila le


  161. How do I contact a Customer Service Rep??????? Don’t give me the number you post on the website, it hangs up on all calls!

  162. This is Roger Watson been a uber driver for a year 4.98 rated driver also do uber eats Feb 27th try to log on said I needed to do another background check it came back March the 3rd its march 26th and I still cannot drive this is absolutely insane totally unprofessional just called your support still getting the same response uber support still reviewing it how long does it take to review it and fix my account a whole 10 mins this whole experience has me question g whether I should even work for a place that treats their drivers like this ABSOLUTELY UNPROFESSIONAL!!!!

  163. I have tried to cancel monthly Uber Eats acct and I keep getting charged $9.99 a month and I don’t use the service. I need it canceled.

  164. I am the Uber eat driver, I have not received the deposit since February, called Uber support several times, they are unable to solve the problem. Can someone can help me. I have follow through as advised to update the details, the system is not accepting my update. Email several times, not responding.

  165. I have not received payment from Uber since February, called Uber support several times, the problem is still there. The support team is not addressing the issue, email sent to customer support, they are not responding. Could someone in touch with me to solve the issue, I want the money to be deposited. Looking forward Uber to assist and to rectify the problem, thank you.

  166. I’m in Melbourne Florida, I placed on order around 7:30; was called and told the order was at my door. No order was found, I walked around to see if maybe she left it at another home, and couldn’t find it. I called and txt Laura, and she has not responded. Her number is 386-888-xxxx. Please refund my money ASAP. The order was placed at saint remo in west Melbourne. So very sorry, my neighbor brought the food in without my knowledge. All is well

  167. Hello, I have been requesting Uber for many years ago, and after solving a matter that I didn’t know was pending I have been using Lift for the last 4 years.
    I have provided my Debit Cards the same that I use with lift and every time when my card is summited to Uber they always say that my card is wrong and this is been more than a month and the same message is sent to me, and my interest now is to receive a clear detail for the reason why I get that message and how you can fix it, please.

  168. How long are u guys holding drivers money for common mistakes that can happen to anyone. Simple by missing your exit

  169. All your Corporate Numbers are incorrect or Fraudulent. My Debit Card number has been fraudulently used since 02/14/2019

  170. Hi,my name is Malipo Modeste,I’m an Uber driver since 2018.
    My account suddenly stopped working in January while working saying that my background check has expired and asked me to submit that agree to do the background check.
    I did that,and since that time I was not able to go online .1 week after, I called the support team ,they checked with chekrr and said that the company has conducted most of the process but still need to complete the criminal record part.they asked me to call after 3 to 7 business days so I did but they said not yet .since then I don’t work,I called again and tell them that I need to work and support my family,I have a very clean record,since they didn’t send any notice before cutting me off,can I still keep working while you’re conducting that background check?they said yes but will escalate the problem to their supervisor and he should report in 3 to 7 business days. Since then I’ve been calling after each 7busness days for 7 times but in vain. Please I just need to go back on the road but that’s why I searched on Google to find any means that i can be assisted and start working,I really hope that you will help me and get me back to the road.
    Thank you.

  171. on two recent occaisions I ordered an Uber to take me to the airport the next morning. The ride was to be $50.72 On both occaisions I was excessively overcharged on my AMEX. The first time on 2/20/21 I was charged $200.85and the second time on 3/20/21 I was charged $144.19 , again having ordered the car the day before and been given the price. I take this trip many times to the airport and know the proper fare. I would like to be reimbursed for $243.60 on my AMEX.

  172. Uber doesn’t allow me to sign
    Up for an account because another user is using my phone number on his Uber account – (1) 2679731lxxxx. Please help me becoming a customer, I’ve been trying to dove this problem for 2 hours yesterday with no results. I am exasperated.

  173. Someone is fraudulently making charges on my credit/debit card number. They show as Uber trip help.huber.com CA on my bank statement. I need you immediate reply via email then phone please. Three transactions illegal fraudulent – so far. There was an attempt to make a fourth charge yesterday 3/29 for over $380 but it was caught by fraud detection at my bank. Mary A

  174. Somehow Uber has my credit card number and has a recurring monthly charge setup. I have never had ANY contact with Uber in anyway, shape or form. Please email me with instructions on how to get my CC # removed from your system and to stop these recurring charges. Credit card company has been notified and has been crediting my account for these charges for the last 3 months and I want these charges to stop without having to get a new credit card.


  176. HI, i have posted the comment of my missing payment, this is disappeared and have not received reply from Uber. I am the Uber eat delivery, I have not received the deposit since February, I called and email to customer support for Help, no one is addressing my issue, they asked me to update and edit through the apps, I did and nothing happen, I need the deposit ASAP. Would Uber rectify the problem, this is not fair to the your partners.

  177. Please look into the issue, I have not getting the deposit from Uber since Feb, I have email and call support, the issue is not addressed, PLEASE PLEASE rectify the issue, I need the deposit ASAP, thank you

  178. I order Uber service and the car never comes and your charging me for a car that never came and wasn’t coming. I want a refund for my trip today that never came so I cancelled. You still charged me so I want that money put back on card or compensation.

  179. Why has uber eats fees changed as a driver? I love working uber eats but afford to drive with lower fees paid to me. Please advise.

  180. I am thoroughly frustrated with Uber; especially, no opportunity to discuss and resolve an issue. In the past I only heard bad things about Uber’s customer service. Now I’m living it. I usually only use Uber when traveling and my wife makes the contact. My car was at the mechanic for repairs and I need transportation to the pickup the car. I ordered a car at a price of $11-$15. As the minutes ticked down, they stopped with 2 minutes left and no driver appear.This happened a second time. The third time I upgraded as X vehicles were available. The price was $15-20. The driver came about 12 minutes later (It actually took close to 30 minutes to get a car). The ride went well. It took ONLY 11 minutes to get to the repair shop which was 6 miles away. There were no traffic issues and only stopped for red lights. The driver asked if I need a receipt and I said no..big mistake. After I got home, I received a message from Uber that my payment did not go through. I looked at a copy of the receipt and the charge was $62.58…Ridiculous! There was a surge fee of $42.58 which was totally inappropriate. I determined the payment didn’t go through because the 3 digit CVI code was wrong. I corrected the code but contacted my bank (Chase) who had already contacted me asking if the charge was a fraud. The Chase representative was very helpful and we determined the appropriate charge was $20. The bank then authorized a $20.00 payment. I then contacted Uber via The App but have no responsee other than I owe them $42.58. The balance showing of $42.58 should be removed to a zero balance. If not, i would appreciate the opportunity to discuss and resolve the situation. I may be old fashion but direct communication usually affords resolution. The bill should not have been over $20 as indicated prior to my authorizing the trip. There were absolutely no delays and the price initially quoted had no reason for change. My cell phone is 818 326 xxxx. Home – 949 429 xxxx

  181. I thought my complaint was going to Uber and included phone numbers. Please delete them if this not sent to them. Thank you

  182. Dear sir,
    I went uber trip as a rider on 31.03.2021. My trip fare was mentioned Rs.596/21. I paid by cash Rs.600/=. Next day (01.04.2021) i teied to make another trip. But i got messege as “you are not paid for previou trip. Please pay Rs.596/21.
    Theni try to contact uber Srilanka head office, sent emails which were mentioned in website. But everything is pointless. Please solve this problem ASAP.
    Some tuk drivers turn off the app when customer get on & travel after shoet distance.
    Please pay your attentionon this regard.

  183. I was overcharged for a ride
    Way above what the initial posted price wAs. The email uber provides for support is nonfictional

  184. March 4 your one of your driver was late, rude and a hurry. On March 4 your Uber driver short of the destination turn around and look and said he had to go back to Mexico turn and made a U-turn unlock my door and push me out of the car. I’ve been dealing with universal in my insurance company and the bottom line is after 3 1/2 weeks everybody skip it form you. I making you aware because they’re not going to that when you threw me out of the car he left the scene of a felony he also had my iPad or my iPhone 12s in my wallet in the car but I’ve never gotten back and basically the bottom line is I’m telling you that I’m going to file suit in small claims court and I’m going to subpoena Uber United and Brand New Day I making you aware because they’re not going to that when you threw me out of the car he left the scene of a felony he also had my iPad or my iPhone 12s in my wallet in the car but I’ve never gotten back and basically the bottom line is I’m telling you that I’m going to file suit in small claims court and I’m going to subpoena Uber United and Brand New Day and Brand New Day. If no reply for someone tried to run me over that’s in crime show my wallet so my phone and didn’t make you wear of it we’re going to court I’m gonna file SC 100 small claims on Monday and I’m tired of talking to them because obviously you’re not aware of it. I’ll see you in court

  185. I need help. I have been with ubereats for 7 years , I have been doing ubereats for 4 years fulltime everyday. I have never went under 96% rating. I have only recieved 2 thumbs down from restaurants in 4 years. Approximately 4 weeks ago i checked my rating and i was at 98% The very next day i checked to see if I went back to 99% To my surprise I was givien 14 thumbs down in one day. I only did 11 trips that day. I asked ubereats to please look into it. I waited 2 weeks and no reply. During that day while i was working I was deactivated. I asked them to please check my history, I am a professional and love ubereats. I am always polite and respectful to any merchant I see. I have completed over 11300 trips complained. Almost every store loves me and knows me by name. I alomost know all of the employees by name in every restaurant I pick up from. There has to be a mistake. I have called over 60 times and asked to speak to a supervisor so they can look into this . I never recieve a call or reply. I really need to get back on the road . I enjoy what I do and miss it. Please help me and look into this. Check my history and please see how one restaurant is allowed to give ne 14 thumbs down in one day . Its just so unfair that restaurants are allowed to ruin my opportunity. Thank you for reading. I appreciate any help I can get.

  186. I’m inquiring as to what I need to do to become an authorized Uber inspection station in the state of Maryland. Thank you.

  187. hey my name is lemmeco Bradshaw I’m a driver for uber x and uber diamond I got a call from someone name James from uber asking for my email and password he locked me out my account and when I reset the password to get back on the road it won’t let me go online I been calling for the last 4 month to speak to a manager or supervisor everytime I speak with someone they tell me there no supervisor and they can’t help me rudly for some reason

  188. How much is it to someone to take me to 8501 Rock Creek 76123 I’m in 2512 Irion Ave 76106 to and from come back

  189. Hi I was actually trying to find the CEO information but I’ll write a complaint as well. I ordered a McDonald’s Big Box from McDonald’s and 2 fish filet sandwiches with a large caramel frappe on 4/3/21. I’m missing the 2 fish filet sandwiches, which were $5.15 each and would like my money refunded to my account. I tried the Uber help and it pronpted a message as though this has been done many times which is a lie because I just started back using Uber Eats. I was using Door Dash. I can assure you this has not been done many times. It’s NEVER the customer fault if the restaurant which whom you have contracts with doesn’t read the ticket correctly. If the restaurant is doing this very frequently it still doesn’t mean the customer does not deserve to get there money refund. Keeping someone’s money snd not holding up your end of the bargain is definitely not integrity. I have integrity. I definitely wouldn’t lie about items not received and I am a tipper because I know how it can be . I want a refund for the 2 missing fish sandwiches in which I had to reorder because it was not given to me . Thank you.

  190. Uber, could you responding to the message, I have not received the deposit since February, I have follow through exactly as advised, received $0, would you look into and address the issue

  191. A so called friend of mine stole my phone along with my email credit card number phone number and she’s trying to do rides on my account her name isbsilonja garcia my name is cheryl Henju plz dont let her do fraud help shut down the accountt thank you email is c3235350425 I’m pressing charges plz help thank you so much cheryl

  192. Hi.

    Heide Galva.

    Heidxxxx @gmail.com

    Trying for a week to have uber update my information because let them know that i lost my device and old phone number and they refused to update my old phone number to new one. I can only use the website to order rides i am not comfortable using it that way and my account has been restricted. Now I delete my mom secondary payment in my account since we ride together. Trying to cancel uber pass and deleted my debit card. Leave only my paypal. Keep contacting them. To authorized me in new device. New phone number. Can you guys fix it over there. I can not anymore. Thanks. Need my account close. Not paying fir this . Requesting closing account heidxxxx @hotmail.com 630-656-xxxx and 773-569-xxxx.

  193. I was hit by a passenger Women got mad because I told her to pit in a stop SOMETHING WAS WRONG WITH HER II made police report and the mall has a video I got deactivated for a pax who made a lie up I have proof pictures video I was a victim please contact me

  194. Checkr unable to preform back ground checks 5+ months no results other companies are able to do back ground checks in less than 48 hours. At what point or what time frame is the time to switch to a back ground check company that can do the task.

  195. You charged my account 9.99 fraudulently. I dont even have the ubereats app. I want a refund. I’ve already contacted BBB consumer fraud.

  196. Despite the fact that I am a very good driver / safe, fast.no missing rides / check my record, my account has been suspended I do not agree and please intervene.

  197. I have a 50.00$ gift card on my old android phone which was replaced with a new phone . I have never used the gift card.the code4317, 201-380-xxxx .how can l get it on new phone? newnumber 215-678-xxxx same as the old one.

  198. When checking my credit card statement, I noticed that I’ve been charged for Uber pass for 24.99 a month. I have no idea what this is or how I signed up for it. Can you please refund my money? How does this happen?

  199. Please have someone call me- I had a very disturbing experience last night with a driver – I then refused to get in the car, and he cancelled the ride.

  200. Order on 4/7 @ Arby’s 11:30am at 2pm still haven’t received my food. I had to walk an get my own food. I’m Diabetic my sugar bottomed out on me. Due to not eating. You can contact Arby’s on
    Field’s Ertel Mason, Ohio. I want refund. This should have never happened.

  201. I’m a 6yr driver that moved to Alabama from Seattle! I also changed my phone number and email addresses! I need my tax information for 2019, 2020, and I’m unable to retrieve my tax numbers! I need help as the UBER’s platform won’t allow me get this info. Another thing is I’d like to start working in Alabama but I gotta get my taxes done now! Please help me!

  202. I never paid $102 for the same trip that I always paid $40-50 for.
    I only use uber to and from the airport.
    Is it possible to credit my account

  203. Uber took $600 for a $206 uber ride. Now I’m stuck with no money and I’m in another state that I don’t know anything about with no money.

  204. My complaint is that Uber has nothing in place to retrieve ur phone back, if leave ur phone in the Uber car. This is crazy crazy that means you have to report the phone stolen due to Uber will return the phone. I going stop using Uber..

  205. Your app says Eastern daylight time instead of Eastern standard time which should I assume my driver will be using if I’ve asked for a ride

  206. My name is aaliyah turner i called for a uber cab and naver got picked up and driver took $92.00 from my account this was in the location of Oxford north Carolina Granville co.

  207. I was charged a different price on my last trip this morning . I chose and clicked on for a ride of $27.05. you charged me 37.05 and with added fees charged me a total of 47.05 which is not right and wrong. I did not click on a ride for $37.05. This is not right. I have been trying all different way to address my issue and it’s almost impossible to get in touch with my problem. Please when I click on a ride please charge me for the price I chose and not a much higher price that I did not click on. Please refund me my $10.05 to my debit card only and not uber cash which is what you seem to do. If you took my money through my debit card please refund me through my debit card.

  208. My name is aaliyah turner on 4/12021 between the 2 dates 4/3/2021 i oder a cab a uber cab and the driver charged me$ 92.00 then he or she kept taken from my account if $13.00 then $3.00 then a $1.00 then $14.00 then took $80.00 some of dollars from my account and then went to take$ 148.00 made a walmart transaction also from my bank account i would like a refund to my new bank account. Thanks in advance the driver was to pick me up from Oxford north Carolina to henderson north Carolina and did not show but took from my bank account p.s. again contacting your office about this problem my name is aaliyah turner my email address is aaliyahturnxxxxxx @gmail.com

  209. Hello
    I am a Mortgage Broker and am facilitating a Mortgage to purchase a home of one of your employees. She says everything is Digital. However I need a Company address and phone #. Would you please supply this to me? Thanks Ken Batson Turn Key Realty & Mortgage

  210. Uber driver didn’t pick me up on the April 9 12:55 the driver cancelling the ride i paid for to be picked up you guys took my money off my debit card so put it’s back please thank you

  211. Trying to see why my debit card do work with uber I use it every night with uber they want except my.payment I need my uber account to work have to get home at night please check and see whats wrong please 773217xxxx thank you.cant get in touch with anyone to help I have money on card I been uesing it all the time

  212. Support is Useless! Complaining about getting charged Everytime in& out for Toll to my acc, but its Free, NO Charge @GW Casino Gates (A 15min grace)!🤬

  213. I was at Publix at 545 S Belcher Rd in Clearwater Florida on Thursday April 8th. I bought a 100.00 dollar gift card. I spoke to the manager Kim she has the receipt in her system as well as surveillance of the purchase. I have been ignored and treated like a liar. Please open investigation and rectify issue.

    Publix- 1 727 797 xxxx

    Johnny.r.waxxxx @gmail.com
    727 623 xxxx

  214. I have a issue and since I don’t have a mobile app. and the person on your uber help. com , could not answer or fix the problem I am reaching out for a productive phone numberer a customer service person to call. I look forward to hearing from you.
    thank you

  215. Hi I work for Dish. Our warehouse here in Sacramento shares a building with an Uber Greenlight Inspection facility.
    Every day- MULTIPLE times a day, we have people looking for Uber waltz into our warehouse interrupting our work.
    Property Management here does not allow signs etc, otherwise that would have been a route we would have taken.
    I have also taken it to Google maps to adjust their drop pin and to add pictures warning your contractors that our Bay doors are not for your vehicle inspections. This however did not solve the issue.
    Every day, same problem. 1 or 2 people every few days is already disruptive enough, but then we have people who wander into our facility simply because our doors are open ( we have to leave them open for delivery and other logistical needs), and then as mentioned above, we have to stop what we are doing to assist your contractors. Since half of our job here doing inventory involves counting… I can not tell you how absolutely frustrating it is to constantly have to restart our counts.

    We would really appreciate some collaborative effort in resolving this issue, as it really does impact our work here.
    If no correspondence results from this, I will forward this issue upwards to our district manager.

  216. I am a new account and specifically signed up to take my family to the airport. I requested my ride 3 days in advance. On the day of the scheduled ride, I received a notice 20 minutes before we were due to be picked up with the car/driver map sending updates. At the time the driver was supposed to be here I received a notice that said the ride was not available. This is so unacceptable and false advertising. I am extremely disappointed with your services and will not recommend nor use this service due to lack of integrity and promise of fulfilling a service with which I was promised.

  217. Signed up for Uber Eats driver and app won’t accept my license “driver’s privilege card” means I can’t go to Canada without alternate ID and this is standard license around here

  218. I keep being charged for something I don’t even use please take me off whatever it is I’m on I have my own car and I drive myself everywhere I’ve only used your services one time that yet I’ve been charged several I’ve been to the bank and they acknowledge the problem so please fix this cuz I do not use your services and will not use your services thank you

  219. The Uber Customer Support will not reactivate my Uber account even though I provided photos of my vehicle and provided the Police Report that states it wasn’t my fault.

    The worst part is Uber sent me an email message that informed me how to Re- Activate my Uber account.
    Per Uber guidance on April 8, 2021, I rented a car from Avis Rental Car company on April 9, 2021 for $245.00.

    Since Uber haven’t reactivate my Uber account, I will lost money on the car rental. Uber still have not provided me with any reason for this other the Safety team is reviewing my case. If that is reason, then why did they the message that I could rent a car while my car get repaired.

    Antonio Stewart
    (301) 955 – xxxx
    I only do Uber-Eats.

  220. I was just charged $24.99 and I did not authorize that charge. I need to have the charges reversed. Can you help me?

  221. Thank you Uber for signing the Joint Statement on Protecting Voting Access!
    I am glad to know that Uber’s leaders are standing up for democracy. I believe all people are created equal and ALL have the right to vote. I am frustrated with the way many members of the leadership of the Republican party seem to be working only for their own personal gain and interests, rather than for the interests of the majority of Americans. The fact that one party has the ability to constantly hold the entire legislative process hostage and prevent policies that most citizens support from being enacted is wrong. The fact that they are now focusing on limiting citizens’ right to vote in order to get their own way is incredibly disturbing. 
    Keep standing strong for EVERYONE’S right to vote!
    Dana Jacobson
    Bellevue, WA
    PS – it would be great if you’d also take a firm stand for gun control; it’s ridiculous that we continue to deal with so many shootings – especially mass shootings – in this supposedly rich, developed, first-world country.

  222. I am an Uber driver. I have been for quite some time. For the past several months, there has been a Promo twice per day here in Upstate New York. I have participated almost everyday, and completed trips to earn extra money with this Quest. However, As I do almost every day, I participated in the Quest on Sunday, April 11th and completed 5 trips and I also did the same on Wednesday, April 14th where I completed the entire Quest of earn up to an additional $40 for completing up to 8 trips between the hours of 5-9 pm EST, which I completed all 8 trips. I have yet to be paid for these 2 promotions and I am quite angry at this point. I’ve contacted Support so many times, I’ve lost count. I’ve used the app, I’ve phoned them. Last I was told last yesterday evening that my promotion payment of $40 for Wednesday, April 14, 2021 was being processed and here I am still awaiting the compensation I HAVE EARNED. This is totally unacceptable, I cannot get any type of assistance with Support and I should not even have to be going thru this as my promotion should have been posted immediately upon my completing each requirement, as it has done 2 twice daily for months.
    I earned the Promotional Earning and I want my earnings posted IMMEDIATELY

  223. My husband worked for Uber Eats and had a traumatic brain injury. I am now left to handle our personal affairs alone. I have to file taxes and do not have access to the 1099 for his wages at all. His phone service was not kept on at the time because I was dealing with the medical issues since Sept 2020. I am requesting that document and I have all pertinent documents needed if requested.

  224. I sent the below email and your other form help resources. I have been trying to get this resolved and no one has contacted me. Please review and have someone call me to resolve my issue before I get more fraud charges. I can not load the app to use the help selection on the app.
    To: “[email protected]
    Date: 04/10/2021 1:20 PM
    Subject: Possible Urber Account being hacked – Please Help ASAP
    I am having serious issues with my Uber account. On April 3 I was having issues with my account so I un-installed my Uber App and tried installing it again.  When it got to part where you send a code, every time I try putting the code I get a message saying “The SMS passcode you’ve entered is incorrect” even though it is the right code. I can’t get pass this to set-up a new account.  Problem 1

    2nd Problem, even though I have not been able to set-up my account  via the app since April 3rd, I see charges on my bank account.  I have 3 pending charges, one is for $26.57 and says Trip San Francisco CA. The other 2 Pending charges are for $8.00 each that say Pending Urber.com Sa