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Southwest Airlines Co. Headquarters Phone Number and Address.

Company Website
Corporate Address
2702 Love Field Dr.
Dallas, TX
Company Contact
Gary C. Kelly
Chairman, President and CEO
Phone Number
(214) 792-4000
Fax Number
(214) 792-5015
Employee Count
Twitter IDs


What is Southwest Airlines’ Corporate Office Phone Number?

Southwest Airlines’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-214-792-4000.


What is Southwest Airlines’ Customer Service Phone Number?

Southwest Airlines’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-800-435-9792 (1-800-I-FLY-SWA).


Other Southwest Airlines Phone Numbers:

Southwest Airlines Baggage/Luggage Problems phone number: 1-214-560-3600

Southwest Airlines Customer Care phone number: 1-214-932-0333

Southwest Airlines Reservations phone number: 1-800-733-1137

What is Southwest Airlines’ Headquarters Address?

Southwest Airlines’ Corporate Office Mail Address is:

Southwest Airlines Co.
2702 Love Field Drive.
Dallas, Texas 75235.

The Southwest Customer Service Mail Address is:

Southwest Airlines
P.O. Box 36647-1CR
Dallas, Texas 75235


How do I Contact Southwest Airlines Customer Support?

Call the numbers listed above or contact Southwest Airlines via:

Southwest Airlines’s Email Address: Use the Email Form to ask a question.

Southwest Airlines’s Contact Us page can be found here.


Contact Southwest Airlines on Social Media:

Southwest Airlines on Twitter: @SouthwestAir

Southwest Airlines on Facebook:

Southwest Airlines Headquarters Executive Team.

Southwest Airlines’s management team consists of:

Gary C. Kelly
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

Tom Nealon – President

Michael G. Van de Ven
Chief Operating Officer

Robert E. Jordan
Executive Vice President Corporate Services

Tammy Romo
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Andrew Watterson
Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer

Greg Wells
Executive Vice President Daily Operations

Craig Drew
Senior Vice President Air Operations

Steven Goldberg
Senior Vice President Operations and Hospitality

Chris Monroe
Senior Vice President Finance

Linda B. Rutherford
Senior Vice President and Chief Communications Officer

Mark R. Shaw
Senior Vice President General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Alfred “Jack” Smith
Senior Vice President Operations

Kathleen Wayton
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Stan Alexander
Vice President, Technology – Data and Architecture

Elizabeth Bryant
Vice President Southwest Airlines University

Matt Buckley
Vice President Cargo and Charters

Paul Cullen
Vice President Finance – Financial Planning & Analysis

Katherine Findlay
Vice President Internal Audit

Reid Grandle
Vice President Corporate Strategy

Ryan Green
Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

Anthony Gregory
Vice President Ground Operations

Matt Hafner
Vice President Network Operations Control

Scott Halfmann
Vice President Safety and Security

Justin Jones
Vice President Operational Strategies and Performance

Alan Kasher
Vice President Flight Operations

Leah Koontz
Vice President Controller

Sonya Lacore
Vice President Inflight Operations

Erika Linford
Vice President Technology – Commercial

Russell McCrady
Vice President Labor Relations

Thomas Merritt
Vice President Technology – Infrastructure & Services

Bob Montgomery
Vice President Airport Affairs

Landon Nitschke
Vice President Maintenance Operations

James A. Ruppel
Vice President Customer Relations and Rapid Rewards

Sherry Staber
Vice President Technology – Enterprise Management & Technical Operations

Trevor Stedke
Vice President Technical Services

Bill Tiffany
Vice President Supply Chain Management

Ellen Torbert
Vice President Diversity and Inclusion

Jason Van Eaton
Vice President Governmental Affairs

Chris Wahlenmaier
Vice President Customer Support & Services

Kay Weatherford
Vice President Revenue Management & Pricing

Julie Weber
Vice President People

Southwest Airlines Board of Directors.

Board of Directors
David W. Biegler
J. Veronica Biggins
Douglas H. Brooks
William H. Cunningham, PhD, Presiding Director
John G. Denison
Thomas W. Gilligan, PhD
Gary C. Kelly, Chairman of the Board
Grace D. Lieblein
Nancy B. Loeffler
John T. Montford, J.D.
Ron Ricks, Vice Chairman of the Board


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86 Reviews and Complaints for Southwest Airlines Headquarters

  1. My name is Jorge Dailey case #49637417
    I was told to email you about my refund case I only received partial refund. Please look into this at (530) 320-xxxx or email me thank you

  2. I purchased two tickets to SAN. The airline posted the purchase to my credit card company. Yesterday. Today, 24 hours later, Southwest says there are no tickets. I am out $699. My credit card company, Citi, says the two tickets were purchased. I would like a callback to resolve so that I can afford to make my trip. This is exactly the type of problem not to have when a family member’s life is on the line.

  3. My sister had a confirmed flight from SYR to SAT on Aug 11, 2022 but it was cancelled due to weather conditions but there is a flight leaving SYR coming to SAT at 2:45 PM and arriving at 10:00 PM and that flight is on time. How can one be cancelled but the other one is not? Is there anyway you can help her get on the 2:45 flight. We have a very planned out trip and this delay is going to throw everything off. I am a disabled veteran and I was really looking forward to her visit. My birthday is tomorrow and she was going to be my present. Please help me get her here tomorrow.

  4. Please give me a call my name is Denver Williams, it happened yesterday morning leaving Las Vegas flight 3011 at 5:05 in the morning headed to Kansas City Missouri, I have a heart device I told the person in charge my buddy was with me he told him also and they put me through the wrong machine not only once but twice sent though. And one of the workers there send something to their supervisor, that he was told wrong and that’s why he sent me through there. I did complain to them, they did not act like that I was important at all. I love flying Southwest airlines but this needs to be addressed immediately please I was TSA approved causing my heart to flutter when I got on the plane, it calm down so I did not say anything there, but I would like for somebody to give me a call at 816-215-xxxx please

  5. I would like to understand why my Samsung S7 device is no longer compatible with your mobile app. Could it be that it forces “Early Bird Check In” purchases since a customer is no longer able to check in with the app??? Very frustrating…!!!

  6. I am a senior 79 years old and my husband is 89 years. We live on social
    Security and are limited on funds. My
    Husband is a Korean War Vet. I am crying from the mixup on our unused
    $629.00 credit for cancelling of our
    Jan 6th ticket due to the COVID virus
    And then my husband fell and hurt his
    Back. He was under therapy and
    Could not travel until I called SW to
    Use my credit to see my son in CÁ.
    They have a record for a one way
    Ticket mistaken that my sick husband
    Booked a one way ticket to Vegas.
    How can this be as he never left his
    Home in Hatboro PA. David my
    Husband wants to see his son before
    He dies! Confirm 2XAXVV. David
    Lenzner. He has a heart condition and
    This situation is causing him much
    Stress. If not done in a timely manner
    We will go take this to court and sue
    And go to the press! 215420xxxx
    Or 267810xxxx.

  7. I am very appalled about the situation that I endured on my 10th year Anniversary vacation with southwest as i booked over 40 family and friends to fly with us and experienced the most difficult time doing so. I opened a claim and sent all information to you guys and its been almost a month. I haven’t heard anything back as of yet. This situation is discouraging and makes me want to NEVER fly southwest again. If someone could reach out to me for further details regarding my experience I would greatly appreciate it.

  8. I am a lifelong SW Airline 78 year old customer who will look elsewhere for flights now that SW refused to honor a travel funds refund of $177 incurred on Nov 26 2021.

  9. I am a frustrated customer trying to get an explanation for status/progress about my lost telephone 1 left on Saturday April 2nd on flight #3394 from LAX to HOU. I continued on flight 4013 to GSP. I filed a lost item report evening of April 2, the report ID is 1782 559. I have since attempted several times to get status and have not succeeded . The only useful human contact I’ve had is with the lady who was cleaning the airplane when it went to Dallas after my flight. She said she would turn the phone in to “someone Southwest Flight Ops in Dallas”. Please let me know what number to call and who to speak to.

  10. We have not received email from you for our vouchers on confirmation
    # 3BTOJG and #32B83M
    they each suppose to be for $268.96

  11. 1430 Cj @las vegas airport 8 feb 2022 wS very nasty and yelling to my husband and I about blocking the isle. Stella the prospect rep dropped us off there. Cj came over screaming that we could not stay there , i said i was moving then he went off again. There is a camera right where we were . I went over to c22 to ask for a supervisor he started screaming againing i felt sorry for that you leady i didn’t get her name. Mike p supervisor spoke with cj first, ar that time cj was still being loud behibd the door to the plane we could still hear him. the he spoke with ither passengers that werent even there yet. he only spoke with the non black people never spoke to the black man and woman who saw everything. He finally came back to us. All i wanted was an apology he basically said that wasn’t going to happen. Then left with cj still with his voice raised

  12. My name is Herbert Goldstein. My wife and I had reservations to fly from Harrisburg Pennsylvania directly to Austin Texas on August 17th just for the weekend to attend the funeral of my brother who had died from covid in Austin Texas. We were going down for his private funeral.. He was only 43 years old. 5 days to 6 days before we were to leave, my wife and I both came down with COVID. So we had to cancel our round trip flights from Harrisburg Pennsylvania to Austin Texas and back at the end of the weekend, as we were both hospitalized with covid. Her confirmation number was 3HZPOB. The name was Linda Goldstein.. I had a separate confirmation number, 3MKUGR. We both canceled and we’re givin credit for future trips. Since that time my wife who was 75 died of covert, and her credit will no longer be used because she is now gone. I would respectfully ask for her credit to be turned into a refund to her credit card, which I am maintaining for her until everything is settled with her estate. I on the other hand will be 81 in April, and I have had diabetes all of my life, as a result of getting COVID, I had to be placed on a ventilator, unfortunately they were able to save me, but my left leg had to be removed. I also have been left with congestive heart failure. I therefore will not be able to travel anymore but plane or any other transportation session. Therefore, a credit for both of us, especially since my wife is now gone and I am in very bad health, and I do not know how much longer I am going to live, we ask that both of our credit cards be credited with a refund. It isn’t much money, but to me it will be some funds that will help us survive financially.. I am hopeful that you will understand my fire medical situation, and recognize that having a credit is just useless for me, so I asked for a refund to our credit cards to. I’m hopeful that you will contact me and let me know that you understand my predicament, I’m requesting a refund for my late wife and for myself is very fair and appropriate under these circumstance. My direct line is 717-991-5919. I would appreciate hearing from you or someone knowing that credits for both of these will be given to our cards. Once that is done and several other things are completed for my late wife, I will cancel that card, and put the matter to rest.. in my situation, I will keep the card until I recognize that it is near the end for me, so I would like you to credit my card from which I my purchased my ticket. I live at 2900 Parkside Lane at the moment, in Harrisburg Pennsylvania, but my daughters are moving me to a nursing home in the Harrisburg area in 2 weeks.. I have always been a realist and I know I’ll be joining my wife very very soon.. I look forward to hearing from you. With respect, Herbert Goldstein.

    confirmation number

  13. Gary C Kelly, I am aware you are a sponser for Sundance. I thought you might want to know how they treat the UNLV film students
    Our daughter Isabelle Link is a senior at UNLV and is a film major. She has gone every year to Sundance Film Festival at Park City, Utah. Last year was cancelled do to Covid. This year was scheduled to be in person. She bought her tickets in advance for $750 to attend the film showings there. Sundance cancelled in person attendance two weeks before the event. She assumed she would be refunded her money. Sundance said they will not refund the money because the money they paid goes to a non profit organization! Unreal! She did not give the money because it was charity she paid so she could attend the film showing and network with people in the industry! She paid for something. If she was asked to give $750 to charity for nothing she would not have done it! She works a job so she could afford to do these things! It is wrong!
    I hope you might be able to help!

    Thank you,
    Rebecca & Gary Link

    Isabelle Link
    UNLV Film Major
    702-677 xxxx

    She would love to talk to you.

  14. Gary C. Kelly
    Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

    Tom Nealon – President

    Michael G. Van de Ven
    Chief Operating Officer

    Robert E. Jordan
    Executive Vice President Corporate Services

    Tammy Romo
    Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
    All this CEO and Chief I have one request to you go home and hug your kids because my kids finally coming home after long 4 months of college but your airplane as always delayed. From BWI to Phoenix waiting at the airport it took them almost 10hours. You take our hard earned money and make passengers wait hours after hours. How do you feel about that. It is very disgusting you take our money and treat your customers like that. Last week it took me 13 hours all together to arrive in Tucson. So I hope you look into this matters and email me what are you going to do about this. If have a feeling for us people then do something about it.

  15. My name is Estelle Rayan. I made a one way flight booking going from Orange County airport to Portland on Nov 23rd. From Portland to New York on Dec 7th. From New York back to Orange County on Dec 26th. Confirmation number was 2WV843. I have one son in Portland and another son in New York. I was going to spend Thanksgiving in Portland and Christmas in New York. I am 74 yrs old. I have never kept track of my Rapid Reward points. I was emailed my reservation and was told my points were used and I paid a small tax fee. I called to cancel my trip to New York as my son had a business trip during my visit. The agent then told me I never had a reservation to Portland and would have been told that when I got to the airport on Nov 23rd, although I still have the email with my confirmation. Imagine me being shocked at the airport. I was so excited to be with my son for Thanksgiving. She then told me it was a mistake as I did not have enough of points and would have to pay $800 plus dollars to keep my travel for Nov 23rd. She then got me a one way ticket to Portland on Nov 30th with my points, and I had to pay $283.98 for my return fare. I agreed as I definitely wanted to see my son. I am a US citizen. Is this how Southwest Airlines treat a widowed senior citizen? So now I will not be spending Thanksgiving with my son. Also missing Christmas with my other son. Yes, Southwest is not responsible for my trip being cancelled to New York. I will be spending both holidays alone. Why is it my fault if your agent made an error? The gentleman was looking at my points while booking my trip. I wasn’t. Btw, he was very courteous. I would like a response ASAP. Thank you,
    Estelle Rayan.

  16. Please don’t give in to the Radical Democrats Covid-19 vaccine mandates. Everyday they try to take our freedoms away under that are under the US Constitution & our God given rights. I love SW & your employees who make flying enjoyable. Please stand up for your employees rights. They are a huge part that makes your airline so great! I beg you to reconsider.
    Thank you.

  17. i have a husband who for the first time has a need of wheelchair assistance. I booked and paid for early boarding not knowing i didn’t need to do that since he is in wheelchair and would be put on plane first. I called same day of booking and asked for credit back to my account and was told “no” because early booking is not refundable. I feel there are always exceptions and being a senior and not having to use a wheelchair before and notifying customer service within minutes, this could have been cancelled right away. I AM A SENIOR and live on limited income. I HAVE BEEN FAITHFUL PATRON of southwest airline’s for years. Please if someone can correct this, it would be greatly appreciated. This is a special trip home to visit our great granddaughter. PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN.
    thank you and GOD BLESS YOU. My contact information is; E-MAIL-gertxxxxxx–PH.#813-634-xxxx, cell ph.# 813-535-xxxx

  18. Request. I travel. I love SWA. I don’t do banks!!!! Nor would I pay a yearly fee to a co-operation that already Gouges every account holder. PLEASE ADD Credit Union— be kind to those of use who Want a SWA CARD to buy our tickets & rack up more miles!

  19. It appears that SWA has eliminated all nonstop service between Baltimore and Oakland. This has a negative effect on me and my family. It also has a negative effect on all who fly commercially between the Washington, DC/Baltimore and San Francisco Bay regions. You are allowing United Airlines to dominate this market…a severe setback for consumers. Please restore nonstop service and/or add nonstop service from BWI, DCA or IAD to SFO or OAk.

  20. to Gary Kelley

    Southwest Airlines has a problem that is cheating some customers. I have submitted 3 complaints to Customer service but they don’t even recognize the issue. This is likely to become a “class action” matter so somebody with brain needs to get busy to correct it.
    I previously handled complaints for a Corporate president. I am not an idiot. I solved problems.

    You claim that if a party cancels a flight Southwest promises they can reuse those fund within a certain period. I cancelled a flight but my funds are in limbo and not available to me ever.

    sent to Southwest Airlines complaint reservation on 5/16/21

    I Jimmie Dale Whiting Rapid rewards No 99618470 booked a fight on 5/15 2KOKKS and attempted to use funds ($240.96) from an earlier cancelled flight 4EFDTX, but the system would not permit the use of the funds from 4EFDX, so I paid the full amount on my credit card.

    I immediately tried to call Southwest but call were delayed over 2 hours.

    Eventually reached a Southwest Rep who discovered the problem was that I had misspelled my first name on the cancelled flight. I entered Jimie Dale Whiting, instead of Jimmie Dale Whiting on flight 4EFDTX but used my correct Rapid rewards No 99618470 .

    The Southwest Rep claims those funds from4EFDTX can never be used unless I book a flight with the name “Jimie Dale Whiting.

    That is crazy. Had I tried to board the earlier flight I would have been discovered that “Jimie” is not my real name. Since it was cancelled, those funds will never be used.

    I expect you to transfer the funds from 4EFDTX to 2KOKKS as you promise. I do not want to keep my funds from a cancelled flight that I can never use.

    Jimmie Dale Whiting 727-251-xxxx JimWhitingfxxxxx

    on July 12, 2021 I received an E-mail under Case#26355027) sending me a credit of $200 because I complained. This is just to appease me, not correct the problem and it does not cover my funds still in LIMBO.

    Please give this to somebody with the authority to correct a problem and who has brain.

    Jimmie Whiting 727-251-xxxx jimwhitingfxxxxx

  21. My husband and I carefully planned a 37 year anniversary trip to Hawaii for June 14-June 29, 2021. I purchased airline tickets on 2/21/2021, round trip, for $1304.00. We were supposed to leave Bradley at 6:00 am on June 14. Southwest changed our flight to approximately 6:00 pm . After departure on June 14 Southwest canceled or delayed 5 out of 6 of our flights. Our first connection at Chicago Midway was delayed 2 times, then cancelled at approximately 11:30 pm. As a result we were forced to sleep on the airport floor to make our rescheduled flight at 7:50 am on 6/15. Confirmation #3ZFLJN. We missed staying at my sisters home in Oakland and instead we slept on trash bags a custodian in the bathroom gave us. We finally landed in Oakland at 10:30 am on 6/15. We unfortunately had to stay in the Oakland airport all day as our 5:30 pm flight was delayed 2 times, leaving at approximately 7:30 pm. These delays caused stress and anxiety as we had to drive out of the airport to get new covid testing to enter Hawaii. Hawaii requires covid testing 72 hours before arrival. New testing cost $40. We finally arrived in Hawaii at approximately 10:00 pm on 6/15.
    We had a wonderful 12 day vacation. Then Southwest failed us again upon returning home on June 29, 2021. We flew from Hawaii to Oakland without delay on 6/28. Then we received 4 text messages stating our flight #3869 home on 6/29 was delayed 4 times. Our flight was to leave 11:20 am on 6/29. After 4 delays it was to leave at 3:00 pm causing us to miss our connections home to Bradley airport. We checked online and there were no Southwest flights available on the 6/29 or 6/30. We needed to return home for caregiver and job responsibilities. We found a Delta flight with 3 available seats and booked 2 seats at a cost of $2005 plus $60 in baggage fees. On 6/29 we were on hold with southwest customer service for 2 hours and were disconnected. Then sat on hold for four more hours before speaking to a customer service representative. Southwest had no availability to get us home. We had no choice but to make alternate arrangements. I filed 4 complaints on the southwest website complaints #25949160, 25943954, 259449160, and case # 26082398 . The case number was emailed to me after my fourth complaint when Southwest offered us a $200 voucher for future flights. Southwest did credit us $249 for the cancelled flight from Oakland to Hartford on 6/29 since there were no connections available to get us home to Hartford. We have no use for any vouchers for future flights. We have no intention of traveling any time in the near future. Vouchers expire in one year. We want Southwest to reimburse us for the $2005 Delta flight that we had to take to get home. Southwest failed miserably 5 of 6 of our flights. They ruined the joy and relaxation of our carefully planned vacation of a lifetime on both ends of the trip. My husband and I are senior citizens who were subjected to financial loss, stress, anxiety and 2 lost days sitting/sleeping in airports . We feel a 30 billion dollar company can reimburse us for their inability to get us home. We payed $1304 Southwest plus $2005 (Delta airlines)in flight fees (minus the $249 refund). The emotional stress and lost time cannot be compensated for. We booked our reservations in good faith well in advance in February so our vacation would be perfect. Southwest failed in their responsibility to give us a return flight home to our responsibilities. We had no choice but to make alternate plans. The July 4 holiday weekend made rebooking flights very difficult. We feel Southwest should compensate us for our additional costs to get home. We do not want any vouchers for future flights that we have no use for.
    Thank you for considering our requests
    Lori Suzik
    xx Morris road
    BroadBrook CT 06016

  22. I would like to speak with a member of senior management to discuss problems we had with two different trips. I can be reached at 1-413-204-xxxx or my email at scorxxxx Thank you

  23. my ex girlfriend purchased a ticket for me and i gave her the money. my name is on the ticket but she as the confirmation number and ticket number. but we are not talking anymore. is there a way for me to get credit for my ticket? i don’t have the last 4 of her credit card or any ticket information. i only know the dates we were leaving and coming back. Is there any way for me to get a credit for that ticket? my name is on the ticket but i paid her cash.

  24. I would like to speak with someone regarding my wife’s canceled flight, rebook and delay. Kelly ( my wife) original flight 2zsjwq was at 2:40pm, that fight was canceled and she was rebooked on a 10:05pm which now has been delayed to 10:55 departure. when she called earlier in the day there were no other options to return to Denver between these two flights. while at the airport, she found two outgoing flights to Denver that were not full, puting her in Denver almost 2 hours earlier than the flight she was rebooked on. speaking with customer service? tonight I spoke with three individuals (the last manager was Ginger). asked her what she could do for us and was told they cannot do anything. there was not a person that I spoke to that could offer an apology or a statement of understanding until I mentioned it. I waited an hour and half to speak with someone in the customer service dept only to be told or offered nothing. Ginger said I would have to contact the customer relations dept, and they could not call me because they are an inbound call center or I could contact them through chat or email. My one question asked of all three customer service individuals “what can you do for me?” To add insult to injury, we paid for advance boarding and she is on a rebooked flight so her boarding priority is B?.

  25. To Mr. Gary Kelly,

    I’m writing regarding my rapid rewards points. I do understand due to COVID scheduling adjustments have been erratic. But when I read dollar amount (of fight cancellations) could be switched over to rewards points I chose to do that. I frequently fly to Houston cancer center but since I am in remission my local doctor has been ‘keeping track’ of me for the time being. When I call to arrange this transfer I was told the closing date had been December 15 2020.
    I had read the following information.
    “We have added a new benefit for our valued Rapid Rewards Members. Those members who have travel funds that are set to expire or funds that are created between March 1, 2020 and September 7, 2020 will have the option to convert those travel funds into Rapid Rewards points at the same rate you would be able to purchase a ticket with points today.
    ( Although my cancellation was in February 2020, I was given this extension) “We hope this provides our members ultimate flexibility as Rapid Rewards points never expire, never by cancel or change fees (fare difference may apply) and you can redeem your points for anyone you choose. “
    Your statement above was not explicit, as a closing date was not mentioned at that time. Please transfer my travel funds amount to my rapid rewards.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Bonnine Carpmail
    Email Address:
    Phone: 253-209-xxxx
    Rapid Rewards # 201459xxxx

  26. To President,My wife and I (81) were on your flight 3117, from STL to Fort Myers yesterday. Upon arrival at STL airport there were no personnel to help me in a wheelchair! After waiting over 30 minutes, my wife (79) had to push me through security while I held two suite cases all the way to the gate. We have been loyal Southwest customers for over 30 years but we have never had such horrible service. I would like to know that something will be done so this will not happen again or we will have to look for another carrier.

  27. Good day my name is Francesca Martino Cell #718 683-1196 I have been try several time to reach out to southwest airline about my credit OF $746.10 issue to me due to a pandemic (COVID-19)declared on march 11 2020 flight conformation #JIMC2L March 15 2020 As of today 6/27/2020 I am still not able to overcome to safely travel I would appreciate if southwest airline would be able work something out on my credit your understanding to this matter would be greatly appreciate.

  28. I do not want flight credits. I want my money back. You cancelled the flight not me. I had to cancel doctor appointments because of you.

  29. Was on a flight out of delayed twice Milwaukee to Albuquerque transferred Dallas Love delayed four times had to wait for pilot and crew supposably. The people at the gate said do to all the delays I would be compensated first-time sat on hold for 4 hours and got disconnected the second time sat on hold for 2 hours got disconnected call other people in the company said they were unable to help constantly getting the runaround very unfortunate for a major corporation does ithis.

  30. When I entered your 50 year contest at 9:00am today for a contest that ended at midnight tonight, I received a email that I had lost within 10 minutes of entry. Hours before the contest close. When I was a young man I worked for a company that the owner wanted all contests to be won by their friends. Your marketing department does not even make your contests look fair. You should at least wait until the contest closes to tell inform your customers they had lost. I have been flying SWA for for about 49 years and am surprised that you do not know how to make a contest look fair.

  31. I saw on the news a woman scantily dressed was asked to put on a T-shirt by your employees according to your dress code policy. I am very upset that management did not stand behind the flight attendants and the captain of the plane. I fly Southwest a lot and this really bothers me that corporate didn’t support their employees.

  32. Hi we are at the Denver Airport and we had a flight for June 14th to leave at 10:15 pm to Phoenix. Are flight got canceled no hotels they can put us in and we’re supposed to leave June 15th at 6am this is ridiculous I want my baggage that there probably going to lose and my money back!! Terrible service and agents blaming it on weather when Phoenix is clear sky’s

  33. Have written several times waiting on a response. Please extend our Southwest credit vouchers from expiring July 5, 2021 to December 31 2021. We do not want a refund just an extended date on the credit voucher expiration date. We plan on using the credit for travel in December 2021 to run the Honolulu marathon that was cancelled last year due to COVID 19. We would’ve used the funds earlier but couldn’t travel due to our catastrophic loss in the Northern California glass fires September 2020. We are on limited income and can’t afford to have $100 taken off the tickets after they expire. We were told by one of the agents To call back after the tickets expire and they can be renewed with $100 charge for each ticket extended. We cannot afford this, we’re only talking about $293 total each for all tickets. Your help would be a greatly appreciated. Thank you

  34. I help run a nonprofit organization for juniors billiards players and we’re constantly having to fly everywhere and was wondering if you offer any special deals or rates for nonprofit organizations for kids to help with flying assistance

  35. Good Morning. This is regarding QUJYLK
    My RR# is: #20090210921
    I had to cancel a flight from Houston to Cancun because of the pandemic. I just went to book the flight again not realizing the travel had to be taken in that time period, I thought I had to be sure I booked during that time period. I just recently have been vaccinated and would not have been able to travel. So, I call and after being on hold for two hours was told when my refund expires, I will lose $100.00 and I have to wait 30 days and then wait for or ask for the new refund amount. I decided to use my rapid rewards miles for the trip and thought my husband can use my new lower refund to fly from HOU to MHT in the fall. I just read that the ticket has to be in my name and I can’t use it for my husband. So, I need someone to call me and change the payment for my Mexico trip from my Miles to my Refund. Considering the pandemic, and the time it took to be vaccinated I am really shocked I am being treated in this manner. What would make me very happy is if you just kept the refund as it is and let me book a December trip to Mexico and I will use my miles for the September trip to NH. My name is Laura Murphy and my phone number is 603-661-xxxx

  36. confirmation number 3V8RUI. I have always flown SW, not I may never again. I am furious. My husband and I were flying to BWI, he was staying in MD and I was going onto Boston. Then I was meeting him on the return. The flights were not great, but bearable. I received a note on my computer this morning that I was completely rebooked: going through Chicago, coming back through Denver and not getting into ABQ until 10:30 PM. I have no way at that hour to get back to Santa Fe. I am coming back from France and already am jet lagged. I want my original flight back and I don’t care who has to be moved. My husband is elderly and he needs me to be with him. This is a horrible practice to jerk people around like cattle.

  37. Totally exasperated by the way we were treated by Southwest Airlines and the no help mentality that no one addressed regarding our delay back to DFW from Chicago O’Hara on 6/7/21. Our flight was supposed to be a direct flight and take 2 1/2 hours from ORD to Lovefield. We departed and arrived late on both flights. The flight changed 4 times with a delay in Aux for 3 1/2 hours. We finally got out of the Lovefield Airport at midnight on 6/8/21. The stewardess on our last flight from AUX to Lovefield threatened the customers by making a snide remark that she didn’t want any trouble out of if we did not abide by SWA protocol to wearing masks.
    I would like an explanation of why are flight was delayed in the first place and a refund for our tickets. I will take this to a higher level if deemed necessary.
    Patricia Gomez

  38. My father is 81 and in a wheel chair and his 6am flight was changed at 2am by e-mail!! He obviously didn’t see it and when he got to the airport was told he had to take a different flight!!! 4+hrs later and getting in to Little Rock at 11:15 pm when he original was 6:10!!! Not too much of a difference but when you factor in he was at the airport before 5am and won’t get to destination till 11pm at 81 that’s allot of hours and not prepared for!!! No one will help get him a sooner flight just told him not possible! Southwest is usually great but this is horrible!!! And to an elderly man that is trying to see his family!!! I know there is stand by sooner for him and they won’t even help! 81 in a wheel chair and he just wheeled to the gate and left!! 4 hrs at each stop and you can’t find a sooner flight? And there’s no way it’s the same price hmmm I’m sure there’s no help with that either! Very very disappointed in southwest and how they are treating an elderly vet!! This is my father and I will be continuing to speak with someone and let head quarters know how sad this is! As of right now 9:13am Arkansas time he is at gate B16 southwest Sacramento CA WAITING WAITING WAITING and no reason as to why the flight we planned on and paid for was changed to this MADNESS!!! Not cool at all southwest

  39. I would like to register a complaint regarding a cancelled flight out of Love Field in Dallas, Texas on Monday, May 31st. I was not notified until 2:00 PM the SAME day that my flight was cancelled and changed to the NEXT day. The reason was that the city had torn up a runway and they could not send as many planes out. That construction did not happen THAT day. There should have been ample notice given well ahead of the day of departure—-in fact even before the trip began! It is bad enough that every time I book a flight you all change it entirely within a few weeks, and NOT for the better. Non-stop flights become layover flights which is a major pain. Southwest has always been my “go to” airline but you all are not making any friends these days!! I feel like the cancelled flight was handled VERY badly!!

  40. Absolutely terrible policy for wanna get away tickets. I didnt even book the flight, a friend did. I cant go now so i had to cancel. Well, no refund, no transfer. I NEVER travel. I will never use a credit for anything or use this ticket. Even if id get a voucher they still charge $100 which is ridiculous. I have a friend that will use it. Will they make an exception? No. Why do that when you can rob someone. $400 wasted. This is exactly why i dont travel because they dont give a crap about the situation, only keeping your money because of this horrible policy. Thanks for stealing $400 from me SWA.

  41. What avenue should i take to get some mental counseling for my son who us is a twenty yr employee that has for two yrs shut down all family and friend contact but goes to work faithfully. Supervisor says no change in behavior noted. He speaks of a secret society, has become a recluse at home and answers the door or phone to his mother or anyone else.Please advise me before this BECOMES an
    Issue at work! I am his mother and hasnt been able to see or talk with him in 2 yrs. He now has me blocked on a work phone number also. PLEASE advise

  42. I have been trying to contact the CEO Gary Kelly on a situation my airline tickets that will expire June 23 on a trip that was canceled due to the pandemic and I could schedule the same trip until September 25. I was told by customer relations very rudely that there was nothing they could do This is not my fault and your company is taking my money for two tickets. You will be losing more than what these tickets are worth because I do a lot of trips and will not fly or recommend Southwest again

  43. Been triing for over a month to redeem my refund to book another round trip flight and can never get threw to a live person. You can also call me at 575-770-xxxx

  44. Been triing for over a month to redeem my refund to book another round trip flight and can never get threw to a live person.

  45. I have been a loyal Southwest customer and so has our family! 1000’s of flights combined both personal and business. We had a flight booked LAST (2020) April for my son and daughters birthday. Well two things happened at once. COVID and my daughter was involved in a fatal car accident. We called to see if we could get the flight extended out because she broke her neck and back in 4 places and doctors said to wait on flying. The lady told me to just cancel it and if we could not use it to call for a refund. Well, I did and was treated like complete shit! Even tho this flight was cancelled due to COVID, they said I brought up my daughters accident FIRST so we either use it or lose it. Well she CANNOT fly (she has permanent injuries) and whether we cancelled or not (and we actually didn’t we were told to as she said all flights were going to officially be cancelled anyway). My husband also has health issues and can’t be masked up for 5 hours. He would pass out. So they are taking advantage of people and keeping their money? $1800 GONE. I don’t think so!

  46. Hi,

    The flight attendant who was assaulted is a disgrace. All the passengers that were in the row instigated should also be banned.

    There behave is beyond words and just to hear their rational is a shame. And as a result of her actions, they should remorse but continued to cheerlead this womans misguided behavior. Help!! Justice!!!! The woman and her friends should be permanently banned from flying and not just South West but all airlines. Examples must be made over untolerated behavior.

    Please send a strong to anyone who would cause a altercation on a flight and rally it on. NO NO !!!! Please help stop unlawful actions and behavior!!!!!! Assault with a mouth is just as bad as the physical.

  47. To whom it may concern,
    I was abused by Southwest Airlines beyond the point of reason.
    #1628 this flight was changed from 05:30 to
    I think 06:00. I was not notified but thought nothing of it.
    #1402 06:45 was changed to I think 06:15 to flight #3800. I thought nothing of the change since my flight out was nonstop.
    When I asked the gate attendant if my #3800 was going to Vegas since the wall said Dallas she said eventually. I had already given the boarding pass to be scanned and was halfway down the hall to the plane.
    I spent nine hours on the plane unnecessarily. In fact after the crew change in Amarillo a new flight attendant said so your the guy who’s been on the plane all day. The crew was amused by my situation I wasn’t. No attempt was made for my
    comfort. The crew ate their meals in front of me while I was trapped on the plane.
    I had a business meeting at 10:30 in Vegas. I’m not sure I would have gotten the job but I had no chance to bid on it.
    The fact that at no time was I informed of any flight changes either coming or going was terrible. The fact that I had a milk-run flight without the ability to change it tells me that southwest was more interested in banking my money rather than giving me choices. I was abused beyond the point of reason. To add insult to injury I’ve been disconnected from customer service three times and was also given a insulting $100 voucher. I need positive restitution on this matter.

    Alan Katz

  48. Sent you email with a mistake up grade at kiosk no response 400.00 mistake why havent you responded? Flight 7 april 15th 2021 confir# 4IW7YI MADE MISTAKENLY BUSSINESS UPGRADE ON ONE WAY FLIGHT .

  49. On May 8, 2020, Glenda Davis talked with Ken of SWA about our canceled flight to BWI, because of the pandemic. Thomas E and Glenda J. Davis each have $545.96 in travel funds for future flights, for a total of $1, 091.92 in travel funds. We wanted to apply that money on our flight to BWI this year, August 13, 2021. SWA took $759.92 out of our travel funds this year under the confirmation number 35VT40 for our August 13-20 flight this year, 2021 to BWI. SWA changed those 2 flights, canceling our non-stop flights. We tried for 3 days to speak with anyone at SWA unsuccessfully. Finally, Thomas had to book new flights on his own, and because of no non-stop flights to BWI, and horrible times going and coming, Thomas scheduled with Reagan DCA. Thomas paid for that flight with his SWA credit card in the amount of $671.92 on May 6, 2021. We want reimbursement for the two flights going and coming from DCA, with all of Thomas and Glenda’s travel funds completely restored. Thomas wrote 3 email letters of complain to customer service and finally got a courteous response from Jackie Stone apologizing for our difficulties, but didn’t address our problem of paying for the flights. Please contact us regarding this matter. Our email address is thomaseandgxxxxx Thanks so much for your prompt reply. Our home phone number is 505-294-xxxx.

  50. This the worst organization I have ever dealt with. I booked a trip via Southwest Vacations with a scheduled flight of March 22nd, 2020. Southwest cancelled the flights. I called to cancel my trip, waited on hold for 3.5 hours was told that I didn’t need to call because all trips were cancelled due to covid. Now that I would like to received a refund, I have spent 3 days speaking with various individuals only to be told that because I didn’t cancel my trip I will not be receiving a refund. Southwest is the worst airline ever. I will never recommend anyone Southwest Vacations you stole my money. I guess this is how you guys are making up for the money you lost during the pandemic. PATHETIC

  51. Good afternoon this is the mother of a 2 year old grandson who was thrown off of the airplane today as his mother was attempting to try to get him to relax but was constantly being harassed by a flight attendant this issue started very early before the flight when the flight attendant stated that there was no ticket for the child which wasn’t true there was a ticket and it was provided next the child gets on the airplane with the mother mind you he just turned two in April. This child does not wear masks and never has but this flight attendant was demanding I’m sure that made the flight unbearable for the passengers as well as for my daughter with her son that happened in Denver this morning but it is but it’s even better we had family flying on the same day out of California and that was another issue my aunt had to cancel her ticket back on May 7th to fly into California from Denver that never got accomplished because nobody ever contacted us although we left a phone number on the phone that was told that we would get a return call we never did so this morning my aunt attempts to board a airplane with my 87-year-old grandmother who has dementia and also is a victim of elder abuse crime the Southwest agent had no compassion for my aunt therefore telling her to send my grandmother alone on a plane to a major city hence my aunt of course rejected that request and was told to purchase another ticket they set long inside of the airport been up early this morning and booked a plane ticket on frontier. I feel it’s highly ironic that two totally different states but family flying on Southwest were treated so horribly. My family has vowed to not ever fly Southwest airlines again which was our airplane of choice due to the unhumane uncompassionate unrealistic and unkind treatment of a 2-year-old child and a 87-year-old lady. How would you feel if this happened to you and if you can answer this honestly saying that it wouldn’t have been an issue then I feel that you’re not the right company for my family to fly on.

  52. I was injured on April 2nd on a 645am flight from Phoenix to Denver. My son and I were loading the plane and I slipped , fell between the jet ramp and the airplane. My left leg got stuck between the gap. I could not get my leg out. The flight attendants helped me out . But went on with their job. Not one southwest employees came to see if I was ok. I went to my seat , when the flight attendant came by I asked for ice and never received any. The gentleman sitting next to me offers me Tylenol and was concerned .
    During my vacation in Denver I was injured but made the best of my situation. I decided that I would take pictures of my leg and hope for the best. We flew back from Denver to Phoenix on April 6th . I went to the Southwest information and they guided me to the baggage lost office in which a gentlemen’s name Jeremiah and put a report in.

    I have emailed , and called not one person reached out to me. I fell between the plane and the jet way and hurt my leg. It’s been over 2 weeks and no response. The flight crew did not do an incident report they pretty much disregarded me.
    Customer service is key especially when someone is hurt. Acknowledgment and some compassion.

    2156xxxx Debi Beatty. 520-780-xxxx.

  53. I have an idea that could help grow swa. I’d like to have two minutes on the phone with our ceo to share. What have you got to lose?

  54. This deales with expired funds 3nlhv9 case # 21913274 and charging a $200 fee to give us a $19.97 voucher good for 6 months
    You had used our $240 for over a year without explaining the penality
    We have traveled trying to use up the $2000 in travel funds we had purchased and had to due to covid reschedule numerous times
    We in good faith tried to travel as often as we could in a pandemic flying swa in October January February April and schedule two May flights
    Swa should have compassion for it’s A lister instead of penalizing us
    Please reconsider your decision to charge us $100 each because of travel restrictions during this pandemic
    Manuel and Janey Rodriguez

  55. I think it would be a true money maker if you offered the middle seats to people with both shots. It’s an idea you could build off and make money

  56. My daughter, who is disabled was told she could fill out TSA form for service dog at Southwest counter, which was not so, they harassed her to purchase a $95.00 ticket and carrier at $55.00 for her service dog saying he was her pet, my daughter suffers from acute stress disorder which under pressure raises her blood sugar( she is a diabetic) her dog calms and controls her mood. The dog has been trained and traveled many times with her. To put a service dog in a carrier is cruel an unusual punishment, especially when he needs to be walking beside his charge. I will be offering necessary papers for a refund. Also I will be advising AMA. There was not enough airport wheelchair assistance so she was forced to walk to the gate carrying the dog in the carrier. I am very upset as her Mom and plan to get another airline as my husband and I travel extensively between Arizona to Our home in Illinois.

  57. Does Southwest Airlines still have its marvelous Heart of the Community grant program?
    Thank you

  58. Seriously? I need an ID to fly your planes and thank God I do; but, I should be able to vote without one? Our country’s fate should be decided by its citizens not foreign countries or people who wish to see us destroyed! I only fly Douthwest, but this could change if I do not hear you sincerely change your stance! Voter ID is not voter suppression any more than your expectancy for us to have ID as discrimination against others! Anyone can get an ID! It is important, relevant, and not at all suppressive!

  59. I want to thank Southwest for issuing a statement supporting voting rights. I would like to see Southwest withhold monetary donations to the legislators (both national and state) who are undermining out voting rights. Thank You.. Elizabeth Taylor, Southwest customer out of Sacramento CA.

  60. Just watching to see if you have the moral compass to stand up for voter rights in Texas. Since the politicians in Texas can’t see their way to do the right thing, we need you to take a public stand immediately.
    Thank You
    M Connor Limont

  61. The Southwest Airlines Board Of Directors:

    I have been a customer of Southwest Airlines for over two decades. Your indirect public criticism of the new election law enacted by the State Of Georgia is wrong and cowardly. Furthermore, Southwest Airlines should focus on its customers and services (only) and not involve itself with taking sides on any political issues of the day.

    Please leave the political issues to be between the voters and their respective elected officials. Thank You.

  62. I booked a flight to Sacramento from Charlotte. I made a change to the flight to switch to a later departure on the return flight and paid $100 for the switch. you since changed my flights twice giving me a 2 stop flight out and back to an earlier flight return. I called customer service for a refund of the $100 since I’m not getting that flight and was told they can’t do that. The change notices were sent to an old email, not the one I used when I booked the flight and well beyond the three days priority booking allotment when I saw it. The agent told me to try corporate email which of course is impossible to find.
    You have no right to bill me for a flight that you can’t deliver. Covid does not give you the right to take money for something you don’t deliver. That’s steeling at worst, bait and switch at best. You advertise yourself as a customer service company who happens to fly planes. I want a refund.
    My flight ID is 2K5RIP. My dates are fixed so what you’ve given me are crappier flights for the same money.
    I expect a response.
    Terry C. Schultz

  63. This Southwest pilot on flight 531 out of San Francisco does not deserve to fly for your airline or be in any position that serves the public. His vile, curse-filled recorded diatribe denigrating the entire populace of San Francisco is unacceptable. I am a lifelong customer of SW, but that will end if this pilot is not severely disciplined – preferably fired.

  64. My name is Crystal. I’ve been trying to cancel my flight on May 13th to May 17th and I have yet to get the cancel they try to give me credit I didn’t pay for credit I don’t want credit I want my full refund because as it says on your website if I sit here and do call you guys I can I get a full refund so I was just wondering if somebody could please give me a call back at 816-814-8142 thank you and I’ll be really appreciated if you can get back to me as soon as possible because I’ve been getting the runaround since March 21st and your people that I have been answering your phone calls do not have any people skills at all like I said my phone816-814-8142 and I know their telephone calls are recorded I wanted to know if you guys can go back and play them and listen to your guys’s workers listen to how they deal with people that have died trying to cancel their flight thank you

  65. I have a reservation that I would like to cancel and have the credit in my name since I am the one who paid for the trip. Under your wanna get away fare information, it does not inform that tickets are not transferable. After speaking with 2 representatives in Customer Relations, I am completely turned off with Southwest and will tell all of my family and friends that I referred to no longer do business with Southwest. All I wanted was to rebook the flight under another family member’s name and even willing to pay more. I wish to send my complaint directly to the corporate executive offices .

  66. Please forward this on to Greg Wells and Steven Goldberg. They should find out who did this heroic act and recognize them in a big way. How about a TV commercial.

    Hagen and his family had landed at Dallas Love Field and were already driving off in a rental car when they realized Hagen’s special buddy was left behind on the plane. By the time they noticed, the plane was already well on the way to its next destination. Eventually, the aircraft made it to Little Rock, where it was scheduled to terminate for the night. That’s where Jason, a Ramp Agent at LIT, noticed Hagen’s left-behind buddy.
    Jason knew someone was missing their friend badly, so he began some investigating to discover who he belonged to. Soon, a name written on the bottom of the boot caught Jason’s eye: “Hagen.” With the help of Beth, his Coheart, Jason learned there was only one “Hagen” who had traveled on that aircraft that day. Instantly, Jason came up with a plan…
    A few days later, Hagen and his family received a special surprise in the mail. Not only was his buddy returned, but he arrived in a hand-decorated box, complete with a letter describing his mission at Southwest Airlines, and pictures to boot.
    “There’s definitely not enough good in this world, and for someone to take the time out of their day to do that for strangers means the world to us.” –Ashley, Hagen’s mom. #SouthwestHeart

  67. I would like to escalate my complaint, my flights were canceled due to the winter storm in Texas. one of my passengers in now unable to make any rescheduled trip. she is a minor and will not be using the travel funds at all in the next year. I would like to be able to use the funds for my next flight which is coming up in April. I am out $200 because of this and would really be appreciative if I could use this money especially in these hard times. The storm was obviously unforeseen, so I ask that you please transfer the funds to my name. I know SOMEONE must be able to do this for me. I always fly southwest and hope I do not have to resort to stopping my loyal patronage.

  68. 2/16/2021, Flight 35XLY8, Burbank, CA, 4:40pm. The TSA person destroyed my cell phone!!!

  69. My husband and I travel with an emotional support dog. I understand that the policy changes as of March 1. My problem is this: We could have changed our round trip flight to accommodate except my husband had emergency surgery on his spinal cord February 1 and now can’t leave until his rehabilitation is complete, possibly late May. This leaves us in a terrible position considering we will not be able to get home with our dog because he is 2-3” too long for a carrier. Since it was paid for as a round trip in the fall of 2020, we are requesting a review of this policy for our trip home please or we will be stranded. As seniors this is an immense burden that we are left with. We don’t mind paying and only ask for the one time exception. Thank you for considering our request.

  70. I booked a return trip today, flying from Sacramento, CA to Long Beach, CA on March 15 and returning on March 20. Confirmation # is 33K873. I have a $514 credit with Southwest but there was no way on the website to have the cost of today’s booking subtracted from my credit. Can you help?

  71. I need assistance with Confirmations # PP3VZX departing BWI on 02/24/2021 to Fort Myers, Florida. Please contact me at 410.241.3035. Feel free also to send an email providing me with a number to contact you. Many thanks!
    Laura Phelps

  72. Please contact me regarding my air travel on 1/4/21. It is my belief I contracted a highly contagious virus from your plane. A packed plane.

  73. Since none of your emails work to contact your corporate office; here is the letter that was sent to NIH:
    violation of social distancing rules
    From: Peggy Mann
    To: niaidnews
    Sent: Thursday, December 31, 2020, 02:58:50 PM EST
    Subject: violation of social distancing rules

    December 31, 2020

    I don’t know if I have contacted the correct address, but I have to report a serious violation of the safety protocols that have been implemented to slow the spread of the coronavirus. I recently traveled from Tampa to New Orleans for Christmas despite your recommendation to stay at home. I did so to offer support because of the recent death of my husband, my daughter’s father, and my grandchildren’s grandfather. I have to say that the New Orleans and the Tampa airport did an excellent job of social distancing, with reminders and sanitize available. They were so conscientious even to the point of calling us up to board one at a time giving space between passengers. Where the serious problem that occurred was on the Southwest flight. They filled the plane, cramming people into the middle seats. After complying with all the safety protocols, I was forced to sit arm against arm with two strangers as were almost all the other people that came on board. This violated all the protocols set in place by NIH. I was frustrated and annoyed about this dangerous Southwest policy. I was not informed about their policy when I booked the flight or I would have found different accommodations for my travel. when I asked the stewardess about the policy at the end of the flight I was flippantly told “everyone is doing it.”
    This situation was unacceptable to me. I wore two masks and safety glasses, but I still felt very vulnerable in this situation at a point where I was unable to change my plans. Companies should have to inform passengers of their policies so that we can make informed decisions. I hope this information in some way helps others not to be placed in this unfortunate situation. Now that I am home, I am voluntarily quarantining myself until I can get a covid test, which I pray is negative.
    I hope something can be done about this situation.

    Thank you for reading my email,

    Peggy Mann
    xxxx Gladys St.
    Largo, FL 33774

    cc: U.S. Department of Transportation, Southwest Airlines Corporate Headquarters

  74. A man who works for you in Spain he says is black mailing me and he has got my social security number and home address he has threatened to hurt me and my handicapped son please help me

  75. I purchased a flight back in September that was 3 hours and now my flight that I booked has been changed to a 6 hour flight!! How is it even possible that your company changes my flight to something completely different and did not even notify me about it?

  76. I am writing because I am furious with Southwest Airlines right now. We are currently in the airport in Cancun where we have been all day because our flight was originally delayed. We arrived at the gate for flight 1608 35 minutes before it’s new scheduled departure at 3:20 to find that they had changed the flight to leave earlier and not announced it or updated the app and although the plane was still there and there were at least 6 of us that didn’t make it on (2 of which arrived 10 minutes earlier than we did) they would not let us on the flight. We even looked up on the app as the plane was taking off at 3:06 and it still said departure at 3:20. I have never experienced anything like this and we fly southwest ALOT. It is very unlikely that we will ever get back on a southwest flight again if something is not done to rectify this major error!! The person at the airport refused to let anyone on the plane even though it was still at the gate and it was their error that they changed the flight time and didn’t notify anyone.

  77. Good Afternoon Mr. Clarkson,

    As a Loyal Member of Southwest Airlines, I booked a flight Tampa-Havana from Nov.25-Nov-29. Because I had enough reward points, I thought flying with you it was the best deal for me. I planned my travel, my hotel, an my vacation days to se my husband, who I don’t see since May because the pandemic. Therefore this flight wasn’t schedule lightly. Two days ago I got a voice mail, where all I could understand was the word Southwest. Today I decided to check my flight because I was concerned about the voice mail “Even though I didn’t received any email “ I founded out my flight was cancel. This as you can imaging upset me very much. I try to get an answer with the SW agent, and after questioning me for 10 minutes if I had done something wrong during the booking process she finally decided to tell me all flight were cancel. My question is: is this how Loyalty work with Southwest Airline? I live in Fort Mayer, over an hour from Tampa, what if I had trouble on the 25th to the airport to find out my flight was cancel. Why they need to questioned me, as this was my fault when she new from the beginning this was the airline responsibility, and also why there’s not a warning any where during the booking process saying that I could get my ticket cancel?
    For me this is UNACCEPTABLE MANAGEMENT from your airline.

    Due to all the inconvenience I have to booked trough another airline, and tickets are even more expensive that what it was 15 day ago. Not going, wasn’t an option because I requested days off, and I would lost the money for the hotel. I make Southwest airline responsible for all the stress and monetary loss I had for you lack of communication and awful service. I used to flight to Cuba every two month, and booked my hotels with you, but not anymore. I wont make this mistake ever again, for my honesty and clarity its what really matter not fake publicity. And I will make sure everyone know how Southwest Airlines manage their services.

    Have a great day, and enjoy the peace of mine you have because your status, your customer don’t have that privilege

  78. Our flight was just cancelled to Mexico Nov.17th and we had a family vacation planned and this is unacceptable. Due to the pandemic our flight was cancelled in June as well and we rescheduled now everything is ruined again. Please help, we have reservations that we cant cancel and we paid a lot of money to have a family trip.

    1. James
      Saw you complaint about your family vacation. I just wonder if you got a response and were you satisfied?

  79. They should hire some more employees for their customer support team. Good company overall, I just found it hard to get through on their customer help phone number.

  80. My review: I have nothing to complain about. I had a problem but customer support was really helpful and sorted it out for me pretty quickly.

  81. Pilot’s or co-pilots abuse of power by threatening a passenger thru his flight attendant so that the passenger can hear it. Letter will be sent to Chairman as complaint to long to post.

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