Target EHR SSO – Target View My Schedule

Target EHR Login – Target View My Schedule, Pay and Benefits.

Login to Target EHR, the Target Team Member Services employee portal, and view your Target work schedule, payslips at Target Workday and benefits at

Target Ehr was created by Target to provide better services to its 345.000 employees. is the portal for managing personal benefits information.

NEWS: Target has shaken up their employee portal in recent years, and you now have several Employee Website login pages to choose from, depending on your issue. Some of the old login pages now re-direct users to new login pages:


Target EHR Login – Target SSO.

How do I log in to the Target EHR Team Member Services website?

  1. Go to  from any internet browser. This website now re-directs users to
  2. Enter your Target LAN ID in the Username field. If you do not have a Target LAN ID, then enter your 8 digit Target Team Member number in the username.
  3. Enter your Target EHR Password in the Password field.
  4. Click on “Logon”.

New employees must to create a password first before logging in to EHR. Click on the “workbench” on the Target in-store computer. Enter your 8 digit Target Member ID number and click on the “forgot password” link. Follow the instructions and the system will give you a temporary password.

Remember, you can only access the Target Workbench in-store, as it is an intranet application.

Target Schedule – How do I View My Target Schedule?

How do I view my Target work schedule from home?

  1. Go to the Target SSO webpage at The page will re-direct to a url beginning with
  2. Enter your Target Login ID in the “Login ID” field.
  3. Enter your Target password  in the password field.
  4. Click on “Login”.
  5. Once you have logged in, click on the red “Scheduling and Timekeeping” button, and then “View my Schedule”.
target schedule
The official Target Schedule login page will look like this screenshot. If you are having problems accessing th page, try another internet browser, try resetting your browser cache and cookies, or try opening the page from another device, for example your mobile phone.


  • Your Login ID for the Target Schedule page is your Target LAN ID or Target Team Member Number. The LAN ID is a combination of letters and numbers.
  • The Target LAN ID is used to login to a Target in-store computer.
  • The Target Team Member Number is the ID that is used on time clocks.
  • The Team Member Number can be found on your paycheck or your Team Member Discount Card
  • You cannot request time off from home. It must be done in-store.
  • You can also view your Target Schedule by downloading the “Kronos Mobile” app, and log in with your eHR credentials.

What is the Target Kronos App Server Name?

You will also need to enter the server as, or to sign in with the Target Kronos App.

Target Employee Portal – How to Reset My Target EHR Password.

How to I reset a forgotten Target employee password?

  1. If you forget your password, then call the Target Client Support Center (CSC) at the phone number 1-612-304-HELP (1-612-304-4357).
  2. Alternatively, visit the Target Reset Password page here.
  3. Enter your Login ID.
  4. Click on “Submit”, then follow the instructions.

How to Change my Target EHR Employee Password.

How do I change my Target employee password?

  1. To change your Target EMployee password, go here.
  2. Enter your Login ID.
  3. Enter your old or temporary password.
  4. Enter your new password.
  5. Enter your new password agsin
  6. Click on “Submit”.

The benefits portal now re-directs you to:

Once you are on the main benefits page, click on “Team Members – Log on for Your Benefits Information”.

This will take your to the main Benefits login page: Here.

Target Workday.

The Target Workday portal is the place to manage your personal & career information + to view pay statements on any device.
The login page was located at, but this page now also re-directs you to the main Target Team Membwrs website at

Target SSO Login.

Target SSO means “Target Single Sign On”. The Target SSO login page is, which re-directs to Enter your login credentials to sign in.

Target MyTime Mobile Login.

How do I log in to view my Target schedule on my mobile phone?

Viewing your Target schedule from a mobile phone is easy: Head to the login pages listed above on your mobile browser, or visit the Mobile-Optimized login page at

Alternatively, download the KRONOS MOBILE app.

What is the Server for the Target Kronos App?

To view your Target schedule with the KRONOS Mobileapp, first search for and download the KRONOS MOBILE app ofor iOS or Android.

When prompted for a Server ID, enter: , as the server, and log in with your login credentials.

Target EHR Login Problems.

If you cannot log in it can often be helped by:

  • Checking that your CAPS LOCK button is OFF on your keyboard. Usernames and passwords are case-sensitive.
  • Log in with another web-browser. Chrome usually works, but you can also try Internet Explorer or Mozilla.
  • Try logging in in “Incognito Mode”, or similar, or clear your browser cache and cookies.
  • Try accessing your schedule on your mobile phone, through the phone browser ot the KRONOS app.

Target Workday Login.

Workday is an app and platform for viewing company payslips and benefits. To use Target Workday, download the Workday app.

The Workday login for Target is your Target Team Member ID is your login ID. minus the two zeros-
Your Workday Password is the sam as the Target EHR in-store password. Login.

What is is the employee portal for managing your personal benefits information.

How do I login to

  1. To log in to, visit in your browser. The system will re-direct you to the new portal login page at
  2. Find the “Log On” link in the top right hand corner, and click on it. Or, go directly to
  3. Enter your Target User ID and Password to be logged in to login
Enter your User ID and password, or clcik on “Click here”, to sign in with your Target ID.

Target HR Contacts.

Call the Target Client Support Center (CSC) at 1-612-304-4357, if you need to reset your Target EHR or KRONOS password.

Tip: To speak to an actual representative: Call the CSC phone number.  Press “3” on the first round of options. On the second round of options, press “5.” On the third, press “2.”

If you continue to have problems, then share your issue below in the comment section.

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74 thoughts to “Target EHR SSO – Target View My Schedule”

  1. im haveing trouble trying to log in every time.
    I hate this system I wish it was easier to log in and easier to add or drop a workday like I did as a flight attendant.

  2. Almost every time I visit the target sso page, it allows me to use my login, but as soon as I get to the next page it lets me know that there has been an error , or “the page isn’t working” I then try again first going to the eHR page and it does not work either. I guess I will have to keep using the physical schedule in TSC but I prefer the online format over the work schedule, as everyone else’s shifts/ hours are posted up there.

  3. for a company that is supposed to care so much about the well being of their employees, they could provide a better website for them to use without all the problems and run-a-round. This is complete nonsense, and no one in store cares about answering any questions about this lame website that is supposed to make an employees work day any better!!!

  4. This website is anything but user friendly, in fact it’s an awful nightmare..I’m sure Target could do better by it’s employees than a hot mess like this!

  5. For whatever reason, I’m not able to log on to the Target employee website to check my schedule….despite putting in the correct information.

  6. This company cheats its suppliers by overiding the manufacturer’s price any time a patron claims the “shelf price” is lower. They never read the info to see the product description. Bar codes are normally accurate!

  7. The new target EHR is horrific! What happened to if it isn’t broke don’t fix it! Target has a real history with changing things that don’t need to be changed creating a real chaotic environment for employees. The former EHR was user friendly and quick for an employee to check their schedule now it takes longs just to log in and to read the schedule is really confusing the way that it’s posted! I’m not surprised if employees start missing shifts because of the new EHR. I think we should go back to the way we used to post the schedules!

  8. have to log on 3 times in work ….but cant even log on at home for work schedule…working 12 to 15 hours a week…cant even pay bills…waste gas to target store to check schedule…what’s up with that

  9. Why is it that something always have to not be working how hard is it to keep a website up and running target is the worst employer I’ve ever had all the care about is being rich they dont give a shit about the workers they are trying to steal thousands of dollars from half the people at my store

  10. The new EHR is disapointing I have a hard getting into check my schedule. Half the the I am taken to the complaints que Sometimes I am lucky and sometimes not to just check my schedule. It’s in need to get it more user friendly.

  11. I have a very simple question — I am unable to find out my work schedule online anymore. I used to be able to do that and would like to continue to do so so that I don’t have to make a trip downtown to the store or call an LOD and waste their time on a simple task. I tried navigating the call center number, but was unable to find a person for this simple question.

    1. All that’s great, now…can you please type your “simple question”? Because nowhere in that nonsense above did you ask any questions.

  12. I love target, and I wanted to continue working there. My managers and all the team leads talk about everyone’s business how this one did this wrong or how this one got in trouble and is getting fired or how I messed up behind igs and no one told me but everyone knew. I get put on probation for answering a call that was a life or death situation (yes I know better than to use my phone at work nevertheless answer it) but everyone else uses their phone to text or make Snapchat videos or even listen to music. I’m the only one who got in trouble.

  13. Haven’t been able to check schedule on my iPhone for past two weeks. Says server down. When is it going to be fixed

  14. It should not be so difficult to try and look at your schedule. The system use to be user friendly. Not anymore smh!!

  15. Target wont allow their employees to get their discount if they use their own debit card. An employee would need a red card but could even be denied one! this is not a far treatment of the people that spend hours in Target to make sure the company is making money but they wont help their employees get their own discount. Shame

  16. I worked for target much more than 10 years my New HR (2053) is the worst hr than ever have.Never ., ever he give to confidence to speak with him.HE HAVE PREFERED TEAM MEMBER .
    The new Store Manager try do fine his job., but he is arrogant and the most team member waiting that he teanfer soon . For many years working in target .: This is first time I feel lost

  17. eHR does not work now on my computer, period. The app for my phone doesn’t work either; all versions of it. I never have been able to use MyTimeSelfService on my computer except for a brief 1-2month period, but at least I was able to check my schedule online with SOMETHING. I have been working with Target for 5+ years, we are a multi-billion dollar company, so why can’t we prioritize/have a version that works? My brother works for Adobe and he just laughs at our system 🙁

  18. How can I ask for vacation time on my own PC? Often times the computers (only 2 of them) are being used while working.

  19. I cannot sign in to view my schedule. I keep on getting an error message stating that I am not authorized to access the screen.

  20. Team Member The login web site to check your schedule stinks it either says your id has failed or it take you to the store flyer to buy stuff. It’s very not friendly a big company like Target should have someone who can monitor or knows what they are doing to handle the site. I waste so much time trying to get in I have to go thru Google to try and get in.

  21. My account is locked out for one. Also, are we able to use more than 1 bank account for our direct deposits or not? I was able to add an account, but there was no ability to choose an amount for multiple accounts…for example 50.00 in bank1 and the remainder in bank2…or a percentage. Anyway, I removed the 2nd bank account that I added earlier, and now at home I’m totally locked out of everything. Why is that?

  22. I was hired FULL TIME This year and did not receive holiday pay for thanksgiving and have yet to accumulate any sick hours or personal extra. I believe u are using my employee card from last year when I was hired as seasonal. PLEASE FIX THIS SSAP. HR sent an email to u a while ago asking for u to fix this issue. PLEASE FIX BEFORE CHRISTMAS! Thank you. Merry Christmas

  23. Linda G was exceptional, she is polite always smiling , she went out of her way to help me find things I was looking for. Great personality, she cares and it shows.

  24. Linda at First Colonal, was amazing. I first called the store about an order I placed online and had it shipped to me. Got emails saying it was canceled. I couldn’t understand the people that answered the phones. She assured me if I came to the store that someone would help me with my phone call. I came to guest service an hour later and she approached me with a smile and said may I help you, and knew exactly the discussion from earlier, personally made the call and within minutes had my concerns taken care of. What an amazing lady.

  25. I ordered for drive up at first Colonial location, when I received my order very important gift items were missing. Before leaving I called the store and Linda came out and spoke to me, she took it on herself to go in and locate the items and bring them to me in a very quick manner. Linda was very polite with a great personality, I will definitely return because of her. I ask her if I could take a photo with her and post on social media of how well she did. Post was made! Thank you Linda, we need more of you.

  26. I was at the Hilltop location and I needed help with reading glasses and optical was closed. As I was leaving Linda ask if I needed help with anything. We chatted for a few minutes and as I explained my situation to her, she walked back with me and helped me select glasses. I can’t say how much I appreciate her friendliness and all the help she provided me, she was delightful!

  27. Shopping at hilltop target is always great, but when you run into employees like Linda it’s more pleasant, you can tell her dedication to customers is important, she is so much more informative about redcards than most. I really felt as if she had my best interest at heart trying to inform me on all aspects of the circle and redcard. I hope to see her more often as I will be returning with treatment I got from her.

  28. I was a seasonal employee, I signed up to receive my W2 electronic however my account is locked, how do I access it? I have been trying to call my HR department with no luck.

  29. The last two weeks, I have tried to connect to check my schedule on my PC. Had to change my pw twice and then worked. Next two times, I tried changing my password and tried w/forgot my password. Still no progress. Is there a new way to check schedule?

  30. Every time lately I have tried to check my work schedule on my PC. I have to change my passwords so many times I think I am locked out permantly. Discouraging

  31. I am having trouble logging into my target portal I am trying to figure out what time I go in tomorrow

    MONTHS AGO TARGET HAVE A NEW RAISE FOR $15 for all target employee and new hire

  33. I was employed at 5074 Target Campbelltown which closed on 4/07/2020 I am having trouble with the ATO they are requesting info from my final payment some code is needed also amount that was paid not sure who to contact regarding this.

  34. …, It’s the baddest company than I never had to speak of
    Every time I called they were waiting between 15 to 20 minutes hopefully
    I work for target runing for my 18 years ., is my first time that used this benefit .: and the experienced was sucks !

  35. Can not log into My Time app. It tells me it is sending a OTP to my phone number but I don’t get it. My number is 678-768-xxxx. Thank You

  36. I have a new phone number and can’t access my Target workday because they want to send the code to the number I don’t have anymore

  37. I have been trying to login to my target workday app and have no success. When it doesn’t ask for the last 4 of my social it asks for the

  38. Its just a tool for leaders to filter and restrict shift swaps. team is scheduled outside of availability with no options but to call in sick. This causes under staffing and many problems.

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