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Company Website
Corporate Address
5501 Headquarters Dr.
Plano, TX
Company Contact
Mark Speese
Chairman and CEO
Phone Number
(972) 801-1100
Fax Number
(866) 260-1424
Employee Count
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3 thoughts to “Rent a Center Headquarters”

  1. I would like to apply for a job with you, but I dont know where to sent the job application to. I need to know if the Corporate Office address is the same as the Human Resources address.

  2. Yes I purchased items about 7/8 years back I returned the items and make addition because I felt at that time I couldn’t afford them to lost of my job I filled out an application online I was approved I will win in to the location of the ZIP code that was associated with my area to a location in Houston Texas on hillcroft and Bellaire where the employee at the front desk made me fill out a separate application which I found very hard and very unprofessional because I had just feel worn out online I was told that online applications doesn’t matter that promotion I told her that was false advertising that was an unethical thing to do especially if you are telling me that I been approval means nothing until I get a second approval after running my information she told me that at this time they it won’t be able move further with the process something she said about an incident happened over 7 years ago I immediately told her I want to rectify the situation I should have a due process I should have at least a general understanding of why they won’t work with me she insisted that she doesn’t know she can’t tell me all she know is that they won’t be able to work with me do to a past incident I proceeded to tell her I have a right to know why you are denying me and is there a way for me to rectify the situation so I can be in good standards she stayed in no at that time I do assistant director was in the back handling paperwork overheard the conversation and asked me my name and I told him he looked up my information and immediately asked me to come in the room therefore he shut the door and explain to me that I had a situation 7 years ago both items were returned and mint condition I’m not on bad terms or I don’t owe anything with you guys so I asked him if this is the case then why did she just turn me away he said something about the items you return or a few weeks past due most times we give a person two to three weeks to return the items you to return the items a month and a half therefore they put you on a flag list stating that you’re not to be worked with and I told him well first of all if I’m in good standards it doesn’t make sense to Red flag me for items that I return in mint condition and I don’t have a bill to pass to Bill so at this point you’re telling me that I’m able or I can rectify my situation going for it he says yes you can I said well as a businessman let me assure you that that was the past and I’m willing to start fresh he says well the only way we can do this is if we give you one item and you pay 3 months on time and then we’ll open it up to give you more items I immediately seen something wrong with that because if I’m not in bad standards if I return the items and make addition if I was approved online why am I being told that I can only receive one item in I’m going to be judged on how I pay my bill I agree the first item that I ordered was just the mattress because they stated that the mattress sets that I will look I was looking for interested in was so when all the paperwork was signed and sealed they asked me for $280.86 and I’m did not understand the concept of something that’s $39.99 a week by weekly or month costing me $300 so trying to be a complex in a respectable manner I decline I came back the following week because my wife just had a baby and we really needed a bed set and I paid them almost $300 for a mattress into box springs ♨️ a week after me pain they delivered the item when it got to me the bed was too small I never even seen in the beginning I only seen it online they didn’t show me it so once they had it here me my wife and my newborn wasn’t able to fit or feel comfortable I called I got a hold of another employer who told me we can rectify the situation I said all I want is a switch out it doesn’t matter I need something comfortable and something that I would feel good about he says no problem my wife stated that just get you a TV and we’ll sleep on our old mattress set because it’s affordable so I told the guy hey I just just can I get switched out for a TV it’s only been 6 days he said sure come up here we’ll do the paperwork I come up there he proceeds to do the paperwork he says hey you are paid up until next month so why don’t you just keep the mattress said since you just got it and you can get the TV too I was kind of iffy because my initial complaint was I didn’t like or feel comfortable with the mattress being convincing employee he’s assured me that I still have time if I don’t need it I can bring it back I feel comfortable with the idea I signed agreement I went home he stayed at something about my leasing he needed to get a copy of it my wife immediately said they already have a copy why is he asking for one I sent him a copy 5 hours past the TV is supposed to be delivered between two and four at 6:00 I call he tells me hey we got a problem I said I’ve been waiting since 10:00 this morning he said well I can’t give you the TV because you’re at least agreement that you sent me is almost up and I said excuse me he said the least agreement from your landlord and you is up in a month I said it has nothing to do with you I said furthermore I already submitted my documentation why are you resurfacing them he says yes it has to do with me and proceeded to say that’s one of the reasons why I can’t give you the TV and also if you want another reason you would have to wait three to four months after having a good payment approval with us to receive a second item I tell him I in the beginning only wanted a respectable train it will send a week two week time. He stated I understand but we still have this lease problem I employ him all I want is to exchange this brand new bed that me and my family do not feel comfortable with for TV set he says you can return the bed and after the holidays when my manager comes is she approve your TV then it will give you a TV other than that I’m not doing anything I asked him who was his manager when he told me I said that’s the same woman that approved me for the bed set he stated what she won’t be back until after holidays that’s 5 days from now I proceeded to tell you my day and I appreciate your time I’m very disappointed and outraged that the poor employee respectability service they have left me and my family unhappy without even know ounce of dignity to apologize I want to a reparation of reimbursement for the inconvenience and time and poor judgment and people skills that these employees have given I’m a businessman and I understand good business and this isn’t

  3. Good evening I’m 77yrs old I have been a loyal customer better than half my life have bought bedroom sets living room sets dining room sets hutches cabinets TVs all this living in those island retired to savannah ga 5 yes ago in nov I purchased a computer and a 65in Samsung 4K thef delivered and put it in second bedroom against wall I waited until this Monday to open and install on wall mount had to hire a professional cost me 120.00 when we opened the bos noticed screen was broken cracks all over it call store told me couldn’t do anything have to pay off old balance and purchase another think this is wrong tv was still under warranty told me it’s because I didn’t open it right away took photos of tv and bos now I have had several medical pronlems main Redon couldn’t find a good installer called 15to20 the all wanted 300. To 500 I found someone for 120.00 tried calling today customer service waited a very long time finally someone spoke gave her name and phone number kept saying can’t hear me said she would call me back never called back I have been a good and loyal customer is this how you treat customers like me my phone number is 404-425-xxxx if you call and no answer leave a message will call back please leave a name thank you

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