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Company Website
Corporate Address
777 E Baseline Rd
Tempe, AZ
Company Contact
Tex Earnhardt
Phone Number
(480) 838-6000
Fax Number
(480) 632-7712
Yearly Revenue
Employee Count
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6 Reviews and Complaints for Earnhardt Ford Headquarters

  1. Dear sirs my name is Dionne Washington i bought and paid for a ford escort on baseline road years ago I had no problems with it so I was down on my luck during covid when it first started and the vehicle I was driving sropped working I am a single parent that also has a sick grandchild that i am responsible for Since I was pleased with the service I received the first time I decided to try again looking for reliable transportation since I had just gotten a new job during covid I purchased a 2017 ford focus and unfortunateley I have had nothing but bad luck with it I had a problem with the engine and the motor brackets and the compressor seal and more I had my car towed to the dealership where I purchased the car I paid out of my pocket they kept the vehicle two weeks I ask about a loaner I had to keep peading that I cannot wait for weeks to have my vehicle checked they charged me a diagnistic fee just too look at it and I purchased a extended warranty at time of purchase now the check engine light is on again and I called to check to see when I could bring it in im only off Fridays and again they cannot give me a rental I will loose money trying to get to and from work I have gotten a diagnostic test on it and its a fuel tank vaccum. I am afraid to drive I need my care fixed and mat I please have at least a rental I am so appauled at the service there my number 60244xxxx please res

  2. After leaving our truck at your service department for five days I was sent home with the same truck I left. Nothing done. Nothing resolved. Called service manager Jacob to be told basically not my problem. I would like someone to explain to me how and why this is acceptable. Look forward to hearing from someone about this terrible example of customer service or satisfaction.

  3. Earnhardt isn’t a dealership you can trust..they make up. Their rules as they go. I’m a single elderly woman raising my two grandchildren whom have autism. A sales person they stuck me with actually had the nerve to send me ( the costumer ) a text asking me to cosign for a car loan for him….He then talked me into trading my ford Escape in for a For a Ford Fusion..I was to small for that vehicle and wanted my For Escape back. This sales person told me to keep it in my driveway for a week until the title cleared. An incident came about and I told them to come get their vehicle and Bring my Ford Escape back. Well the Escape was returned and Fusion was taken back to dealership. They refused to give me back my money I put down on the Fusion. So they have the vehicle and my money. I have better things to do with my time ..such as raise my grandchildren..then argue and be ignored and lied to by Earnhardt ford Chandler…

  4. My complaint: I had an issue with my last order, and they make it really difficult to get through to a real live person on their customer service phone number.

  5. I would appreciate a call back from Hyundi N.Scottsdale. I’ve left 3 messages with 3 different GM.

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