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The Western Union Company is an American worldwide  communications and financial services company. Western Union’s headquarters is in Denver, Colorado.

Western Union has several divisions: Person-to-person money transfer, money orders, business payments, and commercial services.

Western Union’s global transfer network is the largest network in the world: More than 500,000 agent locations in 200 different countries and territories, plus approximately 100,000 ATMs and kiosks across the world.

Western Union Headquarters Phone Number and Address.

Company Website
Corporate Office Address
6855 S Havana St #100,
Englewood, CO 80112,
Company Contact
Hikmet Ersek
President, Chief Executive Officer and Director
Corporate Phone Number
Fax Number: 1-206-254-0673
Employee Count

What is Western Union’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Western Union’s Headquarters phone number is: +1-303-649-0600.

What is Western Union’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Western Union’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-866-377-6420.

What is Western Union’s Headquarters Address?

Western Union’s Corporate Office Mail Address is:

  • Western Union Corporate Office
  • 6855 S Havana St #100,
  • Englewood, CO 80112,
  • USA

How do I Contact Western Union Customer Service?

The Western Union Customer Service phone number is: 1-800-325-6000.

Call the Customer Support Center 24/7 .

Contact Western Union via:

Western Union’s Email Address: [email protected]

Western Union’s Contact Us page can be found here.

Other Western Union Customer Service Contacts.

Western Union Customer Service Mail Address:

Western Union Customer Service Mail Address in English:

Western Union Financial Services, Inc.
PO BOX 4430 Bridgeton,
MO 63044

Western Union Customer Service Mail Address in Spanish:

Western Union Financial Services, Inc.
PO BOX 130780
Dallas, TX 75313

Western Union Customer Service Phone Numbers:

  • Call 1-800-325-6000 to speak with a Customer Service Representative in English, or find an Agent location.
  • Llame 1-800-325-4045 para hablar con un representante de servicio al cliente en español, o buscar una agencia
  • Call 1-800-238-5772 to speak with a Quick Collect® Customer Service Representative.
  • Call 1-800-238-5772 to speak with a Prepaid Services/Swiftpay Customer Service Representative.
  • Call 1-800-238-5772 to speak with a Customer Service Representative about cash payments for purchases.
  • Call 1-800-225-2750 to discuss your Western Union Preferred Customer Card.
  • Call 1-800-999-9660 to inquire about a Western Union® Money OrderSM purchased at an Agent location.


Contact Western Union on Social Media:

Family Dollar on Twitter: @WesternUnion

Family Dollar on Facebook: www.facebook.com/westernunion


Western Union Headquarters Executive Team.

Western Union’s management team consists of:

Hikmet Ersek
President, Chief Executive Officer and Director

Raj Agrawal

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Odilon Almeida
Western Union Global Money Transfer (President)

Jean Claude Farah
Global Payments (President)

Sheri Rhodes
Chief Technology Officer

Caroline Tsai
General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Richard Williams
Chief Human Resources Officer

Khalid Fellahi
General Manager

Jeffrey Hochstadt
Chief Strategy and Development Officer

Jacqueline Molnar
Chief Compliance Officer

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25 Reviews and Complaints for Western Union Headquarters

  1. I’m writing you this letter to get accurate answers. I send money in the Philippines on a regular basis. Your company has a reputation of sending in money with a choice of US dollar or Philippines Peso. Unfortunately, Every time I send money the local branches would say that they don’t have a dollar to exchange but rather will automatically covertly into peso . Would you shade a light in this confusing policy.

  2. Can you send $5,000-$7,000 to Anguilla West Indies from my local store, Shaws in North Conway, NH 03860

  3. I need to help my friend in Viet Nam, but she was blocked over two years ago please advise me, how to help her get unblocked

  4. I have not received my $ that was sent through Western Union 12/04//22.
    To my checking Account at Wells Fargo.

    The senders end on Wells Fargo says it was delivered to my checking account and received, it has NOT been received. My tracking number is MTCN 192 955 xxxx. Please help.

  5. I need my transactions history records; I have filled out transactions request form and submitted over a month ago; I have just been ignored; wow , what a company; not attending to your customers needs. I very certain this complaint will be ignored too.

  6. I requested a copy of my transactions history a month ago ; up till now all I hear is crickets; nothing. I filled out and sent my transactions request form a month ago.

  7. I sent $2000 to my daughter in Australia. Exchange rate is 1.49. She only received $2500 Australian. Where is the rest of the money?

  8. I need help in getting my money back 700 dls s#154-176-xxxx I sent on march 25 2022 I was told a check was sent to my address in Texas that I never got and now I am in California with my kids please help me get this money back I need it .
    New address 660 echo summit rd Vallejo California 94589 I had sent the money to my kids mother Olga velasquez

  9. I’m going to sue western union for holding my money for 3 days for no reason and customer service doesn’t have a solution for it an they keep lying to me and saying we solve the issue you can go pick it up from western union location now and when I go nothing change still on hold they did this with me 5 times it’s so terrible dealing with western union customer service. I paid money to receive my money in the same moment and you are keeping it for 3 days because no one knows what to do.

  10. I have asked for a refund after having a TERRIBLE experience with this company. I went to collect the refund at a WU agent, the kiosk message said i could pick up the cash. When I got to the register I was told to put in my phone number that was assoc with the account, which I did. I received an error message telling that the number was not affiliated with any account. So I was not able to collect my refund. When I called customer service I was told that my refund was processed! I initially tried to send money to a family member, opted for the express service, paying 13.50 for express service to be told that this fee was standard fee. The money was not ready for pickup until two days after I sent it. The receiver tried multiple times to collect the money only to be told that there was an error. I called the store Dollar General in Two Rivers, WI spoke with a sales associate who said that it was not on their end!!!! I am beyond frustrated

  11. I received a letter from Western Union stating that I had money due to me..I need my MTCM tracking number in order to claim my money

  12. I have requested thrice a transcript to one person whom I had sent money to over a few year. I still have no response other than that you will mail me a paper request when I’ve already spoken to two individuals given the information and submitted it online this is completely unacceptable

  13. You have a branch Walgreens/Duane Reade in nyc 10009 – who couldn’t pay me after telling me the max amount was $500. When looking at the computer it mentioned maximum payout of $300. The location only had $80 in the cash register. The western union workers were also very rude and asked me to go elsewhere. I’d like you to look into this service and remove it from this location or improve the customer assistance on site. Please follow through with me.

  14. I purchased a money order for 85.00 on May 20, 2022 at Kroger #411 Macon Ga . I was charged $86.00. In my understanding $85 was the money order amount and $1 was the cost of the money order. However the employee made the money order for $86.00 instead of $85.00. I returned back to Kroger with the BLANK money order and to get a refund and repurchase for the amount that was REQUESTED (TOLD) for the amount for the money order. I was notified the policy wasn’t to refund. A transgender man ( identifying as a woman) manager took my money order, pulled out *her* phone and appeared to take a picture of my money order. I then made it known that I would complete my money order to myself and deposit it to my account. I left the store and I completed the money order to pay myself due to the error of Kroger employee. I am now trying to deposit my money order to my account and it’s getting rejected. I have the paper money order and this is to inform Western Union and Kroger for fraudulent activity. Please notify me on how to resolve my concerns. Your prompt attention is greatly appreciated.

  15. My name is Robert Oliver. The church I attend is trying to send money for food to a church in Lagos, Nigeria. We are sending it to the preacher, Daniel Daniel Akpan. We have been successful at times and blocked on others. I have reached out to this office and followed exactly what they have told me to do with no success. The amount is $425 per month and it feeds about 100 people. We are desperate. I was given the name of a bank where the preacher might open an account to receive the money. When I tried today I was told the only way we could do this is with a debit card which I do not have. What in the world do I need to do to get money to these poor people?

  16. Dear concerned,

    I want to bring in your kind attention misbehaviour and no cooperation of one of your old lady agent at MAMMUT (1) SHOPPING AND ENTERTAINMENT CENTER, Ground floor
    1024 Budapest, Lövőház utca 2-6.

    I am livings in Budapest, Hungary since 2020. On 21 April 2022 around 6:00 pm, i went to collect some money from your above mentioned branch. When i requested the lady agent she gave me a form aggressively and was talking something with herself in her language. i filled and returned the form to agent. Then I provided my original official passport to agent after that she asked me for address card, i gave her my original residence permit (where my residence address is mentioned). After that the lady returned me all my passport and residence card and said that she needs card address. I showed her my original bank card and driving licence but her behaviour was aggressive and she didn’t listen any thing and completely refused to process my request.
    Then i went to another branch of western bank in Mammut(2) and the agent who was polite after checking my original passport and form she processed my request and gave me money which were sent by my relative from UAE.
    I am very shocked that such type of person (the old lady agent) is working in such an international chain of western union and with such a rude and misbehaved lady agent is working which will give a very bad image to western union and people after visiting her branch will avoid to send money through western union.
    I request you to conduct an inquiry and take necessary action against as under your rules to that old lady agent who is giving a very bad impression of western union.
    I have also complained for that agent on your customer telephone number.
    Best regards,

    Shahid Hussain

  17. March 1 lost two money orders received refund on one can’t seem to get the refund on the other I don’t understand the problem says:

    March 1 lost two money orders received refund on one can’t seem to get the refund on the other I don’t understand the problem. It’s been longer than 30 days

  18. I have been trying since 2-24-22 for a refund of my 2 lost money orders from 1-3-22. They are my mothers SSI pmt to the nursing home. I mailed all the originals to the PO Box in Englewood,CO and to no results. I call everyday and they are lost and not cashed. I sent a $30.00 check to you for proccessing and it was cashed on 2-9-22 and I can’t get my full refund of 1758.70.. I have talked to someone 3 times and get no help. I have emailed all the info twice and still no result. The nursing home is done being patient and want her money. I need someone higher up to handle this today please. Call me, Vicki Nash at 713-725-xxxx.

  19. I hav red send my copies of 3 money orders to western Union. In Englewood Colorado. 6 months ago I have not gotten any reply. 19-069275936. 47-045303706. 19-088113325 can you please help me. It has been a very hard year for my family with covid and death in our family. 🙏I need to have this taken care of please.

  20. Purchased money order at Safeway in colville put it in a locked mail box in Wenatchee and the man it went to said he never got it. Was never cashed so u sent me a check for $150 parts of it was unreadable to banks. I need my money now. Can’t wait anymore. Where can I go locally to get it. Check had few numbers too faded. Text me at 1-509-680-xxxx. No wifi but I can call back or 141 2nd Ave oriant, wa. 99160.

  21. Western union had block because the casher at food food lion was fine

    1. Western Union sent me a bogus email. Instructions on how to obtain my refund. The date was wrong. The file would not open. I tried contacting a live agent. I kept getting disconnected. They kept request ing a 10 digit number. All I was ever given was a 9 digit reference number. Western Union are scam artist. Do not use their service. Go to Walmart.

  22. My name is Charles Robinson address is 9050 west Tropicana 1116 89147 las Vegas ,NV phone #702 612 9397 Dob 4/10/1953 Navada Dl number 0001778081 I cant send western union and I dont know why it is unfair I’m a law abiding person who have been western union for over 25 years ..I want my status reinstated immediately

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