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Applebee’s operates around 2000 restaurants. The company was bought by IHOP in 2007 and is now owned by Dine Brands Global, Inc. (Dine Equity).

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Company Website
Corporate Address
450 North Brand Boulevard
Glendale, CA 91203
Company Contact
John C. Cywinski
Phone Number
Twitter IDs


What is Applebee’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Applebee’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-818-240-6055.


What is Applebee’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Applebee’s’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-888-592-7753.

What is Applebee’s Headquarters Address?

Applebee’s parent company, Dine Brands’ Corporate Office mail address is

  • Dine Brands Global
  • 450 N. Brand Blvd., 7th Floor
  • Glendale, CA 91203

Dine Brands’ corporate email address is: [email protected]

Dine Brands’ phone number is: 1-866-995-DINE

Dine Equity’s phone number is: 1-818-240-6055

Applebee’s Customer Service Mail Address is:

  • Applebee’s Services, Inc.
  • 450 North Brand Boulevard
  • Glendale, CA 91203
  • USA


How do I Contact Applebee’s Customer Support?

Call the numbers listed above or contact Applebee’s via:

Applebee’s Email Address is [email protected]. You can also use this Email Form to ask a question.

Applebee’s’ Contact Us page can be found here.


Contact Applebee’s on Social Media:

Applebee’s on Twitter: @Applebees

Applebee’s on Facebook:

Applebee’s Headquarters Executive Team.

Applebee’s International, Inc’s management team consists of:

John C. Cywinski

Kevin Carroll
COO & Senior VP

Rohan M. St. George
President of International Division

Jorge Steiner
President of Chile Operations

Joel Yashinsky
Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

Applebee’s International, Inc. Board of Directors.

Eric L. Hansen
Applebee’s International, Inc.

Erline Belton
Applebee’s International, Inc.

Michael A. Volkema
Herman Miller, Inc.

Laurence E. Harris
Applebee’s International, Inc.

Richard Carroll Breeden
Breeden Capital Management LLC

Dine Brands Global Management Team.

Stephen P. Joyce
Chief Executive Officer and Director

Darren M. Rebelez
President, IHOP

John Cywinski
President, Applebee’s

Bryan R. Adel
Senior Vice President, Legal, General Counsel and Secretary

Gregory R. Bever
Senior Vice President, Chief People Officer

Thomas H. Song
Chief Financial Officer

Adrian M. Butler
Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer

Amy Mason
Senior Vice President, Global Communications & Consumer Insights

Dine Brands Board of Directors.

Richard J. Dahl
Chairman of the Board

Stephen P. Joyce
Chief Executive Officer and Director

Howard M. Berk

Daniel J. Brestle

Larry A. Kay

Caroline W. Nahas

Gilbert T. Ray

Douglas M. Pasquale

Lilian C. Tomovich
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  1. I WENT TO 1501 CEDER CREST ALLENTOWN TO DAY 27 MAY 18 APPLEBEES, IT WAS ALWAYS GREAT PLACE, TODAY,WHE I COME IN YOUNG GIRL SEZ, GO TO THE BAR, YOUR A SMOKER RIGHT/?? I Want a booth, throws silware on a table/NOW I KNOW WHY, HAD US ARMY PATCH, AND A NRA INSTRUCTOR PATCH ON JACKECT, I am thinking why the hell should i be treated like this army army 3 yrs EUROPE, and some srapp treats me like shit//this occurred at 1700 today/

  2. Yes my name is Paul and I have a complaint about one of ur stores and I’ve been a loyal customer for a while now.and the employees where very rude and my food was cold by the time they got it to me and too top it off they got my order wrong…I’m highly disappointed

  3. I’ve been dining at your guntersville Applebees for a couple of months now have become quite frequent I frequent the bar area on numerous occasionsthrought the week am sickened to say that am pretty sure management either does not care or is being paid to turn a blind eye to what’s really going on behind that bar there’s been more than a couple times I’ve personally witnessed some kind of transactions of customers setting at the bar receiving substantialamountof drinks going outside the side door of the restroom area with different individuals and customers leave g without having to foot the Bill at times the bar tender is so out of it I’m not sure how she’s able to even perform the task at hand as far as make drinks and put in food orders I believe Applebees is a great family oriented fun friendly enviorment and would hate to see anyone get the Sri g idea about what kind of business is being ran here in guntersville Alabama at Applebees out neighbor hood bar and grill

  4. My name is Willie and i have been eating at Applebees for many years, but i had the most worst experience yesterday with the disrespectful ass waiter and my food was not hot, food half done and we waited damn near an hr for food. Then the waitress had the nastiest attitude you can encounter and did it in front of my kids. I definitely wont be dining there no time soon.

    1. Your prob right except I don’t feel like Applebees is a family friendly environment. I wouldn’t want my grandchildren around alcohol & parents shouldn’t want to drink with their kiddos. Just saying! I am sorry to hear about your situation. It does make you wonder though. Good concerni! And from CEO to right down to resturant manager, they just don’t seem to care. It’s all on video so just maybe they will investigate it. It is not fair to us hard working ppl that paid our dues.

      1. Yeah they def don’t care I worked at one for 4 years and they recently fired me for “telling them what needs to be changed so the store can run more family friendly and not a damn person seemed to care actually called up there to get some info ab something they said don’t call here asking for shit when we fired you

  5. I want someone to get back to me, preferably someone in POWER. I had an absolutely awful, dreadful experience at your Applebee’s location at 398 Flatbush Extension, Brooklyn, NY 11201. I patronized it on Monday, October 22, 2018

  6. I just left the Applebee’s on Riverside in Macon Ga. The bartender was the worst server ever. Didn’t refill our drinks, didn’t ask was everything ok or nothing. And then when we paid our ticket she didn’t say anything just sat the ticket down and walked off. I said something to the manager and his excuse was she probably just woke up. He didn’t even acknowledge us either, I had to ask him a question for him to say something to us. I will never go here again.


  8. I live within 5 minutes of an Applebee’s restaurant in Delray Beach Fl and go there at least once a week to get a to get a go order ,which I have been doing for several years,of my favorite ,the fried chicken Oriental Salad.
    The management and service has really changed in the last several months and not for the better.
    I was a general manger of a well know company for many years and so I know what is just plain negligence and bad management.
    To get back to my complaint I sat at the end of the bar as I always do and told the young lady I wanted to place a to go order. Although she only had two customers at the bar with fresh drinks ,she said I’ll get you someone . I waited at least 10 minutes and no one came. As I was waiting I looked around and counted 13 people in the dining area and the two men at the bar.
    There was a full staff but standing around talking within my range to maybe a shift manager with dredlocks ,only a description as I could not see his name tag ,talking with three waitresses and still no one had come to take my order.

    I spoke up and asked the group if I was going to get someone to wait on me or should I leave.
    I finally got my order placed and came home with it.
    When I opened it to eat it was definitely not of the level of food you always serve.
    One thin little layer of lettuce and enough chicken for three or four bites of salad. The salad smelled musty
    This is the second time,not quite as bad as this, that the quality has been not up to your standards.
    I just wanted to make you aware that you have lost a long time customer,not just salad but meals because of the rudeness and bad meal
    My next Applebee’s is about 6 or 7 miles from me so I will not be going that far to eat.
    I live within 5 minutes of an Applebee’s restaurant in Delray Beach Fl and go there at least once a week to get a to get a go order ,which I have been doing for several years,of my favorite ,the fried chicken Oriental Salad.
    The management and service has really changed in the last several months and not for the better.
    I was a general manger of a well know company for many years and so I know what is just plain negligence and bad management.
    To get back to my complaint I sat at the end of the bar as I always do and told the young lady I wanted to place a to go order. Although she only had two customers at the bar with fresh drinks ,she said I’ll get you someone . I waited at least 10 minutes and no one came. As I was waiting I looked around and counted 13 people in the dining area and the two men at the bar.
    There was a full staff but standing around talking within my range to maybe a shift manager with dredlocks ,only a description as I could not see his name tag ,talking with three waitresses and still no one had come to take my order.

    I spoke up and asked the group if I was going to get someone to wait on me or should I leave.
    I finally got my order placed and came home with it.
    When I opened it to eat it was definitely not of the level of food you always serve.
    One thin little layer of lettuce and enough chicken for three or four bites of salad. The salad smelled musty
    This is the second time,not quite as bad as this, that the quality has been not up to your standards.
    I just wanted to make you aware that you have lost a long time customer,not just salad but meals because of the rudeness and bad meal
    My next Applebee’s is about 6 or 7 miles from me so I will not be going that far to eat.

    I live within 5 minutes of an Applebee’s restaurant in Delray Beach Fl and go there at least once a week to get a to get a go order ,which I have been doing for several years,of my favorite ,the fried chicken Oriental Salad.
    The management and service has really changed in the last several months and not for the better.
    I was a general manger of a well know company for many years and so I know what is just plain negligence and bad management.
    To get back to my complaint I sat at the end of the bar as I always do and told the young lady I wanted to place a to go order. Although she only had two customers at the bar with fresh drinks ,she said I’ll get you someone . I waited at least 10 minutes and no one came. As I was waiting I looked around and counted 13 people in the dining area and the two men at the bar.
    There was a full staff but standing around talking within my range to maybe a shift manager with dredlocks ,only a description as I could not see his name tag ,talking with three waitresses and still no one had come to take my order.

    I spoke up and asked the group if I was going to get someone to wait on me or should I leave.
    I finally got my order placed and came home with it.
    When I opened it to eat it was definitely not of the level of food you always serve.
    One thin little layer of lettuce and enough chicken for three or four bites of salad. The salad smelled musty
    This is the second time,not quite as bad as this, that the quality has been not up to your standards.
    I just wanted to make you aware that you have lost a long time customer,not just salad but meals because of the rudeness and bad meal
    My next Applebee’s is about 6 or 7 miles from me so I will not be going that far to eat.

    I live within 5 minutes of an Applebee’s restaurant in Delray Beach Fl and go there at least once a week to get a to get a go order ,which I have been doing for several years,of my favorite ,the fried chicken Oriental Salad.
    The management and service has really changed in the last several months and not for the better.
    I was a general manger of a well know company for many years and so I know what is just plain negligence and bad management.
    To get back to my complaint I sat at the end of the bar as I always do and told the young lady I wanted to place a to go order. Although she only had two customers at the bar with fresh drinks ,she said I’ll get you someone . I waited at least 10 minutes and no one came. As I was waiting I looked around and counted 13 people in the dining area and the two men at the bar.
    There was a full staff but standing around talking within my range to maybe a shift manager with dredlocks ,only a description as I could not see his name tag ,talking with three waitresses and still no one had come to take my order.

    I spoke up and asked the group if I was going to get someone to wait on me or should I leave.
    I finally got my order placed and came home with it.
    When I opened it to eat it was definitely not of the level of food you always serve.
    One thin little layer of lettuce and enough chicken for three or four bites of salad. The salad smelled musty
    This is the second time,not quite as bad as this, that the quality has been not up to your standards.
    I just wanted to make you aware that you have lost a long time customer,not just salad but meals because of the rudeness and bad meal
    My next Applebee’s is about 6 or 7 miles from me so I will not be going that far to eat.

    I live within 5 minutes of an Applebee’s restaurant in Delray Beach Fl and go there at least once a week to get a to get a go order ,which I have been doing for several years,of my favorite ,the fried chicken Oriental Salad.
    The management and service has really changed in the last several months and not for the better.
    I was a general manger of a well know company for many years and so I know what is just plain negligence and bad management.
    To get back to my complaint I sat at the end of the bar as I always do and told the young lady I wanted to place a to go order. Although she only had two customers at the bar with fresh drinks ,she said I’ll get you someone . I waited at least 10 minutes and no one came. As I was waiting I looked around and counted 13 people in the dining area and the two men at the bar.
    There was a full staff but standing around talking within my range to maybe a shift manager with dredlocks ,only a description as I could not see his name tag ,talking with three waitresses and still no one had come to take my order.

    I spoke up and asked the group if I was going to get someone to wait on me or should I leave.
    I finally got my order placed and came home with it.
    When I opened it to eat it was definitely not of the level of food you always serve.
    One thin little layer of lettuce and enough chicken for three or four bites of salad. The salad smelled musty
    This is the second time,not quite as bad as this, that the quality has been not up to your standards.
    I just wanted to make you aware that you have lost a long time customer,not just salad but meals because of the rudeness and bad meal
    My next Applebee’s is about 6 or 7 miles from me so I will not be going there to eat.

    Charlotte LaBonne

  9. Friday December 14, 2018
    My husband and I took our 2 grandchildren out for lunch at Applebee’s we were sat at table #94 and received our check at 2:45 p.m. My grands each order the chicken tenders with applesauce and a side of mozzarella cheese sticks to share. The food arrives and I noticed something in the applesauce which is a closed and sealed container. I opened the container to find a science project growing inside my grandson’s applesauce!!! (Mott’s Applesauce) I immediately alert the waiter and request to see the manager. The manager was speechless, all he could say was “we just received these this morning”. He said he would take our information before we left. He never followed through and neither did I. He did however take the children’s food off the bill at my request. This was something that should have been caught by whoever was preparing the food. We have been going to Applebee’s for a while now because our grandchildren enjoy going there. After this event Applebee’s is crossed off the list. Would post a pic of the science project but this field is text only.
    Not Happy
    Cheryl Hartley

  10. Friday December 14, 2018
    My husband and I took our 2 grandchildren out for lunch at Applebees we were seated at table #94, Mike P is our waiter the manager on duty if I recall correctly was Manny and we received our check at 2:45 p.m. They each order the chicken tenders with applesauce and a side of mozzarella cheese sticks to share. The food arrives and I noticed something in the applesauce which is a closed and sealed container. I opened the container to find a science project growing inside my grandson’s applesauce!!! (Mott’s Applesauce) I immediately alerted the waiter and requested to see the manager. The manager was speechless, all he could say was “we just received these this morning”. He said he would take our information before we left. He never followed through and neither did I. He did however take the children’s food off the bill at my request. This was something that should have been caught by whoever was preparing the food. We have been going to Applebee’s for a while now because our grandchildren enjoy going there. After this event Applebee’s is crossed off the list. I would post the pic but this field is text only.


    December 20, 2018

    I I called to get the name of the manager that was on duty at the time the applesauce incident took place. I spoke to a store manager by the name of Walter over the phone. Walter asked for the description of the manager and by the description he gave me the name Manny, Manny was not available so Walter asked if he could help me. I told Walter about the applesauce with mold in it and I told Walter that I am sending a complaint to corporate. He offered to do something for my trouble. I stopped by the Union Route 22 location. I let Walter view the pictures I took. I also text the pictures to Walter’s cell phone as per his request. Walter went and grabbed 2 $10.00 vouchers in an effort to comp me for my trouble. I thanked Walter for the vouchers but I am very disenchanted with Applebee’s after that molded applesauce. That is definitely not a good look served to children or anyone for that matter.

    Not Happy
    Cheryl Hartley

  11. Just moved to Saint George, Applebee’s off South a River Road, the people are rude unknowledgeable about the menus. They mistreat seniors. No manager in site. Word of mouth, they need to get their S together. 1st impressions are lasting. We will never go back there again. The servers were Mexicans, lazy.

  12. Dickson, Tn. 37137..on 1/4/19…After seeing the commercial all week about Applebee’s special they were promoting we had discussed going there for dinner. So we went for dinner about 6pm. We had to wait for a table and they ended up putting us in the bar area at a tall table. Was not comfortable dinning situation for a relaxing sit done dinner but we were hungry and didn’t want to wait any longer even though we could see some empty tables. The waitress arrived at the table and took our drink order. Don’t know her name she didn’t tell us. She brought our iced tea and began to get our order. I asked her about the current special. She did not know the answers. So I read her the menu pointing at the words on the special menu. Mix and match all you could eat riblets, shrimp or chicken tenders with endless fries. She could not explain the special. So one of us ordered ribs the other shrimp. Another girl brought the food. It was piled up with French fries more than anything. I asked her didn’t it come with coleslaw like in the picture? She didn’t know. She left and came back with one coleslaw in one small dish. I told her we both had ordered the special shouldn’t we get two servings and couldn’t we please have some ketchup for our fries. Our bottle was empty. She got upset and told us she was not our server and copped an attitude.. I told her I would not be spoken to like that and my date asked to see a manager. The manager came to the table by this time our food was cold. She started making excuses. We just decided to refuse to stay and spend good money on cold food and rude terrible service. As some Applebee’s locations have been closing you would think that all efforts would involve making the public want to return again. However we will not spend our money with a company who’s employees are rude to us and can not provide service to the customer in a friendly manner. The management should have educated all their staff to any specials that you were running. I have never in 59 years had such a bad disrespectful experience that I was paying for. Just thought you should know we will spend our money elsewhere. We left and went to another and received excellent service. The first thing I asked was if they had any specials and the young lady presented their specials with polite educated knowledge..

  13. I wrote your office December 29 advising you of the unacceptable service I received at your Moorefield office Park location in Richmond, Virginia on my birthday, December 28. My steak was filled with grizzles, the broccoli was a child’s serving and the waitress had me wait an inordinate time frame even though the restaurant was sparsely occupied. The manager insulted me by sending me a certificate for $10! This was not comparable to what I spent nor for any steak meal. I have had several meals at the Glen Allen location consisting of porterhouse steaks and T-bone steaks. This was a condescending gesture from the manager where I ate. It was the worst experience I have encountered on my birthday. I am hoping you will rectify this situation.

  14. We went to applebees in oxford alabama last Saturday for my sons girlfriends birthday. It was 4:15 in the afternoon. We were a party of 9. We arrived gave our name and were told a 15 minute wait. Not a problem we waited. Almost 30 minutes later the hostess called us up and told us they couldn’t accomadate a party of 9. If they knew they couldn’t seat is and knew they couldn’t why were we told to wait. We had 3 older children (12,10,8) and asked if we could have 2 tables and an adult would sit with the kids. Hostess (Rhonda) asked the manager and we were told 1 table of no table. Now there was a party of people ahead of us that was a large party and they were seated. Well why weren’t we. I was embarrassed and felt totally humiliated. As we left I picked up one of the biz cards from the vestibule. I called and spoke to the man who is listed as the area director Matthew OBrien. He answered the phone and I told him of our issue. He responded that he had been at that restaurant the day before and knew they didn’t have an issue seating 9 people as there were large parties there that day. Again I dont understand what the problem was with our party and why we were refused a table. I am writing this to inform you I feel we were discriminated against for some reason. I will be contacting an attorney. Thank you for your time.

  15. Friday, January 18, 2019 we invited guests to Applebee’s in Beaver Dam, WI. We have never been dissatisfied with Applebee’s Beaver Dam or Madison, WI, but was very dissatisfied with last night’s dinner in Beaver Dam’s establishment.
    We had a wait for our food, which was alright as we were engaged in conversation. However, when our food arrived, I was very disappointed and embarrassed (as we strongly recommended Applebee’s.)
    The lettuce to the chicken salad was not fresh, it was very wilted and limp, the noodle dish was not hot, the “medium well” steak came out very rare.
    We do not mind paying $80 for a dinner when satisfied, but VERY disappointing with what we had last night.
    We did not make matters worse by complaining. Don’t think we will visit Beaver Dam Applebee’s again.
    I didn’t care to write a bad review for everyone to see, but I do see many have been written about Beaver Dam, WI Applebee’s.
    Thank You for listening.

  16. I am a current employee at Lansdale Applebees🍎 I am a current employee at Lansdale Applebees🍎 2333 Welsh rd. I currently feel on comfortable working there and I would like to quit but I need to take Kyra precautions by contacting Applebees🍎 I currently feel on comfortable working there and I would like to quit but I need to take Kyra precautions by contacting Applebees🍎 headquarters then going to my managers. My Applebees🍎 my Applebees🍎 information and schedule have been coming outside of the Applebees🍎 work so I’ll Byam M Hoyer MJ she only works there on Fridays every week she has been going to family members going to friends about my schedule and I do not appreciate that I feel like I need confidential schedules or information that is talked about in Applebees🍎 I feel like any confidential schedules or information that is talked about in Applebees🍎 about me between my managers friend Dave Deb and Jason should not leave the building and going to my family members boyfriend is also a cook on Friday Siam named Andrew he has told me to be very cautious of my surroundings because him and some of the servers at Applebees🍎 are trying to set up a drive-by on me and I do not like to be threatened by people in there and has not only happened once but many times. Deb the GM of Applebees🍎 does not like me and she have stated that clearly with me she has told me stop talking and that my voice is very annoying she has sent me home a bunch of times for my apron not being clean and for my shirt not being clean when other employees had a holes in their shirts and On pants has ketchup, sour cream all over their clothes and out of all of them she has only sent me home lots of the employees at Applebees🍎 know that she does not like me as well as all of the managers. If there is deadmau5 coming out and the side salads and if there is pieces of gum coming out on plates that I do not know why a health department or a tie but has not come out and I actually did a full investigation on Applebees🍎 if there is a dead mouse coming out in the side salads and if there is pieces of gum coming out on plates that I do not know why a health department or a tie but has not come out and I actually did a full investigation on Applebees🍎 and what is going on I would like to be reached out too as soon as possible because my information coming out of Applebees🍎 the threats that Are being planned etc are not okay

  17. I was threatened by a employee with my children present. Roseville Michigan location

  18. Went to Applebee’s in Castleton in Indianapolis, had kids pizza and Nachos, the jalapeños on the nachos were cold, some of the chips were stale, pizza cold, and received cheese sticks(Appetizer) half way through main meal,


  20. I have an issue i need to discuss with the customer service department. I am going to send you an official letter by mail. I would suggest, however, that you publish an official customer support email address that customers can email for correspondence.

  21. I dont usually complain but here is my review: Decent company in general until there is a problem. I had a problem with payment, credit card expired and it took ages to get it sorted out. The people in the customer service department are nice though.

  22. Can someone from sales or customer service please reply to my complaint on your Facebook page. I sent you a message with my problem, but have not heard back yet. That was 2 days ago

  23. How do I contact the corporate office headquarters by phone here in the UK. I would like to know if you have a UK customer phone number or corporate number, thanks.

  24. I have an issue i need to discuss with the customer service department. I am going to send you an official letter by mail. I would suggest, however, that you publish an official customer support email address that customers can email for correspondence.

  25. I would like to apply for a job with you, but I dont know where to sent the job application to. I need to know if the Corporate Office address is the same as the Human Resources address.

  26. It would be great if the company could answer their messages on Facebook. I tried Twitter also but did not get a reply. I suppose I will have to do it the old fashioned way and contact the corporate office phone number.

  27. No complain! Want to thank you for the wonderful Veteran’s Day meal! We appreciate it very much! God bless you for offering it!!

  28. Mesquite Texas,worst ever!! No hostess,,excuse was change of shift,waited 5 mins.before a server came to seat us.Took forever on appetizer,but onion rings were good.My order was honey chicken and 4 cheese mac,no honey,they were out,cheese was watered down alfredo,but this was after waiting ,waiting,THEN OUR FOOD WAS GIVEN TO SOMEONE ELSE,so start over again,THEN server messed up the bill,not once but twice!!! We get our cards for restaurants from our credit card,needless to say we will not go to another Applebees,the one in Garland on 635 is just as bad about their food! We know why you are losing money and closing a lot of your places,sad sad sad!!

  29. I have only worked for the Cortland Applebee’s for a short time. But, what I have seen and experienced is truly astonishing. I have nothing good to say about the staff, nor the management. To begin, the management needs to be gutted and replaced by better and more competent people. Specifically, a woman named Shalyn. The other managers have their issues, bringing their personal lives in with them, as well as been seen drinking on the job, but Shalyn is truly disappointing. She is rude, and makes a point to show that she is the “boss.” Yet, if someone were actually a manager or a boss, there would be no need to prove it as she attempts to do so. She, many times, makes impulsive decisions that hurt everyone except herself, as well as pulling the “I’m a manager” card far too often to get her way. I will not sit idly by and let people like her put people like me under her thumb, and it is truly a shame that someone like her would be hired without further consideration. Moving to the rest of the staff, many are frequently late, and quite rude to one another. Many times, in my very short time there, I have heard a server scream at a cook. That is unacceptable. Yet, nothing is done. Staff consistently showing up late, yet finding time during their shift for a smoke break. Not to mention there is nothing cohesive among the servers. Why do we not help each other out? Rather, things could be falling apart, and verbatim, I heard a server say “I will not pick up the slack for other shitty staff.” That is a horrible outlook and that is exactly the type of people your company is hiring and allowing that type of behavior. Why does food take so long to come out? Because I watch as staff sits on their phones, or talks with other staff members as food sits there and gets cold, or takes over an hour to come out. This goes for the bar drinks as well. Nothing there is done in a timely manner. I watch as tables are filled with dirty plates and cups, while other staff sits on their phones, refusing to clear tables that are not in their section. I listen as servers obsess over their tips, rather than worrying about how their service was. I am ashamed I was ever a part of this horrible company. I will certainly be letting others know to steer clear of this sham of a “neighborhood” restaurant.

  30. i just had a meal at applebees in pinole, ca. i read an article about how well this franchise is doing. well i had a steak which was better than those i have had in the past. but the french fries and coleslaw were terrible.
    thought you might like to know this.

  31. Had lunch at your restaurant today, ordered shrimp and fajitas. The picture showed the meat on top of Spanish rice. Well underneath maybe 2 or3 tablespoons of rice was way too many onions and a few bell peppers. Very misleading to serving rice with menu. Please cut back on onions and add a little more rice. Shrimp and fajita meat was very good. Probably wouldn’t order this again.

  32. I visited your memphis/arkansas sroreon Sept 19 2019 and received terrible service. I have been in touch with your 1800 complaint dept and as of today no resolution. I have had to do alk the calling to the store. I was offered a 30.00 copied gift certificate that no other Apple bees will accept. I called the 1800 again 2 weeks ago this coming Tuesday and wad told I would hear from someone by last Thursday. No calls received. Called again said they would bump up to distict manager of that store a k. Pat. No calls received. I have left 2 messages for him myself he has not returned my calls. Maybe because I wad on vacation and they don’t care but I think the response from the store and district manager is horrible. My soup came put like I have never seen and wad told I thought it would be better bringing it out like this this than not at all and my ceasar salad had a late of dressing no croutons. When I asked about the dressing I wad told I gave you extra lettuce. No drink refills. Emotes were in the back area on their cell phones. Three months is a little long with no resolution. I really would like my gift card and no certificate that is useless to me in North Carolina. Very disappointed in how I have been treated. Expecting some kind of resonse

  33. Just came back from Applebees in West Saint Paul Minnesota I have been there many many times but NEVER had this poor of service. I ordered the Chips and Articoke app for staters and am 8 oz staek as I waited for my chips they sat 3 more tables of people as I am STILL waiting for my chips I notice 2 of the tables that came in after me got there chips so I asked one of the servers which she said she would check and then never came back so I asked another worker who said she could not help me because she just cleans tables now it has been 35 minutes finally I flag my server down AGAIn and he says let me check and in a few minutes comes back with what was suppose to be chips and dip BUT the chips look like they gave me the broken chips from the bottom of the bag VERY DISAAPOINTED finally 45 minutes later I got my Steak it was cold but I was not about to wait another 30 min so i took most of it home but for 32 dollars this was terrible service will think twice before returning!!!!!!!!!!

  34. On Sept 3 my wife I were dining with another couple at Applebee’s in Twin Falls Id. Partway through the meal the waitress came back to pick up the half full salad bowls. In doing so she dropped a bowl on the floor, splattering on me from my legs to my face. She handed me a drink napkin and walked away. A short while later she came back with some hand wipes and she and my companion proceeded to clean up the spill. While she was cleaning I told should be a little more careful, as some people don’t appreciate food spilled on them. A short while later a guy came from the kitchen and asked if there was a problem. I told him the story,and he told me the waitress was in the kitchen crying. We discussed things further and he left. A short while later another person came from the kitchen area and proceeded to tell me quite loudly that the waitress was crying and that need I should leave the restaurant immediately. She did say that the meal was comped but I needed to leave now. I did appreciate the meal being comped but not one time did anyone apologizes to me, in fact I think they were quite rude. My companions and I were embarrassed and probably won’t be back. I would be happy to discuss this more.

  35. ok so i just purchased $111.45 this evening from the applebees located at 2901 66th st north in st.pete fl 33710 an if i actually go into detail on how bad not only was the food but picking up the food on top of missing three items i contacted the store spoke to the manager an told them i will bring everything back up there but this is so uncalled for then on top of that the manager tells me umm no u can keep it why would i want it if i am telling you how burnt some food is how dryed out others were etc.. an then have the nerve to say i can give you a 35 dollar credit like really i just spent 111 dollars an change on food that is garbage then i asked for email an number to corporate manager tells me were not allowed to give that out u can call our customer complaint department just go on line an google it like i do not know who hired her who trained her but i tell you what she is a sorry ass excuse for a manager an i can see if the place was busy etc.. there was barely half the place filled thats how slow they were when i got there on top of waiting after being told a time an extra 32 mins an then to get home an see how mad the food was on top of missing food & app do not know but this location is 100 percent disgusting an i would never go back there nor tell anyone else to go there what so ever but i would like it if a hi up manager can get back to me an reinburse me for the money i spent.thank you

  36. There is an abandoned Applebees at 151st Street and Lowell St. in my neighborhood in Overland Park, KS. In the last few weeks, I’ve noticed some political group has set up a tent in the parking lot selling campaign stuff. I’ve lived in this neighborhood for over thirty years and I am not OK with this at all. Please investigate this immediately as I am assuming one would need a permit to do this. I have notified the Overland Park police.

  37. I ate at Applebee’s this afternoon because the website said happy hour from 3pm—6pm. When I received my bill everything was full price and I was then told that happy hour changed to 9pm til closed. I believe I should’ve been granted 1/2 off appetizers like the website stated because I came to Applebee’s during the hours listed. I would like this matter to be addressed because this is false advertising.

  38. Went in for lunch at Applebee’s in lady lake, and Angie was our server. She constantly complained about the work conditions there and expressed to us about her mentally ill son. It was a very uncomfortable situation for me and my husband, and she never brought anything like this up until we got our check. It was almost as she was asking us to leave her a bigger tip. She made our lunch a very uncomfortable. I have never experienced this at any other dining establishment. If she does not care for her job, why not go somewhere else? Why complain to guest and not management. I’m sure this was not her first or last time attempting this.

  39. I was relieved of my duties at Applebee’s due to an incident I was never interviewed by corporate and I don’t understand why
    Jeron Hutchinson
    Applebee’s in Roanoke Rapids NC

  40. Is Applebees only for young people?They never respond to us.We are older so thought that may be why

  41. Hi! I’m a “very” regular customer at the Applebee’s in Glasgow, KY. I don’t know if you all decide or if they decide on what brand of mashed potatoes to use. This new brand is not good at all!! Sometimes they turn out decent but on a slow day, they are VERY runny and look like gravy you’d get on biscuits. Please, go back to the old brand or something else at least!!! I’m not the only one who dislikes them also! I’m just the only one willing to email you! I’m praying you change this!!

  42. Applebee’s in Killeen Texas is letting people with covid-19 work, my daughter complained of symptoms and they did not let her go home and now she’s sick I think they should have to pay for her testing. Another person I know that work at Applebee’s they let her work her shift knowing that her family at home had tested positive.

  43. called to place order 12/31/020 6:32 pm and they were not taking any orders neither was I able to buy online at 6:30 after multiple attempts to place order. so I called and they were not taking orders??? I bought gift cards to use for this specific nite and specific time and not taking orders!!! bad business!!!!

  44. I ate applebees for 1st time last night. Me and my son got 2 for 22$. The bill was 45$ for disgusting food. My son mistakenly purchased random things on the computer menu. I complained and I got charged for all if it even though did not want anything AT ALL. I asked server if they had bread and she said yeah then I looked bill later got charged for all the breadsticks I didnt eat. She could have told me u h as vr pay for the hard asrock bread sticks. The burgers were burnt to a crisp. First time eating there and disgusted and so dissapointed. I have no money right now and saved to take my son out to eat on new year’s eve as after his day surgery. Please make this right with me and my sick son, I expected a good dinner and got way overcharged and only felt disappointment. How are you gonna make this right for me as a first time customer????? Get back to me
    Phone 413-531-xxxx

  45. Last night, my wife and I went to Applebee’s in Cape Girardeau, Mo. we used to eat there often up until 2-3 years ago. Food went downhill considerably as well as service and atmosphere.
    When we arrived last night, we found the entrance full of people waiting to get a seat. Some had been waiting 10 minutes and had yet to been greeted. 4 people left angry who had been waiting for several minutes without even being acknowledged. Two people who had been waiting a while politely scolded the hostess about customer service. My wife and I were seated and our server was Sierra, she did a good job btw. I ordered a Bourbon Street chicken and shrimp and my wife ordered a salad, but said it was awful and only eat half of it, my meal was good. However the last few times I have eaten there in the last 2-3 years the meals were less than desirable, thus why we have only eaten here 5-6 times in the last couple years. We keep going back about every 6 months and give it another shot only to be disappointed. Last night the employees were all apologizing for what happened at the door due to be so busy because they were overwhelmed. 80% of the North side of the building was empty, which is where we were seated. My wife and I counted 17 empty tables on our side. Between us and the bar was apparently the servers table, it had 7 empty glasses, lots of trash on the table. The bar had 6 people at it all the time we were there. The bar had in one spot 17 empty dirty glasses with straws sticking out of them all, in another spot on the bar was another 7 half empty beer glasses waiting to be cleaned, and there was 3 or 4 more dirty glasses scattered around on the bar, all of this was probably for 45 minutes, maybe an hour. The floors throughout the entire place were filthy and covered in straws, napkins, lots of trash. The table we were seated at had sticky stuff all over it and when we asked for it to be wiped off, we were told it was residue from duct tape that they couldn’t get off because the tables had not been being used because of Social distancing (which the person commented, “which I guess we are no longer doing”).
    I write this not looking for a gift card, I do not want one. What I want is to not see another restaurant close down in this area. I live 30 minutes out in the country and enjoy going to Cape for a meal. As I previously stated, I used to love going to Applebee’s. Applebee’s in Cape Girardeau is obviously poorly managed and has been for near 3 years.

  46. Hi! I was at your restaurant today hoping to watch some NFL from my table while I was there. For whatever reason though, the cable isn’t picking up CBS, the channel the games are on. Well, it didn’t look like they were getting NBC, which carries Sunday Night Football either. I know it didn’t show the Fox station that ballgames come in on. He stood there and flipped channels beside me. It would be great if you all could figure out a way to fix this!! It was fine until Governor Beshear closed the restaurants for 3 weeks.

  47. I dine in at my local Applebee’s on 383 Springfield Avenue, Newark NJ 07103 and was served by waiter by the name Donnell I order and dine in and took a to go order, however when I got home I discovered that I didn’t get my full order. Which was as followed 2 8oz stirlion with Parmesan shrimp and stakes, one with garlic mash potatoes And garlic green beans and the other stirlion stake was supposed to be four cheese Mac and cheese and cheesy broccoli. I received none of my sides. I called the restaurant to inform them of the mishap and I was told to call the next day for a refund. When I did finally speak to someone the following day, I believe the young lady name was Aura. She told me that she couldn’t refund me my money, because the the sides came with the stirlion so it wouldn’t be a price on the items separately. Which I understand but why wasn’t I offered a full refund for my to go order when it wasn’t the whole Entrée that I order? The total of my to go Order was 62.34? During these times that’s a lot of money to not get exactly what I purchased and being denied a refund for the failed attempt of my order.

  48. I was an employee at Applebee’s in north Las Vegas. I was threatened. I was cussed at. I was lied to. Supervisor made up a lie about me to save her own job. Reported multiple incidents and nothing ever happened. Was told I wasn’t working because of my attitude when the stuff they told me about was the same stuff I had reported about others who have worked there for 5 plus years. Reported it to the number they gave me and he hung up on me twice.

  49. It has nothing to do with our store in McPherson. The employees there are great. It’s your office! This new call center stupid idea!!!! I had wait forever for it to ring through. Then when they finally answered they could answer my question. They sent me back to some number and hat rang and rang until I finally hung up. Called back same thing. I’ve tried not to go into sit down restaurants but have done curbside since this Covid crap. I promised the kids Applebee’s so 20 mins later on the phone. I drove into our restaurant just to find out you changed you menus again… ugh… first it was the 3 cheese penne was taken off your 2 for menu. But our awesome was waitresses have made changes to the Chicken Alfredo to make it into 3 cheese penne only with linguini noodles.. now that has been removed… I don’t think we will be back for a long time. Cooperate stop making stupid changes. It took less time to go to b and order to go then it did waiting on the phone!!!

  50. Went to Applebee’s today for lunch because I saw the promo on tv for a dozen shrimp for $1 with a steak entree purchase. My friend and I were told that this could not be used because we purchased the 2 for $22 steak. The last time you had this promo we were able to use the both together. It seems to me that there should be a disclaimer to state the 2 for $22 is excluded.

  51. Your bartender in TX off of cockrell hill in duncanville always over service my husband drinks. He comes home sloppy drunk due your bartenders over serving. It should be about the customers safety, not a sale or tips. I how complain about this situation before. Safety first.

  52. You guys messed up when you took it out of Zion Illinois. When I was there the service was great you need to come back

  53. I had an interview on Jan 18th for an interview for a cook position and the general manager Denise came out and told me that she couldn’t hire me because I am deaf. In all my life I have never been turned down for a job because of my hearing

  54. This is not a complaint. But to say I ordered 2 full racks of ribs. With Mac & cheese, broccoli &cheese . Plus 4,bread sticks.
    It was cooked Superb. I had intentions of only eating half of my rack ribs and saving half of my food for tomorrow at the whole blessed thing. Whoever cooked it in Farmville Virginia was so good.
    Thank you
    Dianna Clark
    xxx Crescent Rd., Farmville VA 2390

  55. The gm in sedalia named adrianna or addy, is terrible. watched her push a minor employee and was not fired. she is rude and unprofessional. needs replaced. i cant believe anyone would promote anyone that treats others that way. i sure wouldnt wanna work for the company or eat at this restaurant again after seeing that. have talked to employees. she writes their schedules reducing them from full to part time then turns around and forces them to stay later because “she can.” this is my favorite restaurant in sedalia, mo and she has started to ruin that for this family and lots of other customers since before she became GM..

  56. Horrible food even after it was remade and I still paid for it This restaurant is in Orangeburg sc and has a terrible reputation. The manager Alice did not care. There were less than 8 people in the restaurant

  57. Yesterday was the Super Bowl and yesterday my experience with the only local Applebee’s was horrible and something that the Corporation should know about, since I will NEVER support this establishment again after 30 years!
    I waited in my vehicle at the Disability parking facing the “Car Side” opening for my order. The wait was over 30 minutes. As I was sitting, my friend and I watched the opening and closing of the door with many Servers and the public going in and out through the same door, never once did we see any cleaning of the door handles. We watched food on platters, exposed and going to customers under the outdoor tent. When the food departed the kitchen, it was approximately 25 + feet. Therefore food would not arrive hot since it’s Winter. We made a comment that our food would be hot since we were taking it away covered.

    Very wrong, ALL the food was cold, even though it took me 5 minutes to arrive home! There wasn’t any eating utensils, napkins or sauces.
    Onion rings were over cooked, dark and very thick with batter. Not edible and was thrown away!
    Steak Quesadilla had maybe 10 tiny pieces of steak that looked like little peas, where was the Steak? Barely any cheese and not spread anywhere near the end of the Quesadilla. Picked out the tiny pieces of steak and the rest of the flour tortilla was thrown out. Who wants to eat a flour tortilla?
    Chicken Fajita Roll was stuffed with very little chicken and so bland. Again, the tiny bits of chicken were picked out and the rest thrown away. Who wants to eat a flour tortilla?
    Chicken Wanton Tacos were the only thing that remained the same since its inception, yet were cold.

    During this terrible time in our history with COVID-19, you would think that service and quality would be of a higher precedent than ever before; to remain open and attract customers that support local restaurants, why would this not be as important?

  58. Hello,
    We ordered food to go and was missing the chicken Buffalo. When my husband called the restaurant, he was told to come into the restaurant since credit card was closed out! Because of THEIR mistake, my husband has to go back to get refund?! Not good customer service but not surprised since this restaurant still does not understand customer service concept,

  59. Health dept in Toledo oh needs to visit Monroe St location it is disgusting filthiest place I’ve ever visited

  60. Hello,
    I am inquiring about my W-2. I have moved since the last time I worked and I haven’t received my W-2 yet, so I am assuming they were sent to the wrong address. If you have any information on how I could fix this issue or if you know who I should reach out to directly please let me know. I appreciate your time. Thank you.

  61. We love ordering our dinner from Applebee’s But so many times we are missing part of our order.I call and tell them but their answer is to drive out and pick up what they forgot.It is so annoying to have to drive back to Applebees to pick up what they forgot to put in my bag My last order was 2-24-21 they forgot my daughters Chrispy salad ,My grand daughters,bread stick,and my Grandsons Boneless Buffalo Wings were all dried up. I feel that this should not happen all the time with all most every order item We always seem to be missing one order.We go to the Newton ,New Jersey Applebee’s

  62. NO COMPLAINT…Just want to say I love your commercials…happy fun and I can’t wait to get back to visiting and the good food…it’s just so nice when your commercial comes in to hear something happy, bouncy in this down time. Most commercials I mute as soon as they appear ..not you…thank you again….East Hanover is close to me but I have been to other sites when visiting my kids etc. anyway just want to say thanks

  63. We like the food but whoever designed the Applebee’s app doesn’t know what they are doing. Lately I can’t signin or order as a guest. If I try to place an order as a guest the app reverts back to the order menu. Also I shouldn’t have to place an order to change my cc info.

  64. On March 6, 2021, I dined at the local Applebee’s in Del Rio, Texas. The music was extremely loud & seemed to be louder than the music at a bar or club. We could not hear each other talk at the same table. I even developed a headache from the visit.

    I asked the waitress to lower the volume but was informed that the bartender refused to lower the volume because the other customers were paying for the music. Since the type of music was inconsistent (English rock, hip hop, Spanish, etc.), it seems that the music was more someone’s personal preference.

    I asked to speak to the Manager but was told that the Manager was to busy. I eat outside my home almost daily but I really don’t care to return to this restaurant. I have been to many Applebee’s restaurants in other cities and never experienced such loud music. The restaurant seemed to be more of a club rather than an eating establishment.

  65. On 3/6/2021 a friend and I went to the local applebees in our city which is Mt.Pleasant Texas we was seated very quickly. An then it goes differently the waiter Chyann wasnt very nice at all the whole time that we was there she was very rude to other guest and employees and cursing as if nobody heard her. She was even about to try to fight one of the waiters. A person like that should have been fired on the spot. I did not eat there i did have one drink and my friend did order food but she got it to go we did not want to be in that type of hostal enviorment.

  66. I need help retrieving my login info from 2019 when I worked with Applebee’s • Team schostak
    My name is Coleman Davis

  67. we parked beside this man in a nice car “we weren’t no where near his car” and he came in applebees cussing me and my sister’s out threatening to “come shut us up” and then all the workers started teaming up on us calling us bitches and dumb bc he leaves them 100 dollar tips except the only one that was nice her name was kelsey I personally handed her a 10 dollar bill for her bc I wasn’t gonna leave it on the table for one of the rude workers to take but we even got the cops out there and they looked at the car and saw nun wrong with it and left and then the man bragged to us about how he could pay a lawyer to lie about what went on

  68. the managers do not respect applebee’s employees and do not respect availability matters.. the mangers Give “special” treatments” to certain Employees around here being buddy buddy with them, is not respectful. if that employee messes up the managers don’t care, but if anyone else messes up it’s thee end of the world..

  69. Just went to the Applebee’s on Montano and Coors in Albuquerque NM. The manager there should be removed from your brand. There were no cheesestick appetizer, the Caesar salad was rotten (returned), came out and said no mashed potatoes, French fries were not cooked thoroughly, had an order with no pickles, steaks were over done and waiter stated they were being recooked. We waited another 30 min for the steak as everyone else at the table was finished. No cheese on the Mac and cheese just crusted over noodles with cheese sprinkled on top. After all this the steaks were still served way over done. I didn’t want liver. Bottom line he needs to be let go. He never once came to the table to express any concern. He left it up to his waiter. The guy was literally running around the restaurant…running! The manager stayed at the bar stealing y’all’s money hitting on the female bar tender. True story. I don’t normally go off like this but this is totally unacceptable. I’m retired military and expect nothing but professionalism. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

  70. The Applebee’s on Highway 93 North in Kalispell Montana I was there with my family on 32121 the time was 7:20 the general manager brought out of meal that was a kid’s male I am a senior citizen and I don’t like to eat heavy meals in the evening so I had ordered off the kids menu and she come out and ripped into me in front of my family was the rudest nastiest most horrible person I have ever seen I have work in the food industry as a waitress and in other capacities all my life and if I ever talk to a customer the way she talked to me I’d have been canned on the spot her initials are GM she is the assistant manager of Applebee’s at that location and to tell you I am going to write a scathing report and put it on the internet of how horribly rude nasty she was she has no business working with or having contact with people in any capacity including a dishwasher I am going to write a complaint on your website every day until I know this which has been fired

  71. I was at gulfport ms this weekend I ordered supper for 4 people for delivery and we never got our food. The manager says Doordash has to refund my money and they say applebees does. I am tired of getting the run around. I spent 74.80 and never got my food or money back

  72. I observed baby’s high chairs being placed in isles at end of tables or booths, I consider this a hazard

  73. Let me begin saying none of your phone numbers work. Been trying to get through for 2 days now. My complaint is that Ordered curbside from one of your ABee’s restaurants In Sandusky Ohio 44870 , 419 627 2777. I told the server I wanted to pay my bill in 2 payments $29.25. I told her to take 20 off the card and I gave her 10.00 in cash. Well I recieved my text alert and it had 23.47 taken off my card. So when she came back out for me to sign the fake reciept which read 19.25 . she told me to sign the top one and leave her the bottom . but on the one I signed I left no tip . So I called the restaurant and talked with the manager but still not understanding WHY was a tip taken off when I signed no tip . So he looked it in it . He didnt understand what she had done a couldnt find the 19.25 receipt . it shouldve been 2 so he said he have to look further in to it so he offered me a 10.00 gift card that ha would send me. Well after thinking more about what your employee had done 1 she stole from my card when I said no tip 2 she foraged my signature on her slip to show a tip . Just think of how many people she has done this to that has gone unnoticed. We do not deserve to be treated with theft and foragery . just getting dinner for our families. And I would like all my monet put back on my card when you reach out to the Apple Bees in Sandusky.

  74. My husband and I went to Applebee’s in Vestal, NY we were seated given menus 15 Min later we still were not waited on. The waitress came by and said she was going on break and introduce us to another waitress after that we never saw her again we got up and left at the same time another couple in our section also got up and left complaining of the same thing. I could not find the hostess no bartender but there was another waitress coming from the bar I told her we were leaving because of the service and another couple left before us. No apology and don’t leave sit over here have a complementary drink on us nope not a I sorry or anything I will be hard pressed to go to Applebee’s again.

  75. Hello my name is chynna for my 21st birthday all i wanted to do is have a good meal and 5 dollar drinks i went to the apple bees in Baltimore md in towson i had a famliy emergency so i had to leave early. but my boyfriends friend offered. To take me out later that night any way everthing was okay till the manager i think shes a white lady with long black hair i asked the waiter for my bill 15 minutes later I hear someone yelling across the restaurant excuse me excuse me is this your card I can see that is has been used in my stores two times today I need your ID and because it was an Emerald Card it didn’t have my name on it she turns the cart around and looked at it and says it doesn’t have a name on it you know what I don’t even care she handed my card to the waiter and walked off they made me wait for 15 mins i had to ask for my card back i spent 60 dollrs the first time n 55 the second i feel she was wrong to say that and make me feel embarrassed in front of the whole restaurant why couldn’t she come up to me and say hey do you mind if I see your i d but thank u i just feel like i was treated wrong
    If there any questions my number is 44340xxxx thank you

  76. I and my family went to be sitter which there was only 3 of us. They told us it would be a 20 minute wait. We ask why when there where plenty of tables and was not busy at all. The hostess said they did not want to overwhelm the staff. The last time we went there the service was terrible, screw up our order and the food was cold but that was while back so we we thought we would give another chance. After this we will never be back specially when people were coming in after us and they were being sitter.

  77. Last night me my wife and two daughters went to applebees on lane avenue. Worst experience all time! Get to the door the waitress says it’ll be 25 minutes for seating. However we could clearly see at least six empty tables. Therefore we decided to order online. They don’t have the one dish I want( chic/alfredo/ spin. Then I’m told it will be a 25 minute wait for my order 9:21pm to be exact. I tried to pick up my order at 9:50pm and ended up waiting until 10:45 until I actually received my food that apparently had been sitting for a long time. I gave the male waiter who took my call online my full name Cornelius Mann. I also gave the the male waiter my name upon walking in to receive my order. Only for the waiter to claim no one took my name. $47 and the wait time. I don’t know who’s running this place but I feel at this point applebees on lane ave need to close there doors.!! Worst of all the experience for my kids is ruined!

  78. My wife and I ate at Applebee’s last night, it was hands down the worst dinning experience of our lives. With Covid-19 so prevalent in our everyday lives…we didn’t appreciate the waitress wearing her mask under her chin while coughing on my wife during order taking. The waitress Jade H TB#103 having an attitude like we were bothering or keeping her from something. When the order finally arrived she looked at my empty glass, asked if I needed anything else, I replied I would like another lemonade. 15 minutes later she came over again asking if we needed anything else. Once again I told her I still needed a lemonade. 5 minutes later she came back and slammed the lemonade down in the center of the table and there was anything else. I told her I wanted my check. I will NEVER eat at Applebee’s again.

  79. U need a host at the door,a manager that is friendly,manager that comes by table ,hairnets on cooks( 2 hairs in my food.Manager gave me 10 per cent off.For 2 hairs.Waiters are great.

  80. 04/24/2021

    Applebee’s Corsicana Management

    We are a family of four, two adults and two children. We arrived at your restraint around 6:15 pm and didn’t leave until after 8:00 pm.

    We ordered are food and were specific to make sure the waiter understood we wanted cooked hamburger meet well done. When my wife’s hamburger came out it was red hamburger meat with red juice, and my salad had an eight-inch brown hair in it. We reported the issue and the manager said it would all be taken care of.

    After the food was replaced and we ended our dinner the bill was presented. We did not receive any compensation/comps for the delay in our meal, the hair in the salad.

    I paid with cash, the total was $ 69.14, I gave the waiter a $ 100 bill and I went to the restroom. When I returned there was $30 and no change. We waited and waited for our waiter to come by, I wanted to know where the 86 cents were. He never came by; I asked another waiter which gave me attitude because I was wanting to know where the 86 cents were.

    We eventually left without the 86 cents, no comps for our troubles.

    This is the second time we have visited the Applebee’s in Corsicana in three weeks, both times the service and food was poor, but today was sad….

    You still owe me 86 cents, even without the comps.

    David Bruso

  81. I am sorry, but your staff was very rude and unprofessional. We have our name and number to get a table for 5. We sat in the car as the hostess stated. She said about 25 to 30 minutes. After 40 minutes no call. Went back in and she oh so sorry but now it will be 1 hour or so. I didn’t even see my name on the board anymore. Her tone of voice was if I needed to go somewhere else. Which we left and ate somewhere else. The funny thing was we got there before 6pm and the place was more than half empty. Never again. I think you should re- train your hostess staff.

  82. on May 2, 2021 at about 1:30 p.m. My husband and I went to Applebee’s on General Degualle in New orleans, Louisiana. i have been eating there for the last 20 years and have never experience what I did today. I was told there was a 10 min wait. So my husband and I say that is fine, so we waited. While waiting some other customers came up while we were waiting outside and asked how long was the wait, so I told the woman it wasn’t that long we had about a 10 minute wait. She said oh that not bad, and then went inside, about 3 minutes later my husband and i went inside to check on our status, only to fine they had seated the women that just went in. So I inquired about it and the hostess told be that the server wanted to serve them. I replied, that is really not fair, at this time we had been there about 20 minutes. So I ask to speak to the manager and the hostess responded to the other employee that the manager was the one who told them to seat them. So the manager came out to speak to me and ask what was the problem, so when I explained it to him, he responded, that their name was on another list, which I couldn’t understand because no matter what list you are on, the time should be documented. He really wasn’t trying to solve the problem and we weren’t getting anything accomplished, he acted as if he was angry because I was asking why were the other customer seated before us. So at this point my husband and i left
    because we were very disappointed with the response of the manager and I felt that he was very rude to us and wasn’t at all trying to solve this unfair problem. Again I was truly very disappointed with the service and the management. This is truly unacceptable

  83. We were at Bethlehem Ga. AppleBee’s . It was a terrible! We waited 45 minutes on the deck they sent us to ! Then we found out they would call us in 40-45 minutes!! It did not happen they did not have our name down! Finally were seated after everyone around us had been waited on to find out our order was lost ! Around two hours or longer we left with no food! If anyone wants to be on a diet go to BETHLEHAM Ga AppleBees! It was Mother’s Day but had no workers and the ones they did not have mind enough to write a order little long bring food out!!! It was a sad night!!!

  84. I was escorted out of your doral establishment with my wife by police last night. The report said disorderly conduct. I would love for you to review the tape from 5:45-7:25 last night and show us disorderly conduct. We did nothing. The manager Alan has a personal vendetta against my wife. He’s harassed us constantly for months.
    He’s possibly prejudiced

  85. Hi my name is Jennifer Leidig and my case number is 2709303. I was told I would be contacted by the 5th street franchise in Reading Pa by Friday 5-14-21 regarding the case matter. I have yet to receive a call, email, or anything. I wish to be contacted immediately. My number is 610-333-xxxx . Thank you.

  86. My apologies I just sent in the complaint I don’t know if this is going to be the same area or not my complaint was from the big bins Applebys in Florida and there was a problem with the order of chicken wings which were supposed to be the flappers I got the drums and then they wanted the drums back and I said no just make the order right!! From there and get worse they actually cut me off from drinking and if I wanted a drink the the bartenders had to go through the manager to allow me to have a drink,which they did and I was allowed to have another drink so the hassle is not right. The wings I ordered weren’t right and for me to give up the other wings to make the order right was not right and I just don’t appreciate that after being there for over 30 years I have been going there and actually pretty much on a daily basis having about four glasses of wine: It’s not very often I order food but when I order food I want to be right! The time I was saying was the 15th of May from 330 to maybe 6 pm in the order was made about five 5:30 pm Bartender on duty was wine was Megan,she wasn’t bad about the whole thing. The bartender just coming on was the one irate about the situation and didn’t want to hear/try to resolve anything! I don’t recall her name,she’s normally a good I believe the managers name that evening was Crystal period!!!!
    I can be reached at: rprxxxxx
    Or 813-677-xxxx
    Your immediate response and resolution to this situation will be greatly appreciated!!

    Thank you,
    R A Prairie

  87. Applebees Albuquerque airport on Yale Blvd. turned customers away at 0945pm. Business hours are til 1am with surrounding hotels near airport. Their specific comments to me were quote “ we had one server leave” and “ we had a 15 top” .. So they closed the whole restaurant down.., the whole restaurant.. my quests then was., “ ok so u are closing the restaurant because one server left?” Is he/ she Superman that the rest of your servers cannot fill in and make a great tip?! They literally turned customers that could not enter the restaurant because they had already locked the doors at 945 and possibly earlier than I got there.. I was able to w yet at 10 pm as a customer was exiting.. it was because of this that they had to engage with me. These were their quotes to me. And when I got there the 15 top was gone already. The restaurant lobby was sub capacity by this time. Yet the doors were anticipatedly closed and locked ahead of time.. It was obvious. Other airport hotel customers were outside waiting to enter and have a nice late dinner and then sleep. This was so ridiculous. I am quite sure this staff will not deny it when proved about this night. Saturday May 15. 9:45

  88. Visited your restaurant twice now in the past month . The first time we were told four people could not sit together . So we just left and ate across the street at another restaurant. We were there May 15 and was told that we could not wait on our table inside . ( no seats outside available) for my husband who can’t stand for a period of time . So we left without eating again at Abblebees .

  89. I visited your Troy Applebee’s and and I am a good customer . I dine in your restaurant 4-5 times a week . With the limited seating at the bar why do you allow children to have seating there when there are tables for them to sit at ?

  90. My name is Twyman Coley, my wife is Lucy Y. Coley, and our friend Angela Bates, the reason for my email, is to voice the egregious conduct, displayed by a server/employee (Alyssa C) of yours, at the Applebee’s 1700 W. International Speedway B Daytona Beach, FL 32114 (386) 253-3656, approximately 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon. The obnoxious experience started, after (Alyssa C) brought our “incorrect” drinks to the table (2 strawberry, and a rain blue lemonade, instead of 1 strawberry, 1 rain blue lemonade, and a sweet tea), for some reason she seemed “irritated”, with us for her mistake, and our visit was “adverse” from that point on. While taking our order, I “spelled out” the way I wanted, my 6 oz sirloin cooked medium “WELL” and ask for some A1 steak sauce, (because in the past, various restaurants have misunderstood, my preferred choice for medium rare, instead of medium well) (Alyssa C) facial/nonverbal response was to roll her eyes/sigh, as if I had offended her. We tried to over look all her, extremely negative reactions, but more just kept coming. After bringing the appetizer (onion rings) “stained/durty” silverware to our table and (1) saucer, we ask for some plastic ware instead, along with (2) other saucers. At that point (Alyssa C) became aggravated, as if that wasn’t the correct/proper/professional thing to do. My wife ask for some ranch dressing, for the onion rings, the response from (Alyssa C) another sigh, like we were inconveniencing her, from a distance our friend Angela noticed (Alyssa C) rolling her eyes from the bar area, where she was standing (tell me what server/employee, does/tries that type of unacceptable intimidation/disrespect) ? Our entree comes, we start eating the meal is tasty, corrected drinks are refreshing, but no A1 steak sauce, so I ask “again” for the A1, (Alyssa C) is agitated, she sighs/abruptly leaves, but before leaving, asks is there anything else, this table needs ? we respond no, not at this time. Now, we’re at the “end” of our meal, and our drinks haven’t been refilled, nor have we even been asked, by (Alyssa C) if we wanted them refilled, (a complete meal without a drink refill) “unconscionable” so I asked for (3) refills, in a to go cup, (Alyssa C ) response seemingly was that of relief, that we were leaving the facility/restaurant. So I left money with my wife, to pay the bill, and went to pull the car around, to pick them up from the restaurants main entrance. I waited there about 15 minutes, and wondered “what” was going on, to my dismay while paying/preparing a tip, (Alyssa C) went into a tyrannical rant, about how we had harrassed her, the entire dinner/visit. My wife and Angela, then reported the incident to the general manager (Christopher Cusmano) who was appalled at (Alyssa C) actions/comments before other patrons in the restaurant, and offered gift cards, but that doesn’t go far enough, so for the atrocity we recieved, while visiting your establishment, by the actions of (Alyssa C) I demand a “full” refund of $55.32, on the debit card used, $100.00 gift cards, and most importantly, a extreme disciplinary act from you, by dismissing/firing (Alyssa C), from ever treating any other customer, at that place of business, or any other Applebee’s location, in the United States Of America, along with an apology letter from your corporate office/(Christopher Cusmano)

  91. This it’s the 5 time going over and the last one we go every Friday or Saturday someone need to do something the place it’s always nasty outside, not enough waitresses and the manager it’s lost waiting time around 1hr for food and 35m for drinks Cazilia great waitress rest. Winterhaven 201 Cypress Gardens Blv. Florida 33880

  92. Went to Applebee’s in Oakridge TN couldn’t believe how nasty blinds and chairs were scares me about the kitchen. When I pay 60.00 a meal I would hope my surroundings would be cleaner. It should really clean due to covid. Is Osha saw this they wouldn’t like it a bit.

  93. Reference Complaint #2713304
    I spoke with the Big Ben and Applebees Bigbend branch manager, Michael. He assured me that he would speak with the employee and everything will be taken care of! I am satisfied with his answer and consider this complaint resolved.
    No further action required thank you!

  94. Good evening,
    My daughter recently got hired at a Applebee’s in Joliet, IL and I believe that the shift manager there is possibly stealing from the young workers.. She was hired as a “Carside” employee and they receive tips and are to split them daily.. however, there’s only two people that work this position.. so why are their tips split with him? Is this the practice of Applebee’s? Also, today she worked this “Carside” position by herself completely and didn’t receive tips.. however, this particular manager “Aaron” and two other workers were in the back area splitting money.. Does Applebee’s condone this? My daughter has been employed with the company for over a month and hasn’t gotten paid.. I believe this needs to be addressed immediately!!

  95. How can I contact Applebee’s so I can get the information so I can start getting Unemployment from my state

  96. I called AppleBee’s in Princeton indiana on may 15th asked if my paycheck could be mailed to my house I had been sick and no longer worked there he said yes but I still have not received it!

  97. To whom it may concern,

    I’m absolutely certain I’m not the only person to register a complaint on menu changes.
    1. Blondie dessert ? Why change from maple to apple? Might as well take off the menu or at least have both on the menu.
    2. Chicken Ceasar Salad? Toast used to be served with now serve with a dry and tasteless bread stick.

    Who made these food item decisions made a huge mistake IMO and I’m sure others.

    Robert Wirtzberger

  98. I received a $100 gift card by Email but it got deleted. Is there anyway that I can recover it?

  99. The manager on duty is extremely selfish and not a team player ! I, myself, as a general manager would never allow my staff to be treated the way Amy Bauman and her management team at Applebee’s in Covington Virginia treats their bartender and staff. I have literally watched on multiple occasions at different days refuse to help on the floor and spent most of the time fixing her makeup in the mirror while her server was drowning on the floor! It not only makes this location look bad but also the server who was actually trying! This continues I will recruit any viable staff for my restaurant in a neighboring town and so maybe your eyes will be opened to how badly your management is managing!

  100. Big complaint..
    I have photos of the health violations !
    Check # 8985953093358
    May 30th 2021
    Athens Tennessee location..
    4:36 PM..MANAGER was told !
    They called the manager “Ms.T ”
    Filthy conditions !
    I can email you pictures !
    Sub par cold food..Cole slaw side

  101. Why did you stop the orange crispy shrimp and orange crispy chicken iressit a bowls? My wife, a stroke survivor, loves them.

  102. I was so happy that you brought back the Crispy Orange Chicken Bowl only to find out you have already removed it from your menu. That has always been one of my favorite things to order.

  103. I live in Nokomis Fl. There are three lots nearby that I wish had an Applebee’s. They are building a 250 bed hospital directly across the street and a couple of 150 new unit apartments within a block. Sale sign on property is for Hal Hoelbart 609-468-xxxx If you have investors in the wing, please forward info to them. Thank you.

  104. A week ago I placed an order for car side service I waited over 30 minutes and had to go inside to pick up the order it was sitting on a table and when I got the food it was cold that was almost a $50 order so I decided to give it another try I placed in order wait to pick it up for car side waited 10 minutes I cold was told it was on its way out I waited 20 minutes later when inside the order was on the table the lady I spoke to her name was Auna H She advice me that the customers in the restaurant will come 1st and with a smart mouth she said what you want me to do I’m gonna take care of these 1st before I take care of online orders and I told her I want to Refund the manager April came and spoke to me she was very polite she did apologize and as I explain to her what made me so angry was the attitude and the smart mouth the other lady had its light my service does not count someone needs to find out what the problem IS with the car side to go service because it truly does not work at this location.

  105. I left a complaint already about my experience with the car side service one thing I did forget to put in it was at Hartsville South Carolina location As I stated in my original complaint last week I placed an order for almost $50 worth of food I went to pick it up which it was ordered an advance I gave it an extra hour from the time out ordered to the time I picked up when I got to the restaurant I part in the car side to go section I waited over 30 minutes then I went inside and my order was sitting on the table the food was already cold I was upset but I decided I will give it another try so today I placed another order I did not do a had a pick up I was told order would be ready at 4:26 I arrived at 4:27 I waited 10 minutes I called inside and was told the order would be right out I waited additional 20 minutes then I went inside a server came to me her name was Auna H. I told her my name and explain to her how long I was waiting she got a smart mouth and said look do you see these people their orders come in 1st then I’ll get the online orders and I told her that’s not right I was told to be there at a certain time I understand I would have to wait a few minutes but she got smart and said well what you want me to do just give you money back and I said yes so she went to the manager on duty her name was April she refunded me the money came to me and apologized and as I explain to her what made me so upset was the young lady’s attitude and when she got smart with me I was done I know my 1st complaint didn’t go in full detail because I was upset and I did it as soon as I walked out of the store but Home Office needs to investigate why people who order car side service has to go inside to get their order it’s not working at this location I will say that the manager on duty April was nice she sing very concern but the damage is already been done In my opinion

  106. Hartsville South Carolina location is horrific the service is awful ordered carside to go service Had to go inside after waiting 30 minutes to get my own order The waitress her name is Auna H Was very rude and a smart mouth so I ask for my money back the manager on duty April was very nice she apologized She get give me my refund I just don’t understand why they have car side service if you have to go inside to get your order

  107. Im pretty upset I had a to go order at your Applebee’s here in chesterfield mi and your manager at that restaurant named leah was very and rude to me about my order … I ordered a rib-eye steak and I wanted it medium rare and they cooked it medium and I told her no i wanted it medium rare send it back make me a new one… She rolled her eyes at me and told me absolutely not and she will refund me and I can be on my way… Extremely rude the carside girl apologized to me about the mistake but the manager leah wouldn’t even make it right with me… I think you lost me as a customer and I think miss leah needs to be retrained or spoken to about how to treat customers

  108. Once again your restaurant was 0 rating from us. We went to eat at your Lodi restaurant and was ignored. We were there for over 5 minutes. No one came with water, silverware and or came to take our drink order. The place was not busy and several people just walked pass us. Then we had to bartender put down the police to other customer. Everyone has there own opinion. But am the wife of a law enforcement officer. And her putting in loud voice the police was not cool. We got there at 4:30 it was not busy. Noone seemed to care we left. Even the other customers gave eff us a strange look.

  109. I don’t think it’s a good idea for Applebee’s to take thier Bake Potatoes off the menu! Just letting you know! It’s what I get & I won’t be coming here for dinner anymore if it happens.

  110. Loud and stinking music hard to eat and talk to your spouse, other then that I like Applebees .

  111. I had a really bad experience at Applebees surprise az a couple months ago. I explained all the happened and never heard a word back. Is this how you treat your guests. Ive been going to that Restaurant for 10 years. Very disappointed nonone cared enough to talk to me.

  112. I think somebody needs to thoroughly check the Applebee’s in Hickory, NC. My niece started working there two weeks ago. In a week and a half, she became a what you call “expert”. Her second day there, she seen a roach crawling over the shredded cheese. They just knocked it off and kept serving. 3/4 of the employees there are doing drugs on the premises. Just yesterday, the manager found one of the employees in the cooler with a guy, who didn’t even work there. Nothing was done. My niece makes good tip money there, but she doesn’t want to be a part of that crowd, and they all are giving her a hard time because she won’t join in on their shenanigans. She walked into the kitchen and o e of the waitresses was snorting grinded pills. Again, the manager does nothing. Roaches are crawling everywhere and the managers and employees are drug addicts on the job. Some serious changes need to be made..

  113. I would like to bring it a problem to your attention that happened to my dad and I at the Cedar Falls, IA location.
    We visited this establishment on 6/8/21, and from the girl that sat to the person that was going to take our drink order was very unacceptable. The waiter/bartender came to ask us what we wanted to drink with his back to us and speaking very loudly. Needless to say we left and he continued to be very rude and really didn’t care about his behavior in front of the other customers. I will not be visiting ANY of these restaurants again after being treated that way..

  114. Went there for dinner with my family tonight and it was the worst i have ever seen it. I ordered 8oz steak medium rare it was well done my mashed potatoes were cold same with broccoli. My wife ordered ribs i think they were Guinea pig baby back ribs and her potatoes were cold as well my son ordered the whiskey burger? The bun was so hard he couldnt eat it. On top of it all our appetizers took 40 minutes to get to us. We spent 2 hours there after all said and done and itvwas not busy. Kids mac n cheese was definitly microwave crap. I dont know why it was so bad it is usually great. Very dissatisfied we all were. We dont like to complain to waitstaff so 8 am msging you this. grand rapids minnesota location

  115. We walked into Dundee Applebee’s at 1245pm. There were 3 tables seated, no one waiting and we were told there would be a 15-30 minute wait!! Why?? We wore masks as required ..even though We are both fully vaccinated. We are on our lunch hour and believe in supporting local businesses. We went to the coney who sat us right away with more customers in a smaller space. Ridiculous!!

  116. Just left the Ebensburg, Pennsylvania location 6/11/21 very disappointed! We were shown to our seats at 6:29 pm and sat there for 25 minutes and was never acknowledged or waited on. This in unacceptable! We had been going to this location for years and even brought friends and family. No more! I stopped and told explained you the hostess and not even a apology was given. She made no attempt to get the manager or person in charge. Needless to say this should have been addressed immediately but nobody cared. Shameful!

  117. Your Applebee’s in grants Pass is horrible your staff is very rude And telling a disabled wheelchair person that they cant accommodate them and making them leave it’s disgusting I’ve had a couple friends work for you as well and the way you prepare and store your food they say it’s very disgusting not clean cutting chicken meat everything on one counter without cleaning it Poorly ran restaurant

  118. We ordered 2 oriental salads, grilled. What we got was chicken loaded with pepper.. We were told it was a spice and that is the way the chicken was prepared for the last 6 months. We just had the same thing 2 weeks ago and it definitely not prepared like that. We could not eat it. My mouth burned and I could not stop sneezing. The manager at Applebees in Wisconsin Dells would not offer us anything other than a replacement for the same thing!! Would not refund or offer a coupon (except for what we just had) So , we paid almost $30 dollars for two inedible meals that we had to throw in the trash. I will never recommend Applebees here again, nor will I ever eat there again. Too bad customers are treated so badly. If our money is not returned we will be letting others know and warn them about going there.

  119. Was in your restaurant in Manitowoc wi with my family June 13th for lunch. We were 6 people. 1 st had to ask for appetizers after 30 minutes. When they brought it we had to ask for plates. Service was slow and had to ask for basics. Received gift card and hate to use with this service.

  120. You know as well as anyone that the masks are ridiculous and the vaccine is deadly, YOU can not force your employees to take an EXPERIMENTAL drug and punish them with the mask BS again, We will boycott the one in Greer SC. Get outta SC if you want to push your demonratic agenda on SC> We do NOT want it and we do not need it , NO MORE MASKS ! This is the USA not China goons

  121. I would like to file a complaint with the awpplebees at 8025 12 mile rd warren Mi. I called in a curbside order for pick. My order was not brought to me. After waiting I went in and waiting an addition 15 mins. All the while my food was sitting on the counter under the air conditioner. I asked for the manager Josh that came to see me and I share my concerns about spending $40 for food and having them thinks it’s okay to give me cold food. He said the best he could do is have it remade and I would have to wait and addition 20minutes. I expected a better response, I expect hot food at the time it’s ordered. Or an apology if I ask for curbside why is it that I have to walk inside the building. Is this a new Applebee’s policy that I should be aware of. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  122. Service on6/15/[email protected],Garfield hts.Oh,,was absolutely horrible 11/2 hr.for a burger and tender platter,Margarita was the worst… Never ever again, and the bathroom smelled

  123. Yes I have a complaint I was at the Cedar city Applebee’s in Utah. I had a gift card that I had just called on and was told there was $50 on it. However once my meal I’ve been served and we went to pay the bill the manager came out his name was Garrett and told me that there was no money on this I tried to run it three times and it doesn’t work. He was not very nice he basically treated me like a criminal like I was trying to pull one over on him. His demeanor and how he handled it was completely unprofessional he left my father-in-law and mother-in-law feeling violated also. I guess he just needs to be taught how to be more professional because I believe he could’ve handled it a lot better than he did. I still don’t no the mixup on the card and I understand that has nothing to do with him. However if it’s a new card and hasn’t been used I think there should be something that could be done. I doubt I’ll be back at least at the one in Cedar city because of how I was treated. I guess that possibly there needs to be some training done of how to do customer service because this manager sucks at it. Signed not a criminal but treated as one probably never coming back.

  124. I need to send an e-mail to an Applebee Heafwuarters about the resturant in Dickson Tennessee

  125. Just a brief note here. Applebees use of the song “Welcome back” in your commercials is nothing short of genius. And what timing.

  126. Applebee’s south ridge has had a toilet issue for over 2 weeks now. I’ve asked the manager after using the restroom from eating an they said it would be fixed within the week an it still is not, there is shit in all the toilets an none of it will flush . This is ridiculous they are forced to serve us with no restroom! It needs to be fixed .

  127. Applebee’s on Dudley Farm Rd in Charleston, W.Va. needs their bathrooms plumbed bad! Toilets overflowing, won’t flush, spilling out onto the floor. The whole restaurant smells like poop. This place has been going down hill fast. It needs some major help in the kitchen and with management.

  128. I had a bad vibe before my boyfriend and I went. My boyfriend kept calling to ask was the dinning area open. The guy kept hanging up on him. We ran errands and ended up at the same Applebee’s that he was calling. We went in and everything was fine, I showed our waitress a text, asking do they sing the birthday song? It was my boyfriend’s birthday. She said she didn’t know,she has to ask the manager. We ate and all of a sudden I heard the bar tender (female) screaming we are not suppose to do that, she kept repeating it and then tells a customer at the bar I’m not going to do it. Another lady came with a brownie and ice cream and said I was going to sing Happy birthday but we can’t do it. I told her thank you I heard the whole conversation. As I was leaving I ask a lady is the manager around? She said he’s cooking and they are short staff. I understand the manager not able to leave he was cooking. That bar tender was way out of control, the only reason I didn’t show out because there was a toddler sitting behind me.

  129. I discovered a large piece of broken dishware in my food after dining in, and taking some of it to go. It wasn’t till I ate the food later that evening that I discovered the glass in a bite! Just moments before, I almost offered my son the remaining food that had the glass in it, thank God I didn’t give it to him! He could have been seriously hurt! He doesn’t inspect his food, he just eats it!
    After reporting the incident to management (two different ones)…on 3 separate occasions…I gave my information to them to contact me regarding protocol of this event. No response from either one. Not a phone call, email, nothing. This goes on for two months…now I’m thinking they purposely don’t want to address this, seeing as I’ve been TOLD REPEATEDLY that this would be handled. Now it’s month 2, and I’m seeing the first manager AGAIN, and she’s fully aware of why I’m there. She looked surprised to see me.
    At this point, I feel like I’m being ignored and that the customers care matters none…service was bad…and no concern to what happens to customers in their establishment. So now I’m wanting to take further steps to enforce justice for my suffering and inconvenience for lack of concern for my life or my sons, or anyone who pays for service at their store. I feel pressing charges may be in order.

  130. I need to speak to the general manager of the Applebee’s in Washington mo 63090. Regarding a fall that happened may 27th.

  131. I am a now former employee with a lot of complaints and information about store #314 please contact me

  132. I just ate at the Queensbury NY Applebees and they gave me a fork and a plastic straw in a paper bag before I even ordered. I think straws should be in the waitress pocket and only given out when asked! I know even though the straw was wrapped in paper, they have to throw it away even if I dont use it, which is also insane! Please stop using plastic straws! What is wrong with drinking out of a glass people!!!!

  133. My name is Brandon Parnell and I work at apple bees on bessemer road in five points. I have a complaint about a manager it is the kitchen manager. It was a threat I was threatened on yesterday I would like to complain about it. And I don’t feel safe at all.

  134. I would like to know why everytime i go to my favorite Applebees its a 40 to an hour wait? I have been their on different days and hours. I go with 4 cars in the lot atimes an u go in its a waiting list. This place is located in burlington nj. Route 537. Get back to me on this.

  135. On Wednesday June 30th went to Applebee’s on South Loop 289 around 2:10 there was two tables with people sitting down we finally got set down we ordered bar drinks and an appetizer it took 33 minutes for the appetizer we finally got our lunch at 3:55 my granddaughter ordered the steak medium rare when we got it it was very well done he ordered cheese on her broccoli no cheese on the broccoli the waitress said well you should have told me I would have have them make another plate but we told her it took them more than an hour to bring our plates and she only came by twice and I guess she was the bartender also and she was taking shots behind the bar we asked for a manager but the manager never came by they discounted $11 off bill

  136. What has my girlfriend been harassed at one of your fort Wayne franchises so badly that she had to quit with the manager’s blessing.

  137. I ordered a steak dinner and requested a Caesar salad in place of a potato and another Caesar salad in place of the vegetable. When we got our order I was charged fora steak dinner and was also charged for both salads. I was never told that there would be an additional charge for these salads. I was charged $14.99 for the steak dinner and an additional $1.99 for each salad. It appears that I paid $14.99 for the steak only. I’m NOT a happy customer.

  138. To whom it may concern, The wife and I were at the Applebee’s I n Salisbury, NC and as much as I hate to say it, it was 1 of my worst restaurant experience I’ve ever had. 1} We were seated without menus and our waitress disappeared it was about 8 minutes before she reappeared and we had to ask for our menus, then she disappeared again. We waited at least 5 more minutes before she came with the menus. It was 10 minutes later when she came back to take our order. 2) we had to ask for silverware. For lack of a better word, the food sucked. My steak was over cooked and and almost as tough as shoe leather. 3) There were only 4 tables occupied with 1 couple per table. Never could understand why it was taking our waitress so long to do anything.

  139. My wife and I have come to the Applebee’s in Seymour, IN, several times. We have had very good food and service. Tonight was the worst ever!! Food was good! Service was not helpful, or any since of urgency!! Had to wait for napkins and silverware! Tables dirty, slow service, acted like it was a huge deal to get menus!!!

  140. Me and friend when Quincy Applebee’s there was fly in her drink no one came check on on last Wednesday round 2 there service was really bad so try fix the so can do better next time

  141. No complaint. Not a usual customer but want to tell you you’re advertising that is viewing on tv is just great. Picked the right advertising agency. Usually adds annoying But you’re latest adds are enjoyable with the music. Good job

  142. We ordered cheeseburger and a steak dinner both tonight and cooked medium. Both were bloody and not near cooked to be edible. I had to cook our take out meal when I got home so much for paying for dinner for two out.

  143. I ate at the Chicago Grand Ave. location last night 9/19/21 with a couple of friends. My friend and I got food poisoning from this location on the same night, different entrees. I called the manager, Timothy Willis, and he told me he could not issue a refund for our experience at his restaurant. He was very condescending and rude to me on the phone. When I asked for a refund, he said he could not help me and told me, “I’m going to have to end this conversation because I have a business to run.” I would please like a refund for my experience.

  144. I see Applebees are running an ad on Facebook for a voucher for two to eat free…..just text for my voucher for two…….Thanks!!

  145. On 9/24/21 me and my wife did a to go order for lunch at your location on garden of the gods in Colorado Springs me and my wife go to pick up our order well at that time what’s crazy is this happened with your manager Travis worst manager I’ve ever met .. but we go in to pick it up my wife noticed something was wrong so she told him and he got an attitude with my wife so I told him hey don’t talk to anyone with an attitude like that well he walked off all mad came back with our order we take it and my wife said thank you and I swear her called my wife B_ _ _h under his breath it was loud enough my fmwife heard it and she told me and I was about to whoop his a_ _ but my wife told me he’s not worth it…..worst experience I’ve ever had at any restaurant I hope you guys get ride of him or transfer him because we will never go in that location. Ever again while he’s there…..sorry for the inconvenience

  146. My experience at this Applebee’s on 1220 S. Clearview Pkwy was awful. My family and I ordered and waited at least 30 minutes for our food. The waitress (Alexis H) comes and tells us that my order, the appetizer platter (this was going to be my dinner, not the appetizer) is unavailable because they were out of mozzarella sticks. So I asked if I could just substitute and she answered no because she’s not able to substitute anything on the sample platter. I then ask for the manager Melinda comes to the table very unapologetic and states the platter has been taken off the menu and they haven’t been serving that platter for over an hour. Keep I’m mind I ordered it over 30 mins ago. So I then order the whisky bacon burger. It comes out of the kitchen very sloppy. The bottom bun was soggy with sauce that I couldn’t even pick up the burger. I show the sloppy burger to the waitress and her response was oh yea too much bbq sauce. She then says she can take it off my ticket but then she would have to take the food. I told her to take it. She never even offered to correct the burger!! This was not the 1st bad experience I’ve had at this location. I completely understand being out of an item. But that compared with non apologetic customer service from the waitress AND the manager is unacceptable.

  147. Joannrosxxxx i hold stock with applebee’s since at least 8 years ago. How do i find out where i stand . need info on this please. Worked at arlington tx location joann m rose

  148. We love Applebee’s, being a restaurant/local Pub owner we realize help is hard to find, however, 8pm on a Sunday, locking the doors without posting hours an hour in advance is not acceptable.

  149. I usto work at the applebee’s in athens texas I moved to mn and never got my check

  150. Please don’t cave to cancel culture. Keep Fancy like that commercial playing. Best commercial of 2021. Say “HELL NO”

  151. Applebee’s 1020 E State hwy 152 Mustang Ok. Nasty nasty bathroom. Food ok. Bathroom NASTY NASTY. If I had gone in the bathroom before I ate I would have left immediately. If bathroom that dirty I can’t imagine how gross the kitchen must be. Probably won’t return.

  152. We ate at the So Salem, Oregon Applebees at 7 pm tonight. It felt like the air conditioning was on and blowing on us and was very cold. I asked our waitress to see if it could be turned off. The manager came out and said it was the fan and wouldn’t turn it off. Said we could move to a table across from us but the fan was blowing on it the same. Another couple came in and sat at a table in front of us. She told the waitress it was cold and the waitress said she was the 5th table to complain and she told the manager but refused to do anything. He should be fired. How rude to your customers. He was a total jerk.

  153. I took my 4 year old granddaughter to the Plymouth mn Applebee’s today. We go often and never had such a terrible meal. I had the chicken fajita roll up. Was so cold and looked nothing like I have ever had before! The cheese was a clump of greasy mess that just dropped, hardly any chucked and just plan terrible. My granddaughter wanted the kids cheese burger. I found out when I got home I was charged $2 more than menu price and it had tomato, lettuce and onion on it. It was huge and I know that must of been wrong as never got one for a child that looked like that before. I ordered a ice tea and asked for a refill and we’ll that never happened. I will never go to that Applebee’s again! I will drive across town to your maple grove restaurant.

  154. I usually don’t complain however I can not help myself this time. I usually don’t get out with my son but I offered to take him to eat. We went to Applebees There was us and 2 other tables at the time we went in. OUr food which was hamburgers fries onion rings and side salad and it took for ever to get it. The food was terrible! the salad was water logged like it had been frozen and my hamburger was burnt not well done but black and covered with the cheese, the buns were hard like they were dried out. My son didnt want me to make a scene so we got it to go when we found out we couldn’t eat it. My stomach was upset the rest of the night from what I did eat. This is totally unacceptable! $52 and change !?! I will not go back and I will never say Applebees has the best hamburgers in town. Sorry. ty deb

  155. I have been going to your Willoughby restaurant for almost a year now and go there three or four times a week.The waitress and waiters know me bye name,also Noah knows me and we always have a good conversation. Last nite December 10,2021.The so call Manager Kebob doesn’t have the attributes for a manager,he never speaks to me at all.I feel very disrespected and also very upset.The bar maid tried to get me a senior discount he said that he wouldn’t do it.I am 62.This manager needs a refresher course in hospitality because he doesn’t have it

  156. Eating at Applebee’s has always been a favorite until our experience tonight at your ft payne location rude waitress cold food not to mention totally not what we ordered

  157. The last 3 times I have been to Applebee’s something has been messed up first time my burger was Burt sent it back and then he Burt my bread second time my pretzels was so covered in salt we could not eat them this time I asked for seasoning and got seasoned steak that was over cooked

  158. At Applebee’s in Duncan ok. The food was great service was great but this place is nasty dirty. Carpets need cleaned partitions are filthy

  159. You guys are quite popular on Tik-Tok about people Banning you because you follow the corrupt vaccine mandate to eat at your establishment I as well as thousands of other people will no longer support Applebee’s because of this political corrupt act. So good luck we’re blowing it up on Tik Tok

  160. NOT A COMPLAINT! Commercial Fancy Like is the best thing on tv. What happened? Like the new one too. Very cute. Great marketing group

  161. On 12-17-2021 I took my family to eat at your establishment. Check number 8893-161xxxx. I ordered the classic combo and told the waitress please no pico on the quesadilla. It was brought out with pico on it. The waitress proceeded to bring a plate and remove the food right off of the plate. I stopped the waitress and asked to speak to a manager. I told the waitress that was very unsanitary to reach down to remove food off of a plate that my family was eating off of. I told the manager the same thing. I asked for them to please remake the quesadilla. The manager proceeded to tell me that was Applebees rule to remove the food off the table. I once again said that is very unsanitary and unacceptable to do. The manager was so mad that she mumbled something and walked away from the table. New quesadillas were brought to the table barely warm and had no chicken inside of them. I spent $78.00 in your business to be treated unfairly and not listened to. I have a germ issue and having a waitress and manager try to take something off my table is very unacceptable. The customer should be listened to. I really felt as if I wasted my time and money visiting your business. Please explain to me how removing food off a plate customers are eating off of in a time of covid is very unsanitary. Thank you

  162. Every time I come to the Applebee’s in great bend Ks my order is always messed up and instead of fixing it and only taking a few dollars off a meal that is messed up

  163. We went to our local Applebee’s. Great food and service. However a waitress tripped and spilled guac for another table. My son was splattered but we didnt think of it as being tragic. However his new Galaxy Vans are stained. The shoes were $63. I need those replaced. Daphne didnt mean to spill but I still cannot have a disappointed kid who now has stained shoes that were a gift.

  164. I live in Rocky Mount Virginia went to Applebee’s today the steaks were not cooked right told the waitress she said I should have told her I wasn’t offered anything back or a lower price the brownie my sister-in-law got was still and the waitress was not that friendly my number is 540-493-6381 I am a dialysis patient and I was taken out to eat for Christmas and we had a awful time I feel like they should have gave her money back or a gift certificate or something but nobody offered anything please contact me

  165. Today my friend and I went to the Applebee’s at Killian RD, Columbia, S.C. When we got there, the young man greeted us and said it will be about 10 minutes he had to clean off the tables, we waited then 15minutes went by a young lady came and said the same thing, finally another young man came and try to seat us, every table that we pass by was full of dirty dishes, when the young man that was trying to find us a seat it was a bag of trash with liquid draining from iit in the middle of the aisle. The table where the trash was the young man try to seat us there, I ask the young man what is going on in here because in here look like it hadn’t been clean all day. That places needed to have been shut down today it was horrible and deplorable. It was not fit for a dog to eat out off. I ask where the manager was the young man stated he’s in the office, I didn’t waited for the manager I just left, I wish I had took pictures,

  166. This would be the third time ordering Applebees curbside pickup in Rome NY and by far the worst! After being unable to order online, the order was placed with Amber via phone call. After I completed the order she put me on hold for 6minutes. When she returned to the call she announced the order would be ready 5:39pm. We arrived 5:35pm then waited for 55minutes fir the food to finally be brought curbside. The drive home from the restaurant is 6 minutes. The food was cold, soggy, and most ly unedible. The fries were ridiculous. We ordered your $8.99 cheese bites which arrived cold and rock hard. Extremely disappointed yet again with this Rome establishment

  167. Orderd food from beloit total 57 dollars had 25 dollar gift card plus 5 dollar coupon they Saud I owed 84 dollars?

  168. Hello. I’ve been attempting to work with Applebee’s Corporate (Melissa Hariri) on a serious ethics violation. Shortly after my pub opened, Applebee’s secured the domain name to redirect customers to Applebee’s. It’s Pub 6T5 in Massachusetts. Go to and it redirects to Applebees. We had to go with, but this is causing customer confusion. I’ve left multiple Emails and voice mails with Melissa and others. no response. Perhaps you can help me? Who should I talk to in the Applebee’s structure to clear this up? I really don’t want to escalate this into a legal matter, but I will if Applebee’s continues to ignore me. Thanks. Dan Moore

  169. Manages has no customer service did not even attempt to fix problem oh yea he did by refunding 2.19 back !

  170. I would like to speak with someone about an issue that was recently had with a manager at an Applebee’s location

  171. We often visit and order takeout from our local Applebees restaurant, tonight after going to pick up our car side order we called up to the restaurant to let the manager know that with our order there was no sauce. We ordered family of 6 chicken tenders meal. When calling the restaurant the employee that answered just simply said sorry and said we could come back to pick it up. The employee would not let me speak to the manager or even tell me the managers name. I asked several times and they declined to answer. I would think the manager would want to know. We ordered a large amount of chicken tenders with nothin to dip it in! Needless to say we will not be going back to our local Applebees simply because I feel like my complaint did not matter.
    Applebees in St Augustine
    Order # 7189544256290816

  172. I would like to know why Applebees in Williamsburg, Virginia permantely closed? Don’t you think someone would like to bring it back?

  173. Do you sell your door handles that look like an apple. Our last name is Apple. We would sure love to find one. Thanks Brad 720-641-xxxx

  174. I had an interview three times at the location of Hemet California my last interview was with Bethany she was not in a really good interviewer I was just sitting there waiting for the interview when she was eating with family and friends or what have you she made me feel like I was not important it would never work there my mistake for applying Applebee’s the management there is really bad and the person that was supposedly getting not get her it says she was sitting right across from me all that time really bad service my interview is on Sunday afternoon at 3 it was my third interview and when do I call to see if a manager GM candidate she was so happy to say that I wasn’t chosen I will never eat at Applebee’s anyways your customer service really is bad no one hardly ever answers the phone and they make me feel very small when I’m there for that interviews it was a waste of time

  175. Took my family to Applebee’s in Saginaw MI. We had to wait 15 mins before we even got our menus to order our food. Then we finally got our menus, ordered our dinner and our appetizer, Spinach and Artichoke Dip with Salsa came out and the chips were all little crumbs as if it was the very bottom of the bag and the dip was burnt on the top. When a manager. Bobby, finally came to our table she became rude with my husband about what was really wrong with the food and acted as if there was nothing wrong with the poor quality. With 2 kids who are literally famished from a long day this was beyond frustrating to have to pack my kids up and leave without eating. I could only imagine what the main course would look like.

  176. Three of us had the Oriental Chic salad. Bowls were dirty, food stuck on bottom of bowls. Manager not helpful, very dissatisfied. This was in fortuna Az.

  177. I brought food from there last night we at in and I brought food to go they my chicken was very purple looking it was spoiled

  178. I spent near $50 on a to go order at Applebees on Union Ave in Memphis…ordered 2 Spinach dips …they were almost half full..and did not even have tops to fit on top…omg..i never..have seen anything like that…Not Good at all!!

  179. If I can’t work on a day I’m scheduled, is it my job to find a replacement or is it the managers job?

  180. Worst meal I’ve ever gotten from you. I ordered two kids hamburgers to find the patty was simply cut in half and put on a full bun. My complete order was over $116 and nobody was happy. My quesadilla burger had a hair deep into the burger. I ordered one pink and one no pink…there was no difference. Pasta dish was very undercooked.

  181. Your Apples in Sarasota fl on Clark Rd is out of control the waitress Name is Sahara called a customer the N word she was talking to a coworker we overheard her if she is still working there we want go back, she’s a bad person

  182. Bad waitress , she was drunk on the job her name tag said Sahara, just letting you know , Sarasota fl at Clark Rd Sunday night we want go back

  183. Last night I go to my local Applebees in Winder ga just to get a dinner and may be a beer or two but got told at door if I didn’t have a reservation it would be two to three hours wait this was 837pm it’s unacceptable to me a place if bussiness to public does this what are you going to do!

  184. I do not know if anybody looks at this but, your REST IN SARASOTA FL CLARK RD WATRESS WAS DRUNK SAHARA WAS HER NAME

  185. On Tuesday, February 13 2022 the Applebee’s located at 12235 Jefferson Avenue in Newport News, VA. My daughter accidentally left her purse behind. It wasn’t until the next morning when her mother received a text from Capital One asking if she attempted to purchase something from motocross motorsport in the amount of $206. This is when we realized that her purse was left behind so I drove up to Applebee’s Wednesday after calling them and being told that the purse was there. When I arrived I was told a different story and no one could locate it. Thursday afternoon I received a text stating that the person was there so I went back Thursday evening and the purse along with her debit card and her credit card was inside . After that I received a text from an anonymous person who is employed there stating they knew exactly who stole the purse and who attempted to make the charge the only name that was given to me was MIke so I wanted someone to address this situation with this employee name MIke because my daughter is only 13 years old and it was in fact a horrible experience for her thank God Capital One did not process the transaction and we were able to receive new cards through the mail. But the act itself should not go unnoticed and should not go without someone being made aware within this company so if you could please either respond back via email or through my telephone number at 757-344-xxxx I would be greatly appreciate it thank you

  186. Applebee’s in Augusta Ga. On Washington rd. Will not seat people down with a restaurant full of empty chairs and tables.

  187. Hi I’m writing you because I had such an ugly experience last night at one of your locations in Porterville CA.
    I sat at the bar and we asked to order food and he mentioned to us we should wait to order for about 20 to 30 mins then I asked if that was all the food or certain ones he told me in a higher voice no! It’s just everything which made me feel dumb because I thought that’s what I asked. Later when we are finally able to order my friends order then when I order I asked if I could get boneless wings double tossed he leaned back and stared at me like it was such an inconvenience even tho it was only 8pm giggled in a not such nice way started walking away and yelled I’ll ask first if you can do that. At that point not only did I feel stupid but now I feel overweight for asking such a thing. I was telling my friends he should really apologize not talking to him but he came over very quickly and told me he doesn’t owe me no apology or anything. Now I just want to go home so I did I got up and just left I couldn’t handle his verbal abuse anymore.

    His name is Mitchell and I guess he is a bartender/server

    Thank you for your time

  188. Walked into our local Applebees nobody in sight. Sat ourselves at bar waited 5 mins looked at kiosk to order but our items weren’t on there. Walked to kitchen entrance nobody in sight, walked back to seat waited a few more minutes, walked back to entrance of kitchen saw employees including the manager 2/16/22 at 1pm. Politely asked if anyone was serving bar area because nobody had come to us and we were on lunch break time restraints. She first told me get out of kitchen your not allowed back here. I was at entrance with head peaking in. Then I told her we had been in there for awhile. She proceeds to tell me she witnessed us just walk in. Argues with me then tells us what do we want. We order and it’s simple two beers with lime, water and soup. Of coarse they’re out of all but 3 beers I never get my water and she shoves the beer at me with no lime. Proceeding to have attitude whole time. Bartender walks up says sorry to the other person I’m with says she had an emergency call and the rest of our sitting was directed to her even though I was the one paying bill. I grew up in the restaurant business with mom always waiting or managing, myself waiting, and significant other managing. I’m by no means impatient, or rude and I know how it goes but this was by all accounts unnecessary, Los Lunas NM is a small town where word of mouth counts and unprofessional management and workers is not a good business practice.

  189. On Valentine’s Day my wife & I went 2 have lunch around 2 pm and I a black male was harassed by a white male server he asked me was I gonna start any trouble over and over all the black people was on one side of the restaurant and all the white people was on the other side the server name is George Bloomington IL. on veterans pkw they gave us another server I spoke with a manager & now I wanna know what Applebees plans 2 do about this I was racially profiled & targeted soon as I came through the door we can settle this privately are I will get an attorney & take it to social media I am sick of things like this happening all over racism has to stop !!!!!!

  190. Recently purchased a blondie at my local Applebee’s to go, I get home and it’s burned to a crisp on the inside . It’s sad your establishment is going downhill

  191. I have huge problem on my Valentine Dinner along with my Husband and Daughter the Service we had at the Norton, VA was Awful ! We order Reg Drinks and a Order of Cheese Sticks once we got that it was Terrible after our food was Deliver to Us Cold after we Waited for over an Hour and a Half , The Waitress ask us if there was a Problem Really you knew our Foid was late she kept saying waiting for the Chicken and after she brought us the food she said Sorry it was The Rids which was For My Husband they was Not Done Everything we Order was Cold Undercooked Etc . We said we are not eating this we offer to pay for Our Drinks she came back to us and said the Manager said not to Worry About It ! The Manager Never Came Over To Our Table Which I Thought That Very Unprofessional . We will Never Eat At Any Applebees Again ! It Was Awful Worst Everton! The Sad Part of it All was it was Valentine’s Day and My Hubsand and Daughter had this All Planned For Me 🙁

    From An Unsatisfied Customer

  192. I live in Duncan, OK. My family went to eat lunch and as we walked in the floor was not swept or vacuumed in the restaurant chairs were dirty and tables. We have never seen it in the condition it was in. The waitress was not very helpful and we asked for silverware twice.

  193. I was hired and have been working almost 90 days and i have never seen a place that has one doing there jobs right they use microwave for everything from the pasta to chickens , mash . the pasta is so over cooked its mush and i hate serve for like that but thats one of the reason i am doing this is my age 56 and i am disabled but i never use it for work and i work hard but a coworker started messing with saying i cant keep up but not only do i keep up i do dish’s and cook no manger stop him and so i come to work tonight and i get no help on line from the coworker’s so the manger comes and help me get food out while my coworker did not help so i wont go back to this place due to the games they let go on instead of trying to stop it so i will step down form my job. im trying to not start stuff but i am going to find a new job no one should be treated like shit due to color and my age i will let the work program know how i have been treated and due to my mental health i must step down thank you for giving me a job and hope the place the best .

  194. I am not happy with the management of the Applebee’s in Clarksburg, West Virginia. Kellie Keener and a current employee, Brittany Fornash/Keener, have spread false information about another employee causing the individual harm by defamation of character. This in turn has caused multiple other employees to continue spreading false information that is reaching other restaurants. I am writing to make a formal complaint on the matter and to inform that I am consulting with attorneys and will pursue legal action if this is not resolved.

  195. Why did you discontinue the Friday nite commercial with the various dancing routines. If Gain can have a commercial saying “smell my drawers and then the actor literally smells his drawers, I think those individuals who complained about your commercial are stuck in a time warp. PLEASE put it back on!!!

  196. Your buttwagging guy in the recent tv commercial is unappetizing and creepy. I won’t be going to Applebees anytime soon.

  197. Hi my name is Charles Hyman and I have the Applebee’s that I go to on 6798 reisterstown road and I have a good experience every time I go but there is always one employee name mike that gives me a hard time he does not seem like he wants to serve me and has a bad attitude everytime I see him I also notice him getting into it with other customers

  198. I called my previous job Applebee’s in Princeton to ask for an info paper they told me not call here asking for shit when you say you cussed us out(I never said that)

  199. I was treated poorly was promised 40 hours a week by Shaun in bay city and the took me down to twelve hours I feel because of my age I am 55 I only got one write miscommunication with my schedule never missed a day so I quit because I feel I was discriminatied against

  200. I have a complaint about store manager at Savoy Illinois store bringing her small child to work. This is an unsafe and unsanitary atmosphere for a small child.

  201. We have been at Pella Applebees then Ottumwa Applebees and ordered the Quesadilla Burger and it’s been 1 patty with little to no toppings as the menu shows 2 patties and generously dressed. Pella was good but Ottumwa was old dirty grill taste. Ottumwa is also extremely a dirty restaurant. I was so disappointed. They need a serious professional cleaning including the staff. The guys have long dirty hair not pulled up, dirty clothing, and service is very poor.

  202. We went to Applebees
    50 International Drive
    Flanders, NJ
    6 of your employees were hanging around not doing anything but laughing, joking around and asking each other if they would beat this other employee up if they asked. They were all very unprofessional even the managers didn’t stop it. Bartender Odemeus B only checked on us at the time we asked for the check.
    Date 3-19-2022
    Time 5:01 pm
    Check # 7526-80xxxx
    Very disappointing night out at Applebees

  203. Why must the music be so harsh and loud ? Music should be in the background complimenting the atmosphere, not preventing conversation. The music would be great for a dance floor setting.

  204. To whoever it may concern, for the last few years my family tried to dine at the Ft. PAYNE AL. Applebee’s. I have one positive thing to report, they are consistent because each visit has been equally as bad! Any acknowledgment of a need to Improve would be noted, however that has not been the case. We have never had an apologizy for being forgotten or multiple menu items we’ve wanted to order not available . Two times we just payed for the drink and left but I didn’t know at the time the staff was doing us a favor.

  205. Last Wednesday my wife and I went to Applebees in Hicksville NY, we both ordered the oriental grilled chicken salad, the menu said 2for $24 and when we got the dish with it the chicken was dry and stale the shredded almonds and the crunchy that are part of the condiments were no where to be found.
    When I complained to the server she went to the kitchen and got some fresh chicken and condiments, and when we got the check they charged 2for $25 again I asked the server why and her reply was they charge 50 cents more for the grilled chicken.
    We have patronized that location for many years but no longer will because the food are subpar and management just doesn’t care.

  206. Appetizer came after meal and had to ask for it. Would of been nice to been compt. A free Appetizer for next time

  207. Today I ate at an Applebees in Grapevine Mills Texas. I was triple charged on my debit card.

  208. After seeing Wayne Pankratz e mail you can rest assured I will NEVER step foot in any of your restaurants again

  209. On 03-28-22 I witnessed your employee Danica S tb#203 carry on against increasingly overwhelming odds to deliver curbside orders to customers.The dining room was packed , and from what I could see no one else to help her.Nevertheless this young woman continued to work, it was like the Mythical Heroines who knew the war was lost but kept their post . I think she should be commended for her effort.

  210. Good afternoon..I understand that Applebees has done donations for Charity groups. I am chairing the Relay for Life Survivor event for Monroe Michigan (June 4th 2022)
    I am looking for food items for our survivor lunch approx 100. Please advise me if this is possibility for our event. Thank you for your consideration.

  211. My Mother & I went to Applebees on Morgan Av Evansville In. yesterday, April 1, 2022. After waiting about 5 minutes a server came & took our order. We waited nearly 45 minutes & finally left. We never got our order. The server past by our table numerous times & never once said anything to us . This is the first time we’ve had such bad service. We won’t be going back.

  212. You better look in to your restaurant in glenmont ny I order food said it would be done at 5:05 got there waited for 45 min food was cold French fries were soggy and my chicken wrap was burnt two weeks ago order food got home and half of my order wasn’t in the bag had to go all the way back very sad I spend a lot money for take out I buying for my family

  213. Was going to order food from you but read story about you guys hoping to pay people less money so I’m going to village inn I hope your company goes broke

  214. Hi I thought I should tell you about the Applebee’s restaurant in Jasper indiana ate there today super nice staff
    but the booths seats are all in need of repairs whom ever has the franchise is playing with fire somebody gets hurt possible lawsuit

  215. Found grill brush wire in my steak!! I was chewing my Steak an bit on something hard an it stuck the side of my tongue!!! I gad an spit it out!!! I took pictures!!! Call manager and she giggled and said oh it came off my grill brush!!!! It was an horrible mess!!!

  216. My husband and I ate at Applebees Weslaco Texas. I wanted a Chardonnay wine, the house wine. All out, not available. So they brought me a moscato. Wanted an 8 oz was only 6 oz but charged for 8. It took them 15 minutes to get the wine. The 2nd glass I order a white zinfidel came again as a 6 oz, waitress came along with manager took that 6 oz glass and after another 15 minutes to add the additional 2 oz I finally got it! It ruined my night out with my husband!!!

  217. On Sunday April 10 we spent the day traveling and arrived in Wytheville, VA at 10:00 pm. Our original plan was to go to the Waffle House but we realized Applebees at 1440 E Main St in Wytheville VA was open until 11 and we were excited to go there. We were seated immediately as there was only one table of people and a couple girls at the bar. Shortly after we were seated our server came in from the outside and told us he would be with us shortly and he walked in the back. We decided what to order and we waited. Several servers were walking around doing nothing and the manager acted like he was looking for someone. He finally came over and said our server was busy cleaning up in the back and would be with us in a little bit. My husband said well we are ready to order but the manager refused to take more than our drink order. I then said our server walked by and said he would be with us shortly but we have already been sitting here 10 minutes. He said you have not. You’ve only been here 3 or 4 minutes. I said no we have been here at least 10 minutes. He said I was standing over there when you came in and I know how long you’ve been here and its only been 3 or 4 minutes. I said you know what Im not going to sit here and argue with you because we know how long we have been here and its been at least 10 minutes. Its obvious you dont care whether you serve us or not so we will just go elsewhere. I am a very patient person but there were no other customers and there were 4 or 5 other servers just standing around. Why couldn’t one of them do the cleaning in the back or serve us. There was no excuse for any wait and a 10-12 minute wait was inexcusable. We figured they had already cleaned the kitchen despite the fact they had another hour to be open and really didnt want serve us at all. If that was the case we definitely obliged them. We live locally and the Wytheville Applebees has lost a good customer. A manager who acts like that with a customer should be harshly reprimanded if not fired

  218. Good evening. I’m writing because tonight I was totally disappointed with the way I was treated by the manager (Omar) of Applebees Plaza las Americas Puerto Rico. I’ve been a regular customer of this location for many years and today I arrived at the restaurant at 9:30pm and started looking for a chair at the bar but there weren’t any available, so I asked one of the waitress If I could sit at a table next to the bar and she asked the manager and came back saying that restaurant was closed already. I told her that the entrance door was opened and that the store business hours are from 11am to 10pm and it was only 9:30pm ; she told me that was the manager’s instructions. So I asked for the manager and he came. He was polite but very anxious and nervous. He told me that I had to leave because they were closed. I remind him of the working hours of this restaurant and he said that I was wrong and that he always closes at 9pm during weekdays , so again he requested me to leave and denied me the service that I’m used to receive every time I visit Applebees here in Puerto Rico and all around the USA when traveling. I didn’t like the way this manager approached me and the way he did ask me to leave the restaurant in front of other customers sitting close to us. I’ve been a client of Applebees in PR and in the mainland for many years and this is the first time I had such a bad experience. I don’t deserve to be treated the way the manager ( Omar) treated me. I’m a business owner and know how to treat a customer and I don’t think that this manager is helping the good reputation of Applebees in any way. At this moment I don’t feel comfortable to visit Applebees with my family and friends wondering if I will have to encounter this manager and have an unpleasant experience again. Hope someone reads my message and maybe give me a response regarding my experience. I’m including screen shot of Applebees’s working hours posted online. Good evening. I’m writing because tonight I was totally disappointed with the way I was treated by the manager (Omar) of Applebees Plaza las Americas Puerto Rico. I’ve been a regular customer of this location for many years and today I arrived at the restaurant at 9:30pm and started looking for a chair at the bar but there weren’t any available, so I asked one of the waitress If I could sit at a table next to the bar and she asked the manager and came back saying that restaurant was closed already. I told her that the entrance door was opened and that the store business hours are from 11am to 10pm and it was only 9:30pm ; she told me that was the manager’s instructions. So I asked for the manager and he came. He was polite but very anxious and nervous. He told me that I had to leave because they were closed. I remind him of the working hours of this restaurant and he said that I was wrong and that he always closes at 9pm during weekdays , so again he requested me to leave and denied me the service that I’m used to receive every time I visit Applebees here in Puerto Rico and all around the USA when traveling. I didn’t like the way this manager approached me and the way he did ask me to leave the restaurant in front of other customers sitting close to us. I’ve been a client of Applebees in PR and in the mainland for many years and this is the first time I had such a bad experience. I don’t deserve to be treated the way the manager ( Omar) treated me. I’m a business owner and know how to treat a customer and I don’t think that this manager is helping the good reputation of Applebees in any way. At this moment I don’t feel comfortable to visit Applebees with my family and friends wondering if I will have to encounter this manager and have an unpleasant experience again. Hope someone reads my message and maybe give me a response regarding my experience.

  219. Bart the manager I’m guessing at the Applebee’s on Warren abernathy hwy in Spartanburg was very very rude to me when I called to explain my whole order from Friday night was entirely wrong and it being Tuesday now with me just getting back into town he thought he’d hang up on me. That’s not right nor fair!!

  220. I placed a online order on 4/21 and I called and left a message on the manager email, informing him that my ribs was dried out and my chicken finger’s was hard as heck. I haven’t heard from anyone yesterday nor today. I do not have money to throw away like that

  221. Hello my name is Luke Most and I worked for Applebee’s in west lebanon nh a total of 8 years as a cook. A couple months ago I was let go just a few days from my birthday and my 8 year anniversary for an unreasonable problem, I was getting harassed by a female worker which I mentioned to the managers a number of times, so this day I was just going to ignore her and that really seemed to piss her off so she went to boss and said I had something illegal which I didn’t the boss pulled me in office said what she said and yea it pissed me off that she would try to get me fired over me ignoring her?! She kept harassing me I kept trying to ignore her to the point she physically slammed into my body to make me say something so of course I went off on her who wouldn’t and I went to boss twice that day but she didn’t care?! So the next day the regional director Dan C came in to check on restaurant for other reasons , she just happened to be there and I wasn’t working till later that day and I closed restaurant said bye to Fabio the gm and he said ok see u tomorrow. I come in next day to work and Dan was waiting by the window which I thought was wierd and they sat me down and said I aledgedly had something illegal in hand which I didn’t and it wasn’t instead of a suspension or something a little more reasonable whatever yea I did yell at her but I couldn’t take her harassment anymore!! Then I hear they rehire this other guy who left a month earlier was allowed back after I witnessed him stealing hundreds of dollars of product and smoking weed pen in restaurant by the grill vents and has no called no show multiple times?! But he’s allowed back and I’m not it ruined so many things money wise got behind on bills and wasn’t a very happy birthday! Something needs to be done this isn’t fair!!

  222. The beer cheese dip is so watered down and the carry out/bowl is less than half full. Same with the artichoke dip you get less than half with that also. It was good for awhile then recently in the past 4 months it has gone down hill. Ppl want dip for all the appetizer not just for 2 pretzels. Plus it’s gross. 75% water. Haven’t ordered any main entree because if the appetizer sucks couldn’t imagine what the rest of the food would be like. I would pay a dollar more to get the right texture and the right portion of food.

  223. I dined at your Tulsa, Oklahoma location on 4/25. It was the single worst experience I’ve encountered. I did complain and have heard nothing back. Spending what I did was definitely not worth it. I am not looking for anything free (because I will not return) I just need something to change. I have went once a year for about three years because every single time I go to this specific location it’s shitty service. I really like Applebees but like I said earlier. Something needs to change.

  224. I went to the AppleBee’s in Sumter SC yesterday May 6th. I have never been to a more unorganized establishment! The staff didn’t seem to have a clue who was supposed to be doing what. Curbside wasn’t being serviced, I sat for quite a while waiting to place an order inside. I even asked one of the ladies “can I please place an order”. She said someone would take my order in a few. Meantime I’m hearing the ladies/waitresses fussing at each other about who’s doing what! The waitress that finally took my order didn’t hesitate telling me that one of the waitresses needed to stay out of her damn way! As I waited for my order I noticed the floor, shelves, and bar area were very dirty. I was going to say something to the manager, but surely he can see what’s going on in his restaurant so my opinion probably wouldn’t make a difference. The only reason I stayed for my order is because I had a gift card that was given to me by my employer, but I wouldn’t recommend they purchase any more. I really would like for someone from corporate to conduct a surprise visit and see for yourselves… make some improvements. I would like for your office to contact me and I’d like to at least get the chance for a do over, but I’d go to the location in Columbia, SC.

  225. My Husband and I just left Applebee’s in the Union NJ location. Our waiter’s name was Saharah and the manager’s name was Jess. Long story short, the manager was very disrespectful to our waiter in front of the customers and staff. The manager was at the bar making the drinks and the young girl went there to get the drinks for us. She told Saharah can you get out my face because you are disgusting to look at. My husband and I were lost for words. That being said, we will not return to this location. Our waiter then told us she is always this way toward her which is not acceptable. I hope this is an isolated incident only.

  226. I was an employee at Applebee’s in Kingsport TN when I was struck in the mouth with a cup by another employee, my general manager changed the story and made it look like it wasn’t serious when indeed it was and still is. My mouth is still sore since the incident 9 days ago!! I’m furious that this isn’t taken seriously!!!

  227. My Daughter and I was in your Middletown ny restaurant there was woman sitting across from us and was on her cell phone with the speaker on She stopped talking then she got another call with the speaker on as to say hurried our meal and left How can someone be so rude

  228. I work at the Applebee’s in Harrisonville Missouri and I have asked why aren’t you taking out federal and state taxes out of my check. And I can’t get no reply

  229. this is horrible customer relations, i tried for 30 mintues to order food from a marietta ohio applebees, couldnt get a person, computer messed up order, couldnt substitute on food, kept hanging up, you lost an order ,

  230. I ordered Applebee’s last night but was horrible. I got the prime rib sandwich, french onion soup n a house salad. The ajous n the soup were the same thing. Soup was horrible. The salad tasted like plastic. I’m extremely dissatisfied, esp since I spent almost $30. Horrible food my

  231. I want him fire’s. He called me a racist. Witch I’m not and I support everyone and everything u bar does

  232. Good afternoon I am writing to complain because on my last 3 orders from Applebee’s on Cascade road in Atlanta Georgia I have had to pay for delivery which is what I was expecting to do, but I still had to go to the restaurant to pick up something that they left over my orders. I don’t mind paying for delivery I do mine paying for it and still having to go pick it up. I don’t know why this is happening but I do know this would be the last time I will be ordering from Applebee’s thank you Mrs LaFrazier.

  233. My order totaled $24.97 and I want my free movie ticket to top gun
    My check number is 8799-9xxxxx
    Email is Dave Allen stuxxxx @ gmail .com
    Thank you

  234. Walked into an Applebees at 7:30p and they didn’t close till 8p. Was greeted with sorry we aren’t taking anymore customers because we are full to capacity but yet there was literally under 10 cars in parking lot and a lot of empty tables! Will never go to Applebees again

  235. I am a server at one of the Applebee’s restaurants . I am having an issue with the manager . Every day he sends me home after working only 2-3 hours max. Regardless of the shift (day shift or night shift) he always sends me home after 2 hours working . The restaurant is pretty busy , other servers remain on the shift (even the ones who started their shifts few hours BEFORE me) . He sends me home or “cuts me off” as he calls it . I strongly believe this is the act of discrimination and favoritism toward the other employees. I am a great server with exceptional skills , I have outstanding sweet kind personality and I am the hardest worker . Guests love me. I don’t know why this particular manager discriminates against me in such horrible way and making hostile working environment for me. Any feedback and advice will be highly appreciated. Thank you .

  236. On 6-13-22 my husband and I went to Applebees on our 35th anniversary. We arrived around 4:30 and ordered two appetizers (boneless chicken wings and nachos) a $5 drink special and one beer in Glasgow KY. It was a very hot day (92 degrees) and their air was out. No notice or sign. I could not eat because I was so hot. The waitress was nice but did not offer a discount and to add insult to injury our bill was $37. It should not have been that high without half price appetizers. My husband paid the bill so I was not aware of the price and refused to go back into the gates of hell to address it. Very disappointed.

  237. I went to the Applebee’s on Winnetka Ave., North house just was very disinterested. Waitress never came to even asked me a drink they brought my main meal out because I ordered it by your device I had to ask for something to drink. And then I was gonna order dessert they slapped the check on the table and walked away. I can say I go to this one often and never had such horrible service

  238. Let me start with saying typically we love Applebee and always have great food and service but 2 days ago we visited your Medford Oregon location and it was far from that. We arrived at 530pm the restaurant was not busy. We waited over a hour to be seated. Our waiter was rude from the start, didnt get our drink order until 30mins after seated… one drink he brought was suppose to be diet pepsi but was rootbeer then aruged with us that it in fact was diet pepsi. We ordered 2 adult beverages one came the other was made but left at the bar we actually went and got it ourselves and there was no alcohol in it. Our dinner.. we ordered 2 chicken strips and fries… never got our fries… two of the rib plates did not come with fries either. We let him he know and he stated they would be out soon… still never received any fries. My 10 year old ordered honey bbq wings and got buffalo wings… a bit spicy for a little guy!!! Oh and lets not forget that we didnt receive our food until almost 830. I would be happy to send you a copy of the receipt. This service was so horrible, food and drink orders werent right and we never received the corrected order or the fries. This is unacceptable. We also watched the waiter carelessly not paying attention and complete knocked down a toddler that was walking in the restaurant… the waiter never said sorry check on the kid or anything just walked away. Rude customer service again is not acceptable.

  239. Your Neighborhood Applebee’s
    1440 Eastgate Drive
    Garland, TX • (972) 270-0602 This is the Applebee’s where in May and all of June, I bought my disabled husband, Carl, his favorite Bourbon St. Chicken & Srimps almost every day. Yes, we spent quite a bit and although we are both, 78 y. o. and 70 y. o, Haley our order Bar girl forgot to use our over 65 discount and we never got any freebies on appetizers, except the last part of JUne, when I contacted a manager, Victor, who ordered a free appetizer once, wings, that turned out to taste old, and ver unappetizing. I let Victor know about it, and he stated we’d get another free appetizer next time we ordered. Well, to put it lightly, we are very disappointed with this Applebee’s showdy dealings with someone who spent quite a bit to eat there and we should have received a FREE C BOURBON ST. CHICKEN & SHRIMPS. At this point in time, when my husband in horific pain, needing surgery I doubt he’ll want to eat there anymore. Thank you if you bother to read this long message.😢


  241. Dear Applebees,

    I visited your restaurant on Monday, June 20th at the 3819 Carpenter Rd, Ypsilanti, MI 48197 location and was really disappointed from the quality of food that was served to me.

    After arriving to Michigan, my first and only stop was Applebees. From there I returned to my program and went to sleep. The next day I woke up not feeling well and with no appetite. As the day went on, I began to feel worse and worse. I went to take a nap to be woken up with the sweats and chills. Eventually I learned I had a 104F fever. This would go on for the next two days. I was checked for Covid and the Flu, both coming back negative. After the doctors office, I was taken to the hospital. My body was getting worse. After being treated at the hospital it was discovered that I had Campylobacterisois.

    People become ill with Campylobacterisois by eating contaminated food, drinking contaminated water. This is a severe version of food poison. After finding out this information, I contacted your establishment to let them know this occurred and what I ate. When I spoke with the manager his response was “and what would you like me to do.” This is extremely unprofessional. He did not have any remorse to the fact that I was extremely ill in the hospital after eating at your restaurant. That is not the quality of food that one would expect from a restaurant of your level and reputation.

    I trust that this is not the type of letter that you wish to receive from your customers and I also trust that you are going to deal with this complaint in a strict manner, taking all the necessary measures to ensure such incidents do not happen again.

    You may contact me at 516.457 xxxx if you would like to ask questions about the incident.

  242. I was just in your Webster, NY restaurant and was treated rudely by a staff member. My family made it through the door when she asked how many, and then said it was going to be an hour’s wait. There were many tables empty and there were no people waiting to be seated. I understand that it was a very hot day today and the kitchen may have been very busy with take out orders. We were actually discouraged from staying. We have always had decent service and good food at Applebees. I am really disappointed at the attitude we received. It may be awhile before we return.


  244. The Applebees in mt Vernon Illinois literally has mold growing on the walls in the dining room. The bathroom appeared as though it had not been cleaned in days. Feces on the wall and floor. Absolutely great service but seemed not bothered about the cleanliness when asked

  245. My name is Harrison Thomas I am just trying to get my last check because I was fired from Applebee’s Memorial Drive just trying to get my money. Not allowed on property Gm refuses my call n wasn’t told why I was fired. I just want my money

  246. I hope you are getting my emails. I have made two complaints already……….with NO RESPONSE. I am the mother of a server that use to work there up until August 6th 2022 she got fired. She worked there for 10 years. There are some terribly wrong things going on at your store in Hemet Ca location at Florida Ave and Kirby. You have Two Managers working for you that are having an affair with each other. Emilio and Rocio are the managers, and when my daughter called them on their situation Emilio got outraged and really had some ugly words for my daughter. The crew, what crew you have left, completely ignored my daughter since this incident for almost two months. Completely stopped speaking to her, let her food set in the kitchen window to get cold, and did not help her with any side work!! This is unacceptable and needs to be addressed. Watch the store tapes for the last two months and you will see for yourself all the horrible things that are going on at that restaurant. The wrong person was fired. Shame on the managers, Emilio and Rocio and shame on Bethany for allowing this to happen. She was so rude to my daughter. When my daughter blurted out is was only out of anger. The server Nancy that she had words with kept walking by her and saying nasty things…….This matter needs to be addressed immediately and I will be waiting for a response. Thank you, Donna Hupp…………..I will also be calling on Monday if I don’t hear from you.

  247. Was at the Alexandria Washington store and waitress orally ignored us and never got our drinks til after we got our meal then it took along time for her to come back and ask if we wanted dessert the drinks being it took so long should have come off the bill will see if it does

  248. i purchased $400 gift card the restaurant say that they never train how to rediem them now i lost like $60 worth the gift card i will never purchase e-gift card from here ever again

  249. Please provide the Applebees in Antioch California with compostable bags for the food waste Program! they can be ordered online. Try Bio Star thats where we order ours from

  250. I went to Applebee’s in Ocean on Rt#66 the food wasn’t prepared the correct way ordered a burger with cheddar they gave American and we ordered the double crunch wings and they were not crunchy. When I called the waitress over she went and got the manager and he gave me attitude. I just wanted him to speak to his chef and he told me I didn’t order correctly. I’ve been a customer for years but now these younger managers have no respect for their customers

  251. Went to applebees in Camby, Indiana at 1125pm, no sign on door, door locked, had to call and was told they closed at 11. I find this to be a problem because it should have been posted on door. I understand being understaffed, but it would be nice to post it on door so I do not have to call to find out while I’m standing at the door being ignored by staff. It is not good customer service at all.

  252. To whom it may concern my name is Robert frantz a former employee of your local Applebee’s in Athens Tennessee at Decatur pike,my former employer Kim cook never sighned me up in the enrollment skylight paycard plan and I couldn’t activate my card to receive my paycheck 😡I went down to the restaurant and told them the problem and the man who I talked to was supposed to of helped me out 😡he told me that they was going to write me a paper check and that he would call me back after getting my tax deduction from corporate so he could write out a check for me,he calls me back and tells me that you all was going TO SEND IT OVER NIGHT AND THAT I WAS SUPPOSED TO HAD GOTTEN MY CHECK SATURDAY 😡I DIDN’T GET A CHECK😡 AND DUE TO THIS SCREW UP ON THERE BEHALF IM HAPPEN TO HAVE TO PAY $10.00 A DAY LATE FEE ON MY RENT 😡 I WANT MY CHECK TODAY!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡

  253. My wife is a very loyal Applebees customer and we have been going to the Lewisburg, WVa location over the past few years. There is a leadership issue at the managers billet or lack there of. The last three times we have went there we have waited to be seated 10-15 min and there were employees walking around looking like they were very busy but never waited on us. Finally we were seated and waited an additional 20 min without being served. I travel across America 3-4 times a year and I know how a restaurant should wait on the customers. There is a serious lack of situational awareness at this location.

  254. Are all prices set by Corporate or does each individual franchise set their own prices? I have never seen a restaurant charge for mayonnaise when you order a burger.

  255. Chelsea, Alabama.. shift manager was telling people they were short on help and a wait.. we ordered a tea and 2 waters. Should have not charged for the tea. Will not go back. Unwanted atmosphere.

  256. I ate at your establishment on September 18 in Cedar Hill, Texas and my debit card purchase was $45.33. My card was charged twice… The second transaction taken out on September 20. Here today it is September 24 and I have yet to have any resolution to my money being replaced back on my debit card and I am very upset! I want my money back! ASAP

  257. Good morning I was at Applebees Colorado Springs on Galley on sun 24 with my fam after church..
    There was 2 employees having issues they went outside . The one gurl came in cusssing loud talking walking through ..
    Folks was looking even customers was leaving without paying. ..
    then the other gurl came in from outside cussing so much we have kids them she goes to back we her screaming sounds like stuff throwing or hitting …
    I really like Applebees but I don’t want to go back there is so much goin on I was actually scared because it was so out of control the behavior they showed was awful
    I tried several time to call I wa on on hold 26 mnts waiting fa manager no one came I called again was on hold fa long time I jus hung up..
    The worst experience ever !

  258. Applebees Aiken SC, 29803 – NEW MANGER PLEASE. Never available by phone. Employees have no authority to assist customers. One phone line into the restaurant? PLEASE! REgular Applebees customers for 7 years.

  259. applebess in athens al needs to be corrected they allow anything to go kn up there my child was in a attlercation with a grown man up there at the Manger doent do shit I need to speak with some one asap about it

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