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Corporate Address
1 Dave Thomas Blvd.
Dublin, OH
Phone Number
(614) 764-3100
Fax Number
(614) 764-3330
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What is Wendy’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Wendy’s’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-614-764-3100.


What is Wendy’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Wendy’s’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-800-443-7266 or 1-888-624-8140.


How do I Contact Wendy’s Customer Support?

Call the contact numbers above or contact Wendy’s via:

Wendy’s Email Address: Use the Email Form to ask a question.

Wendy’s’ Contact Us page can be found here.


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Wendy’s on Twitter: @Wendys

Wendy’s on Facebook: www.facebook.com/wendys

Wendy’s Headquarters Executive Team.

Wendy’s leadership team consists of:

Todd A. Penegor
Wendy’s CEO, President, Director

Robert D. Wright
Executive vice president, COO, International

Kurt A. Kane
Marketing officer, Chief Concept

Gunther Plosch

M. Coley O’Brien
Chief people officer

Liliana M. Esposito
Chief communications officer

Abigail Pringle
Chief development officer

David Trimm
Chief information officer

Leigh A. Burnside
Chief accounting officer

E.J. Wunsch
Chief legal officer, Corporate secretary

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986 Reviews and Complaints for Wendy’s Headquarters

  1. Worst restaurant in independence mo!! 32 mins to get thru drive thru! Food cold, drinks watered down, ask manager for corporate number, an his name wouldnt give it out. Said they were short handed, i counted 4 people walking around in back while i was waiting to place order, 1 in white tshirt, talking on cell phone, the other 3 standing jokeing an laughing, all while 3 cars behind me drove off, an 2 cars in front of me drive off, which left me an the car in front of me waiting for 20 mins or more. Should close the place if you dont care anymore, people dont want to wait like i did just to get cold food that taste bad!!! Cant hire responsible people, close it down!

  2. I order my food on the Wendy’s mobile app I went through the drive thru the first time I was asked did I say it at the intercom and I said no and one of your little helpers told me to go back around second time to say I am here to pick up my order I didn’t like the way I was treated by the little helper after the manager came to the window to see what the problem was this little helper had a smirk on her face when clearly my order was ready when I went through the first time bc it said it through the app! I WILL ABSOLUTELY NOT RETURN TO YOUR RESTAURANT EVER!! I will rate my experience a ZERO! From one to ten!

  3. I asked 4 half apple pecan salad, they told me that they didn’t sell it but it was on the menu. I bought the whole one but got half the ingredients and had to wait 35mins 4 that

  4. The wendys on Harrisburg pike is the worst the wait times in the drive-thru are between 25 to 45 mins at any giving time. The orders are not always correct so then u have to wait another 25 to 45 mins to get your order straight. Being a shift manager I know this is unacceptable. And as a customer this is nuts. I don’t believe I’ll be eating at this place anymore. I’ll have to drive 45 mins out the way to get wendys. Unbelievable

  5. I just left your store at 3250 SW Topeka Blvd. in Topeka, KS. NOBODY was wearing gloves including the lady sweeping the floor then packing to go bags, the guy dipping ice into cups and the guy with the dirty fingernails who handed me my burger and drink. When I asked if they were supposed to wear gloves, I was told to ‘Get the outta here!’. Everything is going straight to the trash and I was ALWAYS get the outta Wendy’s. Not paying for rude or bad service and that’s exactly what I got. Y’all need to hire better people!

  6. I just left your store at 3250 SW Topeka Blvd. in Topeka, KS. NOBODY was wearing gloves including the lady sweeping the floor then packing to go bags, the guy dipping ice into cups and the guy with the dirty fingernails who handed me my burger and drink. When I asked if they were supposed to wear gloves, I was told to ‘Get the outta here!’. Everything is going straight to the trash and I was ALWAYS get the outta Wendy’s. Not paying for rude or bad service and that’s exactly what I got.

  7. You have a Wendy’s location on Lee Hwy in Ooltewah Tn. I did not see anyone wearing a mask. Very concerning, and now I don’t know whether I should eat my food from there.

  8. My name is Brian Callahan and I am an employee at ur Whiting, N.J. Store. I have been slandered several times by a assistant manager at that store. Her name is Ms. Paul. So far she has accused me of being a pervert, a thief, and a child molester. I find this behavior unacceptable. I have multiple witnesses for each incident. Please contact me as soon as possible.

  9. Hello, my daughters wanted bowls of Wendy’s chili for dinner today (04/04/2021). So we went through the drive thru in Litchfield, Illinois,(5:36pm) ordered our food and drove away. Once we parked and began eating dinner, my 11 year-old says she found something in the bag and handed it to me. It was chewed up gum smashed inside some paper tag from a toy. I have a picture of the disgusting item along with my receipt.

  10. I havent been paid in a month. I am being denied access to HR phone number and i cannot get anyone on the phone.

  11. I have a complaint about the Franklin, VA Wendy’s. There’s way too much to put in this box. The employees there are rude and incompetent, and Never say Thank you. I will not return to this Wendy’s ever.

  12. Was at wendy’s store #3227 3 times in the last 2 months ask for bake potatoes they don’t have them ask if they discounted the and they reply no one what to make them today and laugh. Not a great why to run a business. How the manager does that in the restaurant is a shame should take off menu so you are not false advertising. Guess I just need to eat some place else.

  13. Hello my name is Tia Reaves and I use to work at Wendy’s and I was wondering how I can get my W-2 information sent to my email

  14. On Tuesday 30 March 2021 my wife and I went to the Wendys in Jacksonville Fl. located at 103st and Blanding Blvd. It was around 10 am and we were turned away being told that they were not taking orders as noboby showed up for work. This is not the first time this has happened and if this is the Wendys service you may as well start closing stores.

  15. Make it looked closed we won’t have as many customers, if any! Easy $ for lazy employees.

  16. At 9:39pm I went through the srivve thru at Lincoln Abwe. In Evansville, IN. The big sign put front wS off and so wS the sign where you place your order. I pullled around go the window where I know atleast 3 people aaw he; one of them held up the finger for just a second. I waited several minutes and nobody came to the window. Please call me at 812-431-xxxx as I am a frequent customer and wish to explain this matter more throughly.

  17. I have a complete and will quit eating at a Wendy the commercial about a bag shows a woman stealing a bike an 8-9 year old girl pointed it out to her mom. Very bad walker to advertise

  18. The food at Wendy’s is good, but the lady that works late at night in the drive thru is very rude. She does not greet you, makes you wait without any warning, she does not thank you for waiting, and does not acknowledge you. She is very aggressive, her tone of voice is very loud, it sounds like she is yelling at you. She does not repeat or verify the order to you. For instance, she should say, Good evening, Welcome to Wendy’s, how May I help you? She leaves you waiting with no warning and does not even thank you for waiting. She sounds very unprofessional, no skills, no education, no respect, overpowering. Extremely rude! She sounds like she could be very abusive. She sounds very mean. It’s very bad, because she sets a very bad example to other employees. My only hope is that Wendy’s retrains their employees to provide superb customer service. I really hope they do something about it since I eat at Wendy’s several times a week.

  19. In this day and age with anti Asian violence why would you show an Asian female steeling a bicycle in your commercial?My wife who is Asian was absolutely appalled by this. I think it shows really bad taste on your company’s part. I’m forwarding an email to Fox News also.

  20. I went to the wendys on clinton highway in knoxville tn last evening and they gave us cold gross food and left food out and when i went back into the drive thru the night manager said he wasnt gonna replace my nasty food or give me the food that they left out just because it was close to closing. He even refused me service and called the police on me because i wanted my order fixed after i paid for it. I will never eat at wendys again just because everytime i go thru one of there drive thrus I have either food missing or its cold or old or wrong

  21. I have a big complaint with wendys in chesterville ohio I was eating a sandwich last night and trama in a choking hazard with paper that they melted in my pretzel bacon sandwich in the cheese so I be taking this to a small claims court I will never eat wendys again or fast food

  22. Rudeness from a manager when asking about tax on take-out & REFUSAL of service after explaining Ohio’s to-go tax code. Store#933

  23. Wendys at 6910 Ritchie Hwy., Gen Burnie, MD 21060, says that you no longer can order at drive through, they only take orders online??? Restrictions have mostly been lifted in MD, so why now, last week we could order at drive through???

  24. I ordered the new Jalapeno pepper salad today, from your Sandlake rd, Belle Isle, Fl. Store….. SEVERE DISAPPOINTMENT!!!
    charging for salads, will justify me going to a REAL restaurant for lunch in the future….
    It might be the sole reason, I NEVER return to Wendys!!
    ….and, I didnt even get a reciept….

  25. I am currently waiting on the customer service line to file a complaint/report.

    I went to Wendy’s and ordered a 4 for 4 and with my burger, there was a used entire glove in my food. I am completely disgusted. The store manager is very very aware of my complaint and has acknowledged and apologized for their negligence. With COVID and other diseases around I may look into getting a Lawyer regarding this matter.

  26. Horrible service…Wendy’s Beaufort Sc on Boundry street…yelled at over drivespeaker peaker

  27. My husband and I ordered off the wendy’s online. When I got to the wendy’s on e north in rapid city sd…the online showed items that this store didn’t have but still charged us for. Once we got to the wendy’s to pick up the food they were out of the spicy chicken, no strawberry lemonade, no chocolate frosty coffee drink, no large cups, and they were unwilling to help with any compensation or adding or what not. By the time we got the food it was cold and hard. and the app online had messedon the upgrade on the $5 biggy bag…my sald was missing the add ons i paid for. the one that was at the drive through window was rude while i was speaking with her she kept closing the window…the manager needs to learn his position and try to make the customers happy and if the orders the best he can and the employees need to learn customer service skills and not hand four bags of food out the window all at once because that could be a mess if the customer doesnt have hold of those bags. and i would like to find out how to get a refund for the items i didn’t get?

  28. I ordered a taco salad for my son and he found a wood shaving in his salad and put it in his mouth this is unacceptable my son is 8 years old it could of killed him

  29. The customer service at the Kansas City area Wendy’s is horrible! Specifically the Bannister road and Lee’s Summit locations. The service is extremely slow with an average wait time of 18 minutes. Additionally they are constantly out of Menu items. Today at the Bannister location the only drink they had was Coke and Iced Tea, no salads and no cookies. As an Uber eats driver, I can’t afford to wait 20 minutes for an order. I have complained to Uber eats about this as well. Drivers do not like to accept Wendy’s orders due the the long wait times. Another part of the issue is the staff does not seem to care. I do hope you will look in to it.

  30. 1344 eastern boulevard in Maryland someone in your Wendy’s has COVID-19 and I think they should be closed for a while

  31. I was at your Wendy’s on Trickum Road in Woodstock, GA at exactly 10:26 on March 20th 2021 to recieve your promtion you were offering, a free honeybutter biscuit. When I pulled up to order mo one came on. After saying hello hello several times someone finally came on and said their systems were down. I told them they were losing customers as I saw several people driving off. The person that was soeaking to me said they did not care let them drive off. At 10:32 they said the system was back up. When I tried to order the promotion they said they stopped serving breakfast at 10:30. When I explained I had been waiting there since 10:26 which they knew since they spoke to me they did not care. I found this to be totally unprofessional and unacceptable. Is this how Wendy does business now. And by the way all other fast food places serve breakfast until 11 on weekends. I will never go back to Wenfy’s again. Offer a promotion. Systems conveniently go down. When they come up a few minutes later, oh we’re not serving breakfast now. Do you think this is right?

  32. I visited Wendy’s #3389 in Conroe, Texas on 3/18/2021 I was given the wrong order attempted to call to speak to someone I was hung up on several times.

  33. I have been at wendy’s on ford ford in Dearborn for 1 hour 45min it is now 5:17 pm still waiting this really bad service letting people in in front of the cars I’m 73 and don’t appreciate it please spot this wendy’s for yourself its horrible chicken 2 for 5 manger said it’s not came back next day same place it was 2 chicken sandwiches for 5 she didnt no her job sad

  34. I am a previous employee at store number 304 ( I think that is the store number, the address is 1790 St. Lucie West Blvd in Port St. Lucie FL). I only worked there from the week of 2/22/21 through the week of 3/1/2020 and would like to get paid for the hours I worked. I have called the store various times and keep getting the run around, no one wants to talk to me. I have tried to call headquarters and can not get through to anyone.

  35. I had the most unprofessional service at your business.
    I ordered fries with no salt and a frosty,l got the frosty right away then was told to pull up to wait for my fries
    I got there at 5:15pm now its 5:30 still no fries so I went in to see what was talking so long and a young lady was coming out I asked her if one of those bags was mine she said no you ordered fries with no salt
    She later sent another worker to give me a age with cold fries, now I am late for work its 5:45 so went inside to get my card because now I want my money back and late for ,
    They need to realize we pay for our food it is not given to us and if we don’t come they don’t get paid
    Her attitude was so nasty I will not be going back

  36. Hello my name is Geraldine Ferguson and I want to tell you what happened today after days of watching your commercial on TV about the big one Wendy’s meal I was very excited to send my son to put an order in for my husband myself my two granddaughters and my son since it was mine granddaughter Amber’s birthday coming up on Wednesday I thought that would be a nice treat for her do celebrate today Sunday because I would not see her on Wednesday her birthday well my son went after our order the total was $27 that was not the problem the problem was what he brought back was not the complete order and nowhere to be found was the big one and it’s on special bag with the items that you advertised so he went back to see what happened and to get the big one as we were expecting needless to say we did not even get a big one hamburger we got two little ones bacon cheeseburgers the french fries were nasty and cold when my son went back they gave us the exact order that he had picked up the first time no big one bags insight I was so disappointed you have a good advertising plan very enticing but the Wendy’s in Knoxville Tennessee on Maynardville Pike fell very short of our expectations my son said what should I expect I told him more than what we got just wanted to let you know I doubt if I’ll go back there thank you for listening to my complaint

  37. Yes I drove to town to get my family something to eat after repeating myself 3 times about a plain kids hamburger and then gettingnhomeb15 min later to it not being in there my 3 yr old was of course devastated and crying which pisses me off…. then I call local office after ringing for 10 min they tell me they don’t know where the manager is really……. Is this what thebworld has comento a bunchnof lazy ass kids running corporate fast food chains that are already over priced. Well my friends you just lost another customer that has 6 kids u know how much that tab runs. Thanks alot WENDY’S

  38. I am sick and tired of trying to get somebody to call me back from Wendy’s corporate and then waiting for a phone call since last Saturday my phone number is 513-439-xxxx my name is david worley

  39. Just left Wendy’s to get me some food for my lunch break so I can go back to work way over the bay and my food is cold cannot believe it have never ate Wendy’s and it was cold I am so disappointed I tried to call them they would not answer their phone on Dauphin Street Mobile Alabama

  40. I’m emailing concerning the horrible, horrible customer service I received at your store 100 located at 3847 Hwy 138 SE Stockbridge, Ga 30281, I ordered a Wendy’s double no cheese, Mayo Ketchup lettuce x onions, meat cooked well done, not burnt and a small chilli, I retrieved order at 10:30 PM, went home my order was completely wrong, retuned to Wendy’s at 10:45 Pm, and was told by one of your Managers, Deborah that the store was closed, however according to your operating hours your store closes at 11:00 pm, Deborah refused to refund my money, slammed the drive through Window in my face, and instructed Jason an employee there to cover window with white paper, while covering the window Jason began making prejudiced jesters towards me, so I called the Police, I just wanted a refund for the horrible food and customer service I received, Nyshika another manger stated to Police that they had shut down the systems before closing time, and that I would have to make another trip to store to retrieve refund, after the prejudiced jesters from Jason, I didn’t comfortable with doing that, however I did return and retrieved my refund, if this is the type of customer service that is being taught to your employees, Wendy’s should be shut down, I will never patronize your prejudiced store again, and really thinking about filing a discrimination suit against your company for hiring people who hate. Worst customer service I have ever experienced from a fast food chain

  41. Hi every time I go to Wendy’s there is something wrong with my food the burger was so dry and burnt they should not have been serving it and I have the Wendy’s at and they didn’t know how to put the number end up register for the discount someone needs to do something about this the Wendy’s on nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue Northeast Washington DC

  42. Try 5 to file complaint. I called the 800, once I 37 in line, then another time 34th, then 57th. I texted the 888 and they said thanks and that was that. I emailed and no response. I want to avoid writing a letter to Corp. Hdqrs.
    So here is complaint. I had a coupon for buy a baconator for $6 and get ne for a dollar. When I got home I saw there was no receipt, so checked my Visa. I $12 for 2, so I’m out $5.

    John Barnitz
    xxx Craig Y No’s Av
    Dresher, Pa 19025
    215 -350-xxxx

  43. I ordered a taco salad and it wasn’t a taco salad at all, no meat beans or taco seasoning, worst taco salad ever, it came with a salad and a runny cup of chili that I guess you are supposed to dump on the salad, I tried it, it was gross, you should rename it chili salad, and chili salad is terrible.

  44. I went to Wendy’s at 1530 W Valley Pkwy, Escondido, CA 92029 today around 1:40pm something. I ordered a Apple Pecan Salad, which is supposed to be made fresh!!! And I also said no blue cheese! I live all the way on the other side of town, I get home and there is blue cheese on my salad!!! And the lettuce they used was not fresh!! It was yellowish/brownish color it tasted old and gross!!! I called the restaurant and they said they needed my receipt, which they didn’t give me one!!

  45. 3/5/21 noon. Went through drive through 28 degrees. No chili. Comeback maybe 30 min. Really on my lunch half hour. 3/721. Drive through. Hello hello. Please wait we have two large orders. And it’s going to take awhile. So we went to McDonald’s. What is going on with Ashtabula Ohio Wendy’s?

  46. I had a taco salad today and noticed the chili used to isn’t as spicy as before and looks like you are using different a lighter type of bean in it. Please bring back the spicy beans you used to serve in your chili because the chili and the taco salad taste generic not with the kick I used to get when eating them. Thanks

  47. On Feb. 18, 2021, I submitted a SC DSS form to Wendy’s on Broad Street, Sumter, SC to be completed for an ex employee, Mario N. Washington, Jr., regarding employment and payroll verification from Jan. 1, 2021 thru Jan. 31, 2021. It was due on Feb. 21st. Not only was the information not on the form but it was not held in the strictest of confidence and I can also add mail fraud. To this day I am still trying to capture this information for DSS purposes. Since time is of the essence, do you think it possible to retrieve this information? Please advise.
    Thanking you in advance.

  48. Hey I was at Wendy’s on lake forgetful and it took me 30 minutes to get my food I don’t know if they need employees or what

  49. I was at the 24845 Ryan Rd. warren MI Wendy’s drive-through and they were not wearing facemasks. When I asked for the manager she was very belligerent at me and even called me a bitch. They still would not wear their masks when I ask them why weren’t they wearing masks. This is a health issue at a time when we’re at a crisis. I will not eat at Wendy’s if this is how you treat your customers during a health crisis and I will tell all of my friends about the lack of caring Wendy’s takes about their customers.

  50. I visited the wendy’s on Normandy blvd jacksonville florida on Monday March 1 2021 at 3:05 pm at the drive thru only to be told that they were in the middle of a shift change and not taking orders for the next 15-20 minutes. Is this standard procedure cause I couldn’t wait that long for an order

  51. I worked at Wendy’s in I believe 1982 and still have my blue and white striped hostess dress. I’m wondering if you would be interested in having it? Please let me know either way. Thank you!

  52. Good Morning,
    I just wanted to share some feedback I just experienced this morning at my local Powell Ohio Wendy’s. First off I love the food and it’s the only place where my son will eat that is fast food. This morning I wanted to try the breakfast for the first time. As I ordered and pulled up to window , I paid and they asked me to pull up due to a delay with the potatoes, no big deal to me so I pulled into a spot. About 5 minutes later an employee comes out with a sandwich (that I did not order) I told her I had order 5 breakfast sandwiches not a baconater. She proceeded to tell me that someone already gave me my food and there was nothing missing. I explained that I had only received an orange juice. I told her that another car was waiting and they had been brought out food so not sure if they gave them mine also. I shared my exact order with the employee, another employee came out about 8 minutes later with a bag of sandwiches, but was still missing a sandwich so I shared with him which sandwich I was missing. Another 5 minutes later an older lady (I think the manager ) comes out and says here is your sandwich you now have 7 sandwiches in a very rude tone. I explained to her that I did not have 7 sandwiches and she walked away. I did not appreciate being treated like I had stolen food and collecting sandwiches as I patiently waited for my food for a long time. I just wanted to share that I felt they should have showed a smidge of empathy for my wait and mess up of food. Not to mention it was not busy as I was the only car waiting. I just felt I should share as I work in the service industry and respect the customer experience. Not a great way to start my morning, sorry I had to share but think it’s important. Thank you and have a great day

  53. Just got back from picking up our order at the 2008 E Central Texas Expy, Killeen, TX 76541. First off, I ordered online and PAID for my food and STILL had to wait 30 minutes when I got there for my food! It was my mistake to not check the bag but not only did none of the burgers I ordered have bacon, but I was also missing a burger. I live 20 min from the restaurant and was trying to call so I could pick something up tomorrow. I called 5x and noone ever answered and at one point, i was hung up on. This is not the first time that we get TERRIBLE service. The people there could not care less about the customers. I will NEVER go to any of your restaurants again and I will be sure to tell everyone I know just how downhill your customer service has gone. I hope you retrain some of your employees because they are not representing you well.

  54. I purchased a taco salad tonight at the location in Midfield, Alabama. Person at window was rude. I was not informed until I had paid that they were out of chips. I get home open salad and it has “dirt” particles in it and smelled bad. Chilli was cold, beans were not cooked. Ice tea I received tasted like water. I paid $12 for a meal that was awful. This is ridiculous. I tried to call them and no one answered the phone. I want a refund!

  55. Hi I just ordered through the drive through at Latrobe Pa and ordered a plan baconator and cheese burger meal . Now plain to me means no condiments Just the meat and cheese and so I go home thinking I have the right order and it was not very disappointed. People need trained better if they are only gonna offer drive through I live 5 miles away and will not run gas out of my car for this . Very disappointed in this company

  56. I went and got a number 11 fried pretzel pub it was grilled and it had been sitting under the lamps for awhile it was awful. I asked for no salt on fries. They had salt and were cold. I paid $8.75 for food I couldn’t eat.

  57. Who do I contact about Wendy’s standards, and quality. What I just went through was not apart of Dave Thomas’s vision!!
    I asked for the GM’s name so I would be able to speak with him/her that info wasnt given. I then asked for the DM’s name definitely didnt get that either. All I could get out of the manager on duty was the store number. And she had the audacity to ask me to give them a highly satisfied survey almost like she was dismissing me and the way I was treated. My cousin. Was almost jumped by male crew members all because he was trying to talk to the manager about the incident. Would really like to know the GM’s name and the DM’s name in charge of store number 209. Thank you

  58. I have been unable to get thru thru e-mail, chat or phone. I am a frequent Wendy’s customer and usually buy a half size salad. I was advised this morning they are no longer available – why would I buy anything that is more food than I want? Congratulations, you just lost a loyal customer

  59. My husband and I stopped at Wendy’s on hwy 148 in Illinois (inside a truck stop) and ordered 2 chicken biscuits. There was a huge sign on the window that said 2/$4.00 on 3 different sandwiches. When they rang them up, we were charged $3.19 each. When we said they were 2/$4, we were told that they could not refund our money and we would have to contact corporate. This is false advertising and a terrible business practice. The so called manager had no clue what to do. You have a real problem here.

  60. I would like to speak with a CEI::
    Feb 23 around 3:00 I place an Irder and received ok’d food!! I requested the order freshly prepared and the manager managing orders prepping food touching handles and preparing sandwiches!! Not changing her gloves!! Very unprofessional hygiene and there is a COVID Virus!!!! and I feel staff need to follow sanitize instructions/ hygiene!!!!

    The location is Wendy’s Madison And Harlem Oak Park Il 60302 !

    Please respond !!
    I am very upset. With the service I received!!!

    Dellrita Thomas
    708 582 xxxx

  61. I work @ Wendys on 1777 Roquarry rd in Henry County, Stockbridge and the manager there is very rude, cruel, and disrespectful to not only the guest but to her employees. I walked out because of the way she was coming off @ me upfront of customer’s. It was very disrespectful. Her name is Shafirie and I would like to report her to tone down. I worked @the Wendy’s in Chamblee Tucker Road and trust me it was nothing like this. Know good customer service at all and I think the problem is they see someone with customer skills and are jealous of that fact. I’m damn good I n what I di however don’t blame me when you mess up.

  62. I went through the drive through at Wendys located at 3943 N Harlem Chicago il 60634 on 2-21-2020 around 5:30 pm and had ordered 3 chocolate frosties
    As the manager was filling them up I noticed the manager pulled his mask up and turned and I thought i saw him flimging something out of his mouth in the frostie. I came home and as I started eating the frostie After about 5 to 6 spoons I ended up having a piece of food particle in the frostie. Please call me at 309-807-xxxx Thank you Nikola P.

  63. West Memphis AR. The Wendy’s thatbis in the pilot/ flying j. I went in to the facility and was told I need a mask so I covered my face with my shirt. This is considered a facial covering just like any other cloth covering for the face. I was denied service because I did not have a MASK. The mandate calls for a facial COVERING. My face was covered from the eyes down! The ladies working were very rude and even served others with FACIAL COVERINGS (NOT MASKS). I’m a truck drive that was simply trying to get something other than a rice crispy after 5 days.

  64. Heidi Anderson is the manager at st marys pa Wendy’s and is so verbally abusive to the employees in front of the Customers it scares me about the way she treats them belittles them in front of Customers and makes a fool out of them and is not very nice to the Customers I believe Labor Relations needs to get involved it has gone on such a long time please remove her as manager and the mask is a problem was reported before!

  65. Hello . I was at Wendy’s on Beechmont at 8:45 for my order. I repeated everything correctly and state FRESH as always. As usual with this Wendy’s whoms on the failed inspection list multiple times decided to park me because I said FRESH . They weren’t busy at all I was the 1st to 2nd car there and I live by Wendy’s so I know when they’re busy. I always check my fries to see if they’re cold or not. Of course they were cold. I pull around to tell them my fries were cold I asked for FRESH. Whomever it was that was at the window said huh in frustration as if it was my fault they CAN’T keep up on fries. I worked for McDonalds ON FRIES and it wasn’t that hard. So they tell me to pull to the second window .. there’s 3-4 cars that were in front of me… No way was I Going to wait that long for some items they messed up because the whole order was out of place! I then stated I would like a refund because you guys have multiple cars right here and my order isn’t even right. The manger on duty then stated in frustration again I Can’t Get You A Refund I Have Your Fries Right Here.. I stated yes you can give out a refund I the order isn’t made correctly on your end and I’m not about to wait that long. They then YELLED I’m Not Obligated To Give Out A Refund To You . I Told Her I Don’t Know Who You Getting Smart With You Need To Watch Who You’re Talking To Because You Messed Up On My Order When You Not Even That Busy I’ll Be Calling Corporate. They said “ Call Them “ . So Now I’m Contacting You Guys I WANT MY MONEY BACK❗️That Wendy’s Have Poor Customer Service It Was Night Shift And They Never Serve FRESH Food .. I Wouldn’t Blame Them If They Always Fail A Inspection Probably Cooking And Cleaning At The Same Time. Shut Them Down Or Recruit New Employees Because The Ones There ? LAZY AND UNPROFESSIONAL It Makes Wendy’s Look Bad.

  66. The drive through service was 37 min today with 8 cars ahead of me. This was the Brandon, FL 33511 location on Hwy 60/ Brandon Blvd near the corner of 60 and Parsons. No hamburger is worth thay…

  67. I have not received my w2s yet been in contact with Ladonna at west Carroll store it’s been 3weeks in getting really upset

  68. I went to the Wendys at 2100 Red Lion Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19115 on 2/19/2021 @ around 11 pm. I ordered a medium son of the baconator meal with a dr.pepper with light ice. After receiving my meal which I was told totaled $9.64 I asked for my receipt because it was not given to me. I was told there was no receipt paper so I could not receive a receipt. I have a major issue with this. How can I tell exactly what I was rang up for and what my real total was. I was not told upon ordering I was just told to come to the window. I need to be able to ensure I was charged for what I ordered. How can you just not have a solution to offer a person their receipt. MAJOR PROBLEM!

  69. No complaint. No just had two classic chickens. They were terrific. Warm. Lettuce fresh. Not to much Mayo. Perfect. 2 for $5. Can’t be beat

  70. Wendy’s is keeping us alive. We wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for keeping your promise of quality. The new customer appreciation programs are a god send. During pandemic my partner and I lost our jobs, homes, families, and were feeling pretty hopeless. We’ve been living out of our car for 6 months now and without a solid foundation to cook meals, and little money, Wendy’s has been there for us. The other fast food restaurants just don’t compete. With Wendy’s we are satisfied, well nourished, and never have to dig too deep in our pockets to do so. We’ve purchased both the frosty and coffee key tags, this offer is how we treat ourselves when times get even tougher. We moved from Illinois to California in pursuit of our music dreams. Moving during pandemic was interesting to say the least, but what better time to do this than when the world is at a standstill? When we make it we would love nothing more than to represent the Wendy’s brand. Thank you for being there for us when no one else was. The team at Wendy’s HQ really cares and it shows. Please keep up the amazing work.

  71. Is it a policy to force people to take a drink carrier if the have more than 3 drinks- even when a customer requests not to have one? The have to receive attitude from a rude employee . Not everyone wants one . I have had drinks dumped all over my car because the drinks weren’t pushed down in them properly ! I think it would be simple good customer service to oblige such a request, and save some company $, and do a little better for the environment by not forcing them on customers – How ridiculous is it that I felt I needed to type this up because of how rude the employee was at the window about it ! Probably will not be back ! Belgrade – Montana store.

  72. Hi my name is Mattie Witherspoon. I didn’t receive my taxes from 2020. They didn’t take out any Federal or State. And they didn’t take out any depends me or my 18 year old son. I gross 500 for the year of 2020. I’m at the Wendy’s on Harrison And Glenmore

  73. My child was scheduled to work the closing shift on 2:13 2021 and did I get off of work until 4 a.m. at which time the weather was below zero in due to this the road conditions were very unsafe is it your Policy to allow them to continue to work even when road conditions and other conditions outside the building may or may not put their life in danger?????
    Furthermore is it your policy to not inform your employees when you’re closing the store for the day when they’re scheduled to work because I’m 214 2020 my child was not informed that they did not have to go to work and yet we try to drive on the ice and get them to work slipping and sliding and on the road very dangerous conditions only to find out the store was closed again yet putting our life in danger and other people when all that was needed was a phone call from there employer letting them know the store was closed due to weather conditions. I’m just curious? Communication is the key to any business. “Maybe you should communicate with this one and let them know they communicate with their employees thank you” Store # 301 I think anyways the address is 1201 S. Fort Hood St. Killeen Tx. 76542

  74. Please tell me why a member of your management team Linda ) Is stating that Wendys foes not mail W-2 forms W-2 forms by law are to me mailed no later than January 31st Why is your manager giving illegal information address 4321pouncey tract glenallen va 23060

  75. I went to Wendy’s for the two for four 2/14/2021. They gave me old food and even told me “we are waiting for fresh food.” I thought they just needed to make it. The girl who took my order was so miserable I thought she sounded suicidal. They screwed up my order and I had to go back through the line. The food was cold, stale, un-eatable. I would have had better food going to the gas station. There were kids there. What manager would leave Wendy’s open knowing there was no food and they were giving the public stale old food. I’ll never go to Wendy’s again. This wasn’t the first time.

  76. I contacted 3 Wendy’s locations:Zachary,Baker,Baton Rouge (Airline Hwy) in Louisiana to inquire if Chili was still on the menu. No one answered at either location.What is the problem???

  77. Can u please send my w2 form to 302 16th are east Milan Illinois 61264 my sister through the other one away with my close I need my w2 so I can file I’m begging you please

  78. Wendy’s Gaylord. Monday February 8th, 2021, 10:55 A M. I ordered 2 sausage, egg, cheese sandwich. This was a promotion 2 for $4 with signage in the store. The order taker rung up a biscuit, sausage, cheese. I pointed out the error, he asked, do you mean on a croissant. I replied no just the sandwich. He yelled to the back line because he didn’t know they had a breakfast sandwich on a bun. He didn’t know his product (not trained) and was put on register???? 2 sandwich’s and a coke came up to about $10 I pointed to the sign 2 for $4. He had to get the manager ( not trained on promotions either).
    She came up to fix the mistake and told me I ordered wrong. My response to her was—Don’t blame me because you didn’t train him on your promotions. Her reply, I’m not blaming you—you should have told him you wanted the special, (he should know and automatically ring it as a special) My reply, you just blamed me again. It isn’t my fault or his that you don’t train your people. I might as well go to McDonalds. Her response Well you can go –have a nice day. I stared at her in disbelief. I let her know I wanted my order. When she handed it to me she said have a nice day I replied your welcome (note there was no thank you from her). before I got to the door she voiced loudly and sarcastic—SOME PEOPLE!!!
    I turned around in anger and let her know that if she ‘s going to talk badly about a customer to wait until they leave. She was waiting on a customer at the back window yelling “you can leave now have a nice day”. This phrase was repeated at least 5 times prior to me exiting the restaurant. Note there were other customers in the dining room being subjected to this boorish behavior. Obviously the managers are not trained so why would the employees be trained. Unless you like to be abused, don’t go there. I certainly hope someone responds to this.

  79. Why aren’t there any free refills for soda?
    The cost of not honoring my refills is pennies. The cost of my patronage is much greater. I’m sorry this is the policy of the Girard PA Wendy’s policy. They have an open restaurant. Not just drive thru.

  80. I just went thru wendys at Airport exit in zanesville, Ohio. I ordered 1 baconator without swiss cheese, 1 regular Baconator and a sausage egg and cheese biscuit meals and the sausage egg and cheese biscuit was cold. Looked and tasted like yesterdays! Then they put swiss on both baconators. I am beyond disappointed. Its safe to say that I wont be returning!

  81. Wendy #3556 122 south delsea drive in vineland NJ. I wrote this review on their website..
    Oh my goodness. The employee and manger are soo0o rude. They have nasty attitude because I work for grubhub and I am deaf. I cant hear the speaker. Usually most fast food restaurant understood and work with me. But not them. They are the opposite. They are not deaf friendly all. Im not done with them. I will make their restaurant known that they are not deaf friendly. Its not over! U messed with the wrong deaf. I wish I dont give you 1 star but if I dont then I can’t comment. I would give u minus 5. Worse ever.

    I dont appreciate their attitude and need to be train how to communicate.

  82. Need information to get my W-2. I’ve tried everything and can’t seem to get anywhere with it.

  83. Visited your brooklyn center store# my order was not correct asked them to correct it or refund my money they slammed the window shut i spent 38 dollars i want a refund

  84. Had a terrible experience at Wendy’s on Sugar Creek Rd. In Charlotte N.C. The two people preparing food did not have mark’s covering their month’s or nose, have pictures ?

  85. Potatoes are not baked when they are boiled or put in microwave and they cost too much to have crappy shitty potatoes. They one of the only things a vegerterian can eat that is not a salad and saying it is baked and it is not is stealing to me. If you need money just ask me no need to steal or lie to me to get it or at least make the lie a good one. The worse potatoes ever.

  86. I ordered from the Wendy’s on Main St. Buffalo New york. The Wendy’s right across the street from the bus station, next to Subway, not sure the address. I would like to notify the Corporate office of such Ghetto behavior. I went through the drive thru, i made my order the female on the mic said after i ordered “come on” and i approach the window the gentleman handed me my bag with his pants hanging off his behind “i can see his underpants. I said thank you out of courtesy of a business transaction, and no response from either party male or female. I arrive at home and unwind, open my bag” the chicken sandwich was not in the wrapper, like it was just thrown in the bag. I’m a customer that’s never satisfied when i order there. I figure after a few months new professional staff but always ghetto.

  87. Please call me at 267-588-xxxx I have been trying to reach someone at the cooperate office for weeks

  88. Can someone contact me asap. I have an issue that needs to be addressed, the incident may have happened in the Wendy’s on hwy 14 in Millbrook Alabama. I would greatly appreciate someone calling me so we can discuss this. It was credit card information theft and I am trying to locate the source of the problem without getting people in trouble that may not be at fault. My bank contacted me about a fraudulent charge I am pretty sure it may have been from this location at around 1:30 on 1/31/21. We had stopped by for a quick lunch as we have done many times at this location we were on our way to a memorial for my father in law who has just lost his battle with covid. Any help in this would be greatly appreciated.

  89. This was the 3rd time I had a problem with “Char” who will Not accept competitors coupon, when you have a sign in the window that you do. I have on 2 previous times went to manager “Jason” and he said he would talk to her. Has NOT worked. She is Rude and said she will Not take competitors coupons. Food was made, and thrown into the trash. I am taking this personal since I have reported this 2 other times (9/22/20, 12/15/20 and now 1/13/21). Please help. Thank you

  90. Hello. I purchased a classic chicken sandwich on Sunday evening from the Wendy’s at the Pavillion in Fayetteville GA. I burnt my lip when I bit into it. The sandwich was delicious but it was way too hot It! It hurt initially, but I thought it would be ok but now it is blistered and sore. Please contact me. 770.568.xxxx

  91. Went to Wendy’s and got a full size apple pecan salad . Got home and didn’t have pecans or dressing . I called and they told me I could come back and get them . It was late and I told her I wasn’t coming back out so she said whenever I came back out they would replace salad . So yesterday I got my replacement salad and got home and had NO pecans . I called and she told me she was sorry but she didn’t do it . She said I could come back for them . It was snowing and I was not going back out . So not only did they get my order wrong but also got the replacement order wrong . Wouldn’t you think in ordering an apple pecan salad you would remember to add the pecans . So aggravated.

  92. My property was flooded by the Wendys sewer line 99e roethe rd milwaukie Or.on 01/10/21 and need your insurance carrier my ph 503-659-xxxx I need help!!!

  93. Good afternoon.
    I’m a frequent customer at your Perth, On., Can. store. Without any exaggeration, every time I ago through their drive thru, my order is always messed up. I have dietary restrictions (gluten and dairy allergies), and was always able to get something from the menu. I pulled up to the speaker today and ordered and I quote, “a chili fry”, nothing else. When I got to the first window to make payment I asked the cashier to please make sure there was no cheese on it. She came back with, “Well it might be too late now.” She started to move up to the front to tell staff that it would be a chili cheese fry with no cheese. I said, “ I asked for a chili fry, so I hope there’s no cheese on it,” then moved up to the next window. I was handed my order, checked it and said to the woman, “Hon, I asked for no cheese.” Another older woman came to the window and said,” You want a chili cheese fry with no cheese?” in a very snotty tone, then reached for my bag, snatched it out of my hand, took the bag back through the window, and threw it angrily into the trash inside the window. She then miserably slapped another one together for me and handed it through the window very abruptly, no “sorry for the inconvenience”, or any kind of apology.
    As I stated earlier, I’m a frequent customer, and this is a small town. I’m sure they know my face by now. If I were a nasty person, I could understand, but I’ve always been told I’m too nice. I know it’s a very difficult time for everyone, I too work with the public. But I certainly expect more from a bunch of middle aged women (which I am also), serving a good customer. Through this pandemic, my partner and I have ALWAYS left a tip at the window for the staff. Clearly today, that kindness we’ve always shown didn’t matter. I’m very upset about this transaction. Neither my partner nor I deserve that kind of treatment. I’m a hairstylist so I certainly know all about serving the public, and my partner a retired paramedic, and volunteer fireman in our community. I treat my clients with great respect, as they’re my bread and butter. If I didn’t, I’d have no return business. Unfortunately because of today’s miserable, I will no longer be a customer of the Perth store, nor will my family. It’s very unfortunate, but that’s how I feel.
    Thank you in advance for taking the time to read, and deal with this complaint.
    Susan MacMunn-Titus

  94. Hello I work at Wendys’s in Olean I had a customer complaint and wanted a cash refund. The general manager opened my drawer and told me to give a cash refund with no refund slip or any paperwork. Due to this my drawer was short. Is this common practice. At the end of my shift While I was counting my drawer I was presented with a write up for attitude and told that Wendys’s has a no refund policy. Is that true I have been a restaurant manager for several restaurants and have never seen this practice. In the interview the general manager told me if you hit cash and the customer wants to pay with a card then you eat the cost verbatim but nothing about refunds. This makes no sense to me and I need to know what the company policy is. The customer was an elderly man who came up to me afterwards and apologized saying he thought a frosty was a shake not ice cream. He had a key tag and originally wanted to upgrade the frosty and pay the difference. Sue the general manager explained to him that is for a jr frosty is how it began. What is Wendys’s policy on refunds?

  95. I have been to the Wendy’s on Stefko Bl in Bethlehem Pa almost every Monday night for the last 7 weeks between 445 and 530 and they never have baked potatoes. I spoke to the manager about it and was assure they would have them the following week and went and they didn’t have any available. Called and spoke to owner who also assured me they would have them and they still do
    Not as of 5:05 tonight. This was the last chance I’m giving them because it’s a waste of my time and gas waiting in line at the drive thru to not have them available during the supper hour.

  96. Wendy’s store on hopple is horrible. Time inside and I’m the drive thru..the attitudes of the workers is nasty as ever and they really need to be retrained. It should never take me 12 minutes to order 2 4 for $4 meals. And had to two-year my order 3 times because the cashier kept leaving the window. Then left me guessing if my order was completed and needing to my price. Then i get to the window and she asked what my order was
    It’s a little annoying. There was one car ahead of me. This location is getting worse and worse. Please get it together! Sincerely a former manager at Wendy’s and Waffle House.

  97. Your Wendy’s location at 3020 Veterans Hwy., Bristol PA 19007 is open until 12am per its website. I went there at 11:28pm on 1/10/21 to the drive thru & was informed by a young female employee “We closed”. When I tried to say the website states open until 12am, she turned off the speaker. This is not the way to run a business. Thank goodness that McDonald’s in Levittown is open until midnight & gladly filled my order at 11:47pm.
    I went to Wendy’s because it’s down the street from the Wawa I work at 3-11. Never again.

  98. I started working at a store a month ago and never received my pay card to have access to my pay, essentially meaning I haven’t been paid in a month

  99. Hello an would appreciate a response to my complaint. Visited your store Friday 1/07/2021. Ordered my food in drive in and when went to pay the person excepting my money DI D NOT SPEAK ENGLISH an so stated No english!. I find this unexceptional and spoke to the manager that I did not receive a reason or an appropriate response.
    I called the di strict manager Ralphael who also did not give an appropriate response an i feel could cared less about my call. The store is located at 49503 HWY 27 Parcel C Davenport Florida 33897. District managers phone number 787-519-4984. You need to fire the manager of this store and I will not return. Please advise of your action !

  100. Went to Wendy’s in Leesburg fl was filthy took 20 minutes to get 2 taco salads and fries ended up bringing our food home because we did not feel comfortable there because another customer was being loud and obnoxious putting down white people he also went up and helped himself to cups behind the counter when the workers weren’t looking . Needless to say we will not be going back and hopefully they close the place down . Definitely no one working there was concerned about getting orders out . Also food was cold and sloppy made Definitely wasn’t worth the 25.00 I spent

  101. Call me at 513-673-xxxx. Your complaint form to submit a complaint cannot be used, as the phone format and e-mail format are not accepted.

  102. I was fire today for not taking out the trash yesterday. I was told by someone else that they would take put the trash because they always do. No warnings, no write ups, just fired.

  103. The wendy’s in philadelphia has been denying me service and forced me to use the drive thru that is MEANT FOR CARS. I have been a customer for said wendy’s for a long time. Their staff shouldn’t lock their doors. I am upset and outraged. I would like to have one of them fired and the two of them held accountable. It would be helpful if they “DO THEIR JOB”. If it doesn’t happen, I will take you to court. Trust me it won’t be pleasant.

  104. just got home to eat dinner we ordered from Wendy’s. I am beyond disappointed!!! I ordered an Apple Pecan Salad, the salad has no Blue Cheese on it, and no Pecans. We also ordered 2 Double Big Bacon Classics with no tomato or onions, both were dripping with sauce and both had everything on them. They forgot the straws which we were told were in the salad bag. I called and asked for the manager, I spoke to Arianna, she said what would u like me to do about it. I said our meal which we paid over $32.00 for is completely wrong, and I’m not dragging my Grandbaby out again together food that should have been correct the first time. There is no customer service anymore! It’s really disappointing since Wendy’s has always been one of our favorite places to eat. I will think twice before visiting your restaurant again with this kind of service!!!!

  105. Hello I’m a bit Worried because I was terminated without a notice no one gave me a call or a warning but I’m still on the schedule…I have always come in on time and I’m hoping it was a mistake..

  106. Hello I’m a bit sorry because I was terminated without a notice no one gave me a call or a warning but I’m still on the schedule…I have always come in on time and I’m hoping it was a mistake..

  107. About 10 10 am today I placed an order with Wendy’s on Harlem ave Chicago through pistmates
    I received confirmation order was received and being worked on
    25 minutes go by just to receive an e mail saying order has been canceled
    My money was taken 18.59 to be exact
    I called the store asked fir a manager some rude lady answered I asked her for the store manager
    A black gentleman claimed to be the manager
    I told him what happened just to be continuously interrupted by the rude lady
    After some bantering
    The alleged manager then told me nothing came across his store and that I am a stupid white piece of shit and I should learn how to use electronics
    After I repeatedly asked for names they continued with more racial remarks
    I’m so glad Wendy’s allows this behavior
    It just proves what I suspected from the start
    I will never spend another penny in Wendy’s and if they ever need a bail out I pray the government says no
    But chances are the government will help a scum corporation like this as it allows racism against whites
    I hope you get sued
    And I have proof you did receive my order and proof you canceled it 25 minutes afterwards

  108. I hope the Corporate Office would look into how customer are treated when ordering chili can not order due to temperature issues. Baked potatoes are sold out with no possible of purchasing due to lack of ambitious workers who could bake some. I have ordered thru the mobile app for chili and potatoes waited in drive thru for 20 minutes only to be told we don’t have what you ordered. I love Wendy’s food however I am reluctant to stop by Wendy due to lack of Customer service and ability to order food items. This has been going on for months and at this point I believe something should be done. Thank y for your time and consideration.
    brendalixxxx @yahoo.com

  109. I just went thru drive thru because that’s all you all have open. This is South Williamson Ky !!! I got a large chili with 5 maybe less bean ,2 pieces of meat and the rest was liquid. I’ve been trying to call them back since 5:30 p.m and it’s 6:50 p.m and and the phone is still busy and I’m sitting in drive thru I’ve been in it for 20 minutes now and trying to call to. So so sad. I wish they would come and how they do here!!!!

  110. Went to Wendy’s in Gonzales, La. tonight (12/4/20). My daughter ordered a chili. The chili did not have any beans, was watery, and had chunks of ground beef in it. Basically, it was watery, ground beef, soup. It also was not seasoned. I ordered a #1, single with only ketchup, pickles, and mustard- no cheese. I noticed that screen notated that I requested NO cheese. Instead, my hamburger had cheese on it. Disappointed in Wendy’s tonight!

  111. The lady bringing out orders tonight at 9:30 (store #00010540) was a TOTAL. F’N. B!T@H! So uncalled for. The epitome of what you DON’T want repping your store!!!!!!

  112. After thinking about my 14 year old son’s experience I felt I needed to write. He and I went to the North 84th Wendy’s in Lincoln, NE about 6:30pm. He ordered using the on-line app. He paid for it using funds in his account. He also clicked for a free item since it was a mobile order. We traveled there from home. When we got to the window the order was ready. We showed that his phone showed the order was paid. We also had four Jr. Frosty coupons to use for his siblings. At the window they saw the phone, but could not find it at the register. A manager came to the window, looked and left. We sat for almost five minutes with cars piling behind. The manager came back and mumbled, huffed, and left again. I waved at the person at the register who was away from the window and asked if I could pull forward or needed to wait. She asked the manager who said to pull forward. I did. At the window we got the original order. I said thank you and she shut the window. I asked about the free item and if I could get the Jr. Frosty’s as I had submitted the coupons. She huffed again and then finally gave the them, but no item for the mobile order and shut the window mumbled again and walked away. My son asked what he did wrong. He had used the on-line app, paid for it, tried to use the free mobile item, and support Wendy’s by using the Jr. Frosty coupons. It was not his fault that the register did not work or that no one would speak to us about it. It was very disappointing. He commented that he likes Wendy’s, but not sure that it makes sense to go again. I understand that all is difficult with Covid and all right now. We just wanted to support the business. This is not about getting someone in trouble. Hopefully others do not feel like this or it could lose customers which are needed now.

  113. Stop in Knox Strawberry Plains Exit We got Some pub fries they was horrible it would make you sick It was like scraps pored over the fries from a deep fryer We got the fries around 9 o’clock tonight