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Lyft Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

Company Website
Corporate Address
185 Berry Street
San Francisco, California 94158
Company Contact
Logan D. Green
CEO of Lyft
Phone Number
Fax Number
Employee Count
Twitter IDs
@Lyft, @AskLyft

What is Lyft’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Lyft’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-855-865-9553.


What is Lyft’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Lyft doesn not operate a customer service phone line. They do, however, have a Critical Response phone number which is used in emergencies: 1-855-865-9553.

The best way to contact Lyft is through the Lyft app, or via social media, Twitter and Facebook Messenger.


What is Lyft’s Corporate Office Address?

Lyft’s headquarters address is:

  • Lyft HQ
  • 185 Berry Street
  • San Francisco, California 94158

Other Addresses:

  • Lyft New York
  • 31-00 47th Ave 4th Floor
  • Long Island City, New York 11101

How do I Contact Lyft Customer Support?

Call the numbers above or contact Lyft via:

The @AskLyft Twitter handle can be reached for Lyft Support.

Lyft’s Contact Us Help page can be found here.

Use Lyft’s customer service Email Form to ask a question.

Contact Lyft on Social Media:

Uber support on Twitter: @AskLyft

Uber on Facebook (Available on Messenger):

Lyft Headquarters Executive Team.

Lyft’s Leadership Team consists of:

Logan Green – Co-Founder & CEO

John Zimmer –  Co-Founder & President

Chris Lambert – CTO

Jon McNeill – Chief Operating Officer

Brian Roberts – CFO

Raj Kapoor – Chief Strategy Officer

David Mausolf – Head of Acquisition Strategy

Veronica Juarez – Head of Enterprise Initiatives

Vipul Patel – General Manager, NYC

Rena Davis – Public Policy Manager

Boris Korsunsky – Engineering Manager

Adrian Durbin – Director of Policy Communications

David Baga – Chief Business Officer

Mathias Gug – Director of Engineering

Bakari Brock – Director of Business Development

Elad Ossadon – Senior Software Engineer

Sam Mazaheri – Senior Growth Marketing Manager

Arup Malakar – Software Engineer

Komal Kirtikar – Director of Product Marketing

Jimmy Young – Product Manager

Kristin Sverchek – General Counsel

Rex Tibbens – COO

Andreas Zodhiates – Manager: Fraud and Risk Analytics

Vaibhav Goel – Product Manager

Sameer Qureshi – Director of Product, Autonomous Driving

Nadeem Sheikh – Vice President, Self-Driving Vehicle Programs

Alexey Zakharov – Lead Android Engineer

Paul Thompson – Senior Driver Communication Manager

Prashanthi Raman – Director Of Public Policy

Wenbo Zhang – Senior Manager, Fraud and Risk

Amit Patel – Director of Enterprise Partnerships

Kristina Gibson – Head of International – Product

Evan Cohen – Director of East Coast Operations

Danyal Anik – Product Manager

Luc Vincent – VP, Engineering

Emily Castor – Director of Transportation Policy

Mihir Gandhi – General Manager

Jill Wetzler – Director of Engineering

Tariq Meyers – Head of Inclusion and Diversity

Balaji Raghavan – Director of Engineering

Cathy Wang – Manager, FP&A

Alison Lowry – Operations Lead

Maneesh Arora – Lead Product Manager

Frank Yoo – Director of Product Design

Yohan Bobcombe – Market Manager

Seth Melnick – Senior Operations Manager

Monica Ohara – Head of Acquisition, Growth

Mark Grover – Product Manager

Kristina Omari – VP, Corporate Development and Investor Relations

Benjamin Lauzier – Growth Product Manager

Brian McConnell – Head of Localization

Taggart Matthiesen – Director of Product

Marin Usalj – Senior mobile engineer

Cal Krome – IT Manager

Amy Fox – Director of Strategic Partnerships

Katie Dill – VP of Design

Robert Grant – Director of Government Relations

Peter Morelli – VP of Engineering

Steven Grady – Knowledgebase Manager

Joseph Okpaku – VP of Government Relations

Yann Ramin – Engineering Manager

Annabel Chang – Director of Public Policy

Ari Avishay – Director, Entertainment Marketing

Derek Kan – General Manager

Jon Walker – Transportation Policy Manager

Brian McGuigan – Senior Public Affairs Manager

Gil Arditi – Head of Machine Learning Platform

Paul Fisher – Senior Software Engineer

Tali Rapaport – Vice President of Product


Lyft Board of Directors.

Logan Green – Founder

John Zimmer – Founder

Valerie Jarrett – Former Senior Advisor to President Obama

Ben Horowitz – Andreessen Horowitz

Dan Ammann – GM President

Jonathan Christodoro – Icahn Capital’s

Sean Aggarwal – Former Trulia CFO

Hiroshi Mikitani- Rakutenç

Ann Miura-Ko – Floodgate Fund


Lyft Executive Team Contacts.

Please do not contact the executive team with complaints or questions.

Shannon Hassell
Sr. Customer Experience Manager
2300 Harrison St
San Francisco, CA 94110
[email protected]

Eric Burdullis
Senior Director, Customer Experience
[email protected]

Mary Winfield
VP Customer Experience and Trust
[email protected]

John Zimmer
Co-Founder & President
[email protected]

Mike DeJesus
Head of Client Services at Lyft
[email protected]

Lyft CEO
Logan Green
Co-founder & CEO
[email protected]


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695 thoughts to “Lyft Headquarters”

  1. I have been harassed by this company for 11 mos with unwanted phone calls. I told them I’m on the NO CALL list and to remove my number 4 different times. They still call between 7-10 per day I’m reporting them to the FCC and will follow through until this company is FINED!!!

  2. I got a ride from lyft 3 different times in the morning like 9 or 10 o’clock than out the blue 2 more transactions was done n I was sitting n the house at 1:31pm never ordered a lyft or cancel one

  3. I live in Sioux Falls SD. I have 2 transactions from California to my bank card these were 10/19/2019. please contact me to resolve this issue. As I am in South Dakota I did not request this nor charge to my account. my phone # is 605-359-4576 10/19/2019 @12:20 pm

  4. How do I contact you by email or live chat? I have tried the Headquarters phone number but I am unable to get through to a real live person in the weekend.

  5. This company has been scamming poor drivers by using us for our time, vehicles, gas, dignity, service…for free! I challenge everyone to go back and really look into each ride. How much time did it take? What was the distance? It’s obvious that a 30 min. ride was not 2 miles away. I just drove a couple 12 miles and at the end they “checked on” me with a text that I can’t reply to. Why would you ask if I need help when I need help and you can’t respond or let me respond with the option of 2 random dummy answers noone would pick. AND why would you log me out if you were worried about me!! You track everywhere else I go! Why stop in the middle of a ride! I know, was it conveniently during a streak bonus that you dq’d me for? I never get paid right with Lyft. There is always a battle. It stresses me out tremendously when I should be driving. If they cared they would surely have something to protect their front line in times like this. Instead they want to bs and take their tome in chat to yell you issue closed, it looks right.

    They do everything for the show but when noone can see they kick the little workers around like trash even though we give a good portion of our life and assets to represent them. We can’t even get a frickin phone call! Much less, get paid for the work we’ve already done. In fact there is actually a bonus that you must read right or they’ll trick you, for all you experienced fools. Drive this much, a little more, keep going! One more. You did it! You reached the number you need so that we dont have to pay you!!! Yay!!! Wtf! Im glad I really stayed up all night for that loudly promoted contest they keep updating me with…to tell me I got paid what we signed you up to do!

  6. Lyft is stealing from my account – I cancelled a trip due to the Lyft reservation system putting in the wrong date – actually not allowing me to put in a future date – and now Lyft keeps charging me fees – I am reporting this theft by Lyft of my account to the attorney general’s office. I demand that Lyft Immediately return the funds Lyft has stolen by accessing my account without authorization – and remove all of my personal information and account information from your system.

  7. Issues resolving acceptance rates!!! This needs to be addressed with IT support so we (drivers) can request to have an adjustment due to ride complications. Unacceptable communication practices with Lyft customer service!

  8. I was just in meijer’s in Belleville Michigan about an hour ago in one of your employees who was grocery shopping for someone was flying down an aisle almost hit an elderly senior couple the senior elderly man looked at her she turned around and said do you have something to say and he said yes slow down her reply to him was I’m working and he said there’s no excuse and she then told him to shut the called him a motherxxxxxx and when the guy who is a senior in elderly maybe in his seventies turned around to leave her comment was yeah walk away that’s what I thought that was totally uncalled for unnecessary and disgusting you do not talk to anybody let alone seniors like that if that’s the kind of employees you guys have I think maybe I should start a website to ban you guys and to let seniors know don’t dare use lyft I could not tell you her name cuz I do not know she had long black hair and a ponytail black jacket black pants but I’m sure if you called Meijer in Belleville they can roll the video back and see what happened in the dairy department

  9. I have been deactivated for a bogus rider complaint. I have been loyal and driving for Lyft 6 yrs 5 star rating an 15000 rides. I have given Lyft more promotion than any other driver. Just viewing my car advertises for Lyft. I would very much like to John Zimmer. He remember me when I was accused of having a concealed weapon an he discovered that was bogus. I need the work I have my wife’s cousin I take care of with bladder an kidney cancer. I have drove every night an day for Lyft during the Pandemic. I also was never compensated for the rides I put in. Other drivers were getting compensated for less rides than me

    1. Hi I was also deactivated unfairly by false complaining
      And lies from riders.
      Feel free to call me (305)205-xxxx.
      Thank you very much.

  10. I am a Lyft driver. A glitch in technology has caused a rider to cheat me out of a fare. Helo and Lyft support say nothing can be done. I am very disappointed and feel this is wrong and should be resolved.
    Driver Angela Wiley
    Oklahoma City Ok

    1. Hi:I’m Norma i drive for Lyft for over two years never gets low ratings,and get deactivated for not picking up a rider with a service dog (false) that never happens but they don’t care they never give me a call.I was always proud to be a Lyft driver yea right

  11. I added a gift card, but now it won’t let me delete my other card. Why? I only want the gift card on my account!

  12. According to Lyft record, I was one of your 5-star driver during the last couple of years and I did my best to serve you and your passengers.
    It was shocking to me that you deactivated my account due to a false feedback you received from my rider. I completed around 4,000 rides and served as a 5-Star driver during my tenure of services with Lyft which mean I provided wonderful services to your passengers. I still believe Lyft cares about both its riders and drivers, and make a decision based on truth statements with evidence. Therefore, I would like to kindly request you to further investigate the issue and find the facts.

    Please feel free to reach out to any of my riders and ask them about my treatment with them. I challenge you if you received five negative feedback from the 4000 rides I completed, then deactivate my account for ever.

    Again, I assure you that it was a false feedback, and request you to assign someone not Mrs. poppy to investigate the issue deeply without any favoritism to me or to rider.

    Thank you very much for your understanding and support.

    Kind regards,

  13. I am completely unhappy. I have driven nearly every day since the beginning of the pandemic. You have many less drivers on the road, my pickup times are much longer, leading to less pay for me. Prior to the passing of Prop 22 for at least the last 6 months, you had multiple streak bonuses a day to help offset this, adding up to several hundred dollars a week on my bottom line pay. Literally the day after the passing of Prop 22, virtually every bonus disappeared and with very few exceptions. This has resulted in about 600-800 dollars less pay per month as a driver. I really think this is lame, you should be continuing to support your best drivers (I have 5 stars, 97% acceptance, over 5100 drives) in this time of reduced earnings. I would like to see my bonuses reinstated. Please don’t send me a rediculous response about how they are individualized and I should just check back in the future for more bonuses, I know how it works and it has cost me 1000’s of dollars in earnings.

  14. I understand thats Lyft is in the business of making money. I have been a loyal driver for Lyft for over a year and a half with a 5 star rating. And recently I got into a accident in route to a customer and because I didnt have collision coverage from my insurance company so Lyft isnt going to help me get my personal vehicle repaired either so I am at a complete lost. I was pretty much earning my living driving for Lyft so now Im out of my car and means to make a living and all that customer support offered me was to rent a Lyft express. I dont understand how a company that prides itself on treating the customers with a great experience but does not have the backs of its drivers that is the life line of your company making money. I lost my personal vehicle and wages trying to help your company to continue to grow and the complete disconnect and disregard for your drivers is completely appalling. Im pretty sure that no one will read this or do anything to help me get my car not a rental my car fixed but please understand that word of mouth and the internet is a very powerful tool and though Lyft wont take care of its drivers at least people will have the opportunity to know how Lyft truly values its drivers the ones that get out here and tear their cars up so Lyft can keep making millions while you pay us peanuts and turn your backs on us.

  15. I have been a Lyft driver for 4 years. Twice in last in the 2 months I have driven a riderto the airport with a dog that sheds so much I can’t pick anyone up until I drive 1-2 hours back home to clean my car so I can continue to drive. Cleaning my car takes about 45 minutes to vacumn the hair and clean the windows from the dog nose and licking . Service dogs should be charged if the ride in a Lyft car. Many riding transportation services charge for a pet.

  16. My money was taking off my card just now and I need my money back immediately just today they vfc took 10.19 off my card and the wont let me dispute an old charge this the 3rd time they charged me for this ride I want my money back this is robbery please contact me asap like today right now I’m at the store with my last and I cant buy my grandbabys diapers

  17. Lyft refuses to delete my account. I only used Lyft once January 2nd 2021. It says applicable by law they are required to complete the process of deleting Lyft. I find it unusual I’ve been going back, forth, back, forth past couple of days, cannot receive a simple confirmation email that they have done their part. Why are they holding on to my account. No live person, you store information you cannot remove. Why do they need to hold on to.

  18. Why don’t the charges on my business Lyft report match the charges on my credit card that the rides are billed to? I need to be able to match the expenses charged on the Credit Card to the Lyft billing report and none of expenses for the month of December match up. Can you help? The account is for the Orange County Fire Authority. Thank you!

  19. This is Fazlullah Saboor one of your partner driver, I was drove for Lyft more than 2 years and I was one of your five stars driver, but I don’t know why according to a fake Feedback of a person that I really don’t know about it, Mrs. poppy one of Lyft staff decided to deactivate my account without any proof from the person who give feedback. As you know in this hardest time of COVID 19 everybody wants to support the people, but this person deactivated my account.
    I request you please investigate about this issue.

  20. Fraudulently use my credit card to take a Lyft ride. Your support people made it seem like it was my fault and basically took up for them. I want a manager to call me. I actually drive for y’all and I cannot believe this is the way you treat people. 850-974-xxxx

  21. My name is Sean McBrearty. I drive for Lyft in the state of Virginia. Virginia has changed their inspection sticker to a Safety Approval sticker. I have sent this in 7 times and all 7 photos have been rejected. I have tried to explain this change to help/support to no avail. I even sent them the contact information for the State Police Capt. Maxey phone 804.278.5305 or email: Safty In charge of state inspections. So I am reaching out to you to help me and all of the drivers in the state of Virginia. Your people reviewing documents should stay up to date on any states vehicle inspections changes. This has been very frustrating for me. Thanks for your help.

  22. Driver named Rebecca pulled off as I was coming down stairs when I called her phone number it continually went directly to her voice mail I have lost my money and no ride! This is Jacksonville Fl

  23. How can I get a discount from lyft my mom’s in hospital use lyft every day twice A-day check my lyfy usage

  24. My background check has taken almost two months with no end in sight and no valid explanation. I’m a 5 star driver with 994 completed rides in the past year with not a single complaint. I just desperately need this form of income and all I want is the ability to work and work During this pandemic.

  25. My background check has taken almost two months with no end in sight and no valid explanation. I’m a 5 star driver with 994 completed rides in the past year with not a single complaint. I just desperately need this form of income and all I want is the ability to work


  27. I have a question are lyft drivers allowed to give out their personal phone number? So drivers can offer a discount ride instead of going through the lyft app?

  28. Dear Mr. Logan, I am hereby writing about the unfair treatment I received from your employees.
    On Saturday January 29th at around 2am. I had a pickup for lyft and as I was getting closer to my dropoff location another ride was added to my queue before I made the dropoff.
    The passenger I had in my car by the time one of them that happened to be the wife was very drunk at the time and the husband needed extra time to get her out of my car since I drive a Chevy suburban which is high.
    After the dropoff I started to head to my pickup address which is sixteen miles from where I was making my dropoff. By this time it was after 2am, very dark and winding roads. I headed straight to my pickup address and as soon as I got there I sent a notification that I have arrived. After sometime without getting any response from the rider, I made the first call but without answer.
    I called two more times after that which was almost 10 minute after my arrival and the rider cancel the trip and I immediately got a notification from lyft telling me that my account has been flagged for suspension which was quite upsetting.
    I messaged for help more than four time to get paid since I have drove 16 miles one way but until today I never had anything from Lyft to resolve this problem and I think you as the CEO should know some of the unfair treatment that happens behind the scene.
    I did what was expected from me and all I got was a threatening message to suspend my account and never received any payment for my time and the 32 miles driven to pickup the passenger.
    Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.
    Saihou Hydara
    Atlanta Georgia
    My phone number is 678668xxxx

  29. I scheduled a ride for my grandmother so I didn’t have to take to little children into the cold and no one got her . Why offer this service if your drivers don’t respond when a ride is scheduled

  30. My name is Amanda Pebley. I have been driving for Lyft for 2 years. My account was deactivated recently because there’s a “consider “on my BGC. It has not changed since the last BGC. I had a misdemeanor that was “set aside” . Set aside means. declare a legal decision or process to be invalid. It’s not a conviction under your criteria to be ineligible. I applied for insurance for my daughter who’s medication costs 2000 a month. The state mailed me a food stamp card and I used it. They then charged me with misuse of food stamps. I paid it back. Please reactivate my account. I have great reviews and 5 stars. Thanks,
    Amanda Pebley
    Phone 865-363-xxxx

  31. I no longer want ANY driver to pick up my husband at 28 C Brookmere Dr Angier. NC. They always take him while he’s highly intoxicated to stores to purchase more alcohol. He becomes even more violent and always destroys my home and injury to me. He has been taken to jail several times and his family keeps bailing him out. Please do not give Cory Brainerd any more rides

  32. I am not able to leave a tip for Harvey, my Lyft driver in Miami Florida on Thursday

  33. I have been trying to close my account because my granddaughter put my credit card on her account and I can’t get any one to help me.

  34. Hello. I have an outstanding balance that I have on this account for $243.90 . I understand it was a rental fee of some sort for a duplicate account. The app does not allow my payment to process I have used several cards all enters properly with the funds available. I even drove an hour and a half yesterday to a rental location and they were unable to assist me. Please can someone reach out to me or look into why I can’t process my payment. I’ve contacted all my banks I have the funds available no holds or anything how can we resolve this ? In addition I made a payment in December 2020 for $1,471.00 and had no issue processing my payment. Please look into this so I can resolve my outstanding balance. Please and thank you.

  35. Michael Wichman
    7 Mountain Ave, Apt 24
    Bloomfield, CT 06002
    10 Feb 2021

    Mr. Logan D. Green, CEO
    185 Berry Street, Suite 5000
    San Francisco, CA 94107 USA
    phone: 855-865-9553

    Re: bad hair day for Lyft app: Overton 8:30 am ride canceled Feb 09

    I called for a Lyft ride to take me from my address above to 79 Retreat Ave at Hartford Hospital for my 9 AM appointment.
    While awaiting the arrival of Overton the app said my ride arrived, which it did not, and that the ride would be leaving in a couple of minutes.
    Overton did indeed arrive in a couple of minutes later and drove me to my destination. It was snowing outside and he drove carefully and safely and rated a “5”.
    I was surprised to learn the app said my ride was cancelled, and no charge was made for the ride provided me.
    Please rectify the situation and do right by Overton.
    The courtesy of a reply would be appreciated.


    1. I was over charged with y’all company now I can’t talk to no one . what type of business is this ? I want to talk to a real human being . my name is Larry Lett. # 314-565-xxxx

  36. My account was charged for two ride’s today at 8:55am but I never placed a request for a ride today at all so how is it I got two at the same time

  37. I was charged for a missed ride on 2/11/2021 when the driver was not at the right location to pick me up. I want to be certain that I will be refunded the $6 fee that I was charged because Jeanetta in the Honda Odyssey minivan was nowhere near my location. I looked for her. She was not there.

  38. I live in Trenton NJ and it is not a part of your Lyft up program, that helps people get access to grocery stores and farm markets in food desserts at a discounted rate! My city is in desperate need of this program! I do not have a car and neither do many people I know living around me and we are stuck walking to a corner store or a family dollar that sells nothing but unhealthy foods! It’s impossible to take public transportation and do your grocery shopping with a bunch of bags, so we are stuck eating disgusting foods at unreasonable prices because there is nowhere else to shop! I see you offer this for bigger cities and good for them but what about cities like mine, what do we have to do to get on your list?

  39. I was scheduled through my insurance United health care to an appointment to have cancer removed from my face. The appointment was made in November. The driver was told my address and space number. I am on a cane with a neck support. But the driver never came to my space number. When I called transportation through my insurance. I found that my ride was cancelled due to the fact that I was not at the front of my mobile home park. I even heard when a driver declares a no show, they get a credit for that. I am devastated! Now I have to wait another three months for another appointment.

  40. Due to the covid I had stopped doing Lyft in the end of March. I need my 1099 but i can’t get it because when i go on my lyft portal it has nothing on it. i would like to know if you can e-mail me my 1099.

  41. I used your wait and save option. It highlights the max wait time is 35min. I’ve been waiting for over 45min & now have to pay double to use Uber. This is ridiculous & very upsetting! You need to work on this or lose customers.

  42. I live in Columbia, South Carolina. You can never get a Lyft unless you wait for an hour or longer. I am going to tell our Columbia City Council about the issues with Lyft. Terrible!!
    Also why does Lyft wait two or three days before money is deducted from the account?

  43. My daughter requested a ride to pick me up at work since 12.45 am. The driver arrived around 2.15 am, I asked him who he’s here to pick up just to make sure I’m getting in a Lyft as he had no Lyft identification on his vehicle and his vehicle bumper is hanging from his car. He didn’t reply and just drove off leaving me in the ice covered parking lot of my work place. Im shocked at this blatant disrespect for customers safety. Im speechless….. 2.30 am. Thought I should confirm your ride before getting into any unknown vehicle. My daughter’s name is Ebony Knight and we live in Silver Spring. Maryland.

  44. Iwhen I selected the correct info to get a ride, the app changes from the current driver to another , today it added a stop and I didn’t request any additional stop I want a response back

  45. Placed an order for today. But no drivers are available. You stated a temporary authorization charge will be held but it has not been applied back on my card ending in 6595

  46. $188.20 available after $21.72 purchase $188.20 available after $21.72 purchase at Lyft *Temp Auth Hold on 02/12 05:26PM CT with your Netspend Skylight ONE card ending in 3445. Reply STOP to stop msgs Lyft *Temp Auth Hold on 02/12 05:26PM CT with your Netspend Skylight ONE card ending in 3445. Reply STOP to stop msgs.I haven’t recieved my refund

  47. $42.66 available after $10.05 purchase at ATT*BILL PAYMENT 800- on 02/15 04:30PM CT with your Netspend Skylight ONE card ending in 3445. Reply STOP to stop msgs.I haven’t recieved my refund

  48. $128.86 available after $14.98 purchase at Lyft *Temp Auth Hold on 02/14 08:03AM CT with your Netspend Skylight ONE card ending in 3445. Reply STOP to stop msgs.please check on these refunds.I soend slot of money WITH Lyft

  49. To whom it may concern:
    Good morning
    Hope all is well.
    I really need your help. Every morning I pick up Ariel at her residents located at 1697 Shady lane toms River NJ at around 3:20am Monday thru Saturday. I have been block for a week and lost so much money. I work two jobs single dad and support myself and three kids. The time putting in is very critical for me due to I have to be at work for second job at 8am. I stress for you to please lift the block so I can support my family.

  50. Please contact me so I can give you more information. I have a major complaint about a driver.

  51. Please contact me so I can give you more information. I have a major complaint about a driver. 6089571xxxx

  52. I got a $30 gift card put it on my account and I was unable to get a ride. Now it’s been 4 days i messaged support 5 times and no answer why and now my account is locked. Why? I would just like a refund

  53. I was falsely accused of carrying a gun on my front seat I do not carry a weapon after working for lyft for almost 3 years 7 days a week I take this job personal because it takes care of me and my kids y would I jeopardizes my job somebody just was looking for a free ride now am out of work uall need to protect the driver

  54. I need the forms of how much I made during my time with lyft to fill my income taxes and my disability (SSI) needs proof of it and I don’t have proof of it.

  55. I applied to drive for you. I guess my credit report is holding things up. I’m not understanding of I’ve been totally rejected , or am I still under review ? I’m working on fixing those Negative issues on the report. I am asking you for the opportunity to drive for you and make the company lots of money.

  56. I was looking to have my vehicle approved for LUX black. Is there anyway I can have this reviewed?

  57. My name is Carrie Mawhinney and I took lyft on the 12th and i received different amounts for my rides and one was 34 dollars and something. I emailed and called and never got a response. I take lyft all the time but I’m considering not taking it anymore

  58. I just tried to get a Lyft to work but due to the snow in Virginia my ride was cancelled and you guys took the money out of my account but I didn’t get my money back. What’s the issue

  59. I had a horrible experience yesterday with three drivers. The first cancelled, the second(quintina) was extremely rude and hung up on me, and the third had no idea where he was going. My daughter waited in the cold for an hour and a half. He claims the address was incorrect, but that was the address on google. I attempted to contact him, but he refused to answer the phone or my text. It turns out he was only 2 minutes up the road. It is only recently that I have experienced this issue with drivers who are totally unfamiliar with the area. Is lyft that desperate to hire? I want to make sure I was not charged for anything. I should be asking for more than that, as my daughter could have gotten phemonia.his phone number is 617 682 xxxx

  60. Lyft Help sucks! It doesn’t offer an option for an issue other than those listed on default selection. I had an issue with a ride and Lyft must solve it immediately! The driver took my package to the Lyft business office in VA and I need that back. The driver is rude and unprofessional.

  61. I was charged for rides that was not approved by me from 1/29 to 2/5 I have tried to reaching out for help by disputing this matter.I need some help asap I can be reached at 862 279-xxxx

  62. hi i been using Lyft for long long time….these driver are over charging me ….feb.20 i use lyft his name was jesses…he charged me $7.00…this is my complained i was charge 17.00….which i dont even know the addresssed they pick me up……..then on Feb.21 a girl pick me up 14.00…which that was ok…but i was charged 7.00 and 4.00……why i been charged so many time……i will put on fB and reported this issues too ,,,tv channel …am 65 year old…..DONT TAKE ABUSED ON ME….

  63. Taking 62.63 dollars from my account and I had canceled all rides never got inside car I want my refund

  64. Over charged bill for ride was 113. Dollars from bx to Manhattan driver’s app didn’t work right please take off the big bill. Thanks Shelley Wolf

  65. I wish to report that I called for a Lyft car shortly after 1 PM today. 2/25/2021. I was wearing a mask.
    At least one other person nearby had called a car and they were not wearing a mask.
    When the car that was assigned to me came down the street, it drove past me, despite my waving at it.
    So I called for another car. At that point I was asked by text to send a photo of myself wearing a mask. So I complied and the second car stopped and picked me up.
    Since I had been wearing the mask at all times when outside I was a bit puzzled. I believe the first car that I called was confused by the presence of another individual on the street who was not wearing a mask.
    I wish you could simplify the process for rebutting incorrect information.

  66. They are taking money off my card and im not getting a ride i can’t get to work this morning because of that and I use lift on a regular basis

  67. Hi,

    Someone in Lyft who is called poppy deactivate my account with non professional way and will put Lyft in trouble!!!
    Need legal contact as she deactivate and I didn’t get all my money ” Fraud” , didn’t receive 1099, IRS will fine Lyft. did a big problems with my child ” child Abuse’ caused big problems and I have other issues.

    Pls urgently need 1099 to file tax or will filing and mention that Lyft refused to send 1099!!
    legal has to open an investigation with her and send me feedback.

  68. Hi,
    Someone in Lyft who is called poppy deactivated my account in a non professional way and will put Lyft in trouble!!!
    Need legal contact as she deactivated and I didn’t get all my money ” Fraud” , didn’t receive 1099, IRS will fine Lyft. did a big problems with my child ” child Abuse’ caused big problems and I have other issues.
    Pls urgently need 1099 to file tax or will filing and mention that Lyft refused to send 1099!!
    legal has to open an investigation with her and send me feedback.

  69. From: Mr. Douglas B. Klaas, xxxxx Newland Street, Space 248, Huntington Beach, CA 92646-7637 – dbkxxxx Need you to send by U.S. Mail a complete report of my earnings for Lyft for 2020. Please acknowledge by text or email and please furnish this information as quickly as possible. Call me to acknowledge if you prefer (562) 881-xxxx. Thank you.

  70. On 2/21/21 I called a Lyft and cancelled it before any driver connected and my card was still charged the 21.99 I paid there was a temporary hold which is now gone and the money was yet to be refunded so there’s 21.99 on the 2/22/21 I ordered a Lyft and the driver cancelled and the 14.99 was taken off and not refunded and no hold charge was processed it was just taken off and on 2/25/21 there was a charge of 35.60 on my card when I didn’t even call a Lyft and there is no Lyft used on my account on that day at the time of around 4Am when the money got charged to my card. I have sent several emails to the help center on Lyft since any number I call never puts me through to a representative it has been long of enough time for me to get my refunds that’s over 72$ in charges and that is not okay and it will have to be refunded to my account.

  71. I have NEVER called LYFT and last year I had charges. I asked for MY bank card number to be removed because it was unauthorized…and now AGAIN today I see about 6 charges! This is TWICE! I WANT MY CARD NUMBER REMOVED IMMEDIATELY or my next step will be to contact an attorney!

  72. I was charge $111 for you going to and from work. But now you guys are saying I owe $48 when I don’t.

  73. Today, February 27, 2021, I request a Lyft at an address where a half ago I was dropped off. The driver for some reason seemed to wait for me on the other slide of the parkway, and soon concealed my ride. I then tried again to request a ride home, but this time the app requested that I take a picture to prove I was wearing a mask. This is the first time of all my travels with Lyft that this was asked of me. I agreed to do so but every tine time I clicked on “next” nothing happened. Finally out of frustration I got a ride from Uber.

    If I will continually be asked to take a photo to prove I am wearing a mask each time a take Lyft, I will no longer make Lyft my primary go to ride.

  74. Still taking to much money off my card for rides im not receiving my card no. Is 7835 please contact me on this situation

  75. to headquarters of lyft i am a driver the man work nightshift as aride distibuter he giveyou one job you rejected he gets upset he get rude he send you nasty message why i reject .and you pickup the raider soon you driveng ten job after that i do not want to job beofe i drop of my passenger and he turna round sending me e mail i have to many reject i belive this person mentaly samthing wrong he is demaging to company may be diffirint posishing i clouse my app one week after i turn on thirth job he did same things so i do not turn onbecouse of him some one must be stop him this morethen what can explain i hope some body take this isue thank all

  76. I’m a driver, I have a issue with an a ride that was canceled after dropping off a rider, l was not compensated for this ride it was a very long ride over five hours over 300 miles I keep getting no good response from lyft support I need to speak with someone live or appeal their decision because I feel this is wrong

  77. My Lyft driver account deactivated, I think I am not guilty. I want to talk Lyft high official face to face.

  78. On February 22, 2021 I notice a fraudulent Lyft ride on my bank account, I immediately contacted my bank and Lyft. My bank cancel the debit card and Lyft told me they would investigate it, as of yet, I still don’t have a refund of 51.85 nor have any updates from you. I screenshot my account showing the charge and I have not used your service since October 2019. My name is Barbara Brown email barbara.broxxxx and phone 443 -418-xxxx. I will contact BBB on your failure to respond to my email.

  79. I’ve used lyft for a couple of years have loved it very few issues second day in a row w issues besides the fact you charge me more not to wait i end up waiting longer yesterdays driver passed up my work and was almost late to work and i allow an hour to get to where im going lately cant get rides or three drivers later im saddened to say im looking into bolt

  80. Hi,
    I accidentally dropped my phone in the car of a lyft driver this morning and I need help trying to locate it. Can lyft help me contact the person who rode the lyft after me? I have called the driver and he was not able to locate the phone.



  81. I booked a pickup appt on Sunday (Feb 28) for Tuesday (March 2). An hour before pick-up I received a message reminder to be ready. Then….nothing. Call dropped off my phone. If Lyft does not have a driver who has taken the call in advanced or one who has cancelled the call, let me know! It was too late to make alternative arrangements and I missed a doc appt made 3 weeks ago.

  82. I’ve been good for a long time, I’m a single mom just trying to get a second job. My other job is at Wendy’s as a General Manager.

    I know I made mistakes in my life but I’m successful and I work really hard. Please give me the i of the doubt… I really need this second job…. I take care of my pregnant sister and my son…. I’m sorry I’m begging but please just let me work for you guys.

    -Tiffany Arnold

  83. 5th nonresponsive email! I am due a 51.85 refund due to a fraudulent charge on my debit card on February 22, 2021 and no one has yet to contact me concerning this matter. What type of company is this, that even the corporate office doesn’t care.

  84. I need a copy of earnings W2 form for 2016,thru 2019. Patricia Williams, 3201 Brentwood Rd Raleigh NC 27604. Last 4 of ss# xxxx. Phone 919633 xxxx

  85. 61.98 was taken from my card this morning i haven’t used lyft since Thursday please return my money thank you

  86. My card my charged for a thirty dollar ride yesterday that I did not authorize . The charge is pending.

  87. I have been a loyal customer of Lyft for many months, however wait times are becoming prohibitive considering what I pay and tip. Still waiting for a driver to be assigned my trip home after being “canceled” by 3 drivers just to get here originally. A taxi is becoming a viable option.

  88. I am a driver with Lyft and have not been able to get in contact with anyone regarding the car. This is unacceptable. My name is Tifinee Burnett. My number is 202-770-xxxx

  89. Tried to fix in my lyft app but it wouldn’t let me. Ordered a lyft to take me home from the hospital last night but the driver never picked me up and started ride without me. The drop off destination wasn’t even right when I looked at app. So I had to order another lyft and was charged for both.

  90. I am so upset about a decision to deactivate my account is not right. I did nothing to this mans car. I have never been given proof of what I was supposed to have done to this mans car. I haven’t been contacted at all about this situation at all. Just was charged a damage fee which I be disputed because I’ve never received proof or even been told what I did by Lyft at all. Do you think that’s right.

  91. Kei is a lfyt driver. The night of March 7th, Sunday, at 10:34 he dropped me off. Receipt # 1515564688033124840.I left my phone in his car. Contacted lyft via email, instagram, facebook. I’ve tried gettin in contact with driver via lost item, I have also had multipl friends try to get in contact with you all and driver. No response. Now I can’t even contact driver via lost item. It says there is an error. I am reporting him for stealing my Rose Gold I Phone 12 pro max with sparkley phone case. My name is Erin MacDonald and I am very dissapointed in the lack of effort to get into to contact with a thief you all have allowed to work for Lyft. You can contact my via email since I have no phone. email is eemxxxx I will also be calling tomorrow and faxing over email that I have that has his picture on it and name and lyft receipt. It will more than likely come from my Job Piedmont dentistry so PLEASE do not dis regard it.

  92. I bought a Lyft gift card on two separate occasions, I took a coin to scratch off the back of the card. I must have went to aggressive. I cannot see the first few numbers on the card please help me.

  93. There is still a $9.99 hold on my bank accout from 3/05/2021. The ride was canceled before a driver was found. It has been nearly a week and I need my Money back. Why has the hold not been released?

  94. Please call me asap…none of your cust. Serv #s work!!! Tryed repeatedly typing all info in with no response.IS THIS REALLY A COMPSNY ..SEEM FRAUDULENT…HAVE LIFT CONTACT ME!

  95. An organization for which I volunteer put in a Community Grant request and never received any response. Can you someone please tell me why no response would be given even if the grant was not approved? The organization is JARC and is located in Farmington Hills MI.

  96. Hello, I have been waiting at 5109 West Enterprise St, Charleston South Carolina since 4:40 PM today. Tt is now 6:20 PM. My pickup time keeps getting moved back and back, and I am about to cancel the service. The prompt has been “Looking for nearby drivers” for countless cycles. I have restarted my phone once to ensure it wasn’t a cell service issue, but it is not.

    If there is any magic you can work behind the scenes to get me a ride ASAP, it would be appreciated!
    David Cosgrove
    xxx Grove St.
    Charleston SC 29403
    (pickup from xxxx W Enterprise St, North Charleston SC 29405)

  97. Please delete previous comment. I do not give Lyft permission to publish my previously listed message, which I assumed would be sent to Lyft corporate and not posted. The post contained my personal email, work address, cell phone number.

  98. Your driver had a hard time finding me never ended up finding me and then I get a update from Lyft saying to leave a tip so I look and she put down that she picked me and dropped me off and charge me like I need my money now

  99. Your driver is an hour late! I thought you were supposed to be better than Yellow Cab, but I guess not.

  100. I only 2 lyfts yesterday and i only get in one of them but was charged for both of them

  101. I stopped driving for LYFT in June 2000.
    I deleted my app.
    My phone was stolen so I changed my email and phone number.
    It is reitzjaxxxx and 314-502-5776.
    I need my 1099 to file taxes.
    My address is xxxx summerhedge pl., st. Louis mo 63128

  102. Hi my name is Scott Cassulis and I have a Complaint about one of your driver’s his name is Christopher he drives a black mercedes benz he was very Rude to Me and My wife outside Meijer and yelled out NO NO NO CAN’T TAKE YOU and Drove Off without Explaining to us why and I have 3 witnesses and I paid for a ride to come back home from the store was wondering if I can get a refund back. Thank you

  103. Today I was totally disrespected by one of your driver’s. My granddaughter had a Dr. Appt and your driver refused to pick us up. She kept asking me to cancel my trip. I called the police and they came as well as the paramedics. Ive got the complete conversation she texted me. My baby is at the hospital now. I’m filing charges against lyft. Coretta Johnson 404552xxxx

  104. My card has multiple charges please call to discuss matters even seconds ago at 1:47am $35:??And 18:?

  105. I keep getting verification codes for Lyft and I don’t have an account with Lyft. Also just before I got the verification codes someone called my phone asking if their phone was in my car. I need to find out if one of your employees is using my identity.

  106. I schedule my ride 24 hours in advance and your drivers show up late causing me to be late for work. This is unacceptable.

  107. I have been a Systems Engineer for 30 years. Your software is the worst I have ever seen. Missing features, bugs that cause app to not verify payment, and worst of all no viable support. I can’t join Lyft Family because it send my account into a circle jerk because I already have an account. I can’t schedule rides for my Wife and Daughters because the Schedule button doesn’t show up when you arrange a ride for anyone but yourself. Truly a shit show. Hours of my life wasted because your programmers are inept. Get it together.

  108. It’s been over a hour and Lyft claims they are still “finding a driver” this app is not dependable at all

  109. I am going to contact the official about stealing people money ..
    This is not good at all . You out right stole money.
    Knowing you don’t having d
    rivers .contact my local news station.

  110. This is Douglas Klaas. I am a former Lyft driver. This is one of multiple requests I’ve made to get my pay records for my services as a driver showing total pay for 2020 and a summary of how the total dollar figure was arrived at. I need these documents sent to me either by mailing them to me or my email. dbkxxxx or Mr. Douglas B. Klaas, xxxxx Newland Street, Space 248, Huntington Beach, CA 92646-7637. 562 881 xxxx.

    Thank you. Please acknowledge your receipt of this message. Thank you.

  111. I am in Indian rocks beach. I needed a ride from crabby bills to 2702 beach trail road. Approximately 3 Mike’s away. We waited 40 minutes for a driver just so he can go 2 minutes from us and turn around. We had to walk 2 miles home with a 4 year old because we had somewhere to be. The drivers name was Alexis “male” and was driving a darker Nissan Altima. Approximately 730 at night. Please review the drivers route if possible and u can see what I’m taking about

  112. Very disappointed with the service that I receive from Lyft support.
    I’m a driver and a client damage my car and just nothing happen.
    Thinking go to work with the other company.

  113. I need a customer support person to discuss an issue I had today. I do NOT want to subscribe to a
    Expert Help desk.

  114. My experience today was the worst that I’ve ever experienced during my years of using Lyft. I had anticipated waiting for half an hour for my ride yet I wasn’t picked up for almost an hour after my request .
    When the driver was about two minutes away, he decided to run a personal errand and I wasn’t picked up for at least 22 minutes after I was supposedly supposed to be picked up within two minutes. It was very frustrating to have to wait in a cold area since I was at the CTA Racine station.
    Please read the text messages that I sent to the driver and you will see the length of time that it took for me to have to wait while he ran his errand and decided to finally pick me up. I do not believe that he should be driving for Lyft because I’m sure I’m not the first passenger who’s had this type of experience with him.
    It is my first time and it should be the last time. I will kindly ask that I’d be credited for this ride and receive future credit for another ride because this was just a stressful and cold waste of my time.

  115. You drive abandoned my special needs clients half way to their destination.He told him to get out of his car. I pleaded with him to take them to the right address and he said no he left them in front of fiesta and left them there stranded he drives a silver Nissan Altima. His plate number is GR 93TL.His name is Joe

  116. Lyft took 96.00 dollars from me just now when ever I take a ride I pay I don’t understand why you took 96.00 from me I want my money back

  117. I have scheduled a ride 2 days in a row your pos drivers cancel and next ride 30 min wait complete bullshit if someone schedules a ride should be there that time

  118. Y did u guys allmost triple ur rides today cause of the stimulus..u should be ashame..need to pay everyone back..ppl dying lost they home u got greedy..everyones talkin about..need to be fined..took pure advantage

  119. I am deeply disturbed over a Lyft bill I received today. When I ordered the Lyft it said $8 for the trip.
    7 miles. No where was I told it would cost $30+ dollars. The driver was exceptional and I gave a $10 tip.
    I have been self employed as a realtor for 28 yrs. my word is my word! If I knew it would cost $30 I would have had a friend take me.
    I am not afraid to go Legal!
    Make this right or my team will go to social media!!!

  120. This is ridiculous and something needs to be done about this ASAP idk who I need to talk to, maybe headquarters but something needs to be done!!!!! I’VE BEEN LATE THIS WHOLE WEEK TO WORK BECAUSE LYFT DRIVERS ARE CANCELING. Today I scheduled the ride and the driver was supposed to pick me up at 7:45. He literally drove most of the way to me and when he was four minutes away he canceled. This is straight bs and something needs to be done about it. When a rider cancels like that we get charged but if a driver does nothing happens and we have to wait 30 minutes to an hour for another driver. This is ridiculous. If a driver is that close they shouldn’t even be able to cancel that’s a huge inconvenience and very selfish.

  121. Hello my name is Terrianna Rapp I have a complaint. Around 6 oclock this morning I booked a ride up to Morrow County I have already paid the $142.80 for the ride I never received. So I was wondering will it be a free ride next time or will I get a refund? Because I already paid for the ride that never happened aroun 6 am this morning.

  122. I need to obtain a 1099-NEC for my deceased son, Harrison David Nauss. He was a part time Lyft driver. I’m the personal representative for his estate. I need his Lyft tax statements to file both his and the estate’s. My name is Donald W. Nauss.

  123. Why is lyft price gouging and surging rates???!!! Why is lyft making its loyal customers/consumers pay for their shortcomings and greedy asses!!!! This is a crime!!!

  124. Michael Alexander George should get a background check DUI and abuse Charles and diesel DCF custody social Security number xxxxxxxxx K Quincy mass

  125. here we go again lyft ride distributor do it again munit i turned app11 miles away job i deciclinline i sad to far secon job12 every time i declined becouse he gave me farther so finely i manage turn off to app he send me how doing i olmost go outof the road it si very hard to work the people has no manner no passions i will advice lyft some medilschool are hospitality course’s they need I will success lyft change app put little window unwonded ride put out that little window it sould com on evin app off it pickup so maybe drivers are get less[ Abuse’s ] by the lyft workers

  126. To whom it may concern,

    I ordered a Lyft around 12 pm on March 18th. The drivers name was Williams (white Toyota Sienna CH79143). I noticed from his movement on the app he is somewhat lost. I called him and tried to help him. He was very unfamiliar with the main streets in downtown Chicago. He was not able to follow either the app instructions or mine to meet me at the pick up location. I even walked a few blocks east to meet him, but he just hung up the phone and cancelled the ride.

    I received an email about “health safety feedback” about wearing mask, which was an indication that he has claimed I didn’t have a mask. Also When I got a later Lyft that day, it asked me to send a photo with my mask on. He lied about ever seeing me and I was definitely wearing a mask. There is no way to give feedback or leave comments on a ride not taken and the drivers know that and take advantage of the situation.

    I waited of this ride for 30+ min, for a ride that should have been total of 15 min to the destination. I was late to my dentist appointment and this guy was rude, unprofessional, and completely unfamiliar with all the main streets in downtown which almost anyone in Chicago knows them. Worst part he has falsely accused me of not wearing a mask.

    Please make sure he is not getting away with his actions. Also please tell your technical team to add an option to leave feedback on a driver who has cancelled. Right now the help option features are only available for the ride taken/completed.

    Thanks for looking into this issue. I appreciate the follow up.

  127. I was supposed to of gotten a ride today to an appointment that I had andvyhey never shoes they were to pick me up at 1030 and they never came so I want a refund

  128. I tried to sign into my Lyft account and is informing me that my card information was incorrect can I win an updated my telephone number it still wasn’t working it’s something wrong with your system and I need technical support.
    I don’t understand why is this happening I went to use Lyft one time and then I ordered a ride I cancelled it but that is my correct name and address and I called the car that put in before to use that and I stayed the cord that I wanted to use with the app so I found a toll-free number that I can call but I need your assistance

  129. i d to have my credit card information removed from my sons account. he have 2 rides that i did not authorize.

  130. My question to you is why aren’t you doing a better job at background checks Michael Alexander George of Quincy Social Security number 027-54-xxxx Arrest records for DUI in abuse his daughter is now in DCF custody in state custody of the state please investigate thank you Ronald Douglas

  131. My brother’s bank account was charged today 03 19 2021. He does not use a lift or any other rideshare company. I called the bank and this is the info that was given to me. Here is the info: LYFT *TEMP AUTH HOLD +185528 Amount: $23.06 This is a fraudulent charge. Please refund this amount to his account and I hope that you can find out the person that requested the ride and report it to the local authorities. Thanks for your help in this matter and please give me an update.

  132. I have a charge on my card that is not on my Lyft history. The driver charged for cancellation at the rate of 5.24 but shows the charge as 18.81 on my Credit card account. He added his own tip apparently. Everything can be proven uf additional evidence is required.


    1. Lyft made it very easy to have riders make quick false report Lyft always believe them and harder for the drivers cuz we have to turn off app in order to make a report and all the links do not have the links to select for a complaint Lyft also constantly make threats to deactivate your account just cause riders are able to file a complaint against drivers so by the time drivers report Lyft already believe the riders Lyft also owes me my pay since Monday 2/7/22 thru Thursday 2/10/22 for $117.00 I’ve been trying to reach out to them and they say we’re helping someone else wen they haven’t begun helping you then the tx n emails stop responding it’s frustrating over everything as to how they handle these concerns so I need help immediately please thank you!

  134. Complaint..I schedule a ride about and half ahead of time and got screwed..drivers was already gonna be late and by the time he almost got to driver was change and would have had to wait a addition 23 minutes ..I cancel tht

    Was very angry..

  135. 412 805 xxxx
    Can you plz email me lyft details to clearview address and brown lane for court purposes

  136. dev (Lyft)

    Mar 11, 2021, 9:18 AM CST

    On the 7th the lyft driver told my son she’s not going to kidnap him,and told him to go get his father,he came up stairs told me what took place,we got in her car,I said to her we’ve changed our minds just take us to down town to catch the bus, she stated ” I’m not going nowhere until you put the new location in” I typed mets bus and an address came up I picked it, she said she has it (address ) we ride i was looking at my phone when I looked up we where at a stop sign,I was somewhat confused and said,where the hell you going,she said I’m going on what the GPS is telling me,I ask her,didn’t I tell you we were going down town to catch the bus? She said yea,so I asked what the hell,she said im asking you to get out,I said miss for what,she said said to please get out,I told my son to come on we’ve got out,and she left. I was confused my son was confused, I didn’t know where we were at first we walked for about 3min and saw subways where I summonsed an lyft rider. I was meaning to report her but had got side tracked and forgot until the following Tuesday morning I was checking my monies and saw an unauthorized charge,I investigated and saw that a damage report was file against me, from the past Sunday,I did nothing we broke nothing we,me didn’t say anything to her,we didn’t even call her out of her name, she has totally made a story up,she took pictures I have no idea what the go to or where they come from, I am hurting and honestly cried because of this situation, I’ve didn’t do anything and am accused and you’ve takened $150 for something I didn’t do,please give me my money back ,she taking pictures doesn’t prove that it was at the location,day or are they really from her vehicle, all I know us that my son and I haven’t done anything wrong,and am being accused and robbed of $150, please do a more thorough investigation please and return my money, sincerely thank you for taking the time to read this, my phone 812-305-xxxx

  137. Hello . I am Ronald Shaner. I was charged for services I did not receive on the 22 Mar. 2021 some $19.92. I would like a credit or the amount returned. Also I would really like some to rethink your customer service route. You really need a 1 800. Number.

  138. I take a lyft everyday and rely on it for work lately I have been having issues I understand with Covid drivers are not many my problem is you guys have the option to schedule a lyft ride for extra money I have done that 3 times now and don’t get picked up in my scheduled time I do t think it’s far for you to charge me extra to get to my destination on time if I am still going to be late if this continues I will not use lyft ever again if you are gonna charge extra than I should be able to get to my destination on time

  139. My phone was lost in drivers car. It was immediately noticed by myself, tracked and I attempted to contact the driver multiple times through Lyft support. something as simple as a 1 minute phone call to the driver on Lyft’s end has yet to be done. and the support agent. Mary Grace Guevarra is not responding in a timely manor it has now been 4 days since my phone is gone. and I am beginning to seek the authorities due to the fact the drive will not respond. So its beginning to look like theft… again there is no communication through support just saying “thanks for your continued patience.” please get back to me immediately the driver should be properly contacted through Lyft, as it seems he isn’t checking where ever Mary is messaging.
    Thank you,
    Frustrated customer

  140. My ride was to show at 8:20 am she went to wrong place. I put correct pickup called her about where she was at 8:50 Melinda was rude and hung up on me leaving me without a ride to my doctor appointment which I had to cancel cause of her no show. Melinda should be fired for being rude to me and not knowing where she was suppose to pick me up. Now I was charged $22 which I’m out and went nowhere

  141. I scheduled a lift ride 03/20/2021 at 4.42pm CT. I received a text the ride was accepted and my driver will arrive approx. 14 minutes. At 4.55pm CT I received a text the driver is 5 minutes away. Then a text that Berhane white Toyota RAV4 (JLE170) is waiting for me. I replied 2x asking where the driver is? I called and someone picked up and hung up. It was nice outside, I was at the curb from 4.50pm CT to 5.20pm CT. There was no white RAV to be seen waiting anywhere on the 2900 Block of Jackson. In fact, my neighbor was doing yard work and I was talking with him the whole time while waiting. At 5.15pm CT, I determined the driver was not arriving and had to ask my neighbor for a ride to the Castle, my destination point. The biggest issue for me, I was to be at a surprise birthday party for my brothers 40th birthday at the Castle. Due to the driver issue, I was not part of the surprise. What is really irritating me? I have received 3 responses from your Lyft support that there is nothing they can or will do because I did take the ride with Berhane to the Castle and the $18.88 will not be refunded. I have requested a corporate complaint address from your support, not one reply with the info. One agent stated I took the ride and stated they can see I rated the driver positive through the app. The last response stated there was a mistake and I did not leave positive experience. Your app to escalate an issue like this is horrible. I demand this be investigated and I want compensated for all the issues and the time I am having to continue to use to get this addressed. 712-899-xxxx . Lastly, ask the driver where he picked me up at? My Ring camera system should help confirm the details he provides. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Please send acknowledgment to leroy.courxxxx @yahoo this is being worked.

  142. I am curious to why it’s almost impossible to get a ride? Yes we are on spring break this week but it’s been like this for a while. The other thing is it doesn’t let me put in my exact address when I try to enter it. It’s an apartment number and I’m scheduling the ride in advance. It doesn’t let me add a note for the driver. They end up in crazy spots trying to find me. Then I have to run to where they are. I’m on a schedule just like they are. My time is valuable and it can’t keep happening.

  143. Ive been waiting for over an hour for a ride. It kicked me off after charging me so i went back on lost my place and was charged more. This is important and they are playing games. Cancelled 3 times then kicked off. Now 3rd time on waiting 30 minutes with nothing it said 5 minutes

  144. I requested two stops only got one because someone took my ride at the way point. I requested 911 for this repeat issue and went through 3-4 reps before the issue was closed and I still did not receive the police report requested. I’m looking to reach corporate headquarters in regards to this unsafe and ridiculous issue

  145. My name is Ronald Douglas I live in Massachusetts you should do a better job and background checks Michael Alexander George has been arrested for DUI many times Social Security number 027-54-xxxx

  146. Never in my life have I delt with such an incompetent company. Waited five hours 5, and the driver’s DRIVERS! NEVER SHOWED UP!!! POOR COMMUNICATION! POOR BUSINESS! LOST another customer! Lousy company!

  147. I had to call 17 times and spend over 4 hours on the phone and cry twice to get a reasonable accomidation for my handicap. i want to talk to someone about this issue. i would like to talk to them by phone. by law you have to offer reasonable accomidations and 17 phone calls and 4 promises to call or email that were not fulfilled is not doing your job. i am angry and unless i get a resolution not only will i never use your company again, but i will get a lawyer and sue you for discrimination. just because i am handicap does not mean i should have had to go through this ordeal, in front of my daughter no less. i had a flippin panic attack before you got me a ride!

  148. im being cherged rides when i didnt use u guys the first dat was the 29th in the amount 22.21 and today in the amount of 25.99 when you guys didnt even show i would like this money back plz and ty

  149. Was deactivated for ratings 4 years ago and just got a rental not even a week in. I need a live representative to thoroughly go through said decision. Because i just also paid 750 for the rental and will need assistance with getting my money back

  150. Good morning. So I have been taking lyft for the past few days with no complaints. Today I was shocked to see a ride for $92.96 and that was posted today. Whosoever took that ride got to pay for it not me. On March 9, I took 2 rides $43.54
    March 22, from lee road to 11250 walmart $52.51
    March 26 I took 2 rides from lee road a total of $87.48 all those rides that was + tips.

  151. I have been using Lyft to get to and from work for two years with no problem. Over the last two month I am only given the option of a VIP ride or a ride that will take 30 to 40 minutes to arrive. I have been late to work many times and having to find other means of transportation.

  152. I have been a loyal customer for several years now, and spent 100s of dollars supporting your employees, but this last trip of mine on March 22, 2021 from Ann Arbor to the Detroit Airport was horrendous. I waited over an hour in a university city (University of Michigan) and had to walk to the police station to find the driver. He was a block away and couldn’t find my house. I was so stressed the whole trip, because the driver was driving so slow and I was already over an hour late. I wasn’t sure I would make it in time. When we finally arrived, I raced through the airport, having to go through security first and being stopped there. When I finally reached the gate, they were just closing the door. I was lucky they let me in. I will not accept this type of service from Lyft or any ride share company, when I was expecting to arrive one hour ahead. I am requesting a refund of $52.80 from your company. I don’t want to get the driver in trouble, because he was doing his job, but it was not what Lyft had offered. You need more drivers in Ann Arbor and the driver should not accept a customer if they are going to be an hour late. I don’t need any more stress at this time and having to pay $52.80 for a ride to the airport is simply OUTRAGEOUS and criminal. Please refund my money or I will lose all confidence in your company and take shuttles next time (which are only $30). My phone is 734-216xxxx.

  153. Why use a 3rd party background check?
    It’s a waste of time and money, take out drivers for a recheck!
    This is the most foolisk & idiotic thing to do toward a driver, without notice and we shpuld be paid for the down time.
    There is a more simple way to do things without making the driver feel like there being discriminated!…

  154. I drove for Lyft for over a year. Everything was fine until I tried to update the updated app. Then my phone froze. In fact, my phone never worked again. I lost my old phone number. I can’t get into my Lyft app. Therefore I haven’t driven for months. Also, I need my 2020 tax information! My old phone number was 515-306-xxxx my new phone number is 515-552-xxxx my name is George Dunbar

  155. Why is it so difficult to request hours in advance a Lyft driver in my area? I have been using this company for quite some time now.

  156. Yes my name is Philip Mendoza I was charged twice on my debit card on March 15th 2021 between 8:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. are two separate rides that you could not locate a driver for me the first charge was for $26 39 the second charge for $30 and 94 sets I spoke to customer service people first was Elaine and the second Moses was Amy and they assured me that my refund will be put back on my debit card within 5- 7 business days which it has not and I’m getting really frustrated especially since no one is able to contact you are talk to real person in real time which is always the best option for resolving issues directly please let me know why it’s taking so long for my refund to be put back on my debit card like I said I’m very frustrated really starting to aggravate the piss me off please don’t make me report you to the Better Business Bureau l because I’m to getting tired of the run around

  157. I would like to use LYft as a promotion for my Church in Philadelphia, how can we do this?

  158. I was charged for services I never asked for. I need someone to call me or email me immediately

  159. I have been using Lyft a lot because my car is broken down and I can’t afford to fix it. Often, including five times in just the past week, I’ll be assigned a driver and then all of a sudden I’ll be assigned a different driver–with my wait time starting all over again. Today I almost missed getting to a job interview. I am incredibly sick of being dumped by your drivers and having to wait extended amounts of time while you find a driver who will actually follow through on picking me up and finishing the ride. If it happens one more time I’m switching to Uber to see if they can’t do better (and I effing HATE Uber). You will lose a lot of money from me since I’m now carless. I will also switch to Uber if I get no response to this issue.

  160. I left my phone in a Lyft car yesterday the driver didn’t drive off for 5 min refused to bring my phone said I had to wait for him to do a pick up and now has my phone off this is ridiculous I need someone to contact me ASAP at 929529xxxx I can’t login my Lyft so I have no way to contact the driver

  161. On 03/31/2021 i took a Lyft ride. I was quoted 8.00 and some change. You guys charged my account $17.78? The driver was professional and the ride went well but that is not right. If we cannot resolve this matter I will no longer use your services. 432-312-xxxx

  162. Hi, I’m one of your long time riders , this is my only transportation to work and wherever else I need to go.
    I’m trying to get to work today , I scheduled an advance ride and now I’m on my 3rd driver who has been issued to me. I will just get to work on time.I don’t understand why the app continues to do this. I use this to go to work 2 times a day, 5 days a week. When a customer issues a preorder ride or rides the first person they get should be their rider unless an emergency etc, the app keeps switching drivers and can make the rider late to their appointment or in my case work. Please fix this , it’s so unfair to your riders.

  163. Lyft shut our account because we did too much business for the corporate credit card on file. They shut us down without notice. I have customers very upset.

    I’ve been trying to contact someone including the link you sent me to reactivate the account that doesn’t work.
    The account card limit was raised on Wednesday but no one responds.

    In the future a phone call or email notifying us that we are shut down would be professional.

    If you care please fix it now.

  164. I need to speak with an actual person because ive tried the social media support crap and nothing has changed with my lyft account 912225xxxx

  165. One of the lyft workers would not bring back my bag it has all my information in the bag and he refused to give me it unless i personally gave him something for it I NEED MY BAG SINCE YESTERDAY i had to beg this driver to give me my bag and he still has yet to give it back

  166. My Lyft driver did not come to my address, not even close. He had my address but went to another part of a very small complex. Just by chance, I saw him over there and he got mad at me (and drove off) when I got frustrated that I would not even have seen him except that I happened to see him turn into the wrong parking lot. I lost money and would like a refund.

  167. One of your drivers hit my car and drove off without stopping and following the proper procedures for an accident (hit and run). I have the drivers license plate number and I saw the Lyft sticker on her car so I wanted to work this out with the company instead of resorting to legal actions. I have more details upon request. The driver hit me on 04/01 around 2:35p.m. MST in Phoenix, Arizona 85020 at the light of 12th St and Northern. She grazed the driver side of my car after swerving out of her lane to try to pass the vehicle in front of her. I was entering the right lane and she did not check her mirrors. Her license plate number is APJ3828 and it was an older white woman with glasses in a white SUB/Minivan.

  168. I had gone to the Big Lots in Rancho Cucamonga California on Foothill tonight and on my way in I noticed an elderly lady sitting with her bags . I had gone in and was probably an hour and a half. When I came out I noticed the woman was still sitting there and looking very concerned. The store was closing as she said she had been waiting for 2 and 1/2 hours at least to be picked up by your company. She had called twice and upgraded once and still no one went to get her. She had a brace on her leg fractured back scoliosis and was having very much trouble ust getting around. I ended up giving her a ride home so she wasn’t left out there in the dark and the cold. Your company did her a huge disservice. I was disgusted by the treatment she had too experience tonight. She should be compensated for All the Troubles and stress you guys have caused her. She was the sweetest woman and relied on your company to get her home safe and she was left stranded. I would only hope this never happens to anyone else or one of my loved ones because it was a disgusting thing to have to see. I hope whoever is responsible for this is reprimanded! Her name is Susan Lynn.

  169. Why are they me twice for one ride I paid for one ride it was 15dollers yesterday then I look at my credit card it’s saying 24dollers on the second I had a ride 17dollers I look at my credit card it’s 34dollers what’s going on with this

  170. I am constantly being charged for rides I don’t even take you took out three payments today and I have never left my house you keep holding payments because you’re saying something about needing to see if the first ride was cleared I’ve gone through this at least 20 times complaining and complaining please return my phone call 909-507-xxxx

  171. Its no reason why lyft drivers are able to wait u til they are 3 mins away to cancel rides. at that point we as riders need to be credited for wasting our time then having to wait an additional 30 mins max for a new driver to come. its disappointing and I need the money that I just spent off canceling these rides back because I’m tired of it I’m done with live and I do after I get my money back I want my account cancel and if I get no money back in my account is cancelled I am suing like I said it’s no reason why drivers are able to wait until they’re three minutes away or less and then cancel arrive knowing that people barely want to drive for Lyft as is so there’s barely any drivers it’s inconsiderate and Lyft needs to be held accountable

  172. Your company robbing for a passenger who was on a round trip that I drove him to his first stop then come back later while waiting for him to tell me he no longer need me to take him back and to cance the trip going home! So I canceled the trip tho didn’t get paid for the going to trip and your support refuse to pay me for my time gas for the first trip I do ask to be reimbursed!

  173. I am writing you this morning from sheer desperation. I am a blind person with a very well trained service dog. I have been refused service by Lyft drivers consistently over the past two years. I have tried everything to avoid driver confrontations. Most recently I began leaving a note saying that I have a service dog. Now my problem is that one drivers read my note they cancel the ride. Yesterday I had four different drivers all cancel the ride resulting in my missing two very important medical appointments. I spent the entire day at home in bed severely depressed. Please call me back as email is difficult for me thank you.

  174. Driver pulled up to my house, when he saw who we were he hit the gas and kept going. Therefore I would like to be reimbursed.
    My pick up was up my address at 10:10 going to JFK. about 15 minutes from my house. This was on 4/6/21

  175. I have had 2 drivers cancel on me today alone ,I just want to go home after work
    Wth is going on with y’all

  176. Why am I not receiving a return call from Lyft support you I left a detail message including my phone number 240-621-xxxx three days ago and have not received a return call as to why Lyft is pre authorizing my debit card for more then what the actual ride cost.

  177. Hello I was a lyft customer Since 2017
    I never had this problem and situation with there GPS, amount money, Since this lyft and Uber have highjack the price for shareriders Since the Pandemic . April 5,6 and other dates was going to the states Attorney General office about getting my money back and I have screenshot and save in my email.

  178. I’ve been Waiting on A Ride4 30 minutes when In Fact I’ve Seen Lyft Drivers Come Here! What is Going on With your organization?!

  179. I’m having a problem with Lyft auto claims department Travelers. They are not cooperating with me for my claim. It’s been a bad experience with this company that added additional stress and anxiety in my life since this accident. I do not even know where to start from they didn’t pay for days of my rental car , they didn’t want to repair my car, they don’t want to settle a fair offer for my child due to the adjuster being mad because I reported him to his supervisor now he’s being rude and bias. They supervisor not returning my calls, my attorney asked him not to contact me again and he still did, it’s really horrible and I’m very overwhelmed with dealing with this. Can someone reach out to me from the Lyft cooperate office please?

  180. ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE SERVICE!Even trying to reach someone to complain is extremely frustrating. I have missed my flight because of Lyft. It’s critical that I speak with/contact someone regarding this experience! Pleas

  181. Need to talk to a Lyft rep I’m not going to put my credit card number until o speak to rep

  182. Why is my information being used and what Seattle Washington when I’m actually in Gainesville Florida on a job working

  183. Nice that your driver called me at the time he was to be picking me up and telling me I lived too far away. This is AFTER I’d scheduled this the night before so I would not inconvenience friends for a ride. I wish I could pick and choose to do my job or not. Very disappointed as this is the first and last time I use Lyft. The Driver is HTW2810

  184. I have a couple things to dispute I was double charged and you all even have the wrong addresses. But when the guy was taken us home lyft or whatever took him the wrong way I’m beyond pissed and now I’m in an email battle with someone from lyft is telling me I’m wrong no you all are wrong I want a full refund of 8.69 and 8.99 this is wrong

  185. I recently used your service and I cancelled a ride but the money was never put back in my account and I didn’t notice it until I scheduled a ride later that day. It was April 8th and the 14.99 I was charged was never returned.

  186. First time traveling since Covid-19 and found myself using a taxi for the first time in years as your prices exceeded the taxi fee. We all do whayis best for ourselves .

  187. I took your service to LAX. The cost was $110.00. Upon return, I took your service, which cost me $279.99. Unbelievably insane. Your greed has convinced me not to ride with your service again. I thought UBER was extreme with their pricing. You charged me almost 3X’s more on the return. Totally disappointed with your service.

  188. I am Writing about Some Unauthorized charges on my credit card. I wrote earlier and The charges I was talking about were 2 charges around 6.77. The other 6.72. These charges are on my credit card. I did not get any rides with lyft to have these charges on my credit card. I would appreciate someone looking into this matter. Pamyla Clark

  189. My name is Diondre Brown and I just want an approval to add Black Lux to my account. I drive a premium Black XTS 6, 4 door all Black Leather loaded. I was told that only XTS 5 was approved but I drive a XTS 6 which provide more customer service to the clients we serve. Thank you.

  190. Why am I being charged. I tried to get a ride yesterday and NEVER got a reply so I cancelled

  191. Been trying for 3 days yo get my money back into my bank., there is no one willing to help. Do I need to contact the news media and lawyer.
    Saturday night I waited four hours for a lyft, lyft never showed up I canceled my ride because after 4 hours I was aggravated. And then got charged
    Who will CALL me , don’t want an email I want a call

  192. I had a passenger do $270 dollars in damage to my vehicle, Lyft only gave me $150 I even supplied an estimate for repairs, I need to know where do I send legal, a small claims suit for balance of $120.70 plus loss wages. Customer support said the max is $150. They are unwilling to resolve this issue so legal recourse is needed to recoup my loss.

  193. License place # BM61212 3/30/21 @ 16:00 HR
    Your driving was driving (WB) on 87th and Stony Island against the traffic. In other words he was sitting still at the intersection (WB) in the lane that was going (EB). When the light turned green your driver forced himself in front of the car that was going (WB). Not only that he was driving against the traffic on the opposite side, he drove approximately a quarter of the block against the traffic, before he jumped over back into the westbound Lane in front of cars.

  194. I would like to have you folks take a look at my profile again. Back in 2016/2017 I was one of Las Vegas top drivers. Then I was deactivated because my background check. And when I tried to get reinstated and was told I need to pay a lawyer to give me a letter saying in layman’s terms I was never convicted of a felony. Which I never was. Thank you.

  195. Hi, Thanks for providing a great service platform in Lyft!
    I am looking to establish a partnership with Lyft and AAA to extend significant discounts to your drivers to allow them to have legendary AAA Emergency Roadside Assistance and make the Lyft experience even safer. Who would I work with to put an affiliate partnership program like this in place?

  196. Good morning! I’m a loyal Lyft rider who has been enjoying your services for quite some time. However, some things, including longer wait times and higher rates(even with Lyft Pink) are beginning to sour the experience for me.

  197. Lyft did an unzuthorized transaction on one of my cards with out approval.. i had got a ride with Renee who took me to a wrong address he was suppose go have been on 1440 key west dr he took me to holy cross hoslital which was wrong so i missed my appointment .so i askec him to take me back home…so he did z no i vave him 5.00 cash and the next day i seen s transaction on one of my other csrds thst i was not using ….that is against the law …i did not check of thst card to be used

  198. Made to wait to long. I understand there are very few drivers. I have been waiting for over one half hour. And the price keeps climbing. It went from 9:00 to almost fourteen dollars. What gives?

  199. What is going on with your company ? I reserved a ride in the morning fir 430 this afternoon and there was no heads up it just canceled. No drivers? Now I’m very late for an appt .thanks alot for nothing .

  200. Left stranded and no one cares. My appointment over night so I taught I would have a ride in the morning. Need to go to hospital.

  201. I work for a law firm and am trying to get information how to obtain our clients employment records with Lyft.

  202. I wanna know why u guys are charging my card I didn’t order no ride can I get my refund back today

  203. Hi, Since my accident back in December 2020 and my car was totaled. I haven’t been able to drive with lyft. So I had to resort to using lyft again to go back to work for someone else. And have a hard time getting a driver. Even with a scheduled pickup the driver cancels. Which causes me to be late for work. I had to have my son leave his job to come get me. What is with all the drivers in Albuquerque/Rio Rancho, NM. Do they not want to work? I have to work for a living and need to get to work on time. Since I am unable to work for myself right now. Until I can get another car. I rely on rides.

  204. Lyft has given me a debt of $150 for transports i didnt take that never showed up..and also i checked my account and found 5 transports that i was billed for and money was taken from my debit card..i am angry,I would like that fake debt removed and also my money refunded for the 5 transports that i did not get but payed for!!!I use lyft because its affordable..i can’t believe this could my eyes thats theft..i would like my money back asap..

  205. My last Lyft ride was April 11 10:27 pm for $14.69 how come I’m getting charged for April 12 $25.29 and $27.54 and for April 13 $31.50 when my last ride with Lyft was April 11 ?

  206. I have a personal concern about driving with Lyft. The person who referred me to drive for Lyft didn’t get paid and both of us has reached out through the app to see why! They asked for a screenshot of the promotion from when she sent the referral which we had no knowledge of having to produce. I would like to know who got paid for the reference? Or if someone placed it in their pocket or something? It’s not like it would matter much but, I will not be referring anyone until I know how this thing goes

  207. You are so wrong to increase rider charges as a bonus to your drivers. This increase will cost them their well-earned tips. Why not decrease YOUR cut? At least Uber shows their greed up front by offering pickups for a fare increase.

  208. How is it that I keep trying to get a ride or lift back to my hotel Room I keep calling virides they say their coming I wait the time out and no one shows up if I cancel the ride I’m still charge and never seem to get my money back like I can understand what’s going on Ixm a paying customer, Why am I being completely deprived of Services!

  209. Several times now on many occasions it has been very difficult to schedule a ride I understand that you get busy and you have limited drivers. I rarely ever have an issue with a driver they all r awesome. If you look back at how many times I literally take Lyft to and from places you will see that I have provided plenty of business for this company and for me to schedule a ride and then I don’t even get the ride and then I go back cancel it and do the standard and I still can’t get a ride really leaves me feeling kerfuffles.. I get charged cancellation fees & hold fees & over charged.

  210. I had a ride last night from Houston international airport for $52.00
    Now my bill came in as $69.89 what happened.

  211. Lyft driver started timer before he arrived and then purposely parked to get no call no show fee. He also ignored my call, and lied to me.

  212. Driver drove down our loading dock, proceeded to relieve himself, private property
    Driver AZ License Plate:PXA4COA
    Grey Kia

  213. If I want to assist my grandchild to get rides to and from work that does not have a license how can I set that up and be charged to my account

  214. Need copy of 1099 nec way can’t it be mail to deshun Dickerson 3050 Cobb parkway nw kennasaw Ga. apt 6321

  215. I’m been trying to get a situation corrected but I’m keep getting the same response. Being told they’re in another conversation, then 20 minutes later it’s another person comes on and say the same thing. Whoever controls situation in Baltimore city is doing a terrible job.

  216. My ride is rarely on time, I’m late to an appointment as I make this complaint. Why can’t you people every get here on time they give you a time but for what

  217. I am a licensed driver, and if I could find a car to buy with reasonable terms, then I would love to come to LV and drive. If you have a way to help, then let me know. Thanks, Terrance LeCompte

  218. I would like to speak with someone from corporate. I am a driver with over 6500 rides and a five star rating. I have been blocked/ refused from speaking to anyone in management regarding concerns in customer service and in safety and theft within the company.

  219. I waited over an hour for a ride.Then the Dam driver. Pulls up and out. Fool didn’t wait 1 second!

  220. April 21, 2021, I scheduled a ride to be transported to Winn Dixie, on April 20,2021, driver Eugene did arrive as scheduled, I was on my front porch, went out to the car and let driver know I need to set my house alarm, went back to set alarm, as I was returning ,got back to my front door I observed driver leaving ….

  221. I lost my wallet in a LYFT car yesterday, April 23rd, and have tried calling the driver many times without a response. I was returning home from a DeVita dialysis appointment located on Redwood Street, going to Porter Street in Vallejo, CA at about 5:45 pm. We made a few stops in route. The driver’s name is Edwin Antonio. Please help.

  222. On April 20th, I ordered a Lyft to take me to 7 Eleven, I received a driver after waiting almost an hour, her name was Martha, when she arrived i and my service dog went outside, I tried to open the door and she said no dogs. I replied that he is a service dog, she then locked her doors and called me a LIAIR, at this point I was trying to save the info on my phone so when this was over I would be filing a serious complaint. I’m sure you have this ladies info because they sent a replacement Lyft driver which his name was Joshua and he arrived at 11:58 PM .
    I HOPE YOU TAKE THIS SERIOUS because I’m not going to
    let this go, she needs to be fired.
    Phone number on my app : (213) 268-xxxx

  223. Hi I am Denisa muse I have send Lyft about 3or4 emails telling them what happen someone have been using my debit card for the ride with Lyft and those are charges that I did not do or authorized no one to use my card and I would not knowing if it did not came to my phone every time my card is use it comes to my phone and I just enroll in that program with my bank and then someone at Lyft send me a email saying that I need to get my money back from my bank and I talk to my bank and my bank said no Lyft the ones took it and Lyft need to give me my money back and it’s not no Lil money I don’t care I need every piece back my contacts cell and I won’t my money back ASAPnumber 504-320-xxxx

  224. I have been going back and forth with your staff for several months (since February 2021) for my complete ride receipts.  To date I have not received them. The issue: In my ride history the receipts do not have all information needed for my employer to reimburse me.  All the staff continues to tell me to do what I have been doing. Go to Ride History, download and get the report.  What the report is not giving me is my drop off location address. It illustrates a map. Since then I have sent an explanation of what is needed. I was asked to send the name of the drivers, where I was dropped off and picked up.  I received an email on 3/31/21 stating my full receipts were in my email. To date I still do not have my receipts.  Bryan was the staff member who had contacted me and I complied with his request.  Below is the email from Bryan requesting information. I just need my complete receipt information from Lyft’s letterhead or emailed to me . This is very stressful and I am at the point my attorney may have to get involved. This is a simple request and I do not understand why this is such a challenge for your staff.  I use Lyft services frequently, therefore this request should not be difficult to honor.  I pay for a service, therefore I should be able to get what I have requested without hesitation.  Unfortunately, there is no way to contact anyone by telephone or chat.  Your company makes it so hard for the customers, from waiting for drivers to a simple complete receipt request. Unfortunately, I can not attach what a customer sees on their receipt. I would like someone to help me with this matter please. I would send whatever information is needed to resolve this issue.

    Thank you.

    Bryan (Lyft)Mar 26, 2021, 8:59 PM CDT
    Hi Tanya,

    I hope you are doing well and in the best of health. This is Bryan from Lyft Support. I’m more than happy to sort this one out for you!

    Please provide the following information so we can assist you faster:

    • The date and time of the ride
    • The name of the driver
    • Can you confirm the email address where the receipts should be sent?

    I truly wish you a blessed day along with your loved ones. I wish you to have a great week. Stay strong and safe! Let me know if there’s anything else 

    Ref # 176791971

  225. A $19.99 credit card charge on my card. This was not me.
    Lyft * Temp Auth
    SanFrancisco (us)

  226. I am a driver and I have a couple of questions and can find out where to ask them thanks

  227. Good Morning,

    I am usually a Uber customer and yesterday I tried Lyft. My destination was 20 minutes away, 2 drivers cancelled my ride and the third driver got me to my destination 1 hour after I booked the ride.

    You have no phone support.

    What are you willing to do to make things right?

    Thank you!


  228. Why was l charge for a ride cancellation that l did not cancel? I am so sick of this happening to me. Which l have never had trouble before.

  229. I wish to file a complaint about the scheduled pickup option. At approximately 12:15-12:30, I requested to be picked up at 2:15 (via the schedule pickup time option on the app) at Roosevelt High School. I received the confirmation to my phone via text. The original driver, Mervyn, was supposed to pick me up at the designated time, but cancelled on me. Then another driver, Desy, was listed as being the next driver available. Then she cancelled on me. I had to cancel the original, SCHEDULED, ride and request another ride. The third driver, Salvador, was able to pick me up and get me to my destination in time. Please contact me at my email if you have any additional questions. Thank you.

  230. There are several issues I want you to know this is not the first time this outrageous inconvenience has happened..
    Lyft’s attitude toward its customers is exactly shown me the subject matter. ” Sorry about that” but you paid for pink service and didn’t get it you scheduled a ride what showed up hours late the pickup was at the grocery store $200 a grocery in a car outside in the hot sun gallon of ice cream turn to soup milk so warm it has to be thrown away meat hot to the touch what you are eating it I didn’t it went to the trash. And you continue to charge me $20 a month of service that you can not and knew you could not deliver did you charge me for a ride but I waited for I have to follow the rules but lifts does not just says” sorry about that ” get $5 to make up for your inconvenience I’m a few hours the $20 monthly fee that I paid. Over $100 milk ice cream meat add frozen food to head to be thrown away at my cost.
    So lyft being derelict incompetent and neglegent. Offers $5 in compensation for $130 loss it caused.
    I have not used lyft to go to the grocery store since. Nor have I used it for any important places I need to go. I wonder if it actually it took any time to realize how large of a customer I really am I took the time to look through my history with Lyft. Any other reasonable company with a bent over backwards to make amends Lyft says sorry about that here’s $5 bucks credit.
    I want you to Know your apology note has made me decide I am going to sue you for triple damages and demonstrate to the rest of the country what an incompetent inconsiderate thoughtless uncaring and Greedy company Lyft truly is. I’m going to create a public relations nightmare force you to face the fact what kind of company you are

    I’m requiring $500 for losses ( time food) damages . Services. Charged but not rendered. I didn’t think to file this suit my Wednesday morning an invite barage of news and social media. Your half-hearted apology is insulting.

    Joseph Smith

  231. Can’t talk to anyone about charge tryed a chat not resolved next step call local news

  232. Hi, I’m one of the regular customer of Lyft. I do schedules ahead of time to avoid late going to my work. But more than three times that suddenly the Lyft driver cancelled my ride in short I was late to my work many times. Like now, I schedule 8:20pm and I see that the driver will 5 mins far to my place. But the driver cancelled it! I’m already downstairs of the building and waiting for another driver to come. My work start at 9pm so what I’m late again! I made schedules to make it sure I won’t be late but it’s not happening! Please tell your drivers not to cancel the ride most especially it’s scheduled already! This not good to both of us! The company has a bad image! It’s a big lost to your company if this will be continue!

  233. I just learned one of my friends is caring for a downs syndrome brother and they were refused your service. If this is your stance I will NEVER use lyft again. That discrimination is so horrible I couldn’t even imagine. Such a freaking disappointment!

  234. I was paying 7 to 8 dollars for a 5 minute schedule ride from work to my home. Now I’m paying 12 dollars and up for my 5 minute ride. This is ridiculous! Not only that, why have schedule ride in place and have no drivers (they keep canceling)? Also, I can’t even leave a note for the driver for a schedule ride. I’m about stop using y’all. Y’all keep taking money out of my pocket for a 5 minute ride. I’m pretty sure none of y’all would pay 10 dollars or more for a 5 minute ride.

    Upset/disappointed customer

  235. I am in need of a document from lyft, stating I was hired as a driver prior to the pandemic in order for me to continue to receive gov,t assistance. Please help

  236. Thi
    My name is Douglas Klaas, dbkxxxx – (562) 881-xxxx- xxxxx Newland Street, Space 248, Huntington Beach, CA 92646 – I am writing this narrative because of the difficulty I am having difficulty getting my detailed pay and expense records from Lyft. I was a driver for Lyft but I don’t have access to the app because my app has been deactivated. Last year, Lyft furnished mydetailed and itemized pay and expense record for 2019. This year, since March 2020, I have experienced one exasperating experience after another trying to get my records. All the Lyft customer service personnel are very evasive and uncooperative in getting the information I need. I was told that the detailed reports that were furnished to me by Lyft last year are not accessible this year because of privacy concerns. The Lyft representative currently working on my problem is Juan Pablo. He continues to insist that I can gain access to my deactivated Lyft app and get the information I am asking for. I kept trying to explain to him that since my summary pay records were sent to my email without concerns about privacy the detail pay and expense report should be sent as well, if a specific request has been made by me to acquire such records. In my past communications with Lyft personnel I have furnished a facsimile copy of one of the pages of the detailed pay and expense report for 2019 and all Lyft reps will say is either it doesn’t exist for pay and expenses in 2020 or if they do admit these records exist, they say they can’t access them because of privacy concerns! Two contradictory statements. I have good reason to call into question his ability to offer good advice. At the beginning of our dialog he asked me to send a picture of my drivers license, email address and phone number. That he is messaging me on my email shows he already knows what my email is! I’ve furnished a picture of my drivers license and revealed my phone number to him and every Lyft rep I have communicated with. Isn’t this information retained in your files? The main issue here is simply this – I need the detailed records I have requested for 2020 in the same format of the records that were furnished to me by Lyft last year. My tax accountant needs these detailed pay and expense records to properly determine my tax liabilities and exemptions These detail records must exist because the figures on the summary could not be made if the detail reports did not exist. Please see what can be done to get these detailed reports to me. If necessary, I will give you my signed waiver to allow Lyft to assemble these records and send them to me. I have made, and am now making a very reasonable request to get my 2020 pay and expense records sent to me without further delay. I further request you call me at 562-881-xxxx to avoid more fruitless dialog as I’ve experienced in the past with many Lyft reps. Thank you.

  237. Hi I want to file a complaint I been taking lyft some years now and I have never hat any problem up in till now for the last 5 days some of your Lyft drivers been overcharging me for a 13 minutes drive from my house to my job and I know it doesn’t cost no $15 , $16 , $17 dollars i knot how much the ride from home to work cost it cost less then $14 dollars so I want my money back please because your drivers are Ripping people off And all the charge in them and that’s not fair so I want my money back please

  238. HI I have been shut down with Uber because Lyft told Hire right that I had a serious safety problem..Uber said Hire right was told it happen while I was on Lyft. Problem is I don’t drive for Lyft and Hire right has no record of any complaints. Only Lyft can remove my hold. Now before I turn to legal action I would like Lyft to remove the hold.

  239. there is this 2015 honda civic silver with florida plate the driver know how to cancel trips that he dont want by double click and the screen go away then he wait a few seconds and he goes on line and lyft don’t know that he does that there is plenty people that know this trick not fair for others driver

  240. I need my card information Deleted or I’m going to BBB because I’m tired of getting the run around

  241. First of all not only did I work for you all but I had several drivers cancel on me say that they picked me up said that it was a safety violation with no proof at all did my account get suspended for no reason I would like my account deactivated as well as my pink membership ASAP

  242. Lyft beware your driver they know how to cancel ride that they don’t want by simply double click on I phone and let screen disappear Uber had the same problem until they fixed

  243. I have been in contact with the driver I had on Saturday he will not give me my mother’s phone back and I can’t get any help with your help team I need some clarification.

  244. I called for a lyft to be sent to my friends house for pickup. His name is Patrick and he drives a white chevy malibu with license plate MB4681. My friend was doming down the stairs when he drove by waving and he kept going. I was charged for the ride and would like my money returned. I spend a lot of money with lyft and should not have to deal with this kind of problem.

  245. Would like to know why you are charging my card a dollar then put it back when I’ve never used Lyft ever

  246. I scheduled my rides at least 3 to 8 hrs in advance if not the night before and every day I end up walking home almost 5 miles in a cast cause my lyft driver never shows up after I wait for an hour for him to show up

  247. I am beyond frustrated. I have requested that a member of Management call me, ASAP. It is regarding one of your drivers. Again, CALL ME. (949) 662-xxxx

  248. All day yesterday I was charged too much for my rides and also your charge me for two rides that I never even took and that is not right and I’m highly upset and y’all need to refund my money repeat your need to refund my money Timothy Lee Brown card number in in 7631 I need my money to be refund give back to me cuz I didn’t up the rise you have to take all the payments off my card and charge me too much and once again my name is Timothy Lee Brown the credit card number ending in 7631 so y’all please give me back my money that is not right all that money I was charged one was 55 one was 58 and so on and so on but that is not right at all so I really would like to have my money back

  249. I am attempting to contact corporate director over a major issue. I am a driver and am being treated unfairly over lies of mental distress passenger. Lyft team member Randy has closed my account.

  250. Hi i have been using lyft for quite some time. In the last 3 months I’ve watched your rates double and then triple. As high as $100 dollars for a ten min ride. My wait times have at times been over 2 hours and I’ve ended up just walking to where i need to go. Sometimes in the middle of the night sometimes when its raining and sometimes both.
    Drivers say its because there are not enough lyft drivers. So there are not enough lyft drivers in Miami? Then i guess its time i switch to uber.

  251. how do i go to the hospital and use lyft. there is now way to sechedule a ride for tomorrow morning early. doi have to use uber or a taxi cab ?? urgent

    818 458 xxxx

  252. Good evening I am sending this message to complain about a trip I made on 4/26/2021 i am a loyal customer who feels very disappointed. I was charged a damage for something I did not do I have pictures and proof I called and emailed no one helps me I want my refund of $80 it is unfair that I pay for something the driver or another passenger did . If you look at my ride history I have never been a trouble ride I been pleasant for someone to throw dirt at my name and lies I will not accept that please help me…

  253. I let my proprty in the back of my lat lttlft ride to 298 jay st lkwd xo hr name qas christina

  254. To whom it concerns. I been constantly complaining about how this baltimore location do business with the drivers. Today,as with many other times,I’m being forced to turn off the drivers mode and use my personal miles to get from a place. Someone needs to look into this because it seems as if it’s a way to run up personal miles,so that people have to pay for extra miles. And I have heard this from other drivers as well. Thank you for your concern.

  255. I am filing a complaint, I booked a ride at 7:30 am, and waited longer than the 25 minute wait time, I lost a day’s work, because of Lyft’s failure to fulfill their end of the contract. So, I want to know how Lyft compensate me, for my lost wages, and lost time.

  256. Very disappointed with the service, I requested a ride 3 hours ahead of time and the driver never showed up and his negligence made me late for work by an hour.

  257. I want my money back. My scheduled ride never picked me up so I had to book another Lyft and my price doubled.

  258. Hi I had signed up for Lyft pink and I can’t still request a ride for some reason. It keeps denying my credit card and I don’t know why I don’t miss any ride payment I’m always on time I always have money on my car when I’m requesting a ride and I don’t know why but my card is being declined y’all took money from Lyft pink and I can’t even request a ride I would like to get my money back and I’m going to cancel my subscription or do something about my credit card debt because I have money on there but but it’s not letting me use my car for some reason and I don’t know why what is going on I can use my car on anything else grocery shopping buy things for when I come on live I can’t use my card is declined I don’t know why it declined but can I fix that problem

  259. My complaint is that ill been deactivated for a false complaint and dint have a chance to talk to someone to talk about the problem.I been a 5 star driver I think I deserve better thank you

  260. I have been charged for a ride that didn’t take place. I landed at John Wayne airport at 10pm. I ordered a lyft and went to Parking lot C, the designated area to be picked up. The drivers name I believe was Hubert? Hos license plate started with ELE. A blue Prius.The time ticked down and it said the driver has arrived. He was nowhere. He called me and asked me where I was and I said in Parking lot C where lyft rides are picked up. He said OK I will come back and then called again and said where are you? I told him again and he hung up on me and never came. It was now 11 pm and I couldn’t get another driver to come up for a while but then I did. I ordered it but shortly after my daughter contacted me and said wait for us and we will all take a taxi so I cancelled the ride. Please refund my charges of $70.59 I believe. That was a nightmare.please have some one notify me at 949-449-xxxx

  261. My Lyft account was placed on hold for me following state and Lyft requiring rider enter the with facemack on before entering the car

  262. I referred a friend to get the bonus and we got the email that said that I will get the bonus when he complete the rides and Lyft is saying that they don’t see a referral at my end someone please help

  263. 1. You all do not want to provide customer service as there are phone #s for customer service. The ivr systems states that the reps dont have tools for support. Say what? So why have them. Oh thats becuse you do not have reps by phone.
    I am a long time rider with Lyft but 3xs I paid by my visa bank card and I get to my intended destination fine. However when I order a ride home my bank card “errors” & is unusuable. I spoke with my bank today and they insist it didnt happen on their end. I would like to speak to a capable rep with authority i to ferret this issue out for me on your end. A resonible person will recognize It is at the least counter productive to not be able to get a ride back home. I will be looking for a response today from a representstive that can help.

  264. On the 6 and 7th of May my cash app card was used in San Francisco. When I live in Humble, Texas, my card was charged 17.99 twice. I’ve never been to San Francisco neither do I know who lives there, neither have I ever used your service! this is not the first time this has happened. This was attempted last year. So what I am saying is my card was stolen, I’ve already contacted cash app and reported my card stolen, I’m contacting you via email informing your company this was unauthorized payments and I’m asking and and I’m asking for the return of said payments. My name is Linda Williams my email address is as followed lynxxxx I hope we will be able to resolve this matter in a civil manner.

  265. I got a ride and everything was fine until I get a charge every day since the ride!!!!

  266. I requested a Lyft ride at 326 Mantlebrook Dr
    Desoto Tx 75115 Texas. I did not receive a verification response. I need to be at the airport so I have my son request a ride for me using his phone and my credit card number. The right my son requested arrived and I took it to the airport. About an hour later I received a text stating that I would be charged $10 for not being available for the first attempt at ordering a ride. I looked at my credit card I was charged $29.99. I don’t feel I was at fault I would like a refund.

  267. I was over charged
    Didn’t give permission Lyft to take 48 dollar off my card
    My # 636627xxxx

  268. im having a problem with lyft. i don’t like how it takes $20+ whenever it feels like it , sometimes im in need of the money and i don’t have because you guys take it. its not okay and it needs ti be fixed.

  269. Hi, I would like to get an update on the status of my driver application submitted about a month ago. The record still indicates pending background check and insurance processing…
    Georges Francois
    Tel. 239-940-xxxx

  270. I have check my credit card statement and I have been charged stuff that I don’t even know about and I totally different prices then what my lyft account says.can you give me a call back (863)709-xxxx

  271. Why did I get a text saying my driver is here and he wasn’t and d then a subsequent text saying another driver would arrive in 2 minutes?

  272. Was promised an $8.83 fare n when pressing button on phone to send request for ride, it fame up $11.82!!! Tired if this n want the difference of $2.99 back in my account. Ty

  273. Every since the start of this year Lyft been super late or cancelling my ride at 2 and 3 mins away from me and I’m getting tired of it because last year y’all was Great and this year idk what y’all doing

  274. I have 2 charges on my bank account on may 8, (37.99 and 39.99) for rides that never showed up.

  275. I request a ride on the 5/13/21 from 29 highland st west hartford you send the ride to conord st .I was 15mins late for my job on top of that your price is ridiculous very poor service you need to reports your company to the consumer.

  276. I found that you have appropriated $100. from my credit union account without my permission or knowledge- I want it refunded immediately

  277. The Lyft driver called me a bitch. She refused to drop me off in the correct place.

  278. Attempted to take $538 out my account and I dont even ride lyft and never drove for lyft either. I would appreciate a response please and thank you!

  279. Good morning. I am a health care worker and I use Lyft to get to work each morning. My patients and coworkers depend on me getting to my place of employment on time so we may continue the care we give. I have been late due to my drivers being taken away when they are less than 5 min from my home. I have sent Lyft emails with no response from Lyft maybe you have the wrong email I will make sure you have the correct address. I need a letter from you all stating it was not my doing being late this morning. I called for a driver about 5:55 AM this morning. I got a driver that was due to arrive about 6:08-6:20. Just as the driver was to arrive about 6:15 my driver was taken away. My driver was 5 minutes away. Again I am waiting for a driver to get to work at 7:00AM. I was made to wait for the next driver. He arrived at 6:50 AM. The driver was friendly but I still arrived late to my place of employment. This should not be and is very unacceptable. I have been a loyal rider for years with you all. I have had such horrible service in the last 4 months with you all since moving to another part of Philadelphia. I hope you all are not discriminating because of the section of town I now reside. I would appreciate a written notification for my place of employment signifying I was waiting on Lyft to journey to work. This is not the first time this action has occurred. I hope this is not a practice Lyft accepts or presents to Lyft’s loyal customers. I hope this can be remedied and improved. After all, we all shrive for excellence.

  280. Hi my complaint is that I will get a driver 20 something minutes away, and that wait time is not a problem. The problem is that when that driver is literally 1 to 2 minutes away, the app sends me another driver who is even further away. This has happened to me several times, on average my driver gets changed about 3 times before I finally get picked up. I’m upset because the constant switching of the drivers makes me late for work, so I’m missing out on making money. I have been a loyal rider for a while, why is this happening?

  281. I live in the Los Angeles in the Westlake area for about 9 months now I and other blacks in this community has been the Target of constant harassment by a local gangs by monitoring our every foot steps it has been discovered from 8 months of data that several Lyft driver’s are involved in this criminal act by providing passengers personal information to where they’re being dropped off at and data showing Lyft Latino drivers monitoring in even when they’re not called for Lyft service forcing me to not use your service any longer I recommend that if something isn’t done to stop this criminal act I would have no choice but to take legal actions I have 8 months of photos and videos I’m sure if the DA would pull up their phone records for the last 8 or 9 months it would confirm these allegations as well .

  282. I’ve been using Lyft to get back and forth to work and as of late, when I schedule a ride the night before, they do not show up till at least a half hour after what I scheduled it for, making me late for work. This is becoming a problem. What can be done about this??

  283. Yes On Saturday May 15, 2021 at 8:10a.m My debit card was used by your service i didn’t order no ride or been on the app that have on phone check last ride and the purchase that showing today it’s ride information. I need debit card free already call my debit card service they know it wasn’t me.

  284. Hi, I live in Long Island New York.
    Would like to drive non-Tlc Lyft in Long Island srea.
    If you allow me to work in Local area I will Ppreciate.

  285. Hello my name is mrs. Jones I had a ride with your driver Ishmael who said that I damaged his vehicle I am a senior citizen on a fixed income he’s trying to charge me $150 for damages that I did not commit I’ve been a longtime writer of left I’ve never had any of your drivers do this to me nor have I ever caused any of your drivers problems please stop trying to charge this to my credit card I am disputing these charges that are against me because they are not true you need to check the reliability of your driver is smell this is wrong he is not someone please contact me back in regards to this matter and stop charging this to my credit card I did not do this I am being charged wrongfully

  286. I used your wait option. They said it would be with in 25 minutes. It’s now 20 minutes past that and I’m still waiting for a car to head my way. Not acceptable

  287. My name is Eric Brown someone created an account under my name, and Credit card with Lyft to which it’s not Me. I want to speak to someone in regards to this matter ASAP 917 647-xxxx

  288. Look me and my aunt have trying to contact Lyft bc she lost her keys Lyft has returned any email or called she has all the info for the driver but no way to contact the driver pls this is an urgent matter please contact me to 786-868-xxxx

  289. My ex husband has been using my credit card to order Lyfts. I’ve tried changing my card number, but my bank told me that it automatically switches over to the new card. I’ve requested they (Chase) block all future charges, and they’ve been able to fit some, but a couple have still gone through. It’s imperative that I block him from using this card. How can I delete it????

    Deborah Hazard

  290. I was charged for a ride i never requested or received. “THOMAS” has charged me 13.99 for a ride ending at 10:01. I was home doing taxes at that time until I got the ride I did request at 12pm. So I look at my charge on my bank statement and it was billed for more than $28.00. This is a scam! And I want my money back!!! And this THOMAS LOOKED INTO!!! I have been using Lyft for years! This has never happened..uh as far as I know! I looked into it and did my research to make sure I wasn’t mistaken.. but I am not. I’m not stupid either. This was a scam rip off. I have all the info and phone pix when you want them. Ty for your timely response on advance.

  291. Lyft needs more outlets to praise drivers instead of complaints! I could not find outlet to praise my driver! Mostly complaining outlets. Chris was excellent! I felt totally safe with him and his vehicle.

  292. Why y’all keep taking my money 2 times when someone cancel the ride to come get me I need my money back this the second time it happens where is my other money

  293. Please tell me why you over charging my account for services provided to me on 5/16/21….I see my account was charged 37.98 for two rides $17.99 and $19.99
    Why is there another pending payment on my account