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Lyft Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

Company Website
Corporate Address
185 Berry Street
San Francisco, California 94158
Company Contact
Logan D. Green
CEO of Lyft
Phone Number
Fax Number
Employee Count
Twitter IDs
@Lyft, @AskLyft

What is Lyft’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Lyft’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-855-865-9553.


What is Lyft’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Lyft doesn not operate a customer service phone line. They do, however, have a Critical Response phone number which is used in emergencies: 1-855-865-9553.

The best way to contact Lyft is through the Lyft app, or via social media, Twitter and Facebook Messenger.


What is Lyft’s Corporate Office Address?

Lyft’s headquarters address is:

  • Lyft HQ
  • 185 Berry Street
  • San Francisco, California 94158

Other Addresses:

  • Lyft New York
  • 31-00 47th Ave 4th Floor
  • Long Island City, New York 11101

How do I Contact Lyft Customer Support?

Call the numbers above or contact Lyft via:

The @AskLyft Twitter handle can be reached for Lyft Support.

Lyft’s Contact Us Help page can be found here.

Use Lyft’s customer service Email Form to ask a question.

Contact Lyft on Social Media:

Uber support on Twitter: @AskLyft

Uber on Facebook (Available on Messenger):

Lyft Headquarters Executive Team.

Lyft’s Leadership Team consists of:

Logan Green – Co-Founder & CEO

John Zimmer –  Co-Founder & President

Chris Lambert – CTO

Jon McNeill – Chief Operating Officer

Brian Roberts – CFO

Raj Kapoor – Chief Strategy Officer

David Mausolf – Head of Acquisition Strategy

Veronica Juarez – Head of Enterprise Initiatives

Vipul Patel – General Manager, NYC

Rena Davis – Public Policy Manager

Boris Korsunsky – Engineering Manager

Adrian Durbin – Director of Policy Communications

David Baga – Chief Business Officer

Mathias Gug – Director of Engineering

Bakari Brock – Director of Business Development

Elad Ossadon – Senior Software Engineer

Sam Mazaheri – Senior Growth Marketing Manager

Arup Malakar – Software Engineer

Komal Kirtikar – Director of Product Marketing

Jimmy Young – Product Manager

Kristin Sverchek – General Counsel

Rex Tibbens – COO

Andreas Zodhiates – Manager: Fraud and Risk Analytics

Vaibhav Goel – Product Manager

Sameer Qureshi – Director of Product, Autonomous Driving

Nadeem Sheikh – Vice President, Self-Driving Vehicle Programs

Alexey Zakharov – Lead Android Engineer

Paul Thompson – Senior Driver Communication Manager

Prashanthi Raman – Director Of Public Policy

Wenbo Zhang – Senior Manager, Fraud and Risk

Amit Patel – Director of Enterprise Partnerships

Kristina Gibson – Head of International – Product

Evan Cohen – Director of East Coast Operations

Danyal Anik – Product Manager

Luc Vincent – VP, Engineering

Emily Castor – Director of Transportation Policy

Mihir Gandhi – General Manager

Jill Wetzler – Director of Engineering

Tariq Meyers – Head of Inclusion and Diversity

Balaji Raghavan – Director of Engineering

Cathy Wang – Manager, FP&A

Alison Lowry – Operations Lead

Maneesh Arora – Lead Product Manager

Frank Yoo – Director of Product Design

Yohan Bobcombe – Market Manager

Seth Melnick – Senior Operations Manager

Monica Ohara – Head of Acquisition, Growth

Mark Grover – Product Manager

Kristina Omari – VP, Corporate Development and Investor Relations

Benjamin Lauzier – Growth Product Manager

Brian McConnell – Head of Localization

Taggart Matthiesen – Director of Product

Marin Usalj – Senior mobile engineer

Cal Krome – IT Manager

Amy Fox – Director of Strategic Partnerships

Katie Dill – VP of Design

Robert Grant – Director of Government Relations

Peter Morelli – VP of Engineering

Steven Grady – Knowledgebase Manager

Joseph Okpaku – VP of Government Relations

Yann Ramin – Engineering Manager

Annabel Chang – Director of Public Policy

Ari Avishay – Director, Entertainment Marketing

Derek Kan – General Manager

Jon Walker – Transportation Policy Manager

Brian McGuigan – Senior Public Affairs Manager

Gil Arditi – Head of Machine Learning Platform

Paul Fisher – Senior Software Engineer

Tali Rapaport – Vice President of Product


Lyft Board of Directors.

Logan Green – Founder

John Zimmer – Founder

Valerie Jarrett – Former Senior Advisor to President Obama

Ben Horowitz – Andreessen Horowitz

Dan Ammann – GM President

Jonathan Christodoro – Icahn Capital’s

Sean Aggarwal – Former Trulia CFO

Hiroshi Mikitani- Rakutenç

Ann Miura-Ko – Floodgate Fund


Lyft Executive Team Contacts.

Please do not contact the executive team with complaints or questions.

Shannon Hassell
Sr. Customer Experience Manager
2300 Harrison St
San Francisco, CA 94110
[email protected]

Eric Burdullis
Senior Director, Customer Experience
[email protected]

Mary Winfield
VP Customer Experience and Trust
[email protected]

John Zimmer
Co-Founder & President
[email protected]

Mike DeJesus
Head of Client Services at Lyft
[email protected]

Lyft CEO
Logan Green
Co-founder & CEO
[email protected]


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  1. I have been harassed by this company for 11 mos with unwanted phone calls. I told them I’m on the NO CALL list and to remove my number 4 different times. They still call between 7-10 per day I’m reporting them to the FCC and will follow through until this company is FINED!!!

  2. I got a ride from lyft 3 different times in the morning like 9 or 10 o’clock than out the blue 2 more transactions was done n I was sitting n the house at 1:31pm never ordered a lyft or cancel one

  3. I live in Sioux Falls SD. I have 2 transactions from California to my bank card these were 10/19/2019. please contact me to resolve this issue. As I am in South Dakota I did not request this nor charge to my account. my phone # is 605-359-4576 10/19/2019 @12:20 pm

  4. How do I contact you by email or live chat? I have tried the Headquarters phone number but I am unable to get through to a real live person in the weekend.

  5. This company has been scamming poor drivers by using us for our time, vehicles, gas, dignity, service…for free! I challenge everyone to go back and really look into each ride. How much time did it take? What was the distance? It’s obvious that a 30 min. ride was not 2 miles away. I just drove a couple 12 miles and at the end they “checked on” me with a text that I can’t reply to. Why would you ask if I need help when I need help and you can’t respond or let me respond with the option of 2 random dummy answers noone would pick. AND why would you log me out if you were worried about me!! You track everywhere else I go! Why stop in the middle of a ride! I know, was it conveniently during a streak bonus that you dq’d me for? I never get paid right with Lyft. There is always a battle. It stresses me out tremendously when I should be driving. If they cared they would surely have something to protect their front line in times like this. Instead they want to bs and take their tome in chat to yell you issue closed, it looks right.

    They do everything for the show but when noone can see they kick the little workers around like trash even though we give a good portion of our life and assets to represent them. We can’t even get a frickin phone call! Much less, get paid for the work we’ve already done. In fact there is actually a bonus that you must read right or they’ll trick you, for all you experienced fools. Drive this much, a little more, keep going! One more. You did it! You reached the number you need so that we dont have to pay you!!! Yay!!! Wtf! Im glad I really stayed up all night for that loudly promoted contest they keep updating me with…to tell me I got paid what we signed you up to do!

  6. Lyft is stealing from my account – I cancelled a trip due to the Lyft reservation system putting in the wrong date – actually not allowing me to put in a future date – and now Lyft keeps charging me fees – I am reporting this theft by Lyft of my account to the attorney general’s office. I demand that Lyft Immediately return the funds Lyft has stolen by accessing my account without authorization – and remove all of my personal information and account information from your system.

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