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Corporate Address
701 Western Ave.
Glendale, CA
Company Contact
Ronald L. Havner, Jr.
Chairman, President and CEO
Phone Number
(818) 244-8080
Fax Number
(818) 553-2388
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34 Reviews and Complaints for Public Storage Headquarters

  1. My unit was sold before the end of the month. That was all my son and I had left. I was told I was 2 months past due but I wasn’t. I have the proof but am told otherwise. How could this have happened. We have lost so much this year and now because of this we have nothing left. How do I tell my son all his stuff is gone?

  2. I was over charged on my account $44 that might not be much to you but it is for me. I was told it was a late fee and when I told her I paid twice in March she looked it up and then came back and said it was an increase but that she would take it away and I would have a credit this month. Now she said she didn’t say that and because she was able to get my rent back to the $148 I was paying that I couldn’t have my money returned to me. I was always told rent increase came from head quarters and could only be changed by them. Thus us why I know she was lying. The storage is 12211 Middlebrook in Germantown MD. I would like to be reimbursed for my $44 please and I will remove my belongings from there. I was lied too.

  3. May I have until Aug. 27 to pay off my account to avoid a lien sale? I have an emergency. Please contact me by email or phone today please. Thank you!

  4. I want your company to stop the lien on my unit AA060 because I signed the opposition to the lien. Elizabeth Gill 510978xxxx. I also made a partial payment back in May. District manage Donald is always unavailable via phone. I was denied access to my unit a few months ago by the AT&T workers and this caused me lots of distress and loss of time and money. I have many pics to show you. I need to talk with someone in corporate ASAP!

  5. I am at property 8101 N. Lamar Blvd. I just moved into this property today and it seems like they care more about closing than they do about the customer. I have called several times and no one reruns my calls. I saw a girl on the property after hours and ask her to open the restroom and she said she did not have a key.they say the facilities open till 9 PM for access but the restrooms are locked so I have movers here they can’t even do the bathroom which is ridiculous. I have rented at Public Storage and this is by far the worst. The website says you have access until 9 pm and they don’t leave the restroom open for the customer who is paying them to clean it. This is the worst and I am moving out just as soon as I get back from LA

  6. your las vegas, nevada public storage leasing manager andrea and her substitute are. i rent unit b at south eastern in las vegas and the lady whose name is andrea is the biggest . and her substitute is also on may , . these two always stalk me. nevada license plate 441 D03 is andrea and arkansas plate 358 zsn is the substitute at publice storage when andrea isn’t there as on may 13, 2022. please run the cameras outside the leasing office in las vegas, nevada public storage at 4425 south eastern where i lease unit b163. run the cameras for may 13, 2022 at 9:34 am pst when i arrive at public storage and andrea and arkansas plate 358 zsn are outside waiting for me infront of the leasing office. then run the cameras again may 13, 2022 4:40 pm pst. when the substitute for andrea the arkansas license plate owner was contacted by andrea or by steve barrios and told i was on my way to public storage to go to my unit. then the arkansas plate fill in for andrea walks out the leasing office and walks to building b where my storage is located. then she waits inside the building for me to arrive. i get into building b and infront of the door inside the building is all the arkansas lady fill in for andrea supplies on the floor, directly in front of the door to building b. blocking the hallway so i could walk to my unit 163. then arkansas plate comes out of her hiding place around the corner and picks up her supplies that are on the floor in front of the door and at 4:50 pm or 4:55 pm she returns to the leasing office. i was stalked by the arkansas license plate fill in for andrea because andrea told her to stalk me. andrea has been stalking for one year ever since she started working at this particular location.

  7. in las vegas, nevada i lease unit b163 at 4425 south eastern street. a leasing agent name is andrea. she is violating my privacy by live streaming me inside my unit. for one year andrea has been watching live streaming of me inside my unit. a homeless male named steve barrios who lives in las vegas has been texting andrea about me telling her when i am on my way to public storage. steve barrios also live streams me inside my storage unit to andrea for one year. andrea never told anyone about it. also other stalking apps i believe may be downloaded on andreas phone so she can watch me outside my storage unit on her phone anywhere i go in las vegas, nevada. please run the cameras for may 9, 2022 from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm and you will notice strange goings on with andrea and the fill-in lady leasing agent. her children are running around outside the leasing office may 9, 2022 4:40 pm. the leasing lady (mother) is on the opposite side of the fence. then when i arrive on foot the leasing lady returns to her children and they leave in the truck the kids were playing around. then when i leave my storage unit at 5:00 pm the leasing lady (fill-in) leaves as well in her vehicle Arkansas plate 358zfn. she and andrea 441 Do3 nevada plate return to public storage at 5:30 pm. things that happen before and after andrea the leasing lady regularly at this public storage are unusual and are out of sight. things on andreas phone like images and pictures of me are on andreas phone from when i looked at those children in front of the leasing office unattended may 9 4:40 pm. pictures of my thoughts are on andreas phone and she is showing them to the arkansas plate lady and mother of those two kids. this is all an invasion of privacy by andrea. she may or may not have downloaded a app that can see my private thoughts in my head. that homeless kid steve barrios that i mentioned earlier has that app downloaded on his phoned that can see my private thoughts and he told andrea about it. he told her i think weird things when i see little kids. so what andrea and the fill in did on may 9 they waited until i returned to public storage on may 9, 2022 at 4:40 pm and the kids were running around, outside the leasing office and a truck. the mother of the kids and leasing agent fill in for andrea was on the opposite side of the entry gate. when i returned the mother and leasing agent returned to her children. while this was happening andrea was looking at my thoughts in my head on her phone at some other location. she either downloaded the app and is able to see my thoughts on her own or my thoughts were live streamed to andrea by steve barrios who downloaded this mind reading app in november of 2020. then andrea arrives at the property of public storage at 5:30 pm after i left and she showed the pictures of my thoughts when i saw the leasing agents kids on andrea’s phone. that and all the live streaming of me inside my storage unit b163 where steve barrios live streamed me to andrea for one year was never told to anyone by andrea the regular leasing agent. this is clearly an invasion of privacy. andrea will read this email to you as steve barrios is reading it as i type it five miles away. and he is going to download it on this library computer and show it to andrea, rather post it to her if he isn’t live streaming it to her as i type it.


  9. andrea is public storage manager in las vegas, nevada at s. eastern location. i lease there B163. i am paid in full until January 1, 2023. andrea is stalking me. march 28, 2022 run the cameras at s. eastern location 4425 s. eastern. at 11:10 am pst andrea receives a tweet from a terrorist named steve barrios and his homeless roomates. the tweet tells the public storage manager, andrea that i left my storage unit b163 and i am on my way to the gate to leave the property. andrea ambushed me at the gate march 28, 2022 11:10 am after she received the tweet from the terrorists who are watching me. they are also live streaming me to andrea the public storage manager who ambushed me at the gate as i left the property march 28, 2022 at 11:10 am pst. please review the camera footage. andrea has been stalking me for along time since the terrorists have been posting to andrea audio of me and video of me as well as text messages and tweets about me. if she does this again i’m calling the dirty and corrupt las vegas, nevada police on her

  10. This is the worst company I ever have customer service phone and help line is soo bad price not right at all I ben scammed for storage units no on can fix any problems at all

  11. I have a unit at public storage on Turner road in Salem Oregon and need to know what I do about the lady who runs the place I was inside the storage unit with the door closed because I was exchanging tools for work and there’s a lot of homeless people that live around here I didn’t want people looking in on me she came and with very rude yelling at me telling me to get out of the storage unit right now and with filming inside my storage unit my personal property index and she says that I have to get my stuff and get out I was only there for 10 minutes when she came out there yelling at me

  12. My name is Manual Sanchez I’m 65 and my wife Anita is 50 we both have health issues my wife has epilepsy and has sezuires and has to sit down when she has one we have a big storage unit and it’s full from top to bottom anyway on 3/09/22 and 3/11/22 we had a insedents on the 9th I went to storage to get some paperwork and the manager came up to me and said this is not a hang out place I explained what I was doing and he said it again so I left on the 11th we both my wife and I went to storage and the manager came up to us and told us that this is not a hang out place I explained what I was doing and he said that this is not a hang out place and he left I had to leave for a bit and when I returned my wife was very upset she told me that the manager was spying on her and she caught him spying and he got caught and got mad and he began to harass her mind you if I’m paying anyone to spy on my wife for 3 hours well that sounds alittle perverted but he told my wife that he was watching her for 3 hours and she wasn’t doing anything well when I returned he started harassing me it got so bad that my wife called the police then he went and put a lock on the storage door he said that I abandoned it but I didn’t the police was right there and he put a no traspassing thing on now we can’t even go to the storage without getting arrested I Need Help this same manager I found out that he has 5 other complains against him I need to get in the storage cause our medications are in there the storage is at 1808 w camelback Rd Phoenix Arizona 85015 the manager is not a good person he was yelling cussing and threatening me I need some help

  13. I have paid my units rent 2 times this month I have got screen shots to where I have got my confirtation number and approved number that my pay ment has wen

  14. I have used this business since 2011 and find it worse and worse. Never offered discounts just increases! Lead back to the same office through the system or charged high amounts to attempt to pay bill. Public Storage General Manager on Beck Avenue location cuts lock off even if I pay the account. My account number is 1390xxxx, Sharon Allison. This will end this year thousands of dollars paid into a hole. Being robbed without a gun! Victim of financial greed!

  15. I have had the same problems!! They over charged me, raised my rent constantly, refused to return my calls then, after accepting my full payment, they sold my unit anyway!! Everything I owned was in that unit and the property manager who is an asshole on a power trip who doesn’t care that he lied and committed fraud!! . he yelled at me and smirked when I had to walk by the people that were taking my things out of my unit. corporate will not call me back no matter who I call and every customer service number just reroutes me back to my facility.

  16. I have been up to date with my space that I payed for .manager at the Fredricksburg rd location near plasma center in San Antonio TX . Locked me out after showing proof of such payments pulled from Bank statement she’s been difficult to work with I’m legally prepared for the case and willing to go forthcoming with no hesitation let’s settle this out of court and have a great rest of your life type deal

  17. I’m requesting a full refund of charges for a unit I never used. I made reservation on line and canceled the next day. Julie from Naperville Punlic Storage was rude and condescending when I called to inquire 2/27/22 and when I called to cancel 2/28/22

  18. I had a storage unit for 7 months. I paid on time( it was auto deducted). I was unaware that I would not be reimbursed for the time that was unused. I left February 6. I had to move out of my house quickly, as my husband died. I was selling the house and he died 5 days prior to the sale, unexpectedly. I really feel I should be reimbursed for the 22 days I did not have my storage in the unit.
    I did call at the beginning of February and the person I talked with told me someone would call me. I am still waiting. Please get back to me on this matter.
    Mary C Woods

  19. apple valley minnesota foliage ave location. damn ice rink , you’d think for charging 400.00 a month for rent they could afford some ice melt. got the locker open now can’t get it closed and noone will help you. there is an ice pick yup. doesn’t help. have the locker under the wrong name due to their negligence, charged me a late fee. i could go on and on. but why would I waste my time? i am completely mind boggled at this time. SMH!!!

  20. I agreed to pay $168 a month I have had two stores for over a year and a half each month mice late fees continues to be $600 in Moore my storage unit was broken too and now my storage is being threatened to be auction off because through the company I have been sick and unable to pay for the last 2 months as you can see is used to look at my case I’m always late but I always pay so I don’t know why I cannot be given a little more leeway

  21. I have a storage unit at Bayville, New Jersey. I am having the worse time of my life. I had 3 spine surgeries already and now I maybe getting another one. My problem is I called Public Storage at 732-210-9864 on Saturday, 1/8/22. I called due to no money coming in at this time. I’m in bad shape and just can not work at this time. I already have a lawyer getting me permanent disability. It is just taking a lot longer then I expected. When I called on Jan. 8th. The man told me not to worry and how they would not sell my things in 2 months. Now I called the property manager at Bayville, NJ Public Storage and she said my things will be sold 3/22/22. I asked if their was any way I could give $50.00 or $100.00 just until I get my disability. She said no. The only thing they can do is waive late fees. I was told from a Toms River, NJ police officer that storage’s places would work with you. I have nothing at all. I am homeless right now. I lost my home due to this last surgery. That is why all my things even clothes are in that unit. I am asking for her in this matter. I can give you the lawyers phone number if you want proof that I am telling the truth.
    I can not stop crying and need your help badly.
    I think it was so wrong to tell me one thing on 1/8/22 and now I going to lose everything. I even have a car loan and they said they would take $50.00 a month instead of $370.00. Everything I have left is in that storage unit. I understand this is a business. But all I’m asking is to take $50.00 a month. This is just until my disability comes through. I am not lying about any of this. I understand people try to pull crap to beat the money. But I have never been in this situation in my life. My whole life has changed and all I’m asking is break so I can keep my things in the unit. If I lose those things I have nothing at all and will never be able to get a home. I could never afford to start all over. Please send this to CEO Joseph D Russell Jr. I never thought in a million years that disability would take this long. They put another claim in October. So I’m waiting to hear about that. Please, please help me. I really have nothing at all. I will borrow the money some how to pay for storage. The storage unit is very big but at the time that was all any place had available since the pandemic. I lost my job, and I lost my home. Please help me!!!
    I am very depressed over not being able to do normal things like walking good. Any help would be so very helpful. I’m not trying to beat anyone. I just need a break and trying to save my things. Like I said everything I own is in that storage unit. You can reach me at 609-660-xxxx. That’s a landline at my 80 year old Aunt’s house. I can not afford a cell phone at this time neither.
    Thank you for your time and attention to this.

  22. I recently complained about a rude, unprofessional, and incapable employee! Ironically, my rent was immediately raised!! It’s pure retaliation for your employee not being able to answer a very simple question. This business is so corrupt!!!! Oh, and they have a unit available at the same place for a 10×25 for $186. My unit is 10×20 and my rent is now $226! You shouldn’t take a complaint so personally, as your employees are human, and we all make mistakes. From what I can tell….you don’t use this as a learning opportunity, you retaliate against your paying customers?!?!

  23. I will like to make a complaint with the property on Pell circle, Sacramento CA
    They sold my property after communicating with the property managers of my hardship. I paid $300 of $518.00 that was due and they accepted my payment then closed my account. When talking to corporate this evening I was aware that my property was sold before the acceptance of my $300 payment. I was also told that property management with work with me if I paid over half that was due. They lied to me now I lost everything plus my $300 payment. My conversations with public storage at that location verbally told me
    I was safe as long as another payment was made right after.

  24. I moved out of the unit I had rented at the N. Pennsylvania location on November 30th. I dropped my keys around 4:00 pm in the night box because there was no one working for the 2 or 3 hours it took me to load my truck. I continue receiving texts that there is a past due. I am currently working on burying my son and cannot/will not deal with this. Thank you

  25. I have an issue with Adam and the safety of the Palm Springs location where the gate has been broken for weeks

  26. Former employee, need to change address to receive W2 for taxes. Tamera Brame
    PO BOX 3103
    EDEN. NC 27289

  27. How do we get this resolved?
    July 2, 2021 4:23 PM I emailed Robert Arredondo to find out what PS was going to do to resolve the problem they created
    July 2, 2021 4:55 PM
    Arredondo emailed back and asked what I was going to do about it
    July 5, 2021 7:17 AM
    I emailed him back and asked what my choices were when Public Storage creates a problem.
    July 14, 2021
    No response from Arredondo so I am submitting this inquiry

    Copy to;
    Ronald L. Havner, Jr.
    Chairman, President and CEO
    Phone Number

  28. 94$ is owed to me & Ericka wont call back it’s been 2 weeks. 614-209-xxxx Leesa Curry

  29. My name is Martha Williams. I have attempted in vain to speak with Fernando Sonco, District Manager, Inland Empire and Desert. His voicemail is always full and when I do leave messages, he never returns my calls. Therefore, I am reaching out to you for a resolution to my problem.

    1351 Pomona Rd., Corona, CA

    On February 9, 2021, I accessed your online system to obtain a quote for a 5×5 storage unit. My mom passed away and I had some items that needed storing. I live in Georgia. She lived in California. I found this Public Storage location online. In the process of completing the quote I entered C. Williams rather than M. Williams in the name section. Sometimes I will do it on purpose if I’m just information seeking. In this case, I decided I wanted to rent the space. I tried to correct the incorrect letter but the system wouldn’t let me correct it. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal so, I entered the remainder my information and paid for the unit. I planned to call the office the next day to correct it. I received a confirmation letter stating that my space was ready for use. The letter provided me with a gate code and the storage unit number.

    Upon attempting to access the property that same day, the keypad screen said that I needed to see the property manager and the gate would not open. It was after office hours, but it was before 9 p.m., which is the cut off time for move-ins. Upon calling the office the next day, I spoke to a very uncooperative person (I believe her name was Crystal) and she told me that unless I could come in and provide my I.D., they wouldn’t be able to rent me the unit because the account said C. Williams instead of M. Williams. I explained the problem with the name and asked her to correct it. She firmly repeated her statement that they are “unable to rent the unit unless I could come in personally and show my Identification. Just playing devil’s advocate here: it’s not uncommon or suspicious to have a name on an account and have someone pay the down payment. In this case, I am the same person, so even with the incorrect initial, I failed to see the problem. All the other information provided was correct. Remind you, I AM IN GEORGIA and she wants me to fly to Corona, CA to show her my driver’s license in person. To my knowledge there is no policy stating that I had to reside in California in order to rent the space. Again, so there should be no problem. The online system offered a means of renting a
    Page 2

    unit without having to come in contact with anyone (I’m sure due to COVID19). I told her that was fine because I obviously couldn’t come into the office, so just refund my money. She very

    rudely told me they won’t refund the money because they have a “no refund policy”. I said that’s not acceptable. Please know that I am not an unreasonable person, if I had entered the property, entered the unit and used the lock, I could POSSIBLY see the point. However, Public Storage REFUSED to rent the unit to ME. Again, I didn’t cancel or change my mind, I NEVER ENTERED THE PROPERTY, NEVER ENTERED THE UNIT, AND NEVER USED THE LOCK. However, Public Storage has the right with pocket my money and, essentially, tells me to go to hell???!!!!

    After that phone called, I called the corporate customer service line and I admit I was extremely upset. I spoke with a very nice lady, who reached out to the location. She was told the same thing and the representative told her that she had never heard of this type of situation and it shouldn’t be that difficult to resolve. Unfortunately, she didn’t get anywhere either. At that point, she offered to reach out to the district manager herself because she, too, failed to understand why this couldn’t be resolved or refunded. I haven’t heard back from anyone, as of the writing of this letter.

    So, again, I’d like to recap: I never entered the premises and never took possession of the unit, but I’m getting charged for one month at $52. I never used the lock but I’m getting charged $19.99 for the lock. I never accessed the property or the unit and I’m getting charged $15 for the mandatory insurance on the unit, I never took possession or moved one piece of anything into the unit, but I’m getting charged a $24 move-in fee and I’m getting charged $1.25 for taxes. Subsequently, Public Storage is REFUSING TO REFUND MY MONEY DUE TO A “NO REFUND POLICY”!!!!

    Keep in mind, they did verify my license was a valid Georgia license and my checking account was legitimate. I can only surmise, at this point, that they never had a unit available or this is perfect way in a pandemic climate, Public Storage can generate income without actually delivering a tangible product.

    In reading some of the reviews on this location (that weren’t fluff reviews written by the location itself), I am not the only person this location scammed or cheated. I sincerely hope that Public Storage Corporate doesn’t endorse or condone these practices. At the end of the day, your Brand is being tainted by this location.

    ACTION REQUESTED: I would like to receive a full and immediate refund, so I can put this unpleasant debacle behind me forever.

    Martha Williams
    Unhappy Consumer

  30. My name is Elsa Campo. On Friday 01/20/2021 I had a reservation #65260174 to rent a storage unit in San Antonio TX.Had to change locations because the first location was far away from the place where i needed it. when I arrived to the new location I rented the unit, ask for the $! dollar free rent which is advertised and was agreed in the previous place, the manager told me he didn’t honor that offer .I signed the contract to rent the deposit because it was 5 pm and we had drive 4 and a half hours to get to San Antonio. I am very upset for this , that is not what your company is advertising including the site in where the unit I rented is located. That will be false advertising.I will like to have the $1.00 first month offer. I already pay $191.40 to rent this unit till march 01/21. hope to hear from your office as soon as possible. my phone # is 361-523-xxxx. Thankyou


  32. Just a heads up for your customer service team. Most companies have a Twitter or Facebook customer service account these days, where customers can get fast help. I only have a small problem that i think could be fixed in 30 seconds. I dont want to be on hold for 10 minutes on the customer support hotline for that.

  33. Its a problem for me that the company is not open all days in calender year. I know that everyone are entitled to their holidays, but you could atleast have a skeleton customer service phone number that is open on weekends and at all public holidays.

  34. The Miller Place Mt Sinai Historical Society is reaching out to you and other Nat’l org. in our community to support restoration and preservation. Hawkins House Fundraiser. Can you support us?

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