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Company Website
Sam’s Club
Corporate Address
702 Sw 8th St.
Bentonville, AR
Company Contact
Michael Duke
President and CEO
Phone Number
(479) 273-4000
Fax Number
(479) 277-1830
Employee Count
Twitter IDs
@Walmart, @WalmartAction @walmarthelp

Walmart Email Info – Walmart CEO Email address.

Mr Doug McMillon
Walmart Ceo Email Address[email protected]
Walmart Corporate  Office Phone Number479-273-4000
Personal Twitter@Walmart

Where is Walmart’s Headquarters?

Walmart’s Corpororate Office address is:

Walmart Headquarters
702 Sw 8th St.
Bentonville, AR

What is Walmart’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Walmart’s Headquarter’s phone number is: 1-479-273-4000. Walmart prefer that customers contact the customer service number below, however.

What is Walmart’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Walmart’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-800-925-6278 (1-800-WALMART)

How do I Contact the Walmart Customer Support?

Use the customer service phone number. Alternative, use the Walmart Email Form to ask a question.

The Walmart Customer Service email address is: [email protected].

You can also contact Walmart Customer Care via their Twitter handle @walmarthelp or on Facebook at Click on the Contact on Messenger on the right hand side of the Facebook page to send the customer service team a Messenger message.


Walmart Executive Team.

  • Doug McMillon- President and CEO, Walmart
  • Greg Foran- President and CEO, Walmart U.S.
  • Judith McKenna- President and CEO, Walmart International
  • John Furner- President and CEO, Sam’s Club
  • Marc Lore- President and CEO, Walmart eCommerce U.S.
  • Andy Barron- Executive Vice President, Softlines and General Merchandise, Walmart U.S.
  • Dan Bartlett- Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs
  • Brett Biggs- Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • Steve Bratspies- Chief Merchandising Officer, Walmart U.S.
  • Tracey D. Brown- Senior Vice President of Operations and Chief Experience Officer
  • Michael Dastugue- Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Walmart U.S.
  • Pedro Farah- Executive Vice President and Treasurer, Walmart
  • David Galloreese- Senior Vice President of People, Sam’s Club
  • Ben-Saba Hasan- Senior Vice President and Chief Culture, Diversity and Inclusion Officer
  • Marybeth Hays- Executive Vice President, Consumables, Health and Wellness
  • Jamie Iannone- CEO, and Executive Vice President of Membership and Tech
  • Mark Ibbotson- Executive Vice President, Central Operations, Walmart U.S.
  • Ashley Buchanan- Executive Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer, Sam’s Club
  • Jacqui Canney- Executive Vice President, Global People Division, Walmart Inc.
  • David M. Chojnowski- Senior Vice President and Controller
  • Maarten Jager- Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Sam’s Club
  • Clay Johnson- Executive Vice President and Enterprise Chief Information Officer, Walmart
  • Jay T. Jorgensen- Executive Vice President, Global Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer
  • Jeremy King- Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
  • Kerry Kotouc- Senior Vice President – Sam’s Club General Counsel, Asset Protection
  • Liza Landsman – President,
  • Richard Mayfield- Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Walmart International
  • Kathleen McLaughlin- Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer, President at Walmart Foundation
  • Cindy Moehring- Senior Vice President, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer – U.S.
  • Michael S. Moore- Executive Vice President, Supercenters – Walmart U.S.
  • Julie Murphy- Executive Vice President, People – Walmart U.S.
  • Enrique Ostalé- Executive Vice President and Regional CEO – U.K., Latin America and Africa, Walmart International.
  • Kerry Pauling- Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer – Walmart International
  • Charles Redfield- Executive Vice President, Food, Walmart U.S.
  • Karen Roberts- Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Walmart Inc.
  • Tony Rogers- Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Walmart U.S.
  • Gisel Ruiz- Executive Vice President of Operations, Sam’s Club
  • Greg Smith- Executive Vice President, Supply Chain, Walmart U.S.
  • JP Suarez- Executive Vice President, Walmart Realty
  • Dirk Van den Berghe- Executive Vice President and Regional CEO – Walmart Canada and Asia
  • Hsiao Wang- Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Sam’s Club


The Walmart Board Of Directors.

  • Gregory B. Penner- Chairman Walmart Board of Directors – General Partner of Madrone Capital Partners
  • James I. Cash, Jr.- Lead Independent Director
  • Sarah Friar- Chief Financial Officer of Square, Inc.
  • Timothy P. Flynn Retired Chairman and CEO of KPMG International
  • Carla A. Harris- Vice Chairman, Global Wealth Management and Senior Client Advisor, Morgan Stanley
  • Steven S Reinemund- Retired Dean of Business and Professor of Leadership and Strategy at Wake Forest University
  • Kevin Systrom- CEO and Co-Founder, Instagram
  • S. Robson Walton (Rob Walton)- Retired Chairman of the Board of Directors of Walmart
  • Steuart Walton- Founder and Chairman, RZC Investments
  • Tom Horton- Senior Advisor, Warburg Pincus and Former Chairman and CEO of American Airlines
  • Marissa A. Mayer- Former President and CEO of Yahoo!, Inc.
  • Doug McMillon- President and CEO, Walmart


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  1. i went to the walmart store in piscataway nj to return an item. i had the original receipt and the item was not used. i was told that i had purchased the item over 90 days before and no refunds were given after 90 days. the customer service rep pointed to a big sign on the wall., there is nothing on my reciept that the return policy was good for only 90 days. why is there nothing on the customers receipt advising us of walmarts return policy, as far as i am concerned, there is no time limit for the return since nothing is on the receipt.

    1. Out of curiosity, has anyone at Walmart HQ helped you? I’m curious to know how seriously they take these complaints. Thanks! Michele Z

      1. No. I sent an email on 12/31/2020 and 1/4/2021. No reply. I am now emailing the CEO/PRESIDENT of Walmart. Last time I did this, the manager of the store I complained about called me the next day. I don’t mess around with customer service depts. any more

        1. I did the same about a policy that clearly discriminated against the disabled customers and violated Federal Disability Rights Law. Corporate agreed with me and notified the store that they were wrong. The store not only didn’t change, they told me they couldn’t change because the change conflicted with Walmart policy. So, days, letters, phone calls later, the complaints had gone around in ILLEGAL circles, even though top Walmart admin had said they would fix the problem. Walmart never fixed the problem . . . it has been almost a year!
          I suspect they will remove this post and another of mine, as they reserve the right to do. This is not a site offering the right to free speech. Walmart has the legal right and power to squash any complaints made on this site.

      2. The corporate official will listen, agree you have a complaint, phone the store in question, talk to the management. The management will have (truthfully) NO POWER to change either the conduct of store personnel NOR the Walmart Policy, but will try. My current complaint (my second) is that Walmart has a policy in clear violation of USA Federal Civil Rights Law under Americans With Disability Act and does not to make the accommodations for the disabled community required by law. They say they will, but they don’t. Walmart’s floor workers are nice, have no power what so ever, are not allowed to problems solve customer complaints (although many would really like to do so). Walmart’s Corporate management and its absurd policies tie the hands of their first line employees. This is why Walmart has lost so many Civil Rights ADA lawsuits in various States. Walmart thinks their policies control Federal Law and acts as though Walmart is not subject to Federal Law. I hope the disabled community hammers Walmart with such lawsuits that they have to close their doors.

    2. I know what your going through everything i bought for xmas( electronics) all had to b returned! And then today, went there to return mmy last item! And cause i cant wear a mask and unfortunately dont drive haven’t got to Belleville ont. To get a thing saying i dont have to wear1! It was an absolute nightmare!

  2. I am facing a problem to login to apply for a job at Walmart using my email address as an ID ,but it doesn’t go through. How can I apply ? Is there any suggestion?

  3. I had the worst experience at the store at 3223 Hammer Lane in Stockton, CA on May 24, 2018. The manager is Rickey Robertson. After my fourth call to Customer Relations (the first three calls made me feel as if my issues would be resolved). The last person I spoke to agreed with the store decision to not refund my money order before investigating the history of my complaint. When I asked to speak to her supervisor, whose name is George, he also agreed and in a reprimanding tone told me that they can’t make the stores do anything even though I met the requirements of the stores’ policy for refunding a money order. In addition to that the assistant manager, Michelle, refused to acknowledge hat I met the requirements according to policy. I don’t recommend any customers to use the financial services of purchasing money orders because Walmart has a problem with backing up the service that they give and refer you to Moneygram. You will never speak to a live person with Moneygram. If Walmart does not refund you then you have to complete a claim. You are charged $18 and it will take about three weeks to get your money back for an eighty-eight sent money order. So much for giving customers a great experience at WalMart.

  4. Ran across this on the internet.

    Monique … Have you heard about the Walmart boycott? On June 21st no black dollar circulate in Walmart chains. you can help by spreading the word not to shop at Walmart on JRan across this on the inune 21st. Often times we March in the streets and our black men are still dying. Stand with us today with our new form of boycotting. Walmart will not be the only store we boycott it will just be the first of many. Spread the word today. #boycottWalmartonJune21

  5. I notice while on Vacation at Hillsboro, Oregon. Jehovah’s Witnesses had a Religious Booth
    outside the Walmart store. I like it because it is all positive information.
    Can you permit a booth like that here on Maui,Hawaii where I live?

  6. If you shop at the Poplar Bluff Walmart Store there is a manager named Steve watch out because he has got a high temper and he does not like vendors or merchandisers he has caused so much trouble with vendors he thinks he is a store manager and over runs his authority in this store he needs a reality check and he really needs to go to a different store all together than the one here or get out of retail and leave Wal – Mart all together it is sad that this manager has this much of a attitude problem and that he causes this much of a problem with other people

  7. Went to Wal-mart today 7-17-2018 in Moberly MO. off of the 24 highway, loaded up some groceries about $130.00, went to pay with check, (check was not mine it is in my mother’s name) in which I have POA over. Well they asked for my ID in which I gave it to them, they said your name is not on the check and I said I have POA. I totally understood the dilemma that they would need to see proof. They said to set groceries aside and they would be waiting for me when I got back. Went home got POA papers and showed the proof of POA. Oh, forgot, when I got back groceries were not there, they had put everything back which was disappointing to me. Anyway showed them proof and was still denied from purchasing groceries. My mother is 87, and my father is 91, It’s not easy for them to get out and to go anywhere, that is why the Power Of Attorney was given to me to do their business for them. What may I ask is your policy on those who have POA?

    1. Your experience is a perfect example of how Walmart believes and acts as though the Walmart policies are above US Law. The store personnel are told to follow Walmart policy, do not know the law, and cannot follow the law without being subject to discipline for misconduct and possible termination.
      Walmart Corporate, when contacted, takes some steps to change the policy or communicate the law to the stores which then ignore that communication, because SOMEHOW the communication is never transmitted to the store and employees are never trained in the law.
      In short, Walmart freely ignores the authority of the law.
      I’ve been through similar twice now.

  8. I received my Walmart Charge Card. I went to Whitesburg Walmart In Letcher Co. KY. The cashier ask me if I want a Walmart Charge Card , she told me that I would get $25.00. I made a purchase today and my card was declined! The cashier told me that I had to make that purchase when I signed up for this card. The cashier the day I signed up for this card, had already checked me out. Why didn’t she ask before I made that purchase that day!! I am very upset. The cashiers need to be told to give the customer information before they check out!! We have a generic Walmart in Whitesburg. I can not buy a full sheet of Bounty paper towels. I have to drive to a Super Center to make that purchase. Someone in headquarters need to call the manager. The manager needs to know what is going on with these cashiers. I am disappointed in the Walmart Charge card.

  9. My biracial granddaughter was stopped by the older, white, female greeter today to have her merchandise compared to her sales receipt. I have NEVER witnessed this happening at this store. There is a small black population where we live (Plainwell/Otsego, MI) but this is unacceptable. I have shopped at this store every week since it opened – spent tens of thousands of dollars there! I will NEVER shop there again. Management needs to weigh the abuse of customers against the monetary loss of mistreating people of color. I called and spoke with an assistant manager and he did not seem to take this seriously. I will shop at Meijers and the locally owned Harding’s store from now on.

    1. You should see what Walmart does to disabled customers. I am truly sorry for your daughter. She is not alone. They do worse (and that is saying a lot!) to disabled customers.

  10. since when does wal mart take a full time employee and give them part time hours ? since the managers best friends kids need hours store 4399 Elkhart in. yet they still have a help wanted sign in front of the building but only friends of the manager are hired and no one else still empty shelves thru out the store. need to fire managers and hire someone that is not biased.

  11. i have been using the pharmancy at the walmart on 6th st in corona ca 92882 since i moved here 5 mo ago and ask every time why there are there no sani wipes at the door., each time talking to a different person was told we are going to soon , even by management . this is not a very clean store to begin with floors etc and the carts are very dirty i will be changing pharmacys so i do not have to go there any more there any more . but hope something will be done about this .

  12. The customers of Walmart leave shopping carts in parking spaces so frequently that often I have to get out of my car and move a shopping cart so that I can park. Take a look at the Aldi Store parking lot. There are not carts left everywhere. Why not? Because at Aldi, you must put 25 cents into the cart to move it and when you return the cart to the cart rack, you get your 25 cents released back to you. I think Walmart should adopt the Aldi model.

    1. Walmart shopping carts for the disabled are often left outside the store where they are inaccessible to disabled shoppers. Even when inside, the carts are not always charged up. You, Mike, presumably have feet and can get up to move the shopping cart. It is much more difficult for some disabled shoppers to find a Walmart clerk to take the disabled cart to the parking lot, unload the cart into the car, and to return the car.

  13. Do not buy a prepaid card from Walmart.

    When I purchased the bluebird card and loaded a $195.00 on 8/23/18.
    I tried to use after I bought it and couldn’t, so I went back to Walmart and spoke to a supervisor and store manager and they said it had to be on your end.
    Because my receipt showed it had been scanned upon purchase and loading the $195, that I had to call Bluebird/American Express.
    Bluebird shows it’s an invalid card (was not scanned appropriately).

    I have called at least 40 times and I have spoken to 8 or 9 supervisors and also spoke to Balwant in prepaid resolution dept and his supervisor. I was given an email address to forward documents for resolution and would get something in the mail within 5 to 7 days.
    Because the 3 fax numbers that had been given to me, I was continuously told they didn’t receive my documents.
    After emailing on 9/18 to Balwant I called back 2 hours and verified docs were received and spoke to Balwant supervisor and was told they had to forward documents on to the group that handles my type of complaint with the card.
    I’m still waiting, no update or communications.

  14. I used my card #4448 Aug.- Oct. 2018($249.42) and I had misplaced it they said they where sending a new card # 5878 which I never used because when I got It, went to act it and I was told it was cancelled, so they sent me another card #6603 which they said they transferred the balance from # 5878 of $856.33.Where that balance came from beats me. I made a payment in Oct 2018 ($25.00) , and they sent me a check for $856.33, now they say my balance is $1060.07, I will pay off the balance of $203,74 by payments but not more.

  15. Hello I had a interview with your spruce grove location and when I received the email that I got the job I went in to make sure that I would fill the information out properly I was told by the woman that interviewed me that that’s. Was a mistake and that I was not to be hired do to her recommendations. I would like to know what qualifies a person to join Walmart? I was given the clear message that I was being disgruntled against simply because I was the only guy at the group interview. I was interviewed for the meat stocking position by a manager that handled the cashiers and not by the person that manager of the are. I a a certified meat cutter and I find it insulting that that only man in the interview in need aof a job gets looked down on by the people you have in the manager position and thatn the manager oe area could not be there

  16. i live in pensacola Florida and your store on Blue Angel Parkway is terrible. its CONSTANTLY out of stock on things i need everytime I go in the store there always out of stock like last night wenrt for some ants NONE in my husbands size themn went to get our coffee NONE that we drink. on the shelf but a big empty hole next time im taking pictures and blasting yall whoever is managing this store needs to be checked on because he isnt doing it right

  17. We have been shopping at Walmart for years now. Today I was notified that you are changing the “Saving Catcher” app. My phone is to old to load the “new” app on it, therefore I will not be able to use or save any of the saving by shopping at Walmart. I feel I am not alone in this. You people have made it very difficult for us older generation to participate in this “new” saving catcher program, therefore I will be doing my shopping at WinCo from now on. If I am not able to save up the savings by shopping at Walmart to use as I wish when I wish, then there isn’t any incentive to shop there anymore. I also have money on my saving catcher that I can’t get and I never received a “plastic” gift card or eGift card email. This company is a joke. You take in millions upon millions and begrudge the people to “save” a few dollars to use as needed. Shame on you. Goodbye Walmart…..Hello WinCo.


  19. They lie about pick the same day I was told by I need to go to the store and get it I was also told it take 8 hours to process your order on the same day lie and lies

  20. I came to Walmart on dawson rd Albany ga. At 420pm 11/05/18 to get a battery some came after me were sevice before me, and cashier put my battery on the counter were customers are put there product on my battery its gone on 7pm. Walmart service say first one first serve . This is not right Bad service bad customers service . Everyone is gone, the lady at the counter name Cynthia and sad I’m the last one to be service . This service is 100℅ bad . A grade of F.f.f.f.f.f. please call me soon as possible. The lady at the auto dept. Counter is Cynthia This is Super bad services. Call me at 19047555051

  21. Asked the c ondescending resolution department for contact information for Walmart chief customer officer Janey Whiteside and was told that was private information that they could not give out. Asked for corporate address was told by Camille that she could not give out that information.

  22. I’ve tried unsuccessfully for years to get an ongoing problem with internet product delivery resolved. Even though I’ve been an excellent customer no luck. The problem is probably not unique to me. HELP!!!

  23. Walmart market Anderson sc is not stocked properly manager can’t get stock in many complaints but no action we all will stop shopping there

  24. My name is Gloria von Haus I have been shopping at Walmart for many years unfortunately ever since the savings catcher was changed there have been many problems. From the employees not being trained in the changes. To giving wrong information on how the savings catcher works. I was told that I had to link my debit or credit card to use Walmrt Pay. Consequently I now have over 400.00 of recepts that I cannot use in savings catcher. Because I would not link my debit card or credit card to Walmart Pay. Only to find out when calling customer sevice that was not the case. So because your employees were not trained properly. I as a long time customer am out over 400.00 in savings catcher recepts. Over 300.00 on 10/30/2018 and another 186.01 on 11/10/2018. So as of this time
    I will not return to your company until the loss of my receipts because of your employees lack of training is corrected.

    A very unhappy long time customer
    Gloria von Haus

  25. Ordered Item for kitchen last week, due to fire in my community, Newbury Park, California. It shows on website that product was shipped on 15th, would arrive on 16th, Friday,, end of day. At 8pm, I contact Walmart for a status. They told me they lost the product (Hillary B), not coming today. They could reorder, wait another 5 days to maybe come to my home or refund. So losing a product promised on Friday for shipment is my fault, I need to be inconvenienced, not Walmart? Item in e-mail shows shipped on the 15th, 1Z087W9X0300836602. Customer Service would not expedite item, no credit on item, nothing done to satisfy the customer. They did say I could travel 30 miles away to pick it up in a Wlamart store. I have products mailed due to disability. Horrible Customer Service.

  26. The Walmart in Chico, CA is forcing the fire victims of the Paradise, CA to move out of their parking lot. Why would they do this! They should be helping these people by providing tents, blankets and food from their store. It appears they are afraid of losing too much money on the upcoming Holiday sales instead of supporting and helping people who were just devasted and lost everything! Their lack of compassion and greed makes me sick and I will never shop there again!

  27. Very unsatisfied with your black Friday online shopping. Filled a virtual cart yesterday with 15 items. Walmart cancelled saying, “We’re really sorry, but we’ve canceled the items shown below because we couldn’t verify some or all of your payment information”. So I did just that. Today I filled the shopping cart with 9 items and again, cancelled by Walmart. in speaking with customer service, Sharon G told me it is your company’s policy because I had too many items and it bulked. Are you freaking kidding me? A black Friday shopping cancelled due to “too many items”. When I asked Sharon G how many items I could order online without being cancelled, I was told, “2”. So. This. Is. Unacceptable. Unfortunately I was bothering with your store instead of getting the same deal at another store, and now its all sold out everywhere. (PS4 slim 1T spiderman for $199). Sharon G also told me to wait 21 days before trying to order again, company policy. Seriously? I would appreciate an answer.

  28. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.,
    702 Sw 8th St.
    Bentonville, AR

    Porter Ranch, California – COMPLAINT
    Michael Duke, President and CEO
    (479) 273-4000
    (479) 277-1830

    Electronic Associate Kims declined to use WARP
    Department Manager Timothy felt my issue was beyond his scope
    Support Manager Raul did not see past his limited abilities
    Assistant Manager Jennifer was unable to help me
    Assistant Manager Janette tried but failed to rectify
    Store Manager Neil claimed as a Chief Executive Administrator of the Porter Ranch facility a piece of paper with apologetic terms should have pacified me – but it did not so I’m happy he did not attempt to humour me by printing one up
    I’m not Happy, I’m angry …
    Your California Black Friday advert information on page 10BASE is crystal-clear. Persons who present in time, which I did, are permitted to obtain an iPhone 8+ on the Sprint Network. Your Porter Ranch, San Fernando Valley, City of Los Angeles, Southern California refused to sell me an iPhone, irrespective of my having two (2) separate appointments for same. I am not interested in Verizon nor AT&T. I want to use Sprint. My issue was mismanaged in violation of the Business and Professions Code under false advertising statutes.
    ~ Lawrence Williamson
    [email protected]
    707-738-xxxx California

    Supercenter #2526
    19821 Rinaldi St
    Porter Ranch, CA 91326
    (818) 832-0643

    *California Business and Professions Code (B&P §17500) is the California statute that defines the crime of false advertising.

    1. I would love to know whether Walmart fixed the problem. Walmart does not even fix shoppers’ problems caused by Walmart’s violations of the rights of the disabled under Civil Rights Law, even though Walmart admits negligence in not doing so. I’ve experienced it!

  29. I went to the electric department and my boyfriend brought me a iPhone 6 phone the guy that waited on us was very rude made me feel an idiot he made me feel stupid

  30. I overheard two people in my car bragging about stealing 200 dollars worth of items on Thanksgiving in Wichita, Kansas. What specifically do I need to do?

  31. My wife , Keshia. Pinckney, ordered two LionHart tires, 245/35/zr20 95W, that were shipped out on November 2nd. I’ve had them on my car 1 week now and one of them already has a pinhole in the side of it in between rim and rubber. I would say that is defective. Anyway I can be compensated with another tire or something?

  32. Ordered Order #5981890-271851
    Online order Nov 23, 2018 1 item and still have not received item. After weeks of hearing nothing and no information on tracking order I had to call Cust Service multiple times. They finally said order was lost and had to re-order and stated would be available to pick up on Dec 6. Checking today order tracking now states Dec 12. This is totally unacceptable and very very POOR service. I would expect some sort of compensation out of all of this. My wife Tracie Yahn ordered this as a birthday gift and still do not have it.
    I will want a reply to my email and some sort of compensation.

  33. So disappointed with Walmart customer service. Placed an order on, got the order confirmation email. I was supposed to receive it Nov 30. But no update from Walmart.
    On calling customer service, found out that, they have a glitch in their system and order didn’t get placed properly.
    Now they are asking me to cancel my order and place an order with the price that’s available now.
    Due to fault in their own system, why I have to pay that price.
    Customer service is very rude overall, they don’t care about customer satisfaction.

  34. I bought a 55” Tv on that turned out to be the biggest mistake I have ever made. It all started out fine until it was time to pickup the tv. When the time had passed for the expected delivery, I called the store to see if it was ready for pickup only to be put on hold for 45 min as I was being bounced around from department to department. I was told that I could speak to a manager and again I was put on hold for another 30 mins. I never spoke to the supervisor. That was 12/5/18. On 12/6/18 I called again to check on the status of the tv and the tv couldn’t be found although the website said it had been delivered. I called customer service again only to be told that the tv was lost and my only option was to wait five days for either a replacement or a refund. When I asked to speak to a supervisor the gentleman put me on hold for 30 mins only to hang up on me. I was not rude or loud to the agent. I finally called back to just get a refund and hopefully I get that. I will never ever shop at Walmart or

  35. I’m trying to find out how to get the status on community grants that I applied for on behalf of the non-profit group I’m with

  36. I went to do some early morning (6.30am) shopping at Rotherham ASDA…. I only went to get some essentials like bread and milk. I saw a load of bread just being put on the “REDUCED” shelf. I decided to pick up 5 loafs of bread. I then made my way to pay. I used the self service checkout as the other were crammed with OAPS (who should do their shopping at a time when the normal working person can’t get to the shops during the day. When I scanned the items WHICH WERE SUPPOSED TO BE HALF PRICE, The price came up as full price. I asked an “assistant who wore a badge saying “Happy to Help” for advice as I took the items from the reduced shelf. Her reply was “THEY HAVEN’T BEEN REDUCED YET”,I may not be the most intelligent person on the planet, but I would have thought that everything which was on that shelf had been dealt with BEFORE being placed on that shelf. I went back to the shelf later after this incident to find the shelf stacked with simillar items still not been reduced in price. I asked another assistant who was sorting on that aisle what the price was, she then found out the new price before grabbing some bread, squashing it in her grasp ad repricing it, I did refuse to take the ones she had squashed but eventually got what I wanted. The moral of my escapade is that you should be extra vigilant with the price of the items you are purchasing otherwise you may well pay more than you expected


  38. On 12/ 30/18 I had visited the Walmart on Creighton rd in Pensacola fl to buy laundry detergent as it was my only day off from work in about a month and I was cleaning my house. So dressed in my cleaning clothes I proceeded to Walmart while in the store I decided to buy a few groceries meat and other cold foods. I payed for items and put in my truck when a lady needed to back up I slightly closed my door to let her out. The door shut and I locked my purse which had all my money and phone in the truck along with my keys. No problem I have insurance which covers lock outs. I went to the service desk and asked to use the phone where the lady in a yellow vest named nez said ok. I called insurance and was put on hold for just a few seconds. Nez without even looking at me hollered “ you need to get off that phone” I told her I was waiting for the insurance lady to give me a answe. She continued to say hang the phone up so I did. Now here I am dressed like a cleaning lady and stuck. I spoke to a manager and she said I’m sorry as if that’s their policy. This started at 12:00 I went to security and he said he had no phone for me to use either. It was pouring rain. I thought about walking but everything I needed to get help was in my truck. I asked several associates what I could do. No help whatsoever. I started hyperventilating thought I was having a heart attack and was going to die in that parking with out any help. I live right by this Walmart. I started feeling like I was in the desert. Now is that customer service. I need groceries and I’m scared to go back in that store. It was horrifying. I tried going but I have panic attacks

  39. On 12/ 30/18 I had visited the Walmart on Creighton rd in Pensacola fl to buy laundry detergent as it was my only day off from work in about a month and I was cleaning my house. So dressed in my cleaning clothes I proceeded to Walmart while in the store I decided to buy a few groceries meat and other cold foods. I payed for items and put in my truck when a lady needed to back up I slightly closed my door to let her out. The door shut and I locked my purse which had all my money and phone in the truck along with my keys. No problem I have insurance which covers lock outs. I went to the service desk and asked to use the phone where the lady in a yellow vest named nez said ok. I called insurance and was put on hold for just a few seconds. Nez without even looking at me hollered “ you need to get off that phone” I told her I was waiting for the insurance lady to give me a answe. She continued to say hang the phone up so I did. Now here I am dressed like a cleaning lady and stuck. I spoke to a manager and she said I’m sorry as if that’s their policy. This started at 12:00 I went to security and he said he had no phone for me to use either. It was pouring rain. I thought about walking but everything I needed to get help was in my truck. I asked several associates what I could do. No help whatsoever. I started hyperventilating thought I was having a heart attack and was going to die in that parking with out any help. I live right by this Walmart. I started feeling like I was in the desert. Now is that customer service. I need groceries and I’m scared to go back in that store. It was horrifying. I tried going but I have panic attacks. This finally ended when an associate let me use her phone. 41/2 hrs later so I was in or at Walmart for 41/2 hrs

  40. I went to the store in Newport to speak with the manager on duty to try to get a problem solved concerning my son and an CSM. We have had problems with her on other occasions and nothing has been done about. I ask him (asst.
    mgr. Jeremiah) if we could go to the office to discuss and he said, no, that we could handle it right here. He was very disrespectful and escorted me to the door. I would like for someone to call me back please. This CSM is constantly harassing my child. (870) 217-xxxx

  41. Nov9,2018 I ordered a Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner XL Max the vacuum was in pieces I contacted Walmart customer service to have a replacement item delivered order #5841867-109991 someone in your customer Svc Department took it upon themselves and generated a refund of which I did not ask for I’m requesting a return item of excellence quality the last customer Svc agent was demanding that she must have my credit /Debit card to charge my card again for another vacuum cleaner of which I stated “This is a exchange you sent me a disassembled item now I need a replacement a good vacuum cleaner please ship me the Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner I originally ordered please immediately “ the customer service representative refused to do so . I’m appalled that this item came too my home in the original carton disassembled And in horrible condition I’ve taken pictures of this product and I’m going to forward these pictures to all the news outlets to see if I can have some kind of professional customer service to finally receive a new Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner shipped to my residence

  42. Question: We researched and found that Walmart carries a number OZONE GENERATORS. Unfortunately for customer in search of this item, there is no inventory in Anchorage — and — there is no shipping to Alaska by some manufactures??? Is there an alternative way to make a purchase???

  43. Dont ever order a class ring from keepsake through walmart. I ordered one in October of 2017 and i still don’t have a ring. walmart been lying almost two years

  44. airbed was in a plastic sealer as new , yet air is constantly coming out and there is marks on the airbed as if its not as new as presented to me in a box as brand new, return one with similar issues, got a even exchange deal to have this one that’s apparently not new, got this latest airbed 03/02/2019.

  45. Ordered kayak on line for my grandson and had it shipped to his address. received call today from your delivery service informing me when they would be delivering my item and that someone would need to be home to sign for package. This is not possible since they both work. I asked to change delivery address or could I authorize them to leave package without signature. there answer was no, and there was nothing they could do. Called received the same answer, I cancelled the order. Any delivery service I have ever dealt with allows you to change delivery address, not yours. If I had known that a signature was required I would have sent my order to my address. Reordered kayak from IF you care and want to correct this my order # is 3631990-869638.

  46. when i checked out at walmart this morning there was a long line at the only register where the cashier was working, several of the self scan registers were open and the clerks were just standing around, no one wanted to use them, the only time they did was when one of the clerks checked them out.most of the older people and a lot of younger ones do not like the self checkers. some people have even stopped getting groceries there. its too hard to check out and watch kids at the same time. i will not use them when its easier to go someplace else.

  47. Walmart Bannerman Road, Tallahassee, Fl. This store is recently renovated . The “Scan and Go” check outs are in majority. I don’t mind this for a few items. HOWEVER for twenty plus items I do mind not having customer service to scan and bag. I WILL NOT SHOP Walmart when customer service is still available elsewhere. I have not seen price reduction due to your customer service reduction.

  48. This company is an example of what is wrong with the US today. Poor education and lack of culpability for what one says and does. They don’t believe that words have definitions that words are just personal interpretations. That they need not listen to what a customers says because they do not matter. They are just pieces of trash beneath their feet to be used and abused.

  49. Walmart in West Columbia once again have shown that they bnb dont give a damn about there customers. At 11:30 PM tonight Tuesday 4/30/2019, I was informed they close at 11:45 instead of 12:00 and no cash would be taken for purchases… Insane.

  50. Hi I visit store #1373 in Lilburn, GA today. The men department looked 👀 like a tornado 🌪 had hit it. Very unorganized it seemed like a thrift store. The manager said they are unstaffed at this location. This store need help Bad in the men’s department. Maybe Corporate will take care of this understaff issue at this location. As much money 💰 💰 as Walmart make it should NEVER be understaff.

  51. I have gone to the portage Walmart for yrs. have had a few common problems nothing as major as yesterdays visit. when Walmart came out with the sleepzzz I started buying it liked It much better then the name brands. so a week ago went into the store in Merrillville and was going thur the self service only to find out your brand was a call back the girl just took it never said a word .. so a few days later went to my normal Walmart in protage IN only to get in line and discover called back again … didn’t complain then either. So yesterday in humid 98 degrees went to portage Walmart and the shelf was loaded with your brand so I thought well they fixed the recall so off I went ask the pharmacy teck to check and it ran up so went to the garden shop to leave because I parked down that way. well much to my surprise it was on the recall list now Im getting angry ask cashier to void what she rang up I was going to the customer service where there was about 15 to 20 assoicates back there finally getting the attention of one had her check and of course recalled …this is my problem the shelf was full of the product and on the top of the shelfing was about 6 more … is there any communication with the your associates in the stores… as u may know now I am totally angery and asking why is this item on the shelf .. she said I will get the manager and get someone over there to remove it. so I went back to the shelf and stood there for 30 minutes and guess what not a employee or manager came over there .. because they were all in the costomer counter chatting with each other. BAD SERVICE .. they were to busy chatting about the heat outside or some comstomer giving them a problem .. I will say this.. its the same people everytime..

  52. At Walmart they are embarrassing customers that have teenagers with them in the isle you purchase cigarettes . They let you get fully unloaded you ask for the brand then they start telling and asking the teenager if they are for them . Now you are the center of everyone s attention and totally humiliated. There should be a sign before you enter the line if purchasing cigarettes don’t have any teenagers with you because you will be drilled they will be drilled and my autism grandson doesn’t want to go to Walmart anymore . This is a quick fix post the isle I’m totally upset it has made my experience with Walmart a nightmare . He had no right to do this and you know it your managers and him are covering their buts because of the Drama an totally out of line what they did to us .

  53. I took a disabled person shopping at Walmart in Covington , Louisiana yesterday to get their groceries. Here’s what I found. NO electric carts for the disabled shopper, apparently there were only 4 available that worked for a Superstore. 7 were broken and didnt work and there was 1 wheel chair and the wheels wouldn’t turn freely. Empty shelves in the grocery isles, is Walmart now expectining it’s customers to stock the shelves, it’s bad enough that we, their consumer, has to check our own purchases out and by the way the new U-SCAN is not wheel chair friendly, they need to lower it!! As for lower prices, they actually have gone up, so cutting back on staff did nothing for pricing. The person I took spent $206 and got approximately 1/2 of a basket of food, majority of which was Walmart brand. This company is going downhill fast and it definitely doesn’t cater for the disabled.

  54. I applied for a position with the distribution center. My application was in the under review status since the end of July. I withdrew from the position due to the fact that I thought maybe I did something incorrectly. A reactivate option came up so I clicked it thinking that it would do as it says and reactivate my application. I received an error message that stated that the application can not be reactivated at this time. So I went and tried to just reapply for the same position can’t do that either since I have already applied. Called the distribution center in my area and was told that the reactivate button does not work I would not be able to reapply unless another position (exact same) position becomes available.

  55. I have been unable to log into walmart now for a week.Why does the page pop up and says it is not opening,I need to get my schedule and other things?

  56. I was in your store on 8/17/2019
    store 5295 in farmingdale my
    I returned a speaker for a total of 80.38
    I still to see the credit on my chase freedom card. Ending in 5221
    I have tried to call the stores many times
    To receive no answer. I just want my credit back .

  57. The Milford, Ohio 45150 store need to stock there items every day.
    There truck delivery arrive in the morning. But their shelves , and the milk and coffee creamer are always half empty or NO sugar free creamer !!!!!
    I never can find the items I want to buy when I shop at Walmart. I have been a customer since the store open several years ago.
    But, if they don’t start stocking ALL there shelves, and dairy product I will start shopping somewhere else.
    All management associates needs to be aware of this problem. And be proactive to correct the PROBLEM.
    Donna Ishmael

  58. Kiss our business bye..if you want to be anti-American, we will not support you in any way. The second amendment is part of this country and you just stepped in poopoo by going against it!!!

  59. Just wanted to state my disgust with your recent decision to stop selling ammo and guns. This will do nothing to stop crime as criminal likely don’t purchase their stuff at Walmart and will no longer shop at your stores either.Mental health needs to be addressed, not the Second Amendmaent. Criminals will always find a way to do rtheir dirty deeds.

  60. I called but I also wanted to e-mail to say how disappointed I am that Walmart bowed to political correctness and will stop selling handgun ammo, modern sporting rifles and many types of rifle ammo. I am a retired law enforcement officer a have been a loyal customer of Walmart for 35 years. I was happy to frequent a store that took care of it’s customers and was part of the local communities. I am sad to say I will no longer be shop at your store as will a great many of my friends and family members in the military and law enforcement. I don’t understand the need to punish law abiding customers due to the acts of a few criminals. Being a police officer for 25 years I have yet to see a gun control law or policy such as the one Walmart has adopted stop any criminal or criminal act, I thought Walmart was above the political rhetoric but I guess I was wrong. I will now be spending my money else where. I appreciate the good service and quality goods over the years and I am sad to say goodbye.

    Brian McCabe

  61. 10,874 people died from drunk driving in 2018,

    387 from mass shootings

    Walmart still sells alcohol…

    40,321 deaths from car crashes in 2018

    Walmart still sells car parts AND has mechanics on duty in some stores…

    over 68,000 drug overdose deaths in 2018

    Walmart still has pharmacies…

    315 children under 15 drowned in pools and spas in 2015

    Walmart still sells pools…

    757 people where strangled to death in 2012

    Walmart still sells rope

    1589 people were stabbed to death in 2012

    Walmart still sells knives

    518 were beaten to death with a blunt objects in 2012

    Walmart still sells baseball bats

    385 people were burned to death in 2016

    Walmart still sells gas

    5051 people choked to death in 2017

    Walmart still sells food….

  62. Walmart has shown that, instead of being a friend and merchant for the common man, they are instead bowing to their corporate attorneys who are scared that they may be sued because ammunition they “may” have sold might someday be used in a shooting. I’ll buy all of my ammunition online, and buy my hunting gear from local shops. So long, Walmart. I won’t be back.

  63. It saddens me to learn that Walmart will discontinue meeting the needs of sporting shooters such as myself. I have relied on your stores across the nation for quality ammunition and accessories for many years as a competitive shooter. I use several different varieties of handgun ammunition, both in practice and in some actual competitive events. I know many others who do as well and most of them use your products and shop in your stores, or did until your decision to ignore our segment of your customer base.

    I encourage you to reconsider! There are a number of other types of goods that I purchase at the various Walmart stores in my area when I’m in need of any of the many types of things one seeks to buy in the day to day world.
    There are other places that I have passed by for years that offer portions of the same goods that you offer. By the time I reach your stores I’ll have bypassed local businesses that, when taken together, sell everything you have to offer and a little more!!
    I’m recommending to my friends that if you continue down this path, that they spend more money with these smaller, local businesses and support those who support us!

    Sadly, but sincerely,
    Thomas K. Roehrich

    p.s. I am also somewhat offended by your request that I no longer carry my personal protection weapon openly while shopping in your stores. There have been numerous occasions where other of your customers, in your stores, have thanked me for having the self assurance to do so. This INCLUDES many of your own employees. Even one or two of the local police officers have complemented me in passing!

    Again! I ask you respectfully to reconsider!

  64. Guess you all missed these facts?

    10,874 people died from drunk driving in 2018, You still sell alcohol…

    40,321 deaths from car crashes in 2018 You still sell car parts AND have mechanics on duty in some stores…

    Over 68,000 drug overdose deaths in 2018. You still have pharmacies…

    315 children under 15 drowned in pools and spas in 2015, you still sell pools…

    1589 people were stabbed to death in 2012, you still sell knives

    I could go on but surely you get the absurdity of punishing law abiding customers………………..

    or do you?

  65. Am greatly concerned about the filthy pond at Walmart at 101Dettro Dr. In Mattoon,il. It is stagnant with algae, plastic trash etc
    There are geese that visit this pond and even nest and raise young there,but it has become very dirty and a hazard to them.
    It needs proper attention asap.
    Thank you.
    Catherine Turner.

  66. Why so many changes in Walmart? When I went into Walmart Fulton,Miss. There was not one cashier register open just “scan & go”. It is o.k. for a few items but not for a cart load of groceries. You will lose business because this is not what the customers want. When I went to Walmart the shelves we’re messy and barely items on some shelves… I hear that you will be closing at midnight and the stocking crew is coming to days. People are not going to like dealing with restocking crews during the day and fighting with boxes of stock laying around… You might be trying to save money but the customers will go elsewhere to shop. I have heard from other customers that they don’t like all the changes going on.

  67. On September 12, 2019 I went to my local Walmart store in Kilmarnock, VA. After purchasing 25 or so items, I went to the cashier, where I had to wait 15 minutes to check out – there are never enough cashiers working. I am a business customer and presented my tax exempt card to the cashier. After ringing me up, I gave the cashier my business check – #19,487. At that point, she confronted me and said that she did not believe that I was who I said I was. Even though I had a business check and was wearing a business shirt, she was very rude and told me she had to check out my story with the customer Service people. I spend an average of $8 to 10,000 a year at this store and have never been treated this way before. I receive my check back and sign for the tax exempt status on the computer every time and have never had a problem before.

    I am sorry if Walmart is having people steal from them, but to harass business customers is reprehensible. Clearly, someone from your organization should speak with the manager of this store and instruct them in the proper training of their employees, as well as the instruction in basic common courtesy.

  68. Walmart offered my son a job and after going to orientation and giving two weeks notice at the job he was at; he waited a month while consistently inquiring about his schedule before he found out he would have to reapply because of their incompetence. The kid who started his senior year without a job yet has worked since he was 15. He’s worked to get a car, insurance, and a 3.6 GPA …. just a start a senior year without an income struggling to pay his insurance and doubting himself. No matter how much I reached out, I was given the runaround sent to Human Resources who never picks up basically no resolve. Establishments like this need to be on the news for breaking down our minorities, not being supportive of their communities like they claim to be, and to be quite honest being a discouragement. Of course negative news gets airtime- minorities out here shooting each other in the street or not accomplishing anything with their lives. One way or another our voices need to be heard when it comes to breaking down, belittling, and /or discouraging our children.

  69. I tracked a stolen iPhone to your store on rivers ave #1359 was told to call the ecoatm 8583244111 they explain that once they located the iPhone they email and all I had to do was send a copy of a police report and have the police fill out a form I email the copy of the police report and the letter from the police telling them to release my case #c0158xxxx so now icall because no tracking number was email they inform me they holding the phone this adds injury after the that that it was stolen I want Walmart to remove these machines as they are aninabler for theft my number 8434696xxx

  70. Walmart Express at 866 Cliffdale rd. Fayetteville, NC, I do not appreciate you not providing personal customer service at 9:41 am. Only self check was open. After I checked and bagged my items, I spoke with a customer service manager as to why no one was available. I was told that Walmart see “self checkout” as customer service. SMH! No ma’am, that is not customer service. I will pay attention here on out; if at least one person is not on a register, I will leave. I’m already giving Walmart my money, it should be my choice if I want regular service or self checkout. It’s wrong for Walmart to assume that everyone can use self checkout.
    I have pictures showing all registers had a closed sign on them

  71. We have been shopping at walmart many years. Not happy with SELF CHECK OUT I can see if for a small 10 or 15 items BUT NOT $200.00 THAT SPEND TODAY AND LAST WEEK $67.00. Everyone is standing in line with large baskets like mind and not all check stands were open . Meanwhile they go around and say you can use the self check out . I don’t think so – next you will be haveing us stock shelf. We already bring our bags in I think Walmart needs to treat its customer with repect and check us out in a timely manner. You need to check us out. Not HAPPY

  72. Complaints for your amusement.
    I’ve spend hours trying to point out and get corrected a mistake made with an online shopping order, only to be taunted, coerced into an additional purchase and humiliated by your “customer service”. Stupid little opportunities like this are my only sense of evening the playing field. It’s nice that Walmart employed people who take pleasure in annoying and messing with strangers in the name of “customer service”.
    Only the best for Walmart shoppers!

  73. please put four pack clear flavor strawberry zero water in La Plata store and in waldorf store also!!1 please put great value ice cream buckets strawberry and fudge swirl in both of those stores!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!

  74. My family shops this store daily.My Grandfather actually was an employee as a door greeter for about 12 years .I have always enjoyed doing business at this store as its very convenient to my home and daily routine….Until lately…Anderson SC store on 28 will start announcing as u walk in the dooe AND every 4-6 minutes that they close at midnight…You WILL NOT be checked out after midnight….Even at the door asyou enter the business…IS THiS HOW WALMART runs now?? Surely not!!!! Its very rude and NO OTHER store does this…I even go to Liberty Highway and they may announce once…Some nights not at all…I just think 28 has a rude delivery.This starts from 11 pm til midnight…It makes me HATE the shopping experience at this particular store.I hate that too because it is convenient but before I feel the way I as made feel I just would rathernot shop here at all…I feel rushed and as if my money spent is not appreciated by Walmart…I am in mind to record a few nights of this and send to every person I can until this rude gesture is corrected. What a shame that my dollar isnt even appreciated because if thats not how it is thats the feeling I leave with.

  75. The KENEDY WALMART PHARMACY employees need to be fired already. This is my second complaint and I am fed up with the morning pharmacy techs and Pharmacist. I call the phone number 830-583-9832 and they never never and I mean never pick up the phone. This is very poor customer service standards for this store and an embarrassment. I’ve told them before I made a complaint and I guess they didn’t care. I’m seriously thinking about going to HEB or CVS to get my prescriptions from now on. Oh, by the way, the stores front cashiers need to have better training and customer service skills. I’m so tired of telling the cashiers at this Walmart that I’d like to have cold food with cold food and hot stuff together. I can tell them 2 sometimes 3 times and they still get wrong. Someone needs to make a undercover visit or surprise visit to that store quick.

  76. Dated: 10/11/2019
    Walmart 23 mile Rd and Shelby Parkway
    Nothing but the Truth:

    In lieu of the facts you have might heard again “Marjory of the Walmart Stores are Excellent”, however this Walmart Store Stated above is something else. We have been shopping at the store for about 2 years.

    The following comment implies:

    1. Over this year this store has gone downhill as to restocking; Groceries, Dairy products, Produce, and pre-packages frozen foods to a point that we have to go to another Walmart to complete our shopping, it appears they have weak management or they do not know how to manage a Walmart Store this size.

    2. Another issue at this store is about 25% of the items they are trying to sell are not priced or are missed marked. This makes customers wonder just what the price is or they put it down in a difference location in this store.

    3. Majority of the employees are excellent, proud being apart Walmart except when you have packed your shopping cart(s) and ready to leave this store! One of their employee gives you the “Third Degree”, “go thru all your bags” –“like you have stolen food or what”. And will treat you like a second class citizen.

    4. One of their Assistant Managers! came over and made us feel that it was our fault and the employee is one of the best employees they have.

    5. We have been shopping at many “Walmart Stores for years, however, after this issue today we will take our business to Meijer’s, Kroger’s, Vince and Joe’s where they treat their customers as their own!

    Well you will see these issues the next time you visit this store, we gone elsewhere with a few others shoppers!

    Vietnam Veteran

  77. I’ve been trading with Walmart for close to 20 years and I like to know why I should continue to give you my trade if I cannot find a register that is open to maybe one if you’re lucky to and all the shelves are empty in the grocery department so I have to go to another store to find the groceries that I need . (615 308-xxxx

  78. My name is charma battle let me start by saying i have been shoping at walmart for years and we spend so so much mony at walmart we spend 200 to 300 every month not to mention Christmas and other things we have never had any problems until i bought a cell phone that did not work. All i wanted was a phone that works. Their was a person by the name of Gabriel that i was talking to i told her that i would come back tomrrow with my son to help me choose a phone i did and i asked for i was told she was at lunch i was not feeling well and a employee got me a chair i was about to leave and sprint stoped me and sold me a contract for 50.00 a month the lady Gabriel became upset i waited and waited for her to come back from lunch they told her i was waiting she never came out i bought a phone and it not working i took it back before 15 days Gabriel would take it back she said she needed the box i told her use the box from the new phone she said no and went home got new box then she talked to brian who day befoe was really nice then he said their was a 15 days to return the phone i called sprint and they told me you have 15 days to upgrade and 30 days to return then sprint told me to take it to errick when i called walmart and asked to speak to errick they told no one worked their. I talked to co manager who was rhude and did not even want to talk to me i called 1800 walmart who said they agreed to how they were treating me. I called another walmart that i shop at also i was told ro call nichole who told them to take the phone back i was told they needed a number to take it back. Their was a manager by the name of donte who was walking by and heard me say i just want a phone that works he tried to take it back and the computer had been set not to take it back because of all the problems he gave me 50.00 that i gave back to walmart before i left the store. I got sick from sitting out their 2 times i had to go into the hospital. I just got out and still trying to get my phone exchanged. This is not fair or right as a customer who shops at your store and my family also shops their. I will be addressing a letter also. My phone is not working right can not get my email. My address is 5xxx yorkland ct apt e columbus ohio 43232 phone number 61499xxxx.

  79. The corporate office email address is not working for me. I need to email you about an issue, or at least send you a pm on Facebook messenger, if you are answering messages on Facebook.

  80. My mother has recently diagnosed Parkinson’s, she can no longer walk unassisted and when she does walk with walker, just walking from car to doors wears her out so she doesn’t leave the house often cause insurance won’t pay for wheelchair. She wanted to buy some pjs for a upcoming stay in rehab. I went in to get a wheelchair I can push her in to be told your Conway store no longer provides them for customers. That they only have electronic ones. My mom doesn’t have the motor skills to operate one but tried because she wanted to shop for herself today. She ran into multiple shelves, embarrassed her tremendously. She felt horrible having people see her not be able to operate one and felt like she couldn’t even shop independently. I’m not sure the decision to remove the push wheelchairs for customers convenience but I really hope you will consider bringing them back, if theft is an issue place a refundable deposit lock on them or let us give our drivers license to door staff to use one. Which will allow people a little bit of dignity while trying to feel as independent as they can.

  81. Face mask are illegal. Unconstitutional and just plain WRONG! And then to be harassed by people who choose to follow the sheep is not right! I will NOT shop at Walmart until you remove this!!

  82. Walmart store in New Milford CT
    THE SHELVES ARE NEVER STOCKED! Went in for the basics
    And everything I was looking for was bare. Could not find a sponge. The store is pathetic!

  83. Please keep at least one cash register open at walmart store in Wilmington ohio. There are many if us who do not want to use self checkout. For many reasons

    Please keep cashier checkouts open at Wilmington ohio walmart store. Many of us don’t want to use self checkouts. For many reasons

  84. I did not receive but 4 items in my most recent grocery order. I called to report my dissatisfaction and talked to 5 different people. I asked to speak to a supervisor with 2 of the 5 people and they said it was not possible. I am very frustrated with the grocery delivery and the lack of customer service.

  85. Deviled eggs turned into egg salad. Took 1 1/2 hours to peel 18 eggs. There goes my request for eggs. I have a pic.

  86. Good evening,
    Down below are some of my emails that I have been going back and forth with. I need someone to look into this and give me my refund back.
    TechZone is not doing a good job on investigating my package. Again, everything was in one box, get a refund for the smaller amount but not the tablet. I believe I have been patient long enough.
    Please advise!Nefroteria Preston
    Good morning,I have replied back to your email with attachments of proof of delivery and signature who signed-off on the package! I have sent you all the proof of my package. Again where is my refund? Now my question is, how did you refund me on one item and not the other item? Everything was in one BOX! Someone knows about this package. Please investigate and send the rest of my money back!Please advise!Nefroteria Preston
    **Note: You have received this message from the customer, who has made a purchase from your company on Please respond within 1 business day.**

    Thank you,  Walmart Customer Service Team

  87. I noticed that both Home Depot and Lowes have parking spaces for Veterans adjacent to the Handicapped parking spaces.
    Is that something that is on Walmart’s radar?
    A Veteran

  88. Hello Mr. McMillon,

    My name is Kayla Holbrook. I purchased a patio set from your company to have for the summer. Unfortunately it only lasted nearly a summer before the chairs and table started become week. One of the chair just broke this past weekend. Please see pictures attached. To pay nearly $600 for a patio set, you would hope it would last a couple of summers. It is unfortunate that this had to happen to us. I just wanted to let you know the quality of this product and the frustration of a customer who spends a lot of money at Walmart to have this happen.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kayla Holbrook

  89. This a recent enquiry into your sister company in the United Kingdom Asda namely the customer service and Mr Roger Burnley CEO OF the British companies both seem very reluctant to answer, at their pearson street Brierley Hill Branch, they have either given permission for Dudley council to operate a honey trap scheme on privately owned property allowing the fining of every potential customers of your related companies, allowing them to operate this rip off scheme.
    Perhaps you could apply some pressure for them to answer my question.
    (1) Have they given their permission for Dudley council to operate this scheme effecting all potential customers of your related companies.
    An answer rather quickly would be appreciated.
    Graham Walsh

  90. This is such a ridiculous and irritating customership department. There is no reply to my number of e mails. I wonder sometime as to why these big reputed companies this department at all. It is more of a showoff than concern for the customers.

  91. I would like to submit an idea/invention toy that serve as an exercise device to Walmart for licensing. Who can I email directly to send toy information.

  92. So I’m curious as to why the Walmart on treasury drive in Cleveland,tn as you walk in they seem to pick and choose who has to wear a mask and who doesn’t. I had two other people come in doors in front of me neither was wearing a mask but I and the other person I was with was told we had to have one. I understand if mask are required but if others are not told they have to wear one ad entering I’m not either. There is several people in the store that doesn’t have one either and I pictures to prove it as well.

  93. I was denied workman’s comp because I wasn’t referred to one of the authorized physicians when I got injured. I tried calling workman’s comp and the lady told me she doesn’t have to send a denial letter to my caseworker. All I want is proof of a denial letter please.

  94. I got a cold and called off ob 10/2 the manager told me to do the assessment for covid19 and i did as instructed. Within 2 days i was removed from the schedule for the entire month even with a return date of 10/11. Also had no access ti my login. Called the store 4354 at least 4 times asking for manager and not one time was the call picked up. So my assumption is i am terminated. Then they call and say well u just come in tomorrow and open. Seriously i had already scheduled a dr appt and they continued to be rude from there. They can remove me as an employee since essentially i was terminated effective immediately. I once again have a dr appt tomorrow and will be sending my husband in to pick up my final check. I truly thought this was a better place to work but boy was i wrong

  95. Bought Gamo 10x swarm whisper pellet gun 2 days ago.Gun was out of box defected. Tried to return at Suffern NY,Harriman NY. and they don’t wanna take return . Store managers was nasty and angry on me. Spend $170. And have air gun 2 days old what can’t use becouse it’s defective. Bravo WALLMART. SHAME YOU….. Trying contact WALLMART headquarter and if that doesn’t work. I’ll Ask for lawyers help …

  96. I purchased the DVD “Croczilla” at Wal-Mart on 10/14/20. At minute 24:41 it shows full frontal child nudity. I am looking for advice on litigation and to let you know of this highly offensive and illegal product being sold.

  97. mr. mcmillion I have been told several times that I had won a 1,000 walmart gift card several times over the last couple of years and I have yet gotten the card you did the same for everyone I supposedly won! Sir I am very
    upset with your company I feel as if I have been led on and lied to. sir I do allot of shopping at your stores and I feel I don’t deserve this kind of treatment

  98. I believe the management of the Walmart at Marshfield, Mo is poor. To often, items one can expect to find at a Walmart are not found there; for example, I had to ask them to order one item; it took six months for to Kellogs frosted Little bits to appear on the shelves. Today, there was not a single can of red beans or deep red kidney beans on the shelves. Several citizens of Marshfield have expressed their dismay over the poor management. Please look into it.

  99. Between the 2nd and the 4th I had gone to Walmart to load money on my card $500 it was never put on it and I can’t find the receipt they refuse to investigate where my money is ,they refuse to check the cameras to see who the worker was that was doing it everybody refuses to help me.

  100. Ur wasilla alaska store call out info doesn’t work and when someone comes in with a temp they don’t let managers know so they think they r a no csll no show. HR manager threatened to fire an associate who is pregnant and running a 103 temp
    During this pandemic would expect leniency. Im a nurse and hearing outrage me. Need to make changes to ur HR policies. The governor of Alaska is already aware.

  101. I’m being told Walmart cannot take payment by phone for eyewear, even though my paraplegic sons glasses are broken and I am the one paying and I am tending two kids who just tested for COVID. REALLY? In a Pandemic? I’m In Utah, one of the hottest spots in the nation. Cedar City Walmart is NEVER stocked, never fix their carts, and allow people to NOT wear masks. The only reason they get away with it is there is not much competition.


  103. Trying to reach out to CEO…In regards to incident involving my son at Walmart. He was bitten by Black Widow spider while trying on shoes. I rushed him to E. R. and he ended up being admitted. The Manager filed a claim and told me to call and give information. The lady who investigated the incident found that Walmart wasn’t responsible. I was told to get government assistance to pay medical expenses and Walmart didn’t tell that spider to bite my son…I didn’t file that claim myself..I didn’t even know that I could..My complaint is..Why didn’t Walmart take a moment to ask if he was ok..or send condolences..or get well card..Instead..we was just kicked to side and didn’t even matter. It’s not like I was trying to get rich…My son was seriously sick from that bite…he said his goodbyes on the way to was a nightmare. I’m very thankful hes well and ok. But Walmart could at least take the time to acknowledge how serious this was and what he went through..But only took the time to let us know they didn’t make that spider bite him..


  105. I’d like to know why it takes over 2,minutes for someone to answer the phone at store #3233 that is just not acceptable for a company that size does management not hear the phone ringing??? Is it below management to answer the phone? I know they hear it ring
    Just very unacceptable someone at corporate should try calling at various times a day and see how long it takes for the call to get answered

  106. Please remove a Walmart commercial that show a nake a man inside a tub eating Cheeze crakers nowl It a bad habit and I do not want anybody doing this in this pamdemic, It is real I hope you address this STAT.

  107. Yoh Chris here is the transaction they debit my account on Nov 10 without my authorization
    At 12:28 pm for 264.00 and 33.62

    Transaction Id : 1770574xxxx

    This was cancelled on Nov 4 for the 264.00
    I only authorized the 33.62

    They took 33.62 on Nov 4 and then charged
    Me again without my authorization

    On Nov 10 for 33.62 and 264.00

    I’m filing charges with the online fraud department and consumer affairs

    And I’m contacting a lawyer to see if I can sue

  108. I just sent a message to the Maine Governor Janet Mills. Have spoken to managers at the Brewer Maine store about not reminding customers breathing down others necks and then 16 register but opening only 4 while over a 100 forced within 4 feet. UNLAWFUL. Manager there Deb did nothing… Would you like me to show your stores how its done?

  109. Hello! I’ve a friend, Al Francis, that has been attempting to present your company with an BRAINWAVE that WOULD HAVE/ WILL assist WALMART in serving ALL during this TRAGEDY of COVID-19. I named it EDEN-DOME. Set in “needy” areas a GREENHOUSE has TINY HOMES placed at various sized sections, to grow FOOOD for those “IN NEED” . Contact HIM, and I WILL help IMPLIMENT the BLESSING(S). The entire THOUGHT is on WORDPRESS.COM: “EDEN-DOME”
    Al Francis… 740-274-xxxx

  110. Dear Mr. Mcmillon,
    I am a avid Walmart shopper. I purchased a Wal-Mart gift card to use on the 1st week of your black Friday sale .When I finally was able to purchase your. 42 in my gift card would not work. So I lost my tv. I returned to my nearest Wal-Mart they returned my money but no tv. The District Manager at this store (Dublin GA is awesome he apologized. But informed me they were sold out of this item. This was no fault of mine.
    Wishing all a Happy Thanksgiving.

  111. You are not being fair to loyal customers by not letting them have a real chance to buy a playstation 5 for the child.

  112. Hello first of all I’m embarrassed to write this letter but i have been a loyal customer and i thought maybe you guys will help me , my situation is this, i have two boys one 11 and the other one 5 every year mom and dad always have bought them many presents in fact we have given toys to those in need my 11 year old takes his practically new shoes and send them to Mexico for kids that don’t have any in fact there a huge bag of shoes right now in the back yard waiting too be sent to Mexico. but this year has been difficult for us. i manage to buy a Christmas tree but no presents and my boys ask me dad did Santa forget about us we have no toys under our tree of last year by this time they had lots of presents under the tree. but not this year. so i took a chance in writing this email in hopes that some one may get it and donate some toy or toys to my two beautiful boys whose names are ELIJAH AMADOR AND ISIDRO AMADOR my wife and i are OK we can go with out but it hurts me to hear my sons asking if Santa forgot about them. i am a community health worker who help out the homeless and those who are facing tough challenges and find them resources and housing and i go out every day to the streets to help out the less fortunate but if only someone new that i my self is facing a difficult situation, i hope someone may at least read this email and send a toy to put under our tree. my name is ISIDRO AMADOR SR. I work for THE GOOD SEE ASCENT IN LOS ANGELES my number is 213 446-xxxx my address is 250 e 85th st Los Angeles ca. 90003 my email is isidro.jamador thank you may god bless you.


  114. Hello .I ordered an phone watch series 3 gps on nov 25 on line .I called Walmart in Plainfield yesterday Dec 3 they said it ready come pick it up .I get there they saying it not ready .today Dec 4 I get a cancellation .I email Walmart chat they told me it was canceled because u can’t pick it up in the store .my problem was why wait a week and a day why when I put it in the cart that day it didn’t say anything and then took my money 119 plus warranty total 143 ..I did on line chat the guy said that nothing they can do I should get a refund .my point is don’t know why they couldn’t give it to me the same price I went on line and it selling for 180 . The guy said his boss Oscar said they can’t give it to me for the price on black fire 119 if I wants I had to order it for 180 .It a error on Walmart part if it wasn’t for pick up at store it should of been Dey then .I know supervisor can override ..I should be able to get it fir the price I had it for not pay an extra 60

  115. Been trying to resolve a covid issue regarding an exchange of a car battery under warranty for 4 days. The store, Hallandale Beach, Florida, does not pick up the phone. Customer service tried to contact them via email, return call was missed by my husband but number given was the store number which never got picked up even though many attempts were made. Tried customer service again twice and was looped into the store or disconnected. Last try was this morning. Customer service said she would look into resending the email sent on 12/4 but I asked her to add they should keep trying until we picked up since they don’t answer the phone. I also asked for an email address to contact corporate. The rep said she would get that back to me but needed to do research ,she did have my phone number. While she was doing her research we were disconnected and I never got a call back. The problem is we don’t go into stores or out v much during covid. We can take the battery to curbside and exchange for a new one there. It was purchased 10 of 18 and has a 5 year warranty. It is a Maxx EverStart 12 volt battery Maxx – 755. It is not a major problem as far as we can see, to do the exchange curbside, but getting in touch with someone to arrange this has been the issue. Please get back to me by phone 786-375-xxxx or email J 3732 @ It is quite frustrating and takes a bit of time waiting for someone to answer and then find no service. Thank you

  116. I order for items to go to 5070 Fayetteville Road, lumberton, NC. Part of the order went to Walmart supercenter, Gillespie Street, Fayetteville, NC (40 miles away).
    I called customer service, to inquire and try and get the order sent to Lumberton, NC.

    The customer services agents from, online chat, and grocery phone support were a joke. Each person was not knowledgeable on how to figure out the problem not how to resolve my problem. 1.
    grocery support told me the system was off line and to call back later. 2. on-Line chat (basically) kept telling me the items were in Fayetteville NC and I needed to pick them up from that store (the store which is not my home store). It was until I sent my email confirmation to show the items were at Fayetteville, NC and my HOME LOCATION order was placed to go to Lumberton, NC. Part of my order was at Lumberton which I picked up. 3. person took 25 minutes try and type a email to the Fayetteville store to let them know this order was at the wrong store and could they help. 18 minute was me telling him the address so he could type it in his message. He did not know the English language and would repeat every number and letter of the address 3-4 times before he finished that one sentence.
    This is what the world has come too. Inexperienced individuals (answering phones) taking your care of your banking, medical and personal needs with no experienced interaction with qualified professions in the filed of employment.
    To have three people who only knows how to tell lies to get you off the phone or computer so they can show productivity to get paid. So sad of what Walmart stands for. No morals or ethical conduct. Sam Walton is turning over in his grave to see wimpy spineless leadership. Profit over customer satisfaction.

  117. I can’t believe the HORRIBLE experience I have had with this company!! How can you take my money for products sold by you, but because YOUR company bought from someone I China, I now cannot get a refund from them according to “their rules” . I did not send this company my hard earned money, I sent it to you in good faith. This is nothing but a pass the buck scam!! After weeks of phone calls and texts (at least six calls and 8-18 and e-mails) I am out $169.28!! I explained over and over this was a return due to covid-19!! If I give you my money, I should not have to deal with this terrible treatment by YOUR vender. This is very hard for me financially. ( Sr. Citizen) Shame on you Walmart!!

  118. Note – this is the email sent to Doug…

    I’m writing to inform you about the lack of customer service displayed by your company and the lack of respect with follow up or concern to address this matter.  I ordered a chair online for delivery on Dec 8 along with professional services.   Your company failed to inform me that delivery was delayed, the professional service individual showed up to complete the order without knowing the product was delivered.  When i called your customer service department, they lied and said the product would be delivered via Fedex on Dec 9 (gave me the tracking number which said delivery would be Dec 11).  I explained the critical need for the product…of which your rep couldn’t be bothered to care for the reason.
    Just for your awareness…I’m going for surgery and required the chair because i won’t be able to sleep in a bed.  I explained this to 2 agents prior and both showed no regards to it.  As a customer who just switched over to Walmart from Amazon I’m not sure i’ve made the right choice.
    I look forward to your response on who this is being address…I’ve cancelled the order and leave not knowing if I’ve ever order from Walmart online.
    Order Number:  #6102079-18xxxx

  119. Delivery service at store #2094
    This store has canceled my home delivery twice: 761120845xxxx and 760020256xxxx -they gave the excuse that driver canceled-I tried calling the stores 2 phone numbers several times-they don’t answer and voicemail is full. Called 800 924 9206 and Marco who answered 800 number also couldn’t get in touch with store either-his solution was “why don’t you cancel your order” . Both of my orders were canceled by Walmart Vista, CA -terrible customer service! I was told a manager would call me to resolve these problems! I have Not received a call! My account has been charged which is unacceptable! My solution -hire backup drivers, if Walmart offers delivery service than they need to provide it! Please respond 760-822-3040 -store #2094 needs your attention
    Thank you
    Gail Green

  120. I am upset with that unbelievable doll called Revenge doll! Also the VOODOO DOLL!!! REALLY ENRAGES ME YOU WOULD SELL SUCH GARBAGE!

  121. Hello just wanted to let corporate know that store #519 in harrodsburg ky is far the worst store ever. I have been shopping here for 30+ years and the past couple years at least the whole store has been such a horrible experience everytime I go in there the employees never offer help they are alot of times rude and very undertrained. The store is always a mess and nothing is ever stocked ..everytime you need help theres not one employee around to help. There are never any cash registers open only self check out. And to say this I am not about to self check out a full cart after I spent time to go around and shop .the cashiers when there rarely is one open they are under trained and rude .half the stuff in the store is never priced or in the wrong spots on shelves . Like I said I’ve been shopping at store 519 for almost 30 years but having this much keep going on I’ wi stop going here it’s so bad that you have anxiety before you even go in the store. They keep hiring more employees what for because most of them stand around on their phones or doing nothing but standing around talking to each other . This store is not friendly anymore and hate even having to go in there anymore .

  122. Hello, I am very disappointed in my Walmart Online shopping experience & need help finding a resolution to this. I love shopping at Walmart, but have a very bitter taste in my mouth right now. Unfortunately, my account was deactivated I was told due to my clothing returns. I have bought much more than I have returned to start with. When you shop online, it is very hard to know which clothes will fit or not. I have a very big family that I shop for and due to Covid have been doing all of my shopping online. I’ve spoken to many people at Walmart Customer service & they said there was no limit to returns. Even the manager at my local store said she has never heard of this happening to anyone. I am very disappointed and frustrated that Walmart would deactivate my account. I do not know if I will ever shop at Walmart again & would like to think of Walmart more fondly having better customer appreciation and a simple resolution to this. Thank you in advance for your help.

  123. On 10/21/20, I phoned Capitol 1 and received a deferment on my Walmart account ending 5335 due on 11/27/20. On 12/8/20, I accidentally discovered the deferment had been declined sometimes back in 11/20. And , the account was now delinquent for 11/27/20 with a late fee($39.00). I immediately paid the so-called past- due payment for 11/27/20, ($165.00), but, stated I did not owe a late fee because Capitol 1 did not inform me of the decline of deferment. A supervisor said no letter was necessary because a statement had gone out. Still, on 12/11/20 another Capitol 1 supervisor said a letter did go out. Conflicting stories from two reps. This is all a bogus mess aimed at collecting a late fee that Capitol 1 does not deserve. Capitol 1 made the error of miscommunication. Let them fix the screw-up. Not me!
    I ‘ve had this account since 1978. I will not tolerate this bogus deceptive BS. I will close the account if necessary.

  124. Good morning,
    I have been trying to get an xbox x for my child, like many others, since day one.  I have literally camped outside in the cold, checked stores multiple times a day, and was online for the times that the console was going live.  My local Walmart was scheduled to get a shipment on December 15.  I was told, be patient and now Walmart has changed the rules again.  
    Our children have suffered enough this year.  Schools being cancelled, sports not happening and now a disappointing Christmas.  I am so sad that Walmart decided to change the rules 12 days before Christmas.  How are the working parents going to get a console for their child before Christmas?  We know these consoles are being bought up in seconds from computer programs.  The consoles are then sold way above retail price.  Walmart doesn’t seem to care about our kids but rather their bottom dollar.
    I have never been more disappointed in Walmart.
    Sincerely,Gretchen TrippCushing, Maine

  125. I was completely disrespected at one of your Washington DC stores I have whole incident on video security and store employees violated my disability rights

  126. I purchased a Vizio Quantum 55”.. been in the box the whole time for 7 month because I was in a shelter and couldn’t have it because if the size.. I place it in storage til I got my place.. nothing else was in storage with it, yet my tv is damaged.. I know it had to happen during shipping and not my doing.. but because it is out of a certain period, I miss out on my money and product?. Something has to been done!..

  127. Why does walmart not care about their customers you continually put the ps5 on the website saying until supplies last knowing bots are buying hundreds of consoles at a time and you do nothing to put a stop on this, you could put limit one per household so everyone could have a fair shake but no you don’t bother to do anything, because it’s quite clear you just don’t care about your customers. Thanks alot. Because as long as you continue doing this the way you are your just screwing your customers, but then you really don’t care anyway. It’s all out money, and how cares about the customers. So next time just tell the bots to come to the store or warehouse and you will give them the consoles. Thanks alot for nothing. I was waiting over 30 minutes ahead as soon as it hit 12:00 pm pacific I hit the add to cart button and emediately it popped up saying item could not be added to the cart because item was sold out. That’s shit.

  128. benyamin hanna
    8:55 AM (12 minutes ago)
    to Janey.Whiteside

    Good Morning , i hope this email message finds you well , i would like to share with you my experience with walmart , i have been a customer with Walmart for so many years than i can remember both in-store and online , my family really enjoyed the kind act of walmart toward our community during the pandemic and we enjoyed the drive in theatre and we thought that was a very nice move from Walmart to give back to the community ,recently i was in the market for a big TV after researching for months me and a friend ended up deciding to order your Samsung TU7000 65 inch TV my kids were excited to watch all the christmas movies , i decided to do delivery as i don’t have a truck to fit the TV , long story short as i turn on the TV the screen looks like its been smashed with a baseball or a hockey puck , the TV looks perfect if its on which made me think it may be returned and never been inspected especially i went back to the reviews and almost everybody bought the TV said it arrived damaged and its on sale because of that , personally i doubt that walmart this huge corporation will make that move and hurt their reputation , anyhow contacting the customer service didn’t honestly solve the incovenience i know the agent did what in his power but they want me to wait with a big piece of junk laying around my small house until its picked up and then wait again for 2 weeks for replacement , let me tell you this experience its not just simply a broken TV but its ruined most of the month of December and propably we can’t get together again until next year and i’m still as i write this e-mail still stuck with this broken TV eventhough the Walmart is half a mile from my residence and they have the TV in stock i wonder why we weren’t offered a quicker soulution? order number 6092079-11xxxx my email associated with my Walmart account is Benjamin5xxxx cell number 615243xxxx thank you . happy holidays!

  129. Walmart wellness recently purchased Care Zone. There are major problems in trying to make it work. There is no contact information. Need help please. Having to check 3 calendars.

  130. Hello, my name is Tamika Moss. I live in Connecticut. I use the pick up and delivery online from the local super Walmart for my groceries weekly.These past few weeks I have had trouble with the delivery service. The day that my groceries are supposed to be delivered the store has trouble with getting a delivery person for me some reason. Sometimes I receive either an email sent late after I was supposed to have my groceries delivered that their having a problem with getting a driver or I don’t receive an email telling me what’s going on with my order. A couple of weeks ago I didn’t receive my groceries until 3 days later and nobody called me to apologize for the inconvenience of what happened. I had to call the customer service to call the store because I couldn’t get a hold to anyone in the departments that the promps allow you to dial. This has become very frustrating and stressful to say the least. I’m a mom with a mentally disabled child and I don’t have a vehicle to be able to go pick up my groceries. I know that there should be some type of solution for this situation at hand so that this does not keep continuing in the future. Hopefully,you can help solve this issue that I am having with the store. The store is Walmart Supercenter of Cromwell, CT. My phone number is (860)840-xxxx, and my email address is tamikamxxxx Thank you for your time in reading this and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Happy Holidays!

  131. I ordered a trampoline on sale through Walmart. It was shipped in three separate boxes. Two of the boxes arrived at my house, the third one was sent back to Walmart. After spending several hours on the phone speaking to numerous agents, I was told that Walmart cannot ship the missing part to my house since it has already been returned to the store, regardless of the fact that it is currently sitting in one of their warehouses and is useless without the rest of the trampoline. One of the supervisors said that I should’ve been tracking the item online using a tracking number that Walmart failed to provide to me. I received no notification in advance from either Walmart or the shipping company that the item was being sent back to the store. Their advice was to return the two packages I received and reorder the item at full price, when and if the item comes back in stock. I now have a week to find my kids another Christmas present and I definitely won’t be purchasing one through Walmart. This has, without a doubt, been the worst shopping experience of my entire life.

  132. It’s regarding an MI TV I bought from Flipkart. It’s been 2 months since I lodged complaint for servicing but getting no positive response from Flipkart and their service partner Jeeves

  133. I am inquiring on what it would take to get Walmart to replace their verifying check company, “Certagy!?”They declined my check in which I cash monthly.This payroll check that was good plus I verified funds.When calling to dispute issue and negative mark on my identity they told me 30 days after file. I contacted the bank and writer of check to have them call. Certagy said cashed a check at Walmart and then Walmart wasn’t paid out. So I was punished for their mistake. I am a single mother, Covid 19 hinders us all finacially, and now this. I am not the only one with this declining check issue and negative marks. Please they are not even an accredited company. Now I have no money and no way to cash checks until this is rectified.

  134. On Nov 7th I placed an order with Walmart thru a third party Ami Ventures Inc.. I did not receive the order and have spoken to customer service on 2 occasions who order # 8772058003867 were very obliging. Walmart received a copy of a letter from Ami Ventures as I did as well. To contact them but with no luck. Yesterday we received a email from Walmart and they said that someone from Ami Ventures would contact us in one business day. But did not. We would like this resolved as the charge went thru on my Visa card nov 12th. We would like a refund asap. Thank you

    Claudia Bevington tel. Number 705 793 xxxx or email bobclaudiabevixxxx

  135. Greetings.
    I would like to know who to contact regarding a great value brand can of green beans I purchased. I have pictures and still have the can.
    There was a SCREW in my can of green beans. The screw has a number on it that I am 100 percent sure can be traced back to the machinery at the factory. I am absolutely appalled and LIVID. Please direct me to the appropriate person so we can take action.
    My phone number is 314 422 xxxx. Email is below. Thank you

  136. I went to pick up my ps5 from the Walmart Beaumont California store on sunday November 29th at 12 noon ..and was there for 8 hours cause an employee tried to stash my ps5 in some charcoal to hide it for themselves…it wasnt till the store manager Andrew looked at the cameras and found the employee trying to stash my ps5 for later that it was found slightly damaged…i have pictures he took before i took possession of the ps5 even..worst experience ever…i just wanted to put a complaint in as i was there 8 hours trying to get it after getting email saying it was ready and checking in then having employee’s say sorry we cant find your playstation 5 …this should be unexcepted behavior..i atleast got my ps5 even tho the box was slightly damaged.

  137. I ordered 100 photo Christmas cards on line and went to pick them up just a little while ago after receiving my email notification the my order was ready. Imagine my surprise with I was informed they were out of envelopes. How is a person suppose to send out photo Christmas Cards without envelopes??? The salesperson did look in the stationary department to see if there were any there but there was not. I was basically told there was nothing else they could do. So I have spent the last hour driving around trying to find 100 5×7 envelopes to send out these cards in. Very frustrating.
    I did go on the Walmart website and did an online chat with someone and she offered me a 5% adjustment, but since the order was $58.00 and the envelopes I finally found was more in the $10.00 range, the $2.90 adjustment really wasn’t worth the time and effort on the part of Walmart customer service, nor did it feel like much of a concession. I feel I will not be shopping at Walmart in the future. I realize that I am only one of many millions of customers that Walmart has so my leaving won’t effect the bottom line much, but I just felt I needed to express my displeasure. Thank you for your time.

  138. I placed an order with the photo department on the 11th of December, paid extra to have it delivered by the 16th. Walmart then moved the delivery date to the 18th, however the order did not arrive. I contacted them via chat, and after being transferred three times was assured my order was ready for delivery and would arrive by 2pm CST on the 21st. Today is the 21st, no delivery, I called and was informed my order apparently has not even been processed to be shipped….they think….they have no idea when it will or will not arrive, where it is in the process and said they would escalate my concerns. This does not ensure the delivery prior to Christmas, which is the whole point and even without paying extra, according to the website would be here in time for Christmas, now may never come it seems. All they can do is reimburse my fee for the shipping, which I appreciate, however I want my order delivered prior to Christmas as promised more than once. The fact that no ones knows where the order is just goes to show complete disorganization of a company that doesn’t have to worry about who they disappoint no matter the time of year because apron means nothing in a billionaires eyes….horseshit!!

  139. Marysville CA walmart.
    We have the highest infection rate in the WHOLE country and they aren’t implementing social distancing or enforcing masks.
    Please change your policy and put the stickers back on the floor to remind people to stay back 6 ft.
    Thank you

    Adrienne Workman

  140. I am unemployed and a disabled wheelchair veteranwith only a monthly income and yesterday I erroneously put$200.00on a gift card instead of my and the store manager is forcing me to keep and use the gift card,I need the money,the Ocoee Wal Marts is a awful store,this was a accident and Wal Marts doesn’t need the money as much as i do as I am unemployed and disableddebit card

  141. The lawsuit r\t opiod meds has no basis. When I get my meds the pharmacists always reviews with me and asks about,getting Narcan. Walmart has been better than any other pharmacy instructing pts. when getting opiod medicine.

  142. Your maneger and sucurity have atold and sabataged and has paid popkel to treet me and my girlfrind to the point i am looking for a lawer to fill a law soit on your compy

  143. I placed an order on December 3, 2020 (order #6092077-593701) for an Akward Faith Sweatshirt. It was supposed to be delivered between December 11th and 16th. It is a Christmas gift that I am supposed to present this week. It is already late …

    I received an email on December 5th telling me the item had been shipped. Other than a DHL tracking number provided on December 5th I have had no further contact or any other way of tracking the order because the status update system is invalid.

    I called customer service and spoke with Christian December 21, 2020. He was supposed to send me an email confirming the delivery of order #6092077-593701 by December 24th, as well as issue a five dollar refund. I never received them.

    I called again on December 22, 2020. I was on the phone for over 30 minutes with Freddy who transferred me to Michele who transferred me to Oclinthia. All of a sudden the call was disconnected and my issue still wasn’t resolved!!!!!

    I’m being told because the product was ordered through a vendor I can’t receive a discount. I PLACED MY ORDER WITH Walmart and thus, I hold you all and not some third party vendor responsible.

    Needless to say at this point I’m not a happy customer. I would like someone to resolve this issue ASAP and provide me with a real status update and some type of compensation.

    Thank you

    Juri Jones-Moore

  144. My order 7619203962343 was escalated several times as we never received the order to which we paid to be delivered on December 14th. We are now out of pocket $310 for products never received and Walmart does not seem to be of any help. We do not have the luxury of spending 600+ on a grocery order to get back what we needed. I need this issue taken care of immediately.

  145. the walmart in farmingdale ny on route 110 is the worst theres this one employee who is rude and nasty texting during work his name is orville marshall he yelled at me and cursed me out cause i asked for help

  146. My girl freind start working for 5 days a week since last week buy when i ask her to print out hersched last week and this week she told me that hr didnt put it yet to there system…is this posible for a employee just to over wright it every time shell work for 2 days extra

  147. My girl freind start working for 5 days a week since last week buy when i ask her to print out hersched last week and this week she told me that hr didnt put it yet to there system…is this posible for a employee just to over wright it every time shell work for 2 days extra

  148. I have been black balled by your company’s fraud department because I live in a predominantly back neighborhood and my items keep coming up missing and or delivered to the wrong address. It’s your dumb drivers that can’t do their job.

  149. I need someone to contact me, I have a serious problem with trying to get my new Walmart card, I have spoken to 7 different people and i still do not have my card, Please Help.

  150. Would like to know why you are now only counting customers entering without masks at your stores. This is being done at all of the central Florida stores at the moment.

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