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Corporate Address
P.O. BOX 4098
Fayetteville, AR
Company Contact
Douglas Tyler
Phone Number
(479) 444-8898
Yearly Revenue
Employee Count
Sic Directory Code

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4 Reviews and Complaints for Twin Rivers Foods Inc Headquarters

  1. Ther problems at the plant in akins ther employed throw trash in the parking lot ther supervisors allow run around anged kicking boxes ther let people like black coats pic chicken up with out gloves bare handed they tell you one thang do another if ther anyone doing good at ther.job they allow the ones.been.ther.long time get away with get the new.guys look bad ther running around with attituds instead.of working along with you instead.of good employee.relations ther look for ways to get on to you in ask do something one way then jump on to you for doing it that way I do belive that ther supervisors and black coats use hard drugs and efctig ther.judgement and the machine arnt get clean.proper.the meat.thats left on them from.brak to brake left on and affter.get hot rotting get bad they bring new people in and not trading them but exspectig then to know what to do charging for company suplyed.gloves they need new 2 shift supervisor witch get on to you when you point out.what spose to be like good work ethices come chew you out for not doing it the way he told you once real quick but then get on to you show you the opseit he now somewhat going around and doing things he thinks he look good doing I think the company would be much better with out.hin as super vise and jessy black coat that been treat people hatefully becuse he allways have to do something they act as if ther going to hundred to nothing

    1. Yes we like to know If you happen to read this before we contact you we would like to know since this was posted have you or anyone that works with you have any problems or issues in any form from anyone employed or supervisors on your 2nd shift.I will need you to contact the main office if so we are looking forward to hearing from you and your current position in the matters at hand

  2. Good company, I have one small complaint though: It would be great if they had a chat function or online email form where you could easily contact a customer service representative.

  3. How do I contact the corporate office headquarters by phone here in the UK. I would like to know if you have a UK customer phone number or corporate number, thanks.

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