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Corporate Address
PO Box 551
Little Rock, AR
Company Contact
Hugh T Mcdonald
Phone Number
(501) 377-4000
Fax Number
(501) 377-3559
Yearly Revenue
Employee Count
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5 thoughts to “Entergy Arkansas Inc Headquarters”

  1. sorry service in chicot county .slow service to irrigation wells,slow service all the way around.leaning poles everywhere,low dangerous wires.someone is going to get killed over these low wires.very dangerous.broken cross arms on poles.

  2. Its a problem for me that the company is not open all days in calender year. I know that everyone are entitled to their holidays, but you could atleast have a skeleton customer service phone number that is open on weekends and at all public holidays.

  3. There have been continued issues with Entergy of Arkansas. Friday at midnight I heard a loud pop sound come from outside of my house. Apparently a tree had grown too close to the transformer on the pole and popped a fuse. This has put me and my family out of power since then. When we called to report the outage we were told by their outage team that they could not report an outage, and that we needed to call bill matrix and pay the bill. I asked why I needed to do that, and was just asked if I knew the state of my acct. I called again and spoke with a different rep who told me that there was nothing she could do, she just works outages and that I needed to speak with consumer services on Saturday, and they were open 7 am- 7 pm. So, I called again on Saturday just to find out that consumer services are only open Monday thru Friday. So again, spent the night in the dark and cold with my only source of heat from my wood stove. Monday morning I called at 7 am, again, and I was told I called the wrong department and that I needed to speak to move department and they did not open until 8 am. So by this point I feel as though this is a company that has no interest in helping their customers. When I spoke to the representative in the move department I was told that my acct had been closed due to we did not have a meter in our property. I said “ma’am, I didn’t know anything about this until today.” Apparently Entergy disconnected my service because the gentleman that was supposed to check my meter couldn’t find it and reported back that I didn’t have and closed my account in October/ November. They cannot give exact dates. I had asked and was given two different dates. I was asked by one representative if I had been getting my bills and I told her no. She then said that apparently these issues had been going on since Aug. When asked about the August date she cut me off and started that she would need to speak with the main acct holder (my husband), and that there was “too much activity on that account”. After 27 years I had to make a new acct, be charged another deposit, and now I have to wait until the 27th to get my power back on. They did take what was left of my deposit for the old account and applied it to the new one, but that doesn’t change this whole fiasco.

  4. I have been 8 days trying to get service turned on have been customer over 30 years never missed a payment why can I not get my service connected at my new address that I just purchased I live in Arkansas have sent proof of ownership to validationdept still no service

  5. I need help finding out witch lineman came to my house I have a claim with energy and my claims person that I talk to you said she called my regular lineman and asked if I had damages he said he didn’t know what I was talking about that I must be lying it wasn’t my regular alignment that come out cuz I know the guy he lives in my area and I had a neutral line come loose and have power in my house shorted out all my appliances TVs microwaves refrigerators everything the lady said she would pay me if I could find out the name of the lineman somebody please help

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