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O’Reilly Automotive, Inc. was founded in 1957 by the O’Reilly familyThe company is one of the largest retailers of automotive parts, tools, supplies, equipment and accessories in the USA.

Oreilly Auto Parts Headquarters Phone Number and Address.

Company Website
Corporate Address
233 S Patterson Ave,
Springfield, MO 65802,
Company Contact
Greg Johnson
Phone Number
Alternative Number
Employee Count
Twitter IDs


What is Oreilly’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Oreilly Auto Parts’ Headquarters phone number is: 1-417-829-5727.


What is Oreilly’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Oreillys Auto Parts’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-888-327-7153.

Other Oreilly Customer Care phone numbers:

Oreilly Store Customer Service: 1-800-755-6759

Oreilly O’Rewards Help: 1-800-283-3096

Phone hours are: 7am-8pm CST (Winter hours: 7am-7pm CST).


How do I Contact Oreillys Auto Parts’ Customer Support?

Call the numbers listed above or contact the company via:

Oreilly Auto Parts Email Address: Use the Email Form to ask a question.

Oreilly’s Live Chat is available here.

Oreillys Auto Parts’ Contact Us page can be found here.

Oreilly’s Corporate Office mailing address is:

O’Reilly Auto Parts
233 South Patterson Avenue
Springfield, MO 65802-2298


Contact Oreillys Auto Parts on Social Media:

Oreillys Auto Parts on Twitter: @Oreillyauto

Oreillys Auto Parts on Facebook: www.facebook.com/oreillyautoparts

Oreilly’s headquarters Executive Team.

David O’Reilly
Chairman of the Board

Greg Henslee
Executive Vice Chairman of the Board

Greg Johnson
Chief Executive Officer and Co-President

Jeff Shaw
Chief Operating Officer and Co-President

Tom McFall
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Brad Beckham
Executive Vice President of Store Operations and Sales

Doug Bragg
Senior Vice President of Central Store Operations and Sales

Robert Dumas
Senior Vice President of Eastern Store Operations and Sales

Larry Ellis
Senior Vice President of Distribution

Jeremy Fletcher
Senior Vice President of Finance and Controller

Jeffrey Groves
Senior Vice President of Legal and General Counsel

Scott Kraus
Senior Vice President of Real Estate and Expansion

Jeff Lauro
Senior Vice President of Information Technology

Jason Tarrant
Senior Vice President of Western Store Operations and Sales

Darin Venosdel
Senior Vice President of Inventory Management

David Wilbanks
Senior Vice President of Merchandise

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99 Reviews and Complaints for Oreillys Auto Parts HQ (Oriellys)

  1. Was way way out of town on Christmas vacation and my battery was beginning to fail. Went to their shop on State Line Rd, Leawood KS, where Gavin hooked me up with a new one. Literally. I can always count on O’Reilly, no matter where I am. Thanks Gavin, hope this makes it into your hr file!

  2. I want to know where y’all get your prices from . I had to pay 40 for a 9 dollar part and then I went to get a belt that’s 15.00 online same brand y’all want 110 dollars for. Y’all are price gouging the American people and it’s time someone put a stop to it. Y’all are rediculous I’ve been a customer for 30 years and it’s just getting worse every year.

  3. I went to the O’Reilly’s in goose Creek store number 1440 at 10:10am there was two employees to customers myself being the third the young man check out one of the customer after he asked me if it would be all right for him to do so to get the line down wasn’t no line so I was like okay the young lady got free she asked cuz she helped me I told her the same thing I wanted someone to come outside just to check my engine light she asked she had to take a customer before she do so mind you it was only one customer in the store beside myself so I was upset because that was it wasn’t going to take her nor him but 2 minutes if that to plug date system up and see why my engine light was on I think that was very unprofessional and then she gave me an attitude good thing I didn’t curse her ass out cuz you not going to tell me let you ring someone else up when it wasn’t busy it wasn’t like you had 10 customers in the store it was myself and that one customer that was behind me that she was so adamant she had to ring his up, I figured it was because it was white, and we don’t want to get them waiting. and I did not appreciate it; with her

  4. I’ve been waiting on a district manager to call me that has never called me they said it did be calling me soon as possible that was a lie I was told my money would be put back on my card and y’all was good and fast about it that was another lie because it’ll take three business days now it has screwed me where I have no parts for my vehicle my vehicle sitting in the yard at screwed my whole weekend up I can’t even get food I couldn’t get another part until my money is put back on my card I’ve been lied to this is getting old it keeps up I will go cause a scene and I don’t care I’ve been to jail many times before it won’t bother me a again by word of mouth around here or shut a business down I will do it I will call a bit better business bureau because this is you had an idiot give me a part that didn’t even go to my vehicle wrong part and then they going to put my money back on my card and said it’s because of my bank that it ain’t no matter yet that’s another lie from a manager I want my money put in my pocket cash two day or like I said I will try everything in my power and not stop if I have to cause news companies better Business company district managers corporate managers I am very abgry and I’m tired of people passing the puck and lying because they don’t want to do their job or they don’t know nothing about their job

  5. Yes I was supposed to have a district manager call me back that never did the people that said that the money would be back on my card fast was liars it takes three business days and they lied the whole f****** time when I got the wrong part and now I ain’t got the money to get the parts to fix my vehicle because of my money has not went back on my card I was supposed to have a district manager talk to me but I want a owner or a someone over district managers I don’t want no funky it ain’t going to do nothing for me this is b******* that’s costing me money to get to work because my vehicle’s messed up and I ain’t got the money to spend so it’s going to cost me Friday for another person to take me back and forth to work until I get the part for my vehicle if I hadn’t got the wrong part in the first place my money wouldn’t have been took off my card and then they lied and said he’d be on there as quick as possible that y’all was good about putting the money back quick that was a lie that was a bold-faced lie they need to know how to do their job for one and they don’t need to make promises they can’t keep that’s why I go to AutoZone and not to O’Reilly’s cuz they’re dumbasses now they got me in a screwed up position it’s costing me it ain’t costing them and then they will lie

  6. I was a customer this morning April 15 th at 601 east Linwood Kansas City…I received only a brief direction as service…the aisles of your store were cluttered with items that were loose off the shelves in addition to boxes to be stocked…the outside trash barrels were all overflowing…when I brought it to the attention of the store manager…on his shirt…his comment was “ look where it’s at” as if the store location was an excuse for poor manners and a slackers work ethic
    I received no thank you while I was in your store but rather was told “ there are 40 other O Reilly’s in town , go there

  7. What is the phone number to corporate office for sponsorships on trophies for car show

  8. I have never felt discriminated and RACIALLY profiled! I’m not stating my feelings but actually hard facts. The fact that your employee Gary refused to take my return due to who knows exactly what. We seem to be the only female of color in the store at that time and just so happen to be a white middle aged man that retaliated against us for no reason whatsoever. We were picking up our brake drums and it so happen to be the wrong part. So we asked for a return. Gary said “since you bought it at another store you will have to go drive there to get a refund.” Mind you I live 40 mins away from this Murray store. They were the only ones that had my brake drums in stock. And the fact that he was literally talking about us to his coworker in front of our face? Where is your common courtesy? We were very patient with him. We had to drive back to the previous location for a refund. I will be filing a civil rights complaint against this company.

  9. I live close by the wadley location of oreilly in midland, tx. I consistently have problems with the same Hispanic female that is covered in tattoos. She is constantly rude to me and other customers and refuses to help in any way. I try to go in this store only for small in and out items and yet she still finds a way to not help. I often leave this store and go to the midkiff location and in fact when I discuss my problems with them 100% of the time there are other customers in line that share the same feelings and experiences. She is the manager or one of the managers from what I understand and she is costing this company money regularly. There is an autozone 50 yards from this store and I watch customers leave Oreilly and go straight there. I have seen this girl in yelling and cussing matches with customers and she has degraded and insulted them on multiple occasions. I only attempt to go to this store because I recently moved from Lubbock, TX where I bought parts for multiple vehicles and they are under warranty. She looks for ways not to help customers and ways to tell them no instead of ways to help and ways to make the customer happy. This is a person that should never be in any position of management. The atmosphere and attitude is completely different 3 miles away at midkiff and I never had a problem for years when visiting the 34th street & Quaker location in Lubbock. You can access my profile and see that I spend 1000s of dollars in your store a year and this location is single handedly put a negative feeling towards Oreilly stores in whole. I would like a response or explanation please letting me know that somebody fully understands the magnitude of this person. I do not complain or take time to send emails about somebody unless it is an absolute nightmare. I will be warning the public to avoid this location on as many social media locations as possible in the near future.

  10. I Kevin DuBose am trying to get some guidance on some help filling out an accident report the manager handed down an application to fill out but won’t take the time to help me he’s screaming and telling me that that’s my responsibility and says I’m your boss you do what I tell you to do I broke my leg at Penzoil delivering some brake drums which I’ve been asking him if he could help me get some type of carting case or some type of portable table instead of carrying them like a pizza box for one it’s to much weight to carry in your arms and you can’t see your feet or where your stepping if carried in some type of handbags with handles you carry them on each hand left and right makes a better balance then carrying them like a plate ithought was hazardous been complaining about the shipping equipment that he has for the delivery driver I told him Dave that someone was going to hurt themselves by the way we deliver some parts and he responded don’t worry about it now that person is me win I injured myself I layed there for about 5 minutes and the lady employee asked me if I was okay and to stay down until I could regroup and the supervisor just kept on working and the lady and another worker for Penzoil helped me get to my feet so I then asked the employee that kept working and basically ignoring me, can you file an accident report and he responded we don’t have nothing like that and I don’t know nothing about that what I think he should have done was call the ambulance to make sure that I was okay or even for the records I got back to ORiellies and explained it to the manager Dave and then he responded we don’t have nothing to do with that because it didn’t happen here now he says you do what I telll you to do you filll out that paper work that he gave the assistant manager to give to me and he told me Kev I’m sorry I know nothing about filling out the report you wait and let Dave help you with that Okay I’m sorry, I’m still waiting when I bought back the Dr report he then says I don’t want that I want you to fill that paper work out or your refusing corporate rules all he has to do is call in and help me with what is a part of what he’s supposed to do I really enjoy working at ORiellies but I have to keep an eye on the Manager Dave it goes further back than this he worked for Hong Kong a Chinese Restaurant all of my children worked for that restaurant and also my nieces and nephews anyhow my daughter in-law worked there then engaged to my son Dave call her and the two other girls that worked there stupid Dave didn’t know or still doesn’t know that I know this my daughter in-law is Asian and the owner Jackie can back up Dave’s remarks there’s others but I need not get into that right now I said this to say maybe that’s the reason why he leaves before I make a delivery and hide to see if I’m doing the right thing he’s accused me of parking the company truck and talking on my phone so now when I make a delivery I have to leave my phone there where he can see it he told me that I was seen by other people who that is he won’t tell me once he said Mazda said Mazda said he lying on me I understand that were not supposed to have our phones in the trucks but if that’s so it should also apply to the other’s as well as himself, I’m 64 years old he’s comparing me as a youngster, talking on my phone hiding and timeming me e.c.t. trying to find reasons it looks like to me not only looking out for myself but the next person down the road as well thank you for taking the time to read this. Stay Safe , Kevin DuBose 1st.

  11. The supervisors in shipping at the distribution center in Horn Lake, Ms treat their employees like crap. Ken who is a supervisor called me a nigger and also raised his voice at me today. Mr. Ken doesn’t like black people and has a long list of complaints for racism. He went to Mrs. Sharon and lied on me as well. went to his boss and told her he raised his voice at me infront of first and second shift and she replied “so”. They fired me because I was “out of my area” when I simply was just getting my cage for my route. I’ve never been wrote up until today which they claim it was my final warning. How is it my final warning if I never been wrote up? Drugs are being sold at that warehouse as well. Mrs Sharon who is the other supervisor in shipping talks bad about her employees as well and shows ALOT of favoritism.

  12. I own a small repair shop in Hartsville sc 29550. Store manager will not accept my customers debit card over the phone they say that the customer has to come to store to pay. Which is very inconvenient this store has lost over 2000$ In parts sales just the last 2 weeks. By the way my shops name is Stewart’s Garage Hartsville sc 29550 843-616-4156 manager stated he don’t give a shit if we buy our parts there. I guess my account doesn’t matter. Can you delete my commercial account for me I can’t deal with childish management I’m 57 years old don’t have time. Thank you please send me a response. Also just take a look at how much money I spend at your business. I know you have a way. Ever parts house in town will take my customers card over the phone. That tells me my money is not any good at your store. I believe a kid named Blake is the district manager for this store. Guess he doesn’t need my business.

  13. More than 1 time. I call orielys on Pleasanton in san antonio. They pick up the phone tell you to hold and then they do NOT come back. Very disrespectful service. Owner should know this as l too am an owner of a company and would want to know

  14. I’m trying to get work verification that I used to work there at O’Reilly’s I how do I go about doing that

  15. Hello, I would like to know the process to file a complaint against a particular store it in the Austin area.

  16. Door closed locked at 8!53 stood right there and looked at me .then at 9 sharp he acted like he unlocked it but didn’t. Pos I’d fire this guy for that shit bad business thank you . Needed a part I’m from out of town . Spokane I’m in paSco 5425 route 66 or something 5425 is the number

  17. Dtote closed locked at 8!53 stood right there and looked ate .then at 9 sharp he acted like he unlocked it but didn’t. Positive I’d fire this guy by for business thank you

  18. Who ever was the delivery driver this mooring coming over snoqualmie pass has ZERO regard for other drivers, trucks and otherwise. Coming iover the pass he cut us off repeatedly as well as other truck drivers. On the freeway part was closed at hwy 18 exit 167 due to water over the road and he didn’t stop! He plowed through the median thru a sign and nearly took out 20 cars including myself. Fire him.

  19. I have been denied access to your web sight today. After I looked up a part. So I wanted to look up a nother part and says I’m been denied access. Don’t know why been using you web sight for many years. Just want to know why I been denied.

  20. We to Rabun County GA ‘O’Reilly to get an exchange for a set of spark plugs under warranty the manger was very rude and not manger material. Her name is Angela. She cussed me out and told me I would not ever get another set of plugs thru her store. She made it clear she was manger.She needs to be replaced now.

  21. I’m reaching out in reference of the Rockford Illinois store on auburn st.. I am a commercial account holder at AutoZone and advanced.i had a customer that needed a part returned to this store so I drove the part there for my customer and the two ladies working there were so rude. and it all made sense to me because I have had numerous customers of mine saying when the went to this store that your employees told them not to take their car to my shop… They are taking business away from me over for knows what reason. This is VERY unprofessional.i don’t know what your employees have agaist me, my workers, and the ones most effected my children because people that work for you are rude and unprofessional. Reason being I DO NOT order parts from you guys

  22. I work at O’Reillys i work at store 3376 it’s in Melrose park. I have a manager who can’t control his anger and does not know how to do his job today i go into work and i am supposed to be a driver well i do his register and take care of corporate clients he has people in the back with him all day he complains about he doesn’t get help from our district manager but our district manager has given him all kinds of help.he came at me today in a violent way to which i felt threatened and it was his fault he gave a customer a part for free then when i took the invoice of he came running up towards me today like he was going to hit me. I contacted my district manager and he told me to go home because how he was acting this guy should not be a district manager. I feel he’s going to hurt someone or get himself hurt.

  23. Terrible driving this morning on almond street that runs connected to Highway 26 and one of your drivers ran a stop sign. She never stopped her vehicle number is 20595. She was behind a truck and she never even stopped at the stop sign. She almost ran into me this is unacceptable. Her time is not more valuable than anyone else’s

  24. Very rude no help I have spent thousands of dollars with your company pine island Rd , Cape Coral FL
    Please have someone call me 239-878-xxxx

  25. Store located 555 west highland Ave sanberdino ca employee posting on snap chat and Instagram while working inappropriate behavior.

  26. Store 1211 36117 ATLANTA HIGHAY. I’l went to pop the hood open Start a bike store welcome back to the front of the car and i said you don’t have to Beat on the hood And I said you put a dent on my hood So he Turn around and walk in the store looking up my information Then when he got through I said what we going to do about my hood So he like fan his hand down and said they will pay for it. I told the manager she wrote it up and took pictures but i haven’t heard from anybody

  27. Order a wix air filter 12/8/21 late in the evening. Order #K20361817R50809 from store #905 on Charlotte ave. Nashville tn. Its now718pm on12/9/21 at this point have not gotten an email saying my order was ready for pickup. At this point would like to cancel my order. Hope you will relay my request to cancel the order. Thank you for your assistance

  28. I ordered a part was told it would be here in two days and went to pick it up and they said he miss read it and it wouldn’t be hear for a month so I told the manager to cancel it and he wouldn’t pay me the freight cost back there was no reason for that because they were wrong on the date and it couldn’t have been shipped yet that’s very poor business

  29. This company sucks, I basically got told the management is what goes even if they are sly and downright awful. But that’s how u want to run your business so hey so be it.

  30. I have been a customer for a very long time I have a commercial account and spend a lot of money with you guys unfortunately a store you have here in Stockton California on Harding Way and Wilson Way has an incompetent employee who is in charge of the commercial counter she is very rude disrespectful and cannot get parts right to save her like literally every time I order parts through this girl she messes it up I’ve tried to talk to the store manager about the problems I’m having with this girl and nothing is happening she continues to be rude get my parts wrong constantly and it’s to the point now where I am about to just go get an account somewhere else This employees name is Melissa the store manager his name is Daniel so just wanted to let you guys know she is pushing your customers away I can’t afford to keep wasting my time on wrong parts having to send them back wait for somebody to bring the right parts and her attitude is not getting corrected unless this is the way that you guys allow your employees to operate

  31. from O’Reilly but I lost receipt and the battery doesn’t work and they will not give me exchange the battery what do I do

  32. I’m a former employee if O’Reilly’s in Fordyce Arkansas the boss of the store cussed me and yelled at me because I misplaced a alternator CORE. That was Mr Jerry grey’s reason for yelling and cussing me. I went to lunch went home for my hour break it was so bad I was upset crying. I wasn’t going to take action but Jerry Grey is telling people I’m a thief slandering my name and reputation. I will be taking action because he hasn’t stopped the slander is it’s been a week now I’m pressing charges on him for this reason. Plz send this message to HR

  33. Bought a battery May just went dead twice had to drop it off well they won’t. You see a 3-year warranty had to like it on it replace it O’Reilly’s in Shallotte

  34. I called store 1852 at 6pm on 7-2-21 and the phone rang over twenty times with no answer. I called back to get the same thing. I ended up calling Auto Zone to get my parts. I’ll never use O’rielly again!

  35. I put in a request for a transmission at O’Reilly on Rt. 80 in East Haven, CT over 2 weeks ago. Stopped in today and was told I’d have to call next week to find availability,. Why can’t someone just tell me if they can get the part??? Or at least the store should call ME! The auto parts store across the street could order it right away, but I had wanted to do business with O’Reilly. Hoping someone cares enough to respond to this, but not holding my breath.

  36. Hello , my name is Camilo Morillo , and sorry to say that oreillys auto parts has performed poorly in handling my air compressor problems with nowhere to go , here is the story I bought an air compressor number 109287 and has failed 3 times it is costly for a mechanic to perform the swap , first install and swap was at the original purchase from oreilly’s in 2018 less than a year later 2019 it went bad having to tow truck back to the shop $ 275 compressor shaft lost the splines they replace the compressor for free however replacing the compressor was $ 450.00 again in 2020 went bad again same issue , went back and they replaced it again but the bill for the work was $450 . now 2021 it just had the same issue splines went bad , I
    honestly think the metal being used is too soft and cheap , the rebuilder for this compressor is dorman products , so again had to get it off and replace it with a used one because they would not replace it for free , at the end I have spent 1500 for mechanic work and lost a minimum of 3 to 4 days of work . in my opinion dorman products are not as good as the oreillys autoparts should represent and sale , I have been a long time customer of oreillys auto parts and their products are great always there when you need them , sadly to say that in this case they have underachieve , and in my opinion should have stand strong with the customer and question dorman about this issue , compressor was over 600 dollars , I did try to speak with the district manager and have left messages not being able to make contact , called customer satisfaction spoked to Tony and nothing positive has happened . dorman dosent even want to talk about it , not a good feeling hope someone reads this complain and ask some hard questions 863735xxxx Camilo Morillo .

  37. Good afternoon I hate to complain but the manager at the Alamogordo New Mexico store 883 10 is very unprofessional very rude. Very courteous at all not very helpful I travel to Ruidoso New Mexico some 45 minutes away from my hometown in order to get a part for my 92 Ford Ranger because that manager is very unprofessional to deal with I also buy parts for my Dodge for my scuse me from My Town & Country and my Ford Focus so I do quite a bit of business at O’Reilly’s but from now on I will be traveling to a different auto parts store please refill the contact me 575 495 xxxx my cell I believe his name is Martin I couldn’t tell you if that’s his first name or last

  38. I am a school teacher in Saint Louis Mo. I went into Oreilly’s at 3:15 today, address 8123 Page Saint Louis mo. and when I walked in I spoke to everyone not knowing that the manager was the one sitting on the top of the cash register station. A young man walked up and said can I help you, I said I sure hope so. I explained to him that the plug to my phone was not coming on so I could not charge it. He said let me see. So the Manager named Tee was still sitting at the counter. She looked at him and said No we don’t do that I then said can you please put the check engine on the car ;and at least let me know. Tee waited until the young man came out to help me and told him, she said No. I said well I thought this is what you guys do. I asked the young man for this manager’s name that was so rude, and she literally came outside to look me up, and down like she was going to attack me. I stopped and I guess this was a threat because the black truck that she went to followed me home, and slowed down to look at me. I think I need to call the police. This manager frightens me.
    You may call me at area code
    Lori Young

  39. I was in your Aberdeen store on 6/13at around 3pm look for some parts when behind the counter there was four or five worker’s talking one of them was cussing saying the f word and onters then he started talking about how he hates when retards work on cars that word is very afenceive to me I have a special needs child I called the manager and all he says is sorry that he should of stopped it but he didn’t this should not be aloud in your stores

  40. I bought. 6/2020. The. Floor. Jack. Is. Not. Working. Need. To. Exchange. Store. No.1154. In. Louisiana. Erich. Is. The. Manager. My. Phone. No. Is 318-625-9317. He. Does. Not. Want. To. Exchange. It

  41. Bought spark plugs from oreillys and it was right box but wrong spark plugs called and was told they will be a little longer they are the ones that go to your vehicle and now i have a whole in my piston $6700 worth of damage and they dont want to fix it cause the store sent the wrong spark plugs that we brought back to the warehouse so they say there is nothing they can do now my family and me dont have a vehicle because of oreillys that was our only vehicle they dont need to be in business cause all they do is mess people car up and dont stand by there product they dont care about there customers at

  42. Store #1303 has a sarcastic and very rude worker there. He’s black, heavy set. I went in to buy 1 item, he starts giving me the third degree. He needs disciplinary help. He shouldn’t be working with the public. I didn’t appreciate the way l was treated.

  43. Someone needs to control employees posting TIK TOK videos while working in your stores.
    user name: DRADEON
    name on company shirt: Jesse
    Some of these videos really do NOT make your company look very good. Vulgar language, obscene gestures, bad mouthing customers, back room security identifiers are seen

  44. I am extremely upset. I bought a battery today. But the battery is useless for me. I had purchased an adaptor from Orielly yesterday to use to convert my battery from top post to side post. Unfortunately, that adaptor did not work. that forced me to pick up a battery from you to pick up my car. A similar battery cost $54 at Walmart. Your cost $199.
    Now how would I know the batter work for my car without installing? you will not take my battery back is it has been mounted on the car. Very oppressive policy/

  45. I was wanting to make a complaint on my sons work it’s the store 1390 on 10th street in Jeffersonville Indiana.. my son name is Justin Good he has been threatened multiple times by another employee named Robert Mauk .. This employee has been threatening to whoop my son Justin on the clock off the clock this employee has been doing drugs in a vape and he has also been bringing a hand gun with him and has it on him while he is on the clock.. He also has been taking pictures of my son and has been having his girlfriend up at the store sitting on the counter making love to her in front of customers and she has also been taking pictures and videos with her 14 year old daughter. The manager Hunter also knows what’s going on and the store manager Names Ethan has been aware of what’s going on and has not done anything about it but put my son down to two days a week.. my son Justin good has text messages where Robert Mauk has threatened him now my son got a text today from Robert Mauk buddy telling my son to come to his friend house so Robert Mauk can beat my sons ass like their in a boxing ring and the store manager saw the text today from this other guy and yet has done nothing about it to Robert Mauk.. my son had to call the cops to the store Saturday night due to the fact of Robert Mauk threatening him and Manager Hunter tryed to calm Robert Mauk down and then the Store manager Ethan was their and talked to the cops . I feel like this shouldn’t be happening we have went to the store manager and he seems like he doesn’t know what to do as a manager.. Something Needs to be done about this and this is why I’m coming to you cause we can’t get anything done at the store. I also feel like my son shouldn’t be feared for his life just to come to work and be threatened..

  46. I travel many states the company I work for has many accounts set up in your stores! Natchez Mississippi store is the the worst o’reilly’s store I been in it is filthy in there it’s the most unorganized parts store I been in! There’s guys hanging in there like it’s a coffee shop! I usually go across the river in Vidalia Louisiana to go to the orielys there that’s a nice organized store

  47. My name is stephan (steve) larkin. I resigned from oreillys about 9 months ago, basically, there were 2 reasons. The first was there was a hostile work environment for the three years I worked there, the manager knew if this, but he refused to do anything about it. His answer to it was he liked things the way they were. The second reason was that my family moved to delta colorado. I tried to effect a transfer to the delta colorado store which needed a driver. Again,kevin refused to allow it. I quit after giving my 2 weeks notice. Some time later, I heard that there was a need for a driver in delta, which I applied for. Then I called coporate, and was told that I was rehirable in delta. The job closed. I talked to Carl the manager, he told me that he was waiting for some one to move to delta. The full time driver job is once again open.
    If it is at all posible to forward my note to you, to the appropriate office at coporate, so I might get a fair chance at this job. S.l.l

  48. I am sending a message not a question. Your web site literally sends people running to autozone because of how difficult it has become to use. Kiss please keep it simple stupid. People already are having a bad day when they go to get auto parts don’t make it difficult for them to do so. Your stores and people are great your website is the worst. I had to spend my hundreds of dollars at your competition how many times ady do you think this is happening

  49. I’m going to I’m on my name is Michael Cole I bought a piece for my air conditioner to cut it off and on and just when you take the keys out and cut it off the damn thing still keeps running and I took it out and done something to my old and cleaned it off and then it cuts off and on now so far and I’ll call O’Reilly’s in Athens Tennessee where I got it and they’re trying to act like they don’t know what’s going on so the hell with I just keep the damn thing I just won’t buy nothing else up there anymore they going to play stupid and dumb

  50. Walk in a store on Preston highway toward Southern high school your employees work person they were no help they couldn’t find the item I was looking for I think something needs to be said They were also cursing

  51. I returned a battery from thereive been checking and now they trying to tell me I got it noi didnt

  52. I bought a battery from there last Saturday I used my card they said it would be back on there I would appreciate if I could get my 207.00 back it’s been 4 business days I need my money

  53. My name is Larry Chestnut. I purchased a battery Nov 2018 from your North myrtle Beach sc store! Over the course of this period, I have taken this battery back several times, and they said it was nothing wrong with it! I finally took it back May 9 2021, now they said the battery is bad, but the warranty is up and you would have to buy a new battery! First of all I think a $300 battery would last longer than 2 1/2 years, and I explained i had nothing but problems out this battery from the day I purchased it! There was no common ground, no other solution to this matter, but hey, what you guys care about loosing a customer, when you sell over priced items, and no customer service

  54. I ordered some Tire lube on 03/31/2021 and was told to wait for an E-mail announcing its arrival. It is now 04/26/2021 and I haven’t received that notice. Order number is: K15820156R97369. Does it need to take this long?

  55. I recently visited your store on Beltane Road in Decatur Al. I gave the gentleman behind the counter the model and year of my vehicle for wiper replacement. When I went to install them they were not the correct size. Went to moulton al for return. Only to find doors locked at 8:53. Not happy.

  56. I called your Maysville, Kentucky store numerous times today and they would never answer. I went ahead and looked up my parts and ordered them online. I got a confirmation number and that all of my parts could be picked up at 12:30 pm. I sent my wife to get he parts at 4:00 pm and nobody had pulled the parts or even looked at the online order. The people working at this place either need some help or need replaced. This place at the moment is the worst parts store I have ever dealt with. I have stood in line at this place numerous times and listened to the phones ring off the hook and nobody would answer them. I can assure you that you just lost a valuable customer, if this is the way this place does business I will go to one of your competitors. Totally pathetic.

  57. Good morning.
    I recently visited the store in new britain ct and just wanted to leave a good review on the customer service of a young lady named Angela.
    Her dedication and determination to help me find exactly what i needed did not go unnoticed by my husband and myself. I would love if the store management would also acknowledge this, as employees should feel appreciated. She really went the extra mile!
    And as long as i continue to get service like that I’ll be back.

    PS, happy customer 🙂

  58. The following is a posted response on social media from an employee at local Oriely’s store in Espanola NM zip code 87532 after I posted a complaint of their poor customer service. “I work at OR and if you don’t like our customers service you. You are probably the person that don’t know what you drive.

  59. Please, I need help on a reoccurring problem – we have not received a reimbursement check for taxes on the O’Reiily store #411 in Seabrook TX. I have talked to several people at headquarters who know about the problem and have assured me that the check “is in the mail”. I’ve talked to a different person each time. Please let me know how to get this check and who to call again.

  60. The woman commercial manager at the Taylor, MI location on telegraph rd is extremely rude and unprofessional. Off the get go she had an attitude and was rolling her eyes. She rudely explained her credentials to us acting like she was an expert Hyundai mechanic and was completely wrong. She stated that Hyundai’s don’t come with NGK plugs when indeed they do. O’reilly’s did not have/offer them so I went down the road to AutoZone and bought the NGK plugs. She in no way fit or form has any good customer service skills. I would highly recommend demoting her to a parts driver.

  61. Your store manager on 03/14/21 in Headland was very unprofessional!I had to get on my personal to verify a warranty on a part that I purchased! 3 he.

  62. I was returning a battery core today at your store on Railroad Ave in Livermore, CA. I realized that I pass 3 other parts stores on my way to Oreilly. Similar stock at all of them, prices are also similar. What sets your store apart is the staff. I’ve been working on my own cars for 40 years so I know what I need but still appreacaite the good service along with staffs great attitude. My sister will shop there as well and the staff will always help her find what she needs without the attitude some parts stores give to a female shopper.
    In business sometimes all we hear are complaints so I wanted to share a sincere complement to the staff in Livermore.

  63. I would like to give an EXCELLENT EM0LYEE SERVICE REPORT TO Mr Reilly, Henselee, G Johson regarding the service I see over today at
    O’Reilly Auto Parts
    2847 S White Rd Ste 100
    The employee is an asain young man Aaron. He shoots with me in the parking lot as my car stopped working, was so responsible making sure i was safe, watching out for all my needs, running in and out of the store for the parts. I was pretty upset at my car and he called me down, always respectfully attending. He followed up on what I asked him to research parts and called me right away as promised. This is a young man a company can count on! Lori

  64. Just wondering why you guys would sell things that according to consumers reviews either don’t work or cause more problems for people who trust you to help them with their vehicle maintenance and repair example bars leaks automatic transmission repair from everything I’ve read it doesn’t work and can cause some major and sometimes dangerous issues I’m sure a lot of the additives you sell are in the same boat just wondering why you guys would knowingly sell people snake oil

  65. Good evening! My invoice #3502-296970, Counter#434271, Date:3/2/21
    The time of sale is 06:57 p.m.
    My complaint is all about the unprofessional manor of the employees at this location and the racial profiling going on in this store. My friend and I were singled out and verbally harassed by the staff as if we were criminals. (Review the tape for details) I am extremely offended that any of this is going on in 2021! I hope this treatment is not expected or tolerated by Oreilly’s management! And if so, please let me know, so I can boycott all Oriell’s stores!
    Best Regards, K.B.
    My direct contact is 510-253-xxxx if you have any questions.

  66. The workers at your store located at 11th and Atlanta and Tulsa Oklahoma was treating me bad my battery had went out I told him I didn’t know what my number was from 5 months ago because I am an old lady like my memory is not good they should have told me that I needed to remember that number I spent $147 on that battery and he said that he had no words on it like I stole that battery I did not say that I’ve been living this neighborhood for 28 years and I’ve always gone to that O’Reilly’s always have and now my battery is gone bad 5 months later is what they told me I can’t have another I paid $147 for that battery I want to have something out of that thing I didn’t steal it I can’t remember my number cuz I got the Old timer disease I know it they need to tell us old people that’s what’s going on so we don’t spend our money like that can you help me something has to be done I’m sure I spend a lot of money on that I’m on a fixed income and can’t afford to be spending money that way but I need a battery for my car that’s why I bought it new because it was came from O’Reilly’s and I knew that was a good place I always thought it was I feel like I’m not going to recommend that place to anybody or get batteries those boys in there that work are mean and hateful to old people like me he’s out is because I’m old didn’t want to help me they wouldn’t let me leave my battery there I pushed it down there with my Walker and they wouldn’t let me leave it there so I told him just charged up my back and get it I got to come back and get in the morning and get it can you call them something what do I need to do I don’t know what that number was if I did I’ll tell you I know I got a rewards card there cuz I’ve been there so many times he said I had to have his phone number for it I have lost my phone for so many times I’m forgetful and I forget where they went what to do what I do with them now they want me to remember her number that was 5 5 months ago I can’t remember where I was 5 months ago like I said I’m old and I need your help at least to teach them how to treat old people like us cuz it hurt my feelings I’m old I cry easy I know I do but I need what I had I don’t have much money I need my battery how am I going to get my battery somewhere maybe that kind of money I don’t have that kind of money to pay for another battery it’s brand new I bought it from your store please help me

  67. So what about compliments? I have a compliment for my experience today. I ordered a battery online from GA for my son or daughter in law to pick up iat the Manor o’reilly’s. Be walked me through how to order it, and what documentation to send to yhemidssotheylick up the battery.
    I wishh to recognize Steve but there doesn’t seem to be any online mechanism to deal with compliments?. don’t have his last name but I have his first name (Steve). I did ask for his name and he stated Steve, I’m the only steve that works here. Well I thanked him on a follup conversation and he stated “that’s what were here for”. Well shiver me timbers, It’s not all about the parts, It’s about the parts and the people. Now please get off your arse and e-mail me a weblink or email address that deals with compliments as I have to splice the main brace. Aye seaweed and barnackles are me clothes. Recognize your shipmates. Tim from Keysville GA.


    Order # K10341631R5xxxx
    Invoice # 280264
    Placed May 24, 2020
    Still not refunded store gives the run around

  69. I called to the Springville Ut store (3223) to see if they had a part that in needed this was Saterday Feb. 27. After multiple time explaining what I needed I was told it would have to be ordered. still not sure he understood what I was talking about I went to the store found the item and was trying to show him so he would know for the next time. but he got mad and told me that if I didn’t like what he told me I could go somewhere else. At this point I walked away before I said told he how unprofessional he was. the other two employees were laughing with him. So I am letting you know that I will take this mans advise and go the the auto-zone across the street or the Napa just down the street. I have spent alot of money with Oreillys over the years but no more after the way I was treated.

  70. I have a question about my business account with orielly auto parts. My account is supposed to be tax exempt, I gave all my state tax exempt information to orielly over a year ago and up until recently my purchases have been tax exempt. Why is that?

  71. I’m writing this on be half of a defective part and the damage that it did to my truck and no one wants help me fix it.What happened we went Riverton WY .my water pump went out on my 2004 dodge so I got one from Oreilly in Riverton WY.So I head back home in Colo. three weeks go by I’m driving down the road and my pulley comes off broke the belt and the fan went through the radiator and Oreilly down here in Fountain Colo. Replaced my water pump and I have to pay. For my belt and radiator all because of your defective part.

  72. Went to Oreillys in Woodland Wa. 98674 to get a check engine light diagnostic test done by them (as it says on your website) but was told they would not be able to do it but I could try with there diagnostic meter but they had to hold my drivers license while I used it! Never used one in my life and was told just to press buttons up or down till I got a code! What kind of customer service is that! Came back in and he was just standing there eating! I will tell everyone I know never to go there! Go to NAPA at least they make an effort to help you!

  73. Hello my complaint is that I brought a battery 3yrs ago to the date and the battery is on its last leg . So after today there is no more warranty… So being that the battery cells is 3/4 dead I should be able to get another one..

  74. I just went to the oreillys in griffin Ga February 13,2021 at 8:45 pm. And there was 2 male employees there one who was running back and forth taking care of a customer before me and then there was a man sitting on something behind the counter not doing anything. So.i had called prior to arriving to make sure they had my headlight bulbs which they did So I explained I had done called and so Brandon the employee has my 2 bulbs and he rings me up $33.95 . And after he hands me my change i said are these hard to install because I live13 miles away and down a long dark road with deer’s. He said it was easy and I probably could install them myself which I wasn’t able to. So went back in the store and asked could one of them help me and he said he WASNT allowed too. Keep in mind there was no customers..

  75. Yes I go to the O’Reilly auto parts on Dixie Highway in Erlanger Kentucky there’s a gentleman that works there named Dan he never wears a mask and if he does he has it down on his chin this is like the third or fourth time I’ve been in there in the last couple weeks and he never wears it correctly all the rest of the employees Has them on correctly but him I have heard him complain about having to wear one can you please take care of the situation. Before the health board walks in and catches him And I believe his last name is Harrington that’s what one of the employees told me his name is Dan Harrington

  76. This company will not allow you to make a career with this company if you’ve ever made a mistake in life that caused a criminal history. Even if the offending charge was 20 years ago and it was for a non-violent marijuana possession with intent to distribute. This company decides to hold you accountable for actions that were made decades ago even though you’ve furthered yourself and education such as an associate’s degree in Business Administration. This region’s DM decides to promote a new hire that’s been with the company for 1 month, no prior experience in management or supervisorial skills, to be a store manager over someone like myself who has been with the company 3 years and can open, close, run, supervise, manage, and do everything from beginning to end. They simply would not promote me due to a charge over 20 years ago

  77. This is my fourth attempt at resolving an issue that I encountered at one of your Omaha Nebraska stores. I’ve been told by five different managers that someone was going to be getting back to me and no one has yet. I’m beyond upset. I need someone to call me as soon as they can and take care of this matter like they said they were going to. I’ve been humiliated, degraded, bullied and intimidated buy a manager and staff member at your Omaha Nebraska store. each time a manager calls me or I have to call them all I ever hear is I will get call you back and no one ever calls back. Someone needs to address my issues to the best of their ability urgently. I’m totally beside myself in the way I’ve been treated over this issue and this issue is nothing to be taken lightly.

  78. I am trying to decide how to handle a situation that is a very easy lawsuit for discrimination for employment in one of your stores. I am sure that you will have a lot better idea when I explain in short form, but it’s still very clear.
    I applied for a job at a local o’Reilly store. After I left the store and was told that I would be getting an answer about the job as soon as my application was reviewed. After no calls or anything, I go back to the store to see if I was considered for the open job. The manager said that I would be if I were bilingual and spoke Spanish. After the shock that I was experiencing faded I asked him to explain why I was required to speak 2(two) languages in order to be employed by o’Reilly auto PARTS? I was informed that everyone had to be able to speak 2 languages for employment. I was shocked even further when, I asked if that’s the company policy for employment he assured me it was a written company policy and that the job was not available to me and I was asked to leave the store and not to come back because I was a troublemaker. If I were to return to the store, I would be arrested for trespassing.
    I am still in shock and I think that I need an attorney to get involved and that I have been denied employment and treated as a criminal if I come back is really hard for me to understand. Please explain to me how do you think that is not discrimination and intimidation which is causing me and my family even more hardship because don’t forget I am unemployed and I have 32yrs. Experience as a mechanic and I know more about cars and have more knowledge of parts and what is needed to get the customer out the door with the parts and happy they are correct. And I think that I can do the best for the people and would been a good team member. Now I know that I would never shop at all in your stores again or recommend anyone else to buy a part from your stores. I am really considering contacting my attorney and exploring this issue of making sure that your company policy is brought to the table and that you are responsible for the actions that are made by your employees who have done this in your business name. Your stores don’t need to be open and you should have to pay for such a horrible thing that I experienced while I was seeking employment with your company. I only hope you are able to realize how many ways I was wronged by the company employees who work for your business.

  79. Me an my family was at your store in wytheville va. Was later in the day an was heading back home. Had a man possibly in mid 30s with a beard an dark eye glasses helping me out find what i needed. While we were talking an him trying find me the best deals. The other guy working, biger heavy guy, just moved him out of way an forced his self on the pc. Not only did I thank that was disrespectful, he insulted the mid 30s bearded man calling him retarded, an my wife an I didn’t like how hostile the man was. Not only that, but the heavy set guy also had a foul mouth an my son picked up a few interesting words. Well after he priced me over expensive stuff, he went an helped out another an the mid 30s man in shades went back to helping me. He was nice, polite an got me way cheeper parts. An my visit was good thanks to him. But that big heavy guy, he acted like he was king of the store an very rude to not only did I thank he was rude to me, but also the other employee.

  80. Yeah I emailed you guys back talk to somebody on the phone about my window visors my name is John and nobody has called me back very shity service

  81. been meaning to say this for a while… about O’Reilly’s auto parts! wouldn’t let me return battery (not even pro-rated). they’re overpriced and horrible customer service…had 02 LeSabre that had prob, battery died, bout $200 alternator(ridiculous), bought battery($145 w/military discount…also ridiculous). then find out it’s mechanical issue(had to pay mechanic to check because my certification expired and was having health issues). employees did nothing to assist (with returning battery only…even pro-rated. can understand alternator). immediately brought battery home and still on wood floor with tender hooked up. e1 go to anything else as e1 at least pro-rated after reassurance check on battery…

  82. My boyfriend and I were in the orielys on 14th st des moines ia 50313 and the Mexican cashier was very rude started yelling profanity as we were walking out the door I’ve always trusted your company with all my automotive parts but this was wss at uncalled for

  83. The one of your stores on South 31st in Temple Texas has an employee who acts like he is in a drag race every night with his car. He guns up the engine and ride up and down the street creating all kinds of loud noise night after night. We all have kids who has to get up for school and some of us have to work each day. Every night after 10 pm this happens when the store closes. We don’t know if it is the manager or employee but something has to be done about this problem. If they don’t like their job maybe they need to get another one and stop disturbing the people at night. Please take care of this matter.

  84. Grant’s nm.87020. 12/05/20 two individual with no mask at counter asking for a part..these two individual put other risk COVID 19…the store hand a sign outside staying mask required.. about 130pm..

  85. I am a semi-regular customer at O’Reilly Auto Parts Store located at 2927 SE 14th St., Des Moines, IA. This store has a sign posted on the entrance door that says masks are mandatory while inside the store. I assume it means mandatory for customers and employees. During my last 3 visits to this store in the past 2 weeks, 2 employees, Chase and Bobby were not wearing masks. On the 1st occasion, I asked Parris, the clerk who was waiting on me, why those two weren’t wearing masks. Parris stated they were supposed to and she’s told them to and has also told the store manager, Josh, that the two weren’t wearing masks. Parris said Josh has never told the two to wear a mask and she’s not a manager so they don’t listen to her. I left the store that day without buying anything because I was mad that those employees were violating store policy. On the second occasion, Parris again was waiting on me, and Chase and Bobby were standing at the counter jaw-jacking with each other and not wearing masks. Parris told both of them to put on a mask and one of them (Chase, I believe) said to Parris something like “Now you’re starting to sound like my teacher” and they both laughed and walked to the back of the store, but didn’t put on a mask. On the third occasion, I was at the store in the lightbulb aisle and I heard Parris tell Bobby and Chase to put a mask on and they both laughed and ignored her. A little while later, I heard Bobby and Chase taunting Parris and laughing at her.
    The behavior I witnessed by Chase and Bobby (and Josh) regarding Parris telling them to wear a mask and the both of them taunting her was reprehensible, insubordinate and unprofessional and because of them, I will no longer go to that store. I know that Advanced Auto and Napa employees wear masks and do not allow customers in without a mask.
    I give Parris two thumbs up for her professionalism and trying to enforce store policy, and 2 thumbs down to those employees who disregard the store policy. I wonder how a store can state a policy but not enforce it.
    Also, I’ve been a customer at this store for over 10 years and I’ve never seen this store in such disarray, with so many bare shelves and with some employees who don’t seem to care and use vulgar language. It’s a disgrace.

  86. I recently went to a oreillys to buy parts as I’ve done before and I’ve always gotten good service and friendly attitude until I went to the one in anderson sc on Clemson Blvd and they wouldn’t honor a coupon that was a measly 4 past its precious time up , and the clerk jerk was a rude type of a hole in which I can furnish a name ,and I’ve spent a good amount of money in your establishments, but not anymore !

  87. Ok this is getting old its been over 3 hrs since this bs has started they have been given the broken starter over 3 hrs ago talked to asst mangr called many times get put on hold then they hang up on me everytime when they this is very rude customer service and im sitting around wasting time waiting on a part or my money back so i can go to autozone to get the rite part that works i dnt know what kind of game this is but its getting old fast something needs to be done about this shit

  88. Dona ana new mexico thrope rd store went to get starter replaced got stoped at the door told no customers in the store call in and online only but the store is full of people shopping i have an underline health condition as they all know where i can not have a mask on they all know this its sat so know one can help me called every mangr i have a number for. And nothing they took my starter thats new that didnt work i told them just give me my money back they said have to wait till monday when a mangr is in so now my customer is down a car because of this rude service bobby was the person that told us know one in the store and also is the one that is asking my wife to sleep with him everytime she goes in shes asked for this to stop even stopped going to the store when he was ther to avoid. Him i also have an acct at the store thats going to get shut down as i will not be treated this way anymore the people at this store think there cops and make laws and are very rude i have contacted my attrny and ada on this matter as well and will not rest till this store is shut down or new people work for it they do this to every customer that comes in the store. Please have someone other then greg the distr manager or james the manager call me to deal with this 620560xxxx

  89. I went to make a return at your Federal Way location on pacific highway in Washington state with the receipt and unopened product and was told I had to return to the store of where purchase was made it is not listed anywhere in your return policy that this is a rule I wish to be compensated for my wasted time!!!!

  90. Today at 11am I visited O’Reilly location in Murray KY. I have been doing business there for years and lately it’s performance has been very lacking. This area of Kentucky is under a mask mandate for all businesses. Which is properly posted all over the entrance. Absolutely zero employees were wearing mask. The manager had a very constant dry cough with no effort to cover her cough whatsoever. The excuse was that her blood pressure medication causes it. I am disabled and on an oxygen pack at all times and of high risk. I wouldn’t ordinarily be in public but my vehicle needed a battery badly. An associate tested my battery and told me my voltage regulator was bad and I needed an alternator. Little did she know I had the capability of the same procedure and knew the battery had a bad cell. Also confirmed by my certified mechanic. They dismissed the battery and insisted I needed an alternator. I quickly vacated the premises. I then went to the competition and they did the same testing and said it was a bad cell in the battery. Needless to say, I bought the battery and they installed it for me. This is not the first time O’Reilly has steered me in the wrong direction. I’m 60 years old, I’ve worked on my own vehicles for my whole life, but with my disabilities it has become very difficult labor wise. Doesn’t mean I’m inept mentally. I, nor my extensive family will no longer be doing business with O’Reilly. Also, the manager seriously needs to be tested along with the rest of the staff. This situation should be taken seriously.

  91. I visited your store#2885 yesterday, and your employee Christopher was very rude to me. First, when i arrive at the counter he was in the back and another young man called him to the front. He said to me, “How can i help you? As if I was bothering him, I then gave him my make and model of my car for my brakes. I had remembered that my brakes came with a lifetime warranty and the drums 2 year. He then proceeded to tell me that my 2 year warranty would not be honored even though I hadn’t had the work done to see if the drums were bad. He was rude, in this pandemic were all wearing mask, however u can hear a smile or good attitude without seeing a person facial expression. All I can say is he has a bad attitude and should not be working with customers.

  92. Hello, my name is Marty. I was in my local store today, in Round Rock, Tx. The manager was not wearing a mask nor was he making his employees wear them either. It is a policy to wear a mask in our city. Please let me know if there’s anything we can do about this.
    Thank you
    Marty Dicus

  93. I was surprised to see a large trump 2020 flag being displayed at your store in Foxboro ma. Is this done at all your stores ?

  94. Gage at the Jerseyville illinois store is often sitting on the counter and is so lazy he will make customers wait for Bill to finish one customer and help the next. Gage also treats women like myself like we’re stupid. His rude comments are the reason customers are going to NAPA. Get rid of this punk.

  95. How do I contact the corporate office headquarters by phone here in the UK. I would like to know if you have a UK customer phone number or corporate number, thanks.

  96. I’ve tried emailing it just dont fo thru I bought compressor for my truck and it locked up the next day I need help

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