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Geico Corporation Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

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Corporate Address
5260 Western Avenue
Chevy Chase, MD
Phone Number
(301) 986-3000
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What is Geico’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Geico’s Headquarters phone number is: 1–301-986-3000.


What is Geico’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Geico’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-800-841-3000.

Alternative Geico customer care phone numbers are: 1-800-861-8380 and 1-800-841-2964.

Whats is Geico’s Headquarters Address?

Geico Corporate Headquarters:

  • 5260 Western Avenue,
  • Chevy Chase, Md. 20815
  • USA

Geico Mailing address:

  • Geico Corporation
  • One GEICO Plaza,
  • Washington, D.C. 20076
  • USA

How do I Contact Geico Customer Support?

Call the listed numbers above or contact Geico via:

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Contact Geico on Live Chat: Geico Live Chat.

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Geico on Twitter: @GEICO_Service

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Geico Headquarters Executive Team.

The executive team of GEICO Corporation consists of:

  • Olza M. Nicely, President and Chief Executive Officer-Insurance Operations
  • Louis A. Simpson, President and Chief Executive Officer-Capital Operations
  • Charles R. Davies, Senior Vice President and General Counsel
  • Thomas A. Wells, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.


The directors of GEICO Corporation are:

  • Warren E. Buffett
  • Marc D. Hamburg
  • Forrest N. Krutter.
  • Charles R. Davies
  • John J. Geer
  • Donald R. Lyons
  • Robert M. Miller
  • Olza M. Nicely
  • William E. Roberts
  • David L. Schindler
  • Thomas M. Wells


Government Employees Insurance Company Executive Team.
The executive team of Government Employees Insurance Company are:

  • Olza M. Nicely, President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Charles R. Davies, Senior Vice President and General Counsel
  • Thomas A. Wells, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • William E. Roberts, Vice President.


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  1. Let me say at the onset, as a retired businessman, your telecom Auto & Homeowner Quoting system is dubious at best. Right from the get-go I requested a two auto quote giving all the information that your agent seemed to already have? I thanked him, indicating I would get back to him after I did an apple-to-apples comparison with my current policy. Your premium for our two auto was lower than the carrier I’ve been with for 23 years. After a few days I called back only to get a different agent in a different part of the country. OK!
    I indicated that I would like a payment plan base on the premium quoted and much to my surprise he stated the premium to be $10.00/month higher than the original quote. I requested he justify the increase, on which he stated he did not make out the original quote and that there may have been an error or the rates went up? “They fluctuate on an hourly basis” he added and there was nothing he could do. I stated fine, when is my 1st payment due?
    Since I had my Auto & Homeowners coupled with a single agency prior, I asked this agent about Homeowners coverage, he stated it was at another location and he would try to transfer me, which he did. The location was Fredericksburg VA., where I talked to a very courteous female agent and after all information was exchange she emailed me the quote and here again I took time to compare. After my review I had a few questions and not having the female agents tele#, I sent her an email asking to speak with her. She responded that I would have to forward my phone number and she would call me at an agreed time. I thought this strange, however after her call and answering my questions, I accepted her quoted payment plan with the 1st 3 month payment paid on 4/24/2018 for coverage beginning May 1, 2018. I thanked her and went on with life.
    Approximately three (3) days later I received your emailed customer survey and made an honest effort to fill it out assuming it was specific to my auto policy. I then, took the opportunity to state how in my opinion your “bait and switch” quoting practice needed to better refined in favor of the consumer and as a retired Customer Relations Manager for a Global high tech company, my career would have been short lived if I marketed this form of Customer Service. Well, a day later I get a phone call from a woman in your Customer Relations Dept. at one of your locations apologizing for the confusion and offering amends. This was good to hear and I had high hopes for GEICO.
    Unfortunately, this was short-lived, when on May 30, 2018 I received a notice of ineligibility on my Homeowner policy from your underwriter Occidental (Policy # SCP187315800) stating my Home for Sale makes me ineligible for Insurance! What? I’ve never heard of such a thing? I immediately called one of your Customer Service numbers and a John from Buffalo, NY tried to answer my questions with courtesy, but little success. This is totally outrageous, I could have stayed with my old carrier if I was told this ahead of time, now I have to find another insurance company…..Unacceptable and not good business practice if you want to keep your customer base.
    Alex Amenkowicz

    1. I am sure after my comments on the complaints I have commented on my insurance will be audited and they will find something to stick the screws to me as well

      𝗛𝗘𝗔𝗗𝗤𝗨𝗔𝗥𝗧𝗘𝗥𝗦+𝟭 𝟴𝗢𝟱 𝟲𝗢𝟴 𝟱𝟰𝗢𝟲
      +𝟭 𝟴𝗢𝟱 𝟲𝗢𝟴 𝟱𝟰𝗢𝟲

    2. The GEICO representatives are trained ———- who don’t truly have the customers interest at best. I m certain that many good customers left and went on to other insurance companies as they should. I was mysteriously dropped from full glass coverage and there justification is due to an addition of another driver being added to our policy?????? They justified this by saying when there is a policy change, this happens🤔? They tell me that it is at the request of the customer?! They have no electronic signature to prove that WE dropped it. Bad business practice when dealing with policy change. Allstate requires a signature so that they have proof.

  2. After over 20 years with GEICO I had my first auto claim. The accident occured in Brooklyn, NY, on Memorial Day, 28 May, at or about 12:30 PM. My wife and I had come to NYC from Salisbury, NC, to assist our niece to move.

    Once the initial report to GEICO was made [@1 PM] everything began to go wrong. And here we are almost a full month later waiting for some sort of resolution regarding our car,

    1. Well join the club. They are not reputable any longer. They talk a good game. But even supporting you in an accident where you are not at fault has diminished. They don’t care. Just about Increasing your premiums

      1. I was hit from the back at about a 100mph+. My car was totaled out. They been treating me like crap! They very very rude. I was begging them just to help me get a form for my lienholder. This lady ma’am my system is down. Ma’am I just spoke with someone so o know they not doing a system update. I then said ma’am please please help me. That lady interrupting me and said ma’am ma’am is there anything else I can do for you and hung up in my face. They only ask me for $500. They never Address the issue of somebody hitting me from the rear at a 16 year old girl. In 5:00 traffic on brakes. You are so right!

          1. Right l am a new customer already disappointed
            Each person l spoke to tried to change or destroy what the previous customer service representative has told me.
            I call 8 times for the same issue it’s still going on at the end they ignore my call. A simple billing question.

      2. Geico has become a horrible auto insurance company. I’ve been with them over 10 years and got into a fender bender in which the other person was riding the turning lane at a high speed around a curve in the road. I went to get into the turning lane and she hit me. I got cited for the accident and the reporting officer made numerous errors in the incident report. I took it to court and the case was dismissed and I wasn’t found at fault. I retained my FL safe drivers status and received no point, fine..nothing. Yet Geico jacked my 6 month policy up $70. The have me a surcharge for the accident and took my 5 year good driver stays away. I went in a package explaining that I 2as not found at fault and the discrepancies in the officers report and Arial photos of the accident location. The took of the surcharge and gave me back my safe driver status. The next 6 month bill came out and they once again took off my good driver status only to give it back after numerous calls. This went on for 3 years. Once again, I just got my bill and no good driver discount. This time, this rude man in underwriting named Roger left me a voicemail saying I had an at fault accident in 2018 and that’s that. I’ve spend hours explaining the situation just to have the csr and supervisors pass the buck to another person. Couldn’t talk to the same person twice. I did speak with a kind man named Is it who assured me he would take care of it and it wouldn’t happen again only to get that voicemail from Robert saying it is what it is and will remain that way. I am contacting the insurance commissioner and reporting unfair business practices.

    2. Geico is apparently not a top- notch insurance agency. The Scum of auto insurance.

    3. Same thing is happening to me. I was hit by a 16yr she was going 50mph. THEY DID NOTHING BUT ASK FOR 500. They are the worst.

    4. I had my first major incident and Geico has ignored me and my concerns due to something that was completely out of my control. My car has been in the shop for 3 months and the accident almost killed me and my mother. I’ve been a loyal customer for 10 years and feel as if they could careless about people going through unemployment and Covid-19 difficulties.

      1. My vehicle has been in the shop for 7 months. Geico says they have paid the bill to Mancuso but the parts aren’t all in From October. When I speak Oscar, the same person at Mancuso he tells me all of the parts are in….

      2. Awful : I feel for you my car was stolen and been in the shop for 5 mos Geico gave me a rental for 30 days it is $700 a week to rent a car now I recently had to buy another car I am also speaking with a lawyer


    1. I am sure after my comments on the complaints I have commented on my insurance will be audited and they will find something to stick the screws to me as well

      1. Hi I’m Joyce Macklin I have been a customer for two year’s almost and I am on your automatic payment plan and all of a sudden they are taking out more money then they were supposed to they took out my automatic payment of $84 and some change in October also in November and in December they took out $162 I would like to have my balance returned without having to prove that you have my payment because you have my payment you see my payment so reimburse me back what is owe me please thank you so much this is Miss Joyce Macklin

  4. Rear ended by an uninsured motorist on 8/9/18. After providing Geico with the police report, finally on 8/16 a Geico rep named Megan explained my deductible would be $100 instead of $500. I told her ok, set up to get my car fixed. Went to Abra Collision on 8/22….Isabel took note of the damages and wrote down the deductible would be $0…go to pick up my car on 8/25….was told by Abra the deductible was $500….on top of that MY CAR WAS NOT COMPLETELY REPAIRED AND A NASTY MAN AT ABRA SAID TO ME (while I was on the phone with Geico)… “worry bout your phone call, not the car”!!. Needless to say…my car is still at Abra and im ready to get an attorney. I have filed complaints via voicemail with several supervisors at Geico. My car is also brand new…literally a month old, a 2018, driven off the lot with 12 miles. I am I’m taking it to the Ford Dealership to get an affidavit since Geico did not make all the repairs and want to say it’s “factory default”…….despite the fact nothing was wrong with my car prior to it being rear ended. So if I have to get an attorney for this entire mess….trust me I will….with Ford backing me up!!

    1. I am not shocked at all . It appears the pride Geico has and the honesty is gone forever. When you bring in a bunch of young people who don’t have pride in their work or helping people this is what you get. It is absolutely awful. Maybe the President and Vice President will take a closer look where their company is headed and take the time to look at these complsints

        1. Can’t with all these Complaints! All for the most part I say the same thing they don’t care!

        2. Probably not. Maybe you should contact Warren Buffett. He is the head man at Geico.

  5. I’ve been a GEICO customer for 23 years and have never submitted a claim until this year when a obstacle in front of my garage caused me to hit the side of my garage. Damage was to my new car; no damage to property. The total repair bill was under $1300; my deductible was $500. I called GEICO to discuss what the impact of my submitting a claim on my premium. I am on a fixed income and monthly outlay is very important to me. I asked “Will me premium go up if I submit a claim?” I was emphatically assured that it would not. I asked a second time and was again reassured that I would not see a change in premium. I had decided to submit the claim based SOLELY on this discussion. I was prepared to pay the bill myself if my premium would rise.

    I was lied to. My premium went up $800 a year…coincidentally that same amount of GEICO’s share of my claim. I’m sure this discussion is on tape somewhere in your claims department if you have the conscience to care.

    And, please, I will NOT appreciate a “GEICO cares but…” letter from one of your minions. It would be insulting and further depreciate my option of GEICO.

  6. Your current TV ad is disturbing & in poor taste. This unfit man stretched out on a lawn chair giving demands & ordering others. Stick w/your little friendly gecko.

  7. That stupid, male-bashing advertisement on television where an older woman is arm-wrestling a guy while also shooting baskets is just another piece of BS from yet another corporation populated by, apparently, a bunch of male-bashing fools. All theclueless Feminazis at Geico please stand up. Not funny and just one more reason why my family will NEVER buy ANY Geico insurance. You people think this garbage is funny. It is not and makes you look like complete idiots.

  8. I was given a commercial policy and non disclosure of penalties while my requests where transparent. Information was withheld costing me fees and would have cost me future earnings. I will like cancellation fees waived from my commercial policy of 10% of remaining costs due to information not shared. This information would have been determining factors for purchase of this policy. I have been a customer for 27 years. I feel cheated and my issue unresolved. I am not satisfied with the result.

  9. This complaint will also be forwarded to the BBB. I called Geico back on 09/07/2018 to remove a car that I no longer had in my possession. I asked that my 2012 Mercedes Benz is left on the policy with the same full coverage, I spoke with Brenda and she assured me the BMW was taken off and the Benz was left on with full coverage, lets keep in mind I am financing the MB and it is mandatory to have full coverage. Today i decided to jump on the website to review my payments and I discover the BMW is still reflecting and the Benz was no where on the policy. I immediately call and Brandon assisted me with getting the correct car back in place however; was not at all concerned about the mistake that was made. I explained to him, I have been driving for 2 months with no coverage and his response was ” thankfully nothing happened”!!!!! I was livid and asked to speak to a supervisor ( Steven 176972) who was equally as unconcerned and said there is nothing they can do for me, even though I was paying insurance on a car that I no longer had and the car I asked to be left on the policy was not covered. Its only right, they at least add those payment amounts to my account. Instead I was told that my payments were going up by $ 100 dollars a month and they would ensure the finance company knows that it was a mistake on their part. I requested to be sent the same information being sent to the finance company that reflects my Benz has been continually covered. The rep said it would be about 15 minutes however; I have not received the email to reflect the same yet. I will report this to the BBB and any other outlet. This is a classic case of poor customer service and poor leadership.

  10. if being in a wreck over the Thanksgiving holiday wasnt enough stress now im going thru even more stress after being told my vehichle was totalled. I drove and hour and half away to the tow place to clean out my vehichle. i contacted the adjuster every time but one. because we were told we had 72 hours to return the rental vehichle, my husband had to take a whole day off of work to find another one in order to meet geicos guidelines. Not one time have they considered our family circumstance . My spouse and i work to diif shifts and in two diff towns. Did they care not at all . my spouse is a school teacher and coach. only time he can look for another vehichle was on the weekend. But sat was a wrestling meet all day and sunday dealerships arent open . do you think anyone cared to extend the rental by 4 days nope. Then being i have never delt with a total loss on a vehichle now the adjuster wants again to inconvience me and my husband to go meet to sign documents with another adjuster not even in our town . then when we agreed the adjuster had appts so we have to wait for her to help us. no concern about any of the inconvience they put on the customer. without the customer geico woukdnt be a business . but they do not care. so after me having to track down my adjuster i finally said please mail the forms in an expedited manner to get them to me. i will again inconvience myself to overnight them back to you. . I am so put out with geico and the lack of concern for our family . shame shame shame on yall for the service you provide to your customer.

  11. I drive a 2017 Hyundai Elantra, 6-speed manual transmission. My vehicle only had 24000 miles on it and underwent routine maintenance and routine 125-point inspection that was complimentary of the Hyundai Service Department – never had an issue with my vehicle. It was stolen and recovered within a time frame of 2 days and the transmission and clutch was blown out. I was unable to get a hold of my adjuster for 7 hours after being promised he would call me that day and after calling him about four to five times. I finally reached a supervisor, Alys Lanston, who told me that this kind of damage does not occur within two days and that it was MY fault the damage occurred due to wear and tear. I tried to explain that because it’s a manual, if the driver doesn’t know how to properly drive it, the clutch and transmission can get severely damaged. She insisted that my comprehensive coverage on my insurance will not cover this damage because it’s my fault I damaged the mechanical components. My mechanic inspected the vehicle and said that there was no way the damage to the vehicle was caused by wear and tear given my vehicle maintenance history and mileage.
    In addition, the claim was assigned to a special investigation unit where I was contacted and interrogated as a criminal. Instead of working with law enforcement to check the traffic camera feed one block down from where my vehicle was stolen; instead of checking the security camera feed from my work where my keys were stolen, instead of checking the security camera feed of the building where the vehicle was recovered; the investigator questioned me like a criminal and was in the process of sending paperwork to my residence to request phone calls, text messages, financial statements, and request that I provide a statement of truth under oath. Until it can be determined that I did not steal my own vehicle or arrange for someone to steal my vehicle, GEICO refuses to pay for the repair cost of $1000. The investigator assigned, Chaston Williams, stated that there were many issues with my claim but would not state the issues. I’d like to know what is so conflicting about the fact that the spare key I left at work was stolen and used to steal my vehicle and the vehicle was recovered with the spare key and within the time frame of my vehicle being stolen, it was damaged. Why is the investigation focused around me when they should be focusing on checking the traffic and security cameras?

    1. Another case of what happened doesn’t really matter. It is sbout getting whatever money they can out of you.

      1. Always get everything in writing. Insist on emails when they say anything and make promises.

        1. Oh and call back to ensure it is documented on the computer along with the email verifications.. Documentation is important always.

  12. Hi folks,
    Emailed the design department for permission to use “Martin” in a made-up Geico commercial for a hand out on getting high school kids to sign -up for our alumni association mentoring program. It is cute and creative. I can attach a copy to the response to this email.

  13. I am so incredibly offended by the new commercial with the family eating at the table shaking. As a caregiver to a husband who has had Parkinson’s Disease for 15 years. This is so insensitive. This is what life looks like for real in the life of a parkinsons patient. I cannot believe that this is acceptable. I have reached out to many people in our Parkinson’s “family” and they are equally offended. Shame on you Geico. If I was EVER considering becoming a customer, this solidifies that will never happen.

  14. My daughter, a 19 year old second year college student was a victim in a wreck caused by somebody clearly at fault, that did not stop at stop sign.

    My daughters car was totaled. It has been 2 months and numerous phone calls and Geico still has not paid out. My daughter did get to speak to a representative and they apologized saying she was working with a new employee, and that is ok?

    For the last 2 months my daughter had to find rides or walk to and from work, classes and library in this bitter cold Colorado at night

    To make this short, if any harm comes to her because of Geico’s incompetence, they will be held responsible.

    Claim # 182769755

  15. I just called to update my new address. Apparently with our new zip code our policy will have a increase of .10. That’s right ten cents, a dime. Now I understand the difference in traffic areas and such, however to increase by ten cents is just ridiculous and a insult to your customers. We have been your customers for a few years now without any claims and good driving records. The cost of our policy has gone up each policy period. I understand increases! However what I find so incredibly ridiculous is the money your company will spend to increase my policy by TEN CENTS!
    This is such a insult! I wanted to let you know this is why I’ll be shopping for other insurance. Just horrible!

  16. Had to pay $245.00 out of my pocket to get my car out of body shop because GEICO would not pay the going labor rate for repair and I am also a policy holder. Now shopping elsewhere.

  17. My car just had accident due the other driver change lane. My front bumper is severely damaged and the 2 passenger side door has scratches and a big dent on top of the right rear tire. The adjuster said the scratches is too light on the 2nd door. He did not issue a payment for the dent. I am very upset and pay GEICO $5000 A YEAR They did not want to pay $350 repair for the dent! All because the adjuster did not think this is one accident. Need to know where I can complaint for this issue? This need to be correctly justified not based on a adjuster own mistake decision.

  18. I am deeply upset and disappointed in your service based on my conversations wit two of your reps. today. I have an auto policy with you and have been blessed to bring my policy almost up to date after hurricane Michael and today I was treated like diet. I am going to pay this last premium and look for another insurance company. If u desire further explanations you may reach me at 850 294 1598

  19. Yes how you doing I’m in the middle of a crisis with my driver’s license a driver of your under your policy name pulled out in front of my motorcycle on the way home from the hospital he deliberately cut through the parking lot and slam his brakes in the past of my motorcycle and now your company is trying to charge me the $6,000 for his door that tried to kill me I want to get down to the solution because i have no driver’s license I’ve been homeless for three years and everybody keeps telling me that this ain’t reason why my driver’s license is suspended and I keep telling him it’s the only thing that can have my driver’s license suspended and I’m trying to use other tickets and everybody’s just trying to be aggressive and and and and treat me like if I don’t have no common sense of what I’m doing I’m upset and I need to get to to a source that can help relieve me from from this pressure because it’s too much I can’t take it no more and I need to speak to somebody

  20. Customer service is horrible lack of communication no communication regarding my recent claim. Then I get a letter dated 3/29 the claim was closed due to didn’t receive information requested. Which I never received any letter requesting information. This company has poor follow up that accident was March 3. I’m the one that had to keep reaching out to Mia smith for updates and the. She has the audacity to send me a letter ridiculous I’ll never choose geico again for insurance I should’ve learned. Very disappointed with the service I pay monthly premiums automatically deducted from my account. No problem taking payments but hard to get communication from your company!!! Frustrated

  21. I leave to europe and I will storage my car for about 3 month last year they gave me no payment couse my car is NOT on the road this year they do not want to do it.Why? please call me at 941 726 4002 Thank you Kristina

  22. I contacted GEICO for a quote for my grandson who lives with his paternal grandmother. I was given a hypothetical situation involving his living with me and being added to my policy and me purchasing him a car in my name and adding an additional driver. That is all that was discussed. Late that day, I received an email reminding me that “your current premium is $1,923.20 but would be reduced to $1,393.50 if I added a fictitious “2005 Honda Civic DX” that the agent made up for the purpose of providing the quote!
    My current policy is $1452, and has been for the more than 10 years that I have been with GEICO. I have told them that my grandson does not live with me nor has he ever lived with me, yet they are refusing to remove him from my policy. So instead of my next payment being $111, it will be $796. Worse customer service ever. Several different GEICO agents have been sending me nasty emails because I told them that I contacted an attorney, and they locked me out my account so that I could not obtain the information that I needed. When I asked for the information, I received an email that stated “Your attorney should have it.” I am still reeling from shock, but in the process of writing letters to several news media outlets. I have already filed a complaint with my state’s insurance commissioner.

  23. If you have a Camper insured with Geico you better get away from them fast! We just made a claim from wind and rain damage and it was denied. The claims office stated that they DO NOT cover wind, rain, hail, hurricans, nor tornado damages. Living in Louisiana and in the middle of all these conditions, they lied about the coverage. So what was I paying for over the past 12 yrs???? And being a former Insurance adjuster, I’m can’t believe the adjuster that was sent didn’t take pics of the top of the camper or pics of the outside showing the damages. And to top it off he wanted us to pull it to a shop in the state it is in, with the side walls and top peeling from the frame from water damage. I’ve already sent out messages for all local Military personal that has Geico to change companies. If they want cover a Camper, what about your Home? What about your Car? Just how far are they willing to go with lies to get your money. Being a Military family I suggest that all Military families think twice before placing their valuables or assets in the hands of this company.

  24. Awful service with Geico after being with them about 16 -20 years. I had damage to car back in March 2018 and Service King was were I was sent. They took back bumper off and bit a new one on without putting my “Toyota” sticker back on also. This year when went to another collision place for damages they found the new sticker in trunk and had been back there so long and exposed to the heat it was defrayed and brown. I didn’t know it was in the trunk. They explained it was to go on back of bumper. Contacted Geico beginning of 2029 to have Service King put it on the new bumper. No response for 6 months. Again spoke to Alex and they left a voice mail stating they would contact them to get it put back. No answer back from him or Service King. If look at my record I have called numerous times over past year about this issue. Geico has done nothing I the hopes that I give up calling and asking for the decal to be put on. Also dealt with many rude customer personnel in Geico claims department refusing to give their ID. Names Alexandria, Demi, an Brittany all rude and unhelpful. Waste of time talking to them when they provided no help just interrogated me over and over about what happened instead of reading notes and doing something. At this point I will be looking for another insurance company. Geico is not “what it used to be”. To say the least. They used to be a respected, efficient, respectful, and helpful company now I don’t know what they represent it certainly isn’t customer service. They talk a good game about prices and integrity. I don’t see the integrity a.nymore

  25. I filed a complaint with the Pennsylvania Insurance Department, however, I would also like to complain on the corporate website as well. I am a current Geico policy holder and when my daughter needed to get an individual insurance policy, I initially went to my current insurance company. I had to pay funds up front to get the policy started. Within 2 days, the policy was cancelled because found a better price and more coverage. I am due a full refund of the deposit and it was confirmed also by Geico, however,Geico is playing games about refunding the monies owed and I still have not received the refund. Bottom line, I want my money back. I am so disappointed that I won’t be renewing my individual policy when the time expires. So that will be 2 customers lost…..I shudder to think how they “pay” claims…..

  26. This lady crashed into my husband. Clearly seen on our video. Clearly stated on information exchange that this lady was not the driver someone else was. Clearly states on police report she was not the driver this man was And we still cannot get our car fix and it’s been a week. We been doing all of Geico’s work for them pics,police report etc all because we want our car fix. Been more than patient. what else is there to investigate. If the police report clearly states she hit us and the cop he seen the video and agreed and she is at fault.

  27. Geico has zero compassion for the victims of their clients. Refuse to provide rental cars, take their time and actually stall to keep from paying a claim in a timely manner. On top of that, they are totally rude and if you complain to their corporate office, nothing is done and no one returns your call.!!!

  28. Good afternoon, Tiquanna Patton
    Could you please give me a call – I am getting really frustrated in not having my claim resolved
    I provided GEICO with a copy of the police report –
    Do I need to speak to a manager – they can send the check in the amount of $250.00
    directly to the company that is offering to clean up my yard.
    My front yard is destroyed with glass, etc. from the vehicle – this has been going on since August!
    Thanks for checking into the delay and making this happen.
    Tiquanna returned by call – cannot help – or manager – waiting for other expenses – uncalled for
    Gladys Marucha

  29. Hello Geico Team,

    I am writing this email with regard to the old claim – 0619001810101023 from last September 25, 2018. I would like to reopen the investigation for 2 main reasons. Firstly, the claim agent – Ms. Nicole Young who was assigned to my case, she managed to close the case within 48 hrs which I purely think she was in some sort of rush to get it close. Secondly, anyone can give a statement, the question is what do the facts say.

    I would like to present some facts based on that I would like you to make a fair decision:
    My car was hit from the back, the point of impact was on the left rear wheel. Our state-traffic law clearly says, If someone hits you from behind, it is virtually never the fault of the front driver, regardless of whether I stopped or was about to change a lane.
    If one car’s front end is damaged and the other’s rear end is, there can’t be much argument about who struck whom.
    The accident happened on 23508 Calabasas Rd, Calabasas, CA 91302 which basically is a one-way lane that goes to becoming a 2-way lane (Attach pictures of the location).
    According to the witness statement, I was trying to come in her lane which is so not true. the pictures clearly tell you the road was one way and I was going straight how can I come in her lane when there was no 2nd lane.
    If someone is driving they won’t look behind and drive their vehicle.
    My insurance rates were more than double without a thorough investigation from the GEICO team and I firmly believe that it was not my fault and I should be compensated back based on all the above facts presented to you. As a customer, I really believe in transparency. I trust that the company will take my complaint seriously and look into this matter promptly.

    Best Regards,
    Yash Bhayani

  30. Hello Geico Team,

    I am writing this email concerning the old claim – 0619001810101023 from last September 25, 2018. I would like to reopen the investigation for 2 main reasons. Firstly, the claim agent – Ms. Nicole Young who was assigned to my case, she managed to close the case within 48 hrs which I purely think she was in some sort of rush to get it close. Secondly, anyone can give a statement, the question is what do the facts say.

    I would like to present some facts based on that I would like you to make a fair decision:
    My car was hit from the back, the point of impact was on the left rear wheel. Our state-traffic law clearly says, If someone hits you from behind, it is virtually never the fault of the front driver, regardless of whether I stopped or was about to change a lane.
    If one car’s front end is damaged and the other’s rear end is, there can’t be much argument about who struck whom.
    The accident happened on 23508 Calabasas Rd, Calabasas, CA 91302 which is a one-way lane that goes to becoming a 2-way lane (Attach pictures of the location).
    According to the witness statement, I was trying to come in her lane which is so not true. the pictures tell you the road was one way and I was going straight how can I come in her lane when there was no 2nd lane.
    If someone is driving they won’t look behind and drive their vehicle.
    My insurance rates were more than double without a thorough investigation from the GEICO team and I firmly believe that it was not my fault and I should be compensated back based on all the above facts presented to you. As a customer, I believe in transparency. I trust that the company will take my complaint seriously and look into this matter promptly.

    Best Regards,
    Yash Bhayani

  31. Hello Geico Team,

    I am writing this email with regard to the old claim – 0619001810101023 from last September 25, 2018. I would like to reopen the investigation for 2 main reasons. Firstly, the claim agent – Ms. Nicole Young who was assigned to my case, she managed to close the case within a week or two which I purely think she was in some sort of rush to get it close. Secondly, anyone can give a statement, the question is what do the facts say.

    I would like to present some facts based on that I would like you to make a fair decision:
    My car was hit from the back, the point of impact was on the left rear wheel. Our state-traffic law clearly says, If someone hits you from behind, it is virtually never the fault of the front driver, regardless of whether I stopped or was about to change a lane.
    If one car’s front end is damaged and the other’s rear end is, there can’t be much argument about who struck whom.
    The accident happened on 23508 Calabasas Rd, Calabasas, CA 91302 which basically is a one-way lane that goes to becoming a 2-way lane (Attach pictures of the location).
    According to the witness statement, I was trying to come in her lane which is so not true. the pictures clearly tell you the road was one way and I was going straight how can I come in her lane when there was no 2nd lane.
    If someone is driving they won’t look behind and drive their vehicle.
    My insurance rates were more than double without a thorough investigation from the GEICO team and I firmly believe that it was not my fault and I should be compensated back based on all the above facts presented to you. As a customer, I really believe in transparency. I trust that the company will take my complaint seriously and look into this matter promptly.

  32. How to contact the corporate office out of office hours? I have an issue that needs to be dealt with and It cannot wait until Monday.

  33. This used to be a good company, until you have a problem. Then you find out that it is really hard to get through to a customer service representative, especially out of normal office hours, which is the only time I am available.

  34. I am upset with your claims paying conduct. I am writing a letter to send to the entire Board of Directors. I feel that Geico advertisements are misleading and the Texas Dept. of Insurance needs to be informed of your actions and discrimination.

  35. Geico has the WORST service ever! Filed 3 claims since March, have yet to get my vehicle repaired even though I’ve jumped through all the hoops they’ve required. I had to make arrangements to take my car to Geico’s claims adjusters and then to one of their repair centers if I wanted the work guaranteed. Afterwards I had to hurry up and wait for them to schedule the work when it was convenient for them and find a rental car within the parameters of my coverage limits cuz I couldn’t get one from Enterprise.

    First of all I backed into a parking space at work and someone hit my car. When I came out my rear bumper was hanging off and I thought it was hit from the rear. I called Geico and reported the damage. It was later I learned that it actually was hit from the front forcing my vehicle to hit the cement barrier behind my car causing front and rear damage but Geico is forcing me to pay for two separate claims although it was proven to be only hit once.

    Then in October a rock hit my windshield and stupid me requested Feivo send Safelite to repair the glass. They were supposed to come between 8:00 am and 12 noon however at 12:00 I got a call from the service agent claiming I was just added to his log and he wouldn’t be there until 5:00pm. Haven’t heard from Safelite or Geico since.

    Just had one of their Geico agents hang up on me a few moments ago which is why I’ve taken to social media. That’s part of their soecisk customer service. As soon as I get my repairs completed I’m done with this pathetic service from Geico. I never went through this with Progressive!

    Fix my damn car NOW!

  36. I paid my auto insurance today at 11:42 am with my visa credit card I have made three separate requests for a confirmation of payment for s944.60 and have received a email informing changes were made to the account regarding credit card. I called again to get confirmation of payment and received information on policy binder. On my last call In the evening I spoke with a supervisor Michael again requesting confirmation of payment via email and an hour later have not received any confirmation stating that GEICO received my $944.60 payment. I don’t understand why
    Thank you in anticipation for your help in this matter.

  37. I am seeking an email for a person of charge at the corporate office. I have been a member for about 10 years and within 2 states. I am still waiting for someone to assist me from the middle of October. Who can I contact please?

  38. I would like to place a formal complaint against two of your employees. Andrew Evans of the Casa Grande, Az office auto damage adjuster and Walter Knops Payment recovery examiner.
    These two individuals are the sole purpose of why I will be canceling my insurance policy with you of 10+ years at $260 monthly payment without incident or late driving record is impeccable along with my wife’s and my children.
    It started with Andrew Evans on May 16th I was in an auto accident that was not my fault the opposing party was cited and found it full responsibility. I contacted Geico the woman on the phone told me that my best option was to pay my deductible and they would take care of everything and then Geico would reimbursed me at the end of the process.
    Andrew Evans came to my house after a week or two of waiting, wrote up the paperwork for my vehicle, that was not drivable or functioning at the time for he did not know and could not know the total extent of the damage that happened in the accident. I had to return my vehicle three times to get it repaired correctly after fixing the fender and bumper on the first visit, it’s still had a broken lower control arm and a broken exhaust manifold and they sent me on my way with it (sending a customer away with a broken lower control arm is extremely dangerous) they tried to swindle and weasel their way out of covering their responsibilities by telling me that what I was experiencing “wasn’t happening”. I had to take my truck to another mechanic pay him to find the pieces that were wrong so I could go back and point it out to Gerber collision.
    I had to call many of the higher up officials and finally got you guys to contact them and have them take care of me the way Geico has promised to do. I pay my bills on time you take care of me in a case of an accident. This is it agreement correct?
    Here it is December 10th of the same year and they still have not resolved or finalized the incident. Walter Knops contacted me in September and said that my reimbursement would not show up until November because they are having issues with the opposing insurance company. In November they issued an email stating my reimbursement was ready, within minutes after the email arrived an additional email showed up saying that that was given to me in error and I would not be getting that reimbursement for it goes to Gerber collision for the repairs. Two weeks after that in mid November I received another email with a reimbursement amount. I contacted Walter Knops on the phone and ask him what is this check about is it meant for me or not. He stated yes this is your check how would you like to receive it, and gave me the options on how to receive it. I gave him the options of what I wanted and they put the money in my bank account. 2 weeks later they contacted my wife and said that they gave me that money on accident again and I needed to go down and give that money to to the Gerber collision center. They have made the same mistake twice. Even after contacting and verbally asking him what this was. He never mentioned to me that I needed to do anything specific with this reimbursement. He insinuated that it was mine for the reimbursement.
    In the beginng after 5 times of trying to get ahold of Andrew Evans and leaving several messages everytime trying to get my truck fixed he would not respond to my calls of more than five times with messages and then having Walter Knops totally fumble his end of his job I have decided to leave your company indefinitely along with my three teenage children and my wife.
    If this check was not meant for me, they should’ve instructed me to do something with it or better yet they should’ve paid their bills on their own. All they can do now is tell me that they’re sorry for the mistake. I have asked them to explain how this happened and all I get for response is “I don’t know, and we’re sorry for the error that was sent to you but mistake”.
    I had spent the check instantly on a credit card bill that I had partially created because of this disaster having to find a mechanic to show them the things they said “weren’t happening”and “they couldn’t find”, and rental for the delayed service they provided, and now they want me to pull money out of my pocket or relatives to reimburse someone else when they should have been the responsible party to pay those bills and I would like to add their job. I am not employed by you and I do not receive a paycheck so I do not know why I would be expected to do this on my own.I do not send my money to them or you and tell them or you to take care of my monthly bills I’m not sure why I’m expected to take their bills and on top of that just figure out on my own where it needs to go especially when I am personally talking to the man (Walter Knops) that should have told me directly what to do with the funds if this was the proper procedure. Walter Knops gave absolutely no inkling of evidence that I had to do anything specific with this money.
    As it stands there threatening to send it to collections under my name, and if this is what the initial propose of the check is then my question now is why haven’t I received my deductible back?
    if you can fix this problem you might have a chance of keeping my business you should check my record I think you might want to keep my business. If not this is where we will be parting ways. I would appreciate a reply to this to see where we stand.
    Hopefully you can resolve this.

  39. I am owed $360 by Geico. In August 2019 I started a new policy. The next day I changed my mind and expected to receive my money back. After several attempts I have yet to receive a check that was supposedly was mailed to me.
    I called many times since August and no check.

  40. I had written a long heartfelt response regarding our 49 year relationship with Geico. I will not repeat it all.We were forced to cancel ,due to the fact of being treated with corporate selfishness and misunderstanding; We are a retired couple,living on a fixed income.Geico had increased our rates extremely higher,than we could afford.We had to consider and consequently move to a reputable insurance company ,that met our budget.We would appreciate it if Geico would stop begging us to return to an uncaring corporation with unsolicited mailings.Regretfully D & T

  41. I am a air force drsable veteran. Also a senior with many health issues.I am on social security. My problem is that i have a daughter with severs mental issues. I jus found ou she will have her insurance canceled by feb 21 . we need her car covered to transport me to my numerous doctors. I know this is pitiful. Imbarressing. I desperately need your help please. My number(443 -583- 6834. God bless please help us

  42. The Pinnochio is actually GEICO! Short story: GEICO agent told me last week,that after getting my estimate( car wash driver slammed into the back of my SUV, while it was stopped), I could take my vehicle to the collision shop of my choice. I triple checked and confirmed this with the agent. I even asked, ‘what if the estimate comes in for less than what the collision shop charges to fix it properly.’ ( Of course, under MD law, Insurance companies can’t force you to use a chop shop of their preference) Agent, Kayla( I will keep her ID# off for now) assured me, “GEICO will just pay the difference”. Fast forward; TODAY, An uncooperative GEICO insurance adjuster, Robert REFUSED to work with the BMW collision shop who TOLD HIM THAT MY BUMPER HAS INTERNAL DAMAGE…NOT TO MENTION MY DENTED TRUNK and they can’t use some after warranty part to fix it, so it will cost more than their low estimate of $650.00!!! I called GEICO this morning, spoke to another agent, Chris who seemed to sympathize, and said he would shoot it to a supervisor, with a note for an “amendment” to my estimate so the car can be fixed there. Supervisor called me (1:25pm) to tell me that “unfortunately she can’t authorize the cost diff. unless they TRY TO FIT THE after warranty bumper on first..and it does not work.” Oh and get this: My other option, said supervisor, is to have my car towed to another shop that will use the inferior part. Really? As much as I am paying to insure our cars with GEICO. She knows BMW CAN’T use that part! So GEICO KNEW THEY WERE NOT GOING TO PAY THE DIFFERENCE. My child rides in the back, and I believe that ORIGINAL bumper was the reason she was not hurt. The only reason GEICO was helpful on the front end, allowing me to choose my body shop is BECAUSE BY LAW THEY HAVE TO. What the agent did NOT inform me was….they would not pay the cost difference WHICH IS OVER $500.00 to do the work! I hope this post goes viral. It should really be a warning. And to think I took the time to give the agent and GEICO a great review last week on the survey they sent. I asked for this to be escalated higher. I’m told I will get a call from another supervisor “ in a couple of hours.” I will update this post when I do.

  43. My name is Norma Alexander and I am officially registering a formal complaint on supervisor Berndect and Manager Nathan. After purchasing a different car, USED vehicle, it has been extremely difficult to pay my insurance premium. The last eight months have challenging trying to make monthly payments. One the managers in July listened and heard my cry. I was informed a different much cheaper amount when I registered my vehicle. When I realized my premium quote was inaccurate, manager Amythyst assisted . I was also informed to give her call back around December 26. I did just that multiple times and I was unsuccessful. To some everything up, I’m back where I started. Supervisor Bernedect was extremely unprofessional to the point, she disconnected the phone in my face, she did not allow me to speak much. She was very negative from the beginning allowing me very little opportunity to speak. Mind you, lm I’waiting on a manage to return my call after several messages were left directly on his voice mail.(Nathan) Due to receiving a flow of inconsistentcy on calls from a manager. I am on a Cancellation/Notice NOW!!!!!!! This is the first time in over twenty years, Geico has not been available or willing to assist me in any form . So, please indeed have a willing professional manager to return my call . Thanks Gieco!

  44. My name is Michael B. Stone. I have an existing claim number-0300-1139-60101-xxxx policy number 4607-85-xxxx. Geico adjuster: Michael Ortego gave the approval to have my car repaired at Kho’s body shop (510) 860-2671. Now geico has refused to pay for the repair. I am a 100% Army Service Connected veteran. I am without a car and I cannot make my disability appointments. U.S. Senator Dodd and the Insurance Commissioner is now involved and Geico still refuses to pay the claim!! Is this the way geico treats their customers. I chose geico over USAA Insurance and nlw this is how I’m being treated! Please help me!!!!!!!

  45. I wrote this to the State of Florida as my official response in my complaint against Geico.
    Dear Mr. Van Gelder,

    Thank you for your response to me in my time of need. There is an issue I would like to shine further evidence on concerning the automobile accident I was a victim of on 1-11-2020.

    I have received numerous phone calls from people claiming to be Geico representatives in which messages were left telling me my windshield damage would be covered then all of a sudden the windshield would not be covered. Same is true on the damage to the right side of my vehicle then all of a sudden that damage would not be covered. Then I was offered $1000.00 for the diminished value to my vehicle from these “Geico representatives”.

    I am disgusted at the treatment I have received from Geico. I was injured and on pain killers trying to get my injuries addressed and MY insurance company makes me have to file a complaint with the State of Florida for their unscrupulous behavior toward an injured old woman.

    I would like to provide as evidence of the windshield being damaged at the time of the accident by submitting my emergency room X-ray report that determined I had “debris on the skin” and “tiny foreign bodies” present on my hands. I rubbed my hands over the windshield after the accident to see the damage from the flying debris, obviously there was glass shards and debris on my hands from that, when I arrived at the emergency room.

    I demand ALL repairs to be done to my vehicle and the diminished value to my Mercedes to be addressed. I have endured the insulting, denigrating behavior of the “Geico representatives” questioning my integrity about the damage to my vehicle. I expect a full apology.

    Please accept this as my response to Geico and their corporate machine‘s underhanded tactics to cheat me on legitimate damage to my vehicle.

    Linda Suzanne Paige Oefinger
    Number xxxx631060000001

  46. Hello, i received a letter that your accounting office wrote.
    The letter stated that i was to receive interest on a check but now no what is going on.

  47. My premium was raised by $130 a month with no explanation, been on hold for an hour to talk to somebody, twice! This is unacceptable for any company!

  48. I was involved in an accident where I was sitting still and a geico customer ran into me.Ahe stated that she changed lanes in the police report and was hit by a car and then hit me.I have photos that clearly show who is at fault and geico refuses to accept responsibility,a monkey can look at the photos and tell who was at fault,I have a new truck,have gone through 3 weeks of aggravation,and still driving a new wrecked truck that now my insurance has to pay to have fixed and I have to pay the deductible,none of this is right!!!The claim #0xxxxx89890000002 and Orlando Gonzalez 478-464-xxxx This is the agent that was making all these decisions.You can reach me at 601-431-xxxx,Dan Cavin

    1. You must not read the reviews! We are customers who pay them and they treat us like dirt. Join the party with the policyholders who vehicles and property was damaged by other people and we beg for help, but don’t get it. You might wanna. If you haven’t to already spoken with your insurance you might wanna do that, because Geico don’t care about there own clients!

  49. I was with Geico for 30years but had to canel because the rates were too high for me. I cancelled 8-1. I received a nasty text saying if I didn’t pay $10.85 it would go to a collection agency. They had a cancel date of 8-3 not 8-1

  50. Hello I have been receiving Geico mail for 13 years addressed to the previous tenant. I send it back every time with not at this address. Moved. They still keep coming. 13 years of postage. I tried to call Geico but after a long time on hold I gave up.
    I have to tell you this is not a good look for Geico-ignoring people.

  51. Hello my name is Holly Hutchins I have been a devoted Geico customer for close to 20 years. But obviously that means Bunco to you people. I recently realized that I have a deceased driver on my account, a deceased driver that has been dead since 2007. I have been unable to manage the Geico website to delete this driver. So I have been calling Geico customer support 4

    roughly 18 times now. And each time I have waited over 25 minutes. Each time I became so frustrated I hung up. As no one ever, ever answered the telephone. I have tried every single Department to try and get through. And I have still yet to receive human voice to speak with. I will be filing a complaint with the state of Missouri on Monday morning. This is simply notification that your devoted customer is no longer devoted. This driver on my policy obviously rates my policy as having three drivers instead of two. Which means I have been paying for three drivers and not two. This customer service, or lack of it is inexcusable. Coronavirus personal separation is not an excuse. There are many vacant buildings that Geico could rent and put in their support staff so that they would be able to answer the phone. This is in usable. Shall I say it again this is in excusable. So I will be contacting the Department of Insurance on Monday morning August tenth to file that complaint. This is simply a courtesy notification. I don’t expect anyone to call me. As I doubt at this point anyone even works at Geico. I am going to be switching companies as well. As I couldn’t even get through to the claims department. The whole situation is is abusive to customers. Thanks for the love,
    Holly Hutchins

  52. I have been trying to add a vehicle to geico policy for over 40 minutes on hold on the telephone. I have been with a geico for over 40 years if you cannot find a way for customer service to answer their phones maybe you should stop advertising

  53. I used Geico insurance for my car for decades and was happy. Eventually the offer came to combine homeowners and auto insurance and I signed up with Geico for that tandem package. After 2 months of premium payments an agent showed up at my house to verify my situation. There was an outbuilding I was arranging to have demolished and the agent said they could not insure that building which was fine with me. Three weeks later the outbuilding was in fact demolished. But simultaneously I received a notice from GEICO cancelling my homeowner’s insurance. So I disappointedly switched my car and auto package to a different company. That was five years ago and since then I have received Geico promotional junk mail every month for five years. Can you see how ridiculous that is?

  54. Geico cancelled one of my 3 cars on 8/15/2020. So by 8/15/2020, I cancelled the other 2. My July payment was 381.65 originally but the had me pay 44.44. When I called and cancelled the other 2 cars instead of them charging me July payment of 381.65, they charged me 458.19 August payment minus the 44.00 that they charged me in July! I only cancelled the rest of my auto Insurance because they cancelled one of my cases! I don’t think that this is right to charge me the larger amount for August when I had new insurance by 8/15/2020. Please get back to me soon because my next step is The BBB. Thank you, Policy #4318-95-xx-xx.

  55. when I log into your website, the banner at the top references the 15% discount because of Covid. It literally says “A credit of 15% for your next full policy term (6-Month or 12-Month Auto/Cycle/RV). We’ll take care of it, so you don’t need to do anything. Please select your active Auto/Cycle/RV policy for more specific information.” I had to call Geico today for a different reason and asked why I wasn’t getting another 15% discount for my next 6 mo. policy and also, how come my policy is for 6 months instead of 1 year. The rep said that auto insurance policies are for 6 months only. If that’s true, why does it say “A credit of 15% for your next full policy term (6-Month or 12-Month Auto/Cycle/RV)”. This is an error on your website, if auto policies are for 6 months only. This banner has been on your site for approximately 6 months. Since you said it, I want another 15% discount

  56. Got a new vehicle, switched insurance to geico because I thought it was the lowest priced . Come to find out they did not disclose to me a 5$payment fee with each payment!!! Not happy ,will be switching insurance, because if you withhold that what else are you not being truthful about !!!!

  57. COVID discount was Incorrectly applied . Have been trying to resolve since April and have been told no one in company can correct error. Customer paid policy in full minus 15 % discount. Now is being cancelled for non payment $50. Have been trying to resolve since April, no call backs because told error cannot be fixed. 35 year customer. Ready to file insurance department complaint

  58. My complaint is I’m being charged for something I don’t feel I owe. I have been trying to get this taken care of but some how I can’t I’m still being charged $200.00 that I don’t feel owe .i would like to discuss this Further with someone. I look forward to speak to someone regarding this matter. Thank you Doris Adams

  59. I have been having issues with Geico due to the fact that when I first became y’all’s customer I asked that our payments be set for the 7th of each month. Then they kept sending me cancellation notices so I called company several times and after many frustrating long holds and pointless conversations I spoke to a female representative and she stated she could help me and I was not going to have to make a sept payment and she was going to renew my policy I asked several times to ensure my policy wasn’t going to be higher she ensured me several times it wasn’t. She even sent me a payment layout. She said the first month would be around 348 but then it would go down to 309. I told her perfect. Next thing I know 2 days later Geico took an additional 310 out of my account despite the fact that I had already made my payment for the month so I complained because this caused a whole lot of issues with my bank and overdraft fees. I was told I wasn’t going to need to make a payment until 10/7/20 and so I didn’t understand why this had happened. When I tried to make my payment of 348 they stated I owed 742 and that infuriated me so I talked to the manager and they said there is nothing they can do unless I pay that amount. After dealing with them for over 1 month yesterday finally a manager called me and said we can reinstate by u paying 310 and I said okay great I will pay that on the 7th which is my payday and she told me no I only had 24 hrs to take care of this and I told her several times I was out of town and don’t have a way to transfer funds into my account. We just had a death in our family and I was out of town making arrangements. It has been very frustrating dealing with Geico and the lack of professionalism my family and I have experienced with them. I use to love Geico until I have been dealing with this very frustrating delima. I have never experienced this with any other insurances we have ever had. I would like someone from corporate to contact me as I am beyond frustrated that my family has to go through this while dealing with a loss. It’s unnecessary and uncalled for Geico made a mistake and should be held accountable. I entrust that this will be dealt with amiacably because I will not hesitate to pursue this because my family is unsecured at this moment until this issue is resolve. The other night my son was stranded on the side of the road and when we contacted Geico we were made aware that our policy had been cancelled. This was at 2 in the morning on his way home for our family’s loss and he was on some dark country road and to me that is inexcusable because I entrusted Geico with my family’s safety. As I told the representatives I don’t mind paying the additional premium just not all at once add it to the end of my premium amount so I truly hope we can settle this amicably because I know Geico was once known for its great services. Thanks I’m advance for you attention to this matter.

  60. I need a specific person and contact information to speak to, and or email about a problem that has been ongoing for over two months.

  61. I love Geico’s commercials and no company could “Ever” come close to your originality.
    Also I “HATE” Liberty’s dorky commercial with that stupid bird and weird looking yellow man. When it comes on I either change channel or mute the sound. They are taking it too far towards the worse commercial.
    Keep up the good work keep producing those unique and genius commercials.

  62. Hi,
    Your Geico commercials are no match for any other auto insurance companies. They’re funny, witty and drive the message good.
    On the other hand Liberty’s commercials are stupid and dorky. Every time it comes on I I either mute it or change the channel. That guy man and stupid bird? Yike!!!!
    Keep up the good work.
    Thank you
    Hameed Quraishi
    Thursday November 12, 2020

  63. I have been a Geico customer for a while now and I have not yet been satisfied. I would really like a corporate member, not customer rep to call me. I have paid so much money trying to keep my insurance active. I believe I have been over charge serval times. I have NEVER had any one to work with me in difficult times when needed. The system generates everything and the workers of the company can’t do anything. I have had to make a choice in other life situations because I can not get a one time break from my insurance. It’s Horrible. The world is dealing with a Pandemic and I can get is. I’m sorry there is nothing we can do. I had a insurance payment that was due before midnight and did not get through because of a hour and 45 minutes wait and because I choose to call back the next day my payment went from $ 160 dollars to 350 to get my policy back. I had to make choice to pay or not have Christmas for my children. When at one point does someone on the other line becomes human. I was told a supervisor would call me back and they never did. Sad! I’m sure this complaint will go no further then my fingers typing. I would really appreciate a call back.

  64. Hi my name is Joyce Macklin I am a Is Sheree at Geico I have I’m enrolled in the automatic pay system and every since I’ve been with you guys I’ve had no problems until this month they took out my payment in October and they took out my payment in November of 80 something $84 or something and this month in December they took out $162 they’re saying that I have to send a copy of my bank statement in order to get my refund I didn’t send a copy for y’all to take the money I shouldn’t have to send a copy for y’all to give me back my $73 so I’m talking to the CEO of the company that’s the policy need to be changed they know the payment is there they got the money send me back my balance please thank you

  65. You all are still sending me a statement that should NOT have my name on it. This is NOT my account!! My name should NOT appear on this statement! This account belongs to Dennis Brown (6011-28-xxxx). Please REMOVE my name (Hiawatha Gibbs) off of his statement! You all keep saying it was done, yet my name keep appearing. He only authorized me as being able to speak on his account. You only was suppose to note me as an authorized caller?

  66. I spoke to three agents about my concern and they all give me three different answers seems not to care about my question at all …

  67. Hi my name is Michele
    My son has been waiting to resolve a claim since October 16th. His claim number is 8701537140000001
    The investigators on this case is not calling back as of Friday. My son has a video from the night the deer struck his car. That video has a time and date stamp on it. We also had the California Highway Patrol officer who called and and verified that this accident happened. I’m sure I can also reach AAA roadside assistance to verify that we called for a tow on the night that this happened. We’ve tried to reach out to Jeremy who is the investigators supervisor his voicemail box is full. We need to resolve this issue ASAP.
    Thank you

  68. I had an outo pay set up for my car Insurance and I just found out I get charged over. I try to get an explanation and contacted a few different agents and supervisours but I got different explanation and no one seems to care. I cancelled my auto pay but I still did not get an answer for the overchage.

  69. I talk to two ladies this morning. Charcoal And Shtara at 5 this morning. Both refuse to help me. Miss shtara told me while I was begging for her help stated is there anything else I can do for you! Charcoal was just like I don’t have time for this. I lowered my voice and beg you people. I have NEVER heard from Nicole. Nicole stated she spoke with my husband or me. This is not true. I had to call and find out myself about what’s going on, and that the person who hit me had not yet taking fault! Shtara Took it so far as to say her system is down and been down. When I said I just that’s when she said ma’am is there anything else I can help u with? All I was trying to find out is how to access the forms. I have been treated like crap by my insurance company. I did nothing wrong. I’m being treat like I’m not even a policyholder. Like if was my fault for the accident. You can listen to the call Shtara. You will hear be begging her and crying because I can’t get help. Every time I would call before they finally came to pull the car would be if you don’t pay the 500 deductible then we can’t tow nor look at it. That all I got from all your agents only 2 gentlemen was will to help me and was really genuine. EVERYONE else was rude. I even had someone to say no no you can’t double dip. He did a little grin and said you not going to get a rental from us but have MetLife fix you car. That’s not how it works. I feel like why do I pay you all. Nicole didn’t ask for the photos I took the day of. You all have no empathy for you African-American customers. My friend call and he’s white. He was treated so nice. This is what made me come back to Geico. My husband call different treatments. Even when I call and be nice they still treat me like crap. I’m not the only one that feels this way. The way I was treated at 5:00am something georgia time was horrible. You customer service would not even assist in printing a form.

  70. I talk to two ladies this morning. Charcoal And Shtara at 5 this morning. Both refuse to help me. Miss shtara told me while I was begging for her help stated is there anything else I can do for you! Charcoal was just like I don’t have time for this. I lowered my voice and beg you people. I have NEVER heard from Nicole. Nicole stated she spoke with my husband or me. This is not true. I had to call and find out myself about what’s going on, and that the person who hit me had not yet taking fault! Shtara Took it so far as to say her system is down and been down. When I said I just that’s when she said ma’am is there anything else I can help u with? All I was trying to find out is how to access the forms. I have been treated like crap by my insurance company. I did nothing wrong. I’m being treat like I’m not even a policyholder. Like if was my fault for the accident. You can listen to the call Shtara. You will hear be begging her and crying because I can’t get help. Every time I would call before they finally came to pull the car would be if you don’t pay the 500 deductible then we can’t tow nor look at it. That all I got from all your agents only 2 gentlemen was will to help me and was really genuine. EVERYONE else was rude. I even had someone to say no no you can’t double dip. He did a little grin and said you not going to get a rental from us but have MetLife fix you car. That’s not how it works. I feel like why do I pay you all. Nicole didn’t ask for the photos I took the day of. You all have no empathy for you African-American customers. My friend call and he’s white. He was treated so nice. This is what made me come back to Geico. My husband call different treatments. Even when I call and be nice they still treat me like crap. I’m not the only one that feels this way. The way I was treated at 5:00am something georgia time was horrible. You customer service would not even assist in printing a form. My car was totaled out by a 16 year old girl going 50mph. Hit me from the back. Geico DID NOTHING TO HELP. I pay a lot for them to talk crazy like I’m not worth there time.

  71. I am a 76 yr old man and your co.charged my c.card twice not by just transferring the policy on to the car changed. It takes hell lot of time and effort for me to correct the Folly by your co. the needful to help common men affected by such incidents in the future. Thanks..


    TEL: 561 374 xxxx

    RE: POLICY 4213-27-xxxx

    I have been a loyal GEICO Customer for over 12 years. The experience detailed below forced me to leave GEICO for another auto insurance carrier.

    As detailed here, GEICO owes me $168.00
    On October 28 and 29, 2020, , I called GEICO Customer Service 14 TIMES TO CORRECT MY AUTO POLICY. Each time, GEICO placed me on hold for an average of ONE HOUR, when I was forced to hang up.

    Finally, on October 30, after another 55 minute hold, a Representative answered. I advised this Rep that my 2013 Toyota Highlander (Veh. # 1) was in storage effective 10/28/20, and this 2013 Highlander should be removed from my policy as of 10/28/20.
    The Rep promised to call me back to confirm this Vehicle has been removed as of 10/28/20.

    I never received a call back from GEICO !!! On November 2, I called 6 times and again GEICO placed me on hold for an average of ONE HOUR. I was forced to hang up to attend to my other calls and demands.

    On November 3, after 4 more calls waiting an average of 55 minutes, I finally spoke with a REP. I again explained my prior GEICO conversation on October 30 to remove the 2013 Highlander from my policy. THIS REP STATED SHE SEES NO RECORD OF THIS.

    TEL: 561 374 xxxx

    RE: POLICY 4213-27-xxxx

  73. I have an idea for homeowners commercial. A house that is haunted every Saturday night by the Boogie Man. Get it? How much fun you could have with that!!

  74. I have been trying to change the address on my policy for over TWO weeks – i keep being told there is a “glitch” – we need this resolved ASAP

  75. Don’t know where to direct this comment but The Martin Ad Agency is brilliant.. your commercials have been and continue to be the best on television.. keep up the excellence in advertising!

  76. This is beyond unacceptable AGAIN, I was stranded with my children in a HIGH TRAFFIC AREA ( last week on Friday) AGAIN, this could have been a DETRIMENTRAL situation. (2x)

    This ery is coming from higher authority and, I will NO longer allow for you to continue to put my life at STAKE JEOPARDIZING MY CHILDREN’S LIFE as well as MINES to save a FEW dollars on repairing my vehicle properly that, I payout into religiously and this is the type of customer appreciation rendered.

    At this time, further actions will be taken.

  77. I had a policy with you all but when the sales person was selling the insurance to me she didn’t mention in order for my bill to be 183 eachother month I had to allow you all to automatically go into my account so that mean I would have to pay 300and I refuse to pay that because why give y’all 300 when I could go somewhere else for cheaper so before my bill was due I canceled and now y’all sending me a bill for 224 and I will not pay that I owe y’all NOTHING if anything y’all should refund me my 180 I paid

  78. I had my vehicle totaled out by an insured first they denied having ins. I called geico yea they had an insured by that name hung up on me called back wouldnt give any information to me about their insured motorist. My ins company found info I needed. Now they refuse to contact me. AWFUL AWFUL COMPANY YALL ARE GOING TO LOSE YOUR JOBS. BBB SHOULD SHUT YALL DOWN

  79. Complaint: On 4 January 2021 I mailed my insurance payment to GEXiCO. Check never cleared. My insurance was canceled. I waited as Ibwas told to do by several customer service agents. Finally after three weeks I canceled the check. I then paid the premium on line.
    I believe that check is inGEICO somewhere. It is odd that all the other checks I mailed that same day cleared. I feel I was treated very unfairly and plan to find out why.
    Not going to forget this and will be checking on other insurance as a result of GEXICO’s inadequate actions.

  80. Thank you, I am upset with your attitude, I did not apply for a credit card, I consider it a bad action on your part, which will report this to Dora, and her company

  81. Insurance companies should be trustworthy institutions that honor honesty and truth telling, yet GEICO advertises on the FOX news network, which does not value the truth. In fact, FOX’s only value is making money. I will never be a GEICO customer as long as the company advertises on FOX.

  82. Gangadevi Patil
    Your Claim Number: 0638320900101026
    Subject: GEICO Communication ID: – Do Not Modify

    Geico had to pay my claim which is small amount of $243.38. We got a email on 25th Aug 2019 -find below- but after repeated reminder emails, no one has bothered to respond nor we have received the payment.
    Reminder emails ent in November, December 2020 and again in Jan 21- It’s 5 months after the email now

    Hello Gangadevi Patil,

    We have now received all property damage estimates/payouts from all parties involved and can now pro-rate the payments as there is the property damage limits issue that we have spoke of. I will be sending the Property Damage Release shortly
    under a separate cover in the amount of $243.38, which is the pro rata amount. This is for full and final settlement of any property damage claim.

    Once we receive the executed release, we will forward the payment.

    If you have any further questions, please call me at the number listed below.

    If you need to contact me or have any questions, please respond to this email. You can also attach and send me any documents in regards to your claim. You may also view your claim at or the GEICO Mobile App.


    Buckley Ray

  83. I have been costumer since 5 years
    I had a accident in January 2 I had my 1 years old baby girl with me at the time of the accident ,
    Thank God we are ok , but my car got some damage , they are saying they just going to cover some part of the damage , while my car got messed up in the accident because I hit a curve , my car has been at the body shop for 15 days still no fix yet because they have been delaying everything , I can’t believe what they put me trough , they seen the they don’t care about their costumers , I’m very unsatisfied how they have been handle this issue ..
    I won’t recommend this company to anyone ..

  84. While your commercials ate humorous, I noticed that all the “problem “ (ant/aunt, fencing, clogging, pipes) are White people. Is that planned? Really, who ever heard of white ants? They should be black or red! I’m starting to wonder if geico it prejudiced!

    1. You think the commercials are humorous. That in itself shows that YOU definitely have a problem!

  85. Long story short, my car was stolen and when I got it back it began having issues. It was towed to bmw, who in turn inspected the car without my permission. I filed a claim, and your adjuster claims the damage wasn’t mechanical and instead it was wear and tear. Because bmw had no records of regular maintenance, he assumed we don’t maintain our car. This is a 2016 bmw. He is correct in that bmw didn’t have records, because we have never taken it there. We bought it from kia and we have taken it there and Jiffy lube. Not once did he ask for records, even though a current oil change sticker was in window. He was not helpful and I barely even spoke to him. Thus, the car has been repossessed because I cannot pay for 10,000 in damage. Please explain how a sun roof is regular maintenance? In fact, my kia sun roof is not working and kia has to take it to South Carolina because no one does sun roof work in my area. I was very pleased with my first claim filed, however this one has just lost you a customer.

  86. Hi, I am trying to handle a claim my vehicle was stolen i have open claims but no adjuster seem to be able to get the Information i uploaded documents.

  87. Wed, Feb 10, 2021 e-mail plus mail certificated delivery
    Dear CEO of GEICO, Mr. Todd Combs:
    This is a complaint against GECO auto and rental insurance. Why does GECO have processers that help only the company make money….example: my record of auto insurance policy renewal automatically without the approval of me…I was not notified of my renewal policies and you all keep taking money out of my checking account. This is to notify GEICO to CANCEL MY INSURANCES POLICIES: AUTO PLUS RENTAL as of Feb 13th 2021: AUTO INSURANCE POLICY # 6003-01-27-36 as of Feb 13th. Also CANCEL MY RENTAL INSURANCE POLICY 6046173396341. Please send to the correct people for these transactions remembering to cancel on Feb 13th DO NOT TAKE ANY PAYMENTS IN FEB 2021 AT ALL.
    I am tried of calling customer service or an agent and not getting what I asked for…example last time I talked with GEICO I asked for an audit and wanted information mailed to me. I asked for a confirming request number but was not given any record number of my conversation.
    This complaint is between GEICO and myself. If I have to go the state insurance complaint with this I will. Please confirm what will be done on February 13th 2021 and no money will be billed to me at all in the month of February.
    Sincerely, Barbara Newman abxxxx

  88. I had incident on 12 25 2020 in which I totaled my car after sliding on ice and hit a tree .but that wasn’t the worst of it has been dealing with geico I still not been payed for any worst is y’all gave all the money to someone else and you’ve not done one thing for me your client.that was my 500.00 dollars y’all gave away

  89. As a person of Scottish Irish descent, I find your tv ads offensive. Are we the people who annoy the world with our music and dance? Would you dare do this to other cultures? Think about it.!!

  90. I have been the recipient of extremely deceptive business practices by Geico. I was contacted by one of your representatives to switch to Geico from my current insurer. I was quoted a premium that was substantially below what I was paying. A savings of $600/year. I agreed to go with Geico and was told I could cancel my current insurance and would be covered immediately by Geico. I canceled my insurance. Three days later I received an e mail stating that all the details were not available to your underwriters and the premium was being adjusted upward so that with Geico I would now be paying $700 more per year then with my old insurer. Obviously I wouldn’t have switched so that I could pay more then I was currently paying. Your underwriters told be that they had 60 days to adjust the premium and it was legal. Yes, legal but deceptive. I had no documentation saying you had 60 days to change my quoted premium and even if I did, do you think I would have noticed it among the pages and pages of fine print? I am now stuck paying $700 more yearly for your insurance when there was no need to. You deceptively reeled me in only for me to discover that you were legally able to charge me more. I have contacted the FTC and will be contacting other government agencies to file complaints to prevent you from scamming more people. I think you owe me a response.

  91. In Febbruary 2020 ended my over 15 year relationship with Geico because I relocated from the east to the west coast and found a viable company with better rates. Because I ended my service before my 6 month contract was up I was told I would receive a one month refund of which I have yet to receive. I have called the customer service number and spoke with various reps regarding this only to be promised a check would be mailed to my new address 5 times, and still no refund. I would like my refund to be mailed to me and not false promises told to me.

  92. I am so tired of you sending emails to my address. I am not interested in your insurance and never will want it. Why don’t you pay someone smart for intelligent commercials instead of the stupidity you display. Grow up! Why would I trust a company which displays stupidity???????

  93. Incompetent plus fraud 3 years your cs fails process simple nys options form stole my 15%disc because your moron cs fails to check where I need sign 3 years I’m iverschatged to decline nys option I filled out and signed 100 c your click form fail your tech fast 199% I’m going court asap for $900 you stole plus 15% discount I asked remove overcharge $ 300 overcharge current bill . Your moron cs doesn’t answer compmaintnto nys insurance fraud.

  94. I use to be very satisfied doing business with Geico, however It has come to my attention just how unfair they are to thier loyal costumers. I Would like to personally speak with the President of the company. Thank you I can reached at 718-776-xxxx

  95. To: Michele Williams, GEICO…

    Re: Ronald G. Hill, Sr., Claim Number: 0378468730101090 Mountain RV repairs on roof and sidewall seams of 2006 Four Winds Chateau Citation 26BE. VIN: 1FDXE45S16HA74843

    Michele Williams as confirmed in our telephone conversation today I received a letter from you stating that I requested to withdraw my claim. This is a total falsehood. You informed me that the claims adjuster Mr. Chris Lacount informed you of my statement which is totally untrue. It is devastating to me that a GEICO employee would simply lie. He stated to me that he is a friend of Mr. Steve Tallman owner of Mountain RV. Mr. Tallman wishes to buff out much of the damage, however, buffing alone will not correct the damage. There is permanent hole damage in the lower sides and damage to the door as well as permanent damage to all the vinyl striping which has been etched from the chemicals used by Mountain RV, The vinyl striping is to be removed and painted.

    Mountain RV is not a fiberglass and vinyl decal repair facility therefore I have selected Spartan RV and Marine Collision Center, Oakwood, GA as they are rated a 5 star repair service with expertise in all areas of the RV and Boat repair business. Spartan specializes in fiberglass and custom paint of the highest quality. Mountain RV is not specialized in this field of service.


    “As I noted in my December 20th memo to Mr. Tallman, I have been using Mountain RV since the very opening day and have highly recommend your business to all my RV friends. Over the past many years when our motorhome needed service, I had Mountain RV provide that service.

    I have owned this motorhome since 2006, and we have meticulously cared for it by waxing the exterior sidewalls to retain it’s resale value, keeping the shine is essential and the interior as new. With only 34,000 miles on the odometer, our motorhome was in like-new condition with the exception of a few faded spots to the lower trim paint areas and door on the passenger side. We have never cooked food or smoked inside our motorhome, always preparing food on a outside grill. Since purchase, when not in use, I have always stored my motorhome in my enclosed RV garage with electric hookup located on my property.

    Over these past years my wife and I took great pride in detailing our motorhome. Twice each year we swept off any roof debris, then carefully washed before using, as needed, the Dicor self leveling lap sealant. By hand, not with the aid of an electric buffer, we used Meguiar’s products in the cleaning process of the body with final application of Meguiar’s G18211 Ultimate Paste Wax. After the cleaning and waxing by hand we used our Dual Head Cyclo Orbital Polisher for the ultimate shine. During our travels it was not unusual for fellow campers to remark about the like-new shine of our motorhome.

    When I picked up my motorhome on November 10th, 2020 after Mt RV repaired the generator, Mr. Tallman recommended that, due to it’s age, the roof and sidewall seams should be resealed.

    I decided to go with your recommendation and on December 20th, I sent Mr. Tallman an email, copy attached, outlining my thoughts which included information from the Dicor RV Roof Care Handbook. You use and market their products and should be familiar with their handbooks and their specific guidance as well as guidance from RV Net about Cleaning RV Roofs. As pointed out, guidance from RV Net about “Cleaning RV Roofs.” Both Dicor and RV Net are very specific about the procedure, stating: “When cleaning an RV roof, as you rinse it off, the cleaner and dirt will run down the sides and caps of the RV. The rinse can also create dirt streaks down the sides of the RV and, if not quickly addressed, the dirt can start to permanently embed into the RV (see Black Streaks, Page 5). For these reasons, I recommend masking off the sidewalls and caps from the roof edge down to prevent the rinse runoff from touching them. It’s a bit more work at the beginning, but saves time in the actual cleaning process overall and you can ensure the protection of your expensive wall graphics” . December 20th memo attached.

    Mr. Tallman stated that you used lacquer thinner applied to a cloth and Simple Green All Purpose Cleaner for cleaning the roof before applying Dicor EPDM Self-Leveling RV Lap Sealant to the roof seams and other roof areas.

    On December 21, 2020 I brought my motorhome to Mr. Tallman for the agreed-upon service.

    While Mountain RV was washing the roof with the Simple Green, after using lacquer thinner, dirt along with other residue was washed off the roof. This rinse created dirt streaks down the sides and cap of the motor home and was not quickly addressed thus the dirt and chemicals used permanently etched dark stains into the sidewalls and the expensive wall graphics. I understand there are no known products to permanently remove the etched stains from the wall graphics. This runoff, resulting in unsightly streaks, has ruined the shine and destroyed several paintwork areas including areas of pinholes in the lower sidewall areas. This runoff, and prior efforts to clean it, have also caused fading and elimination of the outstanding and lasting shine of the sidewalls.

    Mr. Tallman, on January 12, 2021, you called me to pick up my motor home. You stated they needed to wash the motorhome that day because of the amount of stuff that had accumulated, so for me to come in a couple of hours. You started the roof work on December 21, 2020, after the roof work you cleaned out old sealing from all the sidewall seams and resealed. Allowing more than three weeks before the Simple Green and other residue runoff was washed, leaving time for the runoff to do extensive sidewall and vinyl graphics damage, plus pin holes in lower areas of the sidewall.

    Simple Green recommends diluting their product with water at a ratio of 30:1 (water to product) for cleaning the roof. After cleaning, the product is to be rinsed immediately and thoroughly. Simple Green is a very powerful degreaser and can cause problems when used on certain surfaces. If not immediately thoroughly rinsed, Simple Green will etch glass and other surfaces causing long term damage. Simple Green’s manufacturer says their product is OK to use on EPDM and TPO roofing, but DICOR says “don’t do it”. Mr. Tallman stated that they cut it to 50:1 not as directed by the Simple Green instructions.

    Mountsnin RV poorly managed the runoff resulting from your current roof work etched the sidewalls and graphics of our motorhome, created numerous pin holes, and ruined the shiny finish my wife worked so hard to maintain. Your work has also reduced the resale value of our motorhome by upwards of $9,000 according to NADA.” The Graphics can not be buffed out and brought back to original shine because of the etched damage by the chemicals it is necessary for the graphics to be removed and paint applied in their place.

    Michele Williams, In addition to devastating outright false remarks by your employee. I have suffered a tremendous loss of damage to my motorhome, diminished value and the loss of use, as My wife and I had made extensive plans to use our motorhome following our second COVID-19 vaccination on February 17, 2021. Our trip was to began on February 20th for a period of 67 days. We planned to visit the Ark Encounter Museum at Williamstown, Ky followed by a visit to Pensacola, Florida for 60 days.


    Ronald G. Hill, Sr.

  96. This is more of a complaint I have full coverage insurance on my truck and it was stolen and totaled while I was at work and Geico basically tells me that they can’t help because of the type of work I do which was never told to us which I think something this important about their insurance company should be told to people that’s looking into this company. Which is crazy I need help

  97. I would like to be contacted by a customer service representative for an issue I am having with my auto insurance that could not be resolved with a previous Geico representative. I cannot hold on the line for 30 minutes. Please contact me at: 410-581-xxxx

  98. To Whom It May Concern:
    I have been a customer for many years. Approximately 10 years ago, someone was added to my policy. That person was removed around 8-9 years ago and has been deceased for 5 years. Their name was removed from my policy and I was receiving all my new policy documents corrected until that dreadful day, approximately 6 months ago when someone made a mistake and included his name on my documents once again. I have tried calling and speaking to over 4 people including a supervisor and NO ONE has been able to correct this issue.
    At this point, I have made other inquiries to other companies for quotes and am ready to discontinue my policy with you unless this issue can get resolved immediately. I am due to pay my current payment by 3/1/21 but will not do so until this issue gets resolved.
    Thank you.
    Marilyn Alexander
    Policy #4296-24-xxxx

  99. Very serious complaint from a 50 year long client who is very unhappy.
    I am getting ready to file compliant with State of Florida Insurance commission. Cell 954-558-xxxx

  100. Hi have been and I’m going with a windshield that was repaired and had to be reinstalled three times the customer service has seem to have vanished Mr. Johnson is not picking up the calls nor returning messages left

  101. Your commercials are so stupid! I wouldn’t even consider getting your insurance because of them. Please get someone that can come up with something worth watching! “Hump Day” was the best one yet. They really went down hill after that. Now they are an embarrassment to your company!!!

  102. Your commercial with the basketball player is stupid. Can it. This could not be worse.

  103. I need to speak with someome that can help me on check that wss cashed without my knowledge and im tired of geicho employess not standing for their customers. This is a simple fix but your not able to take one step
    850 272 xxxx

  104. Im a previous Geico customer I switch ins carriers in October because a bundle would have save me 💰however I check to make sure my bill with was taken care of now I see you charged me back 160.00 dollars for a discount because I did not renew with very disappointed with that please contact me at 1912441xxxx

  105. This company is the worst and I am fed up. A payment was made on my account and I told them I didn’t make the payment but they steady saying you scheduled the payment. I am assuming it’s fraud but Gieco don’t care to help me get my refund. They are happy that they received fraudulent money instead investigating and finding out what happened but they don’t even care one bit. I am leaving this company ASP, not reputable company.

  106. Your recent commercial showing a black basketball player knocking items fron white people and saying uh uh is prejudiced and needs to be removed from tv.Try having a white basketball player do the same same to black people and watch all he’ll breakloose.what is wrong with you people.I want a explanation before I take further action.

  107. Last June I sent pictures and a paid in full receipt to policychange as instructed to prove we had a new roof installed on our house in 2017. I sent the information about 1 month before the policy renewal. I have not received a refund for 2019-2020 policy and for 2020-2021 policy. I have provide the documentation and I’m not sure why Geico has not followed up as promised. Please escalate this to a manager and let’s get this taken care of. Thank you

  108. Questions?
    We’d love to help as soon as an agent is available. Please try again later. Great help. Can’t ever get through. gonna cancel this bs

  109. Please. Do something to those horrible tv commercials. What’s the matter with your ad agency. They are tasteless. I mute them. I don’t watch them.

  110. I am EXTREMELY OFFENDED by your ad featuring the Black African basketball player who BEATS DOWN only WHITE PEOPLES’ tossed objects or that of an ASIAN BOY’S cereal. The GEICO ad IS. I nor my family of 7 will NEVER CONSIDER GEICO as an insurer

  111. To Whom It May Concern:
    I am not a customer of your company, But I do have family members that are younger then me. So let me get to the point, The commercial your company has out with the guy running around slapping things down Shows a bad influence on younger kids. As an Aunt or Parents, kids look up to sport people and to show such act of display is just disrespectful. But I would like to Thank you for your time.

  112. the slapstick basketball player commercial is offensive…is nonsensical….stupid…nonessential to your business. please discontinue now….

  113. Your current commercial is in bad taste. Not today and smasking items away has no place in today’s society

  114. My complaint is how wrong your company is for airing a commercial embarrassing a young woman in front of a make. You need to take that commercial off the tv. It’s wrong and gives a young woman a self awareness of not being ok for who she is. Take it off the tv

  115. So there is some weird stuff happening with your autopay and billing department. I need to talk to the Director of Billing and/or Director of Customer Service.

  116. Patriot Shredding is interested in providing our service to Geico corporate headquarters on Western Ave. Where can I find the Vendor Registration link for business services? Thank you, I appreciate your help.

  117. I filed a claim on March 24th the representative said i wasnt covered at the time. According to the collection letter i recieved I was covered until March 18th 12.01am if i paid my balance by June 10th.i spoke with three representatives in the collection dept. They said my insurance never laps

  118. I will be boycotting Geico as well as any of it’s affiliates due to the pressure Geico put on the MLB to move the All Star Game out of Georgia. The Georgia law is perfectly reasonable and was passed legally and properly and Geico should have stood up to the radical left instead of a weak kneed rollover. You deserve to lose business. Its obvious you didn’t read the bill. I hope you go bankrupt.

  119. I had first time in my life an accident and a claim with Geico. The accident occurred in suburb of Chicago, on February 28th this year due to snowstorm conditions. The police report was posted on my Geico account and on Monday February 1st the agent (Michael Godfrey) contacted with me. The accident was really bad, not only body was damaged, also I got bunch of the mechanical issues related to it.I got my car towed from the place of accident to my friends house. On Monday I was asked if I can drive the car to the shop or I need a towing. He provided a list of approved shops ( if I would know I could take the car to the authorized dealer ship where everything could be done faster ). I choose the closest one and decided bring it myself. When I brought the car to the shop there wasn’t adjuster yet. Showed the mechanic what need to be claimed and here all this headache started. More than two months from the accident the car was “traveling” from one shop to another, sitting,draining the battery and then they ended up to take it to the dealership. I was informed that there’s some major mechanical issues that should be inspected by the adjuster. The car was towed to the dealership. The service agent assured the adjuster that all damages are 100% related to the accident! And its totally true. The car never had any problems. Has been well maintained all the time. And now agents are refusing to cover the costs for repair stating that the car wasn’t operable before accident! It’s unacceptable! No words how geico treating their customers. For now all of them (agent – Michael,supervisor – Dan,manager – Paul) are ignoring phone calls from the service agent and me. And another thing- the body shop even didn’t do their job right! They didn’t finish the body work! They didn’t finish lots of repairs what they put in a bill. And also in a very beginning, when I asked Michael should I claim as a total damage,I was told that they will fix it, will not cost a lot for repair. Now I have to pay for his mistake out of my pocket for the rest repairs! So unprofessional. Insane! I’m not going to stop and give up. The problem with a claim should be resolved no matter what.

  120. Hi my name is Steven Raimondi. My Claim number is 0593820820000001. I was involved in a accident on Feb 17 2001. The other motorist was at fault. Accident report and witness placed other motorist at fault. After reporting accident to my insurance which is geico and Liberty Mutual being the other motorist insurance. I was advised the Liberty mutual was not going to be responsible for my vehicle. I contacted Geico who advised me my collision was taken off my vehicle due to not responding to a letter requesting Photo. My vehicle was leased at a dealership and all paperwork was done by Geico, Dealership and leasing company. All info has been provided. I have accumulated 3800 in storage fees and still waiting for a response. I never received the letter and did not realize my collision was removed. I had also insured my motorcycle and was not aware of any Discrepancy with my address or insurance. I have been a Geico customer for 7 years and this is first time I have needed your services and I feel like you have failed me. I believe my representative has summited all my paperwork on April 5, 2021. But it closed to two months now. I have had no vehicle and storage fees continue to occur. I have summittted all paperwork as requested and leasing company has also provided all documentation stating vehicle was new. They have also reported not receiving notice that collision was removed and also have provide all documentation. I request someone to help me. Thank you

  121. I having problems with my insurance adjuster right now. I’m not happy with him are his supervisor services.

  122. My major concern n complaint is my current claim I am still waiting n which is n dispute regarding the discrepancies the adjuster ( who dropped the ball n this n never followed up w me) quoted me n my deductible… lets just say I spoke w 5-6 people who kept telling me they had no authority n would transfer me to their supervisor who in turn had no authority to rectify my inconvenience n frustration n .eventually got to Brittany @
    863.940.5699 …’n I have left her 4-5 messages n NEVER get a call back to find out the status of my claim. The adjuster, Dennis quoted me $1000 for claim 1 (recent n March) n claim 2 which occurred n August 2020… NEVER did they say a different amount! After the car was done frm A1 Collision I went to pay n they informed me I owed $ 1500, which if I informed correctly I certainly would hve budgeted for that amount but clearly heard $1000… picked up vehicle n March 25 n I’m still waiting for status, update, anything from this Brittany but as of today April 10th… Nada! The facts r the agent who I spoke to about my high deductible did not do their job to access my policy n advise lowering deductible back n August n everyone I spoke to that day escalated my call to someone else… seems as if Geico needs to do training n their Customer Service ethics among common courtesy… I WANT MY $500 CREDITED BACK TO MY ACCOUNT ASAP!! Just like u want to paid on time… well so do I! Besides being a loyal customer, I have always prided myself to pay my bills n a timely fashion… Please do the same!!! Or would u rather I, like many others, have, report Geico to the BBB n not in a positive light!!!!

  123. You need to stop with constant emails. I receive multiple emails per day for geico. When I click “unsubscribe “ it push’s me to your website where I can’t unsubscribe. Despite how I block or filter these emails, they adjust to get around the filters. This is a horrible business practice for what I previously thought was a good company. Please get it stopped!!!

  124. Did I recently read that GEICO is supporting the new voting laws that will depress the vote in Florida? As a long time Afican American customer of GEICO it will leave me to possibly reconsider my relationship with GEICO and Travelers insurance. Therefore, I am registering my complaint and concern with you. I have referred many family and friends to you. I pray you will reconsider where you stand in this matter.

  125. I had a letter signed by the president Todd A. Combs stating that Geico has work with its customers for 75years and letting its customers save money.I have a toyota RAv4 and every 6months I have to call and fight on the telephone for an explanation until an agent will say we can’t help you. Today is April 12 2021 when I received the letter as usual I called to ask why I was paying so much for my premium since I drive carefully. I was told that’s how much I would pay and the is nothing they can do. After 2hours I called again and spoke to an agent called TAMMY around 4.05pm I don’t know where her office is. I became very upset since no one was trying to explain how they arrive at the figures. She calmed me down and told me she will get the supervisor involved. My question was why I was PAYING $5 FOR AUTO PAY SINCE NOVEMBER 2018. She explained to me that since am paying on my debit card I have to pay $5. MY PAYMENT HASN’T BEEN LATE NOT A DAY AFTER. NO AGENT FROM GEICO HAS EVER TOLD ME THAT BEFORE. I NEVER GET TO SPEAK TO THE SUPERVISOR AND ONLY WHEN I SAID I WAS GOING TO COMPLAIN TO THE PRESIDENT WAS WHEN HE TOLD TAMMY TO TAKE THE $5 OFF. MY CLAIM IS TO GET MY REFUND OF $5 DECEMBER 2018, JANUARY 2019 TO DECEMBER 2019, JANUARY 2020 TO DECEMBER 2020
    AND JANUARY 2021 TO MARCH 2021. I have payed all my bill on time to Geico with auto payments and I don’t see the reason why I couldn’t have just given my checking account to save me all that money since and I quote from the President “one of the best parts of my job is working to find ways to help our customers save money. It is the forefront of my mind every day that I come to work.and I know how savings are to you.” With pay check to paycheck guy like me I put my money where the is savings. I have paid $140 out off my pocket of which administratively I could have saved to take care of my self. I will request a refund of this amount sent back to me and not used to offset my bill. Mention goes to AGENT TAMMY who told me all this savings like the President is saying in his opening address.

  126. Geico has totally outdone itself in the obnoxious commercials department! It does NOT pertain to insurance in any way, shape or form for the average purchaser and the basketballer is rude and in a few instances violent (eg. knocking the cereal box away from the child). Is this really how your company wants to be portrayed? Go back to the Geico Gecko……at least he was cute and funny and made some sense.

  127. Hello- I wasted 1.5 hours yesterday trying to become a new customer for bundled auto and home. After spending about an hour with your agent, Joshua Kaminski, he said that for an additional umbrella policy, he needed to transfer me to the umbrella team and I would be on hold for a few minutes. after about 15 minutes I emailed Josh (who had emailed his portion of the quote) to let him know I was still on hold. After 25 minutes I could not continue to hold. I emailed Josh to call me or email so we could complete the quote and switch our insurance to Geico but never heard from him. Please contact me ASAP. My work phone is 724-733-xxxx Thank you for addressing this issue.

  128. Hello. My name is Carlos Martinez. Can someone please help me. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to have my vehicle repaired. It is really embarrassing having to drive a vehicle that is completely damaged down one side.I was sideswiped by one of your clients. The accident occurred on April 1st. I understand being occupied. However, please keep me informed. Your client admitted fault to me and the Little Elm police officers. There was also a witness. The claim number is 0449013200101056. I would really just like to have my car repaired. This is very frustrating. Someone please help. Thank you.

  129. I’m writing a complaint against Lavinia Chong who was apparently assigned to my claim but purposely kept me out of sight and blinded me as she never tried to contact me either by email, phone number and mail to keep me informed as for the development of my claim.
    I do need a different investigation with absolutely different person who can keep me informed and will try to support me. I was not informed as there were new evidences that she decided to interpret through her personal perspective favoriting strictly and only the opposite part. Never gave me an update as for how my claim is updating and for the updated documents ! She is the worst of the worst experience in customer service and she caused to me inevitable pain and to my elderly father extreme stress and sickness.
    I need my claim to be reviewed from a very qualified employee who can actually put aside their bias and look strictly and only of the evidence!

  130. After close to 20 years I found out Geico does not care of customer loyalty. On 2017 I changed vehicles and from the dealer I called Geico to do the update. Policy will remain the same only changing one lease vehicle for another. After some time, I noticed my monthly payments were too high. After checking the policy, I noticed without my knowledge Geico was charging me a feature never asked for. Doing math the total they have been charging since 2017 equals close to 500- After contacting this January 2021 the customer service took me three months to receive an answer. I called many times and I was told the refund is going from one desk to another and later to the underwriters. Few weeks ago, your refund has been approved etc. Yesterday, i got a check instead of the almost $500- they sent me $115- Today, I called and the agent told me ‘THIS IS ALL GEICO CAN PAY YOU’ Really?? In the past all monetary issues were performed over the phone and in a timely manner. Now all is bull s—! This is completely unacceptable. Charging me more and when finding a multi billion company has the stomach to say they cannot pay more than a hundred dollars. This is really a shame. I need the Regional Office to call me or respond to this email. I believe the regular employees are not doing a good job or perhaps I’m wrong and is the higher people trying to save money ripping their customers.
    I’m looking forward to hear from you.
    Good Evening!

  131. A GEICO insured vehicle hit my car and fled the scene. GEICO is treating me as if I caused the accident and have made the process one of the worst ever! I have been laboring to locate someone on the leadership team with whom I may connect to dialogue about this situation. The representatives have been incompetent in the area of resolution and I would expect more of this organization. I feel confident that this is not the reputation that GEICO wishes to have and that, at the very least, someone who is a decision-maker within the organization will contact me with a desire to resolve.
    At this juncture, I am very disappointed in the way in which GEICO treats those who are not insured by them. In fact, their actions lead me to believe that they reward their drivers for hit-and-run incidents. I will have faith that the organization believes in resolving issues with decency and in order and I will await any additional social media, familial or networking discussion about GEICO until after a member of your leadership has spoken with me and taken steps toward an amicable resolution.
    Quintina Erby

  132. I just want you to know your company should be ashamed of themselves. After paying insurance for over 2 DECADES, the moment we need actual assistance after a disaster youve completely abandoned us. Ive spent hours on the phone for weeks only to be put on hold, given excuses, and be told a supervisor would call me 3 seperate times. NO ONE IS CALLING ME. NO ONE IS HELPING US. We are in a crisis and your company is trying to get out of paying a cent because your bottom line is more inportant than our lives. How can you possibly think this is okay? DO YOUR JOB AND HELP US!!

  133. CLAIM# 8711515120000001
    I’m filing a formal complaint regarding my claim number listed above naming agent Anthony Sandoval angelwood Miriam Hassan…. Anthony specifically has been reported to the department of regulatory authority for defamation harassment etc I have been through hell and back with this organization they have deleted insurance coverage in the process of the claim Anthony has shared proprietary information that I had sent to your organization with a different insurance company which is a violation of insurance code and conduct….. And this whole situation has been a nightmare in so many ways the adjuster that finally looked at my vehicle did not look at any of the mechanical issues meaning the fact that this is now causing damage to the pooling system and the radiator which is subsequently causing damage to my high performance rebuilt motor which I have supplied them with the receipts for all aftermarket modification showing the actual cash value of the vehicle being well over $60,000 which they have neglected to add to the file and refuse to I asked them to pull the original call for when I made the changes to my policy and requested aftermarket modification at max level and rental reimbursement which they neglected to put on my policy I’ve been fighting with these people for over a month now to get a simple Hit and run and mostly body damage taken care of since they have not only gone out of their way to make this a nightmare but have not even looked into the fact that they neglected to put on the appropriate coverage when the policy was written as supplied them with recorded calls of said upgrade call I have sent them multiple documents including documents supporting the fact that there’s been multiple heavy modifications in excess of $30,000 on the motor transmission tune alone and they will not return calls or emails and I’ve already filed the complaint with Dora regarding this and I will be taking this to civil litigations and criminal litigations through my team of attorneys if this is not handled properly I need someone with authority meaning Management corporate to contact me immediately if I do not get a direct contact or email by Wednesday my attorney will be filing suit for the value of the vehicle which is appraised and insured with previous insurers for quite a bit more than what they’re basing the loss of being if it is deemed a total loss you need to adjust the amount this has been hell and I have proof that Anthony shared proprietary information that was supplied to Geico regarding this claim with a separate insurance company that I have been seeking reimbursement for an unrelated incident which is since been fixed which is violation of insurance code and conduct he will be losing his license and breach of fiduciary duty and criminal charges as well I’m getting sick and tired of getting the runaround from here I need someone from corporate to contact me immediately you can contact me at my phone number 720-965-xxxx or you can contact me via email at hoskinsmatthxxxx

    My attorney’s already drafted up a demand letter then will be sent out next week if you guys cannot contact me in a timely fashion we will also be filing a large lawsuit at that time
    Disclaimer.. everything is ready for the lawsuit to be started I am not currently represented by an attorney you can talk to me directly

  134. Since obtaining my “Real ID” my private information has been being seen due to your company using my whole name to send mail that gets delivered to other people’s address. Now a student of mine has seen my mail and because the address window shows my FULL name he has told other students which puts my private information in jeopardy thanks to Geico’s policy of having to display this information. Most technical departments can write a program to query out the middle name for public use but keep the information on the back end however this is not done. I’d like to speak with someone to see what changes can be made to help me and others out to keep safe.

  135. I am so displeased with your company’s tactics that I will never use you, recommend you, or say anything positive about you!!
    I have not solicited nor subscribed to you for anything!!
    I tried reporting your harrassment as spam, blocked you over a dozen times and still there you are and I’m tired of it!!
    I unsubscribed but let me tell you that it really irks me to have to “unsubscribe ” from something I never subscribed to to begin with.

  136. Policy Number: 4459-86-07-40
    RE: Old Address: 1200 Estancia Parkway #1022
    Austin, TX. 78748
    New Address: 1200 Estancia Parkway #211
    Austin, TX. 78748
    Dear Geico Leadership:
    During the ice storms in Texas, that occurred in mid-February 2021, my apartment #1022 was damaged because the neighbor above my apartment flooded with their pipes bursting, hot water heater busting and sprinkling system going off.
    The apartment management stated my apartment was one of the two that was the worst affected/damaged and they had to relocate me within the same complex. If I would have stayed in that apartment, management advise the apartment could catch on fire due to the damage and sparks coming out of the electrical box, so they moved me to apartment #211, same complex.
    My insurance cost was $222.27 a month but went up to $277.03 because according the Geico’s 800 number I called; they stated the last 4 digits of my zip code changed and the increase would be each month. I tried to explain to the customer service agent, I had to move due to no fault of mine, and I only switched buildings. The apartment manager had to move me to a downstairs unit because I also broke my left ankle during the snowstorm. So, I have had a terrible time due to the storm. I broke my ankle February 20th, and I am going through physical therapy now. Last month is when I was charged the payment increase $277.03.
    I do not think Geio should penalized or capitalize on customers due to the Texas Storm lack of poor planning on the government.
    I am hoping you can help me with this, or direct me to someone in “leadership” at Geico, who can help me.
    cc. Consumerprotection
    cc. Consumer Protection Bureau (CFPB)
    cc. BBB Austin, Texas
    cc. BBB Chevy Chase, Md.
    Jalia Howard

  137. This will be the second time I have contacted Geico Headquarters with NO RESPONSE! I would like to have someone who is in charge of advertisements on television for Geico contact me by e-mail so I can actuallly TALK with him/her about one of your commercials that I need to have explained to me. I don’t know why someone can’t call me back and talk to me about this. If I were interested in obtaining a policy thru Geico someone would be calling me back really quick.
    I’m only asking for an explanation of a commercial, not the moon! Please respond to my e-mail so I may TALK to someone.

  138. I have had nothing but problems with this claim especially with the towing they lied lost my car so the order was completed and it was not several times we had to hunt for my car something need to be done I need a phone call cannot explain everything in writing my number is 1 (901) 283-xxxx I have discussed this with your agents 50 or more tines

  139. May cars .demegies by bomb exsplosion .may car lost wallue 0wer 3000$ .no chelp from gaico .wery beat costumer service..I m nad intruze.

  140. I was recently involved in an MVA on 5/10/2021 and my medical claim adjuster Tom Haynes hasn’t got back to me in reference to my Loss of Wages approval and whether or not he sent a letter to my STD representative. I was given his supervisor contact Courtney Mills and she hasn’t returned my call either. Left several messages and still no response I am asking for a chance in my medical claim adjuster.

  141. I have a complaint, I put in a glass claim and the representative told me my insurance has lapse so I went and looked at my payments and my insurance had not lapsed at all. So I called back today 5/17/2021 and I explained to the representative what I was told about my insurance. And I was told that you could get my first windshield on GEICO and I ask the representative Mike about it and he told me that I couldn’t get that done and I would have to pay for it myself. I have been with GEICO for a know 10+ years. And I have never had a problem with GEICO. I am just trying to get my windshield fixed from road hazard.

  142. The real test of how good is your insurance carrier isn’t all the little niceties from day to day, but when there’s an actual flood, fire, accident, tornado, death, or global disease pandemic. I’ve been with GEICO for over 14 years, without having one claim I recall. So, how’d they fair during this global pandemic & my time of need?
    Welll…………….this may seem like a simple thing, & it should’ve been, but it wasn’t. How much simpler is a windshield claim, IN ARIZONA FOR G_D’S SAKE, home of ROCKS, EVERYWHERE. And if you’re going to judge an insurance carrier you’ll trust your life with, something simpler than a fire or death would probably give you the best indication of quality.
    So, last October I get a rock “SMACK”ed into my flat faced Jeep Wrangler windshield, leaves a chip & starts spreading. I called to inform them it happened but that I didn’t think it had spread enough yet to need replaced. Fast forward 8 months I call GEICO to inform them i need it replaced because it had spread & a police officer had written me a Repair Order(it’s legal) with a very limited amount of time(7days I believe) to make it legal(safe). GEICO says okay, everything seems fine. Then I get a return call saying that my Glass Claim has been “flagged” & they’ll need to send out an inspector. I say “Okay”. Then I get a call the next day saying there aren’t any Inspectors in rural N AZ & I’ll need to “Download the GEICO App & do it all through The App”. I asked could I avoid downloading an app & just email them my pics. She says:”No, it would take way longer ,& likely get lost.” So, I reluctantly get around to sitting down & downloading The App(Don’t act like it’s just a button. You’ve got to let it load, open it, create new Usernames & find passwords that are Strong Enough. Plus reenter most the info they already have. It’s a good 20 min procedure). Then I start trying to use The App, it’s not efficient. Everytime you change screens it goes into this like Loading Page for 5 good seconds as it pops up little blue motorcycles, cars, etc. I glance at it’s reviews, they are HORRIBLE. But I keep working my way to that glass claim, because I’m running out of time with Mr Lawman. I find Claims, see there’s actually two, but once I click on them there’s no place to.upload documents(pics of WS). Try as I might it just says under Inspections: “There are no inspections scheduling at this time”. So, I call GEICO back & after going thru all the prompts they use everytime to keep you from a Service Rep(human) & having to explain my issue all over, she acts very nice, puts me on hold, & never picks back up. I listened to 35 min of GEICO ads. That was Sunday night after a week of this. I work blue collar, from jobsite to jobsite all day long & honestly do not have the ability to to set an appt with mobile glass repair service. I finally found one at the beginning of this GEICO GLASS conundrum that actually scheduled me an after hours appt after hearing my legal situation. But she immediately said that if the “Flag,” my claim, I might not get it done in time. I’ve been working on this since last week & her appt is supposed to be in 2 days. Knowing that, as soon as I was off work I got on the phone with GEICO on my drive home. I spoke with India for the entire 30 min drive. She was sincere & helpful but at the end her solution was to give me the number to the place she couldn’t get to answer. In my mind I was working with GIECO, where i send the check, not (?). I had told her I couldn’t get the GEICO App I was told to use, to take photos of my WS. She said that their glass people handled the website issues. I thanked her for her help & asked to speak with her supervisor Joshua. Josh gets on & I told him I just needed a solution. I had downloaded & gone on the App like I was told & nothing I did would work. He just says:”Until that inspection is cleared there can’t be anything else done”. And if I would just call AGIS tomorrow(,because while on the phone with him & India trying to reach them for me, they had closed. #$$$@/!!!) as I explain to him I don’t have that nice white collar job where I can just spend an hour at my desk making calls, in fact I can’t call at all until work like I was doing with him/GEICO since i got off work, even driving by 3 cops who could easily see my phone ear who thank God didn’t stop me.
    But I didn’t lose my cool, I just told Joshua that in light of all my efforts, & everything on their end failing, why hadn’t he offered any kind solution other than “Sorry, we have to have the inspection to move forward” like offering to call them for me or have them He just uttered what I said back to me. So I asked Joshua if I could speak to his supervisor. First he re-explained his position & the went into this sort of childish “Well, why do u want to talk to my supervisor?” I had to ask FIVE TIMES then he put me on hold for nearly 10 min, got back on the line & said that he’d spoken to his mngr & that “this call would not be escalated until the inspection was fulfilled.” Neither of us was rude to the other & I realize it’s Monday at 5pm ,& maybe he really couldn’t think, but as much as I’ve gone thru over something that should’ve bee so simple, he should’ve offered to call.
    Sorry, one more event. I get off the phone, & get right back on with GEICO thinking maybe I could fix the App myself. Got thru to a guy named Zion who was properly informed & very dedicated & he explained how I DON’T EVEN NEED THE GEICO APP BECAUSE THE WINDOW STUFF IS ALL DONE THROUGH AGIS IN AZ. SO, I was given bad info & been chasing my tail from day one. All I had to do was find a CSR that cared enough to actually listen & work toward a solution. I didnt need the App because the App doesn’t take glass inspection pics, only AGIS does. So all those other operators with all this pushing the App on everyone weren’t even hearing me. And with the typing of this I now have probably 7 hours total phone time/App time/type time tied up in a windshield replacement, my FIRST ONE(CLAIM) EVER, btw, that should’ve taken one 5 min phone call. Should I stay with GEICO? I don’t know. But if they could mess up a tiny thing like a Windshield so badly, what could they do if your house burnt down? 🤔
    I failed to.mention that during this dilemma I was dealing with covid impacting me directly, & all it’s indirect ways as well. So, this was my one time of need in 14 years of paying in. I’ll write back & let you know if my WS gets put on before the police fine me. Thnx

  143. I’m having difficulty with an accident claim 0362374200101041.
    The Supervisor doesn’t want to pay the Loss of Wages/Workers Compensation. I had too send most of the documents two or three times, and I haven’t received a proper settlement offer describing the three categories after I sent everything relating to the forms, from GEICO.COM

  144. Put in a claim agent doesn’t seem to be doing his job. Police report says it was other person fault need my car fixed. Been a customer 5 years never had to put in a claim. Can someone please get agent to do his job and get my car fixed???

  145. I was rear ended by one of your policy holders two weeks ago. I have made several attempts to reach my adjuster. This includes emails, phone calls and reaching out to your corporate office. I was injured and I have questions that unfortunately have not been asked to my adjuster because she doesn’t return my calls or emails. Please have a Supervisor or Manager give me a call. Thanks in advance.

  146. I was finally contacted by my adjuster after two weeks. She stated that Geico will assume liability. I asked about physical therapy and if they knew a place that handles 3rd party billing. She put me on an extended hold only to return to tel me they are not covering my medical expenses. This adjuster has been very difficult to reach and has no compassion for others well being. Please reach out to me at 910-670-xxxx to discuss further. Thanks in advance.

  147. My car was in an accident in November, every week geico told the repair shop payment was coming in a week, it took over 3 months and didn’t cover the total repair, they left me alone with storage bills , less than asked repair bill and no assistance at all. It gets worse, Im still waiting to get the car back six months later and still paying insurance and car note while I care for my sick husband with covid and cancer. The shop is using substandard parts just to get me in the car. I refused because the dashboard had almost every warning light on, including brake and ABS.
    Geico say fast and reliable, please find me a media outlet so i can tell everyone how they suppose to care about there customers threw false advertisements.

  148. My car was in shop for a week repair at express shop was unsatisfactory. They said they will try again.hoping for the best.

  149. I have hail damage to my 2019 Camary, called GEICO, they send out an Adjuster to take the claim.He estimates the damage at $4000 and says he was issuing a check to me and the bank. Adjuster tells me to find a bodyshop of my choice and he will reissue the check to me and the bodyshop if it was more than his estimate. I get a dealership to make the repairs and the estimate goes up to $7000 and then up to over $10000. In the meantime I call my adjuster to verify my rental car agreement and to ask about the check for payment, he says its been sent out. I haven’t received a check as I told him.He issues another check, still haven’t received one. The bodyshop sends out email stating my car will be ready in 2 days, I get on the phone with adjuster and he says he has been on vacation and don’t know anything that’s going on. I call and speak with another Geico agent, find out the check has been sent to the bodyshop in their name only. No-one can tell me why this happened. I call another agent/manager and have the check canceled and sent to my address in both our names. If your working on my car and you already have been paid for the job, when I get my car and there is poor work mis-matched paint or anything else, I can’t make you fix it, but if Im holding the money(as you were supposed to send it to my address to start with) you will fix it or you will not get paid, its as simple as that.No-one ask me or told me that the check was going to the bodyshop…WHY? Now I called back Geico to make sure the check was reissued after the 24hr waiting period and to my surprise it had not been. WHY? Now I have the issue of the rental car, it was extended till the following Monday since the bodyshop called me on a Fri at 4pm, but now I have to wait for up to 10 days to get my check in the mail before I can get my car out of the shop. Its not my fault the check was not reissued when it should have been. If it was sent to my address as I was told to start with I would not have this problem, now Im going to be responsible for the rental car charges after Monday for 7 to 10 more days and possibly more. Not to mention Im not going to have my car for our vacation trip this Memorial Day vacation. I have had Geico for many years and fortunately never had to use it, have always paid my dues on time every time, I have done what I said I would do, what about you? And I don’t appreciate pushy Adjusters that try to override the conversation. I don’t like it when management tells me the Adjuster has more authority than they do. Your lack of communication is unbecoming as one of the Great Ins companies in this country.WHY? If you can’t do me better than you have done me so far I will be forced to go elsewhere, The one time I needed you in the years of doing buiseness with you its costing me Money out of my pocket that I should not have to spend, and and inconvenience that I should not have to endure.

  150. I am a Geico customer and I am insulted by the degrading childish commercials I hear on the radio most notably the young lady talking about her cheer the softball team used to say after hitting a triple but could never use it because they only hit HOME RUN. Why the home run amd not home runs??? And the worst commercial I’ve ever heard were are the spots where the house is talking and telling us it is scared of certain things ! Please quit insulting adults that may need insurance or already pay your company for insurance like myself ! I am considering paying %15 more just to say I dropped your company because your radio marketing is aimed at simple minded humans and again his very very insulting!!

  151. This is my seventh attempt reaching geico .
    My car was hit by a stolen car in November
    Geico create a bad situation with the repair shop by delaying payment and continually saying the following week they will get a check . 3 months later while my car was still in the shop with no work being done they paid out less that the agreed repair bill.
    The shop said it would make more money collecting only on storage. They began the repair with parts not designed for my specific car to cut cost and now over 6 months later trying to give me the car with most of the warning lights on and totally wrong bumper.
    I asked geico for help since they initially messed everything up . I told them I’m paying insurance and car note for 6 months without the car due to there lack of telling the repair shop the truth. As of today the shop wants me to take the car as is with the warning lights on and wrong bumper.
    I am forwarding this to every department in geico headquarters and every news outlet till geico make the shop correct at least the safety issues with my car .

  152. I have 2 claims numbers with you the 1st claim number appointment I was not able to make that appointment … I put in the first claim number with the 2nd claim number and they approved both claim …Today I miss a call from Shawn for me to call him back.. I was at work all day when I call back no answer…. I talked to sever people . No one could help … I was approved to have my car fix and now you guys telling me you only doing the back of my car when somebody hit me on 2 different dates while my car was park … you approved me to get the work done….

  153. I have been trying to get a refund for my late son’s monthly payments as promised by GEICO almost 4 months ago. His name was Nicholas Willox and his birth date was 2/11/1983 and he dies over 3 years ago. I have submitted all required docs but keep hearing “we are working on it” every time I call for info.

  154. Fraudulent mailing system. I have been told by Geico employee they made a serious mistake by sending Markia Phelps bills to my address with my name on the outside of envelope. This is fraudulent I never gave anyone authorization to use my address for any reason. I was told this would stop however it has not. I constantly get her bills on a regular basis. This needs to stop ASAP. I will also be filing a complaint with BBB as this situation still is not resolved. I’m very disappointed in Geico customer service for allowing this to happen and it’s still not rectified after I called 3 times!!!

  155. My theft claim from September has not been completed. I cannot get anyone to call me back or follow through with the repair company. When will they total or repair my vehicle. I feel I have been extremely patient. Is getting an attorney the final step in getting this done? I di not know what else to do.

  156. I need real help I can’t pay till till the 2nd of June ! I was given only till the 30th I can’t believe you will go bankrupt for waiting two more days! I’ve lost hours because of covid which I can provide proof of my unemployment I am trying to stay a customer and it’s simply two more days !

  157. Hi my claim is being overseen by an auto adjuster named Jason in the Hawaii location. He hasn’t been helpful with the claim. They said he left a note for all the other customer service reps that only he could work on my claim and so now I’m stuck with him even though he hasn’t been helping me. He told me I can’t get a rental for my claim when my policy covers it and my car isn’t drivable. He’s been giving me the run around and I haven’t been able to get into contact with him. Please contact me back in regards to my claim

    Claim # 0531816090101038, as of 07/09/2019, still unpaid.
    We refused a 4 months delayed settlement at 30% less than cash value of our 2010 VW Jetta.
    Please help us with a final resolution including the vehicular tax and statutory interest.
    Please, confirm. Thank you, Sharon & Ioan Filip

  159. Please have the director of underwriting review my policy.
    Policy # 4520-94-94-49 from 12-09-18 through present. I was found not at fault in the 2018 incident. I sent off via certified mail on 11-16-2018 and I got my 5 year góod driver back now after 2 1/2 years, they removed it and nothing has cg
    Changed, no tickets, nothing. I received no change of policy. Will be contacting the insurance commissioner for help if you can’t get this straightened out. Thank you for your time

  160. Can someone check on my insurance ? Someone is there that is doing something they shouldn’t be I sent in legal documents call 903 730 xxxx

  161. Good day!!
    I am Latoya Lee, A customer from Geico the company.

    I live in the state of watseka IL,
    were ,I have been a victim of a hate crime since I moved here ,I thought it was going to be alright after contacting the police department making reports on the vandalism and theft , on my property.
    I have ordered cameras,for my protection for myself and family.
    The memorial weekend, I have some one committed ing a horrifying a day hangout crim ,attempted murder on me and my family, lighting our house on fire ,on video in the early hours of the morning.
    I contacting to whom May be able to help, with an adjuster ,I have been waiting for a response.

    Please and thank you

  162. I have 2 weeks that I call to resolve my auto claim issue.My adjuster disappeared What I can do

  163. Wondering if you are aware of the lack of competence and organization in the “Michigan” branch of your company? I have never had a worse experience with an insurance company as I am having with Geico in Michigan. I originally became a customer in Texas, and the service and professionalism was outstanding. Michigan has left me hanging on numerous occasions, given me inaccurate information and continues to stress me out over this policy. I have spent hours upon hours talking to supervisors who have not left adequate notes for anyone else to help, so I have to start from ground zero every time I call. Please direct me to whom I can report my experiences. Thank you.

  164. I’m a former Geico customer and needless to say I’m very upset the way my total loss was handled. On March 23 of this year, my son was driving my vehicle to work. He was hit from behind. Obviously my car was totaled. I arrived at the scene of the accident after it happened. The jerk who hit my car hit it so hard that it resulted in a four car pile up. I called Geico to report as that is what you’re supposed to do. At that time the police would not give me the insurance information of the who hit my car. About 2-3 days later an insurance adjuster came to inspect the damage. From the start I did not care for his smug demeanor. I told him I wanted to wait until I had the actual police report that would include the at fault drivers insurance information. He was such a creep and I was visibly upset and crying & like a vulture he swooped in and took advantage. He tricked me into signing paperwork that would bite me in the ass. I told him repeatedly I did not want to use my insurance policy as I did not cause this wreck. A week later I obtained the police report. The at fault driver is also a Geico customer. Great. When I called to provide the information the at fault driver hadn’t even bothered to report and more than likely wasn’t going to. I was then given a different claim and I was told this claim would handle my total loss. To make a long story short, this is not what happened. I got a who shot John Bull shit story that the at fault driver didn’t have coverage to cover my car because it was a 2012 vehicle. I think about how I was treated by ‘customer service’ and I get angry all over again. I think if I were a male and not a female in her 50’s I would have been treated better. Your commercials are cute but your claims that help people are absolute bogus. I tell friends & family who are looking for insurance coverage to think twice about using your company.

  165. Your galss department is trash I’m trying to get in touch with a real person no even people from the regular claims has been able to get in touch with that ghosts department I’m very upset with what’s going on I hope that some one can read this and help me out

  166. I bought a boat policy in 2019 in 2020 they sent me an email telling me the policy renewal was coming and “what had changed” they added a couple of little things and when I got the renewal, I paid it and went on. Step forward 10 months, my boat motor froze and cracked the block, and exhaust manifolds. I filed a claim as I had “ice and freeze” coverage when I bought my policy. They claim that it was removed on the 2020 renewal. I never saw anything. Now they are cheating me out of $2000. My agent for my other insurance coverage warned me about Geico. I ignored her. Now I’ve proved her right.

  167. I would like a discount starting 1/1/21 for the Drive Easy program. Wasn’t aware of it until I called in June to ask about my next payments dud date. Not fair.

  168. Do not take anymore money out of my checking account I was told by one of your representative that I was no longer on auto pay but I received an email today saying you would take money out my account. Last month I paid with a money order for my insurance a week before it was due I received a notice saying they were going to take sixty cent out of my account I call spoke to one of your representative and he assured me they would not take the money out they tried to get it out of an account that was closed and charged me twenty dollars even after I called and told them what happened they claimed they didn’t have a note in my account. So Iam letting you know I will not pay twenty dollars extra this time.

  169. My adjuster, Kyle McKeller, is mostly unavailable. The two time I spoke to him after my car was stolen, he TELLS me to do all the paperwork, all of the ground work, including finding my car, then wherever it is to make arrangements to pick it up. Then he tells me that they will have it towed to my residence until the adjuster comes out to deal with it. But that is wrong. Because who’s to say that any damage done to it after it was stolen will be put on me. Im not liable for that. To get a clear idea of what damage was caused by the ones who stile my car, they should tow it to your facility to be assessed for damages. Its like he is trying to set me up to take the fall. My car was fine prior to being stolen. Your company needs to assume the responsibility that i pay for and get it done right. Not bring it to me with whatever damages. Allstate never once had me doing anything during our claims. They fully handled my situation. I dont trust Kyle and I believe him to be slightly underhanded and sneaky. He is certainly not proactive. Please will somebody from corporate return my call. I keep vetting put on a loop and end up right back having to leave another message for this person who does not do his job. 619-431-xxxx.

  170. June 11, 2021

    RE: Formal complaint

    To Whom it May Concern;

    I want to issue a formal complaint. On May 11, 2021 I was in a wreck that was not my fault at all. I have yet to even receive a call from the adjuster. Enterprise made me return the car and pay out of pocket. I’ve been without a car for 8 days, it will be 11 by the time Monday arrives. No one at Geico cares about my inconvenience. I’m told the deductible should have been waived. Today (one month later I spoke to an adjuster after I called in upset). Geico has not helped at all even though this man totally destroyed my car. Geico has no concern about my inconvenience. Enterprise has no available cars. Like I said I was forced to turn mine in and pay out of pocket. Please handle my claim. Get me the money of $50 a day for the rental car you refused me. It is extremely doubtful I will stay with Geico if you don’t have my back in these situations.

    Cary M Pleasant

  171. I contacted Geico to write a homeowners policy which they did pol.#LAP588639-200 MAY25 and paid $2426.00 .2 hours later the geico supervisor cancelled it cuz it was written wrong .I paid for it and still waiting for my money back please help. Geico ph.#i used was 855721xxxx

  172. Awful. I was with Geico 13 years, and tonight they lost my business. Awful customer service and awful policies. They didn’t notify me that my insurance was going to lapse. Before they notified me by text and email, and I responded right away. This time, nothing. Then they tried to charge me a huge 30-40% penalty on an ongoing basis for letting coverage lapse! Which I wouldn’t have done had they notified me. I’m a busy person, and I rely on the company to notify me. Spent hours on the phone tonight, and they were supremely unhelpful and gave conflicting information. That’s okay. I’m a new Progressive customer as of half an hour ago. Congrats, Geico, for losing a customer who was with you over a decade. And I’m pulling all of my lines of coverage too, not just auto.

  173. I am begging. Please stop sending me emails. I am now receiving multiple emails a day. They have now increased since I unsubscribed. Please stop, please.

  174. I need to speak with the customer support on the execute level rgaridng a price increase on our policy auto / dwelling. Also mishandling of my wife’s accident that happened in February, 2021. Please call me at 404-731-xxxx or 404-633-xxxx. Thanks.

  175. Who do I speak with when I have 2 claims, one with minor damage and one with major damage, given an adjuster for each; but both adjusters do the same claim and one adjuster totals damage and the other puts damage less than 300 dollars and refuses to do the right claim; and you have spoken with 5 or 6 employees but your car hasn’t been fixed and nobody cares; however, you are paying over 1,000 dollars monthly for auto insurance alone with geico. However; I have been with geico for awhile now and appreciate their service. It’s just mistrust suspicion towards some customers when incidents happen and there maybe a pay out to the customer.

  176. My car was totalled and my check was sent to an old address even though I was very specific where to send the check to. It took several calls to try to get this resolved, many going to voicemails. I had to fool the system to get a live person who claimed she couldn’t help me me until I wanted to speak to a supervisor, then place me on hold for 10 minutes and answered my question. An hour of my time to find out where my money is. It’ll be a month to receive my check. Do you think that is acceptable? I don’t

  177. My car was totalled and my check was sent to an old address even though I was very specific where to send the check to. It took several calls to try to get this resolved, many going to voicemails. I had to fool the system to get a live person who claimed she couldn’t help me me until I wanted to speak to a supervisor, then place me on hold for 10 minutes and answered my question. An hour of my time to find out where my money is. It’ll be a month to receive my check. Do you think that is acceptable? I don’t

  178. I need help with an existing claim and my claims adjuster keeps ignoring me and not returning my calls it’s been over a month

  179. Geico refused to pay all the bills on the storage body shop so I can get my vehicle released

  180. Right now I have been given the run around by my insurance company, filed a claim from5/11/21 can not get to work and not getting no answer from geico were do I get help from.

  181. Dear sir or madame
    I was sent an email from geico yesterday saying I need to pay $5000 because a geico technician incorrectly assigned my coverage when I purchased a vehicle and changed coverage in January of this year. I have been trying to get assistance from geico to take responsibility for its error to no avail. I am extremely disappointed with the customer service I have received thus far and cannot justify remaining a customer. I would like to speak to someone regarding this if at all possible and sort out this situation.
    Thanks and regards
    Aaron Kelley
    Policy number 452824xxxx

  182. I own a 2017 Nissan Rogue. Have been insured through GEICO since I drove off of the dealers lot. Have filed 2 claims, one on September 2020 and the other May 25th of 2021. Put my vehicle in a car repair shop that I have been familiar with since the ’80’s. I decided to have both claims on my vehicle fixed at the same time. Since the second claim, GEICO does not want to replace the parts with what I, the insurer wants. I would never use used parts such as a complete door or less than a manufacturer specific quality windshield on my car! I always use new parts on a vehicle that I own unless it is an older model. Nissan requires Nissan parts, and I would want the same. The supervisor/GEICO will only pay for subpar parts one of which comes from Indiana! If that part does not fit or is incorrect, we cannot send it back! My mechanic does their job by the book! They do not cut corners, nor do they use non-manufacturers specific to the vehicle parts!
    The supervisors name is Chris, and his phone number is 413-355-6207. He was supposed to call me and has not done so to date. I have found that GEICO staff does not call clients and follow up on claims or issues. One must continue to call them to hopefully get a straight answer.

    I do have a wonderful Adjuster who called me during a family emergency to explain my policy to me when no one else would! That tells me that my concerns are not of interest and the money I pay GEICO is all that they are concerned about! I was not happy with the explanation because I feel the information relayed to me based upon my policy, I was not aware of when I signed on. This lady (The claims adjuster Ms. Mary) is truly a gem. Her number is 860-250-4178.

    I have been without my vehicle for well over a week with NO RENTAL INSURANCE I was informed. That escalated my stress level beyond imagination! And the vehicle is not repaired or the parts ordered at this time!

    I am prepared to contact an attorney and once this situation is remedied, I will cancel my insurance and spread the word to not insure one’s vehicle through GEICO!

    I have been informed that I would have to pay the difference for the parts/cost that GEICO will not pay. GEICO is low balling the cost of the parts they want placed in the car versus the parts that the manufacturer requires.

    If you were a customer and you paid for insurance, you would want your car fixed in the manner of personal preference and choice based upon relied information to make an informed decision.

    My next step is to contact my local media here in Boston and the Massachusetts Insurance Commission to see how they can assist.

    Denise Covington
    P. O. Box xxxx
    Medford, MA 02155

  183. Hello my name is Nikenya Nicole Griswold. I had requested a refund for a duplicate payment on June 3rd. I spoke with many agents and alledgely supervisors. Who said that I would receive my refund within 3-7 business days. I received a refund for Disbursement for $5.01 was processed to card ending in *9123. But for some reason the payment of 157.88 was sent in a check form. My agents after the 3rd of June said the refund was going to be credited back to the card it was submitted on. Then, I spoke to another agent Who said the refund was sent back to me in a form a check to my PO Box. I advised them I am on a fixed income. So my funds don’t last for to long during the month after. I pay all of my bills. I told the supervisor, I most likely won’t be going back to my mailbox until the 3rd of July. So Kaysia H in the Macon office said she would send a message to the Account Receivables Dept. To have them to put a stop payment on the check. And then she would put in another request to have the refund to be applied back to my debit card. I called back on this past Friday. I was advised the stop payment hadn’t gone through as of yet. I eventually went to my PO Box. I called Geico back and spoke to another supervisor who said. I can go to the bank to cash the check. I go to the bank the teller tells me there is something wrong with my check. I told the agent I had just got off the phone with Geico who said the stop payment hasn’t went through. I was completely embarrassed. I called back a spoke with a good agent Corey in Macon. I asked if I could get some type of credit to my account. He advised me he couldn’t. I asked to speak with his supervisor Kaysia H. Who was very rude. I asked her for Geico’s corporate phone number she gave my 301-986-3880. Which wasn’t the right one. I asked to speak with her supervisor. She refused. So now I am writing the corporate office about my compliant. I have worked in the customer service field for many years and I wouldn’t have every spoke with a customer like that. Please assist me with my refund. It shouldn’t take 18 days to get a refund back from a big organization like Geico. I am thinking about going to another insurance company. I hope Geico can correct this matter. Before I either go to Progressive, State Farm or Allstate. My policy number is 45041xxxxx
    Status: Active
    Policy Period: 02/03/2021 – 08/03/2021, GA

  184. Calling about a accident that i have no knowledge of.the car thr suppose to be involved in the accident was not my car and not on my insurance policy

  185. Geico provided FALSE information to the representative of the Cleveland County court, TWICE in the same day, and Gieco promised to make it right by contacting the court house / Judge.

    Geico has not followed through with this.

    I need Geico to make this right, as this has caused the party involved to be charged hundreds of dollars in fines for no insurance, when they were IN FACT, COVERED.

    Policy information is included in the bottom of this email.

    This is the email I sent to the court house today.
    Regarding citation # E0079324
    02/05/2021 @ 06:20 AM
    622 West 21st Street, Ada, OK 74820
    License Number: M083432050
    DOB 12/10/1993

    Honorable Judge Blaylock;
    Court was held May 13th, 2021 for the above mentioned citation.

    My mother, Peggy Bell, who has kept the vehicle covered since it was purchased Oct 2017, and has not let coverage lapse a single day, has talked to Gieco, and Gieco reported that they called the courthouse and apologized to the court for providing FALSE information to a representative of the court on May 13th, 2021, in which they inaccurately reported no coverage (twice).

    I am requesting this citation / charges be dismissed.

    • The vehicle was absolutely 100% covered by GIECO insurance on the date of the ticket, dated 02/05/21.
    • The vehicle has been 100% covered by insurance since the date the car was purchased, with no gap of insurance, ever.
    • The car was properly tagged, however the sticker was not on the license plate.
    • It would be a financial hardship to require the parties involved (in this case, Timothy Pasch) to take off another day of work, losing an entire day of pay, to come to the courthouse in a county over an hour away, when it was no fault but Gieco for providing inaccurate information.
    • GIECO provided false information to the court, causing the court to make a wrong decision in this case, which resulted in Mr Pasch receiving a ticket under his name.
    • GIECO stated they would be mailing a letter to Judge Blaylock, and calling the court house, admitting to making a mistake TWICE on 05/13/2018 when talking to a representative of the Cleveland County Municipal Court.

    Kathleen Neagle
    Cell: 580-272-3336

    #6038-05-90-17 (it has now changed since this hearing, but this is the policy that was discussed)

  186. Hi this is Griffin Morse I just now have heard that I didn’t cancel my registration to my Chevy cobalt and it’s a huge issues it’s been a year sense that car was deemed a total loss it caught on fire inna accident and burnt to a crisp so now I’m out even more money please contact me back at 508.360.xxxx

  187. I got in a car accident (other persons fault) that totaled my car, sent me to the hospital, went through physical therapy for 8 months and left me with an out of place tailbone that I now have to live with. They wanted to pay me a couple hundred dollars and when I asked for more the lady said “what makes you think your injuries are deserving of more?” Now after 24k in medical bills they barely want to cover my expenses. Even with hiring an attorney they say they will give 27k and if I want anymore (literally asked for 3k more to help cover my lien) I can go ahead and file suit. This company doesn’t protect their customers, even loyal ones who have been with them for years. I will be looking to change companies.

  188. I got in a car accident (other persons fault) that totaled my car, sent me to the hospital, went through physical therapy for 8 months and left me with an out of place tailbone that I now have to live with. They wanted to pay me a couple hundred dollars and when I asked for more the lady said “what makes you think your injuries are deserving of more?” Now after 24k in medical bills they barely want to cover my expenses. Even with hiring an attorney they say they will give 27k and if I want anymore (literally asked for 3k more to help cover my lien) I can go ahead and file suit. This company doesn’t protect their customers, even loyal ones who have been with them for years. I will be looking to change companies.

  189. I have a policy with Geico, and every month it is a different payment, my payment went up over $100 this for this month, when I call they stated that it was a surcharge for an accident back in 2019. Why do it take two years for a surcharge and I was not informed until I saw the upcoming payment a and call. I will be leaving your company because of you customer service

  190. I had glass coverage and after adding my son to my policy, somehow the glass coverage disappeared. I was told that there was a waiver that I had but after the addition of my son, it was no longer there. This was not my selection and after speaking with a rep named Jeromy I was told that he messaged his supervisor to ask that after 23 years of service and good customers, he would try his best to get us reinstated. He also said that it appears that there was a mistake on your end. At this time.

  191. It floors me that a person can rent a vehicle on Monday and because of Geico’s policy end it ends up costing $600 a day on my costs for not being able to go to work vs just letting me get the vehicle I need. Because of my photophobia I need a high riding vehicle. Because I run a business and have to haul boxes around I need an enclosed vehicle. Because of the horrific accident your insured caused I praise God I was in a big expedition or I would be dead yet you expect me to get in a little compact? Ha. You must want me to have a heart attack because a panic attack will ensue if that is all you can do. From there it will raise my blood pressure and then I will end of having a heart attack or a stroke. Since you have admitted full liability you must realize that you are going to pay one way or another. I am just trying to be fair. I save you ambulance costs and am not trying to hire a lawyer to sue, but I do want my safety when I am on the road. On Thursday when I can finally get a vehicle that is tall, I will then have to call an Uber car to carry around the extra things I take from client to client. Please I am trying to save you money. Insurance is already high enough and I do not want the poor kid who hit me to have to pay a lot more because of the weather and driving to fast in same. Thank you for your consideration. JJ

  192. Wondering why I am being charged more then what I could pay with a smaller company. Never had any complaints about this company they actually took me in when I got a DUI but I won’t accept paying more paper than what I can spend with other companies

  193. After being a customer for years. I recommended my son use Geico. WHAT A HORRIBLE MISTAKE!! He had his truck stolen April 2,2021. It was found 26 days or so later. My son has to wait a 25 day period before Geico would take any action per their policy. When the truck was found, taken to the dealership, and a quote was given, they said the truck was totaled. My son was on the phone with Geico and his bank, on a conference call, said since the truck is being totaled Geico would handle the rest and there was nothing left for my son to do. Being a smart kid, like I taught him, he asked them three separate times are you sure there is nothing left for me to do. So my son asked the Geico rep for a detailed list of what was actually wrong with the truck that they totaled it out and he didn’t receive it. About half way or so through June, he gets a call from the dealership saying his truck was fixed and they were sending it to the body shop. He’s like WTF??? It was totaled. Why did they fix it. It was totaled out!! Geico sent the dealership a check for 3900 dollars which was to include body shop repairs. Yet not once did they contact my son to inform him they decided not to total it out. He gets a call from the body shop who called him today June 30th 2021 and said they couldn’t do the body work because they were short staffed or some bs. He decided to go get the truck and is going to take it elsewhere. They did nothing. They still have yet to contact him about anything. Oh let’s not forget since they said it was totaled, he went out and got a different vehicle. Put new tires on it. Some other personal things and has this car. So now he’s stuck with back payments since they truck was stolen, reported stolen, totaled out. geico was supposed to send them a check so he could get the Gap coverage to pay the rest and 1000 deductible. So as of now he’s going to be at least 4000 dollars and still has not had his truck returned in the same condition it was in before it was stolen. He’s missing stuff off the truck. The tires were jacked up. The body work was never done and his break pedal is messed up. They never cleaned the inside from the damage the person who stole it did. THIS HAS BEEN A NIGHTMARE FOR MY SON!!! So now he’s afraid if he says something it will mess up any chance of him getting his truck back to be the way it was before. We both are disgusted with GEICO that as soon as his truck is back to they way it was, he is cancelling his policy with them. I am so DISGUSTED and DISAPPOINTED with Geico, I cancelled both my policies with them. I wish I would have seen these comments before we started using them. This is ridiculous. Oh and don’t try to get anyone on the phone, they will send you to one of its many incompetent service agents, who will ask you, what do you want me to do?? HORRIBLE. I WILL BE POSTING ALL OVER SOCIAL MEDIA. SAVE PEOPLE FROM THE HASSLE AND MONEY LOSS. You will be fine sending your payments in thinking you’re covered. WRONG!!!!! NIGHTMARE!!

  194. Had a Geico insured total my car…in front of a cop. While trying to get my payout, the Geico agent first tells me that there is an issue with changing a “code” in the system and they have to contact IT. Three weeks later, I contact them again and agent “David” puts me on hold roughly 10 times and comes back each time with a new excuse…the first 3 or 4 were “Can I put you on a brief hold while I pull up the claim?” Then it was that there were 2 different numbers in the report and he had to contact the salvage team. Puts me on hold, comes back on and says he couldn’t reach them. Puts me on hold to contact the insurance adjuster…comes back on and says he didn’t get an answer there either. David says he also called the adjuster’s supervisor and surprise…no answer there either! I asked if he left voicemails. He said he couldn’t on those lines…??? He then says he will send an “urgent” email and that someone would contact me that same day. It is now after 9 in the evening…big surprise, no call. All in all, I was on the phone with Geico customer service for 1 hour. No resolution…only excuses and lies.
    Geico is a bad faith company and that is why I canceled the policy I had with them years ago.

  195. Been trying to resolve issue concerning Geico redirecting bills to very old address, canceling policy, reinstating policy and increasing premium. Several calls some over 30 minutes, and I was told “ it could not be resolved by anyone”. When pressed, I was promised a return call in 24 to 48 hours. It has been well over that today, 7/2. Policy cancels 7/3. Please advise ASAP. Sincerely.

  196. I have had the worst experience the past three months. I am a geico customer who had my may payment credited back to me and my policy cancelled without reason and then I reinstated it and had an accident that should have been covered by comprehensive but my car is still in the shop, I pay for rental car coverage but im told no I don’t get the services I pay for and I had an adjuster call me yesterday offering to do whatever it takes to satisfy me and make the process easier just to be transferred around and then told that they weren’t going to find coverage for my accident anyway. They called me offering assurance and to top it off I had a voicemail from the agent handling the investigation was so unprofessional and left me a voicemail stating that I copied and pasted call logs which is so unethical and untrue we have our personal account information in order to prove that is a false accusation and told her she can log into our cell phone account if she needed to and geico called me to help but then ended up transferring me around and the investigator scorned me for calling the claims center when they called me and then I was told that it looks like I won’t be covered anyway. My account says I’m cancelled everywhere but in fact Geico reassured me I’m not and that it’s been IT Issues with my account for some weeks now and that they apologize but then I was asked about damage to a rental car which I have no damage to a rental car. I’m so traumatized. They keep making excuses why they can’t help me. L

  197. I was thinking about how humorous your commercials are! You folks should produce a DVD of all commercials, and sell them to the public. Proceeds could be donated to disabled veterans and it would deliver some much needed humor to everyone! Keep up the good work – your writers may be slightly demented, but they do a fabulous job!

  198. March 30 I spoke to someone on the phone and switched insurance from my 2005 Honda Civic to my 2012 Nissan centra. I was at the dmv and registered and they scanned my proof of insurance and I got new plates. I was just pulled over and the police officer took my plates because he said there is no insurance on my Nissan and I have basically been paying insurance on my Honda since March 30. I have been on the phone for over a week trying to fix this issue but I have been hung up on numerous times and lied to and promised calls back and a resolution. I sent over my registration card but still no resolution. I did everything the correct way and legal way. This is a mess up on your end and the customer service and responsibility is beyond shameful! I just paid almost $400 for insurance recently for a car that is sold ( Honda) I need someone from the corporate office to contact me as soon as possible before I take legal action! 585-615-xxxx

  199. I had an accident with a Geico customer on May 30, 2021,. I filed a claim online and here it is 36 days later and nothing! The Geico policy holder has admitted responsibility for the accident and the claims rep. Paige, has admitted this. The car of the policy holder was purchased 2 weeks before the accident and the owner just hadn’t gotten around to calling Geico to add it to the policy. The claims rep says they will still cover the car if it had been less than 30 days since the car was purchased.
    My car is still wrecked, I can’t get anyone’s email address to file legal paperwork, and no answer as to how much longer Geico is going to stall this claim, with no reason whatsoever.
    How about just getting my car repaired?

  200. 478-621-xxxx

    I was rear ended by a Geico customer back in May. Its been almost 2 months my truck still isnt fixed. Im tired of waiting. Im going to retain a lawyer. I served my country way to treat a 100 disabled veteran

  201. I spoke to at least 7 reps to find out why my glass coverage was dropped from my policy and what a bunch of bullshit responses I received. We added my son and the deductible went up to $1,000 from $500. Prior to this we had full glass but somehow, the glass mysteriously disappeared. No one is able to provide a valid reason why but I’ve been told that we do have full glass and we don’t. As a 23 year customer, this is unacceptable and we would never drop glass coverage.

  202. I have had an awful time dealing with Geico. I am a policy holder and so was the at fault party. For 5 days nothing was done. I am tired of dealing with the automated system, and incompetant employees. I need someone with actual influence and power to assist me and help me with my issue. You may reach me directly at 305-506-xxxx

  203. i am getting some of the worst service ever from GEICO. auto claim (not my fault) it has been 3 weeks and no one is helping

  204. Absolute terrible service. First accident ever & still no rental a week later due to adjusters mistakes & constantly hearing excuse that “system is updating”! Next adjuster yelled at me, I had to hang up. 2nd car I’m trying to insure 4 weeks ago still no policy due to “glitch”?!! Will NEVER use Geico again!

  205. trying to get a manager to call me back keep getting the run around and lie after lie

  206. I got out of the hospital to two missing cars full coverage and I haven’t been taking care of yet they’re claiming that I have to provide phone records with the phone company says you guys have to go ahead and get the court order for that or subpoena got nothing to do with me so I want my case taken care of and and fix and done by Monday or I’m going to the regulator board California maybe Jeff Wagner what’s up

  207. I have been with your company for over 16 years with no accident other than a speeding ticket, which i haven’t had in 3 to 4 years. This last accident that I had in November that wasn’t at fault has blemished my driver’s record to the point its show that I am high risk driver which causing a higher premium than the norm for. Is there any type of way that you guys could email me an experience letter to show that I am not a high risk driver I would really appreciate it as being a good loyal policy holder with your company. Its been unfortunate for me this last year and half though to the unfortunate happening. I never wanted to be with a nother company or thought about going with another company. But something on my record with you guys that someone put into place have caused me dearly. So if I could have what return to me natural I would appreciate it and would love to continue with Geico as long term policyholder. Please take in consideration of driver experience with your company. I could be reached at 404-285-xxxx Andrew Carpenter

  208. Trying to get car insurance have had it in the pass with the company now they telling me no

  209. On, Friday the 16th, I was inside my home watching TV with my family while both of my cars were parked in my personal driveway (not the street or sidewalk) when my neighbor slammed into them in excess of 70 plus mph and totaled out both cars. Geico, is saying, I have to pay to have my cars replaced. zero help and there staff is very Rude. I am a manufacture with over 18,000 employees and over 400,000 swimming pool related customers that I personal will be sending emails to DEMANDING they cancel Geico. I have also just hired Dan Newlyn as my attorney. Hey Warren Buffet you might want to look up my company name and rethink your stance!

  210. I wanted to know if you aloud you local agents more specific your palmetto bay Florida local agent to go in to another agency near an email their employees offering more money to leave us and go work for them. Is this how you do business? very unethical and unprofessional. I found out that he did the same wile working for All State. Please inform him not to contact our employees directly by using our company emails. I’m also a costumer of Geico for over 20 years.

  211. I would like to make a formal complaint against your California based employee Jovena Perez. Who basically lazy unprofessional! SHe made a desision on the case without taking a statement from the client, without watching video, without considering clear violation of VCode.
    Without any of it she puts your client onto the fault! Even though it is simply wrong! This is how Geico treating its clients without simple investgation putting people in fault to raise their premiums?!

  212. I would like to have a fax number for claims or whatever department i need to get a fax.I have a bill where i paid for locked out of car and would like to get refunded

  213. I need someone to contact me it’s been sense July I have not had my car and the adjuster has it taking up space to send me and the mechanic in ccircled I still have not received a solution or even a call I have been switched and talked to numerous people I pay premium every month I need my damn car pleaser mail me I need it done today the mechanic wants my car picked up today bc of all this I do not want to speak and explain to anyone else this is so rediculous I need someone who can resolve this

  214. Your website is very misleading. I was in someone elses vechicle and it broke down. So I asked the question online will my roadside assist pay for someones elses vehicle and your answer we YES. Please see. Get excellent, fast service with GEICO roadside assistance. Whether you’re in your own car, or someone else’s, roadside assistance is able to get you safely back on the road. … GEICO roadside assistance can be reached 24/7 by calling their phone number at (800) 424-3426.I am 70 and was left stranded in the middle of nowhere.

  215. I’ve been speaking to Zach Paquette on this claim since July 29 th he’s telling me he’s taking care of it but nothing gets done it’s gone on way to long I would appreciate a phone call back He never takes care of it and almost always has a story I find if I call from my number he doesn’t answer cause he recognizes the number so today I called from a different number and he answered This is totally unacceptable and also very annoying I would appreciate a call back please 516 429-1754 claim # is 0456078280000001-03 nobody should ever have to pay for a service n be taken care of like this it’s outright disgusting n then to call home office n be put on hold for 45 minutes is ridiculous please call n ask for Tony ty

  216. First of all the only reason I got Geico was because they promised cheaper costs for the same coverage as State Farm. Turns out there’s quite a few things they do not cover over State Farm, one of them being that they do not cover OEM parts in an accident and will replace the parts with cheap aftermarket alternatives. If I wanted an OEM part I would have to come up with the difference in price, State Farm covers all OEM parts and I will definitely be going back after this situation.

    I got into an accident with my brand new SCSB F-150, I was pushed off the road into a mailbox. The truck has minor front end damage and Geico is trying to total it out! Our insurance adjuster Michael Macmillan came up with his OWN quote stating that the damages are in excess of $24,000, he said the ENTIRE frame needed to be replaced and that it had preexisting frame damage in the same spot I hit the mailbox and will be totaled out. In addition he quoted a replacement of the entire exhaust, the windshield, front/rear diff, both front control arms plus many more items I know I’m forgetting. Even though this is my first accident and the truck was BRAND NEW with 0 miles when I bought it and is worth about $42,000 right now. I don’t understand how it could it be totaled even if the damages were that high. Also keep in mind at this point my truck had been at the Ford body shop for over a month and a half and a mechanic had NOT looked at it yet because Michael came up with his own phony quote and was hindering the process.

    It is required by law to have a real mechanic estimate the damages, they have to use a computer program “Shopkey” to figure the costs. I have access to this program as I am a mechanic myself, they quoted a new frame at $8,000 when I found it for $3,000 on my end. They are not using the required system to estimate the damages and I am being screwed out of my beautiful truck because Michael is pulling numbers from his a**. Also I obviously inspected all of the items that were “damaged” in the estimate, and 90% of the parts were not damaged at all.

    So I recently had it towed it to a buddy of mines shop and before he even had a chance to look at it Michael went behind my back and sent them the astronomical quote of $24,000 as if it has already been looked at. This is disgusting sleazy behavior, Michael does not deserve a job in my opinion. The only time he’s put effort towards this accident is to help himself out by trying to total it, no regards for the customer. Michael and his boss Jared told me over the phone that the only reason they are trying to total it out is that the company will profit more. Which makes no sense, first of all they probably wouldn’t profit anything with all the storage fees accumulated, and second of all that’s not their job!! Their job is to find the best and cheapest possible avenue to repair the vehicle instead of trying to total out every vehicle that’s damaged. I’d NEVER consider Geico again and I will try convince everyone to steer clear as well.

  217. Geico is a scam company. I filed a claim for an accident and they were right on top of paying for the cosmetic damage, but when it came to getting the mechanical problems caused by the accident I am being treated like I am trying to scam the company in which I’ve been paying for insurance for over 10 years. It’s all over less than $2,500 worth of work! I. Very disappointed with the claims adjuster who cannot explain things properly to get things handled. I have set up appointments two times now and nobody has showed up as I was told. I am getting frustrated and when my policy is due I will be changing to another company. I don’t like being treated like I am a criminal!!

  218. Need medical bill payment for claim # 0672156740000002. Supervisor or manager Sara lie about returning call last Friday a week ago. She never did.

  219. I have an approved claim, no adjuster has come out, they requested pictures, I sent them twice and I am not receiving any responses. No one answers the phone. Is a lawsuit next? I am tired of being ignored!!!

  220. To Charles Davies: I am having no luck getting a response – I am trying to track down information concerning a document from the “Government Employees Financial Corporation” which is listed as now somehow merged into GEICO — a “5.5% Convertable Subordinated Debenture” certificate. My earlier emails to Geico have not been answered. I am hoping General Counsel’s office can respond. Thank You. Steven Bers

  221. Your commercial with the birds crashing into the homeowners windows is very distasteful. Children get very upset seeing the animals hurt/killed. What were y’all thinking?

  222. Hello Pls help! My name is Girlene Malbrough, I’ve been with Geico for around 5-6 yrs. My husband Truck was stolen and it going on 5 MTH’s the truck will not start. My husband and I cannot afford Uber any long. I’m going to send you info the Collision stated. From: christopher manriquez
    Date: December 6, 2021 at 2:53:33 PM CST
    To: Richard Trojanowski , [email protected]
    Subject: Fw: 0530090700101023-01… MALBOROUGH VANDALISM SILVERADO
    Reply-To: christopher manriquez

    Hello All. Want to inform module part #7520400000000xm is on National Backorder without a release date. Then, once that arrives there is still no guarantee of when the part may arrive. Wondering, if THIS will deem it a total loss?


    —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: christopher manriquez
    To: Rena Ortiz ; Richard Trojanowski ; Tayshaurei Danmola ; [email protected]
    Sent: Friday, October 15, 2021, 12:41:02 PM CDT
    Subject: 0530090700101023-01… MALBOROUGH VANDALISM SILVERADO

    Hello all.

    Per customer request, Ms. Malbrough would like to speak to a Geico Supervisor so I’m reaching out to obtain a Supervisor phone number and email please.

    The Silverado has modules, body and paint complete plus engine harness but there is no crank to the truck. The Silverado needs a harness which status of it has been that it will arrive from Canada. Weeks ago, ETA was “Oct 4th” then on October 6th the need update was “There’s no anticipated delivery date at this time. Will provide more info when the part has been received at a shipping facility.” Ms. Marlborough understands this but the weigh of being without the transportation has extended a reasonable amount of time and hopes that Geico- as her insurance company provider is able to stop the wait and offer her a solution.

    This theft has been a huge inconvenience for her but also has been for us as its been months in which the truck is undrivable and needing minimum a 4-5 person crew at a time to get it pushed around. Of course, also taking profitability away from us as it occupies work bays.

    At this point, the customer would be content with the vehicle totaling.

    Best Regards,

    Girlene Malbraough
    (PH) 832-262-xxxx

  223. I have a claim against GEICO for an accident caused by a GEICO insured #8693993390000002-02. I have more to add to the claim and I cannot get in touch with a real person. I want someone to call me immediately, I am losing patience 678-428-xxxx

  224. Geico Corporation corporate offices located at 5260 Western Avenue, Chevy Chase, MD, 20815; phone (301) 986-3000.
    Todd the CEO of Geico Car insurance
    Chief Executive Officer of GEICO

    Hello Mr. Todd Combos,
    In advance thank you so very much for taking my issue and complain seriously and addressing it accordingly in timely manner.
    Just an introduction of myself. My name is Messeret Berhan. I have been with Geico as a loyal customer since 1999 and brought so many family members and friends to Geico as loyal customer. Yes, some complained, and I always defended the company until now. I am not saying that I never been disappointed with Geico before but still stick with the company.
    The current situation not only a disappointment it is a let down for being loyal to the company. I was taken for granted as if there are no choices in the world. As any loyal and long-term customer long- all I wanted is to get good and fair service and when I need help from my service provider to be there for me to meet my needs. I don’t think this is asking too much. I am not asking extra favor, to be treated special [I believe that each customer matters] but I demand and expect a complete and fair service.
    A couple of month ago a drunk driver damaged one of my cars and totaled it we are fortunate enough there is no person got hurt.
    As a standard procedure, I called and reported a claim. The agent who is assigned to my claim was so negligent and did not complete his investigation in consideration and fairly to say the least. He doesn’t answer a phone call or respond to the massages. At one point he left a massage saying he must go for his vacation and hold all the issue until his return. My question for you and your team will be, is this a standard operation for Geico? Abandoning your customer while needing their help. When an agent goes for vacation, don’t even assign someone to take care of his/her customer in their need? I am not asking to cancel his/her vacation but does the customer suffer because the agent is on vacation? In my work, I deal with customer day in and day out and when I go to vacation, I will make sure my customers are taken care of with the same attention and standard that they deserve. Saying my customers are all equally special and ensuring their needs are met weather I am on vacation or in my office.
    In my opinion as a customer observing a lack of sensitivity, lack of responsibility, lack of training, disrespect to the need of the customer. I understand the current situation pushes us to work from home and some could lose guidance and sense of time but losing sense of responsibility, concern and poor service should not be experienced. Unfortunately, some of us must go to work and our cars are very important to us.
    • The agent did not response or answer calls
    • The supervisor does not answer or do follow up. Even after they are called and left massages. My feeling is they don’t care. We are another number to them. They don’t understand what service should be.
    • Poor communication and insensitive to customers need. Seems “whenever” At least to say I got your massage and I will get back to you is enough
    • Due his negligence and luck of communication, I acquired over $7000.00 [$200.00/ per day] of storage fees
    • I am still paying the car payment which is not in use and condemned to my Credit Union”
    • Still waiting for resolution to the claim.
    • To my surprise I received updated policy statement for both cars with increase and with wrong value on both cars. So, I am quoted also for the car that has been totaled.
    • Also received $2100 check from Geico for the reason I don’t know with no letter or any explanation whatsoever which I am not going to deposit until I get some types of explanation.
    • The agent or the supervisors are not answering or responding to my calls and to the credit union’s call too. We all are stranded with nowhere to turn.
    • The credit Union is also calling with no luck of answers or response. The comment with the credit union is this is a standard problem with Geico and expressing their frustrations. I wonder to how many people they express their frustrations??
    • Do you expect anyone who went through a similar experience will recommend Geico? Including me.
    • For me this is not the first time I experienced a similar situation in 2009 and again. Last time I let it go because it was the first time and believed that it was not a common practice. To my surprise it happened again.
    I don’t think I am not being unreasonable All I am asking is to be treated fairly with the same expectation and respect that Geico expected from me to pay my bills on time.
    Sorry I must express my frustration and disappointment hopping this issue will be resolved with a high priority and as soon as possible

    CC/to KGO radio station “Seven on your side” consumer complaint.

    Kind regards,
    Messeret Berhan

    xxx Gardenia Circle #3
    Paso Robles CA, 93446
    Claim# 012329185010xxxx
    CC/CEO and VP
    Hard copy will be in the mail

  225. Hello. While I usually enjoy your ads I’m complaining here about the ad with birds crashing into windows. I know it’s a play of some sort on Angry Birds but it makes fun of what is actually a huge and deadly danger to thousands of Actual Birds. Please pull this ad.

  226. GEICO raised the insurance premium without any explanation or prior notice. This year aone our premium increased by 40% and we would like to know what is the reason? We are a loyal customer for many years and would like to continue. Please explain.

  227. I’m so disappointed with this insurance because I in November 16 applied for car insurance and paid a deposit and never received a card in the mail or policy info I had to call today because I was enrolled in auto pay without my consent and paperless billing without my consent then I received a quote totally not given at the time I paid for policy considering my age and year of my car the quote was outrageous once I found today which underhanded can someone look at my policy and reissue a better quote and payment plan that was given

  228. Need someone from corporate office to contact me. Geico account is all screwed up and now I am paying for a rental that I shouldnt be paying for. I have been paying for it and my car was stolen . Whats the point in getting full coverage if your not covered and not only that why do i have emergency roadside I have AAA

  229. For anyone who is having the same issues that I am having my policy has been changed several times and no one at Geico can tell me who changed it just that it got changed and now they dont want to honor coverage that should have been on your account. i think they do this for the money. i am not happy at all with any of this. I received an email from someone named candalee. She doesnt know what she is talking about and not only that. I called to get a replacement rental to find out the whole thing I was quoted for wasn’t what the initial package I asked for when I added my car to my husbands policy then at they Geico claims that my vehicle was removed from the policy by who. They dont know cant provide me with dates for when anyone called in to remove it. Which I call BS. Cause it resulted in me getting a lapse of insurance and when I realized what had happened I owed the DMV 500.00 when I called Geico they said I removed my vehicle not true I never spoke to anyone from Geico never had a reason to. I am not happy at all about this. I am going to the BBB nd the CFPB about this. Believe me if you are going through any of this contact the BBB and CFPB. Because these agents are messing with peoples livelihood. Money doesnt grow on trees. I guess for their shareholders it may. I need a supervisor to contact me not someone who is gonna tell me the same thing I have been hearing and when I tell them its wrong they don’t want to acknowledge anything that I say. I always thought the customer is right in the case of Geico the agents are. I’m at work right now pissed off

  230. I cannot get anyone to call me back! I have a claim in with a pending lawsuit and I have the names of people that won’t call me.

  231. I received a check for $500.00 but because of the mailmit was to old to cash. I have called several time to have a new check issued, they say they will look into it and I am still waiting. can someone look into this for me.

  232. This is Cayla porter and I am filling a complaint about a accident that occured at my home on oct 25 2020 7am when ure client driving to fast fir conditions hit my home knocking it off the foundation leaving me and 2 more family members homeless I am asking for us to consider hearing my story before I go on with a claim of my own due to this accident this occured at 1430 Geer hwy Travlets Rest sc 29690

  233. I have an outstanding claim with GEICO. They have requested through email that I contact them. It is nearly impossible to contact GEICO. 99% of the time no one at GEICO answers the phone. I have emailed GEICO about this problem and no one responds. Last night I called GEICO several times and the recorded message said the wait time was one hours. So, I opted to have GEICO call me back. I got an automated phone call from you and I was still on hold for 17 minutes so I hung up. I went to and read a message from my adjuster. She left her phone number to call her. I called that number and no one answered and I couldn’t leave a message. Her email said to respond to her email and there is no way to do that on your website. This is terrible customer service! It’s actually non-existent customer service. Geico certainly takes my premiums out of my account monthly but they don’t want to talk to customers. I want to speak to the Corporate office and file a complaint. I demand to speak to a manger because it is impossible to talk to GEICO even when they request me to do so. Also, after this claim is resolved I will probably also cancel my policies with GEICO and use another insurance company that provides customer service by answering the phone and provides me a way to at least email my adjustor. Again, there is no way to respond to her email on your website. This is a terrible way to treat a customer. I don’t have an hour and a half to wait for GEICO to do their job and answer the phone and provide some way to communicate with them.

  234. This is 10th complaint I can’t get anything done I need to speak with some one high up plz cause I been chested and done wrong I have talk to several people and I keep getteh bullshitted a around I had full coverage inshurince through you all and you all are trying to beT me out of my money I don’t appreciate it and if I don’t get ahold of someone asap the law firm that I have will be repsenten me and I will sue you all for one not paying to for the way I have been done and the way people have said things to me and I will get things done that way now will some one plz call me at 865 309xxxx my name is Josh Jackson last time I am doing this

  235. Good morning Team,
    On December 24th, my wife had a car accident.Since this tme, I tried to reach adjusters from the claim department to set up an appointment to estimate my car, but nobody told me an information I am looking for.They are very nice in talking, but no positive result of their conversation. Could somebody from your company to help me? Thank you.Boris.

  236. I have a problem with paying for a service that’s not provided. Geico does not have 24hr road side service I’m locked out of my car and was told they have no one to send out to help me this is fraud

  237. Good Morning Team,
    I already sent an email to you, but a problem is still has not resolved yet. On 24th of December 2021, my wife had a car accident near North Dartmouth Mall, at North Dartmouth MA. The car is still on a parking lot of Toyota of North Dartmouth. I contacted many times to a team of adjusters, but nobody told me when the car would be inspected. Finally, I contacted a field supervisor Dave Goldstein but no avail. I do not know whom I should talk to solve my case (0502555580101043). Thank you very much.Boris.

  238. Singing agents praises!!! Agent Jon Butler in Blufton, SC.
    We had an emergency ….out of the ordinary…and he went above what he had to.
    D Lane
    Brunswick, Ga

  239. Singing an agents praises!!! Agent Jon Butler in Blufton, SC.
    We had an emergency ….out of the ordinary…and he went above what he had to do to help us.
    D Lane
    Brunswick, Ga

  240. Hi my second claims Adjuster Yosleign M . Lied to me on her recording stating that on her email she never said she acknowledged the time was wrong she has it on her recording and I do as well on my own . This was on Jan 7th 2022 I’ve asked numerous times that her manager look into this and no one is emailing me back or making any changes . The I was told by Cate my first adjuster it was on the morning of the 23rd at 9:30 am on phone call n I said mam look at my pictures it’s dark when my truck is being put on the tow truck she acknowledged it was wrong time as well n said she be in contact with me I’ve not heard from her since that’s when I got Yosleign M the woman that got caught lying as mentioned claim # 8748095840000001

  241. I have a claim online and no one will respond, i have called a out 6 times to be put on hold. I have been with geico about 15 years or more and i cant no help. My claim was filed online jan 5 claim # 017254704010xxxx. I pay my policy on time you cant even do a customer the courtesy of calling me

  242. For the next 6 months installment, there was a significant increase. After speaking with two customer service rep s, it was stated that an error was made from the previous estimation of tier for preferred driver. This was an oversight and corrected with me now paying much higher installments. I understand the State increase but not the tier error that I now am having to pay mor

  243. I have been with Geico for years and have never had an accident and my car insurance coverage has never lapsed. However, I had an unexpected car repair which costed $1974. Unfortunately, due to this unexpected car repair; I cannot pay my car insurance until 01/27/2022. Insurance Agency Alexus did what she could to help however, her supervisor Joel made the decision that 01/27/2022 is too late and my insurance coverage will be cancelled. As long as I have been with Gieco, my car insurance has never cancelled or lapsed. Sadly, Geico will cancel a loyal customer’s coverage. Can someone please assist me with this matter, my number is (267) 351-xxxx. Hopefully, the complaints are really read and someone can reach out to me.

  244. Done contacted you about my accident and need to speak with Mike about my deceased best friend due to this accident ,864787xxxxx

  245. After many years (and substantial premium paid) with GEICO I got a call from a Progressive agent who insisted on quoting my car insurance. Since the quote was too high, I declined. Progressive sent a request (unauthorized by me) to cancel my GEICO coverage. By the time I find out, I am uninsured for 5 days and GEICO insists I renew at $100 more premium per 6 months. Now I HAVE TO leave GEICO. WTF?

  246. have geico corporate exec contact me; policy holder considering no longer being one. provide your name, title, phone , good times to reach u,

  247. I went to the office at rivers avenue in charleston sc and the rude woman who just sit on her ass and I requested to sit down with an agent to go over all 3 of my policies. She still sat there eyeballing me over her glassed and asked me how she could help me. Stupid. I’m a gieco customer for nearly 30 years. Moving my insurance because of 1 incompetent lazy ass receptionist …

  248. My name is Ali Nehme, I am attorney , I called your office concerning a 1099 form which I was expecting due to a settlement with your company. Your rude agent stated that you do not provide such form which is a violation of the IRS requirement for payments over $600. I will notify the IRS in my tax return of your failure to respond my request.

  249. On 12/13/21 my vehicle was damaged after colliding with an apparent stolen SUV. Since then my vehicle remained and unmoved from the storage lot where it was towed. Upon further discovery, I was informed that I had to pay for storage that should have been sent, as claimed by the adjustor, to the repair shop for further inspection and repairs. None of which has happened, I’ve been patiently waiting and expecting Geico to resolve this since December, but so far has been victimized by poor service. I am without needed transportation, other than the several Geico provided rentals. Please help to mitigate this matter as soon as possible. I can be reached at (240)565-xxxx. Thanks in advance.

  250. I have not received any information regarding my claim. Insurance agents have not been returning my calls – nor has the supervisor of the claims department. It has been more than two weeks since I filed my claim. I has been determined that I was not at fault.

  251. Bad service from Geico call Ctr. Local office on Belair road was no help and lied about returning calls .

  252. The commercial concerning the birds is painful to look at, not funny. It regards birds flying into windows as something out of a Loony Toons cartoon and is, like I say, painful and sad.

  253. I would appreciate an email for the department that handles complaints. I have a few documents to send.

  254. To whom it concerns,
    I had a tree fall on my car during a storm on October 27,2021in Massachusetts.
    I called Geico immediately and filed a claim.
    Claim #0435790560101019-01.
    On my claim report it says I filed claim Dec.3, 2021 which is incorrect.
    The call was made to Geico on the morning of Oct.27, 2021.
    It took them until January to come check my car out and claimed it was totalled. I have signed all release forms.
    I have yet to get a settlement check. I have called my Auto Damage Adjuster Glendon Carver repeatedly and his supervisor Jamie who tells me he will call next day. Again to no avail. I am without a car, I desperately need the settlement money to purchase another.
    PLEASE gt back to me with a settlement check.
    The car was to be removed by Feb.2,2022 from the Cape Quality Collision and as of yesterday is still there!!
    Thank You.
    Kind regards,
    Donna Nagle

  255. I am trying to follow-up on a legal request for an automobile accident claim. Who can I speak with about this? I have been unable to get any assistance through your automated system and have been unable to speak with someone. Thank you.

  256. 0660418650000003-02 is my claim number and I’ve been waiting since November 2020 to get paid for the damages of my vehicle and I’ve been going through the runaround with this guy named Kendrick that’s supposed to be having this case and he’s a damn fool now how is it I had to come out of pocket to fix my car yet still hasn’t gotten paid for the damages that was done to my car while in transit under you guys care and yet I still have not got paid because they want me to throw out my car I’m not totally not my car in my car is fixable and my car is registered and drivable so what’s going on why haven’t I got my money. You can contact me at 727-873-xxxx if it was $2,700 to fix my car why do I look like taking 1800 to total loss out my car when everything in my car was rebuilt and I submitted receipts and everything

  257. Good morning ,
    I have A claim with geico, and needed car rental , my car was already brought to body shop yesterday , there are no cars available for rental , there is another company called budget near me , i was Told by the claims Dept . I would have to pay this upfront and get reimbursed. This is not convenient for me . Again i have no means of transportation now , and this is not helpful to me at all .
    Geico should be able to have accounts with all car rental companies.

  258. Greetings!!! My name is Vinh Duong
    My claim 0249737580101053.
    My cell 703 655 xxxx
    Email. bactinxxxx
    I have records of emails, text and phone calls for the last two months since my claim was filed. Over two months, my adjuster Kevin Webb wouldn’t Call me back and barely responded to my emails. They finally gave me his supervisor Eric Camino. He was very blunt and aggressive through our communication. Im mainly not happy with the fair market value settlement for my car and how Eric think my aftermarket parts Didn’t add any value to my settlement. I’m sorry but I find his reasoning is cruel and unusual. This is not how im usually experience with Geico through out my years, I’m sadden and disappointed that it took this long and this difficult. I’m a barber, im a good person, im not rich, i just want to be treated fairly and don’t want to feel like I’m being cheated. I’m hoping you guys can take some time to review my case and know I’m not being so unreasonable. I’m hoping this will reach you with a reply. Thanks ahead for your time and attention. Be safe and jolly.

  259. I need to speak with some one from corporate. A S A. P Concerning this matter. Please this is a urgent matter and I am disturbed call me at 773 641 xxxx

  260. Claim has taken 45 days with minimum contact. supervisor Chris curry has poor customer svc etiquette. Have had 3 adjusters assigned during this process. Finally got things rolling then adjuster Eric goes on vacay in the middle of my claim. IAs customer who never lapsed paying faithfully. I feel like I am dealing with safe auto, a generic company. I came to geico bc I thought the company was an upgrade. Wrong the service is the same as the knock off companies. Geico adjusters don’t CARE bc the mgr chris curry DOESN’T care. Where the head leads the body will follow. Had to fuss for the right thing to be done. As a result of this claim I’ve had an anxiety attack and LOTS of stress. You get insurance to have a peace of mind, it’s been quite the contrary, This past 36 days the process has been terrible. When expressing how I felt about adjuster going on vacay transferring me to yet another adjuster who has yet to call back. Chris says “WELL PEOPLE DO GO ON VACATION” WOW! I never had an experience such as this, not even with a generic company such as safe auto. I feel mistreated, under valued and pushed around.. SINCE this IS THE TREATMENT OFFERED BY GEICO AFTER BEING AN OUSTANDING, no lapse customer 4 the past 2 years. I AM NOW LOOKING FOR A NEW INS AGENT ALONG WITH A NEW CAR have been refused to speak with Chris Currys, mgr, if a customer asks to speak to the next supervisor that’s what should be done. I was told I do not need to speak to him or Chris would say that, does not want a complaint in his name, he should brush up his tone when speaking to an insured customer of geico.

  261. Good Afternoon!!
    I am Sick and tired of filing complaints about receiving mails and Insurance Documents from GEICO to people I don’t know (the Latest name: KEVIN A SANTANA ROSERO) to my house (1126 Cooper St. Beverly, NJ. 08010) I reported to Geico in multiple occasions and filled a complaint with the Post-Master twice, they stop sending mail for a while and suddenly started again (the 4th Name) receiving Geico’s envelopes. I am Sick and Tired of Reporting this issue and writing on each envelope DO NOT LIVE HERE!!!! Return to SENDER!!!! This is my House and no-one else have authority neither Authorization to use my Home-Address as their base of operations. Thank You!!!!! REMOVE my HOUSE from your Mailing List: 1126 Copper St. Beverly (Edgewater Park) NJ. 08010 and put a Flag on your system to stop adding unauthorized Names to my Home-address. My ONLY INSURANCE is and will be: USAA!!!!!!! Again, THANK YOU!!!!!!

  262. My name: Jerriel E Nolan. Because of 1 and the first traffic ticket, my rate jumped from $158 to $490 per month. Please I can not afford that much.

  263. Would like to make a complaint about one of your employees from the Washington DC/Baltimore Geico, Tracey Remy. She is a claims representative. She is a very rude and disrespectful employee and she is also known for harassment against people in her personal life.

  264. My name is Cecilia Rendon, and I need e-mail and contact information for a senior claims supervisor in Anchorage, AK because your insurer was declared 100% at fault and ticketed by APD per police report 22–007505. Your insurer caused accident totaling my truck and my injuries under Geico claim #0534348790101079. My claim has been grossly mismanaged in bad faith under Alaska Administrative Code Statute “3 ACC 26.080 for Additional Standards for Prompt, Fair and Equitable Settlement of Motor Vehicle”. These statutes have been repetitively ignored by local Adjustor Scott Sullivan and “Tim” (Scott’s supervisor). Thus, my claim needs to be elevated to serious claim supervisor who is capable of abiding by Alaska Law and statutes AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

  265. Reference expired policy 4489-37-25-18 during the pandemic you gave a discount however i did not renew my policy because I bundle home and auto for a better rate which you all could not match Because of that you or requiring that I pay back the discount that gave me that totally a double standard please contact on this matter as soon as possible SSG Artis Mathis Retired

  266. The theft of automotive and truck exhaust systems, also known as catalytic converters, has plagued every major county and city in the country. From family-owned cars and trucks, to every type of heavy freight truck, catalytic converters are being stolen for profit. Even businesses, public schools, universities and local governments are being targeted.
    In 2004 when catalytic converter theft started, it may have come as a surprise. Unfortunately, converter theft is thousands of times worse today, and yet no subsequent automotive security system changes have been implemented by any automotive manufacturer.
    Predators Cage has developed the only heavy duty purposefully built theft deterrent systems on the market. Our shields supply maximum security for civilian and industrial exhaust systems.
    The cost to replace a stolen converter for the every day person can run thousands of dollars. Large diesel freight truck exhaust systems run even higher; up to $26,000 not including labor, and the wait time for replacement systems can last months. Predators Cage shields can prevent these issues from ever happening.
    Over the past two years we have contacted every automotive manufacturer about incorporating our designs into their vehicles’ exhaust systems. They have chosen to be complicit and remain silent, reaping the profits from theft.
    Unfortunately, political complicity throughout the country has made it worse, with some states worse than others.
    The incorporation of Predators Cage shields to civilian vehicles and large freight trucks can greatly reduce the amount of theft on our streets. Our hope is that your offices can add pressure to the automotive industry to ensure that they add more security to their vehicles’ exhaust systems. Together we can put a stop to the needless harm affecting thousands.

  267. We have been living in our car for 9 days after a fire destroyed everything we had.Just wondering why Geico has not given us our emergency money that is on our policy and why they think it is is ok for us to be in our car when it is 23 degrees out.In todays world I should contact the media and let them know how Geico is leaving us in the cold after I have been with them for 11 years???

  268. I was a Geico customer until recently. Until getting Covid I paid on time but was unable to work and fell behind on everything. How nice that when my policy came up for renewal my premium was 72.00 more a month. There was no explanation so I switched. I am now receiving payment reminders. I will take care of the bill as soon a s I can as I am still only at part time. Amazing company and I will be sure to share my experience with as many people as possible.

  269. Greetings!!! My name is Vinh Duong
    My claim 0249737580101053.
    I have records of emails, text and phone calls for the last two months since my claim was filed. Over two months, my adjuster Kevin Webb wouldn’t Call me back and barely responded to my emails. They finally gave me his supervisor Eric Camino. He was very blunt and aggressive through our communication. Im mainly not happy with the fair market value settlement for my car and how Eric think my aftermarket parts Didn’t add any value to my settlement. I’m sorry but I find his reasoning is cruel and unusual. This is not how im usually experience with Geico through out my years, I’m sadden and disappointed that it took this long and this difficult. I’m a barber, im a good person, im not rich, i just want to be treated fairly and don’t want to feel like I’m being cheated. I’m hoping you guys can take some time to review my case and know I’m not being so unreasonable. Thanks ahead for your time and attention. Be safe and jolly.

  270. I would like someone to call me in regards to a claim we filed 4 years ago. We wrote the president of Geico and he responded by saying our claim will be paid and that someone would be contacting us. No one called. I called many many times and got the run around i gave up. We carry comp/coll and liability in our vehicles. We have a flat bed car trailer that was totaled being pulled by our truck. Your policy says a truck and trailer become one auto when trailer is attached. I called so many times to get insur on the trailer and every adjent said the samething its covered onces its attached to your truck. We have been with Geico for 9 years and i feel like we have not been righfully paid. We ended up having to pay out of our pocket $4500 for a used trailer. I would think when the president says we will be taken care of and paid it would of been done. This is not right i want someone in the executive dept to explain this to me. Thank you

  271. On the 22nd March, Bob Davison Ford Lincoln Baltimore MD received my car. On the 25th April I was told my car was ready for pick up. Please note over one month later. I picked dup my car, drove on the road and my car became unstable, the wheels started rocking. I am taking immediate legal action if this issue is not resolved to my satisfaction. I paid a deductible for a car that was even fit to leave the lot. My adjuster could not be reached and I spoke with customer service. No resolution and my car is unable to driven. On the meantime enterprise have charged my card. This service is shocking and I will not be putting my family in this car until a second opinion has been sought. I will proceed with legal action if this is not actioned correctly and immediately.

  272. Horrible experience Manager Christopher Mole employee # 243098 Virginia location customer service is 0 to none. I expected better from Geico which is such a prestigious company.

  273. PLease have someone from Corporate HQ call me back asap. I have been transferred 6 times and not able to obtain correct contact for Overall Geico Corporate Office for help! Please – 703-261-xxxx

  274. have been with geico for 21 years. did not recently receive a cancellation date notice, and not informing insurance cancelled. After 21 years I just found out by going online with email from Geico to check our new reduced rate offered by Geico starting 4/5/22. for being a good customer. Representative i spoke to said she cant help we have been a good customer for 21 years, but they have 1,000’s of customers and cannot email or inform a cancelled customer. this is a first for us with Geico. We are shocked and disappointed, because had to pay a higher rate and not only that over $200 to DMV. all, this and did not know we were cancelled.4/5/22. Just received a letter yesterday of a payment due of $90.89 for cancellation. this s the first recognition from Geico of any contact. Need to have administrative offices aware of their practice. Thank you.

  275. Initial contact was made on a Thursday, not contacted until Monday. Failed to accurately identify titled owner of vehicle, failed to make appropriate changes when brought to attention. Failed to return expected telephone calls. Failed to send document for signature, argued over whether is was sent. Spend literally hours waiting on phone or waiting for call backs. Failure at every level.

  276. I have been insured with GEICO on my auto insurance since 2013. My vehicle is 2003 chevy S10 crew cab LS 4×4 I recently changed my insurance from GEICO to another insurance pay for what you use. I was not impressed by there service. So I reopened my GEICO policy the agent I spoke with over the phone said I did not need to have full coverage on my truck it’s paid off. The agent said I could save myself some money if I dropped the collision on the policy I said sure I can do that. On April 29 2022 my truck had to be towed to my shop in Ocean Shores WA CJ automotive they are closed on weekends. Monday morning I am informed by cJ Automotive my frame on my truck is cracked at the pitman arm. So I called GEICO to file my claim spoke with Jessica in NY of my issue. She politely gave me my claim number and my Adjuster name would be Dominic. No one by that name called. Now Friday, May 6 and someone called me by the name of Marty who was an adjuster from Geico Marty wanted me to drive my vehicle back to the shop that had found the issue mentioning nothing about having it towed. I told him I was not driving that truck on the road it was unsafe vehicle. He didn’t seem to have any concern about my safety rather needed me to call the shop and schedule a time that they could put the vehicle on the lift so he could take pictures of the cracked frame. Do his job for him he then tells me my collision and my comprehensive were both dropped which is wrong I made no point to drop my comprehensive on my vehicle it sits outside I specifically told the agent on the phone. I wanted my truck covered under comp. I was shocked Explaining the situation to Marty however found his lack of concern and I hung up on him. Calling Geico back and asking for a different adjuster to handle this claim. That persons name was Nick I explain to Nick about Marty’s lack of concern. He was also shocked that Marty mentioned nothing about towing the vehicle to shop. Marty told me he had to Gather with his team or something I don’t ,know rushed me off the phone. I knew right then that I was not going to get a call back. The following day I called again and spoke with a woman about never getting a call from supervisor she assured me he would be calling me back within two hours. That call never happened . It’s now Monday May 9 2022 still after requesting phone records from Geico no one has ever called me back I’m just blown off I have had this vehicle for 13 years it’s been fully covered , fully covered until the GEICO agent dropped both my collision and comprehensive when he was supposed to drop collision only. I am also filling a complaint with Washington State Insurance commissioner‘s office. Because this is GEICO mistake and it will not be blown off like I have been. This is unacceptable business practice from a company I hold as my insurance carrier on my two autos and renters Insurance. Thank you sincerely Mr. Paul F Lopiccolo

  277. I have had a small ($1500.) property damage claim in process for over 2 months. I have called too many times, getting different stories on why the delay. It is causing trouble between neighbors. I have been a good customer for many years, but this situation is making me think I should switch insurance companies.
    Please would someone take responsibility here and help me get this claim completed.

  278. I’ve been with this company for many years and they keep trying to charge me more and more now they’re coming up with excuse cuz inflation and the gas prices is up I don’t find that right and I’ve been with you guys for many years I need some answers please

  279. I was involved in a car accident with a Geico insured a year ago and they’re refusing to pay my daughters claim. She was injured too

  280. Un fair premium increase added to My fixed. Income bank account by mail without discussing it

  281. My problem is my marine policy is auto paying I was down to -0- deductible. When our boat was stolen 01/19/2022 we called and asked for a copy of our policy and a copy was emailed to us and the claims process was started and approved during this time I found our policy and noticed they where different policy numbers now all the deductibles where back to new policy rates. Old policy dated 07/22/2021 thru 07/22/2022 received 06/14/2021 with standard cover letter Thank you for insuring you boat blah blah blah. We receive the same letter for our 3 vehicle and a motorcycle we have insured with yall also, all auto pay. When asked why we have a new policy, we where told it lapsed for no pay on 07/27/2021 and a new policy was issued 08/07/2021to 08/07/2022 not questioning the policy until I found the old policy, and why would we. Everything we had said we where current insured all we did was ask for a copy of our policy and all of our other policies are good using auto pay now because a new policy was issued it’s $51 higher $300 less on agreed value and $1500 more deductible because of theft
    Policy number
    OLD. BSP3576174-04
    NEW BSP5424462-00


    If a mistake was made, I completely understand. People make mistakes but I shouldn’t be charged for something I know nothing about

  282. I spent a week trying to click on your web site for a defensive driving course it always came up Spanish on my apple 11 phone I spent a week on the Apple 11phone with geico bine a member for 15 plus yrs not much longer so sick of calling and talking to geico give me a discount if you want to keep me I’m an excellent driver Virginia waitley

  283. Hello, I have a major complaint about how Geico’s adjusters are handling my claim # 051882758010105201. The first claims adjuster, Jason Tannehill, told me that I was approved for only ten days for the car rental. I said OK. Then another claims adjuster, Jeff Gibson, on May 4th sent me a text saying that my rental was extended until the end of May as I wait for my car to be repaired. I also received a phone message on the 17th saying that the car rental was approved until the end of May. The very next day, $312.81 was charged to my bank account by ENTERPRISE RENT-A-CAR for the rental. Yesterday, May 23rd, I called Jeff Gibson who told me to call Jason Tannehill who told me about the ten day approval again. I told him that I would not have kept the car beyond the ten days if Jeff hadn’t told me that it was extended until the end of the month. Then today I called Gerber Collision at (405) 794-4469, where the car is being repaired, to find out why it is taking so long to get the repairs completed. I spoke with Josh who informed me that they have been waiting since MAY 9th for Jeff Gibson to call, or stop by, or move forward with some paperwork that has been delaying the repairs. So that means my car has been just sitting there for the past 2 WEEKS! This is terrible service to say the least and I know that GEICO can do better. Please refund the $312.81 to me immediately and approve another car rental until the repairs are done. I would appreciate it.

  284. I have a major complaint about how Geico’s adjusters are handling my claim # 051882758010105201. The first clai