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Corporate Address
PO Box 2389
West Memphis, AR
Company Contact
Harold Patterson
Phone Number
(870) 732-2242
Fax Number
(870) 732-0454
Yearly Revenue
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18 Reviews and Complaints for Flash Market Inc Headquarters

  1. I was on hold for 5:30 before I spoke with a human. I asked to speak with the Manager and another 5 minutes later he asked for a call back. Its never been so hard to order a couple if pizzas. Ive been a good customer over 5 years to the 8500 W Sahara Vegas location and Ill now try to like Pizza Hut.

  2. Hollywood dr Jackson tn; I just stopped at this flash market and the parking lot had trash all over, I almost didn’t go in. It was 🤮

  3. I am a former employee with the store in Clinton Sc and I have yet to receive my W2s. I have called repeatedly and left numerous messages but nobody has returned my call. I need my W2s immediately and the fact that I can’t get anyone to get back in touch with me is ridiculous.

  4. The manager in Newberry SC store 351 is rude and lazy. She is never at the store and when she is there all she does is sit in the back. She never comes out of the office for customer complaints. I come in the store every morning and the cashier(I think she said her name is Roshell) is always there. Another good lady is Aretha. They have the best customer service. They should be the managers.

  5. Flash market store 13 on missouri is managed by people who arent qualified. Ive worked in retail and convenience stores and your morning and day shift employess and managers are ridiculous. One looks like he is stoned and smells like he is constantly and thats a manager. I cant even go in there anymore, i never see people cleaning. A few years ago it was a good store. Your problem is your management

  6. I did not have a the greatest experience with contacting the corporate office. They seem to be a bit annoyed with dealing with customers, so I recommend that everyone contacts customer service directly through their phone number or contact them on Facebook.

  7. I am unable to get though on the customer service hotline. I would like to know if there is another way to contact customer support, like an email address or on Facebook or similar. Thank you.

  8. Tha Fash Market on interstate 55 in Marion was very disrespectful to me and my disabled veteran husband. They have the worst service and smart mouth employees . Two very ugly honey looking employees. They got smart with me and I threw my drink and merchandise over the counter and let them know I was getting in touch with corporate. These people dont deserve to work in the public. They dont know how to treat people. Such smart mouths. I will be letting people know just how sorry this flash market is. I’m truly disgusted with the service and the employees. I have always stopped there on our way from the VA in Memphis but I will go elsewhere. Like I said I will tell people about the lousy disrespectful service there unless something is done about this place.

  9. I walked into the flash market in Greenwood arkansas and the cashier had her whole family behind the counter and children at the registers. I dont know any business that allow this but to me this seemed completely inappropriate.

    1. I have a complaint about the employees on second shift, store #114 in Evening Shade ar. The workers on second shift are rude you can’t even get anyone to the register, because they are to busy chatting at managers desk. They’ve also been closing the store at 10 or so at night every other night. The store isn’t suppose to close till 11. But have been closing early also I realize that they closed a 9 o’clock on Christmas. But they refused a sale of gas at 15 till 9. I honestly I do hope that someone will do something about it.

  10. I have a complaint about the flash market on N. Washington St. in four city Arkansas I went in there on Tuesday afternoon and I was going to pay for gas and get some other stuff while I was in there I suppose they had just changed shifts I had just left the hospital with my husband that was also been transported by ambulance to Memphis Tennessee with his heart condition and all I had was $100 bill and I she asked me was that all I had and I told her yes because I had just left the hospital with my husband and was on my way to Memphis to another hospital with him and she got a very rude attitude with me and told me she did not have change for that hundred dollar bill and she couldn’t hit where I was going but she had just come on duty and that’s all she had that that’s all she had she did not Have any change I am just reporting this they would not tell me her name when I come to get her name to report it but it is the splash market on N. Washington St. in four city Arkansas. I also just went back in there to us for the girls name and they would not give me her name so I just told them that I would contact the corporate office if you need to contact me my phone number is 870-945-xxxx thank you

  11. For about 2 months I have tried to purchase gas from kossuth flash Mart and workers there tell me they do not have cash cards for discount even when I bring one in they tell I no I can’t do that so I bring my own card in tell me I can’t load money on it .

  12. the flash at Hy 25 in Desha has been going down hill for some time now People are rude the food is terrible, the card readers are down about half the time so i lose the three cent’s off and there is never any receipt paper in the pumps I think i will start shopping for gas some where else if things do not change

  13. I was at your new Boone Iowa store on South Store today! Omg employees boxing pizza on a lined trash can for garbage. Pizza was cold and nasty! I asked for my money back and went to get it and one of the cashiers was very rude and nasty! One cashier had toeless slide on shoes torn up pants on the bottom and looked like a slob!

  14. I have complain and complain to both sides to the assistance managers for the gas station side and subway side and also complain to both managers about two employees on both sides they r rude and they both have mouths on them and also the way they talk bad about people and their coworkers and the way the manager on the subway side is also rude and treats the assistance manager of hers is also unessacery something needs to be done and about that. Also the two rude employees they say the a couple that is so unprofessional and not right something has to be done im a regular customer been going to ur store for years and never had a complaint up until now

  15. Station #26 700 north service rd. Use to have clean water to wash windshield. Last few months it is nasty stinky water and windshield is worse when you try to clean. As much as you pay for gas you would think they would change this once a day or so.. sad

    1. Yes you are so right even if you posted this 10 months ago. The windshield water is still nasty everyday. I wonder if anyone has the employees every change it. The garbage is all ways running over and stinky. The pumps never have read certain cards to pay at the pump or prints out receipts… Ever. You are absolutely spot on about the high cost of gas you would think there equipment was is working order. And the manager they have there now looks to be a 101 years old with one foot in the grave, not to mention she always high as a rat on meth… And talks to the customers and even her in employees rude as hell. As if everyone is inconvenienting her because she so high on meth… And to think the Patterson’s hire meth addicts that call their self’s a manager… Something serious needs to be done about that old lady there. She does not need to be in direct contact with customers or employees high on meth like that working at any flash market…. Please do something about this problem at 700 E service Rd. In West Memphis Arkansas… Store # 26

  16. I worked at the flash market in evening shade at, I was fired after a insadent with the ABC. Is there a way I can be rehired at the same place?

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