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N56 W17000 Ridgewood Dr
Menomonee Falls, WI
Phone Number
(262) 703-7000
Fax Number
(262) 703-6143
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39 thoughts to “Kohls Headquarters”

  1. I have tried to contact you though the corporate office email address, but to no avail. So I am writing here. I need a customer representative to reach out to my as soon as possible. My phone number is 6543899xxxx.

  2. Writing to inform you I have posted on 4 social media sites to Boycott Kohl’s for discontinuing My Pillow merchandise. This was a political statement and I and many others will no longer be shopping at Kohl’s

  3. By dropping My Pillow from your stores because you disagree with his right to speak freely on his beliefs is censorship and bullying. You just lost a customer

  4. By dropping My Pillow products, I will no longer be a customer even though its the only department store in my area. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights are being shredded by the Democratic party. They are fill with rage, anger, and revenge.

  5. The bar codes on the flyers you send out to customers will not scan into the Kohl’s wallet. This has occurred in the last 3 flyers offering % discounts. Your money is being wasted sending these out when they do not work. Also manually inputting does not work as there is no PIN number to complete the process.

  6. Because you have stopped carrying My Pillow products, I wanted to let you know that I will no longer be a patron at your store. I was an employee of Kohls and have done all of my shopping there. I have a large family and did all of my Christmas, birthdays and personal shopping there. I literally spent over ten thousand dollars a year there. I have no respect for a company that would try to put an individual out of business because they don’t agree with their political views. I only owe a couple of hundred dollars on my Kohls charge which I will pay off next month and then I will be closing that account. You are losing a very good and loyal customer. But I feel no loyalty now, and will share my opinion with others. I hope your bias serves you well. I, for one, am done with you.

  7. To CEO of Kohls,
    I am writing to let you know I am dissatisfied with your decission to drop Mike Lindells, My Pillow product line. It concerns and saddens me that you did this at the same time of Mike Lindells Documantry on Voter Fraud. Whether Democrat, Republican, or Independant, all should be very concerned about this issue. We should ALL be concerned with the INTEGRITY of our Election. By you dropping his line of products at the time of his Documantry shows me your companies lack of INTEGRITY. I will close my account of many years and shred my Kohls credit card. I will shop at Costco and other stores for the products I want. Sincerly Flo Overstreet

  8. I am appalled abt your company as well as many other bowing downing to BLM, as if they are the only ones that matter. Most of the BLM are thugs and demanding all kinds of requests, that are ridiculous. I can’t believe you are enabling them. I have a n account with Kohl’s but I won’t shop there anymore.
    Another thing is you dropping My Pillow. Mike Lindell has a right to speak like anyone else, and he told the truth abt the fraudulent election. Looks like the corrupt Democrats have turned a blind eye to the truth. I will NOT support your company anymore.

  9. I would like to buy this dark spot remover : can I use a check or money order call Nancy ( 858505xxxx)

  10. Wow, Cancel Culture has y’all wrapped up. I will not shop at KOHL’S until you bring back MY PILLOW! Lil Wisby

  11. Customers want dressing rooms opened.
    Hard surfaces do not hold live/contagious virus germs.
    Virus is spread mostly by breathing germs.

    We need to try on underwear, shorts, shirts.
    Buying product, taking it home to try on, then returning product

    People are angry. Please open the dressing rooms right away.

  12. I would like to reach out to someone about using/renting some parking space at your Alexandria Va location. I would need no more than 12 spots to park cars. Your lot is adjacent to the office building that I am in. Please let me know who I need to speak with if this is possible as you already have tractor trailers using a portion of your lot.
    Mark Linder

  13. I’m having a hard time receiving my refund for order#
    6122574063. It was received by Kohl’s but they never have refunded me. The last expedited reference number was 210420-023226. Please refund my hard earned money ASAP!!

  14. Having a lot of trouble with Kohl’s. Have used them for m say years and I have lived in my home address 42 years. A order was delivered in Fl today. On the phone for a while no help with the answers. Very unhappy and probably will cancel my account

  15. I have been calling the store I shop in every few weeks to see if the dressing rooms are open and they say same thing not open. Everyone is getting vaccinated now and I think you should start opening the dressing rooms. I cannot buy my clothes without trying them on first. I do not want to stand in a line and return something I could have tried on in the first place. I haven’t been shopping in Kohl’s in over a year. If you refuse to open dressing rooms, then I will no longer be a customer of Kohl’s. I would appreciate an answer to this comment because I am dissatisfied customer. Since we now have been able to get vaccinated , most people have gotten vaccine, myself included, the dressing rooms should be open and in use.

  16. Dear Cancel Culture, I’m an American consumer who pays taxes, works hard loves my country, and spends my hard earned dollars at your stores. American people are made up of many different sizes , shapes genders, colors and yes beliefs. America is a melting pot. So when I heard about your decision to cancel Mike Lindell’s products being sold at your stores because of his political beliefs, yes admit it that is why you did it. I have decided to cancel you. You might be laughing and saying what is one customer? Well their are many of us Patriots that love our country and the opportunity that it brings. So you can add me to the 75 million others who might feel the same way I do. Your decision is not an American one, it’s an Communist one.

  17. Kohl’s took $300.00 out of my checking account without authorization after i already made a $150 payment. I called customer no-service which is located in the Philippines. The first rep. stated they would return my money to my account since it had not posted yet. well they did not return my money. I called customer service the next day and they said the money posted this morning so nothing i can do. I will never shop Kohl’s again and neither will my wife, sisters, and brother. Kohls just lost 5 customers, good job Kohl’s!

  18. I have spent thousands of dollars at Kohls. Since you dropped My Pillow I have not spent a dime at Kohls. Where is your common sense and decency because My Pillow is made in the USA. I guess you want to sell products from China. GOOD BY.

  19. I am writing to let you know that after many years of being a customer, you will no longer be receiving my business, or that of my extended family and many like-minded friends.

    While many are getting vaccinated, like myself, the vaccines are not 100% effective, and with new variants emerging daily, the possibility of spreading Covid is still a real threat.

    You don’t have to go further than social media to see the many anti-vaxxers stating that they have fake vaccination cards. Allowing unvaccinated maskless people into your stores is simply reckless.

    As a private business you have the ability to mandate the rules for your stores. Requiring people to continue to wear masks for the safety of your community is a very small inconvenience, people dealing with compromised health or the death of a loved one, is not.

    I will be spending my money elsewhere.

  20. I was told that i would get $10 off if i would go paperless but never receive. I called and they said i had already received i told those where the one i already had. Claudia was very rude with me also as well as the represenative Cesar.

  21. Kohl’s has for over a year now messed up on my credit cards account 4 times: April 2020, October 2020, December 2020, and again January 2022. Multiple times I have been reassured for over a year now these errors would be fixed as it was Kohls negligence and still nothing. I have called, been on hold continuously, repeating myself over and over getting the response and apologizes only for them not to fix the problems still. They said they record for quality and insurance purposes but apparently they don’t listen to them as they now said my best bet is to write a letter. After over a year of frustration and calling back and forth now I need to go out of my way again after Kohls incompetent representatives to see about getting it resolved. Kohl’s use to be one of my favorite stores to shop but I can’t imagine myself shopping there again from fear of more errors.

  22. I just received a package from you with my pajamas thrown in a box with no wrapping and no invoice is this how you are mailing things now???!

  23. I have shopped Kohls in yulee FL for years.,Very disappointed.petite section,is so sad, I am 4’9 please give us a nice petite section😇😭🤗

  24. Is my account 078-2648-224 still valid? I reported it stolen on 05/13 @ 5:03PM, and the Filipino cust. svc. rep indicated it was then cancelled, and a new one would be in the mail. So far, I have not rec’d a new card.

  25. I usually have items shipped to my home. Kohl’s does leave security tags on the clothes a lot. Sadly we know if we order from there that we will get the items, but 1 or 2 pieces will have security tags on them. Nevertheless, many people seem to have that same issue with them.
    Last week I ordered two tank tops to match new shorts. I wanted the shirts by at least Saturday early morning. I found the shirts on line and saw where I could get them Friday if I pick them up from the store. Friday come and left. The order status continues to say fulfillment. My girls had planned to wear the shirts today. But No one knows when the store will release the shirts. I did not know that the store could hold my order for no reason.

  26. I applied for a part time position at the Delaware Ohio location on Sunbury. I then received 3 notifications leading up to the scheduled phone interview. The interview time came and went. I called the store directly and explained my situation. I was told the manager was very busy, was there a better time to call me back, to which I answered “anytime would work for me. I was told to expect a call in an hour. Nope…..waited all day and was never called. Called the following day, once again explained my situation. I was to be put on hold and connected to a manager but instead disconnected. I have seven years retail experience in various positions. You say you’re hiring but can’t get a simple phone interview.

  27. I have been a Kohls customer for many years. I am deeply disappointed and disgusted by your recent ad “celebrate pride”. This is inconsistent with my values and I’m confident I am not the only one. I do not appreciate having this shoved in my face . I will no longer be shopping at your stores

  28. Complaining about the morale at the Kohl’s in Hingham MA. Members of Management and supervisor team are no longer getting most of their weekends off. I have a girlfriend who is part of management and it’s cutting into our personal time and she always seems tired and stressed. I have caught the store manager screaming at employees in front of other customers and employees. It just seems like that place has gotten very toxic and I am concerned.

  29. I would like for you to know, not that you care, but! I will not purchase one more item from your store as long as you continue to ban Mike Lindell’s products! Shame on you! Since when is it your business who a person’s political affiliation is with? Isn’t that a right for any American? SHAME ON YOU!

  30. Live in St. John’s Fl . Wife goes to Store on Old St Augustine Rd, Jacksonville. On several occasions she has attempted to purchase clothing in the women’s department, but tat department area of the store is always a mess. Then I have to take her somewhere else..

  31. Took silver necklace I selected to price checker machine…supposed to be 60% off…$30 on back of cardboard..making it $12….pricing machine said $14…. because pricing machine read the price as $35…cashier explanation was the price was raised… and I was getting a good deal ….WHAT…manager was called…with no reason given she said that I could have it for $9…is this the old consumer law that if someone is overcharged on a item with a posted price you awarded $5?…if that is the case, I should have been charged $7..not $9…$30 minus 60% is $12 minus $5 is $7.

  32. I have to call your customer service department every month. Most months I pay my bill twice. I tell your people to take me out of auto pay. They say we can’t see that and you are not in that . The month of June 2021 I paid 31.00 twice one auto pay. I had paid on line myself and then auto pay. I didn’t say refund. I waited for the month of July to see if it would auto pay again but it didn’t. So I go in and pay and get hit with a late fee. I received my statement in mail all I owned was 61.89 with a payment due of 27.00. But you didn’t do auto pay like last month and charged me a late fee. I paid 27.00 myself. I am not going to pay a late fee.

  33. On Friday, July 16 I purchased some items at Kohls. They couldn’t get my credit card to work probably because I didn’t shop during Covid. I had to fill out a a new application. I asked if I had to include my social security number which it said was required. They said yes. On Saturday, July 17, I went on the website and started a chat with a representative to find out how to get my social security number removed from the application. Another representative came on to the chat when it was clear the first one was not able to meet my request. In the end, the second person said “I am sad to say that there is no one that is authorized to remove the social security number since it is required to our system.” I have a printed copy of our conversation. It was surprising to me that you would ask for a social security number when the bottom of your website under “How to secure your personal information” states that you shouldn’t give out your social security number. I would like a reply to this email from someone who has the authority to remove my social security number from my application. Thank you. I prefer not to give my email address but I assume you can reply to my email.

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