ADT Security Services, Inc Headquarters Contacts.

Corporate office address, contact information and phone numbers for the ADT Security Services, Inc Headquarters.

ADT Inc., formerly The ADT Corporation, provides residential and small business electronic security,  home alarm systems, fire protection, and other related alarm monitoring services.

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ADT Security Services, Inc Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

Company Website
ADT Home Security
Corporate Address
1 Town Center Rd.
Boca Raton, FL
Phone Number
(561) 988-3600
Fax Number
(561) 988-3601
Employee Count
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What is ADT Security Services’ Corporate Office Phone Number?

ADT Security Services’ Headquarters phone number is: 1-561-988-3600.


What is ADT Security Services’ Customer Service Phone Number?

ADT Security Services’ Customer Support phone number is: 1-800-521-1734 or 1-800-280-6946.

To get a quote, call ADT on 1-800-587-4198.

Other ADT Customer Care phone numbers:

Sales: 800-884-4226
Support: 800-521-1734

Sales: 888-244-4505
Support: 800-515-2216

Health & Senior Safety
Sales: 877-801-7387
Support: 800-658-7134

You can also contact ADT Customer Service on Twiiter by writing to the Twitter handle: @askADT.

The ADT Contact Us page can be found here.

ADT Headquarters Executive Team.

Timothy J. Whall

Jim DeVries

Jeff Likosar

Dan Bresingham
Chief Administration Officer

P. Gray Finney
Chief Legal Counsel

Jamie Rosand Haenggi
Chief Growth Officer

Bob Dale
SVP, National Account Sales

Donald Young
Chief information officer

Jay Darfler
SVP, Emerging Markets

Stephen Hopkins
President, Adt Canada

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162 thoughts on “ADT Security Headquarters

  1. We were robbed on March 9th, we called ADT the next day and then had
    to call several people, some in other states. It took almost a month to get
    a security system installed. They forgot the sensors on the windows and
    something on the front door. FINALLY, it was finished. We asked and asked and called and called about the $l00.00 gift card and have been
    given the run around including today!! And yet at least 3 times a week we
    receive in the mail – the promotion letter or card offering the $100.00.
    Today we received 2 identical letters. Both with photos of the gift card.
    I have talked to at least 12 people and each and every one gives me the
    run around, and says its not them, its another distributor, person, company etc, etc, etc. It’s hypocrisy that a company that supposed to protect, watch over and save can have so many employees pointing
    at each other. It’s false advertising, fraud and a lie. I will never
    suggest ADT to anyone I know. A letter in the mail will follow with copies
    to Better Business Bureau, the Governor, Mayor and your competition.
    I’m 86 and live on social security and you treat me like this. You should
    be ashamed!!

  2. Sir I am in Asia,have a good knowledge and experience in security, sales and work in hotel so if this company take abroad worker then please call me for work. Thank you.

  3. I was spoken to very rudely by an ADT scheduling employee. Also when asked to speak with a manager I was told by her “I will not get you a manager” I was was disrespected and not listened too. Called multiple number to document my compliant and got nothing but I’m we are sorry and we will note the file. When asked to be updated on the situation I was told there’s no updates it’s all done internal. So my appointment window was missed due to ADT lateness which is costing me money to stay home then I get spoken to disrespectfully and complain but really doesn’t seem to be a big concern or worry.

    1. Hi I am going through so much with them right now. How did you handle your situation and what was the outcome?

  4. I got home, disarmed my alarm, never turned it on. While sitting less than 10 feet from the system, I get a call saying ADT got a triggered alarm notice from my back door.
    Then ADT tells me, maybe my alarm is not programmed peoperly or crossed programmed with a nearby house😒 and I need to call customer services to have the issue figured out!

  5. Terrible service. My alarm went OFF twice and they did not call. DONT BUY AN ALARM from this terrible company don’t. CUSTOMER SERVICE TERRIBLE!

  6. I am looking for another security company. Due to the fact that you have lost your moral compass by advertising on Hannity-FoxNews channel, I cannot trust this corporation.

  7. I am 100% dissatisfied with every aspect of Home Defenders customer service, installation, fees and product. I would like to terminate any connection to the unscrupulous company.
    I spoke to the ADT representative/sales person and set up an appointment.
    6/26/18 ?Defenders showed up for a quote? $59 per month service
    They installed a Power box, Keypad and 3 door magnets
    On the tablet used I could only see where I had to sign. My bill was not discussed, and my 1 e-signature was copied to all documents.
    I was emailed the documents but it was too late, they were gone and I couldn’t reach anybody by phone or email.
    My total Investment for Pulse Tier 1A $2,005
    Monthly Fee $53
    Auto Pay $501 initial and $501 following 3 months.
    They did a partial installation and although I emailed, I couldn’t get a response for a return visit.
    My alarm went off when I was out of state and there was no communication from anyone or any service.
    ADT sent me to Defenders
    Defenders refused to return my calls or emails for 2 months.
    I finally chose to cancel service and lo and behold, a Defenders customer service representative said, I would have to have a technician come out and assess my home for the equipment already installed and then I could cancel for an additional $1,500 (I only had $501 to finish paying my contract.)
    I NEVER RECEIVED THE PRODUCT IN THE CONTRACT!!! yet I have paid through Auto Pay.

  8. I am customer with ADT since 2004 and seems ok with service I thought but in August , 2018 I tested my security system that really works or not. So I did test & didn’t get call from ADT. So I called them. So representative told me that she didn’t receive any signal & that’s why I didn’t here from them. So I asked her how to fix this? She said that has to send technician to check the system function correctly or not. I was told that she waive charges. But guess what that charged me $280. I called & talked to 3 individual & fought with them to correct bill. As per them said will take care (hopefully). But other ilegal I thought that they did was technician left from my home & he filled summary bill report while sitting in his car & acknowledge under my name & initial behalf of me by himself without letting me know to sign on that electronic device. It means I agree to pay any occurred charges & sent the above bill. When I called to dispute that bill, manager told me they can sign/initial behalf of the customer to close the business & I said to her that’s FRAUD. She said I don’t mind , they signed for me when I call for any issue at her home to check system. So I said that it means they can sign & charge customer any amount stating longer time spent to fix system.
    So if you call technician to check/repair your security system, please note total timings of technician to fix issue so you don’t get over charges.

  9. I would like to speak with someone from the executive office about ADT over charging customers. I received several adds from ADT stating free home security system at no cost to you for parts and activation. $99.00 plus tax for installation and the purchase of alarm monitoring system for $27.99 a month. Free 15 pre-wired door and window sensores and a $100.00 visa card. A free wireless remote control. N o where do it state you have to buy the equipment. My charge card was used to make a fraudlent charge of $156.88 on 7/24/2018 and I only called to inquire and in up making an appointment for 8/7/2018 to look into having an alarm installed and again I was charged another $153.70. I had no idea that this company had use my card and made a charge on the day I call to inquire about an alarm. I was told that they don’t take cash or checks, so I need to use my charge card. I gave my card numbers because I was told they don’t have a credit machine when the person come to install the alarm.

    1. I had a similar experience. They advertised a certain price to get a system but when I was said and done it was over $1000! My husband was livid. They had already taken off the security system from the former company and put theirs in so it wasn’t like I could refuse because I needed security. Plus the price has gone up for some strange reason in the last couple of years. I am planning on dumping them and this is the worst company I’ve ever dealt with. I’m still having problems and can’t get anybody to call me for a virtual call. All I get is a run around saying my number goes straight to voicemail when I checked it the first time it did I fixed it but still nobody calls. And no calls are showing as received at the time they were supposed to call. Don’t waste your money with this company!

  10. One of your Representative name-Chris phone# 702.625.6430 and 916.587.2743 start to threatening regarding breaking security if I don’t give him the business. Very scary.

  11. Hello, My names is Sonia Depina. I have been a customer since the beginning of August 2018. The system has been been acting the way it should ever since. My front door is now not locking. I am in fear of the safety for my family. I need someone to handling this today. Please contact right away

  12. We have been using ADT for several years. Thursday morning I set our house alarm and left to do errands.
    ADT called my wife to inform her that the alarm was ringing and asked if they should notify the police. Five minutes later my wife called me to advise our alarm was ringing and said front door/basement door was open.
    I immediately returned home and turned off the alarm. As I suspected no doors etc were open. The police came and spent 15 minutes checking every part of our house
    I asked my wife to call ADT and set up an appointment to come and check the system. She was met with why, your husband probably didn’t set it properly, does he know how to set it and he probably set it and left a door open
    All utter nonsense and gibberish. As an aside while we all make mistakes I have been setting this alarm for forty plus years and leaving the front door open is not something that is ever done since it has to be locked with a key. When my wife said I would like someone to come out she said why and you will be charged if there is nothing wrong. Frustrated my wife said thanks and hung up. She called back because I was incensed with the non level of help. The next person said maybe you have a low battery and you should change it. Finally she agreed to send someone. George showed up the next day. Extremely Competent and very professional. The two contacts on the front door and basement door were no longer working properly. He replaced them. He was polite, sincere and a very good representative of your company. All your employees should be so professional
    As an aside we have a maintenance contract and neither of your phone people picked up on that

  13. I would like to tell you I jave never in my life had such poor customer service in my life. April and Another rep were literally argueing on the phone and couldnt figure out out was put. The co operate as they said they were lied as well as I looked it go online and now jave contacted yhe president via email’. I have been in customer sevice my 3t plus years and never have heard or can even believe tgis happened. And they wang me to stay with their company and I have to pay out my contract??? Wow this is the worst customer service experience I have ever had and pay out my contract I dont think so. Crystal Sage

  14. I found out on 14 Nov that my 6 window sensors had been installed incorrectly a year ago and had not been working properly. THey were installed to set the alarm off when the windows close verses open. I found this out by the 3rd technician that came out on 24 Nov. The 1st tech that came out on 14 Nov stated I needed a new panel. later that same day the second technician came out and installed a new panel (at least he said it was), a day or two after receiving this panel the error light came back on. When this error light (orange triangle) come on i am not able to arm my alarm. On 24 Nov another tech came out to reinstalled window sensor, the orange triangle was not on. The next day it came back on and I have not been able to arm my system again. I have called ADT once again and they are told me they will have a tech come out to see what the problem is , tomorrow. I do not have the leave to keep taking off to be home for them to continue to come out so I ask the customer service rep at 830 am on 26 Nov to have a manager call me, @ 1034 I have yet to hear from a manager. I really need a new panel, different one than they are installing and for the technician to be able to come to my home after 3 pm. I fail to mention that the 1st technician that came out did inform me that 80% of the called they received are on these panels. ADT probably should stop using these since they have so many problems. I called the 561# on this page and no one answer. I sure pray there is no one else going thru this nightmare. I am a loyal paying customer as a matter of fact I normally pay 2 – 3 month at a time on my bill and really believe i deserve better service than I am receiving. CAN SOMEONE please help me resolved this issue.? Please
    I am very disappointed that i have had an ongoing problem for almost 2weeks now. Still waiting to hear from manger.

  15. I called to get information on the possibility of getting residential security from ADT. I was basically offered $99.00 Installation, $58.00 per monthly fee. I was advised that the installation fee would be due at the time of the free consultation appointment if i choose to contract for 36 months.
    However, They needed the last four of my SS# and a credit card to secure an appointment.
    Before days end a charge for the installation plus tax was sent to my bank for payment. The consultation appointment was for one and a half weeks later.
    Fraudulent business practice starting from the first day of dealing with this company a distributor of ADT which they failed to tell me.
    i hope to get my money back I certainly don’t want a security company that can not be trusted.

  16. The company is a thief by itself. They are supposed to protect from the thief but they are doing the same. They promised you a good protection but they want you to pay to them $14,500 for equipment plus installation fee, plus payments for 2 month and the next month they charge you again. If you cancel service with them to get your money back will take more than month. If you call them they promised that everything is ok but it’s not. If you smart you will never ever protect your home with them.

  17. I am very unhappy with your service. I have been paying for 4 months for a camera I don’t have. I have called numerous times, but nothing has been done. What can I do to resolve this? I have signed a new contract. I want to cancel but cannot because it costs too much. Help!!!!

  18. I have been a customer for nearly 8 years at multiple locations. I am currently being transferred for work and will not be in a position to utilize ADT services for some time. I have just been told my final bill will be around $600 due to the “75% of contract” clause. Due to your inability to recognize your long term clients, I will never use your services again. Please do not tell me about a credit as I will not be in a position to have security services for at least a year. The average person cannot afford to let $600 rest in your account for that length of time. I find this type of respect for a long term customer to be unacceptable. So trust me when i say will NOT use your services again and will do everything in my power to make sure no one i know uses your services either. Thank you.

  19. I was treated very rude by adt after being a good customer for over 30 years , I was told my years with adt means nothing everyone is going to know how you treat your customers. AS a reminder if you dont have customers you dont have a BUSINESS.

  20. I was charged a $500 fee for cancellation when I requested to relocate my service. The representative apologized for the company error but refused to refund me my money and requested I get a lower grade service and upgrade at a later time. I am in the process of filing with BBB and would like my money refunded now!

  21. I have paid my bill on time and in full the past 5 months. However I keep receiving late bill notices and my payments are not applied to my account. I have called and tried to fix this matter. I have been victim of identity theft and information on my account was compromised. I reported this as well. When my account was established again, the Visa reward card has not arrived to me in 4 months neither has my account information been corrected.

  22. I have continued to have issues with customer service over the last few weeks.  Today I was just yelled at by a representative whom I thought was a supervisior (Susan) who was supposed to help me understand the charges to my account.  Instead she got frustrated and started to speak with me in a discouraging manner. All I wanted was to understand my charges and find out what happened to the equipment credit that I was promised.  Before speaking to Susan today I spoke to Aree about a week prior.  She was supposed to send me a copy of my itemized purchase with the break down of prices.  Aree ABSOLUTELY REFUSED to help me over the phone and said that she would email me this document and then I would have to call her back when I received it.  It has been at least a week and I still didn’t receive anything.  I honestly believe that she just didn’t want to deal with me.  The purpose of today’s call with Susan was to get the customer care and the information that I had not received from Aree and needed.  Susan got so frustrated with me asking her to go over it again that she said that she has already gone over this with me and said what else can she do since I dont understand.  I asked her to calm down and that there was no reason to speak to me this way.  I asked to be transferred to someone who would be more willing and patient to help me understand.  After i was treated this way by another “supervisor” from your company it is time to reach out to a Corporate Manager or CEO.  I understand that the peice of equipment that I had returned had been one of the items that my credit was used on and therefore I will not be given that credit back towards my account (your supervisor Susan made that abundantly clear) but at this point I just want to make sure that your company sees the misconduct of the support staff that you have in place.  The last person that I spoke to was Jasmine and at this point I was already in tears and just wanted the phone call to end.  I placed a complaint with her about Susan and Aree.  Jasmine offered to go over again with me but I declined due to me not being able to hold back my tears and speak clearly anymore at this point.  Jasmine said that she would have someone go over the recordings of the conversations.  I would like to have this matter reviewed at a higher level.  I also have all the phone calls recorded.  I will no longer refer friends and neighbors to this company no matter how good the doorbell camera or equipment.  And I will also be leaving feedback with the Better Business Bureau.  I would appreciate being contacted on this matter.  Again at this point I am done with the account charges, I just want to be heard about the gross misconduct of your “supervisors” and representatives.  Thank You.  -Susan D. Elalaoui Belghiti (407)722-xxxx

    1. I just got off the phone with adt and had terminated my services with a month of refund due. I was told by their relocation dept to call billing for the refund.

  23. Hello
    I am a returning customer and regret calling for a quote. I was contacted by a sales representative by the name of Garrett Love who came out to my home and gave me an estimate for alarm installation. The cost would be over $500. He threw in an indoor camera free of charge, however, forgot to add it to the contract because we made a few changes to the order. The day the installer arrived, he informed me that it was not on the contract. I called Garrett immediately and he apologized and explained that he would get it approved asap and that his email was proof that I would be getting the camera. Its been almost 3 weeks and I still dont have an indoor camera. I have called customer service twice and have been given an option to purchase a discountedncamera. I feel that is very insulting to offer me a discount when I was promised the camera for free. Today I was told that they would send another email to Garrett and his supervisor, Karen Ayala, who both have not bothered to call back and make this right. It is very disappointing how bad customer service can be. I wish I would have read the negative reviews before signing this contract. Im writing this email to reach out to the corporate office to investigate this matter.

  24. I had a service person, Anthony from Defenders, damage my walls and ceilings with installation. He took monitors and sensors, and tax paperwork and W2’s, and my property tax bills. They sent an additional person, since the services were not working, Valerie, whom took a personal fire alarm, and did not correct the problems. Also, Anthony disconnected by personal landline and I had to have Comcast come in to correct it. I tried to cancel my service when I called them, and since Anthony never left me a copy of my contract, as it was done on his ipad, and said it would be emailed to me within 48 hours, and never was. He also never left me a copy of a cancellation form, should I care to cancel. All he left me with was damage to my property, taking items, and a pamphlet about ADT services I called and reported theft to local police, called bank to block them from taking monies from my account (they, my bank, also made a conference call between myself, ADT and then transferred to Defenders with bank on phone to make sure a third party heard them with me), and also a complaint to BBB. I then called the corporate offfice and spoke with Carla, the assistant to the CEO with the Presidential Team whom said she would send Defenders an email about this, and about cancellation of these services, with a cc to me or at least an email letting me know she did this. All of this is just wrong. Two days after ADT installation by Defenders, I removed the original items, and had a new security company services started with out problems!! I am just sick about this. I am also a senior and was treated as if I had no value as a customer, let alone a person.

  25. I was give an appointment for a tech to come out because my system has been off line for 1 week. The tech was suppose to arrive 8-12 today. Someone changed my appoint of 12-5. I m angry because my system isn’t working and they still expect to be paid and someone changed my appointment without my knowledge. Glad I’m not under contract, im considering dropping them.

  26. I would like to know if there is an alternative customer help phone number that i can call. The customer service phone number on your website did not work for me, I only got an automated message.

  27. My experience with the company is that once they have you as a customer then they make it hard for you to contact them with any problem. For example i was unable to get through at all on the customer support phone number today.

  28. My complaint is that it is too difficult to get through to customer support department. I tried several ways, email, phone and finally got through on the customer hotline.

  29. I have an issue i need to discuss with the customer service department. I am going to send you an official letter by mail. I would suggest, however, that you publish an official customer support email address that customers can email for correspondence.

  30. I am trying to contact to apply for a job. Do you have a jobs and careers phone number, or can I submit my job application online?

  31. I would like to know if there is an alternative customer help phone number that i can call. The customer service phone number on your website did not work for me, I only got an automated message.

  32. I would like to know if there is an alternative customer help phone number that i can call. The customer service phone number on your website did not work for me, I only got an automated message.

  33. I would like to know if I can speak to a customer representative in person if I drive to your corporate office headquarters in office hours. I live nearby.

  34. Hello I purchased a package back in Msy 2020, your representative misrepresented your company by saying I would receive a security package and with the benefits I would get would not have to pay anything but I need up paying around 2300.00 for basically sensors. 2nd we were supposed to get 2 outside cameras and a door bell camera and the tech said once we get our internet he would come back to install but he didn’t and we have gone through to many people to try to resolve this or have not been able to contact anyone. We also did not get the 100.00 gift card as promised. The last service person told us to contact customer service again but I have not been able to speak with them. I moved here from Maryland and gave up my previous security system because what the representative told me what I was getting and it ended up not being the case. 1st I had to pay about 2300.00, then didn’t get the cameras and 100.00 gift card as promised, please contact me, thanks

  35. I want it to cancel my service for 25 years over the phone
    I need an expert on this
    I’m 75 years old

  36. Hello. Today, September 28, 2020, I noticed the yellow triangle (trouble) light was on, on my Security Panel. I called ADT, and after getting to a Live Agent, she ran test on my security system to see if the alarm was reaching the ADT Security Center. She said the alarm did NOT reach them, so she was going to send a Technician out on Friday, October 2, 2020 to check the Wall Panel. Around 3:57 p.m., I received an automated call from ADT stating that an alarm was set off at my house, but was later deactivated so they would not be responding to the call. I called back and spoke to a human and told him about my call this morning. The alarm from my house to the alarm center just came in around 3:57 p.m. is what he told me, and from the same door, The Laundry Room Door. My concern is in the HUGE delay it took for my alarm signal to get from my house to the ADT Security Center – about six hours? I would like an explanation for this. I am having to stay off from work for this technician to come to my house. Are relays really that long? I haven’t had a need for emergency to respond, but if its going to be 6 hours, what is the purpose for paying for this service. Explanation, please. Not happy at all.

  37. i was calling ADT to cancel installation in my home and to refund my fee back for installation. they keep hanging the phone up on me. i will call the better business bureau and take you to court for my money i want my money. you cannot force me to take adt when i do not want it

  38. Why do they keep harassing me with emails? I don’t even own a home!!!
    How do I get off the spam list?

  39. Your technician did not show up for a scheduled appointment (swapping out the cellular transmitter) twice this month: once on November 3 and today (November 21). Nobody called to let us know that the appointment would not be kept. After you failed to show on November 3, I was contacted on an almost daily basis to reschedule the appointment. Once I rescheduled, your technician still didn’t show up. We’ve been ADT customers for over ten years. I’m thinking of dropping ADT and going with another company

  40. I have had ADT for well over 20 years now! I have had More Service Calls under the Service Manager in my Area James Gleason (Jim) than I have in my Tenure of over 20-YEARS! My Cameras Are Constantly OffLine and the Police Are Constantly Dispatched. I hate Having To Schedule A Service Call So Very Much! I asked What Do We Need To Do, In Order For This System To Work. I am a 64 year old Disabled American Female Veteran and I need my ALARM. I keep having Trouble, Trouble, Trouble almost DAY NOW! Pretty Please Help Me!

  41. I’m a current customer with ADT in California I’m in the process of relocating and I need my security system I called yesterday around 10 am I was on the phone for 4 hours and nobody was able to help me get my problem fix and when I finally was able to speak with a manager this manager left me on hold for 7 minutes and never came back

  42. I would appreciate your help is resolving “headaches and constant Harassments from ADT”.
    1) My primary residence address is 4705 Regency Trace, SW, Atlanta GA 30331. This is active, I don’t have issues with this.
    ADT has NOT provided services and yet charged me in tune of about $2000 on RENTAL properties past 2 years or so.
    I have had to contact my Bank Wells Fargo to STOP payment

    2) Rental property 7382 Ovis Lane Riverdale, GA—This has been a headache. This account has not been active since past 15 -18 months or so. The first tenant left 15-18 months ago and I wanted to cancel since last 15 months but it has been one problem or the other, I called several times but was told I am tied up till contract lapse. Even now that 3 years is up the cancellation is becoming issue, I have made several calls and been bounced around.

    3) Rental Property 2475 Barge Road Atlanta—This account also has been active for over 2 years and my bank account charged I was called by billing last Wednesday Thanksgiving Eve and went from one agent filling, to account and then cancellation. I got assurance that the account will be cancelled. To my surprise I got a call yesterday that ADT wants to up grade the system I asked to be cancelled. This does NOT make sense it seems ADT is Hell bent to sell services NOT needed or wanted.

    4) Rental Property Unit B1 2609 Henry Street, Augusta, GA 30904. This account was established 2012, I cancelled after 3 years; I vacated the house over 2 years ago and rented out. I cancelled the month to month and noted out of Greed ADT continued to debit my American Express until I called again to cancel couple of weeks ago.

    I had to contact my bank about 4-5 weeks to deny any direct pay from ADT. Yet this harrassment continue after ADT had debited my credit card or direct bank to the tune of $1500 from the inactive accounts over the last 2 years plus.

    I appreciate your help and referring this email to the appropriate person that can help. I hope I get some resolution and made whole.
    I may take other actions for restitution.

    I will be happy to answer any questions that you have.

    Yekeen Aderibigbe,
    404 840-xxxx

  43. I have had my ADT system installed since September 4, 2020. I mailed back my visa rebate form about 10 weeks ago and did nor receive the rebate. I reached out to customer service who informed me that they would send me a check in the mail for the rebate in 2 weeks, it has now been 4 weeks. Who do I need to contact to recieve this rebate? Or is the rebate a hoax to convince someone to get your product installed? Very disappointed !

  44. An ADT sales rep rang my doorbell today, minus a mask. Asked if I was the new homeowner. Yes I am. He then asked if information on ADT was included in my sales agreement. No it wasn’t. He said they should have included it in our sales agreement. Really? What business is my home buyer agreement of ADT’s? When I complained on their Facebook page, I was told to put up a no solicitor sign on my house. I’m more inclined to put up a sign that states “All ADT employees on this property will be considered to be trespassers and will be shot on sight”. I will NEVER use the services of this invasive, rude, condescending company.

  45. Ihave had 4-5 visits and doorbell issues. And this last visit my security door key is missing. Which i only used while the technicians were in here. One is trainee shadow and very looming at everything. My security door individual is missing and i suspect the trainee cause he commented i put it in my pocket.i am concerned because he is too observant and looks at stuff he shouldnt.The othero ne Don is working with the issue as the trainee hans it in or near house and porch. Its enough that they need your phone access to attempt to fix problem. After this 5th visit its still not solved.
    My concern is how exstensive is the background check on these people.
    I Have a day care where children will be. And no front door camera or doorbell camera?

  46. I moved and transferred my service to my new address why are they charging me $119.22 when I transferred my services you give new people no charge to get services I have been with you since around in the 1970s and you come up with this for long standing customers I called in about this bill on December 7-2020 talk to Christy she told me she took the $119.22 off of my bill then today January 4-2020 I get this bill again for $119.22 I hope you get this bill taken care of they changed my account number from 1250xxxx to 4022xxxx this is the second time they changed my account why don’t they leave it the same my name is Anna Rice new address xxxx Rainview Circle Louisville Ky 40220

  47. I have a complaint against ADT because of: 1. lack of communication 2. given wrong information by representatives 3. stating a charge was rejected with my bank which was never received 4. charging me for an amount not seen on my contract three months later.
    I am requesting a call back to settle this once and for all because I called today (01/19/21) and spoke with a representative that stated I had a zero balance and there was nothing on my contract that showed the said amount due.

  48. I called in to cancel the service that I recently started because the package I was quoted over the phone and what I was given when the tech came to install was not the same. I did not know I had to qualify for all of the additional things that would protect my home. I spoke with a customer service rep today that was extremely rude and combative because I was calling to get information. I still do not have the system completely installed and I am being charged full price for equipment I have not received. At this point I just want to cancel the service and I am being told that I cannot. I do not think this is fair. Whether a contract was signed or not I do not have the full system installed to know if I am going to like it or if it is going to work for me but I am being told I am stuck with something I have not fully been able to use for the next 36 months. I will not be recommending ADT to anyone at this point. I want out of this contract.

  49. Can someone please assist. I’m getting the run around about replacing my equipment that is now not working that I had insurance on for the last few years that they will not honor. My current ADT equipment for what I’m now being told is now discontinued and has been for some time without our acknowledgement while paying for this insurance to cover these items for repairs or replacement.

  50. My security panel is defective/ However I had no idea about this! I am leaving out of town and it’s an emergency that my house is secure. However, my house will be unsecure and I am worried I leave today! This is an emergency!!

  51. I have been a loyal customer for 4 years I just recently moved and a representative attempted to charge me 1100 for my equipment , so I told him I need to check around, we’ll another ADT rep offered the same deal for 0 equipment cost, and now that rep has been locked out of my account and I’m being forced to go with the guy that is charging me 1100 and not the guy that I can get the equipment from for free !!!!! This doesn’t even make sense ! Why would I have to go with the 1100 choice and I’m a valued customer I would think as a company you would want what’s best for the customer ??? Someone please make it make sense !

  52. On January 25th art technician came out to install new key pad back panel,I also had him replace the batteries that were 5 years old. The only way I can arm and disarm my system is from the keypad. My phone will not connect through the app. I called ADT even though they created this problem I have to wait till February 8 th to try and get this problem resolved. This is very poor customer service in my opinion. They have no problem taking my money but do have problems correcting their problems. I was told if the system did trip it would reset itself in 10 minutes. Ten minutes of the alarm going off would drive my dogs crazy. Very dissatisfied with the service!

  53. Today a ADT Tech came out to my home to change my door sensor and when he left he bent down and stole a package off my porch. I have the whole incident on footage.

  54. I want to complain about your ADT BLUE system that I have had now for 30 days as of today. I was not told all the information I needed to make an informed decision on whether to use this service or not and am furious. I have had this system for 30 days today but keep getting emails that my service is going to be disconnected because my bill is 31 days late. Also I was not told o needed to file for a permit for this system and have not been monitored this whole time. When I tried to call customer service they were very rude to me. If someone does not do something about all this I am going to contact the District attorneys office and file against ADT for deceptive trade practices! Please advise

  55. In December 2020, I called and cancelled my contract. I was told not to return my equipment. Now I am getting billed full price, when the contract only calls for a 75% early termination fee. Please send me a corrected bill.

  56. I have been with ADT for 17 years
    A doorbell with cameras was installed on July 14, 2020. The doorbell would go off line. Several technicans came to my home and couldn’t get the doorbell to work. Another doorbell was installed. It didn’t work. The technicans said they stand moment and b e believed they could fix the problem
    To no avail they could not get it to work. On. July 28 the doorbell was removed and the original doorbell was installed. I have sold my home so I closed the ADT account
    I am building a new home. I closed the ADT account. ADT drafted my account for 420.00, the cost of the doorbell cameras. The equipment was taken out of my home, therefore I should not have been charged at all. I called in complaining and I was refunded the 420.00. Next ADT attempted to take 2,056.00 out of my bank account workout my authorization. I feel that I should not be charged because your equipment was faulty and technicians could not get the equipment to operate properly. I am appalled that ADT would treat a 17 year customer such as myself this way. I am requesting that this charge be removed. Your technicians really believed they could fix the problem. Thank you in advance for your help and cooperation with this matter.

  57. I have had the security service for 7 months and I’m that timeframe the doorbell camera has malfunction twice with a critical internal battery failure. This is happening after a 2 day charge/ or 8 hour charge. I tech came out said the camera was bad ordered a new camera, camera came and service tech installed it on January 11 2021. Full charged it went bad in a couple of hours with same error message critical damage to internal battery. Called today reported issue, service set me up with another service tech visit for Feb. 12, 2021 and then I received a email saying they canceled my appointment after I would purchase the 200.00 doorbell camera.
    I am very dissatisfied with your service and would to discuss gracefully being released from my 2 year contract. Could someone please contact me

  58. I ordered and pay for an alarm/strobe light last month,
    and I still do not the unit installed. If for some reason they cant produce same, please credit my account ($289.00)

  59. Also, I have been waiting to have a new battery installed.It has been indicating LOW Battery. It has been a month since I reported same. STILL WAITING!!!!

  60. This is notice that my alarm permit renewal 1058453 for
    ADT account 8263xxxx has been renewed thru 3/11/2022with City of Dallas.

  61. I am requesting that this complaint be given to Mr. Jim DeVries, Me. Jim Boyce, Ms. Jamie Haebggi & Mr. Jochen Koedjik. I am frustrated and I really feel taken advantage of by ADT. The Control Panel was presented to me as if it was a top of the line product and I am unable to view footage from the outdoor cameras or the doorbell. 404655xxxx

  62. I purchased this security system the week of June 2020, upon installing the system the technician stated that I would receive a 250.00 gift card/reward card after 6 months (I’m not sure if it was 6 mos or a year) or 1 yr., as long as I don’t cancel my service. I asked if I had to do anything and he (Robert Woodliff) stated “no” it will come in the mail., here it is 9 mos later and I haven’t received anything in the mail, so I’m wondering was it a year that he stated I would receive it, well I tried to call the office to check and see so I did and all I got was the run around one person didn’t have a clue (didn’t have anything in the system) so i had to call back so at this point I’ve been calling for the past 2 days, today March 8, and 9, On the 9th I received the worst customer service ever, the representative says since I didn’t answer to the email or complete a form than the reward/gift card has expired, I stated that how when I never received either never and than she places me on hold to see what they can do and the phone hung up, she never tried to call back at all, I proceeded to call back and the next representative was just right out rude and accuses me not reading the terms and conditions, never allowed me to address my issue to defend myself to the fact that I never received a email nor a form ever and says Im being loud and hung up on me, at this point I feel very helpless and I’ve been misleading to the fact that the technician sold me a fraudulent story that I would receive something and I never did ….I also feel I should be entitled to something as well ….customer service tried to locate Robert and they were unsuccessful in doing so, don’t have a record of anything so that should tell a person something, I feel that the customer service Dept should have done more considering I repeatedly stated I never received anything as far a a email nor a form, I feel as a customer I should be satisfied with the overall situation and I’m not happy at all at this point I want to discontinue my service after being a customer for only 9 mos, CONSIDERING SOMETHING SO SMALL AS THIS, IS GIVING ME SUCH A HUGE PROBLEM AND THE RUN AROUND JUST IMAGINE IF I HAD A MUCH MORE SERIOUS ISSUE, SO AT THIS POINT I WILL never refer service to a friend or family member nor a coworker, ALSO I WILL BE CALLING AGAIN TO INQUIRY WHEN WILL MY CONTRACT END … I WILL NOT FURTHER MY SERVICE WITH ADT (my first time ever and my last time)

  63. I spent forever on the phone to CS. I was escalated to a CS manager, Keisha, in Omaha. She told me that someone would call me back within 48-72 hours. That was over a week ago. I asked my account be put on hold while we were renovating starting last July. I thought all was well, until we started getting “overdue” notices totaling now over $400. When I spoke with CS, I was told that I should have had the fee reduced to the minimum to keep the account active. How was I to know that?? In any event, the problem has not been solved, and I need an ADT technician to come out to the house and reinstall the system sensors and add some new ones. I need to get the bill corrected before that happens. Please contact me as soon as possible.
    Alan Pryor
    xxxx Mornington Drive NW
    Atlanta, Ga 30327

  64. Hello my name is Diane G. Peters I had moved from 5310 Royal Press Dr. Katy Tx 77493 I had to moved because of Coved-19 I told the landlord wanted her house not to rented anymore. I had no where to go I called and told a rep that . I called back when I found someplace which 29610 Juntti place ct. katy Tx 4494 when I spoke with the rep and told him what was going on he told since I was relocating I would not have the pay last 4 months of old account because I m just relocated. I look at my account March 15, 2021 and I see that they had withdrawn $474.00 from my without my permission and that money was for my medication. Now I can’t get my medication I am sick I have called managers was to call me back no calls ADT is and aweful company you can just closed the account and I will never use your service again. I am sick just went threw the snow storm a month ago. I can be reached at 408679xxxx.
    Thank you!
    Diane G. Peters

    Sent from my iPhone

  65. Some of your representatives have the worst attitude imaginable. Do you provide training for socialized relating with people who are dealing with problems and needs serious to them regarding their safety?

  66. i have been trying to get information on what is available to upgrade my seven year old system. I a, aware of my account status and what is past due. I just need information on what is available to me, what is new and what features are available. I called six times and was not able to get anyone that could simply answer my question without signing away my first born information. Is there anyone anywhere that can provide this

  67. I am a current and I wanted to add the door bell. The tech came and started that he doesn’t have the doorbell that he had was not compatible with my adt system. Also that I would have to buy a new system if I want the doorbell feature. I can’t afford to do that so I guess I have to change companies

  68. Hi my name is felipe chavez adress 2130 orange ave santa ana ca 92707 my debit card was charged for 78 dollars activation fee you represant told me is going to be 0 dollar activation fee so I would like to refund the money thank you my phone number is 714 425 xxxx

  69. I am an adt customer and I want to file a complaint. I’m unsatisfied with the service I’m getting

  70. I have quit an authorized dealer (Safe Haven Security services) in San Antonio, Tx. None of the employees there are complying with fire license requirement. I was told by manager no to worry about it. The cimpany overall has one but Texas requires each installer to take three tests to install fire alarms. Fire Marshall has been notified as well.

  71. I am getting different stories from different people I have contacted with your company. I am being transferred around and disconnected. I want someone to contact me who has the power and authority to tell me the truth and provide their statement in writing so I can count on what I have been told. 813-523-xxxx.

  72. I had to sign a 5 year contract which after doing research is unheard of. I was not happy with the installation guy, the price and quality of your service. I got my alarm service installed in February. I was told I had 30 days to cancel the service if I was not happy for any reason. I tried to cancel the next day but every time I called my call kept getting transferred from person to person for 45 mins because no one said they were authorized to cancel my service so I hung up three times I called. I also had to sign a 5 year contract which is not ok since it says everywhere that all contracts are 3 years. I am very disappointed with ADT and want out of my contract please. Please call me 949-307-xxxx

  73. I had services with ADT and moved in February 2021. I received a cancellation bill and I explained that my new home would be built in 6 1/2 to 7 months and I would continue my services. They were okay with it. After receiving another bill I called them on 03/26/21. I was assured that the account had been noted and that I could disregard the bill. On today March 30, my account was debited for $1,313 after being reassured that I was okay. I called Customer service and was transferred multiple times before they just hung up on me.

  74. I would like an email address for someone in marketing. I have a proposal for ADT to sponsor a patrol car for Greenway City Marshal’s office.

  75. I been dealing ADT since Saturday evening at 4:30 pm to 8:30pm I talk to customer service after customer service over and over and they keep putting me on hold. I ask for a manger she came to the phone and ask to calm down or going hang on me. AND SHE DID!!! I hope you guys recorded your call!!

  76. First there were phone calls from (678)383-2170 Attached is fake contract and in the highlighted area is a no reply email address. noreply Please provide me with your fraud department to report this scam. I do not and never had an account with ADT. Please stop email harassing .

    Please use the contact number below…the female created an account with an address she didn’t know who resided there. She has no documentation to substantiate a payment was made for this fake contract. I will not call customer service.Your business need to escalate this up to corporate.

  77. The worst service as I have been on the line for 1 hoir trying to cancel my service, as your firm is incompetent!

  78. Take the email [email protected] off of your email list. I’m sick and tired of unsubscribing and you still sending messages!!! DO NOT EMAIL ME FOR ANYTHING I REPEAT DO NOT EMAIL ME ANYTHING!!!!! If this continues I will press charges for harassment!!!

  79. Since I stareted with ADT I have been having constant problems with my ADT Home Security System. I have had to request numerous service calls and problems continue for the interior and exterior equipment ie; door & window alarms/alerts and video camera. I have ben put on 2 -3 90 day contracts that I realized was not even with ADT. Ted Benecka has ignored my emails or phone calls request for help, even though I was told when I had a complaint it should go directly to him. When I requested to speak to the Jim Devries (President & CEO) I was informed that Ted said he would speak to me today. I have left a voice message for Jim Devries about my home security problems and complaint of Ted Benecka. I would like “all” of the present equipment (including wiring which may olso be defective) removed from my home and replaced with new equipment to avoid future problems. I look for to properly having these issues addressed tomorrow 4/16/2021. Thank you in advance for your assistance in providing me true security.

  80. ADT’s Install vendor, Secure 24, has a serious customer care problem in that they are only open M – F, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. Central time. If you have an issue within your first 90 days of installation, you’re out of luck. If you try to escalate an issue, it will go nowhere and the Director of Installation, Kyle Homar, will not take your call. CEO Kevin Tihen is also unreachable and customer service will tell you they do not have his contact information. You will be stuck speaking with low-level supervisors who, while trying to be helpful, are not at all helpful.

    Bottom line, this is a very small group of people who do not seem to have the professional maturity or infrastructure to put customers first; they are not available to support after 6 p.m. or weekends. If Secure 24 is who ADT says they use as their installer, DON’T GO WITH ADT, FIND SOMEONE ELSE.

    Secure 24 is ADT’s installation vendor in our area. Saturday, April 10, only 12 days after Secure 24 installed our ADT alarm we had a hardware malfunction. We were out of town for the weekend, thankfully, only a three hour drive away, because ADT said they could not re-boot the alarm because it was still under Secure 24’s 90 day contract time. We called Secure 24 four times Saturday, leaving two panicked messages before I googled them to find out they are only open M – F Central time. We drove the three hours back to the house to spend 15 seconds fixing the problem with ADT on the phone.

    We called Secure 24 Monday morning (because they still had not called us) and spoke with CS Rep who was not aware that we had left two messages on Saturday but said she would escalate the issue. Five hours later, when we had not heard from anyone at Secure 24, we called again. Different CS Rep said he would escalate to his supervisor who was still on break for 20 minutes. Called ADT again and they said it was Secure 24’s problem to fix, transferred us back to same CS Rep at Secure 24.

    A low-level supervisor finally called us to apologize but could not do anything to help (we had already fixed the issue Saturday) so we said we wanted to cancel the service. They said we could but would charge us the remaining 23 months of the contract. We reminded them that they had already violated the terms of the contract when they were not available to help us with an emergency on Saturday. We asked to speak to his supervisor (Director of Installations, Kyle Homar) but he was “in meetings” and going home at 6 p.m., like a professional leader in a customer-facing organization does (not ever do!). Kyle refused to take any of our calls. Basically, Kyle Homar hid from us and left his lower-level supervisor to deal with us.

    For your own safety, I was stay far, far away from Secure 24 as they do not seem to take customer care or safety very seriously. Why ADT is using them is a mystery but it says a lot about ADT that they have such unprofessional vendors operating in their name.

  81. After installing an upgrade to my system I have experienced poor customer service , an over charge on my credit card and a system that is not properly
    sync . Poor system monitoring

  82. Hello,
    After I had a low battery signal , your company mailed a new battery that vanished after 2 1/2 weeks. I followed the instruction of one of your reps and had rebooted the system. It worked for a week then acted up again. I ordered and paid Amazon Prime for another battery. Installed the new battery according to your reps instructions and it worked for 12 hours, then failed completely. I could only get a tech 2 days later. My house will be again unprotected again for 2 more days when I needed emergency service (not available). Not good enough and I may switch to a better more responsive company. I am fuming at ADT. 410-484-7037

  83. I cannot for the life of me get this company to stop spamming me. It’s been going on for months. I have continuously unsubscribed to no avail.

  84. I am a current customer that moved service from 135 Seawright Dr Fayetteville, GA 30215 to 290 Oakleigh Manor Dr Fayetteville, GA 30215. The agent Antoine Travers , ADT Corporate Residential Territory Manager provided misinformation and inaccurate information. I was advised Equipment charges would be credited and that I would be issued adjustments for any fees from the Seawright Dr. I’ve been dealing with this issue since November/ December 2020. I’ve been blind transferred, cold transferred, lied to, misinformed and respectfully need 1 of Teo things to happen. Honor what I was advised by Antoine Travers (470) 218-xxxx his boss Ken (404) 354-xxxx or let out of my contract no fees and you can come and reclaim this equipment. I have text records of our conversations but really feel them or you should simply honor their word.

  85. I had an appointment with ADT Monday May 10 between the hours of 8-12pm. No one ever showed nor did I receive a phone call or text. I had this appointment scheduled 3 weeks ago. A technician was supposed to set me up with a Radio/cell guard for my system. I have been with ADT for over 21 years and pay my bills on time, at least somebody should have have the decency to let me know that nobody was coming and I could have spent my day doing something else instead of waiting for nothing. If this is how ADT treat their loyal customers, than maybe I need to start looking for a new security service.

  86. Hi, I have been an ADT customer for years. Recently, I had ADT set up an alarm system at my sister’s home in Clifton, NJ, and I paid for the installation and I pay the monthly monitoring. ADT refuses to give me the $200 referral fee, as advertised in emails and correspondence that I receive as an ADT customer. I would like the referral fee.

  87. To whom it may concern, I believe my security has been breached. by someone in your company. Every month when I try to make my payment I have to make a new password. I have other accounts and don’t have a problem any time. Before making another payment I would like Corporate to contact me with an explanation. Thank you

    Ms. S Brock
    xxxx Afton Grove Rd
    Cordova, TN

  88. Trying to cancel my account. When I call the dealer that scammed me, their trying to scam me again by charging an absorbent penalty amount. When I signed up with you was told that ADT and ATT&T were combining with a promotion that was a Lie I soon found out and now I cannot afford the cost. All I’m asking is to please cancel my account with a reasonable penalty . Their asking $2207. penalty. Which is 75

    Writing to ask your help in canceling my account because your dealer wants me to pay a penalty of $2208.00. They are charging me 75% of the total amount of my contract. When signed their contract with the understanding that ADT and AT&T had an agreement of a promotion that was a lie I soon found out. Because was not true I can’t afford the payments to you. So all I’m interested in is to cancel my contract and pay a reasonable penalty. I’m a widow at 93years old and can’t possibly afford th $63.99 monthly payments. I’m pleading with you for help. Helen Hand


  89. We ordered adt cameras for our house because we already had the service after a couple of days we found them to have a 8 minute delay so they send out thee people to work on thi problem they blamed it on the internet si we had at&t come out we paid 149 dollars for them to move it upstairs they still did not work right so we called adt again they still said thats they couldn’t do anything about and we only had 3 days to get out of a 6 year contract i onl wanted them to remove the none working cameras and out of this contract i fell they knew these camers did not work properly and that they preyed on us after we had trusted them for years now i would never recommend them to anyone they are not to be trusted they are people aware of

  90. I was an ADT customer for 11 years. I recently moved out of that property. The person I spoke with to cancel my servicer tried to tell me that I owe money for leaving the contract early because I chose no to have service installing in my new home at the time I canceled my service. I have not had a valid contract in years, and I asked him to provide one. He put me on hold and said that he did not see an active contract. Then I receive a bill for $409. When I called about this I was told it was for leaving the contract early. I have told them multipal time to send me a vaild contract and I will pay it, but the fact is there is not one for them to send me. I can say I had good service when I had ADT, but now my views are completely different. I want that charge dropped.

  91. Used to be an ADT customer. Now I have inactive ADT equipment in my house that continues to beep loudly &nobody will come out to help me because I’m not a current customer. Way to lose a potential future customer. Will be going to social media tomorrow.

  92. The agents you all employees are rude lairs and give misleading information I just got this service was charged 2 days after getting it then was told I had to pay to get a license agreement with my police station which none of this was explained at the ri.e of me getting the serve I’m suppose to pay a bill for services I can’t use bc I don’t have a permit pay additional fees for a permit after leaning this after the fact I wanted to cancel these service a superior which he camped to be lied then transferrd to a department that’s wasn’t cancelations only to waste my time on the phone if I do not hear back from this department I will be reporting you all to BBB this is ridiculous

  93. I am not able to use these cameras they sent me over a week ago. I asked for my money back and they told me I have a balance to pay. What is going on with this. I was treated very disrespectful and I was thought to be stupid. I work for Boing making airplane parts yet your people is trying to get over on me as if I am some kind of idiot. Someone needs to call me back on this situation ASAP!

  94. Adt does not work in our home. ADT has tired every possible solution to make it work and it doesn’t. I would like out of my contract at this point.

  95. I am emailing in regards to the lack of ownership, ineffective and inept customer service I have received. I began service with you at 135 Seawright Dr Fayetteville GA in or around August 2020. My family and I found our forever home and moved in Jan 2021. Around Nov 2020 I called to advise of the move targeted in Q1 2021. The rep at that time scheduled a disconnect of service which led to ETF fees. I was later advised by Antoine Travers, a Regional ADT sales agent, that this was incorrect. That it should have been set as a pending move and transfer of service. Subsequently my card was charged $450.45 in Jan which I had to call to have refunded and once credit posted I was then again charged $426.74 in Feb, which was refunded after 2 weeks. Both for the incorrect ETF fees above. I was already leary of staying with you due to these concerns, but Antoins and his boss Ken assured they would get things resolved and my account set to $0 to start freshly at my new address 290 Oakleigh Manor Dr Fayetteville GA 30215. This too has come to not be true. I most recently have been charged $366.82 for the above referenced equipment charges, which again I was told would be credited. I was even offered an adjustment of 2 months free by Antoine Travers boss Ken. Antoine contact info is 470-218-6118. Ken contact info is 404-354-4614. Throughout this process I have been blind transferred from customer service to billing to relocation departments each time I call. Each time a cold transfer, so no introduction to the call receiving agent. I’ve told the story that I am typing no less than 10 times. I am looking to either have these charges adjusted as promised or let out of my agreement. You can have the equipment back. I’ve been constantly lied to, passed the buck on and still no resolution to an issue that has now spanned no less than 6 months. I need the $366.82 credited immediately.

  96. PROBLEM: We are extremely disappointed! We contacted a local rep here in Florida (Rusty) to help us get set up with a new system in our new home in Oro Valley. Note: We have had previous service in our home here in Florida until we moved from 7979 Brofield Avenue(4yrs) Windermere, it was awesome. Currently We have had nothing but issues and not even called on most of them as our schedules wouldn’t permit. My sister met the tech the first time as we were out of town, and when we arrived in April the keypads were a major disappointment. The lack of technology and efficiency was overwelming. I was expecting the keypads to have the key fobs that you wave and deactivates the alarm system, at the very least to have the cameras available on the screens so we can see whom is at the door, or outside? The 2nd ipad is even a bigger disappointment.
    We have had to have the service people out several times to try and correct the alerts we don’t receive, and camera angles. There have been times that all of a sudden we are getting 75-100 alerts a day on our phones from the driveway camera, now since they went out and fixed it – we haven’t gotten any from the driveway. People pull in the drive or walkup and we don’t get notified and cant see anything. When someone comes to the front door, we only get alerted when they ring the bell.
    We know there are other keypads and systems that display the cameras, and better technology all around with full time camera displays. I even purchased extra items to ensure we had the best possible solution for this property. There have been so many issues with this system and it feels like we were sold outdated equipment. This certainly can’t be the representation ADT wants conveyed to others.
    I am a RE/MAX agent and recommend Alarm systems to my clients. This is extremely disappointing, and I need someone to help us get this corrected.
    Please call me (407) 312-xxxx
    RE: xxxxx N Silverscape Oro Valley AZ 85737

    I get hundred of emails daily, a call would be appreciated.

  97. Shift manager in Durban call centre (Louise; tel. 031-003-6352) hung up on me, mid discussion. I want to lay a complaint, and would like a reference number.

  98. My system issues have never been resolved. Your technician no showed me and was supposed to be her Wednesday when I was guaranteed an appointment Wednesday. Today is Friday. Your service sucks and I plan to report you to the better business bureau.

  99. Please be advised that allowing reps like Kendrick Jefferson from the Bartlett, Tenn. branch to continue will be a detriment to ADT’s bottom line when fraud and misrepresentation appears to be normal business practice with customers.

  100. I was ADT customer fir 20+ years, When I wanted to cancel the services in April 2020, I received a discounted rate of $10 per month as appreciation for being long time customer
    Starting February 2021 rate jumped to $52 per month without any notification (text/email/letter) and all of a sudden discounted rate was presented as short time promotion
    Unfortunately I trusted ADT and didn’t pay too much attention for automatic withdrawals until I realized in June 2021 that I was cheated

  101. i have been an adt customer since 2004.
    in march 2021 i ordered an upgrade. installed may 1,2021. it has been a nightmare since then. not working
    alarm blasting non stop. charges to me credit card non stop …, customer service
    non existent…. buyer beware

  102. For about the last month I have received calls that were obviously people thinking they were calling ADT. I don’t know why. I think about 5 calls total. It is not more than a temporary distraction to me, but I wonder why it is happening and if it is anything you should be concerned about. I have two phone numbers which ring on my cell phone where I get the calls: 903-497-xxxx and 1-800-495 xxxx

  103. I just sent a comment that included my phone numbers. Please do not put them up on the site.

  104. Your monitor service is unacceptable since I hv been a customer since 1992
    On phone waiting 1 hour and 1 hour before with two representatives = total two hours of my time on faulty equipment and monitoring. Filing complaint with BBB Houston Tx and no one answered after hours to even discuss possible canceling services Couldn’t even do that !!! Terrible. I have no monitoring from the equipment since the technician left my house. App doesn’t work snd nor does equipment. The president of ADT will get notified, Jim DeVries as well.
    Guess I’ll call back to get someone. Can’t wait all night.

    I can be reached at (832 xxxx if anyone at ADT cares 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  105. I have already paid you for account 550 Falcoln trail NICEVILLE Fl and you sent me to collections call 850-333-xxxx

  106. on 6/30/2021, I was on the phone with ADT for about 2 hours , transfered to roughly 4 or 5 department, which to me is totally unacceptable. A customer who has been with adt for almost 10 years should not have to go throught the ordeal I went thru today. I asn requesting that someone review my complete conversion conducted today at 6/30/2021. My phone number is 206-304-xxxx. The resaon for my call was to chane my order from 4 exterior camears and 2 door bell camears , to just 6 exterior camears. I could never receive a satisfactory answer.

  107. Purchased ( cameras and security system for my business a complete waste was told I could view on my phone, security works fine Hik-vision cameras are junk, software useless.. If ADT tries to sell you a Hik vision, IVMS 4500 camera system go to another security company waste of Money over $3000. Have spent ove 4hrs on phone still not fixed.

  108. I will be filing formal complaint with Houston TX BBB. Been an ADT customer since 1992 but cancelling for extremely poor and unacceptable service repeat appointments unresolved on equipment service and technical services. Don’t have the energy and have lost all confidence in ADT service protection of my home. To date equipment not working properly and technicianS did not resolve.

  109. Problem with service need loyalty Dept to call me PLEASE
    Dennis Ahola
    603 north ave , Lehigh acres
    810 691xxxx

  110. I cannot get my 200 referral fee for a system installed last October. Ni was told it was put in I have no information. The person who sold the system called several times. I am tired of calling and being on hold 20 minutes . My next complaint is an internet review,both systems w

    I am tired of trying to get my rebate for a system installed last October I was supposed to get $200 the person that sold the system she has also called several times I’m tired of being on hold 20 minutes I’m tired of looking through computers for phone numbers if this doesn’t get resolved. I’m putting a review on the internet and filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau

    1. contact your state’s attorney general about this. I am going to have to contact my states attorney general for the same issue.

  111. a technician came to my house on 07/10/2021 and said he was doing an upgrade on my alarm. when i tried arming my home using the pulse app. it did not work. i have been calling adt for two days trying to get them to come fix this problem that their technician created. they had the nerve to tell me this is not important and terxt me about a 34 dollar bill being due. they said they don’t have techs come out on sunday, but then they do but i would have to pay. why do i have to wait til another day or pay when the problem rests with the technician that adt sent out. i have talked to five people three of whom hung up on me. so i returned the same favor. this behavior from this company as of lately is absolutely deplorable.

  112. I was out of town to return this am around 1am to find that someone my have tried to force open my patio door, not calls for ADT, I called this morning and have been on the telephone getting the run around, searching for a supervisor, my house is not secure, I am so afraid, I am not in a good neighborhood, I have begged for a technician, there is not one available before Thursday, before I wait til Thursday I will get a new company and I have reported this company to Clayton County Police, I have only had this system less than 1 year, I am a senior and I AM VERY AFRAID, HELP!!!

  113. You guys have called 3 weeks straights from 7am til 9pm even on Sundays after I said I wasn’t interested and to put me on the do not call list. Total harassment. Your marketing department is very unprofessional and very unknowable. I asked for a supervisor they claimed they didn’t have one and said they have to transfer me to someone to add me on the do not call list and I have left 10 voice-mail and they still call all day and night and I have blocked 7 numbers so far

  114. A technician was scheduled to come to our home, July 17, between 12n – 4 pm.
    Around 4:30 pm I called to get a status report on the technician’s arrival.
    We were told that our appointment was on July 20. We corrected your employee because we had verification from ADT that it was scheduled July 17 between 12n-4 pm. Apparently at 3:01 p, ADT decided to reschedule our appointment to July 20 between 12n-4 pm, with no communication other than their standard text message

    At that time we saw the text that arrived at 3 pm telling us about the appointment change.
    Your behavior is very poor… to expect a client to wait for hours…
    sending a text late in the day…

  115. For a week or so there has been an ADT van parked behind my house. Not moved parked in a no parking zone .I have reached out to ADT multiple times by phone and by email as well as to the ” how’s my driving ” number. In all cases I have been blown off. The local police were notified, and if it’s still there on the day they come to do fence work it will be towed. There overall attitude would never make me a customer, when they ignore basic traffic laws and clog up residential neighborhoods with there mobile billboards.

  116. I want my account whose number is: 40112xxcc cancelled. The tech who serviced my residence at xxx E Rock Rd Allentown PA 18103, told me that she was changing my box to a 5G box. I do not want that equipment in my home. Please cancel my service and remove your equipment from my home.
    Thank You,
    Marie Oliver.

  117. I had the unfortunate task of canceling my elderly father’s account today because we are relocating him to an assisted living facility due to advances in his demetia. I was told that he would be charged for another 30 days even though he would no longer be there. He needs every penny he has to help for his long term care. Believe me when I say that we would love for him to be home and using the service. He has been a long time customer and I cannot believe that your company does not make exceptions in scenarios such as his. Shame on you all!

  118. I am here to advocate on behalf of a disabled client who signed a 3 year contract without understanding to contract itself. When I spoke with the first person…Marcie #1168, she refused to give me a supervisor and I actually found myself yelling at her. Unacceptable for the both of us. I called corporate, left a message and of course, no call back. I again called and was able to get a “refund” of 333.70 and transferred to Acct. Mgmt to help with the cancellation fee. I waited an hour and 40 min and finally disconnected as the wait time was ludicrous!! Today I called in to corporate and spike with Kee-Kee at extension 1126716 and advised of the situation. I was told that how could they know that the client wasn’t ok to sign if he sounded fine. I stated I knew this but that I am now telling them about it. I was then advised that the 333.70 that was refunded last night will be charged to him again and that since the client didn’t tell them he was mentally ill, the contract stands. How incredibly frustrating! I am now looking into an attorney for my client and I promised that I would tell and share this information EVERYWHERE I can. I am not going to stop advocating for him until they do the right thing.

  119. I have had my system since January 2021 and it still does not work. I am still billed every month. I have had approximately 14 service calls and it still only works intermittently.

  120. I called ADT to fix my battery problem and your operator hung up on me because I interrupted her. I called back and complained saying I’ve been with ADT over 30 years. That operator should be admonished. No way to treat a loyal client.

  121. emailing the BBB because I cannot get anyone to answer on the phone, and have been on hold ALL AFTERNOON.

  122. Why do you find it necessary to upgrade to 5 G, in middle of a PANDEMIC, requiring Home access of 77 year old Customers?
    Why do you Not notify before a price increase ? Customer Number 7772xxxx

  123. Can’t get online support , email won’t allow me on. I am not talking to Brinks and I am changing my account to them. I have never had so much trouble trying to change a password or accessing my account….bad customer service.

  124. I get 5 to 6 emails from ADT a day. Some are addressed to me and some to my deceased husband. None of your emails will open so I can’t unsubscribe. I’m feeling harrassed. I have mde several phone calls to ADT and I got no help’ just the run around. PLEASE UNSUBSCRIBE ME!.

  125. We have ADT security service monitoring 24/7 our residency since 03/16/2010. We just found out that your company continues to charge for the service which doesn’t provide. It is about 4 months ago when we noticed that the red light comes from one of the installed ADT devices in our residency.
    As soon as we saw the red light, we checked the alarm but didn’t detect any problem since it started to work as usual with the loud sound.
    Witnessing the red light stays on, we decided to call ADT a couple of days ago December 21, 2021. ADT technical support team checked the equipment remotely and told that the major device “Commuter/Communicator “which distributes the signal to the dispatcher/911/
    and police as well is out of order. It was explained to us that in case of emergency neither 911 nor the Policy/Ambulance would come since the device notifying us about the problem did not work.
    So why, having lost the signal from a broken device in our house, ADT didn’t notify us about it and didn’t solve the problem many months ago?

    That was the bad news since it wasn’t ADT who informed us about the problem but we just called ADT looking for an explanation. That means the ADT didn’t detect the problem which occurred more than 4 months ago and still not resolved the issue but continues to charge the service fees…?!
    As of today, the equipment is still out of service and we are waiting for a technician to come only on December 29, 2021, since ADT does not have the earliest time for the appointment.
    We are the loyal ADT customers who have encountered stated above issue. We are asking for ADT professional assistance do not just to replace one of the broken devices but to install all necessary equipment to keep good standing service since the existing devices are not sufficient anymore to provide a proper service. Other than that, we request you to reimburse us the money for the service during which you didn’t perform it.
    Looking forward to your prompt actions in order to avoid a further complaint about a service that you do not provide, but for which you charge.


  127. I have been an ADT customer since November 2016. I’ve never had a complaint against ADT until now. I have always promoted ADT to my family and friends. However, when I decided to upgrade my ADT Pulse system back in November. I was under the impression that I would receive a promotional offer for either an outdoor camera or the control panel for free. However, that did not happen. My installation date was changed from December 14, 2021 because I had to change my internet provider due to AT&T not having a faster upload speed. So I added another internet provider which cost more money. I got all of that done. On the day of the installation, there were some items/equipment on my order that the ADT technician did not have. However, he informed me that those items should be in within a week and would return to install the equipment. Now, I’m being told that I will have to pay an installation fee for the service. I’m not happy with this and I really hate that I upgraded my system. If I knew that this was the case, I would not have upgraded my system or just gone with another provider. I was on the phone waiting to file a complaint with customer service for a few minutes (too long). However, the phone line hung up on the ADT end. After this, I plan to pay off the equipment as soon as possible and shop for another security provider. This is the worst and only bad experience that I have had with ADT. This will definitely be my last! I’m done with ADT.

  128. Help please. I need to know how to cancel service without paying for an attorney. I have canceled several times and all of a sudden, now I supposedly have a contract. Have been with ADT 17 years and this is a first. PLEASE!!! how do I get you out of my life

  129. They do not honor their Buy Back Program. The tech never showed up to repair my 1 month old system that broke and they refuse to send another to my home. They are a fraud!!! Do not use this company!!! They are a scam!!!!

  130. To whom it concern..
    On the referral it doesn’t state anything about a person had to call before the person get it installed in there house or business.
    That’s not what it says online. Thus is False advertising. If that’s the case why didn’t the associate didn’t say that at the time when I call for the last 2 to 3month? Just say you didn’t have the funds. From the beginning it was told to me I didn’t have a account with your company when they took money out of my checking account every month. Yes I’m not happy and you need to remove this off your system cause you have people think they going get a gift card or refund but it’s a fake.
    Thanks for your help. I will not refer a person to your company anymore by telling them you are a good company. If they get service it’s cause they got it on their own. God bles

  131. Purchased my first home 12/09/21 First people I called was ADT to protect my home and family 12/14/21… Nightmare, technician destroyed my home, took my doorbell & left faulty equipment. This entire ordeal has been so stressful. Since this has been going I’ve been contacted once by phone , but have numerous emails explaining how they are “Trying” to resolve my issue… I’ve been told by technical support it doesn’t matter if I’m not satisfied, because I’m in a 36 month contract. Please I need resolution, I need to be contacted and I need some accountability.
    Travis Haines (251)518-xxxx

  132. I have a complaint regarding the poor customer service I received from ADT. I first want to start by saying that my family have been a customer of ADT for 32 years and I am dissatisfied with the poor service I received recently. A tech named Purnell came out on 2/25/22 due to the system that I had just upgraded on 2/21/22. One problem I had was that my appt. was scheduled between 12-4 pm and I called just to confirm and Denise Smith stated that it was between that timeframe. As time was going on, I decided to call back to ADT and they informed me that the appt. was 1-5 pm, and I said no it was not because I wrote it down and had a Job ID and Confirmation number for my appt. Long story short, the tech arrived at 4:30 pm and could not fix the problem. He in turn called back to the office and made another appt. to come back out on March 3 because he said he had open availability that day and I stated between 8- 12 pm. My complaint is this, another tech called me and wanted me to tell him what the problem is and I informed him that he is not the one to be coming out because Purnell made this appt. and is aware of what needs to be done, etc. I did not want anyone else coming out and they don’t know what they are doing or aware of what needs to be done. That tech told me that he would contact Purnell. I then called back to ADT and spoke to some man which I didn’t get his name, but he informed me that Purnell was not available and again I told this guy that Purnell made this appt. on 2/25, so why isn’t he available. He had open availability. I then ask to speak to a supervisor and he wasn’t cooperative. I then called back another time and spoke to a man named Dale in Field Operations. He was unprofessional and not willing to let me speak to a manager. While I was on the phone with him, a lady from adT called me and then told me that Purnell would be coming out between 10-12 pm. He arrived at 10:25 am and left at 11:40 am. He didn’t apologize or say anything regarding this matter. I didn’t say anything either. I don’t like how this matter was handled and folks giving me the run around. I should not had to go through talking with about 4 different individuals when Purnell knew he was scheduled to do this job period. I am highly frustrated with ADT and not sure if I want to remain a customer.

  133. I’ve been on the can’t get my issue resolved very bad representives I talk to three and got no we’re 5 password later I’m writing to you.

  134. HORRIFIC CUSTOMER SERVICE. YOU are better off installing your own cameras. Customer service and supervisors have no accountability with your information on file. You can call once then call back and get another answer. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND TO ANYONE! SAVE YOUR MONEY AND TIME. Every piece of equipment out of three items is 299.00 and the equipment has issues and they want to sell you more stuff. THIS is not 24/7 security -it is 31 secs total period then maybe if it senses movement enough it will maybe do another 31 secs but that is after it cycles again. Tried to said that surveillance s 24/7 which is a different system and upgrade higher than the 299 equipment.

  135. Please help me! I am beyond frustrated!!
    This is my up-tenth call to Safe Haven/ADT installation company for an alarm issue since initially being installed in July 2021.
    I must say and mentioned before to previous techs that on the day of install the technician took nearly 5-6 hrs to install a system that had once existed by the previous owners and during that install had several techs stop by to seemingly to ask questions or help to do the install. My thoughts were that he was inexperienced.
    On more than one occasion I have had a senior tech and supervisor sent to repair/investigate my alarm issues. Please check the ADT Safe Haven service call log for previous times and issues for which a service tech came out to my residence. Dating from Aug 2021 until current year 2022. As a result the fixes included replacing equipment as well as somewhat insulting me that it was user errors.
    The latest problem occurred, 13 March 2022.
    My alarm was set to the alarm stay mode. I had been home for 2 days straight and set the alarm to “stay” mode. I walked by the panel and possibly in the direction of the sensor that was positioned for at least the second time that day and the alarm siren sounded and went completely red. I used my code to disarm.
    I called ADT monitoring for help. The technician ran several tests with me. And some problems appeared. When a test was ran with the alarm on “stay” mode and I walked by the sensor as I had done several times earlier that day and weekend nothing happened as it had previously listed above to prompt me to call ADT.
    When I set the alarm to “away” mode it would count down from 60 seconds and then at the end of counting it went directly into “stay” mode instead of away mode as I had requested. It’s like the wiring switched on it’s own which is what I think happened earlier to prompt me to call ADT for assistance. We did this test a few times and had the same result each time. The alarm mode switched from away to stay mode.
    Also during the testing, the panel did not sound when my garage door opened and a few times it sounded as if the panel voice stuttered/ muffled when it did announce the opening or closing of the door.
    I’m honestly frustrated, disappointed and do not feel safe with this system as no one has been able to figure out the basis of what’s causing my issues and replacing equipment pieces only to have to return.
    There have been times when I’ve been insulted and merely brushed off or classified as having “user” errors. I’ve been a loyal paying customer yet I’m not receiving a reliable service in return. I no longer have faith in this system protecting me and my home.
    Ursula Graves

  136. Some how your system canceled my Easy Pay account and started to charge a another customer my fees. Someone in your billing department made an error. I found out because I received a paper bill.

  137. So I would like to share my experience with ADT.I had an alarm system camera and google doorbell. The doorbell has not worked since install. I have had 4 techs out all telling me different things.Finally came to oh you have to hire an electrician to put in new doorbell transformer.Not happy WHY was I told this before install.So i did hire an electrician that cost me another 187.00 on top what I am being charged with you all.Well the nest still does not work with the doorbell.I have been more than patient with this.I feel number one I should not have had to pay another 187.00.I have given you all every chance before I go to the better business bureau.I am so very unhappy.You sold me the system I trusted I was getting what I was sold and it’s been a nightmare.And now I’m out another 187.00.You can look up all my service calls. Teresa Kenyon 727-480-xxxx

  138. All I want is to be able to see the office camera on my phone. There is one DVR. And six cameras. That’s it.
     1.  I originally called about two months ago, first off  I had to wait about three weeks for you guys to come out on a service call. When the tech does get there….he is able to do nothing. I am out of town on business, and he tells me on the phone that I have to have “my phone” there because it is the primary number. I said fine, then change the primary number to one of my employees phones. (It could not be that difficult) And he says he can’t, because “HE ALREADY CLOSED THE TICKET”, and I quote!
     2. That was March 15th. So I call to set “another appointment”……….. and I am told it would be April 6th before you could come back. ADT is making me wait three more weeks because your tech was lazy! So I set up anyway and your tech came out on April the 6th.
    3. He walks in and immediately starts looking at the Hikvision box. A few minutes later he tells me he can’t find the power cord. I just casually say it has to be here, maybe the last tech took it. And he goes BALLISTIC. Immediately starts muttering he doesn’t have to take this, that he is not going to be accused of stealing, and WALKS OUT.(I found the cord about two minutes after he left).   All that “damage” talk he put on his report is not true. Nothing had been damaged.
    4. This has to be a very simple task, but the techs are not solution oriented. It would probably take about five minutes tops with a tech that knew what he/she was doing. 
    5. So if I called again I am sure ADT would make me wait another three weeks to come back out. Customer support is non-helpful, as they say there is nothing they can do. Pathetic really. ADT could send someone out here that knew what they were doing and get this done IF you/they wanted to. 
    6. Anyway…..what would you do in my situation? Something as simple as this? And making me deal with this for over two months and three service calls.
    7. Joshua….14 years of drafting my payments and then to be treated like a dog when I do call in, is unacceptable. I will not forget.
    John Hauk 817-999-xxxx cell

  139. Got your service in February, moved in March, waS told can’t cancel contract or even return equipment.
    Since then I’ve been charged $1,157.35 (March 7) and on April 10, $2033.18.
    Now I not only want to cancel, but want my money back.

  140. My name is Anthony, I am active military I have orders to move from my house. ADT is charging me $289.47 for equipment installed. Under the Servicemember Civil Relief Act, I should not have to pay this amount, it should be waivered. I was paying installments of $7.43 monthly. I am under military orders and should not have to pay this balance of $289.47. Please waive these fees!

  141. Upgraded system with extra cameras, hasn’t worked since installed. Have had 4th service call and continues to say CELLULAR Failure. Please fix or remove system. I’ve spoke with (Mark) manager and he was useless. We are paying $88 dollars a month for no service. Been a customer for over 10 years

  142. My video doorbell is not working and I have had two telephone appointments with them to trouble shoot and neither of the appointments was kept. The first one they called over an hour late to reschedule and the second one they never called so I called them and was told my case was closed. I waited home and they never called the second time. I have even have my call log that showed they never call my telephone. I can’t believe with everything was verifiable they lied and said they call my home and no one answered. Funny they didn’t leave a message that they called. I still have an answering machine. I can’t believe they are so bold as to lie about calling me and closing out my case. I can’t wait until my contract is up, I will be canceling my service with them and would never recommend them to anyone.

  143. 90 year old tried to cancel his account. Future living arrangements not fully resolved but Security system not needed. Customer service transferred 3 times , on hold and call over 38 mins only to be hung up on.

  144. I’ve been loyal employee for ADT for the last 39 years I got hurt while on the job 2019 I’m going to be a little desperate at this point cuz I thought that ADT go to have my back after so many years I had to get a lawyer because ADT after so many months of two surgeries and going to rehab got rid of my insurance they also offered me a desk job and this is on the Pompano office which never materialized now I’ve been trying to find all the work because ADT it’s not providing my job or my work or the job today promise me so in the meantime like that love working for the company I wish that they will give me my job back at this point like I said contacting to see if anybody from corporate will pay attention to this situation that I’m having like I said I love working for the company I’ve been there 39 years I wish I could end my career there at this point don’t know if anybody could reach out to me my phone number 239-404-xxxx my full name is Raymond Maldonado again I’ve been with you all since 1983 and the hope to hear from someone to see what can be done about my situation thank you

  145. After being a customer for 6 years without being late on my bill, I have been trying to cancel my contract since September 2022 with no success. I have made countless calls which resulted in hours long wait times only to be disconnected. I have spoken to several representatives which transfers you back into the dead in system. Two representatives back I explained the above and I wanted to avoid another new ongoing payment, he disconnected my call and charged my card immediately. After several more attempts to get an ADT representative I was forced to close my credit card account to prevent fraudulent charges. After several more attempts made I spoke to another representative and he told me he had the power to close out my account. He made several attempts and offers to entice me to continue services with ADT and I informed him thank you but I still wanted my account closed. He apologized for the difficulties of trying to close my account and told me that I have a 0.00 balance and that my account was being closed. Now the billing department is contacting me that I still owe 162.00 because of my forced credit card closure that they can’t be billed. I consider the 162.00 be fraudulent attempts to bill my credit card and of the lowest business standards for a company like ADT.
    David Tatro
    xxx Brooksby Way
    Alcoa, Tn 37701
    865 894-xxxx

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