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Company Website
Corporate Address
2001 S. Alameda St.
Los Angeles, CA
Company Contact
Do Won Chang
Phone Number
(213) 741-5100
Fax Number
(213) 741-5161
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9 Reviews and Complaints for Forever 21 Headquarters

  1. Order No. 8116895263, my name is Debbie Felton. I ordered merchandise on June 14th. I have called, i have been transferred, i have been sent a picture of where this was delivered, it was not my apt. door, it doesn’t even have my apt number in the picture. its not even my building. After going through a few months back and forth with customer service and lasership your shipping carrier, they have denied my dispute. This is the most ridiculous way to run a company. Its basic investigation. If the picture isn’t even the address it should have been shipped to, then they should have refunded my money or resent the merchandise ordered. That is basic customer service. All they have made me do is jump through hoops to prove i never received my merchandise only for them to deny me a refund or merchandise and come to the conclusion it was delivered.

  2. I would like to first start off by saying I am very disappointed in forever 21 lately and being a card holder I expect a little more from them. First, the website was malfunctioning when placing my order. I finally got to place my order only to realize I ordered the wrong size when I received the pair of shorts I REALLY needed for an upcoming event. That is my fault I know. However, I went to my local store to EXHANGE them for the right size which they had at the time only to be told that they COULD NOT AND WOULD NOT exchange them but I could return them and buy the other ones. I said well I got them for 7.99 are you going to give me them for the same price since they were 9.99 in store. The girl was rude and said “NO, we can only give you the store sale.” Umm… what I work retail and I know for a fact you can exchange for same exact item. Anyways, so I said fine I returned them and ordered them online. Which then had to purchase $50 more of stuff to get the free shipping. Ok fine I did that. Well I received my order today to realize Forever 21 themselves sent me the wrong size. They sent a 24. My order clearly states I wanted a 26. I then had my boyfriend call corporate to only be told they could not send me another pair but could offer me free shipping. However I would not be getting the shorts for the 6.99 I had got them for the SECOND time ordering them. I would have to pay the 9.99 and get free shipping. This is unacceptable for it was NOT my mistake this time it was FOREVER 2. So I realized it said online that the store still had my size in the shorts I needed so I said fine I will exchange at the store since Katrina from corporate said that they did in fact have to exchange it. So WASTED MY OWN GAS over something that was not my fault to go to the mall only to find out they DID NOT have my size out at least. And I had to settle for a different pair of shorts after all and I was just very unsatisfied. I did place the order for the shorts originally wanted and had it for store pick up. AT THE SAME STORE they said they did not have them at but said they did online and what do you know I placed the order at like 3pm (should of taken only 2 hours to process and pick up) I finally got an email stating my order is ready to be picked up at 830. 5.5 hours later and when they are closing. SO now I have to drive back up there TOMORROW, when I was already there twice and run more gas (which by the way is not cheap) all because nobody at forever 21 would help me from the first time even after reaching out to corporate. The first time I messed up yes but it could’ve been resolved had they exchanged it. Secondly, I should not have had to go through ALL THIS THE SECOND TIME when it was not my fault but forever 21’s fault. I am so upset and disappointed in the company I will probably be paying off and shutting down my card and also be telling others about my experience. Which is a shame because I always shopped there for my 4 kids and boyfriend and other family members and now I have to find a new store to shop at for us all. Nobody could even attempt to make this right. Yes this is long and I hope it gets read so it doesn’t happen to people unaware of how unprofessional this company is being.

  3. Maria from Forever 21 at 80-40 Cooper Avenue, Suite #4-002 Queens, NY 11385 declined to give a pair pants the mannequin in which I wanted to buy. Maria didn’t want to take off the pants. Therefore, forever 21 lost a sale because Maria was being lazy to take off the pants

  4. I am in need of speaking with someone at corporate level or higher to bring to the attention about a very disturbing situation involving my Forever 21 account

  5. I am at home only , no delivery boy is contacted me yesterday and today as well .

    I am getting this message

    Hi Milan Puri, our Forever21 courier partner has notified us that they are unable to deliver the product to you. Please be available to accept the delivery during the next reattempt. Please reach out to us at if you would like to provide any specific instructions to the delivery partner.

    All is fake updates , i will mark mail to your CEO AND MD for this kind of pathetic service kindly Delievery my parcel today it self .

    Order no -F21458507

    Milan puri


  6. Complaint: Kelly, store manager Rosedale Mall, MN. I was in the store shopping today when I heard the manager Kelly yelling, swearing, and belittling an employee. How is a manager allowed to stay a manger with those mean, bullying behaviors? She should be fired and the employee compensated for her behavior!

  7. Good company, I have one small complaint though: It would be great if they had a chat function or online email form where you could easily contact a customer service representative.

  8. I would like to know if I can speak to a customer representative in person if I drive to your corporate office headquarters in office hours. I live nearby.

    1. I previously worked at FOREVER 21 4 or 5 Years ago and I just want corporate to know that your HR is very rude and impatient. The Mangers at Forever 21 are very unprofessional and have no idea what they are doing. I have to wait till June because your Company won’t give me my last PAY CHECK STILL which is rightfully mine. I’m fine with that now because at least once the state gets my LAST PAYCHECK it will be sent to me within the week. I am done reaching out to this MONEY HUNGRY and CARLESS COMPANY. Just thought you should know that your company does this to hard working mothers.

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