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Company Website
Corporate Address
14841 Dallas Parkway
Dallas, TX
Phone Number
(972) 338-7700
Fax Number
(972) 338-6869

Pizza Hut is owned by Yum! Brands. The Yum Brands Headquarters address is:

  • Yum Brands.
  • 1900 Colonel Sanders Ln,
  • Louisville, KY 40213
  • USA

Pizza Hut Email – Pizza Hut CEO Email Address:

Mr Arthur Starrs
Pizza Hut Ceo Email (US)[email protected]
Pizza Hut Corporate Phone Number(972) 338-7700
Pizza Hut Corporate Website
Pizza Hut CIK Number0000078914

Dominos UK CEO Email.

What is Pizza Hut’s Corporate Office phone number?

Pizza Hut’s headquarters phone number is 1-502-874-8300.


What is Pizza Hut’s Customer Service phone number?

Pizza Hut’s customer service phone numbers are 1-800-948-8488 or 1-866-664-5696.

We are not aware of any email address for the corporate office at Yum! Brands.

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Yum! Brands Executive Team.

  • David Novak – CEO
  • Sam Su – Vice President
  • Scott Bergren – Pizza Hut CEO
  • Jonathan Blum – Senior Vice President
  • Anne Byerlein – Chief People Officer
  • Christian Campbell – Senior Vice President
  • Niren Chaudhary – President, India Restaurants
  • Greg Creed – Taco Bell CEO
  • Roger Eaton – Kentucky Fried Chicken President
  • Larry Gathof – Vice President
  • Patrick Grismer – CFO
  • Mickey Pant – Kentucky Fried Chicken CEO
  • David Russell – Vice President


Yum! Brands Board of Directors

  • David Novak
  • Sam Su
  • Michael Cavanagh
  • David Dorman
  • Massimo Ferragamo
  • Mirian Graddick-Weir
  • Bonnie Hill
  • Jonathan Linen
  • Thomas Nelson
  • Thomas Ryan
  • Robert Walter


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  1. Hi
    Sorry this email belongs to pizza hut Pakistan but i m sure nobody will reply or take this seriously at provided pizza hut Pakistan email address so kindly if this place didn’t able to help me then do guide me to where to put complaints for which i can get an answer
    Wish the best for pizzaHut Pakistan hope the company sold the brand or transferred it to some incapable peoples as heard when the head is rotten effect goes down to everybody my number is 03008477784 and made a call at pizzahut on 1616hr 17 june and then afterward 1626hr and later 1640hr nobody is capable enough to handle call and everybody put the call on hold or tell a routine story but nobody is giving answer the lady who took call put it on hold since 35min and every time i asked her to give call to someone senior as she didn’t even know to answer or handle call surprisingly she is not good in urdu or even english if there is anybody reasonable sitting do listen the log of this call or call related to my number 03008477784 right now lady humna is handling call she said she belongs customer call dept karachi and before her mr shoaib picked the call who committed for a call back in 5min which didn’t happen this lady also ask the same but i refuse as i know nobody will call back as when Call handling is of this level then company knows the managers or incharge who trained them knows their capacity’s i just require least a proper answer but nobody able to answer now i want a proper answer and responsibility fixed on concerned person as my order was placed online at 1547 and afterward its a nightmare that followed worst worst and worst Kindly replace if you have any senior or place one if you don’t have any pathetic sick and aziat hud sai ziada as its pizza not piece of clothe for which one can wait that long if anybody here understands food business then for food their is mood and without mood that is not food

  2. Alway like your pizza until tonight. Ordered two large pizzas One thin crust (eatable) One hand tossed (not very good tonight) The crust was the worst pizza crust I have ever ate anywhere. Let me rephrase that (tried to eat) It wasn’t fluffy like usual it was more like it was run over by a steam roller and undercooked. It will be a while before I, suggest Pizza hut to anyone again. Really wasn’t sure if I should let my dog have it. I hope I still have a dog in the morning. I have never had a problem with Decorah, Iowa Pizza Hut before, but I think the reason my dog was licking his butt was to get the taste out of his mouth.


  4. GET BETTER SERVICE IN THE lincoln village area of Columbus ohio. My 1st time to order was a 2 1/2 hr wait on Sunday which isn’t exceptable at any time and a 1 1/2 wait on a Monday night which is still no exceptable. Needless to say I did not order on either night and will not be a pizza hut customer. I like your bread sticks as they are the best around but to wait that long to get a pizza and bread sticks is not going to happen ever. It seems to me that you need more employees and delivery drivers if that is the wait every night. You may lost many customers by the wait time. I will not try again to get an order!!!!!!

  5. There is a Pizza Hut at 11449 W 63rd St, Shawnee, KS 66203. This location needs to be re-staffed or closed. They seem to have difficulty getting orders correct, the food is less than sub par and the service is even worse than the food.

  6. I went to the pizza hut in spring lake nc and their was black mold on the ceiling in the dinning room after I left I felt sick. just a heads up please have this taken care of. thanks

  7. Tried to call in a order and was put on HOLD for 5 MINUTES! Called a second time and was told to please hold and then got hung up on! Me and my family loves pizza hut and giving that this pizza hut is the ONLY ONE in town. We are very disappointed with the service this pizza hut provides. We have other pizza places in this town but only 1 pizza hut. Pizza hut is better then the others and it makes me upset that they don’t take the service of their customers seriously. I think attention needs to be paid by higher management on this store in shawnee, Oklahoma. Even though it is stressful ordering pizza over the phone, I will sadly continue to order for this place. I wish it was easier to call in orders and not be placed on HOLD or HUNG UP on.

  8. I was just watching your Pizza Hut commercial. Is it really necessary to have her any “Oh my God!”
    I’m offended by that and I think it’s the first commercial I’ve ever seen use that fraze.

  9. I was in your Livingston location last week I can’t recall the exact day but your manager there was in the bathroom shooting up something into her arm. I walked in on her on accident. She didn’t seem to care much about it either. I dont know but I feel maybe the local newspaper will be next to hear about this if that manager isn’t fired. I don’t believe anyone in town will feel comfortable going there to eat….taking their kids there….etc. This will get out to the public soon. Sorry. Thank you for your time.

  10. I wanted to talk to someone about pizza hut i worked for the pizza hut in newton north Carolina and they terminated me because i helped a employee how to clock in and the manager diane said i can help her the employee clocked in on her own and the day i was supost to work the manager took me outside and said she needed to talk to me and she said they have to let me go i said that was not fair because i helped a employee so she could clock in the fired me no warning no writen warning just terminated that is not fair i wantes to know what i can do about this my name is chelsea

  11. My sister and I went to eat at Pizza hut in London ky… Let me tell you the carpet in that store is very disgusting, it just as black as black could be! How is one to go eat and enjoy a pizza with that nasty floor? I was told it’s been like that for years, why can’t that carpet be replaced and so at least you could be able to enjoy eating in a clean place!
    Needless to say we walked out!! That’s really sad,!! You lost a customer for sure!

  12. Pizza Hut and Columbus Ohio on Cleveland Avenue at the Northern Lights location never stays open till midnight on the weekends as it states online they do. I tried to order two nights in a row approximately 11:15 p.m. and the girl who answered answers the phone thank you for calling Pizza Hut we’re not taking any more orders how can I help you. I said how can you help me if you’re not taking any more orders she said I’m sorry we’re closing down so we can clean and be out of here by 12. I said how late are you open she said 12 I said well then why don’t you post that online that you close at 11:15 p.m. and you clean from 11:15 to midnight so you can get out of there. I’m a GM of a restaurant and I find this ridiculous. If I was running a pizza Hut and I was told my store closes at midnight I would take orders up until midnight you can clean as you go and be ready but apparently this crew can’t. I find this hard to believe cuz I’m not the only one that says this I’ve spoke to other people and they said they get the same answers when they tried to order. I even had my sister call back up there thinking maybe I was just crazy but no the girl went as far as to hanging up on my sister cuz my sister asked for a manager. I’m very upset and like I said this is not the first time this is every single weekend when I try to order one day I may get a true manager in there that actually makes their employees work but until then I’ll just keep trying I guess. But I also will spread the word I will tell everyone not to order from that location just for the way I was treated cuz as I said that is ridiculous to be treated that way. Maybe their employees should be retrained on how to clean as they go and keep taking orders up until the time the store should be closing please send me all the names of those employees just in case they was to apply where I am the GM so I know not to hire them cuz I clearly would never hire someone that would answer my phone that way. Also as a GM I would wonder why I’m not getting cells from 11:15 to 12 I would question that apparently it’s not question their cuz this is been going on for some time now thank you for listening to me have a good day

  13. I ordered my food from Pizza Hut approximately over an hour and half, called after about 45 min, girl said it was on its way…. never arrived. Called again after an hour and 15 min and now they’re saying it’s Carryout, dang it I hit DELIVERY and I entered our address, now I speak to a boy at the store that is just stuttering on phone, has no phone etiquette and claims to be the Manager, wth Pizza Hut?

  14. To whom it may concern… I ordered a pizza as carry out at the Pizza Hut Cherokee, Iowa location. Got home to eat it and found a hair in the pizza. I called the Restaurant to tell them about the incident and was told they would not do anything about it because a couple of hours had gone by. This is not right! Any person in the back cooking should be wearing hair nets and not to mention gloves. Neither of which they do!

  15. We stopped ordering from pizza hut and following is the reason why.
    When we called for a home delivery in Onalaska, Rose Street, we were told we had to call the call center then we were connected back to the Onalaska one and gave them our order and then we were told that they no longer deliver to our address that we would have to call Holmen’s Pizza Hut and after trying to get our order in they told us that a whole bunch about we don’t do this and we only do this when your ordering a deep dish, finally my husband said forget it. And the last time we ordered a carry out we told them we wanted LIGHT ON THE SAUCE and when we got home with it (we didn’t look in the box) the pizza, believe it or not but this is the truth…….THERE WAS NO SAUCE ON IT AT ALL, yes, now who can be so dumb as to think someone wouldn’t want any sauce on their pizza.
    Oh, and a couple years ago we order a delivery and, after about an hour, we got a phone call and the person who delivered our pizza thought she had her car in reverse and it was in drive and she ran into our garage door which ended up that we had to get a new one. She had insurance but what if she wouldn’t of called back, how would we have explained this to our landlord not even knowing that it happened.

  16. In November of 2018 , I went into your pizza hut it was a sat. And it was raining, I walked as it wasn’t to far. I placed a order that totaled 14 47 my servers name was Ashaly, in Coushatta La. When the order was ready I was told I had only ordered one pizza and I had ordered the 2 for 5 deal plus a two liter drink.. the on duty manager..was more that ride she said this is what you ordered and all you are getting told me too get my dope addict ass out and never come back. I have meanal health problems and talk too myself at times. It was a very rain day and I was wet and pacing while waiting. I contact Ed your corporate office with never a return call. The manger I last spoke with after over six months of just trying too get a refude, the women never even offered a free meal, I was given 15.00 and not even a I’m sorry you where treated this way. I went home upset cried for five hours needless to say on a emtpy schoma. I am still upset about this matter. Could someone please contact me…Marla trewolla. It should have never have taken over six mons months just to get a refude, I am seriously thinking of contacting a attorney.

  17. I placed a order July 13th and it was an hour late and i was told to call back Monday but wasnt told that i had to place order or get refund that day now i call back the next day to place order now its too late this is unacceptable i will never order anything from pizza hut again

  18. I got couple large 4 toppings pizza at ceredo pizza hut when I got it home it was to burnt never eat there again it was a waist

  19. Why did you change your pizza sauce recipe?.the later recipe taste like merely tomato sauce out of can.very disappointing. Your pizzas was previously considered the best in the world by me and mine.☹️☹️

  20. Been eating at Pizza hut all my life,not any more…tryed to order a pizza on live and also called …..what a joke,patch you thru to a long recording to listen to,then someone finally comes on the phone…oh yea that is someone at a dispatch center,in a bit we will connect your call….25 minutes later to check on your pizza etc…get real guys…

  21. First I’d like to say, I enjoy having my weekly Pizza from Pizza Hut.
    However, I have a new variation related to how the pizza could be enhanced.
    Here’s the variation:
    After the Pizza has been cooked it could be placed on a pan , griddle or other heated surface so that a slight bit of toasting can be applied to the base.
    Give it a try and you will not want your PIZZA HUT pizza any other way.

  22. Tried to order on line during the NFL game. Too times. Took over 30 minutes and then it said to call. Tried to call several times missed more than 45 minutes of the game. Someone finally answered and was told that my was almost ready. It came cold and no extra cheese or pepperoni and burnt. Cost 22.00 + tip. Took 2 bit’s. Really bad. I was going to call but wanted to watch the game and not spend the whole night on the phone. Called a few times later. Call was dropped several times. The manger was rude. I just wanted my money back. He said that I had to bring it in or he could remake it. At 9pm he said I would receive it in 30 minutes. I waited a hour. Called Pizza Hut and he said he GM told him to not remake it and to tell me that I had bring it back and their policy was to only give credit and I had to bring it back at his GM’s convenience. That is against the law. I will never order from them ever again and I am taking it back and demanding my money back.
    No!!! Credit!!!

  23. Never order from them again. Never will recommend them. I paid paid 25. For a cold burnt Medium no toppings pizza. Could not eat it. Was told that they would remake it. I just wanted my money back. Was told that they only gave Credit. No refunds! Against the law!!!

  24. Just picked up a carry out order from the lancaster oh memorial drive location. I used a debit card to pay for my purchace. When I got home I called my bank to review charges. I realized there was another 20% added to my bill. I did not leave a tip as it was a phone in pick up order. Can you tell me someone didn’t actually write there own tip in. I called the store and the supposed manager told me it was a charge from my bank. Really???? My bank doesn’t charge me 20% on anything. I don’t want this happening to anyone else. You need new management in the lancaster store

  25. Ordered the large 3 topping pizza for $7.99, went to pick it up and was charged $9.93. I asked the guy how did an 8 dollar pizza turn into a 10 dollar one. He told me that I chose a pan crust which was a dollar more. I told him since he offered an option on the crust, he could have told me that it cost more. He replied by telling me that that’s the way Pizza Hut operates their marketing ploy. I will send a copy of my receipt and a letter to the Federal Trade Commission and get in touch with my lawyer to see if I can sue under the Deceptive Trade Practices Act because I experienced the same problem with the Two for $5.99 promotion.

  26. I ordered a pizza from the Trimmeir Rd Pizza Hut in Killeen TX, They didn’t cut the Pizza the way it was ordered so I called the manager and she sent out another one, but it was cut the same way, It is pretty bad when they can’t get the second pizza right after talking to the manager. I sent both pizza’s back and had them give me a credit back. I guess I’ll have to got Domino’s to get a pizzza the way I want It.

  27. I have been ordering delivery orders from Pizza Hut For Many Years, And I’m Not The Type Of Customer Who Ever Complains! I Also Give The Driver A Tip! On Sunday, Sept. 29, 2019 – I Have Placed A Delivery Order For A Delivery Order. I Ordered Online And Watched For Over One Hour, The Computer Screen Showed The Delivery Was On It’s Way, And After Over One Hour The Computer Screen Went Blank. A Message Came Up On My Computer Screen Stating You Must Call Your Pizza Hut And Place A Re-Order! I Called China Moon Restaurant And Placed An Order With Them, My Food Arrived In Twenty Minutes, Before The Pizza Hut Order Was Delivered! I Was Really Upset, And Informed The Driver To Take The Order Back! I Never Complain, But This Was The Worst Service I Have Every Has With Delivery Food! Sincerely, Keith Cormier Phone: 754-265-xxxx JT Auto, Inc. 4xxx N. Dixie Hwy. Oakland Park, FL. 33334 Phone: (754)265-xxxx

  28. I placed a order to Pizza hut on 4803 trimmer Rd suite A Killeen tx 76542 on September 28 the at 8:41 pm . My order number was 3190928204149001331028350. And I placed it online and put in the address 810 central Texas expressway Killeen tx 76541. The online website still put it to be sent to my address 3901 Cantabrian Apt C Killeen TX 76542. I waited one hour then got a call from my cousin that it was at the door at home. And my cousin told them that they had the wrong address and I never got a call saying that they went to the wrong address. So I called and they told me that I had to order all over again and the lady that I was talking to was very rude about it and said it was not they problem that it was wrong a d I had to order all over again. So I said that it was not my mistake and explained to her what happened and she just hung up on me . So I called back and talked to the manager and then he started to tell at me and argue with me instead of trying to fix the issue and told me that they would not fix my order over again instead just heat it up and send it like that and I told him that was unexpectedly wrong and he said that it was not his problem and told me to call the owner but since it was late is would have to wait. And hung up on me again. Now I have been a long custom with pizza hut for a long time and I am never going to except that disrespect at all . They not only try to fix it but told me I was gonna have to either call back tomorrow and order again or call someone else to get pizza. I’m not sure if this is how your company treats your customers or what but I felt really disrespected and my children went hungry until I got them some good in there bellies. My name is detusia pace and I am very angry about this.

  29. Pizza hut has always been my favorite pizza ever since i was a young child. I would argue with anyone about them being the best however after last nights encounter with this company I will never waste another dollar of mines with this company. No one deserves such DISRESPECT! I called and placed an order at 9:12 pm and sat in my parking outside the store location for thirty minutes. I received my total over the phone which was $22.00. After I went in the location to pick up my order after waiting outside i was told that my order was never taken. My friend who I was with also walked in the store location as i ordered on the phone and told me that the store manager who took my order slammed the phone down after hanging up with me as if she did not want to do her job. After this store manager told me she did not take my order and that it was somewhere in the cloud of customer service, I then again called the same phone number to ensure i was not delusional and had called the same location thirty minutes before to order. AGAIN she answers the phone. At this point i leave pizza hut because I was not offered a resolution for the location dropping the ball and inconveniencing my time. After a few minutes I return to the location to place a new order and also follow up with the manager since she claimed that she could call the customer service center to find my order that she had taken. Meanwhile she is counting dollars over and over again since she is not in control of this situation and need to looks like shes doing something in er job description, I assume so that she can close her shift and head home so she is extremely disrespectful as she speaks with me. When I ask her to place my new order she tells me ” well I’m not calling the customer service number now to locate your previous order” after standing in this location for another 15 mins I ask if my new order has been placed and she does not say a word i proceed to ask the next male employee behind her who also was passed the phone when I called earlier trying to find the mysterious cust. service location to locate my order. At this point the male employee is making faces of disgust and never not once opens his mouth to offer any assistance as i ask him if he can look on the screen he is standing in front of which clearly shows orders coming in and being filled. HE never answers me and just instead starts to say disrespectful things. When i ask him if he was the male on the phone who answered the phone ans passed it to MICHELLE -location manager he starts to say things like you are too loud and dismisses my every question. He becomes very vulgar and physically threatening when I say he handled the situation like a punk as a man speaking to a women in a situation like this. Pizza hut has never crossed my mind to be such a disgusting company to do business with. Your employees dropped the ball, then became blatantly disrespectful as opposed to offering any solution. I have never in life been disrespected by someone who possesses the education of a middle school child and green hair. I also have videos, because the amount of disrespect had to be seen to be believed.

  30. Your add said 5 line up I went to pizza hut in Parkersburg WV and I ask for a two pizzas they told me 5 dollars and up so I wanted it then they will be 6 dollars and up you need to change your advertising and the worker ignored me and walked away pike street pizza hut in Parkersburg WV that was rude I will never order pizza hut again

  31. I have an issue i need to discuss with the customer service department. I am going to send you an official letter by mail. I would suggest, however, that you publish an official customer support email address that customers can email for correspondence.

  32. How to contact the company head office If I don’t have a cell phone? I will like to submit a complaint online by my email address, or an online form if possible. thank you.

  33. Stuart, Fla. Store is so short staffed there was 2 people running the entire store. It was the worst pizza order I’ve ever had delivered. Triple mushroom, onions on half. There was 16 thin slices of mushrooms on the entire large stuffed crust at delivery. I got charged for triple mushrooms. When I arrived at the store location to speak with the manager, he was on the phone apologizing to another unhappy customer. The girl making the pizzas was of spanish decent. Obviously not educated enough to read English on a pizza order ticket. I felt so bad for the manager. He was so beside himself with frustration that he asked me to write this review to you, in hope of getting proper employees and more hired hands to properly handle running this store.

  34. July 29, 2020
    Order #3200729175019001311008856
    Pizza Hut Quince Road, Memphis TN
    (1) Wrong pizza was delivered (3 topping instead of Supreme)
    (2) Pizza was dry
    (3) Pizza was cold

  35. we called the Pizza hut in Box Elder South Dakota and they acted like they didn’t care that one of their drivers made a motorcyclist wreck right in front of us and we feel that should be dealt with but the manager don’t give a damn

  36. I’ve had several issues with the Forestdale location. Everytime I call to place an order I’m unable to do that. Management tells me that I have to order online. I ordered online today and they told me they have no drivers. I love pizza hut and can’t understand why this manager is still there.

  37. Ok my name is Gary DeCavele I ordered a large pizza and pasta and cheese bread sticks and I did not get the cheese on the bread sticks but I called them and the manager said they would go ahead and replace them and then give me store credit for them and give me 2 large free bread sticks with cheese for me but I don’t get them at all and I got a small order and they were so hard and the box was not sealed and I’m not happy about that so I could get the cov it 19 and it was at the store in deso Kansas so if you can i live in olathe Kansas my zip code is 66062

  38. I ordered a pizza box this evening and i didnt get sauce for my bread stix. I had to drive and pickup due to over two hour delivery time. I love pizza hut pizza, one of the best in town however it seems like every time i order i have a issue. I really dont want to stop buting from you but i actually drove my car in the dark to pickup without tail lights thats how much i live your pizza.

  39. Tried to call Corp. Numerous times Never answered. Purchased 2 pizzas had sausage that tasted sour and also had a disgusting smell. I was sent coupons on Ref. #0102488540 Because of CoronaVirus and being high risk we didn’t feel safe eating take out food. My coupon expired on July 5, 2020. After finally having someone answer my call
    I was told by a rude woman there was no way they would replace the expired coupon. Under the circumstances with Corona there shouldn’t be an issue replacing my coupon in fact I should have been sent a refund. The woman I spoke with was being very difficult. She said my reference # was never on her system. I have the letter right in front of me. Then she said the store I purchased the pizza at is no longer there. Yes they are, she insisted I give her the zip code I said I don’t know the zip but its 69th Street Guttenberg, NJ she argued with me they’re no longer there and kept insisting there is no record of my coupon and hung up on me. If this is the way you treat your customers during this crisis I will be sure to post this on Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, and snapshot. Don’t sell people pizza with smelly rotten sausage.

  40. I was going to leave a complaint about the Red Oak, Iowa pizza Hut but after reading all these complaints, you have bigger problems than my complaint. I will be surprised if pizza Hut lasts much longer. No wonder the company is going downhill with the management you hire for these stores. Seems a little training in customer service would be beneficial

  41. My husband and I went to Pizza Hut at1950 Cleveland inns plaza, we ordered 2 pizza’s A large supreme and a large meat lovers, we waited for 1And a half hours, and as we waited, (the whole crew was playing in the back) my husband ask was our order ready, they forgot to put it in the oven. We are so disappointed in Pizza Hut! Please contact me. 614-516-xxxx or email ,thank you

  42. We just had the most unbelievable experience with Pizza hut in duncanville. We placed a delivery order online. It showed up late and it was wrong. I have a medical problem that does not allow me to eat certain foods. They did not deliver what we ordered. And when I called to talk to them about it it actually argued with me. I ordered two orders of wings and one was no sauce and the other one was teriyaki sauce, they delivered one order with hot sauce on them. They proceeded to tell me that I only ordered one order of wings. First off I know what I ordered. I told them okay then just give us the teriyaki wings that we ordered my daughter is on her way up there to pick them up. At that time they said nothing about needing to bring the hot wings up there. When my daughter got to the store they argued with her and refused to give her anything because she did not have a receipt which was never given to me and she didn’t bring the hot wings back with her. The female told my daughter I am not fixing your order I am not doing anything for you and handed her a receipt.

  43. Just wondering if Pizza Hut provides employees with hazard pay under the Cares Act that was federally voted in to help their employees that have been affected by Covid19

  44. My pizza was over a half hour late and burnt and dried out the boneless chicken wings were pink and cold I have pictures I tried calling and they kept hanging up on me I want a full refund no free pizza the pizza did not get ate at all I had to go elsewhere

  45. I was being trained. Worked alot of hours. 100 to be precise . Me and the manager had a disagreement he was the one clocking me in and out. I got paid for half the time I worked. I’m going in to quit today. I’m can’t work for someone I can’t trust

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